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Briana Ford
EDU 225
Mr. M

Technology of the Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

There are very few people who are not using technology in the classroom. From
projectors to Smart Boards, teachers are utilizing technology to their advantage every day. It
poses the question, is it becoming necessary for teachers to use technology to enhance their
teaching and lessons? While, there have been thousands of successful teachers who have never
used technology in the classroom, most feel that having even just that little bit of extra assistance
technology can offer can be a good thing. Personally I feel like technology is a great way to
enhance your lessons and I can think of all sorts of great resources to use in the classroom.
How Technology Will Enhance My Teaching

Technology does not define great and successful teachers, but it can enhance their lessons
and teaching styles to be more adaptable to students. I believe it is essential to have technology
in the classroom. Early childhood education professionals should be able to effectively use,
integrate, and evaluate technology in developmentally appropriate ways in classroom settings
(Parette et al., 2013).For me, I think that there are certain forms of technology that I know I can
use to my advantage. For example, the internet is probably the biggest source of information that
a teacher can use. I know that if can offer many different resources such as helpful, educational
videos, fun worksheets and others that can really help out with my lessons. I growing up in
elementary school, I loved when my teacher put on videos like School House Rock. While it was
fun, I still got the lesson my teacher was teaching. I truly believe that technology can only make
your teaching better if you use it in proper ways. I dont think technology should be used all of
the time because you dont want yourself or even your students to become dependent on the
technology. Also, too much technology in the schools can hurt the budget. In this kind of
environment, schools and districts will be hard pressed to find additional revenues to build
programs (DONLEVY, J. (2011). I know that when I use technology, I will try and minimize it
to once or twice a week and I want it to help my students who may be struggling with a topic.
That for me, is the real purpose of technology in the classroom.
Technology Tools I Plan to Use
I know there are a lot of different options that are out there. The most frequently used
and valued types of classroom technology were course management systems, audience response
systems, and lecture capture ().I think that tools I would use most are Google, teacher-created
blogs, and if the school has them I would love to utilize computer labs. I chose Google firstly
because you can find pretty much anything on google. The options are limitless and all you have
to do is give a description of what you are looking for. Plus Google can open the door to websites
that have worksheets, stories, games and other things that you can work into your lessons. Which

leads into teacher created blogs. If I may be stuck on trying to plan out a lesson, I could look
through recommendations from other teachers blogs to get some help. I know that sometimes I
could be doing lessons about something my students may find boring, but if I could get
something fun to incorporate that I could boost my students participation. Lastly, I chose
computer labs because they are a great source of enhanced learning. You can have student create
projects, do research and play educational games all on the computer. Maybe there is a lesson
that requires researching about a certain topic so the students can write about it, computer labs
will help get the information they need and will help me to accomplish my objectives for the

With all of the great resources out there on the internet and in the schools, there is no way
that I cant just not utilize them. You can enhance and make some of your lessons fun just by
simply adding a funny educational video or searching the internet for games that have to do with
the lesson you are teaching. I think that it is really great that we have all of these resources at our
disposal and I intent to utilize them as much as possible. I want to be able to teach my students
what they need to know, but still make sure that I am getting the lesson across in a relatable and
for the most part fun way, especially when dealing with my target grades of Elementary. I truly
believe that if teachers paired with technology more and more, we can probably come up with
more detailed and entertaining lesson plans for our students.

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