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New York city

Trains are the transportation to travel as seventy- five percent of new

yorkers have no car the don't need new york has the best transit system
yep the subways a system under siege
that runs 24 hours a day.
the subway runs underground under roe, rivers and skyscrapers
the system truly carries the weight to the people city billions of tons of
concrete and steel passable to all bearing down millions of liters of water
threatening to flooding hundred-years-old network struggling to keep up
the trains is the fastest way to get the average speed of kilometers of
asphalt average speed on rails to 48 mph
meet in a city choked subway was a break of one spread tentacle line
through the widest network of 27 subway lines in the earth one hundred
kilometers thirteen sufficient follow-up to stretch from Rome to Amsterdam
the new York is the city that never sleeps

Alejandro Aucapia