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Pre-service teachers name: Margaret Carr

Mentor teachers name: Joanne Ritchie

School: Somerville Primary School
Year level: 3/4
VELS level: 3/4
Date: 12/10/15

Morning Session
9.00am to 11.30am

9.00am to 9.50am

Understand how to use sound
letter relationships and
knowledge of spelling rules,
compound words, prefixes,
suffixes, morphemes and less
common letter combinations,
for example tion

Aim of the lesson: To familiarise students with sound of the week.

Teaching plan:
Sound of the week:

Go through worksheet with students

Give them time to do it?
Spelling: roll a dice activity for back up. Explain synonym and antonym
with kids do a few examples with them

L 4 - Understand how to
use strategies for spelling
words, including spelling
rules, knowledge of
morphemic word families,
spelling generalisations,
and letter combinations
including double letters



Fruit Time, prepare students for dolphin research session (10.00am to


Through observation
Dice worksheet (write up on board), soundwaves homework sheets, dice

Middle Session
12.00pm to 11.40pm
Integrated Studies- Marco Polo
12.00 to 12.50

Historical Skills

Aim of the lesson:

Students will be able to find information relevant to their topics
WALT: Find relevant information about Marco Polo from a body of text

Locate relevant information
from sources
provided (ACHHS068)

Teaching plan:

I do, We do, You do (Ask Jo to record a little bit of it)

First paragraph: Model how to go through a body of text with
students, what sort of skills am I using? Talk this through with them
Second paragraph: do this with students, talk through and ask why Im
going to choose this fact. Maybe choose a topic so the facts Im looking
for are more specific
Students then grab copy of another piece of work and do this
themselves, laptops are there for students to use to look up websites
from last lession

10.35- bring students to floor and reflect! Ask for a few examples from students
and ask what sort of strategies they used when going through the text to pick out
important information
10.45- pack up and head back to class
MR: put books away and get ready for library- take books with them
Observation and through the students reflections I should be able to get a sense
of whether students have got it or not.
A3 copy of writing, photocopies of a body of text for students to go through,



Afternoon Session
2.25pm to 3.15pm

2.25pm to 3.00pm

Personal Learning

Aim of the lesson: To teach students how to express themselves, and the
importance of it.


Teaching plan:

Students develop an
awareness of their emotions
and the capacity to use
positive self-talk; for example,
by compiling a list of strategies
they can implement when they

Why is it important to express our feelings, especially when youre feeling

What ways can you do this? What strategies do you use?
Before we continue on Ill just let you know that if there are any concerns

are feeling uncertain.

you want to get off your chest, Mrs. Ritchie and I are happy to listen to you.
There have been many times in life where I felt a weight lifted off me after
talking to someone I trusted, even if it was a little thing. Its good to let it
-Students need to write their notes into their sheets, add anymore they might
have and then stick this into their literacy books.
-Show students the video
- Play games with the kids (river bank, wah skidah)
Pack up time- 3.00


Video (Kid President), bookmarks for the kids

Pre-service teachers reflections:

What was good about the session/s? Why?

What needs to be improved? Why? How?

How did I feel about the session/s? Why?

What did I learn about learning and teaching from these sessions?

Mentor teachers comments: