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Medieval Diorama Assessment Task

Continuity and change in society in ONE of the following areas: crime and
punishment; military and defence systems; towns, cities and commerce (ACDSEH051)
Continuity: aspects of the past that remained the same over certain periods
of time
Change: an act or process through which something becomes different.
Explanation and Communication
Develop texts, particularly descriptions and explanations that use evidence from a
range of sources that are acknowledged (ACHHS156)
Historical Skills
Identify a range of questions about the past to inform an historical inquiry (ACHHS150)

Due Date:
Task: You will be expected over
the next few lessons to develop
inquiry questions to guide your
research into change and
continuity in one aspect of
medieval history. After your
knowledge hunt been
completed, you will be required to
present your information in a four-sided diorama.
Topics: You may choose one of three topics - Castle (attack and
defence), Life in a Castle or Crime and Punishment.
1- Choose your topic.
2- As there are 4 sides to the diorama, you need to develop four
inquiry questions to guide your research. For example, if you
were to pick Knights, your questions might be,
Who was able to become a knight and what training was required?

What was a knight required to do?

What type of armour and weapons did a knight require?
What were the step involved in the dubbing ceremony?

3- Research your chosen topic, and

remember to save all sites used for a
bibliography. Use your research to
create a 150 word summary to answer each inquiry question.
The 150 words can be hand written, or typed and glued onto
your diorama.
4- In addition to a clear heading and the written information,
each side of your diorama must include a visual aspect, this
could be a picture, comic or mini model. You need to plan what
visual aspect you will include and get this ticked off on your
5- Once you have planned your diorama we will complete
construction in class, with all resources supplied.

___________________ Checklist
Use this checklist to make sure you have completed the required task. Do not move on to the next step until
you have the above step signed by the teacher.

Chosen Topic4 Inquiry questions

1234150 word summary to answer the inquiry questions.
Is your research relevant to the question?
Is it in your own words?
Have you used a Bibliography for your sources?


Visual Aspect What are you going to include?

What resources are you going to need?

Medieval Diorama Assessment Task

Success Criteria





Inquiry questions Developed 4 inquiry questions that have enables

you to find relevant information.

Bibliography Includes all URL used for research.

Research notes indicates a good understanding of chosen topic and

have been written in own words. Research notes show change and
continuity in chosen topic and answer the developed inquiry question.
Research notes meet word requirements.

Diorama was well planned, and the 2D or 3D components are clearly

linked to the topic.







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