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Sorority Members at DU...

Welcome to the University of Denver!
We are so excited that you have decided
to continue the crimson and gold
The fraternity and sorority community
is more than just wearing your letters; it
is a common bond that unites us through
scholarship, leadership, friendship, and
service. With this in mind we hope that
you take the time to consider what you
would like to gain through your sorority
experience, and choose the organization
that best fits these goals. Remember,
you are not just a sorority woman for
your time in college, but rather, you are
a sorority woman for life! Every chapter
on our campus contributes to the DU
Fraternity & Sorority community, and it
is a privilege to be a part of any of these
organizations. We are so excited that
you're here, and we look forward to you
becoming an interfraternal sister!

value LEADERSHIP: Sorority

Members are Discoveries Orientation Leaders,

Undergraduate Senators, and leaders in many
other student organizations.


all-sorority GPA for the Spring 2015 quarter
was 3.42.

Sorority Life, women create lifelong bonds with
both peers and alumnae.

value SERVICE:

PARTICIPATE in various student

organizations, intramural sports, varsity

athletics, and even hold jobs outside of chapter

ENJOY Colorado and everything it has

to offer like skiing, biking and being outdoors.

WORK HARD. We make up

29% of the student body, which makes our

dedication to our organizations and bettering
DU that much stronger.

All of the sororities

on campus partner with service organizations
Sorority women are
to give their time in addition to donating money
in community events.
to organizations meaningful to their chapters.
Between exchanges, formals, Greek Week, and
philanthropy events, there is always something
to do!



The University of Denver Fraternity & Sorority Community consists of 21 chapters. Each of the individual chapters is a member
of one of four councils- the Interfraternity Council, the Multicultural Greek Council, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the
Panhellenic Association.

Multicultural Greek Council (MGC)

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) at DU oversees four different organizations: Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., Pi Lambda Chi Sorority, Inc., Sigma
Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc., and the Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. MGC strives to
promote awareness of cultural diversity within our community, and even with the greater community at large, beyond our university. We support the members of
our organizations, as well as other sororities through leadership, unity, education, service, networking, and more. MGC acts as a liaison between our different
councils, collaborating with our member organizations to spread cultural diversity, promote higher education, and foster leadership among our members.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is a council established to oversee all the fraternal operations on campus associated with the North-American Interfraternity
Conference. Fraternities are founded upon values deemed worthy by the founding fathers, and the IFC helps encourage and grow the values of all fraternities.
The IFC here at DU represents eight fraternities, each founded on different values. With a rich history, DU fraternities, organizations of gentlemen agreeing on
similar values, are extremely diverse in aspects consisting of philanthropy, values, symbols, and many other characteristics. It is the IFCs job to encourage and
assist all fraternities on campus to grow as well as the men that make them up.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), unofficially known as the Divine Nine, is an organization consisting of nine historically African American
sororities and fraternities. Although this council is not officially established at the University of Denver, there are city-wide chapters, in which a few of our
students are members. The two organizations represented on the DU campus are Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Each
NPHC organization aims for good fellowship, academic excellence, and service through various service, economic, and educational activities, leadership, and

Panhellenic Association (PHA)

The Panhellenic Association consists of all organizations affiliated with the National Panhellenic Council, which is one of the oldest and largest
womens membership organizations representing more than 4 million women at 655 college/university campuses and 4,500 local alumnae chapters
in the US and Canada. Here at DU, we have six PHA organizations. These organizations create long-lasting friendships that provide value far beyond
college years. Panhellenic women are involved on campus and represent the four pillars of DUs Greek Life: scholarship, leadership, friendship, and

Collectively, these councils all come together under the Fraternity & Sorority Council to provide scholarship, leadership, friendship, and a
commitment to community service and philanthropic work.

GREEK Alphabet

Its All GREEK to me:

ACTIVE: An initiated member
ALUMNA (pl. Alumnae): A female member who is affiliated with a collegiate
chapter of a national sorority; and since graduated from their respective almamater.
BID/INVITATION: An invitation to membership
CALL: A vocalized sound, or chant,that denotes membership to a specific MGC
organization. These should never be replicated by non-members.
COB: The opportunity for a chapter to invite women to membership if it did
not fill its quota formal recruitment or has not reached total. Chapters may
continuous open recruit any time during the school year except during formal
CHAPTER: A chartered undergraduate or alumni unit of a national fraternity or
COLONY: Status of a new chapter prior to installation.
CROSSING: Refers to a pledge which has crossed into an MGC organization
as an active member.
HAND SIGN: A symbol or gesture that denote membership to a specific MGC
organization. These should never be replicated by
INITIATION: The ceremony in which a pledged new member becomes an active
LEGACY: The daughter/son or sister/brother (in some groups, step-daughter/
son, step sister/brother, granddaughter/son) of a member.
LINE NUMBER: The numerical designation given to a pledge which denotes the
position they occupy within their pledge line.
LINE SISTER (OR LS): Term of endearment; used toward the women who partook
in the same membership intake period as their own.
MGC: The council which governs the Universitys Multicultural Greek

