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PROBLEM FOR EQUATION OF MOTION- RECTANGULAR CO-ORDINATES Problem 13-2 By using an incined plane to retard the motion ofa falling object, and thus make the Observations more accurate, Galileo was able to determine experimentally thatthe Distance through which an object moves in free falls propertional tothe square of the 2 ‘Time for travel. Show that this is the case, e., s & ¢° by determining the time 18, C, and {D needed for a block of mass m to side from rest at A to points B, C, and D, respectively. Noglect the effects of friction. se A 4 ae: 4 1 af A bar B of mass 300 Kg, orginally at rest, i being towed over a series of small aller, Determine the force in the cable at time t =5 s Ifthe motor Mis drawing in the cable for a short time at a rate v= 0.4" m/s, where fis in seconds (0 < 6 s). How far does the bar move in 5 5? Noglect the mass of the cable, pulley, and the roles. My Problem 13-4 A crate having a mass 60 kg falls horizontally off the back of a truck which Is traveling with ‘Speed at 80kmir. Determine the coefficient of kinetc fiction between the road and the crate it the crate slides a distance 45 mon the ground with no tumbling along the road before ‘Coming to rest. Assume that the inital speed of the crate along the road is 80 krvh. Problem 13-15 The driver attempts to tow the crate using a rope that has a tensile strength 1 KN. Ifthe erate is originally a rest and has weight of 25 KN , determine the greatest acceleration it can have ifthe coefficient of static friction between the crate and the road ls ws=0.4 and the cooticont of kinetic friction iy. = 0.3 . @ = 30° Problem 13-19 A suilcase of weight 200 N slides trom rest a distance 5 M down the smooth ramp, Determine the point where it tikes the ground at C. How long does it take to go from A to Here M,@-=30°h=1M, Problem 13-20 A suitcase of weight 200N slides and has a intial velocity down the ramp of V 4 5 mis The ooeficient of kinetic friction along ramp ABS 1: x = 0.2. Determine the point where it strikes the ground at C, How long does it take to go from A to C Hered =5M, 0 021M, t as er Aisral | Melek Wile meter Volocig » 0.086 bhon 2 te Porte én Hts Coole ing tees ay UE baer proved ite Free Pedy diag pe ph 2 Ratan Con tlftint ficken Choc tie’ mena at ts frwoke frail opp © elude fees pha PF Wire mn Hoe arnat forte Wk 9-21> 60x82. 59G-6 EIPalme TOO ER BRE GS Cone Be boxe Oo JO Fad out aecelation — S8E-G AS Ne tenou, fav Mh Neel lnaan pap hom Me Uys axa Cf hl - eS) 2 Bo Me Aaplatments am (Vp) = intial Veo = Ro kere tae - = 22.29 |e ee tt ms eC 2272) + ge aves Hes. ——Latlem po ie Bivin Dale tte ate te Lie Conny te hm Cat Psy Ted aabtion, fe Bar tale ona _ blest fisetien Me = gf. ar Seer ne Portion Semele, det fide Ca30 Mo Tin AN 2.0 Teo: eh = Org sO Tr0-5 th 260 20 - ©. Mor .0.48 =D_ - 0: STN - Hs abron2}ue fon are 1 Solve tins extrem feat 05. OA tb Y = eaeertan — = oe ys alo 42% . Biba 49 bi = Poemuke. T< Trane Rope Tendion) — Le BES 1000 M, of we give dithe mmore, 8 Btteberntien la. Carel. Car Aioke, bel onk= Iretaleig me fo NO On tate Tc lon Foc ii Trace fo tear, fete Aesat.. Aber fe: Esp = Tso We 2500n os N+ Tonge We 250K 0 _. N+ lWoox 05 2500 =o = 500 + 2507 a AA bre bonnes yee w+ a, C8-S0) dw Ye et : — 2H 05 My > TAI 9S 2 TM Ne Meta? Re D4 b0B9 vege _ We dwt bame lKi time Saleen betwen B JOC” _ Wert (Qs tp Ax 9.20605) — = bas pa205 — 2303 2 Va 2 (BRS 2 6 Mido Tne belive baa Vz Na+ ahs - BIG 225 AB 26 epg 19-25 2 &,