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Forcing Ones Religion on the Public

By Elton Camp
Weve heard about the county clerk
Who wont serve some gay jerk
Her views are paramount
Others dont at all count
She claims its to be expected
Her religion must be respected
If she violates the law of the land
Why, folks will have to understand
Another story here Ill tell
See who likes it as well
In his county, Muhammeds the clerk
He takes his religious tenets to work
Hes convinced its going too far
If women are allowed to drive a car
Theres no need for a female to try
For a drivers license to apply
By what authority does he refuse?
That hes Muslim must excuse!
Allahs law is superior to that of man.
I cant endorse sin, please understand.
Those evil women who want to drive
Without that right have to survive.
I dont care if this is the USA.
Its Allah that I have to obey.
Religious fanatics, make it clear
Support of Muhammed, lets hear
Pray that he will hold to his views
Gods law over mans does choose

To the truth, dont become blind

These two clerks are one of a kind