Sorority Terminology

NALFO: The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations;

A national organization that unites Latino-based fraternities.
NPHC: The National Pan-Hellenic Council; A national organization that unites
African-American based sororities and fraternities.
PHA: National Panhellenic Conference. A conference body composed of
delegates from 26 womens social fraternities.
PHILANTHROPY: Active effort to raise money for a cause.
PLEDGE LINE (or class): The group of individuals going through an MGC
membership intake process.
POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER (PNM): A non-affiliated undergraduate student
going through the recruitment process.
PROPHYTE (or Pro): An existing member of an MGC organization;
a member for over a year.
QUOTA: The number of new members determined by a local college
Panhellenic, which any Greek chapter may pledge during a specified time.
RECOMMENDATION: A written letter or statement recommending
a potential new member for status.
RHO GAMMA: Recruitment guide for NPC organizations
SISTER: A term used within a womens fraternity when referring to other
STEPPING: A series of synchronized hand and foot movements which denote
membership to a specific MGC organization. These should never be replicated
by non-members.
STROLLING: A series of coordinated hand and foot movements; commonly
performed in a line to show group unity and loyalty. It is often demonstrated at
social gatherings. These should never be replicated by non-members.

Sorority Grade Report



Spring Winter Fall
All University
3.30 3.28

All Women
3.42 3.39 3.41 3.40
All Greek Average
3.29 3.31 3.27 3.29
Multicultural Greek
3.09 3.06 3.22 3.24
Greek Women
3.36 3.32 3.37 3.35
Panhellenic Council
3.44 3.41 3.46 3.46
Alpha Phi
3.47 3.46 3.45 3.47
Chi Omega
3.37 3.34 3.41 3.43
Delta Delta Delta
3.40 3.42 3.41 3.42
Delta Gamma
3.44 3.40 3.42 3.38
Delta Zeta
3.46 3.43 3.35 3.39
Gamma Phi Beta
3.44 3.47 3.50 3.49
Kappa Phi Lambda
2.99 3.20 3.39 3.36
Pi Lambda Chi
3.29 3.16 3.21 3.17
Sigma Lambda Gamma 3.089 3.02

Multicultural Greek Council

Kappa Phi Lambda, Sorority Inc. KFL


University of Denver Colony

Lena Chhay (kpl.incendio@gmail.com)
Scarlet Red, White & Heather Grey
Ronald McDonald House and CARE

Mission Statement: The sisters of the Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc., strive to strengthen
Sisterhood amongst women by providing Service and promoting Cultural Diversity to their
members and their community, thus securing the bond of kinship for posterity. Kappa Phi
Lambda exists to further educate individuals about Pan-Asian culture, while keeping their own
identities. They aim for academic excellence, keeping in mind the importance of education
and learning as the key to strength, awareness, and fulfillment.
Vision Statement: Sisterhood, Service, Cultural Diversity.
Bonded by a common goal of promoting cultural awareness and diversity on their campus,
our Sisters hoped to be part of an organization where they can experience self-growth while
educating those around them. They found in Kappa Phi Lambda the eternal and resilient
bond of sisterhood, both on campus and across the nation. The University of Denver Colony
now experiences strong and long-lasting friendships, and wishes to share this with future DU
Sisters. The sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda at University of Denver Colony aspire to make a
lasting impact on campus and local communities with a true dedication to the three pillars of
Sisterhood, Service, and Cultural Diversity.

Pi Lambda Chi, Latina Sorority Inc.


