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Adding Animation to a Powerpoint slide

• Highlight text on slide you wish to animate

• Select ‘Slide Show’ from toolbar and Animation Schemes

• A menu will come up on the right hand side with various options, select
which ones you require
• To customise the animation you have selected, select Slide Show and
Animation Schemes this will allow you to add effects to each line, change
the direction and speed, add sound and select the text to come in word
by word.

• To do this on the right hand side menu – select the slide and text you wish
to customise, click on i.e. 1 Text 9: and a pull down arrow menu will

• Select the various animations you wish to add.

• If you want to add sound, select Effect Options and then sound. To add a
sound of your own i.e. a song etc, you can select ‘Other Sound’ and
browse your computer and select the file.

• To add a video link or song i.e. from You Tube:

• Find your video from the website – copy the address of the web page by
selecting all the text in the ‘Address’ bar and Ctrl C

• Go to Powerpoint and select Insert from the toolbar, then Hyperlink (the
following screen will appear)
• Paste the address into the ‘Address’ bar by selecting Ctrl V.

• In the ‘Text to Display’ screen at the top you can then type in what you
want to be displayed on your slide i.e. ‘X Factor Finalists’ or ‘Spanish
fiesta’ etc.