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Portaria de Credenciamento: 131 de 15/05/1985 - DOE: 16-05-85

Matrcula: 158.029 - INEP: 26089831

Professor: Gustavo Paz

____/ ____/ 2015
Aluno (a):_______________________________________________ 8 ano

Avaliao de Lngua Inglesa

Read the text and answer the questions 1 at 4:


I visited my mother and studied French. I didnt have many problems and I made a lot
of friends. I went to the USA and learned English a lot too. I saw different places and
had time to take pictures. I didnt drink beer, I drank only soda. I ate barbecue and slept
late on weekends. I started a business and worked a lot. My business helped me learn
and understand things. I didnt want to live in the USA because I love Brazil. My life
changed and I had many things to do every day. I also finished what I started in 2003:
an English course. I didnt lose anything, I only won. This was the best year of my life.
01 Qual a Traduo da frase destacada na primeira linha do texto:
I didnt have many problems
(A) Eu tive muitos problemas.
(B) Eu no tive muitos problemas.
(C) Eu tive alguns problemas.
(D) Nenhuma das alternativas.
02 Segundo o autor do texto:
(A) Visitou o pai e estudou Ingls.

(C) Visitou a me e estudou Ingls.

(B) Visitou a me e estudou Francs.

(D) Visitou a irm e estudou Francs.

03 Qual a palavra do texto que corresponde ao verbo MUDOU?

(A) Started
(B) Love
(C) Finished
(D) Changed
04 O autor do texto:
(A) Ama os Estados Unidos.

(C) Ama os Estados Unidos.

(B) Odeia o Brasil

(D) Ama o Brasil.

05 Escolha a forma correta do "Past Simple" para o verbo entre parntesis:

I ....................(live) in New York.

(A) live
(B) lived
(C) lives
(D) living
06 Qual verbo completa de forma correta a frase abaixo no Simple Past?
I ____________ to the weather forecast 5 minutes ago.
(A) listens
(B) listend
(C) listened
(D) lost
07 Quais verbos completam de forma correta as frases abaixo no Simple Past?
We _______________TV before going to sleep. (watch)
They _____________ their room yesterday. (clean)
(A) watched, cleaned
(B) watches, cleans
(C) watched, cleand
(D) watch, clean
08 Os verbos regulares so
(A) os verbos que tm o passado terminado por ES.
(B) os verbos que tm o presente terminado por ED.
(C) os verbos que tm o passado terminado por ED.
(D) os verbos que no tm o passado.
09 Qual das sentenas abaixo encontra-se no Simple Past?
(A) Mary write one letter yesterday.
(B) Jim works hard last night.
(C) Kate and I corrected all exercises last month.
(D) We ated fishes and chickens yesterday.
10 Escolham a opo que melhor preenche os espaos em branco, fazendo
uso adequado do passado de verbos regulares do Simple Past.
I. I................to the doctor.
(A) Talked
(B) Talk
(C) Talking
II. You didn't................soccer last night, did you?
(A) Play
(B) Played
(C) Playing

Good Test!