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Ashta Vinayaka Darshan (Rare pictures of Lord Sri

February 7, 2013 at 10:12pm

(Sri Mayureshwar at Moregaon)

(Sri Siddhi Vinayak at Siddhatek)

(Sri Ballaleshwar at Pali)

(Sri Varada Vinayak at Mahad)

(Sri Chintamani at Theur)

(Sri Girijaatmaj at Lenyadri)

(Sri Vighneshwar at Ojhar)

(Sri Maha Ganapathi at Ranjangaon)

(Route map to Ashta Vinayaka temples)

Ashta Vinayaka Darshan

(Rare pictures of Lord Sri Vinayaka)
Prominent among the temples of Lord Sri Ganesha are a cluster of eight temples popularly
known as Ashta Vinayaka temples which are totally dedicated to Lord Sri Maha
Ganapathi. These temples are very ancient where Lord Sri Vinayaka had manifested in
different cosmic ages. They are,

Sri Mayureshwar at Moregaon


Sri Siddhi Vinayaka at Siddhatek


Sri Ballaleshwar at Pali


Sri Varada Vinayaka at Mahad


Sri Chintamani at Theur


Sri Girijaatmaj at Lenyadri


Sri Vighneshwar at Ozhar


Sri Maha Ganapathi at Ranjangaon

All these eight temples are located in the state of Maharastra within a radius of about 100
km from Pune city. It is not possible to cover all these temples visit within one day. It
requires minimum two or three days for a complete visit. Conducted tour facilities are
available from Pune as well as from Mumbai cities. Total distance coverage from Pune will
be around 650 km and from Mumbai it will be around 750 km. Please find below rare
pictures of Lord Sri Vinayaka at these temples.