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Professional Experience Office

School of Education
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Professional Experience Report 2015

Middle & Secondary Schooling
Year 4 Undergraduate & Year 2 Master of Teaching

Pre service teacher name

Wilson Diep

Student No.



Christies Beach High School

Year level(s) taught


Site mentor teacher

Kevin McCrohan,


Biological Sciences

Site coordinator

Kersten Stengel

University liaison

Jillian Huntley

40 day placement
Site Context

School Coordinator - Context statement about your school

Site sector (DECD), Independent.

Christies Beach High School is a DECD site with

Site size, class size and composition of

approximately 650 students and also around 100 FLO


students. We are a level 2 school with a high

(R-12, Area, Primary, Secondary)

percentage of school card students.

Physical and/or unique characteristics.

Students with specific needs.
Socio-economic factors.
Mentor Teacher - Summary Statements
Professional Relationships



Wilson developed a very professional and collegial

Teachers actively engage in personal and

relationship with all staff that he came in contact

collegial learning within the professional

with. He showed an ability to listen to advice from


all staff he made contact with.


Wilson demonstrated an ability to developing

Teachers foster trusting and respectful

trusting relationships with student through having

relationships with all learners

a non-confrontational approach to his teaching. He

listened to the students and allowed, where
possible, for their individual circumstances. At
all times though he demanded a respectful
relationship within the classroom between him and
his students and between student and student.


Wilson took part in our Open day and our Sports day

Teachers work effectively with

which allowed him to interact with the parents and

parents/caregivers and the wider

wider community. Again his manner allowed him to


strike easy conversation with parents.

Professional Knowledge



Wilson showed through his work the importance on

Teachers know about learning processes and how determining what experiences the students bring to
to teach and implement

the class. He understood that students learn at

different rates and set his class up to allow for
this. He used methods such as formative
pre-testing, group work to gauge where the students
understanding of topics was.
Wilson understood the importance of having a
classroom with high expectations and set his
lessons to allow students to understand and meet


Wilson was able to access the Science By Doing

Teachers know the content they teach

units of work and also lessons developed by Cosmos

Live Learning to help in developing content to
deliver to the students. Wilson was also able to
bring his understanding of microbiology from his
previous career to his teaching. Wilson
comprehensively covered the Australian curriculum
through these methods.


Christies Beach High School is a highly diverse

Teachers know about learner contexts and

school so to have a successful practicum at our


school you must be able to understand the context

that each individual student comes with when they
turn up to your classroom. As such, Wilson
understood that his students came from some very
difficult environments and he was sympathetic to

Professional Practice



Wilson was a comprehensive planner at all times and

Teachers plan and implement teaching

this showed in his planning from his first day. He

strategies for successful learning experiences consistently looked forward in his planning rather
than from class to class. This allowed him to
reflect on individual lessons and look to
improvements that could be made.

Wilson used our online platform to provide both

Teachers assess and report learning outcomes

summative and formative feedback to his students in

a timely manner. He provided opportunities also in
class to check the students learning and was always
active in the classroom, checking and challenging



Wilson's classes where always safe, challenging and

Teachers create a safe, challenging and

supportive. Through his dedicated work coming in

supportive environment

with his preparation days and other days on top of

that, the students where actually looking forward
to having them teach him. He provided challenges to
the students by having tasks at varying levels of
difficulty so that he could support the students
that struggled but also rewarded those students who
wished to push on.

Pre-service teacher: Comments

I would first like to thank Peter
and Kersten for giving me the opportunity to have my last placement at Christies Beach
High School. It
was an absolute pleasure to have taught there and have brought many memorable
moments in my six weeks there. I would also like to thank Kevin and Naomi who took me
under their wing and I have learnt so much throughout my placement. I would finally like
to thank the personnel in the science faculty that have encouraged and supported my
throughout the placement.
During my time at CBHS, I have learnt a very valuable asset in how to develop
relationship with students and how to best use this to engage students and promote
learning. Thanks to Kevin,
I was also able to experience firsthand 21st century teaching & learning and it has gave
me an indication as to how I would like to set my classroom in the future.

One weak aspect of my teaching I have identified towards the end of my placement is
identifying the best assessment pieces to assess the students and my marking ability.
This is something I have identified and will continue to work on.
University Liaison: Summary statement

Over the course of his practicum, Wilson developed a strong

and engaging presence as a teacher through developing an inclusive environment
that was respectful of all students through valuing them as individuals. Wilson
brought energy, enthusiasm and commitment to his teaching and this was evident
in the way he quickly learnt the names of all students, his understanding of
differentiation and what it means to teach for inclusion. In an environment
where diverse and complicated backgrounds were often part of students experiences,
Wilson worked
meticulously to plan thoughtful, interesting and engaging lessons to capture
the students attention and to connect them to learning. Wilson worked to
maintain a respectful learning environment at all times and was competent and
proactive in managing any behaviour issues that arose with students. Wilsons
professional approach to staff and his mentor teachers was evident through respectful
and open conversations where Wilson sought and implemented feedback as required.
Wilsons enthusiastic and professional approach to his practicum has further
developed his confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching and in classroom
management. Well done Wilson, on the successful completion of your final
teaching practicum.

School Coordinator: Final Comments (optional)

Wilson has had a very successful placement at Christies Beach High School. He developed
excellent relationships with staff and students and contributed well to the Science
Department throughout his placement.
School Coordinator:
The pre-service teacher may wish to submit this report with an application for

employment. Please

avoid the use of acronyms as student reports are often viewed by interstate and international
employers who are not always familiar with South Australian nomenclature
Name of School Mentor Teacher(s): Kevin McCrohan Date:
Name of School coordinator: Kersten Stengel Date:
Consideration has been given to the complexities and degree of challenge of the professional
experience context in evaluating the pre-service teacher's ability to meet the assessment criteria
for the professional experience.
In our opinion, the pre-service teacher HAS demonstrated competency in the professional teaching standards for registration in SA

University Liaison
Name of


Report ID: 001637

Liaison: Jillian Huntley Date: 14.07.2015