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Texas A&M University
PhD Student, Transportation Engineering

College Station, Texas

Sharif University of Technology (S.U.T.)

M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Emphasis on: Transportation
Bu-Ali Sina University
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

2011- Present

Tehran, Iran

Hamadan, Iran

Professional Experience
Graduate Research Assistant
o Department of Civil Engineering/Texas Transportation Institute
Texas A&M University
SWUTC Candidate Assistantship Program
NCFRP Project: "Integrating MTS Commerce Data With

Station, TX

Multimodal Freight Transportation Performance Measures To Support Mts

Maintenance Investment Decision Making"
Working on National Port Selection For Dredging Operation
Developing Highway Asset Inventory Management With Remote

Project Manager

o Amood Rah Consulting

Supervision of O-D census analysis, Master plan of Transportation of

2009- 2011

some Iranian cities.

Population and employment predicting, Master plan of Transportation of
some Iranian cities.
Travel and delay time function calibration, Master plan of Transportation
of City of Kerman.
Making roads network and data bank of some Iranian cities.
Population data bank processing of some Iranian cities.
Traffic impact study of Mehrshahr Bridge, Traffic improvement studies of
City of Karaj.
Detailed design of LRT, Railroad design of city of Binalood.

Transportation Planning and Traffic Expert

o Rahhaye Talaii Alborz Consulting

Tehran, Iran

Tehran, Iran

2007- 2008
Comparison of pipe transportation with other modes of petroleum
products transportation.
Processing a data bank of petroleum products road transportation.
Improvement of motorcyclist movement in central district of Tehran.
Preparation of winter road maintenance manual.
Study of fine effect in prevention of driving infraction.
Population and employment predicting Models, Master plan of Transportation Planning of
the City of Rasht.

Other experiences

Tehran, Iran

Member of Editorial Board, Proceedings of Symposium Mashhad-Traffic-Future, Police

Command of Razavi Khorasan, Office for Research and Applied Studies, Mashhad, Iran,
July 2008 (in Persian)
Cooperating with research and development institute of Sharif University of technology
in strengthening structures against earthquake, March 2006-Septamber 2006.
Cooperating with Arta Consulting Company in designing structures, June 2000- August
Teaching AutoCAD 2000, Bu-Ali Sina University, Department of Civil Engineering,
Computer Site, fall 2002.
President of First scientific association of civil engineering association of Bu-Ali Sina
University, 1999- 2000.

Projects & Researches

Sound pollution modeling with artificial neural networks for two main highways
of Tehran Methods of coordination and phase management of Azadi street,
Tehran, Iran.
A computer program for Urban street analysis
Calibration of trip demand models for a real problem in Iran
Traffic assignment of a small network using EMME2 software

Publications & Conferences

o Publications
"Modeling Maintenance Project Selection on a Multimodal Transportation",
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board,
"Selection of Dredging Projects for Maximizing Waterway System Performance,"
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board,
vol. 2330, pp. 39-46, 2013

"A Stochastic Simulation Model Developed to Determine Threshold of Railway

Electrification Based on Critical Load Criteria Using Case study at TehranMashhad route", Under review.
"A Prospect Theory Approach to Studying the Car-following Model", Under
"Unscented Particle Filter Method Coped with Cell Transmission Model for
Highway Density Estimation with Loop Detector", Under review.
"Applying Sample Average Approximation Method to a Stochastic Multi-Modal
Marine network Maintenance Problem", Under review.
"Optimal Planning of Energy Efficiency Program with Paid-From-Saving Financing
", Under review.
"Analyzing Traffic Flow Data with an ARIMA Model Based on Wavelet Analysis",
Under review.
o Conferences
"Modeling Maintenance Project Selection On a Multimodal Transportation
Network", Transportation Research Board, 93rd Annual Meeting, 2014.
"Budget Allocation for Dredging Projects Selection to Maximize the Waterway
System Capacity Improvement", Transportation Research Board, 92 nd Annual
Meeting, 2013.

"Passenger Origin-Destination Matrix Estimation Employing the Path-Based

Formulation of Transit Assignment Problem", Transportation Research Board, 89 th
Annual Meeting, 2010.
o Peer Review
I have reviewed several papers for TRB 2013 and 2014.

Membership in Professional Societies

o Officer of Texas A&M ITE Student Chapter
o Iranian Transportation Engineers Society
o Iranian Construction Engineers Organization

Technical Skills
o Operation Research
Linear, Non-linear, Integer, Stochastic

o Statistics
o Data Analysis, Design of Experiments, Time Series Analysis, Data Mining, Linear and
Logistic Regression, Bayesian Estimation

Computer Skills
o Programming

R, SAS, C++, MatLab, TransCAD, Synchro, Vissim, Visum, Corsim, Cplex, ArcMAP,
Python, Visual basic, Access and Excel Macro Programming.