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CORPORATE MISSION (Hindustan Uni Lever) :

– To meet vitality to the life and meet every day need for nutrition,
hygine and personal care with brand.

– Focus on local culture and market

– Long term success require long term relationship with customer

– Equal behavior with share holder, people and business parent

Scientists at the Unilever Research Laboratories in India were the first to discover
the skin lightening action of Niacinamide that led to the development of a unique
and patented formulation of Fair & Lovely in 1972.

• Hindustan Lever Limited (HLL) to Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL)

• HUL is India‘s largest consumer product company and was formed in 1933 by
Lever brother’s India.

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• HUL is the market product leader in India. It is the first company which has
introduced fairness cream.

• Fair & lovely was launched in 1978.

• It contains no bleach or harmful ingredients. Instead, it provides visible

fairness in a safe and reversible process.

• In 2003, it was rated as the Twelfth Most Trusted Brand in India by ACNielsen

• In 2004, it was identified as a Super Brand.

• HUL, with Fair & Lovely, has a massive 76 % market share.

• Widest range of top quality Home Care, Personal Care and Food products

Major players in the fairness product market


• Fairness cream market in India is about 1200 crores.

• The market growth is 15-20% on year to year basis.
• It has been estimated that males constitute 20 percent of the total sales for
fairness creams in India.
• In !998 Cavin Kare Limited (CKL) launched 'Fairever'.
 Within 2 years it notched 15% market share.
 It USP contained Saffron herb believed to whiten the complexion.

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 But HUL (then HLL) found out that it was a copy of ‘Fair & Lovely’
 In an out of court settlement CKL admitted copying and withdraw all stock
with ‘Fair & Lovely’ formation.
 'Fair & Lovely' market share fell from 90% to 80% in this event.
• Other important players like Godrej's 'Fairglow', Emami's 'Fair and
Handsome', Vicco and Himalaya share the rest of the market share.


 Products- Fair n Lovely ,Fairever etc

➢ Product Peneteration
 Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream-1978
 Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Cream-2001 - 50 gm/25 gm/9 gm
 Fair & Lovely Fairness Cream with extra brightness-2003
 Fair& Lovely Menz Active-2006 - 50 GM/25 GM
 Fair & Lovely Body Fairness Milk - 50 gm/25 gm/9 gm
 Fair & Lovely Anti Marks
 Anti Ageing Cream
 Perfect Radiance Cream - 50 gm /25 gm
 Fair and Lovely Multivitamin Cream - 80 gm / 50 gm /25 gm/ 9 gm
 Fair & Lovely Cream Soap

 Price-Currently low price strategy is being followed by companies.

➢ Affordability is determine by two factors

 Income of consumer.
 Price of the product & services
➢ Factor influencing the price
 Internal Factors—Cost, Pricing Objective
 External Factors—Customer, Suppliers, Competitors

 Place-is represented for market, rural market being explored.


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 HUL products are distributed through a network of 4,000 redistribution of

stockiest covering 6.3 million retail outlet reaching the urban population,
and about 250 million rural consumer.
 It’s Easily available in any retail shop, cosmetic outlets, chemist, etc.

 Promotion-advertising through TVC, print media, hoardings. Fairness cream

constitutes 28% of total TVC’s.

➢ TV Campaign
➢ Fairness Meter
➢ Fair & Lovely Scholarship Programme 2007 on Reliance Mobile or R World
(Aug 14 – Sep 17, 45,000 Response)

Target Market


a) Geographic- target is generally the south zone and then north and west.

b) Demographic-

• Age-users of the age of 15 to 45 yrs.

• Gender-female are more ardent buyers of fairness cream.

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• Young women aged-15 to 45

• School girls aged-12 to 14
• Middle Class Families(rural, urban people)
• Also Men aged 15 to 45 and school boys aged 12-14.

c) Income-1 to 3 lakh income group is a big customer group for fairness


d) Social class-users mainly from upper-middle to lower middle group.

Why Fair & Lovely.

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic cream brings in the fairness secrete of ancient Ayurvedic
that provide nourishment, protection and purification. It enriches with magical
Ayurvedical blend of Kumkumadi oil a mixture of 16 Ayurvedic ingredients which
enhance complexion and cures discoloration of skin.

Unique Selling Preposition

• Power of beauty

• Fairness in 4 weeks.

• Maximum fairness with the power of 8

• For Flawlessly Fair Skin.

• Change your story – Fair & Lovely Menz Active.

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Brand Positioning

 Fair and Lovely' would not be a commercial success if it was not advertised. But
it’s not "being known" would not change the class structure of Indian society and
the high societal value it places lighter skin tones.
 Positioned itself as the cream that fulfilled one’s ‘Dreams and Desires’.
 Fair & Lovely has been maintaining its’ millions of young women/ customers
trust and perceived value toward brand and ruling the fairness cream market in
 Fair & Lovely has 3 types of positioning
– Value Positioning
– Benefits driven positioning
– Problem/Solution positioning


Advertising Agency

Lowe- Associated with the brand since its inception that is almost 30 yrs.


• TV Campaign

• Fairness Meter.

• Fair & Lovely Scholarship Programme 2007 on Reliance Mobile or R World

(Aug 14 – Sep 17, 45,000 Response.

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• A TV Program a reality show know as Fair & Lovely Shikar on SONY TV.

Promotion Pattern

➢ During Launch Phase.

 Building efficacy and safety as it was the first brand that was offering real,
tangible fairness.
➢ Then With Projects:
 Fair & Lovely Career Guidance
 Fair & Lovely Shikhar
 Fair & Lovely Project Swayam
 Fair & Lovely Project Suvarna
 Fair & Lovely Foundation Scholarships ( On Going)
➢ Then after the launch phase.
 It was era of romantic movies so Fair & lovely concentrated on women and
getting the man only dream desire is of a beautiful women in addition Fair
& lovely concentrated on married women about keeping the spark alive in
the relationship.
➢ Destiny phase
 This is the phase about achieving one’s dreams and desires. The key
communications that epitomize this phase are the Airhostess ad, the
Cricket ad and the Ayurveda ad.

Advertising Objective

➢ Affective Association: Destiny & Romance

➢ Building brand awareness and developing strong customer perception about
the brand
➢ Enhancing brand image
➢ Recall of Brand/Products

Advertising Appeal

➢ Emotional Appeal to grab attention

➢ Mass Appeal to communicate product usage and its positive affects on
➢ Fear Appeal again to grab attention.

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Media Vehicle

➢ Here the main media vehicle is those Television Channels which are more
popular among women of that class like Star Plus, Sony, Colours, NDTV
Imagine, Etc. who telecast more and more daily soaps.

Advertising Seasonality

➢ Campaign period is not less than 6months and more than 1 year.
➢ There are generally 2 kinds of ads.
 General
 Occasional – Wedding season, Festive season, etc.
 Seasonal – As it has a product for almost all seasons.

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