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Kars on the Rideau School Council

Nomination Form
September 2015-June 2016
I would like to volunteer for a position on the Kars on the Rideau School Council for the upcoming school year
starting in September 2015 ending in June 2016.



Home phone number:


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Students Name and Grade:________________________________

Please check the one that applies:

I am an employee of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board* ___ Yes


Signed: __________________________________ Date: ________________________


* Employees of the OCDSB who work at the school may not sit as parent representatives at that school. However, they may
be elected to be the staff representative. OCDSB employees who work at a different school may be School Council members so
long as they declare their employment to the Council.

Kars on the Rideau School Council

Outline of Council Positions
Makeup of the School Council
Parent Representatives
Parent representatives are elected at the first meeting of Council and represent the parents of all students. Councils goal is to
have good representation across the grades. These voting members are the backbone of Council and its initiatives.

Executive Positions: Elected from the parent representatives for the current school year at the September 22 meeting.
There are 4 executive positions on Council: Chair and Vice-chair (or Co-chairs); Treasurer and Secretary

The Chair Represents Council to the Principal and school board. Runs all meetings, prepares newsletters, and prepares agenda
for meetings. Heads major decisions to be discussed with council members and meets with the principal on a regular basis. The
Chair coordinates council activities, and is responsible for year-end report to the School Board.

The Vice-chair assists the Chair with any of the above and also takes over the chair if they are unable to do duties or attend any
meetings. Alternatively, two parent representatives may chose to run as Co-Chairs, in which case, a vice-chair is not elected in
that year.

The Treasure maintains the books for the bank account held by the Kars on the Rideau School Council, deposits and withdraws
monies whenever needed and writes cheques on approved Council expenditures which require two signing authorities, provides
monthly financial reports at all council meetings and prepares year-end report for Council and School board.

The Secretary organizes the materials for meetings, prepares and distributes minutes to council members, and maintains an upto-date e-mail list of council members.

Looking to Support the School in other ways?

School Council is also looking for support for the following initiatives:

Take on the organization of one of the many fundraising activities that School Council runs or supports to ensure that our kids
have a great experience in the classroom and beyond! We support educational programs being brought into the class rooms,
additional books for the library, a parent resource library among many other initiatives. Some of the current fundraisers are the
cake walk, book sale and hot lunch program, and we are always looking for new ideas.

Greening Committee
This committee is in charge of upkeep of the school gardens and trees and some greening initiatives for the school.

Archives Committee
Creating a lasting memory and telling the story of schooling in Kars and the surrounding area for present and future
All parents are welcome to attend and fully participate in any Council functions or meetings. They are also
welcome to become part of the Council email list at any time. However only those elected as Parent Representatives
at the first meeting are permitted to vote.