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Welcome Team Rocket Parents and Students,

We are sure this is going to be an exciting year for you: with a new school year, new friends, and so many
activities. Our goal is to work with you and the students to give them a safe, stimulating, cohesive and
pleasant learning experience, while striving towards high academic achievement.
Below are the classroom guidelines:
Class Preparation: All students are expected to be on time, prepared and in their seats by the
time class begins.

Absences: If a student is absent due to illness, it is preferred that the students concentrate on
getting better and obtain any make-up work upon their healthy return to school.
assignments will be posted in the classroom. You can also look up the assignments on our team
website (navigatorrockets.weebly.com). It is the students responsibility to check the posted
assignments and make up the work. All absent work should be clearly marked absent on the
top of the paper. If it is necessary to obtain make-up work for absences of three days or more,
please make arrangements with one of us, and read the planner regarding pre-arranged absences.

Late Work: Assignments must be completed and turned in on time for full credit. We do
understand that things come up and homework assignments may not get done so we will still take
late work, but it will effect the student's citizenship grade. When a student turns in a late
assignment it needs to be marked LATE at the top before turning it in to the Turn in Basket.

Communication: We also encourage you to call, email or write a note in your child's planner if
you have any questions or concerns! We understand that you know your child best and appreciate
any information you would like to share with us to help make this a successful year for your child.
We are available for phone calls before and after school, and during our prep time. It is critical
that all parents are connected to TeacherEase. We will send home announcements on a
regular basis through our grading program to keep you updated. We also have a team
website that will have our weekly agendas on with links to assignments

Cell Phones/Facebook: At no time should students have cell phones in class. If phones are
brought to school, they must stay in the locker and turned off. Phones will be taken from students
and left in the office for a parent to pick up if they are brought into the room. Did you know that
you have to be 13 yrs. old to join Facebook? Many parents are unaware of this, so we wanted to
let you know. Since none of our students are 13 years old, we will not encourage conversations
through FB. It seems that FB can be a source of peer conflict and/or bullying at times.

Volunteers: Through-out the year we will be having various activities that will require extra
help. We would love to invite parents/guardians to volunteer in our classrooms. We will send
home email announcements through MiStar to let you know when extra help is needed.

Planner: To help students with organization and success academically we require daily use of
planners that are supplied by Navigator. The planner is a great organization and responsibility
tool. It should come home daily to be checked and signed by a parent or guardian. This can be
an excellent communication tool between home and school, so feel free to use the comment
section. Please remind your child to bring your notes to our attention for immediate
response. All planners will be checked daily. If you have trouble reading your child's planner,

feel free to access the agenda's on our team website: navigatorrockets@weebly.com. We do

require planners, so if a child loses it, they are expected to purchase a new one for an $8.00 fee.

Homework Folder: Each student will need a homework folder, which is an easy way for students
to keep organized. We encourage students to put their homework folder and planner in a 1 inch
or 2 inch binder to help them last longer. We will encourage students to put all their graded papers
in the homework folder to take home. Parents will want to have students empty these folders out
on a regular basis and store graded papers in a box until the end of the card marking.
Please note the following before signing the planners:
Check the homework (HW) for each subject to verify its completion. (We often see
work that may appear to be done, but the student has not actually finished the entire
Check the homework for quality (for example, we require complete sentences when
answering questions).
Check with your child to see if there were any special directions given by the teacher
(such as showing work). Sometimes the discussion will help them to remember.
Check to see that the completed work has been placed back into your childs
homework folder to return to school.
Please make note of any long-term assignments and the due dates.
Please take note of any Did Not Turn In or Incomplete stamp, as we will do our best
to inform you if an assignment was not turned in on time.

Homework: We assign homework several nights a week for practice. NOTE: If your child is
working on their homework for more than an hour each night please call us and let us know. We
ask that if your child is over the hour time stop them, and write a note to let us know what was

MI Star: We have a new on line grading program that we will be using. More information will be
sent home soon regarding this.

Note: The school grading scale can be referenced in the student planner. We recommend saving all
papers that are returned until after the report card is received for that card marking. We
recommend keeping them in a box in a safe place just in case an error is made.

Report Card/Progress Reports: You will be able to access your childs grades through MiStar.
We will let you know through TeacherEase emails when updates have been made. We will send
home a verification form that will need to be returned to let us know that you have accessed your
childs grades. If you are unable to access MiStar, you can request a hard copy. Report cards will
go home every 9 weeks. A form to acknowledge report cards will be sent home with your childs
report card. The following is how your students grade will be calculated in each academic

Mastery Learning: This may be a new term for many students and parents. As teachers, we
understand that not all students learn at the same pace, but we want all students to master concepts
being taught. We will be monitoring student learning and making sure they have several
opportunities to show they have mastered skills throughout units being taught. It is important that
students take review opportunities before a test is given to prepare. If this is not done students may
not get an opportunity to re-take tests.

