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Ukhti Mahdi

Assignment 1: Information Literacy

a) The keywords I used are emerging technology and how emerging technology
impact education.
b) I used the CCBC library database.
c) I chose this database because I knew the source will be credible with informative
and scientific facts. The database was full of information and it was trustworthy.
d) APA Format:
Rotolo, D., Hicks, D., & Martin, B. (2015). What is an emerging technology?.
Research Policy, doi:10.1016/j.respol.2015.06.006
e) APA Format:
Yasir Chaudhry, M., & Malik, A. (2014). Intersection of Pedagogy and Emerging
Technologies to Enhance Student-Centred Learning in Higher Education.
Pakistan Journal Of Social Sciences (PJSS), 34(2), 397-407.

Ukhti Mahdi
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Scholarly article #1

Scholarly article #2

Ukhti Mahdi
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

a) Internet of Thing in 2015: The good and bad by Patrick Thibodeau addresses
the issue whether or not innovation will make or break the economy. Thibodeau
talked about how there will be the first robotic, driverless cars, and implantable
mobile phone within 10 years thus technology will expand to its highest which
will improve the economys efficiency and productivity. But these expansions
might actually lead to loss of jobs. For example, Thibodeau said Driverless cars
will make up one in 10 of the vehicles on the road, and this will improve safety,
reduce stress, free up time and give older and disabled people more transportation
options (Web) but it will result for taxi and truck drivers to lose their jobs. A
report made by the Technological Tipping Points Survey said that the concern is
"we are facing a permanent reduction in the need for human labor" (Web).
Other predictions that Thibodeau includes is one in ten people will be
wearing connected clothing in 10 years (Web) and implantable technologies will
be more accepted and become very similar to smartphones. He says, These
technologies may help people self-manage healthcare as well as lead to a decrease
in missing children. Potential negatives include loss of privacy and surveillance
issues (Web), there will always be a good and bad side to everything including
technology. Thibodeau expressed his opinion well on the good and bad things of
technology but in order to really answer the question, we will have to wait and
b) APA Format:
Thibodeau, P. (2015, September 16). Internet of Things in 2025: The good and
bad. Retrieved September 18, 2015, from

Ukhti Mahdi
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

a) The key words I used to do the search are emerging technology news.
b) Enderle, R. (2015, September 7). OPINIONApple TV Should Take a Hint From Nvidia's
Shield. Retrieved September 20,2015 from
c) The two different search engines I used are Bing.com and Swagbucks.com
How many search results that
was received?
Which one was better?
Bing was better because it
had more information that
was related to the key words I
asked for. Also bing had more
emerging technology current
event articles.

Swagbucks wasnt as good
because it had less results and
did not answer what I was
searching for. Swagbucks had
websites but not much current
event articles.

a) Time It was written on September 16, 2015
b) Relevance It does relate to my topic because I was searching for any impact emerging
technologies has on the economy.
c) Authority The author is Patrick Thibodeau. He is qualified because he is a DC reporter
at Computerworld.com. He covers many topics such as cloud computing, enterprise
applications, outsourcing, government IT policies data centers and IT workforce issues.
d) Accurate The information is accurate because Computer world.com has a copyright
policy where all their contents are owned by the International Data Group. None of the
materials can be posted without written permission from the IDG. Therefore the site isnt
just a site someone made to put whatever they want in it and pass it as correct and
accurate materials.

Ukhti Mahdi
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

e) Purpose It was written after Patrick Thibodeau wrote another article Economist: The
Internet of Things will deliver surge of productivity written on May 5, 2012, discusses
how everything in the future might be connected via the internet. Internet of Things in
2025: The good and bad that was recently written on the 16th of September 2015 was an
update as to explain the effect connecting via the internet and improved technology might
have on the economys future. Thibodeau was unbiased with his article because he only
wrote down the cause and effect while the audience figure out their own opinion.
a) Compared to Thibodeaus article, Internet of Thing in 2015: The good and bad and the
scholarly article What is an emerging technology written by authors Daniele Rotolo,
Diana Hicks, and Ben Martin from CCBC database, the article that was easiest to find
with valuable content is the What is an emerging technology from the CCBC database.
This is due to knowing that every material is the right material based on studies, data and
research. However in contrast to the internet article, it was easier to search for because
emerging technology is such a hot topic, but the key part is figuring whether or not its
from a credible source.
b) The timeliness between these two articles from CCBC database vs. Thibodeaus article on
the internet are vastly similar except Thibodeaus article is more current. The article from
CCBC is written on June 16, 2015 while Thibodeaus article was written on September
16, 2015. In short, both can be considered good in timing but Thibodeaus article would
come in terms for anything current.
c) In terms of authority, both articles came from credible sources but the one that is the most
satisfying is the scholarly article What is an emerging technology. This is because
Thibodeau works for a company where he reports latest technology news but authors

Ukhti Mahdi
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Daniele Rotolo, Diana Hicks, and Ben Martin work for the Science Policy Research unit
where they research for detailed information before publishing it. They started this article
on December 2014, revised it on June 15, 2015 where it was later accepted and published
on June 16, 2015. As scientists, its important to be unbiased when researching and/or
writing about a hot topic but also back up every statement with actual facts. Rotolo,
Hicks, and Martin did so many studies to figure out various definitions of emerging
technology and analysis of each definitions. Although Thibodeau wrote a good and
credible article, Rotolo, Hicks and Martins article is more of a suitable choice.