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Project: - Construction of Mezzanine floor for Vijay Distillery Pvt.

Location: - Nawalparasi

Mezzanine floor construction options with detailed drawings

Option No
1 (Rcc jacketing)

2. (Composite
Construction, rcc
slab & steel beams)

3. ( Using Triangular
plate to form bearing
for Steel Beam)
4. Connection by

5. (Construction of
mezzanine floor by
Steel post and steel

Brief Description/ Methodology

In this method, 6 thick concreting is
done around old concrete column by
providing required reinforcement and
rcc beam column joint is casted
monolithically. In addition to these,
closely spaced horizontal and vertical
ties are provided around beam column
In this methodology, steel beams are
connected to old rcc column. Bolts with
epoxy are provided to ensure fixity of
steel beam to old concrete column.
Also, shear struts are provided for
connection of steel beams and rcc slab.
Closely spaced horizontal and vertical
ties are provided around beam column
Here 9x9 triangular plate is welded to
old column rebars. Then these plates are
embedded in concrete forming a bearing
for steel beam.
Rcc beam Rebars are welded to column
rebars by 12 times diameter of bars to
assure fixity. Also, angular steel plates
are provided around beam column joint
to strengthen the joint.
Steel beams are connected to steel post
by bolts arrangements. Then the post is
supported on 9 x 9 beams with the
help of base plate, anchor bolts and

Drawing No
Refer, drawing No:ST-1, ST-2 & ST-3

Refer, drawing No:ST-1, ST-4 , ST-5 & ST-6

Refer, drawing No:ST-1, ST-4 , ST-6 , ST-7, ST-8

& ST-9
Refer, drawing No:ST-1, ST-2 & ST-10

Refer, drawing No:ST-1, ST-4, ST-6 & ST-11