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Further Oral Activity Part 1: Language in cultural context

Topic: Language and gender


Working with a partner or individually, create an oral presentation in which you examine the
representations of gender in either print advertisements, or political cartoons or comic strips or comic

Since this is a Part 1 FOA, the focus must be on language in cultural context. This means the representation
of gender needs to be considered in terms of both the language used in the text, as well as the cultural
context of the text.

In analyzing the representations of gender in the texts, you should also refer to other articles/experts/texts
that you have studied in this unit in order to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the subject
matter the topic of language and gender.

You must discuss a minimum of two texts. In selecting your texts, you should link them in some way
both differences that you see and similarities. The texts chosen should be representative of different
temporal periods or cultures across the Anglophone world. E.g. Australia, NZ, US, UK, Canada, South
Africa, etc.

Some ideas to get you started

You could examine the representation of gender by deconstructing the language and images in two texts:

One using gender neutral and the other using gender biased language

By the same artist (political cartoons, comic strips, comic books)

From one cultural context and two different time periods (e.g. An American advertisement for a
fridge from the 1930s with one from 2015; a British political cartoon from the 1940s and one from
2015; and Australian comic strip from the 1950s and one from 2015; a comic book (Wonder
Woman) from 1950s America with the same hero in the 1990s).

From one time period and two different cultural contexts (e.g. A Canadian swimwear advertisement
with a New Zealand swimwear advertisement; a South African political cartoon with an Indian
political cartoon; a British comic strip with an American comic strip).

From two different companies advertising the same product

Compare and contrast at least two different text types that have a similar focus in terms of gender
representation (e.g. Military men, businesswomen).

Advertising the same product (e.g. toys, a career in the military, a car) to two different sexes

One you have created yourself that challenges gender stereotypes and a text that reinforces them

Other suggestions?

In you FOA you should:

Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the texts (advertisements, political cartoons,
comic strips) AND the topic (language and gender) chosen for the oral activity

Show an appreciation of how language and style is used in the representations of gender in the text

Show an understanding of language is used to create meaning and represent gender

Demonstrate your ability to organize your ideas in a logical manner

Use language effectively and accurately to communicate your ideas


Decide with whom you would like to work

Choose the type of texts you want to analyse (ads, political cartoons, comic strips or comic books)

Choose a specific focus for your FOA

Find two key texts to analyse highlight and annotate these

Submit the proposal form outlining your ideas for the FOA

Use the Big 5 graphic organizer to help you plan your analysis

Type up a script for your presentation in MLA format (one per pair) all groups will submit this to
the teacher on the first due date of the FOA

Reduce your script to one small note card this is all you are allowed when presenting your oral

Rehearse your oral with the technology in the classroom (set up times with me either at lunch or
after school)

Ensure that you upload all files needed for the oral and make sure they work with the technology
(e.g. If you are using my computer, can you open your files?)


10-15 minutes per person. You will not be permitted to go over the time limit so please make sure you
time your oral both the individual component and the presentation as a pair.


In addition to delivering your FOA, each person is required to write a 200-300 word reflection on the
presentation, in which you comment on your performance and the progress you made in achieving the aims
of the FOA. You will write this after completing your FOA.

Your reflection should identify:

Which texts did you study and who wrote them?

Who was you intended audience?

What were your aims in the presentation? What was the purpose in creating the activity?

What understanding of the topic and text did you intend to communicate to your audience and how
did you do this?

How well did you achieve these aims?


See Rubric for mark scheme.