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Part 1 of the logic interactive project for heating system

hardware design as per theories obtained from the research done

climate reaction logical CRL unit design concept


1- 4 logical input terminals from outside temperature sensors

2- 1 logical input terminal from ICRL unit
3- 4 output on off terminals through dry contact relays

theory of operation

the main task of this board is to calculate at any given time the exact heating capacity (K.CAL)
needed to keep the ambient temperature of the building with in the excepted range preventing any
heat loss by compensating between the outside weather & the result calculation of ICRL , using the
output terminals in consistence with temperature variations through variable controls which determines
temperature set to activate each output individually thus 1- making each heating boiler available to
the heating system for the exact needed time 2-activate or deactivate timing mechanism for
circulating pump in direct logical reaction to the real time logical calculation done by ICRL unit for
the total heating status in the various sections of the building , taking each section temperature into
consideration as individual unit.

ICRL unit design concept


1- 5 logical temperature inputs from the five areas of building

2- 1 logical output to CRL unit

theory of operation

the task of this board is to measure the ambient temperature of the building sections using temperature
sensors with pre set point & calculate logically the difference between each one of them & a set point
to determine if the heating system is supplying the right amount of heat for each section individually &
send a signal to the CRL unit , which will use this signal in the calculation process as described in
paragraph 1.


these 2 boards plus related sensors are the core of the system which after installation connection
& fine calibration will keep the whole heating network components running at the critical point
which means lowest cost with highest efficiency , preventing any miss use or any heat loss caused
by either end user or malfunction of the heating system it self in any section.

Eng. Hikmat Massoud