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Anglo conformity

The values of the early English colonists became

American values
Perpetuated ever since
Abandon your ethnic heritage; become American!
Homogeneity, harmony valued over diversity
Americanization of Native Americans is one example

Native American boarding schools

Native Americans = obstacles to US expansion into
new western territories
Liberal spokesman of the era: We must either butcher them
or civilize then and what we do we must do quickly.

The new enlightened policy of late 1880s replaced

genocide, expulsion etc.:
Americanize them
Founder of 1st school: "A great general has said that the only
good Indian is a dead one. In a sense, I agree with the
sentiment, but only in this: that all the Indian there is in
the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and
save the man."


Before & after:

Bureau of Indian Affairs boarding school

.or this


Preventing back to the blanket

First Americanization schools on reservations
But proximity to parents = return to Indian values aka
back to the blanket
In order to teach American values to respect private
propertyto realize that the accumulation of personal
wealth is a moral obligation
It became necessary to remove from their parents, homes
Removal to boarding schools far from home
Not permitted to return
One of the most famous boarding school students..

Jim Thorpe
James Francis

All-American halfback at Carlisle,

1912 Olympic decathlon
champion ... 1st big-name athlete
to play pro football, signing with
pre-NFL Canton Bulldogs in 1915 ...
Named "The Legend" on the alltime NFL team ... Voted top
American athlete of first half of
20th century ... First president of
the NFL (first known as American
Professional Football Association),
1920 ... Born May 28, 1888 in
Prague, Oklahoma ... Died March
28, 1953, at age of 64

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