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Haras 7th Grade Life Science Syllabus

Santa Margarita School
Rm. 9

Email: Christopher.Hara@oside.us
Intro: Welcome to 7th grade Science!
From examining the tiny building blocks
of all living organisms to using
catapults to create and solve trajectory
problems, together we will answer (and
raise even more) questions about
science as we know it. Throughout the
year we will connect the lives we lead
as individuals to one another, our
environment, and the global
community. Engineering practices and
scientific thinking will be used as
lenses to explore the world around us.
Our science study will delve into topics
including cell biology, genetics and
reproduction, the human body, earth
and life history, evolution, and family

Yearly Goals:
Students will remain curious about the
natural phenomena of the world and
use scientific and mathematical
reasoning for explanation.
Students will be able to critically
analyze, form hypotheses, and
evaluate scientific evidence
Students will be resourceful in their
continuing quest for knowledge.
Students will work together to solve
math and science problems as a
community of learners.
Classroom Website:
The syllabus, course calendar, and
assignments handed out in class will
also be available on the class

Canvas: https://oside.instructure.com/login
Grades are earned, not given!
Grading will be based on:
Assessments (Exams/Quizzes) 50%
Labs/Projects - 35%
Independent Practice/Homework 15%
A 100-90

F Below 59


89-80 C


Absences/Make-up Work/Tardies
If a student is absent, they are
expected to approach myself or their
peers about the missed days material
and assignments. Students can find all
of the missing material in the daily
divider located on Mr. Haras desk
and/or on the Canvas course page.
Incomplete work will not be accepted
and late work (not including excused
absences) receives only half credit.
DAILY Required Materials:
Binder with Science Divider
2 Spiral Bound Notebooks
Loose notebook paper
Pens (blue, black, and red)
Pencils and erasers (mistakes are part
of learning!)

and will make it up in a

timely manner

Classroom Expectations:
Students are at school to learn
o Students will not do anything to
compromise the emotional or
physical safety of themselves
or others
o All students will be respectful
of people, property and the
learning process
No student will interfere with
the learning of another
Students will take turns
when speaking
Each student will work
cooperatively in his/her
learning community
No gum, food or drinks in the
classroom (except water)
Language will not be
offensive , insulting, nor
inappropriate for a public
Clean up after oneself
o All students will take
responsibility for his/her own
Students will take an active
part in the learning process
Students will be prepared
with completed assignments
and required materials daily
Students will be in their
assigned seat, ready to work
when class time begins
Students are responsible for
work missed while absent

Classroom Consequences:
Our class is a community built on
respect, kindness, being prepared and
Consequences for appropriate
behavior include maximum learning,
a good citizenship grade, and positive
reinforcements for the class
Consequences for inappropriate
behavior (not following the classroom
expectations) include verbal
warning(s), seat changes, parent
contact, parent shadowing, Saturday
reflection, school referral, a lowered
citizenship grade and/or suspension
from class The severity of the
behavior will determine the order and
degree of consequences.
All of the rules in the Santa Margarita
Middle School Policies apply to this
class. The schools integrity code
applies to all assignments and tests.
Cheating by copying, sharing answers,
cribbing, plagiarism, or any other
method will not be tolerated and result
in a zero.
Every student in the class will be kept
to high expectations and expected to
put forth their best effort daily. By
creating a positive environment where
commitment, collaboration, and
curiosity are prized, every student is
expected to achieve content mastery. I
encourage all students, parents and
guardians to stay updated via our

class website, Aeries. I am readily

available by e-mail and can make

appointments around your schedule

(contact information above).

Return to Mr. Hara by Monday, 8/24/2015

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