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Communication: A Pivotal Key to a Lasting Relationship


Dream It, Achieve It.


Emotional Maturity on Daily Basis.


Sexual Relationship: a Cogent Factor


No Pain, No Gain




Cultivates a Lasting Relationship

Many couples tend to create a lasting relationship for themselves but they end up
creating an enabling milieu for all types of unwanted relationships. These trending
issues hitherto propelled me to come out with the possible solutions to get rid of all
kind of epileptic relationships that nobody wishes to have. Broken homes, divorce
and misunderstandings should be nothing to reckon with if actually we do not only
wish a lasting relationship but to experience it.
There is no gainsaying that reading this book will proffer the solution you need as
regards trending shortcomings in marriages. Are you there, already witnessed
shattered, battered and dysfunctional marriages in the time past? I am glad to
reassure you that your relationship will soon be in good shapes, all you just have to
do is to show a lot of commitments more than before.
Out of innumerable points discussed in the books are: 1. Communication: A Pivotal
key to a Lasting Relationship, 2. Dream It, Achieve It. 3. Emotional Maturity on
Daily Basis. 4. Sexual Relationship: A Cogent Factor. 5. No Pain, No Gain. 6.
Possibilities. 7. Cultivate a Lasting Relationship. Just to mention a few. At the long
run, you would be glad you come across an invaluable book like this.

Despite the fact that many relationships crashed on daily basis, yet some still
survived. As antiquity has it that globally 50% of first marriages, 67% of second,
and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. As an average person, a question
should be laid bare in our mind that what may be the cause of these? I have nothing
to suggest than to say that such marriages inherited inability to keep a lasting
relationship. In other words, those couples lack what it takes to be called husbands
and wives. Besides, one common explanation is that a significant number of people
enter into a relationship wrongly or with wrong motives although this might not be
deliberate right for the outsets.
Henceforth, all hands must be on deck regarding creating an enabling milieu for a
lasting relationship; every man wants his own marriage to be perfect however they
might have been experiencing epileptic relationships in the time past. I am very
happy that I came out with possible solutions to these trending challenges.
Dialectically speaking, I painstakingly enumerate the ways at which imperfect
relationships would be made perfect.



have given ample definitions on what communication means

however the suitable one would be used for the purpose of relationship. Generally,
Communication is known as exchange of information. Despite the fact that
communication seems unimportant yet it makes or mars relationship. You need a
Lasting relationship? Give a perfect communication a chance, do not give flimsy
excuses as touching keeping the lines of communication continually open.
What is worth doing at all is worth doing well with all your might. As far as any
relationship is concerned, communication should be given its priority, if not
something unpalatable might happen and it has no choice than to saddening heart.
None so blind as those who will not see, however many relationship run into the
sand simply because they could not withstand a test of time.
Without any iota of doubt the creation of any relationship is entangled in class
consciousness such that it is not uncommon in our daily lives to see every man
trapped in a web of communication, if you need a lasting relationship, absolutely
you need much time for communication. Even if you find out that your husband is
an introvert, luckily enough you are an extrovert, there is no cause for alarm. All
what you need to do is to blend your mode of communication together and it will
yield positive result which would prolong your relationship. Another thing is to
study and learn how you can communicate amicably with each other without
hiccups because an extrovert has that tendency to speak on top his/her voice while
In essence, adequate communication, as simple as it is, sustains lasting, fruitful and
worthy relationship. It is like a fuel to the relationship, without this fuel your

relationship has no option than to dissipate tremendously and leave it in a horrible

Some newly couples got it wrong at this junction, they think that they actually
know what communication entails not knowing that they know a little about it.
They fail to realize that you communicate everything in relationship. Hence,
communication was and is the only pivotal key part to build a healthy-like
relationship. It is worthy to note that the first step is to make sure that both of you
want and expect the same thing, that is, compatibility in communication. In fact,
this goes a long way in building a lasting relationship. Although, it is easier said
than done, it is not always easy to communicate with your spouse almost all the
time but you keep on working on it.
Endeavour to create a time out the busiest time you have, communicate virtually
everything that comes to your mind seemingly. Make this great decision right the
first day she succumbs to your will; it may interest you that this makes your
relationship to last longer than you think.

