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Professional Experience Office

School of Education
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Professional Experience Report 2014

Middle & Secondary Schooling
Year 3 Undergraduate & Year 1 Master of Teaching

Pre service teacher name

Wilson Diep

Student No.



Sacred Heart College Middle School

Year level(s) taught

Site mentor teacher

Matthew Andrigo,


Science - Middle Years

Site coordinator

Natasha Williams

University liaison

Kathryn Needs

25 day placement
Site Context

School Coordinator - Context statement about your school

Site sector (DECD), Independent.

Sacred Heart College Middle School is a Catholic

Site size, class size and composition of

School in the Marist tradition providing education


for boys from Year 6 to 9 in the South West Region

(R-12, Area, Primary, Secondary)

of Adelaide, South Australia. There is

Physical and/or unique characteristics.

approximately 700 students enrolled at SHCMS. The

Students with specific needs.

School also caters for boarders who reside at the

Socio-economic factors.

boarding house at Somerton Park. SHCMS is a unique

middle school environment. This means that the
school attracts a mix of teachers from primary,
secondary and middle schooling backgrounds. Along
with Sacred Heart College Senior and Marymount
College, SHCMS is a partner in the Tri-Schools
Community that currently educates approximately
2200 students, both male and female, from Year 6 to
Year 12 in this region.
Mentor Teacher - Summary Statements

Professional Relationships



Wilson has positively engaged in professional

Teachers actively engage in personal and

learning with the SHCMS community. He has achieved

collegial learning within the professional

this through participating in staff and year level


meetings as well as key learning area meetings. Not

only did Wilson make an effective professional
relationship with his key mentor teacher, but also
developed strong relationships
with learning directors, leaders of year level
teams and other members of staff with whom he was
working closely. Wilson demonstrated an ability to
seek information and advice from a wide pool of
professional colleagues with
expertise in a number of diverse areas.


Wilson has positively engaged in professional

Teachers foster trusting and respectful

learning with the SHCMS community. He has achieved

relationships with all learners

this through participating in staff and year level

meetings as well as key learning area meetings. Not
only did Wilson make an effective professional
relationship with his key

mentor teacher, but also

developed strong relationships

with learning directors, leaders of year level
teams and other members of staff with whom he was
working closely. Wilson demonstrated an ability to
seek information and advice from a wide pool of
professional colleagues with
expertise in a number of diverse areas.

Wilson has demonstrated an understanding of the

Teachers work effectively with

importance of teacher relationships with not only

parents/caregivers and the wider

students but parents as well. This was shown by his


interest in his key mentor teachers connections

with parents and how this impacts on teacher
practice and
interactions with students. Through his key mentor
teacher, Wilson expressed interest in liaising with
parents, with particular focus on the content of
and expectations. Furthermore, Wilson contributed
extensively to the wider community of SHCMS by
sitting in on Parent-Teacher Interviews with his
key mentor teacher, participating in excursions
with foreign exchange students, assisting in the
organization and execution of fund-raising with his
class, as well as organizing and running a lawn
bowls excursion to a green in the local community.
Through these experiences, Wilson identified the
value of involving himself in all facets of school
life and engaging with students in a different

Professional Knowledge



Wilson established a culture of high expectations

Teachers know about learning processes and how in regards to behavior and learning early in his
to teach and implement

reflective practice. Throughout his practice,

Wilson used a variety of teaching methods and
strategies in attempts to engage the learner and
support student understanding. These included the
creation of a range of resources, the incorporation
of ICT through the use of PowerPoint and smart
boards, teacher-directed learning and smaller group
tasks. Furthermore, Wilson collaborated with his
mentor teacher and other key members of staff,
a fellow pre-service teacher, to plan, evaluate and
modify teaching programs to create challenging yet
attainable learning goals.


Wilson has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of

Teachers know the content they teach

content, in particular in his key learning are of

Science. He has shown a capacity to learn content
quickly and effectively and put that into teaching
practice, exemplified by his work in Mathematics
and Health and Physical Education, subjects outside
of Wilsons key area. Through his unit planning
for all subjects, Wilson has shown a keen insight
into how a unit should be sequenced and, through
backwards-planning, determined what the ultimate
outcome for the student should be. He has also
shown effective sequencing in individual lessons,
knowing the processes and order that learning
should take place.


