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Navigation Acts:

-Lack of enforcement lead to

smuggling of goods
-Though they began in 1651 they
were heavily enforced beginning in
-The Navigation Acts were ways for
Britain to have complete control any
importation of goods to the colonies
because they had to be through
either colonial ships or British Ships.
-This lead to money shortages in the
colonies because ultimately more
money was going into Britain then the
colonies leading resources and
payment options depleted

Sugar Act of 1764

-Extended the Molasses Act, because
it yielded little income
Import duties on Molasses, sugar,
wine, and other things
-Measures adopted to prevent
-Allowed revenue officers to search
home for smuggled goods
-Ships were allowed to be confiscated
and searched for pirated goods

Colonial Flowchart
by Ethan Burrell, Steven Bucher, Jonathan
Pheffer, Cameron Bourns

Stamp Act
-British created the Stamp Act with the
purpose of having American colonists
pay back the debts, 140 million
-Stamps that had to be purchased,
with the revenue going to the British,
were required to be placed on almost
all official documents.
-Such documents include sales
records, marriage licenses. playing
cards, newspapers, and legal
-Violators were subject to trial without
jury, being considered guilty and had
to prove themselves innocent.
Many, influenced by radical Whigs,
began to feel British were conspiring
to strip them of their rights and

Nonimportation Agreement
-Boycotting all British goods and was
enforced by the Sons and Daughters of
Liberty and as a result British repealed
the Stamp Act in 1766 but the
establishment the Declaratory Act
reaffirming England's bind to the colony
-England and the colonies were on
edge and tensions were high between

Boston Massacre
-Soldiers shooting at own citizens and
caused people to rally against the troops
because they thought it was unjust and
-Gave another level of unity within the

Committees of Correspondence
-Formation of Americans who
oppose the British to exchange
ideas and info
-Kept an idea of unity and action
alive and committee was the first
form of American Congress

Quartering Act
-After the harshness of the
Sugar Act was repealed to allow
colonists to cool down, Quartering act was passed in
-Required certain colonies to
provide food and quarters for
British troops.
-An amendment was made in
1774 that allowed troops to
quarter themselves in nondwellings such as stores, barns,
unoccupied structures, and inns.

Townshend Act
-The purpose was to raise
revenues in the colonies in order
to pay for governors and other
British officials living in the
colonies that remained loyal
-It is commonly saw as a mean
of punishment against New York
for their defiance of the
Quartering Act
-This lead to rising tensions in
Boston which made British
troops get sent to occupy the
town this directly preceded the
Boston Massacre.