I deliberately put this under communication. Sincerity wholeheartedly protects and
prolongs a relationship. On the other hand, insincerity wrecks relationships than
what we could imagine. Be always sincere with yourself and your spouse, once this
is done, other hiccups are surmountable.
Others may, you cannot double-date. Double-dating beclouds some integrity in the
life of the people and it ought not to be found in a relationship aspiring to step up
on daily basis. To be a man/woman in charge and command respect, you cannot

afford double-dating. Once every relationship is built on sincerity it has happy

ending. In fact, there is no cause for another if formal is better, so for our aspirants
looking forward to experiencing lasting relationship should frown at double-dating.
It is a monster and it must die.
You cannot but be sincere and trustworthy, because factually speaking, sincerity
catapults relationships beyond limits and even fixes the unsteady ones beyond
measures. Giving priority to adequate communication alongside sincerity t would
yield positive results. Prioritize your spouses wants and make every effort to
always let your spouse find solace in you. If you really aspire a lasting relationship,
do bear it in mind that if any matter arises, whatever may be bothering you. It is the
best to utter it out and resolve it than to keep ruminating on it yourself because the
problem shared is half solved, dont keep secrets from your partners. Always make
your partner your confidant before any other person.

Show Respect Please!

While communicating with your spouse, either male or female please show some
respects because respect is reciprocal. Even if there are traits of pride in you, for
the sake of your wife, try as much as possible to start showing respect to her in
speech. You must learn how to respect each other progressively on daily basis if
actually you know that truly true love exists between you and your partner. Once
this is done, you will be surprised that some positive results start coming out. This
does not fall into line naturally instead both of you will work on it. Little wonder,
your partners wishes and feelings (reactions) are much valuable that anything else,
do not exchange either for anything. The most important of all is to always put

your spouse in mind, bearing in mind her what she likes doing at all time and you
must respect her and for what she is. In contrast, things may get worse day-by-day.
In consonance with the ongoing discourse, mutual respect is a must, it is not an
option and this is essential in maintaining a lasting relationship.

Privacy Please!
Learning on how to be respecters of privacy in relationship should be embraced by
the couples. Under all circumstances we should try to be respecters of each other
privacy. It is pivotal to note that just because you are in a relationship doesnt mean
you have to share everything and constantly be together. Healthy relationships
require space, and together you can achieve this.

Disagreement, a natural phenomenon

There is no how we can handle/manage relationships without some disagreements;
the best thing is to resolve them in no time. This provides a strong backbone for
relationships or have you seen a relationship regardless of years without any
disagreements? Even there is tendency for 30 years of marriage to have issues. All
sustainable relationships many times undergo a period of tests and trials. Always
endeavor to build your relationship on this templateremember, though times
never last but though people do.
No matter what the unforeseen circumstances may be, try to be tougher than them.
Endurance and perseverance are cogent traits to worthy relationship. With
communication, these could be explored. Consequently, these acts go alongside

integrity, courage, respectable and noble heritage. There is no doubt that

disagreements are a natural part of healthy relationships, but it is important that
you find a way to always compromise if you disagree on something. Resolving the
conflicts in no time helps a lot in a fair and rational way. On the whole,
communication is the essence or fuel to a lasting relationship.
This concept needs to be in the forefront of every married couples thinking for it is
them. It breaks the vicious circle of self-centeredness, and motivates a man and a
woman to be givers and takers in the relationship.



