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Municipality of Kasibu
Wide open spaces, attractive and stunning view of nature and comfortable place
for a vacation. You can all see it there in the Municipality of Kasibu and I considered it
as the best municipality in our Province. It is the home of industrious farmers who
produces fruits and vegetables for us to have nutritious foods. This municipality has a
very refreshing cold climate perfect for the crops grown in this place. You can see their
amazing tourist spots like the Edralin Falls which is very suitable for summer seasons.
Another is the Alayan cave that attracts tourist by its magnificent beauty. Inside the
cave, you can see different rock formations. People in this place are very hospitable.
They treat their guests like very important persons.
This municipality provides the best citrus fruits which comes from the wide
plantation of citrus in Malabing valley that makes it the citrus capital of the province.
Also, it has different farm crops like ginger, squash, tomatoes and other vegetables and
when harvested it is exported to other places. Natural resources are rich in this place
like the gold in Didipio which are digged by miners and the Oceana Gold Company.
Wide paddy fields can be seen in this place and it gives an admiring view of a clean and
green environment. Visiting this wonderful place will make you feel at home and living in
this municipality gives a very relaxing feeling and satisfaction.