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Ajamamsa rasayana uses

Ajamamsa rasayana uses: It is used in the treatment of Vata imbalance disorders,

Panchakasa all types of cough, cold,
Shirakampa head tremors, Parkinsons disease,
Yonivedana Vaginal pain,
Vamkshana Vedana Hip pain, abdominal pain due to menstruation
Sarvanga Ekanga Roga Vata imbalance disorders like, paraplegia, loss of strength, pain etc.
It helps to gain weight.
It is given for oral administration
It is also administered in the form of Nasya nasal drops and Basti (enema) treatment.
Dosage of Ajamamsa Rasayan
For regular use as medicine, it is administered in a dose of half teaspoon 1 teaspoon once or
twice a day, before food. Usually, hot water / hot milk is administered along with this medicine.
Ingredients and How to make Ajamamsa Rasayanam
Reference: Sahasrayoga parishishta prakarana Taila-Ghrita.

Rasna Pluchea lanceolata 48 grams

Bilva Aegle marmelos 48 g
Agnimantha Premna mucronata 48 g
Shyonaka Oroxylum indicum 48 g
Gambhari Gmelina arborea 48 g
Patala Stereospermum suaveolens 48 g
Shalaparni Desmodium gangeticum 48 g
Prinshnaparni Urarica picta 48 g
Gokshura Tribulus terrestris 48 g
Brihati Solanum indicum 48 g
Kantakari Solanum xanthocarpum 48 g
Kulattha Horse gram 384 g
Badara Zyziphus jujuba 384 grams
Yava Barley Hordeum vulgare 384 grams
water 12.288 liters.
This combination is boiled and reduced to a quarter part (3.072 kg), filtered.
It is added with

Ajamamsa Goat meat 2.4 kg

Milk 3.072 liters
Ghee 3.072 liters
and powder of 48 grams of each of Jeevaniya Gana herbs Ashwagandha, shatavari, Vidari,
Yashtimadhu, Mudgaparni, Mashaparni, Jivanti, Varahikanda.
The whole content is heated till all the moisture is evaporated. The obtained semisolid mass is
called As Ajamamsa Rasayana.
Shelf life 1 year from the date of manufacture.
Ajamamsa Rasayana side effects and precautions:
It is not ideal for people with obesity, high BP and high cholesterol levels.
It is best avoided in pregnant mothers.
The cap of the bottle containing this product should be air tight closed.
Over-dosage of this medicine may lead to indigestion and constipation.
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