Core Subject Expectations:

Language Arts and Social Studies Expectations from Mrs. Calderwood
* Students are expected to read at home for AT LEAST 20 minutes per night.
Occasionally, they will be required to fill out a reading log for their book.
* Students should be reading books that are at their reading level, and should be able to
finish a book and take an AR quiz or write a book report on it every 2 weeks.
* Students will be bringing writing assignments home for parents to check over their
spelling and punctuation. Please sign the bottom of their paper that you have checked it
over. Students will gets points added to their work for your help/signature.
* Students will be having SS quizzes on some Fridays. A study guide always goes home a
few days before the quiz and students will write it in their planners.
Math Expectations from Ms. Davis
The skills required in math now is much different than years ago. Math is much more rigorous and
students will be asked to do more than just basic computation. We will be using the math program
this year called Math Expressions. In order for students to be successful they need to know
their basic facts. If your child struggles with this, please practice with them at home on the
weekends and during breaks.
*Students will get homework on a regular basis to practice skills that we are learning in
class. They are expected to bring homework back the following math day. If a student does
not bring back their homework it will be marked late and will count against their
citizenship grade. It is acceptable and encouraged to help your child on homework if
needed. Students will be encouraged to fix errors during flex time.
*Students may receive a check mark on math papers that we work on in class together, or
that are practice assignments. This means students earned credit on the assignment.
*Students will have an opportunity to re-take unit tests if they do not pass the first time.
More information on this will come home closer to the first unit test.
Science Expectations from Ms. Davis
Science should be hands-on so there will not be a lot of homework in science unless students are
working on a project, or studying for a test/quiz.
*Science folders are provided by the teacher and will be kept in the classroom. These
folders contain all assignments for a unit. Assignments will be done in class and checked
together. Students will receive a checklist at the end of the unit to make sure all
assignments are in the folder. They will be given class time to finish assignments if needed
before turning the folder in for a grade.
Achieving academic success in ALL subjects - Grades for each subject are determined by a
combination of projects, tests/quizzes, homework, and classwork.
Since projects and
tests/quizzes are culminations of learning, they carry a much greater value when
determining grades. Projects, tests/quizzes will count for 75% of a students grade. Classwork
and homework will count for 25% of a students grade.

FLEX Time: Students will have flex time Mon.-Thurs. for 30-40 minutes. This time is designated
to remediate and enhance students skills. Some students will go to the intervention room for math
& reading intervention, while others will stay in the classroom for math and/or reading/writing
intervention. If students do not need remediation on skills during this time, they will be working
on enrichment activities.

Conferences: Our classes will be having Student-Led conferences this year, which allows
students to take ownership of their work, accomplishments, and goals for improvement. They
spend a lot of time choosing items to go into their portfolios, which are good representations of
what they can do. They reflect on their learning, make notes about what they have learned, are
especially good at, how they can apply it to daily life situations, what they need to work on, and
how they plan to improve. Needless to say, this is a powerful skill to have as a fifth grader.
The teacher plays an important and often difficult role by providing students with the knowledge
and strategies, which allow them to be prepared on the day of the conference. In preparation for
the big day we practice and role-play what it might look and feel like during the conference. On
the day of the conference, we will be available for encouragement and support. This will allow
your child to take charge of his/her work, be accountable, communicate with parents, and set
goals. If you would prefer a one on one conference, contact us and let us know.
Student Led Conferences will be 15 minutes in length and you will be able to drop in on a
specific day in November. We will let you know what day and during what times you can
drop in for your conference.

Lunch: 5th graders will eat lunch at 12:10-12:50 Monday-Friday. Students may bring in a snack
that they can eat later in the day (TBD).

Birthday Treats: Students can bring birthday treats for their homeroom class, or the entire team.
Please just let us know when the treats will be coming in.

Responsibility: We believe each student must take the responsibility for his or her own success.
However, we also recognize that 5th graders need supervision and assistance in establishing
structure and guidelines that will enable them to become responsible and successful. This can best
be accomplished through the coordinated efforts of parents, teachers, and administration.
All students are expected to behave responsibly, not interfere with the rights of others and adhere
to Navigator expectations as stated in their planners. If there is a problem with behavior or
responsibility, a detention may be given.
We will be monitoring each students progress in all subject areas. Should we have a concern, the
teacher from that academic area will be contacting you. If you have a concern regarding your
childs progress, feel free to email your questions or concerns.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of our policies or procedures, please do not
hesitate to call us. If you cannot reach us please leave a message on our voice mail and we will
return your call as soon as possible. We are looking forward to an exciting year with your child
and you. Our phone numbers and email address are as follows:
Mrs. Calderwood (810) 225-5398

Ms. Davis (810) 225-5357


Ms. Decker (810) 225-5300