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256 Cardinal Lane

Paris, KY 40361

(859) 749-4248


Master of Science (M.S.), Instructional Design
Western Kentucky University, 2016 (Projected)
Graduate Certificate, Instructional Design
Western Kentucky University, 2014
Bachelor of Arts, Media Arts and Studies
University of Kentucky, 2008

Instructional Technology
Instructional/Curriculum Design
Multimedia Content Design
Multimedia Learning
Educational Technology Consulting

Faculty Development
Mobile Learning (mLearning)
Project Management
Higher Education Pedagogy
Workshop Design and Facilitation

Graphic Design
Screen Capture (Camtasia, Jing, etc.)
Web 2.0 cloud-based tools (Google
Applications, Evernote, Dropbox, etc.)
New Media/Web 2.0/Social Media
Windows and Mac Operating Systems


Video Production and Editing

Content Management (Wordpress and
Learning Management Systems
(Blackboard & Canvas)

Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT), University of Kentucky, 2011present
Multimedia Specialist
Works for the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) to design and facilitate
workshops for faculty on innovative teaching using multimedia and active learning techniques, to develop
and implement the unit's campus-wide communications and marketing strategy, and consult with faculty
introducing rich media formats into their classrooms.
Distance Learning Programs & the Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching,
University of Kentucky, 2011-2012
Multimedia Specialist
Worked with the Distance Learning Programs (DLP) and Center for the Enhancement of Learning and
Teaching teams and academic/faculty partners to plan, produce, edit, promote, distribute & update high
quality multimedia/video content featuring best practices in curriculum development, design & delivery for
f2f, hybrid & online environments.
Cineline Productions, 2010-2011
Social Media and Production Specialist
Responsibilities included social media marketing and branding strategies, community engagement, and
all aspects of the video production process. Also developed online ad campaigns, managed analytics,
and designed the company website.

iEntry Inc., 2008-2011

Videographer/Editor/Staff Writer
Duties included pre-production planning for both video and written news stories. Included was script
writing, videography, video editing in Sony Vegas, online optimization, and article writing for website and
newsletters. Frequent travel to search (seo), marketing and social conferences was required to stay
apprised of industry news and trends. Writing and video samples available at: webpronews.com and
Ever After Media, Swordbearer, 2010-2011
Co-Producer/Marketing/Unit Production Manager
Duties included pre-production planning, managing production during filming, and marketing with niche
demographics for a short film, Swordbearer (based off of the book Ascendant by fantasy author H. David
Blalock). Facebook page and movie trailer available at: https://www.facebook.com/swordbearermovie,
Center for Visualization & Virtual Environments, University of Kentucky, 2008
Video Production Intern
Duties were to produce a 30-minute documentary for the Research Channel about research that was
being done on Tobacco Policy Research at the University of Kentucky.


Professional and Organizational Development Network for Higher Education (POD)


Electronic Communications & Resources Conference Committee (ECRC) for POD


Lights, Camera, Action Designing Multimedia Assignments for Students,
A video project is a great way to get students to apply a design process to a concept, and to think about
how that concept can most effectively be delivered to others. Video assignments engage students in
high-level critical thinking, stimulate discussion, and promote creativity and collaboration. This
interactive workshop covers best practices for video usage and addresses how instructors can develop
digital video assignments for their courses.
Mobile App Playground for Teaching and Learning,
With over 500,000 apps available it can be difficult to discover the "app for that." This workshop,
targeted toward instructors in higher education, serves as an educational playground in which
participants both share and learn about mobile applications that can improve instruction and/or worklife. A variety of apps that benefit teaching, learning and productivity are featured.
Workshop Instructional Handout: https://www.slideshare.net/secret/IU0zQJwo2ePlZG
Flipping the Classroom: Key Design Considerations
Flipping the classroom has become a popular strategy for engaging students and using face-to-face
time more effectively. Instructors must be mindful of the kinds of materials they use, and produce, for
the learning taking place outside of the face-to-face classroom environment. This workshop is intended
to assist higher education instructors think through these design issues from an instructional and
technological perspective.
Best Practices for Completing Your Multimedia Assignment
This interactive workshop provides students a basic understanding of best practices for video
production when they are embarking on a digital video assignment. The workshop takes students
through the production process from concept creation through post-production. The topics covered
range from storyboarding/project planning to how to use natural light in the best way when recording,
what to wear on camera, capturing quality audio, and basic video editing.

The Art of Raku Firing, 2011, https://vimeo.com/25535667
Professional Video Biography, Kathryn Cunningham: Educational Developer, 2013,
Appalachian Center Special Collections Project, University of Kentucky,
https://appalachiancenter.as.uky.edu/coal-strike/background-coal-strike, 2012, The Archival Collection:
Where Does It Come From and What Can It Tell Us?, https://vimeo.com/46313809
Appalachian Center Special Collections Project, University of Kentucky,
https://appalachiancenter.as.uky.edu/coal-strike/background-coal-strike, 2012, The Whole Nation is
Watching: Bell and Harlan Counties on the Stage of American History, https://vimeo.com/46313810
WebProNews Videos, videos.webpronews.com, iEntry, Inc., 2011, Is the Proposed Privacy Bill
of Rights Needed?, http://videos.webpronews.com/2011/04/is-the-proposed-privacy-bill-ofrights-needed/

International Faculty Development

Experiential Learning
Documentary Production

Organizational Strategy/Planning
Classically Trained Clarinetist

Available Upon Request