couple has a dream; I mean a dream of moving their relationship

higher in status quo. Serious couples take their relationship seriously in a serious
(exceptional) ways. For me, what can be perceived can be achieved absolutely.
There is one thing to dream, fantasize and picture how beautiful you want your
relationship to be, however there is another thing to actualize such.
The heart of a relationship is no doubt its communication system. Marriage and
communication are like snail to its shell. For instance, wherever snail goes, its shell
follows, that is, if you want to elongate your relationship into a fearless state, it
depends on how jealously you find it deem fit to guide your communications
Those that are looking forward to experiencing a lasting relationship should never
have it as an option to divorce, no matter how mighty the unforeseen
circumstances might be. Just obliterate that thought from your mind, in a jiffy you
will start experiencing total breakthrough as far as your relationship is concerned.
Although it is easier said than done! Achievers are not mere dreamers, but put what
they dreamed into practice. For instance, let me create a scenario to further
enhance our understanding. I personally learn lessons from it. It actually happened
five year ago in a vast community but I was in an audience listening to a motivated
speaker. The speaker brought his wallet out from his pocket and persuasively
pulled out a 1000 dollar note.
Holding it up, he asked, Who wants this 1000 dollar note?
Lots of hands went up. Including mine. A slow chorus began to build as people
began to shout. Me! Me! Me! And I began to wonder who would be the
lucky one to be chosen by the speaker. And I also secretly wondered (and I am sure

others did too) why he would simply give away 1000 dollar note. Even as the
shouts of I want it grew louder, I noticed a young guy running down the aisle.
He ran up onto the stage, went to the speaker, and grabbed the 1000 dollar from his
Well done, young dude, said the speaker into the microphone. The speaker
simply says and I succumb: most of us just sit and wait for good things to happen.
Thats of no use. You have got to make things happen. Make a move!
In essence, simply thinking about doing something is of no use and not good
enough. Our lives are like that. We all see opportunities around us. We all want
the good things. But the problem is we dont take actions. We all want the 1000
dollar note on offer, but we dont make the move. We look at it longingly. Get up,
and do something about it; you and your spouse will definitely work on your
relationship into perfection.
Do not just sit there doing nothing but good at fantasizing to make your
relationship a perfect one, you cannot do this without taking any action. Do not
worry about what other people might say. Take action!
Still, on the 1000 dollar note. Later, the motivational speaker got another 1000
dollar note and asked one more time. And how much is it worth now? One
thousand dollar! was the response. I want you to remember this, the speaker.
Just because someone crumples it, or stamps on it, the value of the note does not
Our relationships should replicate what happened in the 1000 dollar story, if
actually we desire a lasting, healthy and elongated relationship. I hope you get the

In our lives, most especially our relationship, there will be times when we feel
crushed, stamped, over beaten. But we should endeavor to immortalize our
relationship by not the self-worth of our relationship diminish.
Just because outsider chooses to crush our relationship by different means- should
not change its worth, one bit! Dont allow your self-worth diminish, it requires
mutual understanding.


As we all know, maturity is made of full development of mind, body and

spirit. Most of us, without mincing words, will fail to qualify on that count. Many
people go into marriage with wrong notions hoping that getting married would
incontrovertibly overcome emotional immaturity. I am sorry to say that marriage
itself is not self-sufficient however; it does not solve or resolve our emotional
problems. An emotionally immature person is not suddenly made mature upon
entering marriage.
We invariably work our marriage into that of perfection, we get emotionally
mature gradually. A well-known writer on marriage, David Mace in the latter half
of the twentieth century and being described by someone as the dean of marriage
guidance counselors said: there are no unhappy marriages- only marriage
partners who are immature.
Likewise, someone anonymously said that in the area of emotional maturity, a
person has to be able to rely on himself, take responsibility for his own actions and
inaction, know that what happens to him is not half as important as what he does
about it, and learns from every experience he undergoes
What is worth doing at all is worth doing well even all the times. Henceforth, no
stone should be left upturned regarding this salient matter. The drivers of each
marriage should endeavor to paddle their marriage boat into that of perfection, that
is, they should channel their boat rightly by doing what is right in the right time at
the right place with a right notion. Hence, things should be done wisely and
Nobody should feel too big to add values to their relationships daily. Moreover,
couple ought to be always curious to do everything possible to garnish their
relationship with different strategies if the former seemed not to work out perfectly.

