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BOILER OPERATION ENGINEERS EXAMINATIONS, JANUARY-2007, BOILER DRAWING READING Time: 1 Hour Marks : 50 Note: 1) Answer all the Questions 2) Candidates should answer the paper in English only. *efife~ 0 1 What is the length of the stub of saturation pipe if the OD of steam drum is 1200 mm ? +0 I. _ Read the super heater assembly drawing supplied and Answer the Questions. 2x15: 2,/ At what hight attemperator is located with reference to centre of mud drum? 3: What isthe size of the tube used for super heater coils ? 4e/” What is the distance between left end super heater coil and water wall ? Se pe is the minimum temperature choosen by the designer in the design of super heater ? 6. How many erection welds are indicated in this drawing ? / How many secondary super heater coils are provided for this boiler ? 8. What is the distance between primary super heater inlet header and steam drum ? 9//What is meant by "EL + 13578" ? 10. At what inclination, saturation pipe stub is welded on steam drum ? A. What is distance between secondary super heater inlet header and outlet header ? we What is the total weight of primary and secondary super heater coils ? ‘What is the gap between primary super heater coils and secondary super heater coils ? 4, Py, ‘What is the weight of the attemperator ? 15,/At what elevation the steam drum is located with reference to mud drum axis ? Il. Name the parts of Feed Checkvalve shown below. 10 Jt ein FEED CHECKVALVE III. Name the parts of the pilot operated safety relief valve shown in the next page 10 P.T.O. SIGN PARAMETERS SSH INLET MEADER STAGE) Sh QURET HEADER STAGE Sh INLET HEADER STAGE# SH OUTLET HEADER STAGE 1 Si. COR = SUPERIEATER COL. iGATIONS AND INSPECTION) SPER _IBR — —I 75 wa/en(a) sere ase age ses 386 fe5c 1125 bavemta) D1. ALL, DMENSCNS ARE IN mm UNLESS. OTHERWSE SPECINED, 2, MACHINED EOGe PREPARED TUBE ENDS SHALL GE PROTECTED, wr SORE RSAC EEE erevent Oawace OURNE TRANSPORTATION HE COW NOS SALE BE DEVO! OF RUST AYO OW. THE GOL E105 SHALL BE ADEQUATELY SUPPORTED TO PREVENT DasiaGe DUFNG TRAASPORTATION. HvORo Test SAL Be DONE AT Sie. ATER COMPLETE ASSEMBLY, RADIOGRAPHS 1S DONE AS PER IER, (8 FOR WELDINS OF TEM NOS: 10. TO 18,'$5 ELECTRODE TO MATCH SS304 CowPdsrmon To BE USED. “SRURRTON FE UN BETWEEN STERN o-335—1494) DRUM de SHSTAGE = ALET HEADER 3) SUPERAEARTE! NER STA 29-355-7493] PINE 1952 4 50x 6 TH SS ware wal ‘¢ oF ugtace PEATE 60 x sat x 6 THE 2058551490) 20-335-1489 1038.143.6THK 1 10-335-125| 10-338-1215 Vo-ass-1285 -—.-2 i ao L j 4 TYPICAL TUBE TO TUBE