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Tribal Scholars Program

Parent/Student Handbook

To engage Native students through personalized learning.
To increase testing competencies.
To create a learning atmosphere where Relationships, Respect, and

Accountability are paramount.

To correlate education to students lives and future aspirations.

Any issues that arise during the Tribal Scholars program or on

the TSP premises will be addressed by the Tribal Scholars
Any offenses not specifically outlined within this handbook will
be addressed in the manner outlined by the Ketchikan
Gateway Borough School District handbook.
Part of the TSPs goal is to help create habits that will benefit
students later in life, especially pertaining to their
employability. In the workforce, an employee is expected to
be at work on time. If they do not, they do not get paid, or
worse, fired. Students need to be in attendance, or at least
close communication with their teachers, in order to obtain
the learning necessary to acquire their credits.
It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians and the
students to make sure that the students are at the program on
o An accumulation of 8 unexcused absences will result in
parents/guardians being called into a conference with
teachers to create a plan of attendance to ensure student
o An accumulation of 12 unexcused absences will result
in a loss of the semesters credit.

o Parents/Guardians may excuse their students absence

by way of the following:
Written note to teachers or director
Email to teachers or director
Phone call to teachers or director
o Students may not excuse themselves. Only a
parental/guardian authorized message will excuse the
o 3 Tardies = 1 unexcused absence
o If students are not in attendance 30 minutes after the
start time, they will receive a tardy and a call will be
made to their home and/or parent/guardian.
o If students are not in attendance 1 hour after the start
time, the will receive an unexcused absence.
Early Withdrawal
Students may make arrangements for early withdrawal, but
only with the following:
o Parent/Guardian notification
o Proof of enrollment in an internship and/or higher
Students of the TSP must be enrolled in a full academic day.
The exception are the following:
o Parent/guardian notification of other arrangements
made for internship or higher education options.
o Proof of employment starting at noon.

Grades will be available online for parents/guardians to view.
Teachers may be contacted at anytime with questions
regarding grades. (See contact information)
Final grades will be posted at the end of the semester
o Please note that quarter grades may be posted, but are
not finalized until the end of the semester.
Students of the Tribal Scholars Program are expected to behave in
manner that is not only respectful of those around them, but also
reflects a respect for our Native Community. Disrespectful
behavior such as foul language, bullying, fighting, etc. will not be
TSP computers will NOT be checked out to students.
E-readers (Kindles) will be checked out to TSP students.
Students and parent/guardians will be responsible for the
repair/replacement of any resources checked out under the
students name that has received damage.
Social Media
Over the course of the Tribal Scholars Programs academic year, we
will be using various social medias such as Facebook, blogs,
Google plus, and other digital sharing sites. Permission slips will
be obtained for the use of the students work and likeness on these
sites. If at any time the parents/guardians have concerns about the
students materials or pictures being shared publicly, they may
contact the teachers and have those materials kept private.

Educator Contact Information

Sonya Skan (Program Administrator)
Phone: (907) 225-9374
Email: sskan@kictribe.org
Tiffany Pickrell (Reading Specialist, Ed. Tech Specialist)
Phone: (907) 617-5746
Email: tpickrell@tribalscholars.org
Peter Stanton (Social Studies, Math)
Phone: (907) 821-0908
Email: peter.stanton@k21schools.org