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Coconut Jelly ( )

Coconut Jelly ( )
Ingredeints :
Coconut milk layer :
250ml water
250mi coconut milk
2 tbsp sugar
5g agar agar powder
Coconut water layer :
500ml coconut water ( from canned drink )

5g agar agar powder

Method :
Coconut milk layer :
1. Mix water and sugar in a pan and bring to boil. Add agar agar powder and stir to dissolve.
2. Remove from heat, add coconut milk and stir to blend. Pour into 6"x 6" container and freeze for 10-15
mins until harden.
Coconut water layer :
1. While the milk layer is in the freezer, pass the coconut water thru a strainer to remove coconut bits and
measure 500ml.
2. Divide into half and boil half of the coconut water. Once boiled, add agar agar powder and stir to
3. Remove from heat,add rest of coconut water and stir to blend.
Combine :
1. Remove harden milk layer from freezer and with a toothpick, scratch the surface of the jelly. Pour warm
coconut water mixture over the milk layer and freeze 15 mins to harden.
2. Once harden, remove from freezer, unmould and cut to serve.