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Trojan Horse - Case

Mulgere Dairy Corporation is a US based global dairy giant. The company has been
in the dairy business for over 40 years and it has grown tremendously. It boasts of a
presence across all categories of milk and milk product businesses such as Butter,
Yoghurt, Curd, Cheese and Ice-creams. The company has been considering entry into
the dairy industry in India since the last 2-3 years.
Mulgere has gone through a lot of discussion on how it should enter the Indian Dairy
Market and how to build its business to challenge the other established players, given
the competitive landscape of dairy business in India but a conclusion is yet to be
reached on what its strategy should be. Mulgere needs direction on sizing the market,
current and future trends and the capabilities needed to succeed in the Indian dairy
You have been asked to help Mulgere take a decision - whether it should enter the
Indian dairy market and the strategy for the same. The project will be executed in two
phases and as part of phase I, your analysis should answer below questions.
1. A go/no-go decision based on below analysis
a. Estimate market size for dairy market (milk and milk products) in
b. Identify the trends and analyse the growth potential of different
c. Identify the key challenges for Mulgere if it were to enter the Indian
2. Devise the market entry strategy for Mulgere if it were to enter the Indian
market (Irrespective of the decision given in part 1)
If the company management agrees and approves of the analysis, then in the next
phase, you would be asked to devise a detailed strategy for a comparatively longer