Epsilon Chapter
Karissa Abasto (karissa.abasto@du.edu)
March 5, 1994 at University of Colorado - Boulder
Resplendent Quetzal bird
Alpine Forget-Me-Not
Forest Green and Gold
Women Work Together

Mission Statement: The mission of Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority Inc. is to create a strong
sisterhood and an educational support network for women on college campuses. Pi Lambda
Chi Latina Sorority Inc. seeks to preserve Latina/Latino culture and history, as well as promote
education and community service in the Latina/Latino communities surrounding their campuses.
On March 5, 1994 Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority Inc. was founded by a group of 14 tenacious
women attending the University of Colorado Boulder. These women, our Madres, came together
to create an organization dedicated to academic and interpersonal support that continues to
flourish and thrive. The Epsilon Chapter of Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority Inc., was officially
recognized on April 18, 2006, making it the very first Multicultural Greek organization founded
at the University of Denver. Our Hermanas are a diverse group of individuals dedicated to
academic success and making a difference not just on our campus, but within our communities.
Our sisterhood celebrates diversity; we welcome women from all backgrounds and cultures
to pledge for our sorority. Within Pi Lambda Chi each sister has a voice and the drive to push
dreams into reality. Our letters and creed inspire each Hermana to strive to her fullest potential
and make a difference in the community; through education and service, each Hermana becomes
a strong member of society, continuing to build up towards success and excellence that will last a


Sigma Lambda Gamma, National Sorori

ty Inc.


Omicron Delta
Rebekah Espinoza (dusigmalambdagamma.president@gmail.com)
April 9, 1990 at Univeristy of Iowa
Purple Panther
Pink Rose
Shocking Pink & Majestic Purple
Susan G. Komen Foundation

Mission Statement: Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed
to provide a mechanism of empowerment to all women. Through a network of close to 3,000
multicultural sisters from collegiate chapters and alumnae associations located across the United
States, we promote academic excellence and higher education for all women via a dedication
and incorporation of the sororitys principles- Academics, Community Service, Cultural Awareness,
Morals & Ethics, and Social Interaction- in our lives.
Vision Statement: Recognizing our responsibility to the progression of a positive global community,
we stress the importance of morals, ethics, and education in our daily lives so that we serve the
needs of our neighbors through a mutual respect and understanding of our varying cultures.
Founded at the University of Iowa on April 9, 1990, Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority
Inc. is the largest, historically Latina-based multicultural sorority in the nation. The sorority stand
on the motto Culture is Pride, Pride is Success and embraces the diversity of backgrounds that
exists inside and outside of the sisterhood, which represents over 110 nationalities. The sorority
promotes excellence in morality, ethics, and education through the incorporation of five principlesAcademics, Community Service, Cultural Awareness, Morals & Ethics, and Social Interaction.
Sigma Lambda Gamma strives to be the premier organization committed to provide a mechanism
of empowerment to all women.

Theta nu xi, multicultural Sorority IncQNX


Alpha Xi Colony
Nadia Etchey (netchey@hotmail.com)
April 14, 2015
Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly
Sterling Silver Rose
Carolina Blue, Lavender, and Black
Girls For a Change

Mission Statement: To promote leadership, multiculturalism and selfimprovement through academic excellence, involvement in and service to
the campus and community as well as being living examples of sisterhood
across different races, cultures, religions, backgrounds and lifestyles.
Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was founded at the University
of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, by seven diverse women who sought
to create an inclusive sisterhood. The Founders chose to transcend
traditional boundaries with the creation of a new Greek Letter
organization that would embody the ideals of scholarship, service,
sisterhood, leadership, and multiculturalism. Through their commitment
and dedication, Theta Nu Xi has expanded to many universities across
the nation, including the University of Denver on April 14th, 2015. This
organization has become a space in which women can form bonds of
sisterhood regardless of race, culture, religion, background and lifestyle.

multicultural greek council

recruitment / intake
Multicultural Greek Council chapters welcome new members into their organizations
through either the recruitment or intake processes. The best way to gain information about
the joining processes of a Multicultural Greek Council chapter is to contact that chapters
president. Most chapters hold informational sessions and programs in the fall, winter,
and/or spring quarters. Recruitment and intake can look slightly to drastically different
depending on which organization you are interested in, therefore reach out to either
the president for more information. Remember, intake requires discretion, so please do
not share your interest in joining a specific organization with your peers. It is best to
demonstrate your interest through attending their programs and informational programs.


Multicultural greek council (mgc) week

Interested in learning more about our MGC chapter? Come check out MGC Week 2015! During each day of the
week, a different chapter will be hosting a program as we showcase each one of our organizations. Remember,
attending programs is an excellent way to demonstrate your interest in a particular program. Feel free to come
check out all the programs throughout the week!
The week concludes with our annual StrollnTell program where you can learn more about a historical part of all of
our organizations, as well as about each chapter individually

Monday, September 28
6:00pm - 9:00pm, Driscoll Underground

Thursday, October 1
6:30pm, Driscoll Underground

Glow in the Dark Zumba

Cultural Appropriation Program

Pi Lambda Chi

Kappa Phi Lambda

Tuesday, September 29
7pm, Driscoll Underground

Friday, October 2
5:00pm, Driscoll Underground

Grocery Bingo

The Amazing Race

Sigma Lambda Beta

Theta Nu Xi

Wednesday, September 30
7pm, Driscoll Green

Saturday, October 3
7:00pm, Driscoll Green


Strolln Tell

Sigma Lambda Gamma

All Multicultural Greek Council Organizations


national pan-hellenic
greek council (NPHC)


alpha kappa alpha, Sorority IncAKA



Alpha Kappa
Jaliah Peters (jaliah.peters@du.edu)
November 9th, 1928, University of Northern Colorado
and University of Denver
Tea Rose
Salmon Pink and Apple Green

Philanthropy: The 2014-2018 International Program will focus on Launching New Dimensions of Service.
Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, through its 283,000 members and 989 chapters, will have an
opportunity to address community needs with programs in five target areas: Educational Enrichment, Health
Promotion, Family Strengthening, Environmental Ownership, Global Impact. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will
expand its community presence as a result of these initiatives, which include International Community Impact
Days and our signature enrichment program, ASCEND Enrichment Program (hereafter referred to as ASCEND).
Mission Statement: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) was founded on a mission comprised of
five basic tenets that have remained unchanged since the sororitys inception more than a century ago. Alpha
Kappa Alphas mission is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity
and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in
order to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of Service to
All Mankind.
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated had its humble beginnings as the vision of nine college students
on the campus of Howard University in 1908. Since then, the sorority has flourished into a globally-impactful
organization of over 283,000 college-trained members, bound by the bonds of sisterhood and empowered by
a commitment to servant-leadership that is both domestic and international in its scope. As Alpha Kappa Alpha
has grown, it has maintained its focus in two key arenas: the lifelong personal and professional development of
each of its members; and galvanizing its membership into an organization of respected power and influence,
consistently at the forefront of effective advocacy and social change that results in equality and equity for all
citizens of the world.


Delta sigma theta, Sorority Inc.DSQ


Zeta Pi

Simone Richardson (zetapidenverdst@gmail.com)
Founded in 1913 at Howard University
African Violet
Crimson and Cream
Five-Point Programmatic Thrust

Mission Statement: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is an organization of college educated women
committed to constructive development of its members and to public service with a primary focus on the Black
Vision Statement: Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. was founded in 1913 on the campus of Howard University to
promote academic excellence; to provide scholarships; to provide support to the under served; to educate and
stimulate participation in the establishment of positive public policy; and to highlight issues and provide solutions
for problems in communities. Today, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority has more than 1000 chapters worldwide and has
initiated over 200,000 members. The Sorority uses its Five-Point Programmatic Thrust of economic development,
educational development, international awareness and involvement, physical and mental health, and political
awareness and involvement to create its national programs.
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. is a private, not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide assistance and support through established programs in local communities throughout the world. Since its founding
more than 200,000 women have joined the organization. The organization is a sisterhood of predominantly Black,
college educated women. The sorority currently has 1,000 collegiate and alumnae chapters located in the United
States, England, Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), Germany, the Virgin Islands, Bermuda, the Bahamas, Jamaica and the
Republic of Korea.
The major programs of the sorority are based upon the organizations Five Point Programmatic Thrust. More than
ten thousand members typically attend Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporateds biennial national conventions,
and each of the seven regional conferences (held during years when there is no national convention) typically hosts
thousands of members. At its recent 51st National convention held in the District of Columbia, more than 38,000
members registered and attended.


national pan-hellenic
greek council (NPHC) Intake
National Pan-Hellenic Council chapters welcome new members into their organizations through the intake process.
The best way to gain information about the joining processes of a National Pan-Hellenic Council chapter is to
contact that chapters president. Most chapters hold informational sessions and other programs in the fall, winter,
and/or spring quarters. Intake can look different depending on which organization you are interested in, therefore
reach out to the president for more information. Additionally, you can look for programs and informational session
information on the DU Fraternity and Sorority Life website. Remember, intake requires discretion, so please do not
share your interest in joining a specific organization with your peers. It is best to demonstrate your interest through
attending their programs and informational programs.


