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Steven Bucher
Mr. Herrmann, Mr. Rutherford
AP U.S. History Per 4
12 October 2015
Election of 1828
Although Andrew Jackson was the most popular candidate in the 1824 election, he did
not win the larger states with more electoral votes causing him to gain less electoral votes than
John Quincy Adams. This makes Jackson very displeased and determined to win the next
upcoming election. Because of the switch to the convention system of selecting candidates for
the electoral college, Jackson decides to do appeal to the people as best as he can. Having
already appealed to the south and western people, Jackson joined forces with Martin Van Buren,
a political power broker in New York, in order to gain support of the North as well. Unlike the
election of 1824, the 1828 election was primarily a focus on gaining the support of the people no
matter how. By doing this the tyranny of the majority was put into place in the U.S. because of
Jackson appealing to any kind of person in order to get votes. This strategy was now more
successful because of the shift from using caucuses to conventions in the choosing of candidates
and electors. This election was a huge step towards democracy not just because of the different
way of the voting but also the motives that prompted it significantly. The election of 1828 was
one formed out of spite and anger that created a more democratic system in the American


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