How can we do this? It is very simple, all what you need to do is to: keep updating
yourself on timely invaluable materials on relationships. You have actually done
perfectly well by getting this, it adds to your relationship value. This is not enough
because I like hammering nail so hard on its head. Reading is good but whatever
knowledge you might have garnered on a particular book should be extended, re
branded and materialized, incorporated into your relationships.
Sex education is not a bad thing to engage yourself with. Some couples have
wrong mentality towards sex, although many of them are not to be blame for being
ignoramus because they lack all what it takes to satisfy their wives on bed by
giving them adequate sex.
Without drugs, some husbands find it herculean to satisfy their lovely wives
respectively. In extension, they do not know how to last longer on sex without any
difficulty. It might be that they are probably having hard times holding on while
having sex.
Perhaps you are not confident enough about your sexual capabilities due to
premature ejaculation which may actually serve as the first road block in getting
satisfied on bed. Never say never, I enjoin you. You can do it, its it you. You have
all what it takes to satisfy your wife in bed. Its just that there are something that
you dont put into cognizance while having sex, and this may make your sexual
acts very embarrassing.

I will assure you to calm your nerves, I understand your predicaments. I have a
charge for you that will actually help you out of your plight and you will soon
become the man in charge over unforeseen circumstances which may be hindering
you from the primary reason for sex, that is, enjoyment.

Without mincing words, it is not easy to be a fully grown person however endeavor
whenever you want to have sex with your wife, to be in total control at all times.
This helps a lot and people give testimony to this. By this you have to be in total
control and probably suggest some exciting ways which you coined in getting rid
of premature ejaculation. Husbands do not like such plight to replicate itself
whenever they engage themselves with sexual activities; it makes them look
inferior to their counterparts while having sex. Their partners, during the acts might
ridicule them to a laughing stock.
How can we get rid of this unwanted act? We can actually get rid of premature
ejaculation by avoiding over excitement during sex. Sex is good but the longer one
is better. You cant afford to displace the priority of fulfilling your obligation to
your wife. How can we avoid this over excitement? It is very easy to get rid of, all
what you need to do is to often indulge in calm, slow, and romantic sex. Avoiding
fast and aggressive sex, you would be able to last longer and I promise that you
will never experience a sudden burst of sexual energy in an instant.

I value this saying, and I believe many do. Slow and steady win the race, you do
not need to be too curious to have sex. Curiosity many times deprives us of
enjoying a longer period during sex. You can attest to this that your house wife is
not a slut, so, why are you fret to be fast and engaging yourself in aggressive sex?

This reason why I command you to be the man in charge is thus; once you have
assumed the position to become a man in charge, you can predict, suggest or
dictate what you want your spouse to do and at that particular period she has no
option than to succumb. Once she succumbs to your request, every other sexual
enchantment will surely fall in line.
Another thing is to control the surrounding which you find yourself. Cultivate the
habit of having sex in a comfortable place where you would find it arduous to be
overexcited. Completely avoid anything that seems to be too exciting like public
sex and sorts that turn you on easily. Perhaps you feel most relaxed in your bed,
stick to the bedroom until you get better control of your orgasm.
In addition, many tend to get obsessed about their orgasm. It is noteworthy that one
of the biggest reasons why so many couples suffer from this on a regular basis is
nothing but the fact that they spend so much time obsessing over this minutest
problem of theirs.

As I noted earlier on, I still find it deem fit to hammer on it again, both of you
should take it slow and steady (easy), and communicate at the same time about
when to stop moving or when to slow down further. Do not feel too big or shy to

utter any words while having sex. By doing this, it will help you last longer and
bring both of you closer at all times and this brings about longer foreplay.
It should be noted that the essence (benefits attached) of every sexual intercourse is
to bring us unfathomable pleasure and a feeling of unity and fulfillment, hence
these should be taken into cognizance.
On the other hand, have you been willing to satisfy your spouse in bed but you are
sexually incapacitated, the next chapter will address the issue adequately. It will
proffer remedies to this kind of unpalatable situation.



relationship also makes or mars relationship. Frequent sexual

exercise elongates the lifespan of marriage and this cannot be left untouched if we
aspire nothing but a healthy relationship. When having sex, try as much as possible
to appreciate your spouse the way God has created him or her. Acknowledging sex
as a respectful exercise goes a long way in determining how long your relationship
would survive. This also paves ways for an ideal relationship which everyone

Sexual communication helps a lot in building a relationship that is not filled with
dashed hopes, the more your utterance is filled with nice diction, appreciation and
of values, the more you emulate this, the more you will continue to enjoy your

Imagine you utter statements like this during sex, you will also fill on top the
world. For instance:
Darling, I value you for who you are and for always been there for me. Without
you, loneliness would have killed me. If not, my life would have incomplete. You
are incomparable with anything comparable. You smell nice, your odour smell
good. I feel refreshed about the rejuvenated experience Im going through right
now. In fact, you are motherly.
Consciously or subconsciously you are deliberately building your relationship on
the lasting bricks. Positive statements count a lot and actually prolong relationship

beyond measures. Some people are found of exclaiming vulgar words like fuck
me more, insert the dick tightly and sorts. These seem so embarrassing once
you are not in a brothel. Couples should be enjoined to exchange words that are
emotional yet respectful. No one would say he doesnt appreciate words that have
no options than to get their head swollen up. By this, I mean head being filled with
However, some vulgar language especially when it is being addressed to women,
make them look less in value and probably think you take them for granted.
There is no gainsaying that many couples have hang-ups over the subject of sex.
Whatever has a cause must surely have an effect. No wonder, couples run off their
feet- the challenges of life, survival of the fittest make them to be extremely busy
to cater well for frequent sexual exercise.
There are still some people who think that sex in marriage is something you do
when God is not looking! God created us as sexual beings as its evident from the
statement He created them male and female. Isnt it interesting that in the first
statement God made about His human creation. He underlined the fact that they
were biologically (and psychologically different). Without doubts, it will interest
you that the gift of sexuality has provided man and woman, within the marriage
bond with the most complete way to express and share the love God intends them
to have with each other.



inscribed the title of this book as: Lasting Relationship: Top 7

secrets. The book will be incomplete without this cogent point. The investments
you put into your relationship matter regarding this topic. It is not the case that all
couples undergo the same challenges although, the relationship road with filled
with different potholes. You and your partner have no option than to keep patching
things up to your taste. This is actually the pain one goes through in relationship
journey, it is not as smooth as we think, and it is not bed of roses.
The couples would be faced with many ups and downs and they must never be
discouraged because nothing good in life comes easily. Without cross, we cannot
have Christ. No test, no testimony. No pain, no gain. In fact, no trial, no triumph.
Encouragement should be embraced on daily basis. There is the general saying that
Though things do stop but tough people never do. Do not even give a chance or
thought to divorce while going through the challenges of life.
Just imagine people living close to you ascribe many encomiums to your
relationship. For instance, that is the best couple in town, wont you be glad?
Things do not come easily as you think but they require more commitments from
us. We continually build our relationship on enduring bricks.
By enduring bricks, we mean bricks that are purposefully meant for a relationship
that ultimately stand the test of time. These bricks are priceless but invaluable for a
healthy relationship. You may have this question popping in your heart since
these bricks are priceless then how can we acquire them?

If you actually need them, they are relatively cheap, all what you need to do to
claim them is to oblige to the instructions of these bricks. They are three in
numbers- Love, Trust and Patience.
Love, one of these bricks is the greatest of them all. If there is genuine love in your
relationship, happy are you, there is no cause for alarm. In fact, all other things fall
in line. I subscribe to this notion that: love is a strong positive emotion of regard
and affection. Once youre being loved by your spouse, there should be this
reciprocity. And when love exists in a relationship, virtually there will be trust and
And for Trust, it is the trait of believing in the honesty and reliability of others.
While patience means enduring trying circumstances with even temper or
characterized by such endurance. These bricks are inseparable because wherever
love goes, it goes alongside trust and patience. Love continually builds on thrust
and patience. Without these, there would be nothing called a lasting relationship.
I will enjoin you to try your best possible to acquire these. Having acquired them,
meditate on them both in space and time. The enduring brilliance of ideal
relationship relies on these pivotal blocks which are indispensable and they should
be taken into cognizance.
In every marriage, you must not give a room for any iota of distrust, we may
probably call this dishonesty. Once this occurs, that will apparently become the
foundation on which the relationship will soon get ruined. In other words, if a
room is given for distrust probably by listening to what rumormongers were saying

which actually amount to nothing but shameful act of your spouse. Ignore their
malicious advice.
The advice I would give is to ignore them and their messages stylishly and give
them no benefit of doubt. They may show up their craftiness in several ways. Lets
take this for instance- see, we saw your husband on Monday, gallivanting around
ladies near to the club, I am sure he is an ardent womanizer. As touching this,
benumb them with silence, and probably reply lets see what happens. Thanks.
Lest I forget, the issue of money cannot be ridiculed. Money thrives relationships.
Before you engage yourself in any relationship, you must prepare yourself ahead
financially or else you may find some coincidences that are extremely harsh and
probably embarrassing. Most times, the length and breadth of many relationships
depend on money. Come to think of it, if you dont have enough money, you will
be marginalized in marriage. Money elongates relationship beyond measures. The
fact that money fuels every relationship is nothing but a valid one.
Let us imagine couple leaving lives that seemed harsh due to the fact that they are
financially incapacitated, how would they cope? In fact, such relationship might
not last long, not to talk of sustain or else such relationship will suffer.

Someone anonymously once said this, when poverty comes through the door, love
leaves through the window. We are now leaving in a jet age and this is very
possible, because this is a trending issue to be candid. And I think this analogy
suits this new age phenomenon.
Selwyn Huges once said and I quote:
A cartoon I saw some time ago depicted a newly-wed couple going on
their honey-moon with a well-wisher saying Have a happy
marriage. The young bride replied Dont worry. We wont have any
problems for we agree on most things-except money
He further asserted:
It reminded me of a story I heard about a couple getting married and
when the bride was asked to repeat the phrase- till death do us part
she slipped up and said till debt do us part. Unwittingly she added
another exception to her marriage vows!

Comparatively, we could decipher two exceptions from the above illustrations. The
first one comes from the cartoon with dont worry. We wont have any problems
for we agree on most things- except money and that of till debt do us part.
I deliberately construct my discursive parameter around these, just to draw out
lessons. These replicate the world we are really in. Money even speaks louder that
voice. Back to our discussion, insufficiency wrecks relationships down and debase
it to something to be toiled with and this is ridiculous.

Couples must however strive hard to build their relationship on a solid ground, that
is, a ground filled with sufficiency and little lacks (no lacks if possible). How can
we actualize a relationship already built on solid ground, this can be done through
adequate budget or detailed spending guide. Interestingly, one of the major
difficulties people encounter, probably run into in marriage is the problem of overspending. Learn how to cut your coat according to your sizes.
Overspending saps the relationship purse to the state of biting the dust. This
concept needs to be in the forefront of every married couples thinking for it is then
it breaks the vicious circle of centeredness and motivates a man and a woman to be
givers and not takers in their relationship.


I perceive it everywhere. Without mincing words,

possibility connotes the fact that something might exist or happen but is not certain
to. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that your broken relationship cannot
be get fixed again. Are you there probably looking forward to starting an ideal
I am so glad to inform you that it is 100% possible. Once, you have made up your
mind to adhere to the principles given to you. You have no option than to
experience a great testimony in your relationship. All what you need to do is to
believe in yourself. Never look down on your relationship despite the fact your
innumerable shortcomings in marriage. Go for it, give it a chance. Dream it and
achieve it. The ball is left bare in your court; you are free to paddle your
relationship boat to a coast filled with milk and honey.
Sons of man follow your heart and do exploits as far as your relationship is
concerned. What I can envisage around you now is possibilities. In fact,
opportunities abound to step up your relationship to the higher ground gradually.
Dont be easily derailed by trivial issues around you.
To be a man in charge and command respect demands your commitments without
being biased.

