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1) Introduction:
War on terror
Human rights
2) War and violation of human rights
3) War on terror: a new phenomenon as compared to traditional war
Proactive phenomenon
A volume of innocent citizens are targeted
Usage of mass media for making a public opinion
4) Breaches of human rights due to war on terror
Freedom of existence
Freedom of expression
Surveillance and right to privacy
Right to travel
Food and shelter right
Free and fair World
Human dignity and prestige
4) Collateral damage caused by resisting elements
Effected countries
Militant organizations

No religion
Restriction on female education
Malala Yousafzai
Restriction on dress codes and believes
Military operations
5) Long term effects of the human rights violations
Psychological imbalance in society
Disturbed social and domestic life
Brain drain
Drone attacks and hatred against state
Association of common people with terrorists
6) How can we reduce these human rights violations?
Independent human rights commission should have access to affected areas
United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy
Respect of peace loving creatures
7) Conclusion

Edward Snowden the former contractor for CIA, leaked the extensive details of global
surveillance and US military and diplomatic documents published by Julian Assange has
portrayed the biased attitude and insensitive approach of counter terrorism strategy developers
that has added fuel to the miseries of humans; Effective counter-terrorism measures and the
protection of human rights are not conflicting goals but complementary and mutually reinforcing
In September 2001, US President George W. Bush declared war against terror in response
of attacks on US trade center by a group of militants headed by Osama bin laden. A new concept;
suicide bombing, hijacking, kidnapping, hostage was introduced, endangering the lives of
millions. Since then, a worldwide military campaign started and is still going on. This war differs
from conventional war as conventional or traditional war is an armed conflict between or among
different nations based on territorial dispute, subjugation, to stop the proliferation of nuclear
weapons and so on. But war on terror is a war that goes on without the discrimination of good
and bad, against humanity in broad terms. Some call it a religious war, a war between Islamists
and non-Islamists while others call it a global war against an ethical group who wants to impose
his own will by breaching all the codes of a healthy living, following no religion or belief in true
sense. Human rights are those universal values that protect individuals against actions by any
agents that interfere with fundamental freedoms, entitlements and human dignity. According to

Universal Delegation of Human Right the full spectrum of human rights involves equality,
respect, protection and fulfilment, civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights, as well as
the right to development. Human rights are universal, these rights are interdependent and
War effects education, health, media, trade, foreign relations and policies almost all
aspects of life but the biggest and most serious treat is toward humans. Violation and abusement
of human rights. Human are deprived of their basic and legal rights. The right to speak freely, to
move freely, to acquire education irrespective of being a male or female, to work peacefully, selfrespect, gender equality, freedom from torture, freedom from slavery, freedom of thought
conscious and religion, sexual and reproductive rights etc in short the right to live. As is said in
Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of human rights (UDHR)
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights
War on terrorism is a new concept and is much different than the traditional war. Traditional
wars among countries, even civil wars are pre-active and intimate their opponent. They dont
invade without prior notice. Normally a war is declared and armed forces come in action whereas
war on terror is pro-active, unless and until something wrong happens bombings, hijack, killings
etc no action is taken neither there is hostility in the air. Furthermore, no proper war is declared
in terrorism, prior to an attack. Moreover, in traditional war public is never targeted. They
usually target the armed forces and their head quarters. While in war on terror common people
are the real sufferers. In every war normally the weak ones are never hit by the enemy but in
terrorist attacks women, old people, kids and infants are also killed mercilessly. Social and
electronic media is made involved to attain the public acceptance and noble fame in for war
against terror by propagating the idea that the ultimate purpose of it is to stop brutality and
cruelty imposed by a group of people, however; in traditional war the countries are discouraged
by media to stop invasion.
War on terror has greatly affected the human lives. It put normal population are under stress.
They cant carry out their daily life activities freely. They think they will be killed without any
reason. Media is scared of publishing and broadcasting the truth and reality based news. Their
performance is over shadowed by the dark clouds of war on terror. Thus effecting the right of

speech of public. Our right to privacy is violated due to global surveillance. Our personal
accounts and data is being tracked and checked by the intelligence agencies, ruining our personal
affairs. Throughout the globe no one has his/her private life remain unaffected. This war has
brought many nations at loggerheads to each other; the most serious of them is American and
European countries with Asian and Gulf States. Because they think that the militants are
following Islam and Islamic world is helping them either directly or indirectly. Thus creating
enmity among different religions which is adding fuel to hostility resulting in visa and migration
restrictions, affecting the right to trade and travel around the world. Food and shelter right is
violated due to chaotic situation in war zone areas. All the infrastructure and buildings of houses,
hospitals, educational institutes and offices are destroyed and the concept of free and fair world
demolished therein. Physical and psychological tortures for interrogation and extract confessions
is carried out which abolish human dignity and prestige. As it is quoted by a journalist Jason
"Terror cannot be destroyed by weapons or signing a peace treaty. A war on terror has no

Internationally, Islam shouldnt blame for the humiliation of humanity as mostly Muslim
countries are at risk as compared to western countries. Bokom haram in Nigeria, ISIS in Iraq and
Syria, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and tehriq-e-taliban shows that mostly Muslim countries are
targeted. This means these terrorist groups have no religion. They have their own beliefs which
they present under the umbrella of Islam. Although many terrorist activities occurred in
European and western countries, but they are not enough to support the argument that the Islam
is the treat to human rights. Islam is not the religion of militants neither is responsible for the
sufferings of humans. The whole world is united against terrorism thats why it is call GLOBAL
WAR on terrorism. It is neither against a country, color, sect or culture. It is against the
abusement of human rights. It is for the security of human life. As is said by former Indian Prime
Minister Manmohan Singh:
Terrorism has no religion, terrorists have no religion and they are friends of no religion

