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DRAFT #1 Peer Review Sheet: Literacy Narrative Author's name: CQUIM Reviewer's name: Author: Before exchanging papers with one of your classmates, fill in the following information about your draft. 1. State the main idea(s) you want your essay to convey. — My [ikeraLy topic ~My prices = now it Stoked —orek vent 2. Describe the best one or two scenes or sections in your narrative. Paragraphs 5-1 3. Explain one or two problems that you are having with this draft that you want your reader to focus on. if the Cheleading langage Ig desunba (Ul unogh for Comune who dotevik knw a lot aloub chee Leaaing Reviewer: Read the author’s comments above, and read the entire draft through once without making any comments. Then reread the draft in order to answer the following questions. 1, Locate one or two key scenes in the narrative. Give an example of where the writer uses vivid description of the place and/or the people. Suggest areas that could benefit from more description, more dialogue, or the addition of reflection. p i ts eres} sn q 2. Write out a time line for the key events in the narrative. What happened first, second, third, and so forth? Offer any suggestions for improving, structuring, or clarifying the timeline. ean bY exflainig 4 4 y q+ eh School 4 te