In your relationship you will witness challenges but rejoice, use your challenges as
an opportunity to further your relationship to a land of no regrets. Do not say
because there are various challenges with peculiarities make you to use it as an
opportunity to call it off. Winners never quit and Quitters never win.
Once, you are into a relationship, do all what possible to endure the current
situation with each other. Some guys, once they witness some shortcomings in
their relationships, they quickly come to conclusion that that is no other option
than to call the relationship to halt. Their reactions might be I cannot tolerate her
any longer, probably if I try new hand something good might come forth. Those
dudes failed to realize the fact that there is no cause for another if the formal is
Men are not alone in these funny acts, women too are involved. They have
experienced about 4- 5 relationships and this ridicules our status to a
laughingstock. Come to think of it, what gives you the assurance that if you break
up with your current partner, you would start a lasting relationship afresh with
someone new?
New wives, new challenges. Another wife comes with her own challenges which
may be more herculean than the former in term of managements. Things are not
done that way. Divorce should not be an option whenever there is hiccup or
disagreement between you and your spouse. This introduces to us afresh law of
karma- nature actually has a manifold ways to repay ones actions and inaction.

Perhaps you are there proving to be one of the best heart-breakers on earth because
you know that those ladies youve used in the time past have no option than to drag
you to court and if the issue still persist, the judge may ask you to divorce each
other legally. To be candid, you have missed it long ago, a lasting relationship
cannot be created in crafty ways like that.
Likewise, this does not confer virtue on you and your partner. Although you
gallivant around cruising cars around thinking that you are enjoying yourself, little
did such person know that he/she has already terminated his contract with a lasting
relationship. Yet you may be proud to tell others that I have used and dumped her,
beating your chest that you have divorced her. Its unfair; it ought not to be
reckoned with.
To err is human, and to forgive is divine. You must endeavor to keep forgiving
your wife as often as possible. You wish a lasting relationship but you must be able
to sacrifice your money, time, pride and impatience just to mention a few. If there
is anything we should actually desire or long for that should incontrovertibly be a
lasting relationship which has happy ending.


So far so good, I have craved your indulgence to 6 pivotal points that are
highly invaluable for a lasting relationship. Once these points have been observed
hierarchically, the seventh point is to crown it and make those points perfect. As
we all know that seventh number signifies perfection and this topic is deliberately
written to give this write-up a final touch.
Im sure that this may interest you. Do you know that 30 years of marriage is not
enough yardsticks to measure perfection in relationship? Hitches and
misunderstanding might still raise their stinky heads to challenge that relationship
for more time. Havent you seen a couple of 20 years taking their matters to court
in order to resolve the disputes? When you get yourself into a relationship, dont be
too over conscious to break up. Breaking up shouldnt be found in your marital
dictionary unless you will just be listening to lasting relationships testimony and
you may never engage in one.

Two wrongs cannot make a right absolutely. It is good to theorize important matter
like this but this would not be enough. Without putting these into practice, then you
are just fantasizing- mere fantasy.
Divorce should not be something to be embraced at all because either we like it or
not, divorced individual has a little or low respect in the society because there is
social prejudice attached to their name.
Lets think of it, can you appoint a divorcee as minister of your country not to talk
of becoming the president of your country? Even if you give such person a benefit
of doubt, his opponents dont need to go far before defeating him because if you
aspire to become a valuable person in life, you must guide your relationship
jealously or else you will be ridiculed to a laughing stock.
People would find it difficult to vote for those individuals due to various reasons
which one of it might be, since he couldnt manage his family very well, how can
he control the affairs of the state. Directly or indirectly, such profession has been
rendered useless due to his poor home managements.

I would like to leave you with this note; a consciousness of your helplessness
without God is a principal factor for desperation. We have God but not good
relationship. Try God, your relationship would be fixed to a level of no regrets.

If all waters in this world could be gathered in a giant ink jet, they are not enough
to capture how dreams are being shattered, battered, and scattered as regards
marital issue. In other words, it is undeniable that you cannot underrate God factor
if you actually want your relationship to work perfectly for you. He knows what is
right for you and he always meets couples at their very point of their needs. I cant
stop saying this, If you believe you can, you can.
Are you there, ruminating on how to get your relationship fixed? Whosoever will
can have a new start.