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Avaliao Parcial 8 ano - Ingls

1) Reescreva as sentenas abaixo utilizando ao forma correta do Simple Past.

a) I taked na English course last year.
b) Sara goed to school yesterday.
c) I Haved a headache last night.
d) Tom writed me a letter.
e) The cat drinked the whole milk.
2) Complete os espaos das sentenas abaixo com a conjugao correta do Simple
Past .
a) Yesterday, Ronald (go) ________________ to school by car.
b) Sam (have) ________________ breakfast early today
c)Juliet (study) _____________________ in the University of California.
d) I (eat) ____________________ lasagna last Sunday
e) My friend (arrive) _________________ at 10:00 p.m. last night.
f) I (watch) ___________________ a movie last weekend.
g) Danah (dance) ____________________ a lot at the party.
h) I (use negative) ___________________ the computer.
i) She (read) ________________ a magazine and a book.
j) My mom (buy) ___________________ me a computer.

3) Ponha as sentenas no Simple Past.

a) We open the door. ____________________________________________
b) You write poems ________________________________________

c) Richard plays in the garden _______________________________________

d) Kerry doesnt speak English ________________________________________
e) Do you see the bird? _____________________________________________
f) Ane makes a chocolate cake ___________________________________________
g )Sharon visits her aunt ____________________________________________
h) He studies with his friends. _____________________________________________
i) She helps her mother. _______________________________________________
j) John eats a lot. ______________________________________________

4) Associe:
( 1 ) 1st Conditional

) If I studied I would get a good grade.

) Youll be late for work, if you dont get up.

) If I read the book I would know the story.

) If I have enough money, I will go to Japan.

) If I had enough money, I would go to Japan

) If I were you, I would learn English

) If I have time, Ill invite her

) She would travel if she had money

) If Mary sees you she will tell you.

) If he invites me, I will go to the party

( 2 ) 2nd Conditional

5) Marque as alternativas que encontram-se no Present Perfect.

a) (

) She has been to the U.S.A.

b) (

) I have a bicycle.

c) (

) People have traveled to the Moon

d) (

) They havent done the exercise.

e) (

) Have you read the book?