Although in the war on terrorism our own country Pakistan as it is the most effected and is
playing a central role. In Pakistan the militant insurgents ragging war first arose in northern areas
and the most crucial period was the one when they nearly took the control over swat valley.
Some most serious incidents took place there. The public torture of a woman who was blamed
for not following the right dress code prescribed for her and the second when Malala Yousafzai
was shot in the head just because she wanted to gain education and was writing about the
conditions there in her diary. Almost every child knows what murder, killing, torture, and terror
means. The fairy tales and history is now marked with blood stains of innocents. Childhood is no
more a beautiful memory to remember in both young and old age. People are afraid of sending
their kids to madrass and religious institutes fearing they might grow militants, distracting and
discouraging our progeny from religious education. People are losing trust over one another,
fearing that the person whom they are giving shelter, money or help of any kind may turn out a
devil. They have got a bit choosy and careful in choosing their walk of life as some walks of life
are more targeted by the terrorists as compared to others. Females whether a girl or a woman,
married, widow or divorce is living her life in fear. They are restricted to homes. They cant go
out without wearing abaya and going only to places near their homes. People are under stress.
Men were punished for not offering prayer in public and were compelled to keep beard and
barbers shops and markets were closed and all sort of self-willing acts were prohibited by
terrorists. Later when army took action against them and started different military operations on
national scale. They retaliated by increasing suicide bombings in markets, near judicial complex,
near army headquarters, air ports, near national borders, schools spreading terror and commotion
among the public, making it hard to move, trade, educate, work and most of all disturbing mental
peace. Even now army is operating in northern areas gaining victory and advancing further. They
have cleared much of these areas from the plague of terrorism.
Along with these instant effects there are some really serious long terms effects of war against
terrorism too. The society has gone numb. There was a time when the death of one person would
raise so many questions. But now thousands are killed every year but people take it as an
everyday story. Human rights, human life, human similes and laughter have got expensive.
Creating a psychological imbalance. Direct or indirect watching the after effects of war normal
human is becoming mentally disturbed consciously or unconsciously, giving rise to disturbed
social and domestic life. Making the people unable to carry out their daily routine chores in a

proper manner, effecting the overall performance of a nation. Creating an overall situation of
disappointment and grief. Reducing the opportunities for spending life in a noble way and this
makes a lot of intellectuals like doctors, engineers, and scientists start migrating to other
countries, leaving their own country creating brain drain situation as it occurred in Asia. War on
terror has another serious impact too. It has increased the number of militants by compelling the
common people to help and join them. The drone air strikes and the use of NATO forces against
them have increased their hatred for US and government. They dont want the interference of US
and European countries. Drone attacks and other military actions have some what unintentionally
killed the common people too, which creates hatred against state and United State of America.
They have also suffered due to these military activities. The tactics of investigation and
interrogation regarding terrorists has stirred frustration among the people of northern areas that
are very much sensitive about their land and women. Also Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir and other
such places where there is no proper government or is under the control of US are the best targets
for the militants because people of these areas want freedom and are under continuous physical
and mental torture. They are already deprived of their basic needs joining and helping the
militant insurgent groups is more than an escape for them. Also they can be easily convinced or
enslaved as the people of these countries are more like orphans with no government to protect
there legal rights.
We can reduce the human rights violation by setting up an independent human rights
commission that has access to affected areas. The United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism
Strategy reaffirms the inextricable links between human rights and security, and places respect
for the rule of law and human rights at the core of national and international counter-terrorism
efforts. Through the Strategy, Member States have committed to ensuring respect for human
rights and the rule of law as the fundamental basis of the fight against terrorism. To be effective,
this should include the development of national counter-terrorism strategies that seek to prevent
acts of terrorism and address the conditions conducive to their spread; to prosecute or lawfully
extradite those responsible for such criminal acts; to foster the active participation and leadership
of civil society; and to give due attention to the rights of all victims of human rights violations.
Not only is the promotion and protection of human rights essential to the countering of terrorism,
but States have to ensure that any counterterrorism measures they adopt also comply with their
international human rights obligations. Peace loving creatures should be loved and encouraged.

Government efforts to fight terrorism are often rife with human rights abuse. At times of
heightened public fear, it is often easier for states to frame human rights obligations as luxuries
that are at odds with security. And yet, those obligations exist precisely to protect us during times
when governments are most tempted to cast them aside. Effective counter-terrorism measures
and the protection of human rights are not conflicting goals but complementary and mutually
reinforcing aims. War on terror should have a universal welfare strategy for both the citizens as
well as the violators. Such cases involving investigation and interrogation should comply with
the international human rights, international refugee law and international humanitarian law. We
cant guarantee about our opponent in this war whether they will also abide by the international
laws for humans but we can only do what is in our hands. We have to respect the peace loving
creatures and punish who are ruining their peace. This war is a global war and we will fight till
the end to eradicate them until the world is a safe place for humans.
We will stay we will fight and we will win the war on terrorism Laura Clinton