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Bradford Academy strives to instill the qualities of character, excellence,

creativity and service into our students as they become prepared global

Bradford Academy Middle School

7th Grade ELA Course Syllabus
Instructor: Ms. Natasha Rondeau Room: 338
Bradford Academy Middle School
24128 Garner Street
Southfield, MI 48034
Office Phone: 248-351-0000
Office Fax: 248-356-4770
Email: natasharondeau@choiceschools.com
Parents please feel free to contact me at any time. The easiest way to reach me is by email.
Required Course Materials: Each day in our 7th grade English Language Arts class,
responsibility and organization will be stressed. Every student will be required to bring the
following items to assist in achieving our common responsibility goals.
a. 1- 2 inch three ring binder
b. 1- pencil pouch with three holes
c. 10- sharpened pencils (10 pencils need to be in the pouch at all times)
d. 2- notebooks with three holes and 70+ sheets
e. 2- folders with three holes

*These items are due 9/14/2015

Course Description: Throughout the year, we will be reading various forms of literature,
including: non-fiction articles, informative passages, short stories, novels, poems, and an
occasional Readers Theater play. Much of the work will be done in class, although occasionally,
students will be expected to complete some work at home. Additionally, students will learn
about and complete writing assignments; paragraphs, essays, poems, and other creative projects.
Assignments and projects will be created by combining areas of study, literacy terms,
technology, research, and writing skills. Independent reading will be expected continuously, with
pertinent writing assignments being given on a regular basis. Learning to work collaboratively is
essential, so group work will be a routine occurrence.
Class Policies: I have extremely high expectations for each student. All policies in the Student
Handbook of Bradford Academy Middle School will be adhered to. It is assumed that a
Bradford Student will take on the roles of active independent learner and scholar. Bradford
students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times. In my classroom
responsibility, respect, and safety are essential to success.

Grading Scale: Students will be graded on both the completion and accuracy of assignments. In
addition, students will be graded on class participation and preparedness. All assignments must
be turned in on time. 10 percentage points will be deducted for each day an assignment is late.
Most assignments will be turned at the end of each class. Some assignments may be completed
at home and returned the following day. Students will be notified of test, project, and essay due
dates in advance.


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Parents please sign below and have your child return their syllabus by Friday, September 12th

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Students Name_______________________________________________Date______________

Reminder: Required Course Materials are due Monday, September 14th.

Bradford Academy strives to instill the qualities of character, excellence,

creativity and service into our students as they become prepared global