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Monday to Friday
Partners Name: ________________________
I think that you...
1. wake up at ____________________________ (time) every day.

2. have _______________________________ (food) for breakfast.

3. leave home at _____________________ (time) in the morning.

4. go to work / school by / on _____________________ (transport).

5. work / study in a / an ___________________________ (place).

6. start work / classes at _______________ (time) in the morning.

7. usually have ___________________________ (food) for lunch.

8. have lunch at _________________________________ (place).

9. finish work / class at ____________________________ (time).

10. arrive home at ________________________________ (time).

11. have dinner at _______________________________ (place).

12. usually have _________________________ (food) for dinner.

13. ______________________________ (activity) in the evening.

14. go to bed at __________________________________ (time).

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Right or Wrong

Monday to Friday
In this entertaining pairwork activity, students talk about their Monday to Friday routine using
the present simple.
Before class, make one copy of the worksheet for each student.
Divide the class into pairs. Pair each student with someone that they are not sitting next to
and avoid pairing students who are already friends.
Give each student a copy of the worksheet and tell them to write their partners name at the
Tell the students to complete the information about their partner by guessing the answers.
When they have finished, each student reads out their statements and their partner must say
whether each statement is right or wrong.
If it is wrong, their partner gives the correct information.
When the students have finished, ask them to discuss whether they have a lot in common
with each other or not and get feedback from the class.
As an alternative, you could ask the students to complete the worksheets and then prepare a
question for each statement, e.g. Do you wake up at 8 a.m. every day? The students then
ask and answer the questions in order to find out if their statements are right or wrong.

Teach-This.com 20I4 Permission granted to reproduce for classroom use.