Wilson is beginning to demonstrate an understanding

Teachers know about learner contexts and

of the physical, social and intellectual needs of


students and how these may affect learning. He took

the time to get to know students names and
address them personally. Wilson is beginning to
establish his teaching vocabulary and use an
appropriate level of language for the learner. It
is important for Wilson to continue to focus on the
learning needs of students, particularly in regards
to information processing and simplicity of
instruction. Throughout his practical experience,
successfully created assessment tasks that catered
for students with individual needs and on
Individual Education Programs, demonstrating his
desire to cater
for learner diversity.

Professional Practice



Wilson worked with his mentor teacher and other

Teachers plan and implement teaching

members of staff, including fellow pre-service

strategies for successful learning experiences teachers, to create, evaluate and modify unit plans
and teaching
programs. These plans were based on the current
curriculum already in place at SHCMS as per the
guidelines set in the Australian Curriculum. Wilson
planned and provided lesson plans for each of his
individual lessons, including proposed teaching
strategies for each learning task. From each
lesson, he
received feedback from mentor teachers and wrote
written reflections to all lesson plans. This
highlights the strong work ethic that Wilson is
developing and a desire to improve his practice
with a focus on creating successful learning


Wilson was able to provide timely and appropriate

Teachers assess and report learning outcomes

feedback to students in both summative and

formative learning tasks. Throughout his
experience, Wilson used a variety of strategies to
asses students bases on their ability, including
the use of reflections (using both ICT and in
written form), research reports, pre and
post testing and a questioning. Wilsons ability
to question students was a highlight of his
teaching and a firm base to continue to build his
teaching on. Furthermore, he has shown the ability
to keep accurate and reliable records and sought
advice from his mentor teacher and other members of
staff on how to assess and provide feedback,
particularly through the process of writing and
using a rubric to assess.


Wilson has demonstrated the capacity to organize a

Teachers create a safe, challenging and

safe, yet challenging and supportive environment

supportive environment

through setting clear directions early in his

experience. During
the practical experience, he got to know the
students in his class and made them feel welcome
and safe. Wilson has worked on developing
confidence in the classroom in order to be more
consistent with his behavior management strategies.
Throughout his professional experience, Wilson
liaised with his mentor teacher and leaders of
wellbeing within the college in order to follow the
behavior management process and wellbeing
guidelines already in place at the school.

Pre-service teacher: Comments

I would first like to thank Natasha Williams and Sacred Heart College Middle School for
giving me this opportunity to undertake my 4 week placement at such a great school! I
would also like to thank all the staff at SHCMS for being so warm and friendly
throughout my 4 weeks of placement, and also giving me the opportunity to go on field
I would particularly like to thank Matthew Andrigo for taking me on as a mentor
teacher. Although Matthew have only taught for 4-5 years, I believe that Matthew
 is a very professional and knowledgeable teacher utilising the latest in ICT to
teach the new generation of students. He also has unwavering dedication and passion to
help his students develop not only in knowledge, but also being the best people they
possibly can. This is something I really want to be in the future, so having Matthew as
a mentor was a real eye opener.
Over the past 4 weeks, I have learnt a lot from Matthew and his class with the most
prominent being teachers instructions play a significant role in classroom behaviour, so
keep instructions simple and short, sharp and shiny. He also taught me that teaching
strategies and style must be adjusted based on student learning style. Although I
struggled with this throughout the 4 week, it is something that I will always work on
and try to polish up!
University Liaison: Summary statement
Wilson is to be congratulated on completing such a successful practicum. His
professionalism and subject knowledge allowed him to develop a very positive rapport
with his students. His thorough lesson planning enabled him to create and teach

interesting and engaging lessons which ensured all students and their learning styles
were catered for in a positive and inclusive environment. His strength is in his
organisational abilities and this will hold him in good stead when he becomes a teacher.
Wilson also demonstrated the ability to reflect on his lessons and their success and
change his approach accordingly. As he related well to students and had sound behaviour
management skills he completed a most successful practicum which indicates a positive
future as a teacher.
School Coordinator: Final Comments (optional)
School Coordinator:
The pre-service teacher may wish to submit this report with an application for

employment. Please

avoid the use of acronyms as student reports are often viewed by interstate and international
employers who are not always familiar with South Australian nomenclature
Name of School Mentor Teacher(s): Matthew Andrigo Date: 26.08.2014
Name of School coordinator: Natasha Williams Date: 26.08.2014
Consideration has been given to the complexities and degree of challenge of the professional
experience context in evaluating the pre-service teacher's ability to meet the assessment criteria
for the professional experience.
In our opinion, the pre-service teacher HAS demonstrated competency in the professional teaching standards indicated in this report, and is
ready to undertake Professional Experience Final Year.


University Liaison
Name of


Report ID: 001371

Liaison: Kathryn Needs Date: 04.09.2014