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Cassandra Pofahl

Article Evaluation Summary (MA)

I would say the problem was appropriate for qualitative inquiry

because the study aimed to examine the participants perceptions and
experiences regarding how their cultural values influences adult
learning. The researchers were interested in learning about how the
participants constructed and interpreted their reality. The researchers
made their purpose for the study clear and gave the readers a
comparison between eastern and western cultures to add a greater
amount of depth and context for the reader. Previous studies relevant
to the researchers field of study were cited although, as stated in the
article, there were few studies that looked at adult learning in nonwestern cultures. I would think there is a clear need to examine this
topic because of the lack of information and potential value for both
eastern and western cultures.
The researchers were thorough in their description of the
methodology. The reasons and method of selecting participants made
sense for the area of study. The authors utilized maximum variation
when selecting participants to ensure that their sample varied across
gender, ethnic group, age, education, and work experience. In order to
assess their results, the researchers collected data using the constant
comparative method and looked for common themes to present in

their findings. In order to ensure validity, the study procured multiple

researchers, utilized direct quotes from the participants to justify any
claims, and engaged in the data collection phase over a lengthy period
of time. In addition, the authors choice to utilize maximum variation in
selecting their sample added to the studys external validity. The study
was also reliable because the authors provide detailed descriptions
about how the data was collected, how the categories were derived
and how decisions were made throughout the collection process.
The authors provide a detailed description of the participants
background, particularly when the participants are quoted directly in
their findings. The findings were presented in a clear, coherent manner
and the division of the findings into themes made it easy to follow the
authors chain of thought. In addition, the materials collected by the
researchers were all very relevant to the topic at hand and helped to
explain how cultural values shaped adult learning across the ethnic
groups examined.
The discussion references past studies to amplify the importance
of the information the researchers collected. The authors also gave
thought to the future of research on this specific topic. They discuss
the changes that could be seen in the next generation of elders
because of factors, including life expectancy, which could shift values
regarding education and career paths. This cultural shift through the
generations leaves an area open for future research.