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-No class next week, exam the following week

-Test is everything from Ch.1,2,3,6,10
Line Authority: Ability to make decisions that directly affect organizational objectives
Staff Authority: Usually limited and simply advisory in nature
Live vs. Staff
What is the fundamental objective of the organization
Functional Authority: Limited to a specific function
Delegation: Process by which a manager assigns authority to subordinates who
accept responsibility for an element theyre trying to achieve
Cannot delegate authority you dont have
o Can delegate part of your authority to subordinate
Recipient must understand whats expected of him/her
Best way to do this is to write it out to them, and have
them respond to you their understanding of what this
delegation entails
The Buck Stops Here
Someone must accept ultimate accountability for actions/ projects, and that
typically is at the top of the work pyramid
When you delegate authority, you tell them that this is what you are
responsible for accomplishing, but NOT tell them how to do it