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Is Talk Cheap?

The most powerful and expensive organ of the human is the tongue when used
verbally. Some may see words as mere gibber and may prattle aimlessly in
conversation, but the words transmitted can go down deep and the speaker not
knowing its effects.
If we look at numerous Libel Cases in the courts with litigations of libels for
Defamation of character, again saying what can cost you much, even millions. This
is why when we hear something that may sound true, its best to investigate to
verify before repeating, for talk is not cheap.
It has been seen in the politics of Trinidad where mere talk of corruption and
nepotism being branded about has cost many officials their positions and status in a
society that has took talks where some may be true and some baseless yet without
verification lives were turned into disgrace and shame, bringing question as to their
character and that of their families. The media, the cheapest of words yet the
information as well as the many misinformation propagated between the pages to
entice the readers to select their publications has cemented the facts that talk is
not cheap, but costly at the end of the day. For many would take what they were fed
and openly speak as if its facts, when questioned their only claim is I read it in the
papers, All information passed on to us is to be deemed not correct unless all the
facts are presented.
A knowledge based society is one that transmit true and correct information without
bias or sympathy, it deals with issues with hard facts, using empathy in its
deliberation and calculated measures in presenting the relevant information for the
desired response or reaction of the society. Although it is proven the more
knowledgeable one or a society may be, it is more easily to mislead or fool them, for
they would put their trust on the information given as true based on an assumption