Panhellenic association (PHA)


Alpha Phi

Iota Xi
Anousha Jaseb (alphaphidupresident@gmail.com)
Ivy Leaf
Lily of the Valley and the Blue and Gold Forget Me Not
Silver and Bordeaux
October 10, 1872 at Syracuse University
The Alpha Phi Foundation

Mission Statement: Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of women supporting one

another in lifelong achievement.
Alpha Phi is a sisterhood filled with fun-loving, caring, and dedicated
women. Alpha Phis are leaders on campus, excellent scholars, and selfless
givers who devote themselves to our sorority, our philanthropy, and the DU
community. Our core values are service, sisterhood, scholarship, loyalty,
character development, and leadership and the women in this chapter truly
embody these high ideals. As a sister of Alpha Phi you can expect that the
relationships and memories you make will last a lifetime. In Alpha Phi we
have found our home away from home and a support system. We cant
wait to meet you!




Chi Omega
Zeta Mu
Taylor Stimpson
Skull & Crossbones
White Carnation
Cardinal & Straw
April 5, 1895 at University of Arkansas
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Mission Statement: The mission of this organization is to promote friendship, high
standards of personal integrity, academic excellence and intellectual pursuits,
participation in campus activities, service to others, and career and personal
Vision Statement: Sisters inspired by our values who serve the world while keeping Chi
Omega ever at heart.
Chi Omega has been on the DU campus for over a year now, and we could not be more
excited to continue growing. Chi Omega is an organization committed to helping every
member to be their best self through academics, campus involvement, and service to
others facilitated by our partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. As a chapter, Zeta
Mu encourages strong relationships with one another, the Greek community, alumnae and
the Denver community. Our sisters live the words of our symphony daily and strive to be
the best versions of themselves through the friendships, values, and opportunities that Chi
Omega provides. We wish you the best of luck during recruitment and we cant wait to
meet you!


Delta Delta Delta

Gamma Chi
Erin Kate Brady (dddgammachi.president@gmail.com)
Website: www.du.tridelta.org
Blue, Gold, & Silver
November 27, 1888 at Boston University
St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital
Vision Statement: Tri Delta is a national womens fraternity that engages its members for life
through timeless values, enduring friendships and innovative opportunities for growth.
As the Gamma Chi Chapter, we live out our values through our diversity, our leadership
positions on campus, and our involvement in a wide variety of organizations and sports
teams. We have won many national and local awards for our philanthropic work, as well as
our academic achievements, leadership and involvement within the Greek community. Most
importantly, Tri Delta establishes a perpetual bond of friendship among its members and serves
as a constant source of encouragement and inspiration for the growth of our members. In Tri
Delta, we have truly found our home away from home. We look forward to meeting you and
wish you the best of luck with recruitment!




Delta Gamma

Beta Chi
Audrey Helbing (audreymaehelbing@gmail.com)
The Anchor
Hannah Doll
Cream Colored Rose
Bronze, Pink, and Blue
December 25, 1873 in Oxford, MS
Service for Sight & Joining Forces

Mission Statement: Delta Gamma offers women of all ages a rich heritage based
on principles of personal integrity, personal responsibility and intellectual honesty.
Its primary purpose is to foster high ideals of friendship among women, to promote
their educational and cultural interests, to create in them a true sense of social
responsibility and to develop in them the best qualities of character.
Vision Statement: Do Good
Consistent with our Founders thoughts in 1873, our primary purpose is to create
an environment for our members in which lasting friendships and our vows of
sisterhood emanate all aspects of our Fraternity. We encourage an atmosphere
which will foster high ideals of friendship among college women, promote their
educational and cultural interests, create in them a true sense of social responsibility
and develop in them high qualities of character.


Delta Zeta

Delaney Reimers (dreimers242@gmail.com)
Roman Lamp
Pink Killarney Rose
Old Rose and Vieux Green
October 24, 1902 at Miami University, Oxford, OH
Painted Turtle Camp, The Starkey Hearing Foundation,
and Gallaudet University

Mission Statement: The purpose of this sorority shall be to unite its members in the bonds
of sincere and lasting friendship, to stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to
promote the moral and social culture of its members, and to develop plans for guidance
and unity in action; objects worthy of the highest aim and purpose of associated effort. The
purpose of this sorority shall be advanced through the National Convention, the National
Council, and the college and alumnae chapters.
The women of Delta Zeta are bound by a tradition of sisterhood, 113 years in the making.
We devote ourselves to achieving high standards of leadership, scholarship, service, and
sisterhood. We offer many leadership opportunities within our organization, in addition,
we have many sisters who are leaders throughout the DU community. We work to make a
difference on campus and in our community through our service and philanthropic efforts
within our chapter. We pride ourselves on the many qualities the women of this chapter
bring to our sisterhood. Membership within Delta Zeta promises to challenge you as a
woman, support you as a student, and encourage you as a sister. We wish you the best of
luck with recruitment and look forward to meeting you!




Gamma Phi Beta


Bethan Jenkins (bethan.jenkins@yahoo.com)
Crescent Moon
Pink Carnation
Brown, Mode and Pink
November 11, 1874 at Syracuse University
Building Strong Girls & Girls on the Run

Mission Statement: To inspire the highest type of womanhood.

Vision Statement: We will build confident women of character who celebrate
sisterhood and make a difference in the world around us.
At Gamma Phi Beta, we are a sisterhood of dedicated, bright, and talented
young women. We devote our time to academics, philanthropy, and sisterhood.
Each woman has an infectious personality and drive and demonstrates a strong
commitment to our four core values: Love, Labor, Learning, & Loyalty. In addition
to being Gamma Phi Betas, many of our sisters are also prominent leaders on
campus including Student Government, Division 1 athletics, Greek Council, and
much more. Each sister brings something unique and special to the chapter and we
celebrate this diversity. At Gamma Phi Beta, the memories and relationships you
make will not only enrich your experience at DU, but will also last you a lifetime.
We look forward to meeting you and hope you all find the same happiness that we
have at Gamma Phi Beta!


Panhellenic Recruitment
There are two main ways to join our Panhellenic chapters: formal recruitment and continuous open bidding. Formal recruitment
takes place annually in the fall quarter, and all six of our National Panhellenic Conference chapters participate. It is a mutual
selection process, in which potential new members visit fewer chapters over the four days until the last day, when a bid for
membership may be extended. Registration is required for formal recruitment, and can be done so on the DU Fraternity &
Sorority Life website at www.dufsl.orgsync.com. Registration costs $30, and covers the cost of dinner during the recruitment
process, snacks, and other supplies necessary to run the program. During the recruitment process, potential new members
(PNMs) are given a recruitment counselor (a rho gamma) to assist in navigating the process and to serve as an unbiased mentor
along the way.
The other type of recruitment, continuous open bidding can occur in the fall, winter, or spring quarters, at the chapters
discretion. Not all chapters participate in continuous open bidding.


Panhellenic Recruitment Schedule

For tips on what to wear each day, be sure to check out our Panhellenic Pinterest Page!

THURS, SEPT 24, 2015

Values Presentation
7:30 8:30pm
Driscoll Ballroom

FRI, SEPT 25, 2015

Sisterhood Day
3:00 11:30pm
Driscoll Ballroom

Learn about the values of

the fraternity and sorority
community, and gain
information to help prepare
you for the recruitment process
to begin tomorrow.

Today, you will visit all six

chapters. Each sorority will
discuss the values of their
organization, and tell you
about their sisterhood. You are
encouraged to ask questions
about why members joined
their organizations. Remember
to keep an open mind, and
make new friends during the
recruitment process!

SAT, SEPT 26, 2015

Philanthropy Day and
House Tours Day
11:45am 8:15pm
Driscoll Ballroom
Today, you will attend up to
four chapters. During your
time at each of the events, you
will learn more about their
philanthropic cause, events
through which they raise
money for it, and community
service opportunities in
which they participate. If a
chapter has a facility, you will
also receive a tour. You are
encouraged to ask questions
about giving back to the
community, and how it relates
to sorority life.


Preference Night
12:45pm 8:00pm
Driscoll Ballroom

Bid Day
6:00pm -- 9:00pm
Driscoll Ballroom

Today, you will visit up to

two chapters. The chapters
will share a deeper meaning
of sisterhood, loyalty, and
tradition with you. This is a
very important day, as you will
be making your final decisions
regarding the chapter that best
aligns with your values and
needs. Remember, all sororities
at DU have something special
to offer prospective members!

Find out who is joining who,

and celebrate the beginning of
a new experience in college
with your new Sorority Sisters!

Alpha Phi: Hilltop Apartments, by

Delta Delta Delta: S. Josephine
Delta Gamma: S. Josephine
Delta Zeta: S. Josephine
Gamma Phi Beta: S. Josephine
Chi Omega: University United
Methodist Church (corner of University
and Warren, for recruitment)


Rho Gamma Group Information

My Rho Gammas Name is:
Her Phone Number is:
Her Email is:
Our Group Number is: