First Edition

Zeeya A. Pashtoon

First Edition

Zeeya A. Pashtoon


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This Pashto-English Dictionary, First Edition is intended for professional Pashto-to-English translators of modern Pashto
written materials. It contains approximately 55,000 entries arranged alphabetically according to the Pashto alphabet.
The main sources for this dictionary are:

Afgansko-russkii slovar (Pashto-Russian Dictionary, M. G. Aslanov, Martiros, N. A. Dvoriankov, Moscow, 1966, 994
Pashto-English Dictionary (M.H. Rahimi, Academy of Science of Afghanistan, Kabul, 1979, 591 pages)
Pashto-Pashto Descriptive Dictionary (Institute of Languages and Literature, Academy of Science of Afghanistan,
Kabul, 2005, Vol. 1-4);
Daryab Dictionary (Qalandar Momand, Peshawar, 1994, 1,325 pages)
Qamosona Pashto Dictionaries (

The second edition of this dictionary is well underway. This new edition will be corpus-based and will include new
headwords, new definitions, and new examples.
As always, the Publisher welcomes any comments, suggestions, corrections, and additions to the dictionary.

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Azizeh Babba and Mustafa Ajan Sayd for assistance in keyboarding the Pashto script; and especially to Naseer Honar
Pashtoon for lending his expertise on both the Pashto language and Pashto lexicography.
Zeeya A. Pashtoon
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Sample Entry
Sense number




achavə́l 1 transitive [past: ‫ ]وايي چاوه‬.1 throw, fling,
hurl, drop (from a height); throw out, cast ‫ پر مځکه اچول‬to throw
on the ground ‫ بمونه اچول‬to drop bombs 1.2 to bring, knock
down ‫ الوتکه پر مځکه را اچول‬to bring an aircraft down 1.3
throw on, throw over, put on ‫ بړ ستن پر ځان اچول‬to cover with a
blanket 1.4 to spread 1.5 to put, place, put together ‫بار پر اوښ‬
‫ اچول‬to lead a pack on a camel 1.6 to lay (eggs) 1.7 to strew,
pour (in, into) ‫ مالگه اچول‬to sprinkle salt, salt ‫ دانه اچول‬a to
strew seed, sprinkle grain b to sow 1.8 to pour, pour out ‫يوه‬
‫ پياله چای راواچوه‬pour me a cup of tea ‫ پټرول اچول‬to refuel 1.9 to
give, feed (animals) 1.10 to fertilize, fertilize the soil 1.11
pass, give ‫ ډوډۍ راواچوه‬pass me the bread 1.12 to register
(mail) 1.13 to lower, let down, launch ‫ جهاز اوبو ته ور اچول‬to
launch a boat ‫ سر يې کښته واچاوه‬He hung his head. 1.14 to
establish, set up (e.g., communications with someone) 1.15 to
build 1.16 to bind, fasten (to) 1.17 to place, put, settle, lodge;
assign a billet, quarter 1.18 to assign work, put to work 1.19
to send (to school) 1.20 to hand in (an application); institute (a
suit) ‫ پر چا عرض اچول‬to bring a suit against someone 1.21 to
entrust ‫ مسئوليت پر چا اچول‬to make someone responsible for
something 1.22 to set aside, adjourn; drag out (an affair) ! ‫سبا‬
‫ ته يې واچوه‬Put it off until tomorrow! 1.23 to draw up (e.g., a
plan); sketch in, make a rough sketch or outline ‫ نقشه اچول‬to
draw up a plan ‫ د چا پر ضد يوه نقشه اچول‬to plot something
against someone 1.24 to make oneself out to be someone;
pretend to be someone else; claim something as one's own
property ‫ غوږونه يې کاڼه واچول‬He pretended to be deaf. 1.25 to
start, set going; put into service, put into operation; utilize ‫لښکر‬
‫ په جنگ کښي اچول‬to commit troops to battle 1.26 instill (in);
install (in), establish ‫ د وطن محبت په زړو کښي اچول‬to inculcate
love for the motherland 1.27 to make, produce, effect ‫اور اچول‬
to set on fire ‫ سلام اچول‬to greet ‫ ځان اچول‬a to throw oneself,
rush b to make oneself out to be someone else, imitate someone
else, pretend to be someone else ‫ ځان مړ اچول‬to pretend to be
dead ‫ ځان پر ناجوړۍ اچول‬to feign illness, malinger c to expose
oneself to something, subject oneself to something ‫د چا سره‬
‫ انډيوالی اچول‬to be on friendly terms, establish friendship with
someone 2 m. plural  ‫ اچاوه‬1 1 idiom ‫ يو بل سره اچول‬to
‫ اچول‬2 uchavə́l transitive dialect  ‫وچول‬


Alternate form


Pronounciation Guide

‫ ا‬،ٓ ‫ا‬

























Abbreviations and Labels



official abbreviation









action noun

demonstrative pronoun



adjectival suffix



parenthetic word



indefinite pronoun




independent perfective




indirect plural


adverbial prefix


indirect singular


adverbial suffix



past participle

adversative conjunction

directional pronoun

intensive particle

past perfective


disjunctive conjunction


past stem

affirmative particle



past tense stem






dual number






personal name




perspective aspect


electrical engineering

library science


















auxiliary verb




auxiliary word










masculine plural



feminine plural




feminine singular












first person



children's speech

first person past




first person plural




first person present

negative particle

prefixal verb

combined with

folk saying

no plural form


combining form


noun of agent


comparative degree


noun suffix

present participle


future perfect



compound verb



productive verb







oblique plural

proper name



oblique singular


contrastive conjunction




conventional formula






sometimes plural




sometimes singular

third person plural


second person


third person singular


second plural




second singular



with numbers

secondary plural

superlative degree

word paired to

separable part of present

swear word

used as the first element in

separable part of verb

tautological with

short plural




used with
verb copula



Pashto-English Dictionary

figurative a to build one's house b to achieve prosperity;



prosper 1.6 to create (e.g., favorable conditions) 2 m. plural


ābādavə́na f. ‫ ابادونه‬abādavə́na f. 1 population 2 tilling,
cultivation (land) 3 building, construction 4 prosperity; well

alíf 1 the first letter of the Pashto alphabet 2 the number 1 in

the abjad system 3 performs the following functions: 3.1 the
accented suffix of nouns derived from verbs, e.g., ‫ خوځېدا‬motion


‫ گډېدا‬dance, dancing 3.2 linking element in complex words.
e.g., ‫ کورا کور‬from house to house ‫ مخامخ‬face to face 3.3
indicates the vocative, e.g., !‫ احمدا‬oh, Ahmed! 3.4 in verbs

‫ ا ٓبادي‬ābādí f. ‫ ابادي‬abādí f. 1 populated place, domicile 2 
‫ ا ٓبادېدل‬ābādedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ا ٓباد شو‬1 to be

beginning with the phoneme "a" a separate part of the verb, in

populated, be settled 2 to be tilled, be cultivated, have been

laconic sentences in the perfective aspect, e.g., ‫ اخيستل‬،‫اچول‬, etc.

‫ وامي خيست‬،‫کتاب دي واخيست؟ هو‬

tilled (of land) 3 to be built, be restored 4 to prosper, succeed


ābādedə́na f. ‫ ا ٓبادېدنه‬abādedə́na f. 1 population 2
cultivation, tilling (land)

Did you take the book? / Yes, I






u o Eastern replaces the perfective aspect prefix, e.g., ‫ده اويل‬

instead of ‫ ده وويل‬he said

ā vocative particle oh, listen

come here!




!‫ دلته ر اشه‬،‫ا ٓ هلکه‬

‫ اباسيند‬abāsind m. Ind (river)
‫ اباگنۍ‬abāganəj f. relatives, kinsmen (on the father's side), agnates
(any paternal kinsmen)

Hey, boy,

‫ ا ٓب انبار‬ābāmbā́ r m. reservoir, pool
‫ ا ٓبا واجداد‬ābā-va-adzhdā́ d m. ābā-u-adzhdā́ d

Papa! Father! 2 interjection ah, aha

ā interjection, demonstrative pronoun colloquial 

‫ هغه‬1

… ‫ يوه سړي آبل ته وويل چه‬one told the other that …
‫ ا‬official abbreviation ‫اخلاصمند‬
ً‫ ا‬an án Arabic adverbial prefix e.g., ً‫ ابدا‬eternally ً‫ رسما‬officially
‫ آب‬1 āb m. āv singular & plural 1 water, moisture 2 brilliance,
luster (of a precious stone) 3 honor, dignity, reputation ‫ا ٓب‬
‫ بې آبه کول‬،‫ تويول‬to disgrace, dishonor (someone) ‫ بې‬،‫ا ٓب تو يېدل‬
‫ آبه کېدل‬to be disgraced, be dishonored ‫ خپل آب ساتل‬to preserve
one's honor ‫ هغه د ا ٓب سړی دئ‬He is a respected man.
‫ اب‬2 ab m. [plural: ‫ ]ا ٓبا‬Arabic father
‫ ابا‬1 abā́ m. Arabic father ‫ ابا کول‬to regard as father; call

ibā́ f. Arabic refusal


‫ ابا راوړل‬، ‫ابا کول‬

ً‫ اباً وجدا‬abán-va-dzháddán Arabic from generation to generation
‫ آب ايستاده‬āb-i-istādá f. Ab-i-Istada (lake, near the city of Gazni)
‫ ابائي‬abāi 1 ancestral 2 native ‫ ابائي هيواد‬native land
‫ ا ٓبباز‬ābbā́ z m. ‫ آب باز‬āvbā́ z 1 swimmer 2 sailor
‫ ا ٓببازي‬ābbāzí f. ‫ ا ٓب بازي‬āvbāzí 1 swimming 2 aquatic sport
‫ ا ٓبپاش‬ābpā́ sh f. 1 pouring; watering ‫ ا ٓبپاش موټر‬watering machine
2 watering can

‫ ا ٓب پاشي‬ābpāshí f. ‫ ا ٓبپاشي‬watering, irrigation
‫ آبتاب‬ābtā́ b m.  ‫آب وتاب‬
‫ ا ٓبتابه‬ābtābá f.  ‫ا ٓفتابه‬
‫ ابتدا‬ibtidā́ Arabic 1 f. beginning, undertaking ‫په لمړۍ ابتدا کښي‬
in the very beginning ‫ له ابتدا نه‬from the very beginning ‫په ابتدا‬
‫ ساکن‬linguistics cluster of consonants at the beginning of a
word ‫ ابتدا کول‬to begin 2.1 firstly 2.2 for the first time
‫ ابتدائي‬ibtidāí Arabic adjective 1.1 elementary; first-stage; firstechelon, primary ‫ ابتدائي مکتب‬elementary school ‫ابتدائي تشکيل‬

to refuse, decline,

‫ ابا‬3 ābā́ m. Arabic plural of ‫ اب‬2
‫ آبات‬ābā́ t  ‫آباد‬
‫ اباتوب‬abātób m. fatherhood
‫ آباتي‬ābātí f. ‫ اباتي‬abātí f.  ‫آبادي‬
‫ آباد‬ābā́ d ‫ اباد‬abā́ d 1 populated, settled, inhabited ‫دغه ملک په‬
‫ پښتنو باندي آباد دئ‬This district was settled by Afghans. 2 tilled,
cultivated ‫ ابادي ځمکي‬cultivated lands 3 flourishing ‫ا ٓباد دي وي‬
!‫ زمونږ وطن‬Long live our Native Land! 4 restored 5 well-

primary organization 2 rudimentary, primitive, weak (e.g., of a
chief 4 chemistry elemental


nourished, fat (of animals)

abtár avtár adjective 1 destroyed; spoiled 2 useless;

unnecessary; good-for-nothing

‫ آبترازو‬abtarāzú m. technology level
‫ ابترول‬abtaravə́l denominative, transitive

services and amenities; construction


ābādavə́l ‫ ابادول‬abādavə́l 1 [past: ‫ ]ا ٓباد يې کړ‬denominative,
transitive .1 to populate, settle 1.2 to till, cultivate (the land);

[past: ‫کړ‬

‫]ابتر يې‬

1 to

destroy, pull down 2 to spoil, make worse 3 to make useless,
make unnecessary


revitalize (e.g., the desert) 1.3 to restore 1.4 to provide with

‫تعمير آبادول‬

ibtizā́ l m. Arabic 1 carelessness; negligence 2 meanness,



settlers 2 prosperity; well being 3 organization of public

abtarí f. 1 destruction, disintegration 2 spoiling,

worsening, uselessness idiom

to build a building 1.5 to

promote development, promote prosperity

‫ ابتدائي مدير‬assistant department
‫ ابتدائي مواد‬raw material

play) 3 administration junior

‫ آبادان‬ābādā́ n ‫ ابادان‬abādā́ n 1  ‫ آباد‬2 m. plural Abadan (city)
‫ آباداني‬ābādāní f. ‫ اباداني‬abādāní f. 1 population, number of

the amenities; construct

Arabic plural

fathers and grandfathers, ancestors

(honorifically) father



‫خپل کور ا ٓبادول‬


‫پرېشاني او ابتري پيدا کول‬

to cause

Pashto-English Dictionary


abtaredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ابتر شو‬1 to be
destroyed, be pulled down 2 to be spoiled, be worsened 3 to


be useless, be unnecessary

‫ ابدال‬2 ibdā́ l m.
‫ ابدالول‬ibdālavə́l


ibtikā́ r m. Arabic 1 initiative, undertaking ‫ابتکار يې خپل کړ‬
ibtikārí creative, full of initiative idiom ‫ ابتکاري انشا‬a


ubtála f. 

‫ابته کول‬




according to the numberical values assigned to the letters, socalled from the first 4 letters ‫ د‬,‫ ج‬,‫ ب‬,‫ ا‬i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4)

‫د ابجد‬

alphabetic calculation, use of Arabic alphabet for


abdzhadí pertaining to the abjad (i.e., the Arabic alphabet

arranged according to the numberical values assigned to the

letters) ‫ ابجدي حروف‬the letters of the abjad
‫ ا ٓبجو‬ābidzháu m. plural beer
‫ ابجوشه‬abdzhúsha f. [plural: ‫ ابجوشي‬abdzhúshi]

often plural

urgently, demand

‫ ابراهيم‬ibrāhím m. Arabic proper name Ibrahim, Abraham
‫ ابراهيم خېل‬ibrāhimkhél m. birrimkhél plural 1 Ibrahimkheli

ābchakán moire, having an undulating appearance or

‫آبچکن بخمل‬

velvet moire

abhā́ s m. Arabic plural of

disputes, heated debates

abrā́ r m. Arabic plural [singular: ‫ ]بر‬devout people, just

‫ ابراز‬ibrā́ z m. Arabic 1 discovery, revelation 2 demonstration
‫ ابراز کول‬compound verb a to discover, reveal b to demonstrate
‫ ابرام‬ibrā́ m m. Arabic urgent request ‫ ابرام کول‬to request

"sabza" (a variety of currant having pale fruit- usually dried)

(subdivision of a tribe) a of the Waziri-Utmanzaj b of the

‫تاوده ابحاث بحث‬

Gil'zaj-Sulimankhejlej c of the Zamusht 2 Ibrakhimkhejl



‫ ابحار‬abhā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫بحر‬
‫ ا ٓبخانه‬ābkhāná f. reservoir
‫ ابخوره‬ābkhúra f. watering; a watering place
‫ آبخوري‬ābkhurí f. āvkhurí mug (for water), flask, water bottle
‫ ابد‬abád m. Arabic plural eternity ‫ ترابده‬constantly, eternally,

‫آب رساني‬

‫ا ٓبرو‬



‫ا ٓبرو‬


‫ابداً خبر نه دئ‬

ābráv m.

‫آب رو‬

‫سپين ابرک‬

āvráv aqueduct



‫د مستعملو اوبو ا ٓبرو‬

‫ا ٓبرو تويول ا ٓبرو پر مځکه تويول‬

‫ ابرو‬3 abrú m. [plural: ‫ ابران‬abruā́ n] eyebrow
‫ ا ٓبرومن‬ābrumán ‫ ا ٓبرومند‬ābrumánd 1 honorable

1.2 juicy (of fruits)

‫ا ٓبرو ورکول‬

to shame,

2 deserving,

respected, estimable

1.3 sparkling, shining (of pure water, precious stones) 1.4

‫ا ٓبرومندانه‬

(steel) 2 m. .1 butler 2.2 major-domo 2.3 person who

ābrumandāná 1 deserving, estimable

‫په ا ٓبرومندانه صورت‬

in a deserving fashion or manner 2 in a worthy fashion or

affects irrigation
ābdāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
glorify; esteem, honor, revere

‫د ا ٓبرسانۍ موتړ‬

ābrú m. ābró f. plural honor, dignity, reputation

to do honor, respect

worthy, respected, glorious, honorable 1.5 tempered, hardened


‫]آبدار يې‬



abrá 1 right side (i.e., of clothing) 2 small shawl (worn at

the waist) 3 sash, girdle 4 kashmir shawl 5 paper with a

‫ آبداري‬ābdārí f. 1 glory, honor, dignity f. 2 hardening (steel)
‫ ا ٓبدارېدل‬ābdāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ا ٓبدار شو‬to be

design (for wrapping or bookbinding)

‫ ابره‬2 ibrá f. harvest; picking (e.g., fruit)
‫ ابرا‬3 ibrá f. Arabic 1 needle 2 pointer
‫ ابره ور‬ibravár pertaining to harvest or crops; fertile

glorified, be esteemed, be honored, be revered


abrák m. singular & plural mica



water supply

irrigation ditch

He hasn't a clue. He doesn't know

‫ ا ٓبدات‬ābidā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫ا ٓبد‬
‫ آبدار‬ābdā́ r āvdā́ r 1.1 watery, humid, damp

‫ا ٓبرساني‬

white mica

abádán Arabic 1 constantly, eternally, forever, for good 2

quite, entirely

ābrasāní f.

tank truck


forever, for good

at all.


men, saints

"abjush" a variety of large, light-colored currant, the light


‫ابدي حبس‬

liberate (e.g., from a debt) b to forgive (e.g., a debt)



abadí Arabic 1 eternal, endless 2 life-long

‫ ابديت‬abadiját m. Arabic plural eternity
‫ ابر‬abr m. cloud, storm cloud
‫ ابر ٔا‬ibrā́ f. Arabic 1 liberation (e.g., from an obligation) 2
forgiveness (e.g., of a debt) ‫ ابر ٔا کول‬compound verb a to

abdzhád m. Arabic abjad (i.e., the Arabic alphabet arranged


abdālí m. avdālí plural history the Abdali (tribe, now


a render useless, futile b ruin, spoil

ibtihā́ dzh m. Arabic 1 gaiety 2 pleasure 3 rejoicing,


‫]ابدال يې‬

‫ آبدان‬ābdā́ n m. āvdā́ n tank, reservoir (for water)
‫ ا ٓبده‬ābidá f. Arabic m. [plural: ‫ ا ٓبدات‬ābidā́ t] sacred and holy



denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬

called the Dur(r)ani)

invariable 1 unavailing, futile, unsucessful 2 perished,




Arabic change, alteration

change, alter

impromptu b unique pronunciation

‫ ابتل‬ubtál
‫ ابته‬abatá

abdā́ l m. avdā́ l Arabic 1 saint; hermit, anchorite (solitary

holy man) 2 proper name Abdal

He/they displayed initiative. 2 invention



ibdā́ ' f. Arabic discovery, invention

Pashto-English Dictionary



abrí cloudy



‫ابري کاغذ‬


abə́ledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ابل شو‬1 to be
bared, be exposed 2 to have someone's shoes removed

paper with design (for wrapping or


‫ آبرېز‬ābréz āvréz lavatory, latrine
‫ ابرېښم‬abrekhə́m m. plural  ‫ورېښم‬
‫ ابړۍ‬ubṛə́j f.  ‫اوبړۍ‬
‫ آبس‬ā-bás Well, that's it!; That's all!
‫ ابس ډنډي‬abasḍanḍáj  ‫اپس ډنډۍ‬
‫ آبشار‬ābshā́ r m. waterfall
‫ آبشناس‬ābshinā́ s m. pilot (maritime)
‫ ابطال‬1 ibtā́ l m. Arabic 1 destruction 2 rejection medicine
idiom ‫ د حس ابطال‬anaesthesia
‫ ابطال‬2 abtā́ l m. Arabic plural ‫ ابطال‬abtā́ l m. from Arabic ‫بطل‬
‫ ابعاد‬ab'ā́ d m. Arabic plural [singular: ‫ ]بعد‬1 distances 2 math

‫ ابليس‬iblís m. Arabic devil, satan
‫ آبمند‬ābmánd honorable, worthy, respected
‫ ابن‬ibn m. [plural: ‫ ابنا‬abnā́ ] Arabic son (in proper names)
‫ ا ٓبنا‬ābná f. ‫ ا ٓبناي‬ābnāj m. strait, sound ‫ د دردنېل ا ٓبنا‬Dardanelles
‫ ابن سينا‬ibn-i-sinā́ m. ibna-Sina, Avicenna (Arab physician and
philospher, 980-1037)

‫ ابنوس‬ābnū́ s m. Arabic singular & plural black wood, ebony
‫ ا ٓبنوسي‬ābnusí adjective of black wood, of ebony
‫ ابڼه‬ubə́ṇa f.  ‫اوبڼه‬
‫ ابو‬1 abú m. father (in proper names) ‫ ابوبکر‬Abubekr
‫ ابو‬2 ubó Western oblique plural of ‫اوبه‬
‫ ابواب‬abvā́ b m. Arabic plural of ‫ باب‬1
‫ ابو الهول‬abulhául m. Arabic sphinx
‫ ابوت‬ubuvvát m. Arabic 1 fatherhood 2 patriarchy
‫ آب وتاب‬ābutāb m. ‫ ا ٓبوتاب‬1 brilliance, splendor 2 dignity ‫په ا ٓب‬
‫ وتاب ويل‬to speak importantly, speak with dignity, speak

dimensions, measurements

‫ ابک‬abə́k m. affectionate Papa ‫ ابکه‬Oh Papa!
‫ آبکند‬ābkánd m. ravine
‫ آب کوثر‬āb-i-kavsár m. religion 1 water of the heavenly river
Kavsar 2 nectar 3 proper name the Kavsar River (in NW


‫ آبگوټ‬ābgóṭ m.  ‫اگبوټ‬
‫ آبگوشت‬ābgúsht m. āvgúsht bouillon
‫ ابل‬abə́l 1 naked 2 barefoot ‫( ابلې پښې‬to go, be) barefoot ‫پښې‬
‫ ابلې‬Eastern (to go, be) barefoot
‫ ابلاغ‬iblā́ gh m. Arabic notification, report, information
‫ ابلاغول‬iblāgavə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]ابلاغ شو‬to notify, report,

‫ ابو ځاله‬ubudzā́ la f. sponge
‫ ا ٓب ودانه‬āb-u-dāná f. 1 subsistence, food

‫ ابوس‬obús m. howitzer
‫ ابوسي‬obusí adjective howitzer
‫ آب وهوا‬āb-u-havā́ f. climate
‫ ابويت‬abaviját 1 fatherhood 2 position or role of an ancestor or


ibladadə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ابلاغ شو‬to be
communicated, be informed


‫ ابه‬1

iblāgijná f. Arabic 1 (official) communication,


‫حربي ابلاغيه‬

‫ ابلتوب‬abltób m. nudity, nakedness
‫ ابلق‬abláḳ ‫ ابلک‬ablák Arabic 1 motley, parti-colored 2 piebald
3 figurative two-faced, hypocritical ‫ ابلق سړی دئ‬He is a

2 youthful

‫ابلوڅ هلک‬

‫ ابله‬abə́la f. plural of ‫ابل‬
‫ ابله‬2 abláh Arabic stupid, bad
‫ ابلهانه‬ablahāná 1 stupid, foolish ‫ابلهانه کلمې‬

‫]ابل يې کړ‬

female worker

‫ا ٓبيا‬

ābijā́ f. pace


1 to

‫ا ٓبيا وهل‬

to pace (i.e., special gait used in

‫ ابيات‬abjā́ t m. Arabic plural  ‫ بيت‬1
‫ ا ٓبياري‬ābjārí f. watering, irrigation ‫ ا ٓبياري کول‬to water, irrigate
‫ ا ٓبيانه‬ābjāná f. collection or accumulation of water
‫ ابيجان‬abidzhā́ n m. Abidzhan (city)
‫ ابير‬abír m. singular & plural ambergris, fragrance, perfume
‫ ابيض‬abjáz Arabic combining form white ‫ ابيضه بحيره‬White Sea


stupid words,

foolish words 2 stupidly, foolishly

‫ا ٓبله کوبي‬

to get by, live in poverty, live from hand to

to an elderly woman) 3 (child's) nurse, nanny 4 servant,

attain adulthood, reach maturity

abə́lavə́l denominative, transitive ‫[ ابلول‬past:
bare, expose 2 to take off someone's shoes

‫ابه په دبه وهل‬

mommy (affectionate form of address) 2 mom (form of address

‫ ابلوڅه‬ablústa 1 feminine singular of ‫ ابلوڅ‬2 f. girl
‫ ابلوڅېدل‬ablutsedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]ابلوڅ شو‬


‫ ابه‬2 abá m. abbot
‫ ابهام‬ibhām m. Arabic 1 doubt 2 vagueness, uncertainty,
confusion ‫ ابهام رفع کول‬to eliminate doubt, introduce clarity
‫ ا ٓبي‬1 ābí ‫ ابي‬abí 1 moist, humid 2 pertaining to watering,
irrigation 3 sky blue ‫ ا ٓبي سترگي‬sky-blue eyes 4 water ‫ا ٓبي لاري‬
water routes ‫ ا ٓبي قوه‬hydraulic power
‫ ابۍ‬2 abə́j f. [plural:‫ ابۍ‬abə́j ‫ ابۍ گاني‬abə́jgā́ ni] 1 mama,


teenager, lad, youth

abavájn m. Arabic dual parents, father and mother


situation report, SITREP (re military

‫ ابلن‬ublə́n  ‫اوبلن‬
‫ ابلوڅ‬ablúts 1 adult, of full legal age

2 that which is

necessary to exist



ablahí f. Arabic foolishness, nonsense, folly

ablakubí f. inoculation, vaccination

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ ابيضه بحيره‬abjáza buhajrá the White Sea
‫ ابيه ور‬abjavár ‫ ابيور‬dialect fast, swift (horses, etc.)
‫ ابيه وري‬abjavarí f.  ‫آبيا‬
‫ اپ‬ap ‫ په اپ او دوپ برابرول‬a to scrape together, accumulate,

‫ اپي ناين‬apinā́ jn m. ‫ اپي نين‬apinájn the Appenine peninsula ‫د اپي‬
‫ ناين غرونه‬the Appenines
‫ ات‬ā́ t Arabic plural suffix 1 usually used with Arabic nouns, and
rarely for nouns borrowed from other languages, e.g., ‫احتياجات‬
necessities ‫ خواهشات‬wishes 2 forms the second plural of
Arabic nouns, e.g., ‫ اخبارات‬newspapers
‫ اتازونوي‬ēhtāzunaví atāzunaví pertaining to the United States of

acquire with difficulty b to steal (something)


apārtmā́ n m. 1 multiple dwelling house (of the European

type) 2 apartment

‫ آپت‬āpát m.  ‫ آپت و! ؛ آفت‬That's bad!
‫ اپته‬apatá  ‫ابته‬
‫ اپرن‬aprán m. apron
‫ اپره‬uprá 1 adjective foreign 2 m. singular & plural

America; belonging to the USA; American


USA ‫ د اتازوني ولايتونه‬the United States of America, the USA
‫ آتاشې‬ātāshé m. ‫[ ا ٓتاشه‬plural: ‫ اتاشه گان‬ātāshegā́ n] attaché ‫ميلټري‬
‫ ا ٓتاشې‬military attache ‫ نظامي ا ٓتاشې‬military attache
‫ اتام‬atā́ m m. 1  ‫ طعام‬2 crumbs (of bread)
‫ اتبار‬1 itbā́ r m. regional Sunday
‫ اتبار‬2 ittibā́ r m. colloquial  ‫اعتبار‬
‫ اتباري‬ittibārí colloquial  ‫ هغه ډېر اتباري و ؛ اعتباري‬I believed



‫ اپريت‬iprít m. plural yperite, mustard gas
‫ اپريدي‬apridí m. singular of ‫افريدي‬
‫ اپرېشن‬apréshán m. operation (surgical)
‫ اپريل‬apríl m. April
‫ آپرين‬āprín  ‫آفرين‬
‫ اپس ډنډۍ‬apasḍanḍə́j to play "tip cat" (a game in which a pointed


‫ اتباع‬1 atbā́ 1 masculine plural of ‫ تبع‬2 subjects, nationals ‫خارجي‬
‫ اتباع‬foreign subjects, foreign nationals
‫ اتباع‬2 ittibā́ f. Arabic 1 obedience 2 following, shadowing

stick of wood is made to spring up from the ground by being
struck on the tip with a stick, and is then batted as far as

someone 3 observation, maintenance (of principles)

‫ اپسوس‬apsós m.  ‫افسوس‬
‫ اپل‬apə́l  ‫ ابل اپلي پښې‬adverb barefoot
‫ اپلات‬aplā́ t empty, nonsensical ‫ اپلاتي ويل‬to babble, talk nonsense,



aplātə́nd babbling, talking nonsense, talking rot
babbler, windbag



‫اپلاتند سړی‬

ittihā́ d m. Arabic 1 unity 2 union


‫د شوروي سوسياليستي جماهيرو اتحاد‬

‫شوروي اتحاد‬


Union of Soviet

Socialist Republics, the USSR 3 union, bloc alliance

‫ اپلاس‬iplā́ s m.  ‫افلاس‬
‫ اپلت‬aplát  ‫اپلات‬
‫ اپلتند‬aplatə́nd  ‫اپلاتند‬
‫ اپليت‬aplít m. babbler, windbag
‫ اپن‬apín m. plural opium
‫ اپنائن‬apinā́ jn m.  ‫اپي ناين‬
‫ آپنديسيت‬āpandisít m. medicine appendicitis
‫ آپنديکس‬āpandíks m. anatomy appendix
‫ اپوټه‬apuṭá 1 turned over, unscrewed 2 oppressed, despotized,


‫ اتحاد‬defense alliance
‫ اتحاد اسلام‬ittihād-i-islā́ m m. Pan-Islamism
‫ اتحاد نامه‬ittihādnāmá f. allied treaty
‫ اتحادي‬ittihādí 1 union ‫ اتحادي جمهور‬union republic, federal
republic 2 federal


ittihādijá f. Arabic 1 unified body, union

‫د کارگرانو اتحاديه‬

‫ د ټولي شوروي اتحاديې د تجارت اطاق‬All-Union
‫ د شوروي ليکوالو اتحاديه‬Union of Soviet
Writers ‫ د مللو اتحاديه‬history League of Nations 2 alliance,
bloc ‫ نظامي اتحاديه‬military alliance
‫ اتخاذ‬ittikhā́ z m. Arabic 1 collection 2 reception, acceptance,
taking ‫ اتخاذ کول‬compound verb a to collect b to receive,
accept, take ‫ خپل تصميمات يې اتخاذ کړي دي‬He decided.
‫ اتر‬atár knowing, witting, informed ‫ په دې کار خبر او اتر نه يم‬I know
trade union

Chamber of Commerce


‫ اپول‬apavə́l transitive  ‫هپول‬
‫ اپه‬apá f. endeavor, striving
‫ اپي‬apí [plural: ‫ اپيان‬apiján] 1 viper, adder 2 snake
‫ اپيز‬apíz m. colloquial  ‫حافظ‬
‫ اپيل‬apíl m. regional law 1 appeal ‫ اپيل کول‬to appeal

ittidzhā́ h f. Arabic [plural: ‫ اتجاهات‬ittidzhāhā́ t] 1 direction,

course (of a ship, aircraft) 2 inclination, bent, aspiration 3

talk rot

nothing of this matter. I am not informed about it.

2 request


for a new hearing


apelə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اپېلل‬swallow, gulp down,

‫ اپيم‬apím m. plural opium
‫ اپيم چي‬apimchí m. ‫ اپيمي‬apimí
‫ اپين‬apín m. plural opium

ēhtāzuní atāzuní m. & f. the United States of America, the

‫ اتراق‬utrā́ ḳ m. stand, mooring, parking, halt, rest‫ اتراغ کېدل‬to be halted, be parked, be moored; have a rest-

utrā́ gh m.


stop, arrange a halt

‫ اترنگ‬atráng m. singular & plural botany henna, alkanna
‫ اترول‬ataravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اتر يې کړ‬to inform,

m. opium smoker



atára f. trunk, body, torso

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اتري‬atə́ri doublet ‫خبري‬
‫ اترېدل‬ataredə́l denominative, intransitive
informed, be notified


based (upon), be founded (upon) b to rely, depend, set hope
[past: ‫ ]اتر شو‬to be

upon (someone, something)


strong point

otrísh m. Austria

ātásh m. ātísh 1 fire 2 gunfire

line of fire

‫د آتش قوه‬

‫آني آتش‬


‫د ا ٓتش خط‬

ātashafshā́ n


firepower 3 used as the first element in

‫ا ٓتش انداز‬

‫ اتلاف‬itlā́ f m. Arabic  ‫تلف‬
‫ اتلانتيک‬atlāntík adjective Atlantic
‫ اتل تون‬ataltún m. ‫ اتلتون‬operational department (Soviet strategic,

ātashandā́ z 1 adjective flame-

‫ آتش باري‬ātashbārí f. artillery fire
‫ آتش بازي‬ātashbāzí f. fireworks
‫ آتش پرست‬ātashparást m. fire worshipper
‫ آتش پرستي‬ātashparastí f. fire worship
‫ آتش خانه‬ātashkhāná f. 1 focus, pocket, center (e.g., infection)

tactical term)

‫ اتلس‬1 atlás m. 1 satin (cloth) 2 proper name Atlas
‫ اتلس‬2 atə́las numeral  ‫اته لس‬
‫ اتلس‬3 atlás  ‫ اطلس‬1
‫ اتلس‬4 átlas m. atlas (e.g., geographic reference)
‫ اتلسم‬atə́lasə́m ordinal  ‫اته لسم‬
‫ اتلسه‬atlása f. proper name Atlasa
‫ اتل لېږد‬atalégḍ m. military transfer, redeployment of troops
‫ اتل وال‬atalvāl m. military Chief of Operations Department
‫ اتلواله‬atalvā́ la f. talent, (personal) gift
‫ اتم‬at‫؍‬ə́m ordinal eighth
‫ اتمام‬itmā́ m m. Arabic completion, conclusion
‫ اتمانځي‬1 utmāndzí m. plural  ‫ اتمانزي‬1 2 utmānzáj m. 
‫ اتمان خېل‬utmānkhél 1 m. plural the Utmankhejli 1a a tribe 1b


shelf; lock, block, bolt (of a rifle, etc.); fuse, primer, detonator

‫ آتش دار‬ātashdā́ r 1 incendiary 2 pertaining to firearms ‫ا ٓتش داره‬
‫ وسله‬weapon (firearm)
‫ آتش فشان‬ātashfishā́ n 1 pyrogenetic, volcanic ‫آتش فشان غر‬
volcano 2 m. flamethrower

‫ آتش فشاني‬ātashfishāní f. volcanic eruption
‫ آتشک‬ātashák m. 1 agriculture anthracnose (plant disease) ‫د تاکو‬
‫ ا ٓتشک‬vineyard anthracnose 2 syphilis
‫ آتش گير‬ātashgír m. tinder, wick
‫ ا ٓتشې‬1 atashé m. ‫ آتشه‬ ‫ا ٓتاشه‬
‫ ا ٓتشي‬2 ātashí 1 adjective fire, pertaining to gunfire ‫آتشي پرده‬

a subdivsion of the Orakzai tribe 2 Utmankhejl (person)


curtain of fire 2 accumulated, amassed 3 bright 4 figurative
given to anger, quick to anger idiom

‫آتشي ښيښه‬

the Utmanzai

‫ اتمبار‬atambā́ r m.  ‫اټمبار‬
‫ اتموسفېر‬atmosfér m. atmosphere
‫ ا ٓتن‬ātén m. Athens (city)
‫ اتنا‬ēhtna f. Etna
‫ اتنوگرافي‬ēhtnogrāfí f. ethnography
‫ اننه‬utə́na f. doublet ‫پوښتنه‬
‫ اتنيم‬atəním vice ‫ اته نيم پر اتنيمي بجې‬at eight-thirty
‫ اتڼ‬atáṇ m. 1 the Atan (national dance) 2 dance ‫ اتڼ‬،‫اتڼ وهل‬
‫ اتڼ اچول‬،‫ کول‬a to dance b to whirl in the air (of birds)
‫ اتڼ وال‬ataṇvál m. one who dances the Atan; dancer
‫ اتڼي‬ataṇí adjective dancing ‫ اتڼي ځوان‬dancer
‫ اتو‬1 utú m. flatiron ‫ د اتو ماشين‬flatiron ‫ اتو کول‬compound verb

associate oneself with someone 3 continuity

‫ اتصالي‬ittisālí Arabic joining, connecting
‫ اتفاق‬ittifā́ k m. Arabic 1 contiguity, coincidence 2 consent,
agreement ‫ د چا سره اتفاق کول‬to come to an understanding, come
to an agreement with someone … ‫ټول د دې مسئلې اتفاق لري چه‬
all are in agreement with the fact that … …‫په دې اتفاق راغئ چه‬
they have agreed that … 3 unanimity ‫ د ا ٓراو اتفاق‬consensus ‫په‬
‫ اتفاق سره‬a in concord, with mutual, common consent b
unanimously 4 case, event, occurrence 5 good luck, success

ittifā́ kán Arabic 1 unanimously, by consensus 2 by chance,

to iron, press

‫ اتو‬2 ató m. proper name Ato
‫ اتو‬3 ató oblique of ‫ اته‬2
‫ اتوار‬itvār m. regional Sunday
‫ اتوب‬1 atúb m. dialect a sweet odalda or pancake (cooked in

now and then


ittifākí Arabic accidental, fortuitous

1 utmānzí m. plural Utmanzi (a subdivision of (a.) the

Waziri tribe; (b.) the Momandi tribe) 2 utmānzái m. plural


‫ اتصال‬ittisā́ l m. Arabic 1 contiguity 2 joining, junction, tie, bond
‫ د اتصال کړۍ‬connecting link ‫ اتصال ورکول‬to join, connect ‫دچا‬
‫ سره اتصال پيدا کول‬to join (something to something else),


atál 1 courageous, brave, valorous 2 m. .1 distinguished

person, talented person 2.2 epic hero 2.3 hero 2.4 champion

throwing 2 m. flame-thrower


defended post,

2 grandmother (affectionate form of address)

compounds, e.g., ‫ ا ٓتش بازي‬fireworks

‫آتش افشان‬

‫اتکائي ځای‬

‫ اتکړۍ ات کړۍ‬atkaṛə́j f. handcuffs, manacles
‫ اتکو‬atkó f. ‫ اتکۍ‬atkə́j f. 1 mother (affectionate form of address)

ittisā́ ' f. Arabic 1 broadening, expansion 2 extensiveness,

magnitude, roominess, spaciousness


ittikāí military supporting

‫په اتفاقي صورت‬

accidentally, by chance

‫ اتکا‬ittikā́ f. Arabic 1 support 2 hope, reliance, expectation
‫ په… اتکا کول‬،‫ پر… اتکا کول‬hope, reliance, expectation a to be



Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اتوب‬2 atób m. Eastern sweet gruel; scrambled eggs
‫ اتوريته‬otorité f. 1 power 2 authority
‫ اتوکار‬otokár m. bus, intercity bus
‫ اتوم‬atóm m. atom
‫ اتومات‬atomát m. automatic device ‫ د اتومات مرکز‬automatic

guess b to make a statement by guesswork 2 likening,
comparison 3 judgement, opinion 4 check, test, trial


aṭkalavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اټکل يې کړ‬1 to
suppose, think, consider 2 to compare 3 to make a judgment

concerning something; evaluate something

‫ حقيقت لږ اټکلول‬to underestimate 4 to estimate 5 to check; test
‫ ځان اټکلول‬to check oneself
‫ اټکلونه‬aṭkalavə́na f. 1 assumption, guess 2 comparison 3

telephone station, automatic telephone switching installation

‫ اتوماتيکي‬atomātikí automatic ‫ په اتوماتيکي ډول‬automatically
‫ اتوماتيکي کول‬to automate
‫ اتومبيل‬atomobíl m.  ‫موټر‬
‫ اتومي‬atomí ‫ اتوميک‬atomík adjective nuclear, atom ‫اتوميک انرژي‬
atomic energy ‫ دبرق اتومي سټېسن‬nuclear power station ‫اتومي وزن‬

evaluation 4 estimate 5 check, test

‫ اټکلي‬atkalí 1 approximate, rough, near (as in guess, estimate) ‫د‬
‫ اټکلي سنجش سره سم‬according to rough calculations 2 notional
‫ اټکلېدل‬aṭkaladə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اټکل شو‬1 to

physics atomic weight

‫ اته‬1

be assumed, be considered 2 to be capable of comparison, be

atoṇáj m. last person (e.g., in a queue), bringing up the rear
áta f. 1 cubit (measure of length)

length 2 pace

‫اته کول‬

to measure a

compared 3 to be evaluated 4 to be checked, be tested


‫ اته‬atə numeral eight
‫ اته‬3 atá f. regional prison cell
‫ اتهام‬ittihām m. Arabic accusation, suspicion
‫ اتهامنامه‬ittihāmnāmá f. Arabic bill of indictment
‫ اته انيزي‬atəanízaj m. half-rupee (eight annas in Indian money)
‫ اته لس‬atə́las numeral eighteen
‫ اته لسم‬atə́lasə́m ordinal eighteenth
‫ اته ويشت‬atəvísht numeral twenty-eight
‫ آتي‬ātí Arabic following, next, supervenient
‫ اتيا‬atjá numeral eighty
ً‫ اتيا‬atíján Arabic afterwards, later on, subsequently, in the future
‫ اتيات‬itját m. colloquial  ‫احتياط‬
‫ اتيتې‬atíte f. 1 patience 2 satisfaction ‫ اتيتې کول‬a to endure,

sore spot

be treated by the application of a hot object to a sore spot

‫ اټکۍ‬1 aṭkə́j f. hiccough ‫ اټکۍ کول‬to hiccough
‫ اټکي‬2 uṭkáj m. pipe, flue
‫ اټلس‬aṭlás m. atlas
‫ اټلي‬ítə́li f.  ‫ايطاليا‬
‫ اټمبار‬aṭambár m. crowd, assemblage, gathering
‫ اټمبارول‬aṭambaravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اټمبار يې کړ‬

aṭambraredə́l denominative, intransitive [past:

‫]اټمبار شو‬

1 to be assembled, be united, be accumulated 2 to be arranged,

be set right

‫ اټوځي‬aṭodzáj m. bazaar, market
‫ اټ وسټ‬aṭ-u-sáṭ hither and thither, back and forth
‫ اټوم‬aṭóm m.  ‫اتوم‬
‫ اټوماتيکي‬aṭomāṭikí  ‫اتوماتيکي‬
‫ اټومي‬aṭomí ‫ اټوميک‬aṭomík  ‫اتومي‬
‫ اټومي وسله‬aṭūmí waslá f. dirty bomb
‫ اټه‬1 aṭá f. ball, skein (of thread) ‫ اټه کول‬to wind, reel ‫اټه کېدل‬

2 farmstead, villa (usually

aṭāl 1 uneasy, worried 2 banned, not permitted, detained 3

unoccupied, unemployed 4 repulsed, repelled

، ‫ اټال کېدل‬ ‫اټالېدل‬
‫ اټالول‬aṭālavə́l denominative, transitive


to assemble, unite 2 to arrange, put right

with two stories and a tower) 3 Afridi upper story


aṭkór m. the application of a hot brick or other object to a

‫ اټکورول‬aṭkoravə́l denominative, transitive ‫[ اټکورول‬past: ‫اټکور يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬to treat by applying a hot object to a sore spot
‫ اټکورېدل‬aṭkoredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اټکور شو‬to

stand, suffer b to content oneself with, be contented

‫ آتيه‬ātijá f. Arabic future
‫ اټاړۍ‬aṭaṛə́j f. 1 country house, dacha

‫ تر‬،‫تر حقيقت کم اټکلول‬

[past: ‫کړ‬

‫اټال کول‬
‫]اټال يې‬


1 to

trouble, disturb, alarm 2 to detain, bother, obstruct 3 to
prevent from working 4 to beat off, repel


be wound, be reeled


aṭāledə́l [past: ‫ ]اټال شو‬1 to worry, be agitated, be alarmed
2 to be detained, be stoped 3 to be prevented from working 4

‫ اټه‬2 áṭa f. whim
‫ اټه اوړه‬aṭa-oṛə́ m. plural finely-milled flour
‫ اټۍ‬1 atə́j f.  ‫ اټه‬1
‫ اټۍ‬2 atə́j f.  ‫ هټۍ‬shop, store
‫ اټې‬3 aṭé plural of ‫ اټه‬1
‫ اټي‬4 áṭi plural of ‫ اټه‬2
‫ اټېران‬aṭerān m. 1 spool, reel 2 pachisi, ateran (game with dice)
‫ اټېران کول‬compound verb a to reel b to play pachisi
‫ اټېرل‬aṭerə́l [past: ‫ ]واټېره‬1 to suffer from indigestion, suffer from

to be repulsed, be repelled

‫ اټالېده‬aṭāledə́ m. plural 1 worry, agitation, alarm 2 delay, halt
‫ اټاوا‬aṭāvá f. Ottawa (city)
‫ اټرق‬uṭráḳ m.  ‫اتراغ‬
‫ اټسکی‬atə́skaj m. sneezing ‫ اټسکی وهل‬،‫ اټسکی کول‬to sneeze
‫ اټک‬aṭák Atak (city) ‫ د اټک سيند‬the Ind River
‫ اټکل‬aṭkál m. 1 supposition, guess, proposal ‫غلط اټکل‬
miscalculation, blunder ‫ اټکل وهل‬to suppose, guess ‫د اټکل متار‬
‫ وراچول‬to make a rough estimate ‫ د اټکل په متار وهل‬a to divine,

dyspepsia 2 to overeat, overfeed, be stuffed


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اټېرن‬aṭerə́n suffering from indigestion, suffering from dyspepsia
‫ اټېرنه‬aṭerə́na f. indigestion, dyspepsia
‫ اټېنشن‬aṭenshán regional military Attention! (as a command)
‫ اټېنشن کېدل‬compound verb to stand at attention
‫ اټيوال‬aṭivā́ l m. shopkeeper
‫ اثاث‬asā́ s m. ‫ اثاث البيت‬asās-ul-bájt m. Arabic furniture;

‫ اجارت‬idzhārát Arabic m. ‫ اجاره‬idzhārá f. Arabic 1 lease, rental
‫ داجاري حق‬rent ‫ داجارې کاغذ‬، ‫ داجارې ليک‬lease, rental contract 2
purchase (of land) 3 contract ‫ په اجارت اخيستل‬، ‫ اجارت کول‬a to
lease, take on lease, rent b to assume ownership c to put

(something) out to contract, contract (something) out 4 leased
sector of land idiom ‫ د قرض او اجارې قانون‬history lend-lease law
‫ اجاره اخيستونکی‬idzhārá akhistúnkaj m. leaseholder, lessee, tenant
‫ اجاره دار‬idzhāradār m. Arabic 1 leaseholder, lessor, tenant 2

household furnishings; utensils


‫ اثر‬2 ruins (antiquities),
‫ تاريخي آثار‬، ‫ عتيقه آثار‬historical monuments ‫حفظ‬

āsā́ r m. Arabic 1 plural of


‫ا ٓثار‬

freeholder 3 contractor

‫ اجاره داري‬idzhāradārí f. 1 lease, rent 2 possession based on lease
‫ اجاره وال‬idzhāravā́ l m.  ‫اجاره دار‬
‫ اجاړ‬udzā́ ṛ dispersed, scattered, dissipated
‫ اجاړول‬udzhāṛavə́l denominative to scatter, disperse, dissipate
‫ اجاړېدل‬udzhāṛedə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]اجاړ شو‬to be scattered,

hifs-i protection of ancient moments 3 works, writings,



‫په اثبات کښي يې سر و خو ځاوه‬
‫ په اثبات رسول‬to confirm,
prove ‫ زه یې په اثبات رسولای شم‬I can prove it. ‫دا هم و اثبات ته‬
‫ …رسېدلې ده چه‬It has been also proven that … ‫اثبات کول‬
compound verb  ‫ اثباتول اثبات کېدل‬compound verb  ‫اثباتېدل‬
‫ اثباتول‬isbātavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اثبات يې کړ‬to
m. Arabic confirmation, proof

He nodded his head affirmatively.

be dispersed

‫ اجاړ ېده‬udzhāṛedə́ m. plural sparseness, dispersion
‫ اجازت‬idzhāzát m. ‫ اجازه‬idzhazá f. Arabic 1 permission,
authorization ‫ د چا په اجازت سره‬،‫ د چا په اجازت‬with someone's
permission ‫ بېله اجازې څخه‬،‫ بېله اجازې‬without authorization ‫د چا‬
‫ څخه اجازت اخيستل‬to receive someone's permission ‫د چا څخه‬
‫ اجازت غوښتل‬to request someone's permission ‫ اجازت ورکول‬to
give permission, authorize ‫ اجازت کېدل‬compound verb to be
authorized; be granted (rights, etc.) ‫ اجازه ده؟‬May I? May one?
Do I have your permission? ‫ اجازه ده‬it is allowed, One can, you
may, 2 approval, sanction ‫ اجازت ميندل‬to have received
approval, be sanctioned, be approved 3 right ‫ اجازت لرل‬to have

confirm, prove


isbātedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اثبات شو‬to be
confirmed, be corroborated, be proven ‫ په لاس ليک اثباتېدل‬to be
attested by signature


asár m. [plural: ‫ اثرونه‬asarúna Arabic plural: ‫ ا ٓثار‬āsā́ r

plural: ‫ اثرات‬asarā́ t] 1 track

tracks; find

‫ دچا اثر ميندل‬to detect someone's
‫ هيڅ اثر لاس ته رانغئ‬No tracks of any kind were

detected. 2 sign, symbol 3 impression, influence, action, effect

‫ په … کښي اثر وربخښل‬،‫ په … کښي اثر اچول‬to influence, affect
… ‫ په … کښي بد اثر وربخښل‬to exert a bad influence upon… ‫پر‬
‫ … اثر غورځول‬to influence… ‫ اثر لرل‬، ‫ اثر کول‬to act, operate,
exert influence on 4 leadership ‫ د … تر اثر لاندي‬a under the

the right

‫اجازه نامه‬

‫ اجاغ‬udzhāgh m. hearth
‫ ا ٓجال‬ādzhā́ l m. Arabic plural of ‫اجل‬
‫ اجانب‬adzhāníb m. Arabic plural of ‫اجنبي‬
‫ اجایي‬adzhājí ‫ اجایي کېدل‬to think only of food
‫ اجب‬adzháb colloquial  ‫عجب‬
‫ اجبار‬idzhbā́ r m. Arabic compulsion; obligation ‫اجبار کول‬

influence … b under the leadership … 5 literary production,
literary work idiom

‫د… په اثر کښي‬

as a result of … ‫… له اثره‬

idzhāzanāmá f. 1 license, authorization, certificate 2

pass, permit 3 admission (i.e., to premises); admittance


as a result, consequence of …

‫ اثره‬asrá f.  ‫اسره‬
‫ اثري‬asarí bewitching, alluring
‫ اثقال‬askāl m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ ثقل‬2 ballast
‫ اثنا‬asnā́ m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ ثني‬2 interval, mean 3
interval of time, interval of space ‫ د… په اثنا کښي‬in time … in
the course of … ‫ په دغه اثنا کښي‬at that time, in the meantime
‫ اثواب‬asvāb m. Arabic plural of ‫ثوب‬
‫ آثور‬āsúr m. history Assyria
‫ ا ٓثوري‬āsurí 1 adjective history Assyrian 2 m. Assyrian (person)
‫ اثير‬asír m. Arabic plural ether
‫ اثيوبي‬asjubí 1 adjective Ethiopian 2 m. Ethiopian (person)
‫ اثيوبيه‬asjubijá f. Ethiopia
‫ اجابت‬idzhābát m. Arabic 1 granting (satisfaction) of a request 2
favorable attitude 3 careful (attentive) hearing ‫ اجابت کول‬a to


force, compel, oblige, constrain

ً‫ اجبارا‬idzhbā́ rán Arabic by force, compulsorily, by compulsion
‫ اجباري‬idzhbārí Arabic compulsory, obligatory ‫اجباري عسکري‬
‫ سيستم‬obligatory military service ‫ اجباري قوت لرل‬to be
compelled (e.g., as a result of a court decision)

‫ اجت‬adzhát m. colloquial
‫ اجتماع‬idzhtimā́ ' f. Arabic


1 m. [plural: ‫ اجتماعات‬idzhuma'ā́ t] 1

meeting; gathering 2 military build-up, massing (of the enemy)
3 public, social life 4 [plural: ‫ اجتماعوي‬idzhtimā́ 'vi] society,



satisfy a request, respond to a request b to regard favorably c

idzhtima'ā́ n Arabic 1 in a social relationship 2


‫ اجتماعي‬idzhtimā'í Arabic 1.1 public, social ‫ اجتماعي حيات‬public
life ‫ اجتماعي نظام‬social system ‫ اجتماعي علوم‬social sciences

to give a careful (attentive) hearing

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫اجتماعي گرزول‬


to socialize (the means of production) 1.2

adjective collective 2 m. [plural: ‫ اجتماعيون‬idzhtimā'ijún]

elements 3 matter 4 organs, members (or similar)



grammar parts of a sentence

idzhtimā'jā́ t m. Arabic plural social problems,

principal parts (of a sentence)

public life
idzhtināb m. Arabic 1 avoidance, evasion; removal 2


‫د يوه شي څخه اجتناب کول‬

to avoid, shun something,

abstain from something

‫ اجتهاد‬idzhtihā́ d m. Arabic 1 diligence, endeavor, zeal 2  ‫جهاد‬
‫ اجداد‬adzhād m. Arabic plural of ‫ جد‬1
‫ اجداد پرستي‬adzhdādparastí f. ancestor worship ‫ اجدادي‬adzhdādí
‫ا ٓجر‬

ādzhúr m. brick (baked in a kiln)


ádzhr m. ádzhar Arabic [plural: ‫ اجور‬udzhúr] 1 reward,

recompense, compensation



‫ د خپل زيار اجر ميندل‬to receive
‫ اجر ورکول‬to compensate ،‫صبر کوه‬

idzhrā f. Arabic [m. plural: ‫ اجراا ٓت‬idzhrāā́ t] fulfillment,

implementation, accomplishment, realization


‫ د يو شي اجر ٔا کول‬to carry (something) out ‫ اجر ٔا کول‬to
accomplish ‫ تر اجر ٔا لاندي راوستل‬compound verb to fulfill,
implement, accomplish, realize, carry out ‫ اجر ٔا کېدل‬compound


executive power

‫ اجمالي‬idzhmālí Arabic short, concise, recapitulative, summary
‫ اجمل‬adzhmál Arabic 1 most beautiful; perfect 2 m. proper

to put a law into

name Adzhmal, Ajmal



adzhnāb m. Arabic plural of
adzhnās m. Arabic plural of

export goods

‫ اجرائي‬idzhrāí Arabic 1 executive ‫اجرائيه قوه‬
‫ اجرائيه کميته‬executive committee 2

‫ جنب‬1
‫ جنس‬، ‫صادراتي اجناس‬


‫ اجنبي‬adzhnabí Arabic 1.1 strange, alien, foreign, outlandish
‫ اجنبي لغات‬foreign words 1.2 unfamiliar 2 m. [plural: ‫اجنبيان‬
adzhnabijā́ n Arabic ‫ اجانب‬adzhāníb] 2.1 foreigner, alien 2.2


adzhnabiját m. Arabic condition of being alien or foreign;

foreignness, alien

‫ اجنټ‬adzhánṭ m. regional agent
‫ اجنډا‬adzhenḍā f. ‫ اجنډه‬adzhenḍá f. agenda, order of the day ‫د‬
‫ اجنډې جز گرځول‬to include in the agenda
‫ اجنسي‬adzhensí f. 1 agency 2 organ (establishment,

firing bricks

‫ اجرت لرل‬to
‫ اجرت ورکول‬to pay ‫د زيات اجرت‬

udzhrát m. Arabic pay, recompense, wage

‫ اجرت اخيستل‬to earn
‫ تقاضا لرل‬to demand an increase in wages or salary
‫ اجرستان‬adzhristā́ n m. Adzhristan (district)
‫ اجره‬udzhrá f. colloquial  ‫حجره‬
‫ آجري‬ādzhuń adjective brick
‫ اجړه‬idzhṛá m. [plural: ‫ اجره گان‬idzhṛagā́ n] scoundrel, villain,
receive pay

idzhmālán Arabic briefly; concisely; in general, outline; as

an abstract; summarily

‫ اجرائيه‬idzhrāijá f. 1 executive power 2 administrator ‫د اجرائيې‬
‫ شعبه‬administrative department, management directorate ‫مدير‬
‫ اجرائيه‬mudír-i head of the management directorate
‫ ا ٓجرپز‬ādzhurpáz m. bricklayer
‫ ا ٓجرپزي‬ādzhurpazí f. firing, kilning bricks ‫ د آچرپزۍ داش‬kiln for

‫اجلاسي غونډه‬

idzhmāl m. Arabic 1 short account, brief description,

ً ‫اجمالا‬



to confer, hold a conference

abstract, summary 2 short survey, compendium, resumé

verb to be fulfilled, be implemented, be accomplished, be

‫اجلاس کول‬

idzhlāsijá singular & plural

congregation, council


‫ اجرا‬2 udzharā m. Arabic plural of ‫اجير‬
‫ اجرام‬adzhrām m. Arabic plural of ‫ جرم‬،‫اسماني اجرام‬


opinion of theologians 2 assembly, convocation 3

‫د اجر ٔا قومانده‬

military command of execution (i.e., as opposed to preparatory

‫قانون په اجر ٔا ايښودل‬


‫کامل اجلاس‬

plenary session, plenum ‫ اجلاسي دوره‬session
‫ اجلځي‬adzháldzáj m. back of the head, occiput
‫ اجل رسيده‬adzhál-rasidá doomed, dying
‫ اجماع‬idzhmā́ ' f. Arabic 1 religion unanimous decision or

proverb be patient, patience is liberally

carried out, be realized

idzhlās m. Arabic session, sitting, conference

plenum, plenary session

rewarded 2 pay, payment 3 repayment, retribution

‫اجر ٔا‬

adzhāp moral, pure (of a person)


compensation for one's labor

‫صبر لوی اجر لري‬

‫د جملې اجزا‬

a basic elements b


Arabic ancestral, traditional

‫اصلي اجزا‬

‫ اجسام‬adzhsām m. Arabic plural 1 of ‫ جسم‬2 substances
‫ اجسکي‬adzhə́skaj colloquial pitiful, poor
‫ اجغنه‬udzhghə́na f. ‫ اجغونه‬udzhghə́na f. goat's wool
‫ اجل‬adzhāl m. Arabic [plural: ‫ آجال‬ādzhā́ l] 1 end of life; hour of
death; death ‫ زما خو نو اجل پوره شو‬folklore And now came my
last hour, my end ‫ اجل نيولئ‬doomed; dying 2 limit; (fixed)

problems of public life, problems of social life; social life,


adzhzā m. Arabic plural 1 of ‫ جز‬2 2 component parts,


‫ا ٓجڼه‬

ādzháṇa f. woman who has completed a haj (i.e., pilgrimage

to Mecca); pilgrim


adzhvát 1 united 2 side by side, next to; adjacent,


‫اجوت والی‬


adzhvātvā́ laj m. 1 joining, junction, connection,

combination 2 bring next to, bring alongside; closeness of fit;


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اجوتول‬adzhvatavə́l denominative [past: ‫ اجوت يې کړ‬past: ‫اجوت يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬to unite, join, connect, close
‫ اجوتونه‬adzhvatavə́na f. joining, junction, addition, binding

pour (in, into)


‫پياله چای راواچوه‬

blanket 1.4 to spread 1.5 to put, place, put together



adzhváta 


 ‫اجوتېدل‬
‫ اجوتېدل‬adzhvatedə́l

adzhváta ‫کول‬


pass, give

to sprinkle salt, salt

pour me a cup of tea

‫دانه اچول‬

‫پټرول اچول‬

‫ډوډۍ راواچوه‬

a to


to refuel 1.9 to

pass me the bread 1.12 to register

(mail) 1.13 to lower, let down, launch
launch a boat

‫سر يې کښته واچاوه‬

‫جهاز اوبو ته ور اچول‬


He hung his head. 1.14 to

establish, set up (e.g., communications with someone) 1.15 to



build 1.16 to bind, fasten (to) 1.17 to place, put, settle, lodge;

‫ اجوره کار‬udzhutakār hired, rented
‫ اجوره کاري‬udzhurakārí f. Arabic work performed for pay; salary,

assign a billet, quarter 1.18 to assign work, put to work 1.19
to send (to school) 1.20 to hand in (an application); institute (a

‫ پر چا عرض اچول‬to bring a suit against someone 1.21 to
‫ مسئوليت پر چا اچول‬to make someone responsible for
something 1.22 to set aside, adjourn; drag out (an affair) ! ‫سبا‬
‫ ته يې واچوه‬Put it off until tomorrow! 1.23 to draw up (e.g., a
plan); sketch in, make a rough sketch or outline ‫ نقشه اچول‬to
draw up a plan ‫ د چا پر ضد يوه نقشه اچول‬to plot something

adzhváf m. Arabic plural 1 of

‫مالگه اچول‬

give, feed (animals) 1.10 to fertilize, fertilize the soil 1.11

denominative [past: ‫ ]اجوت شو‬unite; join,

connect; close (up, in)


to lead a pack on a camel 1.6 to lay (eggs) 1.7 to strew,

strew seed, sprinkle grain b to sow 1.8 to pour, pour out

‫ اجوتول‬،‫اجوته کېدل‬

‫ اجور‬udzhúr m. Arabic plural of ‫ اجر‬2
‫ اجوره‬udzhurá f. Arabic pay; wages; compensation ‫اجوره گټل‬

‫بار پر اوښ‬




2 anatomy cavity 3

belly, interior 4 womb ‫ اجه‬údzha f. dialect leech
‫ اجي‬adzhí m. colloquial hadji
‫ اجيټن‬adzhiṭán m. ‫ اجيدان‬adzhidān m. colloquial adjutant
‫ اجيداني‬adzhidāní f. duties of an adjutant
‫ اجير‬adzhir m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اجيران‬adhirā́ n Arabic plural: ‫اجرا‬

against someone 1.24 to make oneself out to be someone;

udzharā́ ] temporary worker

pretend to be someone else; claim something as one's own

‫ اجيري‬adzhirí hired, leased
‫ اچ‬uch dialect  ‫وچ‬
‫ آچار‬āchā́ r pickles ‫ ا ٓچار اچول‬to pickle (literally and figuratively)
‫ اچانک‬achānák regional suddenly; unexpectedly; all of a sudden
‫ اچانک سوال کول‬to make an unexpected request
‫ اچاوه‬1 achāvə́ m. plural 1 throwing, flinging, hurling 2


‫غوږونه يې کاڼه واچول‬

He pretended to be deaf. 1.25 to

start, set going; put into service, put into operation; utilize

‫په جنگ کښي اچول‬

to commit troops to battle 1.26 instill (in);

install (in), establish

‫د وطن محبت په زړو کښي اچول‬

to inculcate

love for the motherland 1.27 to make, produce, effect
to set on fire


‫سلام اچول‬

to greet

‫ځان اچول‬

‫اور اچول‬

a to throw oneself,

knocking down 3 attacking, assaulting 4 filling in 5 pouring,

rush b to make oneself out to be someone else, imitate someone

pouring out 6 lowering; letting down, pulling down

else, pretend to be someone else

‫ اچاوه‬achāvə́ ‫ اچاوي‬achavə́j Western imperfect of ‫اچول‬
‫ اچت‬uchát  ‫اوچت‬
‫ اچتوالی‬uchatvā́ laj m.  ‫اوڅتوالی‬
‫ اچتول‬uchatavə́l transitive  ‫اوچتول‬
‫ اچتېدل‬uchatedə́l intransitive  ‫اوچتېدل‬
‫ اچرلي‬uchə́laj m.  ‫اچولي‬
‫ اچکزي‬1 achakzí m. plural  ‫ اڅکزي‬1 2 achakzáj m. 
‫ اڅکزي‬2
‫ اچکل‬uchkúl m. six-month-old lamb
‫ اچکۍ‬uchakə́j f. dialect small island, islet
‫ اچمچ‬achmə́ch m. ‫ اچ موچ‬achmúch m. the game of tip cat (a


‫ځان پر ناجوړۍ اچول‬

‫ځان مړ اچول‬

to pretend to be

to feign illness, malinger c to expose

oneself to something, subject oneself to something

‫انډيوالی اچول‬

‫د چا سره‬

to be on friendly terms, establish friendship with

someone 2 m. plural 


‫ اچاوه‬1 1


‫يو بل سره اچول‬


‫ اچول‬2 uchavə́l transitive dialect  ‫وچول‬
‫ اچولی‬uchvúlaj m. uchvə́laj brow, forehead
‫ اچونی‬achavunáj m. ‫ اچونۍ‬achavunáj f. miscarriage
‫ اچوونکی‬achavúnkaj present participle of ‫ اچول‬1 ،‫نقب اچوونکی توپ‬
mortar ‫ بم اچوونکې طياره‬،‫ بم اچوونکې الوتکه‬bomber
‫ اچه‬achchá f. prop, support
‫ اچهوت‬achhút regional 1 untouchable 2 m. member of the

game in which a pointed piece of wood called a cat is made to

untouchable caste

spring up from the ground by being struck on the tip with a stick

‫ اچېدل‬uchedə́l intransitive dialect  ‫وچېدل‬
‫ اځبتوب‬adzabatób m. flight, desertion
‫ اځبه‬adzába f.  ‫فرار‬
‫ اځبي‬adzábaj m.  ‫فراري‬
‫ اڅک‬atsák m. proper name Atsak
‫ اڅکزائي‬atsakzāí m. plural  ‫ اڅکزي‬1

and is then batted as far as possible)

‫ اچو‬achú f. blackberry (the plant or the fruit)
‫ اچول‬1 achavə́l 1 transitive [past: ‫ ]وايي چاوه‬.1 throw, fling,
hurl, drop (from a height); throw out, cast ‫ پر مځکه اچول‬to throw
on the ground ‫ بمونه اچول‬to drop bombs 1.2 to bring, knock
down ‫ الوتکه پر مځکه را اچول‬to bring an aircraft down 1.3
throw on, throw over, put on ‫ بړ ستن پر ځان اچول‬to cover with a

Pashto-English Dictionary


1 atsakzí m.



astaskiján plural the Achakzai

(tribe) 2 atsakzáj m. the Achakzaj

‫ اڅکيزه‬utskíza f. post, pole (of a tent)
‫ اڅڼل‬atsaṇə́l transitive [past: ‫]وايي څاڼه‬

goods (for the purpose of speculation); profiteering; speculation

‫ احتکار کول‬to buy up goods; speculate
‫ احتکاري‬ihtikārí adjective profiteering, speculative gouging
‫ احتمال‬ihtimā́ l m. Arabic 1 probability, possibility, supposition,
likelihood ‫ د دې احتمال نشته‬this is improbable; this is impossible
‫ په زيات احتمال سره‬in all probability 2 patience, endurance 3

1 to level, make even,

smooth over 2 to arrange, put right, adjust, regulate 3 music to
tune 4 to baste, join loosely



atsá f. thighbone, femur


átsa f. 1 endeavor, aspiration 2 attempt, trial 3 rush 4

forward movement, advance

‫اڅه کول‬

chance, unexpectedness

ً ‫ احتمالا‬ihtimālán Arabic probably, possibly
‫ احتمالي‬ihtimālí Arabic probable; possible; supposed; conjectural;
hypothetical, presumable; permissible math ‫احتمالي نظريات‬
theory of probability ‫ احتمالي ماضي‬grammar past conjectural

a to endeavor, strive b to

‫د دوی پر لور مي اڅه‬
‫ وکړه‬I rushed him. d to conduct an advance
‫ آحاد‬āhād m. Arabic plural of ‫ احد‬2
‫ احاديث‬ahādís m. plural of ‫حديث‬
‫ احاطه‬ihātá f. Arabic 1 encirclement, envelopment, action of
try, attempt c to rush, throw oneself upon



‫احاطه کول‬

‫ احتياجات‬pressing needs; basic requirements ‫د احتياج په وقت کښي‬
in case of necessity ‫ احتياج لرل‬to need, require ‫احتياجات رفع کول‬
‫ احتياجات پوره کول‬to satisfy needs, satisfy requirements ‫په زيات‬
‫ احتياج لوېدل‬a fall into extreme need
‫ احتياط‬ihtijā́ t m. Arabic 1 care, caution, discretion, precaution ‫په‬
‫ زيات احتياط سره‬very carefully ‫ سره د ډېره احتياطه‬not withstanding
all the precautionary measures which were taken ‫ احتياط کول‬to
be careful 2 prudence 3 reserve, reserve supply ‫د احتياط بلوک‬

compound verb a to

encircle, envelop, surround b to beseige c to understand,
comprehend 6 district, sphere

‫احاطه يي‬

ihātaí military flanking, outflanking

‫احاطه يي حرکت‬

flanking movement


ihālá f. Arabic transmission, handing over, presentation (of

an award, etc.), delivery ‫ په محال احاله‬carrying to an absurdity
‫ احتجاج‬ihtidzhā́ dzh m. Arabic 1 protest 2 refusal
‫ احتراز‬ihtirā́ z m. Arabic 1 care, caution, prudence,
circumspectness, discretion ‫ د احتراز د لاري راتلل‬to act with

military reserve platoon


caution, act with discretion 2 avoidance, abstemiousness,

‫احتراز کول‬

measure, in any event

internal combustion engine

‫د داخلي‬

‫په ډېر‬
‫ احترام سره‬with great respect, with great esteem ‫ د‬،‫د احترام قطعه‬
‫ احترام گارډ‬guard of honor ‫ د احترام شليک‬artillery salute ‫د ځان‬
‫ احترام‬self-respect, self-esteem ‫ د رتبې احترامات‬respect for rank ‫د‬
‫ چا احترام کول‬to pay respects, render homage to someone; treat

‫ احجبه‬ahdzhibá m. Arabic plural of ‫ حجاب‬1
‫ احد‬ahád Arabic 1 united, single, one 2 m. [plural: ‫ا ٓحاد‬

‫ احداث‬ihdā́ s m. Arabic [plural: ‫ احداثونه‬ihdāsúna Arabic plural:
‫ احداثات‬ihadāsā́ t] 1 invention, innovation 2 finding, discovery
(i.e., of resources) ‫ احداث کول‬a to invent b to find, discover

to pay someone a courtesy

visit 2 observance (of a law or custom), carrying out,
accomplishment (of an obligation or duty)

ihtirāmán with deference, with respect


(i.e., resources)

‫د بېطرفۍ احترام کول‬

observe neutrality

‫احتراماً عرض کوم‬

‫ احدي‬ahadí Arabic single, separate, only
‫ احديت‬ahadiját m. Arabic 1 singleness, singularity (i.e., in math)


2 consent, assent 3 unity


ihtisā́ b m. Arabic supervision of municipal authorities of

ahrā́ r m. plural [singular: ‫ ]حر‬1 history freeborn, freemen

2 nobles 3 politics liberals

‫ احراز‬ihrāz m. Arabic 1 achievement (act of receiving), reception
‫ د مقام احراز‬the assumption of a post (e.g., of the president of a
republic); entry into office 2 meaning, significance ‫اول لمبر‬
‫ احراز کول‬to acquire paramount significance
‫ احزاب‬ahzāb m. Arabic plural of ‫حزب‬

the accuracy and correctness of weights and measures in the


āhā́ d]

discrete (separate) person, individual, person

someone with respect; esteem someone; take someone's opinion

have the honor to inform you …

ihtijā́ tkára 1 careful, wary,

military reserve platoon 2 m. military reservist

consideration, homage, respects (e.g., "last respects")


‫احتياط کاره‬

‫ احتياط کاري‬ihtijātkārí f.  ‫ احتياط‬1, 2
‫ احتياطي‬ihtijātí Arabic 1.1  ‫ احتياط کار‬and ‫ احتياط کاره‬1.2
spare, reserve ‫ احتياطي عسکر‬military reserve ‫احتياطي بلوک‬

m. Arabic 1 reprect, honor, esteem, deference,

‫د چا احترام ته ورتلل‬

ihtijātkā́ r

provident 2 prudent

m. Arabic burning, combustion; ignition

into consideration

ihtijā́ tán Arabic out of caution, as a precautionary

‫احتياط کار‬

a beware of, be wary of, be careful b

avoid, abstain from

‫ احتراق‬ihtirā́ ḳ
‫احتراق موتور‬
‫ احترام‬ihtirā́ m

ihtijā́ dzh m. Arabic [plural: ‫ احتياجونه‬ihtijādzhúna Arabic

plural: ‫ احتياجات‬ihtijādzhā́ t] need, want, necessity

surrounding 2 seige 3 enclosed place 4 fence, enclosure 5

understanding, comprehension

ihtikā́ r m. Arabic buying up or cornering the market on

ihtífā́ l m. Arabic 1 meeting, gathering 2 festival, fête,


Pashto-English Dictionary


ihsās m. Arabic [plural: ‫ احساسونه‬ihsāsúna Arabic


ihzāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]احضار شو‬1
to be trained (of personnel) 2 to be summoned (i.e., to court) 3

plural: ‫ احساسول‬ihsāsā́ t] feeling, sensation

compound verb 

‫احساس کول‬
‫ احساسول‬،‫ مونږ هيڅ د يخنۍ احساس نه کاوه‬We

to be admitted (i.e., of candidates) 4 to be called up (into the

did not feel the cold at all.

army) 5 diplomacy to be recalled

‫ احساساتي‬ihsāsātí sensitive, emotional
‫ احساسول‬ihsāsavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]احساس يې کړ‬1
to feel, sense ‫ سخته ډکه يې احساسه کړه‬He felt a strong shock. 2

‫ احضاريه‬ihzārijá f. Arabic summons (to court), subpoena
‫ احفاد‬ahfād m. 1 Arabic plural of ‫ حفيد‬2 descendants
‫ احقاق‬ihḳāḳ m. Arabic 1 the ascertainment of the truth, the

to experience, feel

establishment of the truth 2 recognition of the legal right,


ihsāsadə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]احساس شو‬
to be felt, be experienced

recognition of justice


‫ احسان‬ihsān m. Arabic 1 favor, grace, kindness, goodness ‫له چا‬
‫ سره احسان کول‬to be gracious to someone, show kindness to
someone ‫ د چا احسان منل‬to consider oneself obliged to someone
‫ زه د هغه هيڅ احسان نه منم‬I am not obliged to him for anything.
‫ ډېر احسانونه مي ستا له لاسه لېدلي دئ‬You have done me much
kindness. ‫ احسان پرما ږدې‬I am very much obliged to you. 2 gift,

ahḳár Arabic comparative & superlative degree of


most contemptible, most paltry epistolary my most
contemptible, worthless or paltry self


ahkām m. 1 Arabic plural of

‫ حکم‬1

2 religion


‫ احکامات‬ahkāmāt m. second person plural of ‫احکام‬
‫ احلام‬ahlām m. Arabic plural of ‫حلم‬
‫ احمد‬ahmád m. proper name Ahmed ‫ احمد شاه‬Ahmed-Shah


‫ احسان فراموشي‬ihsānfarāmushí f. thanklessness, ingratitude
‫ احسان من‬ihsānmán ‫ احسان مند‬ihsānmānd obliged, grateful,

Durani, Ahmed-Shah Durrani

‫ احمد زاي‬ahmadzāí m. plural  ‫ احمد زي‬1
‫ احمد زي‬1 ahmadzí m. plural the Akhmadzai (a sub-tribe of: a

thankful to someone, have been shown much favor (by

the Waziri Tribe; b the Sulayman Khel Tribe (in turn


‫ احسنت‬ahsánt Arabic excellent; bravo; well done
‫ احصا‬ihsā f. Arabic 1 calculation; math calculus 2
enumeration, census, accounting ‫ احصا کول‬a to count, calculate


ahmadí Arabic pertaining to Mohammed (the founder of



ahmadijá f. Arabic the Akhmadija, the Ahmadiya (a

subordinated to the Gilzai); c the Ushtarani Tribe) 2 ahamadzáj
m. Akhmadzai (person)
Islam); Mohammedan

b to enumerate


statistical data


ihsāí statistical

‫احصايوي معلومات‬

Muslim sect)

‫ احصائيه‬ihsāijá f. Arabic [plural: ‫ احصائيې‬ihsāijé m. plural:
‫ احصائيات‬ihsāiját] 1 calculation, counting, tallying, census ‫د‬
‫ نفوسو احصائيه‬a population census ‫ احصائيه اخيستل‬to calculate;
conduct a census 2 statistics ‫ د احصائيې رئيس‬Chief of the
Statistical Directorate ‫ د احصائيې مدير‬Chief of the Statistical
Department ‫ د احصائيې علم‬statistics (the science) 3 [plural:
‫ احصائيات‬ihsāiját] statistical information; data, numerical data
‫ احصائيه نويس‬ihsāijanavís m. statistician
‫ احضار‬ihzār m. Arabic 1 training (of personnel) ‫د معلمينو‬
‫ احضارات‬training of teachers 2 summons (i.e., to court) 3
admission (i.e., of candidates) 4 draft, call up ‫د خدمت دپاره‬
‫ احضار کول‬to draft or call up for military service 5 recall (i.e., of
a diplomatic representative) ‫ احضار کول‬compound verb 
‫ احضارول‬،‫ احضار کېدل‬compound verb  ‫احضارېدل‬
‫ احضارنامه‬ihzārnāmá f. diplomacy letter of recall
‫ احضارول‬ihzāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]احضار يې کړ‬1


ahmár red

‫بين المللي صليب احمر‬

salíb-i International Red

Cross Society

‫ احمرار‬ihmirār m. Arabic reddening, redness
‫ احمره بحيره‬ahmára buhajrá f. the Red Sea
‫ احمق‬ahmáḳ Arabic 1 stupid, foolish 2 fool, dolt, ignoramus
‫ احمقانه‬ahmaḳāná 1 stupid, foolhardy ‫ احمقانه کار و‬this was stupid
2 stupidly, in foolhardy manner

‫ احمقتوب‬ahmaḳtób m.  ‫ احمقي‬1
‫ احمق والی‬ahmaḳvā́ laj m.  ‫ احمقي‬1
‫ احمقي‬1 ahmaḳí f. stupidity, foodhardiness, a stupid trick
‫ احمقي‬2 ahmáḳi feminine plural of ‫احمق‬
‫ احواض‬ahvāz m. Arabic plural of ‫حوض‬
‫ احوال‬ahvā́ l m. singular & plural m. Arabic plural of ‫حال‬
[plural: ‫ احوالونه‬ahvālúna plural: ‫ احوالات‬ahvālā́ t] 1 position,
state (e.g., of health, affairs) ‫د چا د حال او احوال ليکونکی‬
biographer ‫ د احوال پښتنه کول‬،‫ احوال پښتل‬to make inquiries about

to train (personnel) 2 to summon (i.e., to court) 3 to admit

health, ask about the state of affairs 2 circumstances (business,

(i.e., candidates) 4 to call up (into the army, etc.) 5 diplomacy

affairs, etc.)

to recall



ihzārí Arabic adjective training maktáb-i

history cadet corps

‫مکتب احضاريه‬


‫ په ټو لو احوالو کښي‬under any circumstances, in all
‫ و چا ته احوال ورکول‬to notify someone ‫بيا به تاسي ته احوال‬

I'll let you know subsequently. I'll tell you afterwards what

the story is. 3 conditions
meteorological conditions

‫ هواييه احوال‬،‫جوي احوال‬

Pashto-English Dictionary


ahvālā́ t m. second plural of



‫ضبط احوالات‬

Feast of Kurbanbajram b Kurbanbajram (12th lunar month)

‫اختر کول‬

!‫ دا اختر مو مبارک شه‬Many happy returns of
‫ اختر پټ مېړه نه دئ‬proverb When there's a holiday,
everyone knows it. ‫ پردی اختر نيم اختر دئ‬Another's holiday is but
half holiday. ‫ نو نکريزي په ديوال وتپه‬،‫ چه اختر تېر شو‬saying literal


‫ احوال پرسي‬ahvālpursí f. ‫ احوال پښتل‬ahvālpuḳhtə́l m. plural ‫احوال‬
‫ پوښتنه‬ahvālpuḳhtə́na f. ‫ احوال پښتل‬ahvālpuḳhtə́l m. plural
‫ احوال پښتنه‬ahvālpuḳhtə́na f. 1 inquiry about the state of health,
being informed about the state of health 2 exchange of

When the holiday is over, throw away the henna. figurative

courtesies, exchange of greetings .‫ پر احوال پښتلو وروسته‬having

Everything in its own time. proverb

inquired about the condition of health, having exchanged

Some fast, some feast; One man toils, another grows wealthy 2

courtesies, greetings

good omen, good horoscope, good luck 3 proper name Akhtar

‫ احوال‬ahvál Arabic slanting-eyed, squint-eyed
‫ احيا‬ihjā f. Arabic 1 reanimation, resurrection, revival 2
restoration, rebirth ‫ احيا کول‬a to reanimate, resurrect b to

ahjān m. plural of




new discovery

‫ اختراعي‬ikhtirā'í relating to invention or discoveries; inventive
‫ اخترامبارکي‬akhtārāmbarakí f. congratulations on a holiday
‫ اختري‬1 akhtarí 1 adjective holiday 2 sacrificial ‫ اختري کول‬to

ahjānán Arabic 1 sometimes, at times 2 in the event that

…, in case …, if …


akh interjection 1 used to express joy or satisfaction

!‫ آخ آخ‬Good!; Excellent!; Bravo! 2 used to express regret ‫اخ‬
‫ کول‬to exclaim Ach!; exclaim Oh!; sigh


‫ اخترۍ‬2 akhtərə́j f. proper name Akhtari
‫ اختصار‬ikhtisār m. Arabic 1 shortening, abbreviation, reduction ‫د‬
‫ کسر اختصار‬reduction of a fraction 2 brevity, compression,
conciseness ‫ د اختصار په ډول‬briefly, in short ‫ په اختصار سره ويل‬to

əx interjection gid-ap, ho! (or similar exclamation to urge on

an ass)


akhāṛa f. 1 poultice 2 plaster 3 application (as poultice or


set forth briefly, state briefly

‫ اخبار‬akhbār m. Arabic of ‫ خبر‬singular & plural [plural:
‫ اخبارونه‬akhbārúna plural: ‫ اخبارات‬akhbārā́ t] 1 newspaper



tidings, news

ikhbāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
notify, inform

‫]اخبار يې‬

ikhtisārí abbreviated

‫اختصاري نښه‬


ikhtisās m. Arabic 1 participation, connection, anything


to do with 2 peculiarity, characteristic quality 3 assignation,
appropriation 4 specialization

‫ اختصاصي‬ikhtisāsí 1 special, peculiar to 2 specialized
‫ اختفا‬ikhtifá f. Arabic camouflage
‫ اختلاط‬ikhtilā́ t m. Arabic 1 mixing, mixture, confusion, blending,
merging 2 crossing 3 intercourse, contact ‫د چا سره اختلاط کول‬


akhbāri 1 adjective newspaper, periodical (used in

connection with information)


designation, conventional sign

carrier, newspaper deliverer 2 colloquial journalist


ikhtisārán Arabic briefly, in short, in abbreviated form, in

general outline


‫ اخبار‬2 ikhbār m. Arabic information, communication ‫د اخبار‬
‫ قومانده‬military preparatory command
‫ اخباروالا‬akhbārvālā́ m. 1 newspaper salesperson, newspaper


‫ اختر چا وکړ‬،‫روژې چا نيولي‬

‫ اختراع‬ikhtirā́ ' f. Arabic [plural: ‫ اختراع گاني‬ikhtirā'ghā́ ni plural:
‫ ]اختراعات‬m. [plural: ikhtirā'ā́ t] Arabic invention, discovery
‫ اختراع کول‬to invent, discover ‫ اختراع کېدل‬compound verb to be
invented, be discovered ‫ نوې اختراع راوېستل‬to invent, make a

restore, revive


to celebrate

the day!

‫ اخباري نماينده گان‬press
‫ اخباري فلم‬documentary film

representatives 2 documentary

to associate with someone 4 complication

‫ اخباري وقايع‬news items
‫ اخباري‬2 ikhbārí Arabic adjective that which serves to notify or
inform; informational ‫ اخباري وجه‬grammar indicative mood
‫ اخپل‬akhpə́l dialect  ‫خپل‬
‫ اخپور‬1 akhpór colloquial  ‫خپور‬
‫ اخپور‬2 əkhpór m. ‫ اخپوري‬khporí ikhporí soldier; rifleman (in
extended line) ‫ ممتاز اخپور‬sniper ‫ د اخپور قسم‬extended line of


ikhtilāf Arabic [plural: ‫ اختلافونه‬ikhtilāfúna Arabic

plural: ‫ ]اختلافات‬1 difference, disagreement, discord,

‫مختصر اختلاف‬
‫ د چا سره اختلاف را اخيستل‬،‫د چا سره اختلاف کول‬

divergence, discrepancy, contradiction, dissension
tiff, disagreement

to disagree with someone, quarrel with someone; differ with
someone in viewpoint

‫دوی اختلاف سره لري‬

They disagree as to

opinion. 2 break, breaking off, discrepancy, lack of


correspondence 3 difference, distinction

‫ اختتام‬ikhtitām m. Arabic termination, finishing, completion, end
‫ اختتام ميندل‬end, finish, come to an end, be over with, end in ‫په‬
‫ اختتام رسول‬to end, finish, complete, conclude, carry through, put

‫اختلاف لرل‬

to differ

from something 4 math difference


‫ اختلافي مواد‬disputed
‫ دا يوه اختلافي مسئله‬،‫دا يوه اختلافي خبره ده‬

ikhtilāfí disputable, contradictory

question, disagreements

‫ ده‬This is a moot point.
‫ اختلال‬ikhtilāl m. Arabic 1 disorder, disorganization ‫و يو کار ته‬
‫ اختلال ورپېښېدل‬to be disordered, be disorganized 2

a finish to


akhtár m. akhtə́r 1 holiday, festival ‫ کوچنی اختر‬a the Feast
of Ramadan b Ramadan (the 10th lunar month) ‫ لوی اختر‬a the

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disturbances, disorders, sedition, agitation

‫اختلال اچول‬

‫اخذ الصوت‬

to cause a

disturbance, incite disorders

to net, catch in a net 4 having a musty or high

‫اخته کېدل‬

a to be subject to something, be

subjected to something, experience something

‫په قحط اخته کېدل‬

to starve, famish, go hungry b to be occupied, be busy, be

engaged in c to go bad, get high (meat) 5 obsolete castrated,

exclusion, withdrawal, removal 3 extraction 4 expense,

‫ اخته والی‬akhtavā́ laj m. being busy, being employed
‫ اختيار‬ikhtijār m. Arabic 1 will, choice, preference ‫په خپل اختيار‬
‫ دئ‬He is free to act as he wishes. ‫ په خپل اختيار شوئ دئ‬This
happened spontaneously. ‫ په خپل اختيار وي که نه‬voluntarily or not
2 authority, right, plenary power ‫ د خپل اختيار خاوند‬a of age b
independent ‫ فوق العاده اختيارات‬emergency powers ‫خپل اختيار‬
‫ پرېښودل‬to decline power, right ‫ تر خپل اختيار لاندي راوستل‬to
subordinate oneself ‫ ډېر اختيارات ورکول‬to grant broad powers 3
competence, jurisdiction, power ‫ زما په اختيار کښي نه دئ‬This is
not within my competence (jurisdiction, power, etc.) ‫ اختيار لرل‬a


right, be empowered d to have plenary powers
to you. As you wish.

‫زه اختيار نه لرم‬

‫اختيار لرې‬

to incur expenses, give rise to

expenditures 5 export goods 6 evacuation
ikhrādzhavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اخراج يې کړ‬
1 exile, banish 2 exclude, withdraw; remove 3 extract

‫ اخراجي‬ikhrādzhí Arabic adjective evacuation
‫ ا ٓخرت‬ākhirát m. Arabic the next world, the life beyond ‫د ا ٓخرت‬
‫ ورځ‬Judgement Day ‫ ا ٓخرت ته بيول‬send into the next world ‫لا تر‬
‫ اوسه ا ٓخرت نه دئ شوئ‬I still have to deal with you.
‫ ا ٓخري‬ākhirí Arabic 1 last, final ‫ ا ٓخري حرف‬the last letter 2
definitive 3 conclusive ‫ ا ٓخري خبري‬the last word
‫ اخرېدل‬akhiredə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]اخر شو‬to end, finish, come

It's up

to an end, terminate, close


I don't want to. I cannot.

‫ اختيار دار‬ikhtijārdār authorized, empowered, competent
‫ اختيار داري‬ikhtiārdārí f. jurisdiction, competence
‫ اختيار نامه‬ikhtijārnāmá f. power of attorney, written authorization
‫ اختيارول‬ikhtijāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اختيار يې کړ‬1
to choose, prefer ‫ استوگنه اختيارول‬to choose a residence, settle 2


latest news

‫ا ٓخريني‬

ākhrináj last, final

‫ا ٓخريني خبرونه‬

ākhrináj the

‫ اخست‬ákhist imperfect of ‫اخستل‬
‫ اخستل‬akhistə́l transitive  ‫اخيستل‬
‫ اخسته‬akhistə́ m. plural  ‫ اخيسته‬1, 2
‫ اخ سخ‬akhsákh ‫ اخښ‬akhə́ḳh akhḳh interjection oh; ah
‫ اخښت‬akhə́ḳht m. plural substance for puttying up chinks or

to use, employ 3 to conduct (a policy) 4 to assume (a form),
take on the air

cracks in a wall

‫ اختياري‬ikhtijārí Arabic 1 voluntary 2 optional 3 arbitrary ‫دا‬
‫ اختياري خبره نه ده‬There is no other choice.
‫ اخ ټوخ‬akhṭúkh m. cough, intermittent coughing ‫ اخ ټوخ جوړول‬to


akhḳhə́l [past: ‫[ ]وايي خښل‬present: ‫ ]اخږي‬1 to knead
(dough) 2 figurative to inculcate, make habitual ‫اخښل کېدل‬

passive a to be kneaded (dough) b to be inherent, be innate

‫ اخښنه‬akhkhə́na f. yeast, leaven, leavening (of dough)
‫ اخښونکی‬akhḳhúnkaj 1 present participle of ‫ اخښل‬2 kneader

cough, cough a little or intermittently; clear the throat

‫ اخچه‬akhchá f.  ‫آقچه‬
‫ آخچه يي‬akhchaí adjective


‫ا ٓخچه يي قاليني‬

(i.e., bakery worker whose duties consist of kneading dough)


‫ اخښه‬akhḳhə́ m. plural  ‫اخښنه‬
‫ اخښي‬ákhḳhaj m. [plural: ‫ اخښي‬ákhḳhi

akhz m. Arabic taking, reception, assumption, collection,

‫ عسکري اخذ‬recruitment of an army,
conscription into the army ‫ د اخذ عسکري مدير‬ákhz-i chief of the
miltary conscription department ‫ د اخذ اطلاعات مدير‬ákhz-i chief
of the information department ‫ اخذ کول‬compound verb a to

receiving, receipt

c to draw a conclusion, come to a conclusion

plural: ‫اخښيان‬

akhḳhiján] 1 brother-in-law (wife's brother), wife's sister's

husband 2 sister's husband


‫ د اخطار کلمات‬words
of warning ‫ اخطار ورکول‬to warn, caution ‫ اخطار کېدل‬to be
warned 2 alarm, signal ‫ د اخطار زنگونه ووهل شول‬an alert was

take, assume, collect, receive b to call up (into military service)

… ‫اخذ کړه چه‬

‫اخراجات کول‬


to have, possess the wish or will b to rule, direct c to have the



‫ ا ٓخذه‬akhzá f. radio receiver ‫ د آخذي ماشين‬radio receiver ‫د لنډ موج‬
‫ ا ٓخذه‬shortwave receiver
‫ ا ٓخر‬akhír akhə́r Arabic 1 last, final ‫ په آخرو ورځو کښي‬lately, in
recent days ‫ تر ا ٓخره گړيه جنگېدل‬to battle to the end, fight to the
last drop of blood 2 m. [plural: ‫ ا ٓخرونه‬ākhirúna plural:
akhərúna Arabic plural: ‫ اواخر‬avākhír] end ‫ ا ٓخر ته‬near the
end, at the end, toward the end ‫ په دې ا ٓخره کښي‬at year's end,
toward year's end ‫ ا ٓخر کول‬to end, complete ‫ ا ٓخر کېدل‬to be
ended, be completed 3 finally, at last ‫ نو ا ٓخر‬Well, that's it!
‫ اخراج‬ikhrādzh m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اخراجونه‬ikhrādzhúna Arabic
plural: ‫ اخراجات‬ikhrādzhā́ t] 1 banishment, expulsion 2

occupy, take up; involve in something 3 caught, captured, taken
smell (e.g., meat)

‫د اخذ الصوت اسباب‬

locator, sound-ranger

‫ اختناق‬ikhtināḳ m. Arabic asthma
‫ اخته‬akhtá indeclinable 1 subject to something; experiencing
something ‫ هغه په غم اخته دئ‬He is mourning. 2 occupied, busy
with something ‫ دی په کار اخته دئ‬He is occupied with work.
‫ اخته کول‬a to subject to something; plunge into something b to
‫په دام اخته کول‬

akhz-as-sáut m. Arabic

‫د دې نه مي دا نتيجه‬

ikhtár m. Arabic 1 warning, caution


I came to this conclusion, that …


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‫ اخفا‬ikhfā f. Arabic cover, concealment ‫ ستر او اخفا‬camouflage
‫ اخفا کول‬to camouflage
‫ اخکل‬akhkə́l transitive Eastern  ‫اخښل‬
‫ اخگر‬akhgár m. 1 spark 2 hot coal 3 hot ashes
‫ اخل‬akhə́l transitive dialect  ‫اخښل‬
‫ اخلاص‬ikhlās m. Arabic 1 sincerity ‫ د چا سره پوره اخلاص لرل‬to be
sincere with someone 2 attachment, affection, devotion ‫د زړه له‬
‫ اخلاصه‬a sincerely, with all one's heart b with all one's
strength, with all one's power ‫ په ډېر اخلاص سره‬a sincerely b
devotedly, lovingly, tenderly c unanimously ‫په اخلاص د چا خدمت‬
‫ کول‬to serve someone faithfully 3 diligence, industry
‫ اخلاصمن‬ikhlāsmán ‫ اخلاصمند‬ikhlāsmánd 1 sincere 2 dedicated
‫ اخلاف‬akhlā‫۔‬f m. Arabic plural of ‫خلف‬
‫ اخلاق‬akhlāḳ m. Arabic 1 plural of ‫ خلق‬2 2 morals, moral
system, ethics ‫ لوړ اخلاق‬high moral principles ‫د اخلاقو قوانين‬

‫ اخيري‬akhirí  ‫ا ٓخري‬
‫ اخېړ‬akhéṛ m. 1 plaster 2 clay mixed with straw (used as plaster)
‫ اخېړگر‬akheṛgár m. plasterer
‫ اخېړل‬akheṛə́l transitive  ‫اخېړول‬
‫ اخېړنه‬akheṛə́na f.  ‫اخېړونه‬
‫ اخېړول‬akheṛavə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]اخېړ يې کړ‬to plaster, putty
‫ اخېړونه‬akheṛavə́na f. plastering, puttying, coating (i.e., with some
substance like plaster or putty)


akheredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اخېړ شو‬to be
plastered, be puttied


akhistə́l transitive [past: ‫ وايي خيست‬present: ‫ ]اخلي‬1 to
take ‫ دغه کتاب واخله‬take this book 2 to seize, conquer, capture,

occupy, take possession of

‫څه شيان اخيستي دي؟‬

collect (e.g., taxes) 5 to accept, admit
examination; examine 6 to receive

confusion, disorder

‫ اخله واخيسته‬ákhla-vákhista f. skirmish, encounter, battle
‫ اخلي‬ákhli present tense of ‫اخيستل‬
‫ اخلی پخلی‬akhláj-pakhláj m. cooking, preparation (of food),
cookery ‫ د اخلي پخلي اسباب‬akhlí-pakhlí kitchen utensils
‫ اخند‬akhúnd m.  ‫ا ٓخون‬
‫[ اخندزاده‬plural: ‫ اخندزادگان‬akhundzādagā́ n] descendant of an

10 to fall (into despair), be consumed, be seized (e.g., by panic)
11 to derive benefit (profit, advantage, etc.)



‫په زوره اخيستل‬

to take by force

‫له چا څخه‬

to disarm someone 14 to shorten, take up (e.g.,

clothing) 15 to deprive

‫ له چا څحه تابع والی او رعيتي اخيستل‬to
‫ته يې همداسي واخله‬

Consider it to be thus. 17 to observe, keep to; perform, execute

(e.g., a ceremony) 18 to carry out, fulfill, satisfy (e.g., a whim,

‫ عرض مي درواخله‬Satisfy my request. 19 to begin;
‫ د چا سره مخالفت اخيستل‬to begin a feud with
someone. ‫ بوډۍ د خپل اولاد اوږدې قصې راواخيستې‬The old woman

cough; have a slight cough; clear one's throat


venture; undertake

lauched into a long conversation about her children. 20

m. [plural: ‫]اخوند‬

approximates the sense and function of a compounding or

akhund (Muslim ecclesiastic, theological or religious teacher)


to take pleasure in

deprive of citizenship 16 to consider, regard

2 religion

community, commune

‫ ا ٓخود‬akhúd colloquial Well, there you are!
‫ اخ وډب‬akh-u-ḍáb m. skirmish; clash; battle
‫ آخور‬ākhór m. manger, stall; stable
‫ آخون‬akhún m. ‫ اخون‬akhún m. ‫ اخوند‬akhúnd

‫د يو شي څخه خوند اخيستل‬

to repulse, take away

‫وسله اخيستل‬

‫اخ وټوخ جوړول‬

‫د يو شي څخه فائده‬

to derive benefit from something, derive advantage from

something 12 to borrow, adopt; give, present (an example) 13

akhund (i.e., a Muslim ecclesiastic), akhundzadeh

akh-u-ṭúkh m. cough, slight cough

‫ژمي ته دي څه‬

What have you laid in for the winter? 4 to

‫ امتحان اخيستل‬to give an
‫ امر اخيستل‬to receive an
order, receive an instruction ‫ ځواب اخيستل‬to receive an answer
‫ روپۍ اخيستل‬to receive money ‫ ماموريت اخيستل‬to receive an
assignment ‫ نښان اخيستل‬to receive a medal 7 to take (with
oneself); drive (cattle) ‫ له ځان سره را اخيستل‬to take along or with
oneself ‫ دا کتاب راواخله‬Take this book with you. 8 to catch,
contract (a disease) ‫ مرض اخيستل‬to fall ill, become ill, be taken
ill 9 to envelop (in flames) ‫ اور اخيستل‬to blaze up, catch on fire

ethical norms

‫اخ وټوخ‬

to capture a city, occupy

a city 3 to buy, buy up, acquire, lay in a stock of

ً‫ اخلاقا‬akhlākán Arabic morally, ethically
‫ اخلاقي‬akhlākí Arabic 1 principled, moral, ethical ،‫اخلاقي تربيه‬
‫ اخلاقي پالنه‬moral upbringing ‫ په اخلاقي توگه‬morally ‫د چا سره‬
‫ اخلاقي ملگرتيا کول‬to give someone moral support 2 m. Arabic
[plural: ‫ اخلاقيون‬akhlākijún] moralist
‫ اخلال‬ikhlāl m. Arabic 1 violation (e.g., of neutrality) 2 disarray,

‫ اخو‬ukhó  ‫اوخو‬
‫ اخوا دېخوا‬akhvā-dekhvā dialect around, everywhere
‫ اخوت‬ukhavvát m. Arabic 1 brotherhood, fraternity

‫ښار اخيستل‬

‫ قدم اخيستل‬، ‫ پښه اخيستل‬to stride ‫ ساه اخيستل‬to
‫ اخيستل کېدل‬passive a to undertake b to be purchased,

auxiliary verb

akhunddzhí m. akhund's (title and the form of address to


be obtained c to be collected, be levied d to be driven idiom

‫ آخوندزاده‬ākhundzādá m.  ‫اخندزاده‬
‫ اخۍ‬ukhə́j f. witch
‫ اخيار‬akhjár m. Arabic plural [singular: ‫ ]خير‬virtuous people
‫ اخيار او اشرار‬good and bad people
‫ اخير‬akhír recent, latest
ً‫ اخيرا‬akhírán Arabic not long ago; recently, lately

‫ سره اخيستل‬to be transmitted from one to another, be bequeathed
‫ له منځه څخه اخيستل‬to remove, eliminate; get rid of ‫د نيکه نه واخله‬
‫ د نيکه نه واخله تر نمسي پوري‬، ‫ تر نمسي‬from grandfather to
grandson, beginning with the grandfather and ending with the


akhistə́na f. 

‫ اخيسته‬1

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‫ اخيستوال‬akhistvāl m. tax collector
‫ اخيستون‬akhistún m.  ‫ اخيسته‬1
‫ اخيستونکی‬akhistúkaj 1 present participle of ‫ اخيستل‬2 infectious,
contagious ‫ اخيستونکی مرض‬infectious disease, contagious


‫ لوازم‬stationery
‫ اداکار‬adākā́ r m. artist, actor, performer (of a role) ‫د فلم اداکار‬

disease 3 m. .1 recipient, addressee 3.2 purchaser


movie actor



akhistə́ m. plural 1 reception 2 taking (i.e., food,
medicine), receipt ‫ د برخي د اخيستو دپاره‬for participation 3
taking, capture, seizing 4 purchase, acquisition


‫دا څيز د اخيستو نه‬

‫د لښکر‬
‫ اخيسته‬recruitment into the army 7 adoption, borrowing
‫ اخيسته‬2 akhistə́ imperfect plural of ‫اخيستل‬
‫ اخيسته ايښوده‬akhistə́-iḳhhodə́ m. plural skirmish, clash
‫ اخيستي‬1 akhístaj past participle of ‫اخيستل‬
‫ اخيستئ‬2 Western imperfect of ‫اخيستل‬
‫ ادا‬adā́ f. Arabic 1 implementation, execution, fulfillment 2
payment, pay, paying 3 utterance (of a sound, word) 4

‫ ادا کول‬compound verb a
‫ د وطن حق ادا کول‬to fulfill one's obligation

expression (of some feeling or other)

to the Fatherland b to pay, make payment c to utter (a sound,
word) d to set forth, formulate (a thought, sentence) e to

civil, respectable

‫ ادبي‬adabí Arabic
‫ ادبيات‬adabijā́ t m.

express (e.g., gratitude) f to render (that which is due) g to

‫ادا کېدل‬

compound verb a to be fulfilled,

be executed b to be paid c to be expressed (of gratitude) d to
ādā́ b m. Arabic plural of


literary society

‫بديعي ادبيات‬


adabijāná decent, proper, decorous (of conduct); civil (of an

‫ ادخال‬idkhā́ l m. Arabic 1 introduction, establishment 2 inclusion
‫ ادخالي‬idkhālí ‫ ادخالي لاري‬approaches
‫ ادرار‬idrā́ r m. Arabic plural urine ‫ ادرار کول‬to urinate
‫ ادراک‬idrā́ k m. Arabic singular & plural perception ‫ ادراک کول‬a

‫ تحکيميه ادات‬military entrenching tool
‫ د تاکيد ادات‬intensifying particle 3
grammar preposition, postposition ‫ د عطف ادات‬conjunction ‫د‬
‫ وضعيت ادات‬adverb of manner or mode 4 suffix
‫ اداد‬idā́ d m. Arabic requital, recompense, retribution
‫ اداره‬idārá f. Arabic [plural: ‫ اداري‬idāré Arabic plural: ‫ادارات‬
device, tool, apparatus
2 grammar particle

to comprehend, understand b to perceive, feel c to guess

‫ ادرس‬adrés m. address
‫ ادرک‬adrák m. plural green ginger
‫ ادرم‬adrám m. 1 influence, action, pressure (moral) ‫پر چا ادرم کول‬
to influence, put (moral) pressure upon ‫ پر چا ادرم کېدل‬to affect,

idārā́ t] 1 directing, directorate, management, administration,

‫ اداره د اور‬military fire control ‫ کيفي اداره‬arbitrary
rule ‫ اداره کول‬compound verb to direct, lead, manage ‫خپل ځان‬
‫ صحيح اداره کول‬to manifest self-control 2 directorate,
institution, office ‫ د ادارې اعضا‬apparatus (administrative) ‫خفيه‬
‫ اداره‬counterintelligence ‫ د لوازماتو اداره‬quartermasters office
‫ سياسي عسکري اداره‬military-political directorate ‫د عسکري صحيې‬
‫ اداره‬military-medical directorate 3 bureau ‫د اطلاعاتو اداره‬
information bureau ‫ د معلومات گيرۍ اداره‬inquiry office 4


have an effect on 2 shame

‫ ادرول‬udravúl transitive dialect  ‫درول‬
‫ ادرياتيک‬adriātík 1 adjective Adriatic ‫ادرياتيک بحر‬

the Adriatic

Sea 2 m. the Adriatic seacoast

‫ ادرېدل‬undredə́l intransitive  ‫درېدل‬
‫ ادعا‬iddi'ā́ f. Arabic claim, pretension, demand
‫ ادعيات‬ad'ijā́ t m. Arabic plural of ‫ ادعيه‬wish, desire ‫خپل خالصانه‬
‫ ادعيات تقديمول‬to send one's sincere best wishes
‫ ادغام‬idghā́ m m. Arabic 1 linguistics gemination 2 confluence,

administration 5 editorial office 6 base (supply, etc.)

idārachí m. 1 administrator, manager 2 leader,


‫اداره کوونکی‬

‫ادبي انجمن‬


adā́ t m. [plural: ‫ ادوات‬advā́ t] Arabic 1 means, instrument,

‫اداره چي‬


Arabic plural literature



be performed (of a role)


‫د فلم اداکاره‬

‫ اداکاري‬adākārí f. performance (e.g., of a play), acting
‫ ادامه‬idāmá f. Arabic prolongation; continuation ‫ ادامه ورکول‬to
prolong, continue ‫ ادامه لرل‬to be prolonged, be continued
‫ ادايت‬adāját m. Arabic  ‫اداکاري‬
‫ اداينه‬adājə́na f. expression, statement, formulation
‫ ادب‬adáb m. Arabic [plural: ‫ ا ٓداب‬ādā́ b] 1 breeding, good
breeding; politeness, civility, respect ‫ په ادب سره‬politely,
respectfully ‫ د چا ادب کول‬to esteem someone, respect someone
2 literature ‫ خلاقه ادب‬belles lettres ‫ تحريري ادب‬written
language ‫ شفاهي ادب‬folklore 3 level of education
‫ ادبا‬udabā́ m. Arabic plural of ‫اديب‬
‫ ادبار‬idbā́ r m. Arabic misfortune, disaster
‫ ادب کوونکی‬adáb kavúnkaj ‫ ادب ناک‬adabnāk well bred; polite;

taxes) 6 military recruitment, bringing up to strength

perform, play (a role)

adākā́ ra f. artist, actress, performer (of a role)

movie actress

It is not worth buying this article. 5 collection (e.g., of

to implement, execute

‫ اداري کاتب‬clerk ‫ اداري وېش‬adminstrative
‫ اداري عمومي مديريت‬administrative directorate ‫اداري‬

board of directors

junction; tightening up, pulling together

‫ ادکه‬adə́ka f. mommy, mama !‫ ادکي‬Oh mamma!
‫ ادکۍ‬adəkə́j f. 1  ‫ ادکه‬2 mom (a form of address for one's

idārá kavúnkaj 1 m. manager 2 adjective


‫ اداري‬idārí Arabic administrative; managerial; bureaucratic ‫اداري‬
‫ هيئت‬administration, governing body, administrative apparatus;

mother or an elderly woman)


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‫ ادل بدل‬adál-badál 1.1 inconstant 1.2 disorderly, careless ‫ادل بدل‬
‫ کول‬to mix up, confuse (e.g., words) 2 m. .1 trade, commerce

‫ اديره‬adirá f. cemetery
‫ اديس ا ٓبابا‬adís-ābābā́ f. Addis Ababa (city)
‫ ادېکولون‬adekolón m. plural eau-de-cologne
‫ ا ٓدينه‬ādiná f. Friday
‫ اډاله‬aḍā́ la f. shaft (of an underground irrigation channel)
‫ اډانه‬aḍā́ na f. ornamented cover or dust jacket of a book
‫ اډاڼه‬aḍāṇá f. regional support ‫ په اډاڼه کښېناستل‬to lean, rest upon
‫ اډاوڼه‬aḍā́ vṇa f. frame, framework
‫ اډر‬aḍár m. regional order ‫ اډر ورکول‬to order, reserve (not a

2.2 oscillation




ādám m.

adám m. 1 proper name Adam

(the human progenitor)
time of Adam 2 man

‫د بابا آدم د وختو‬

‫ ادم‬2 adúm m. thigh
‫ ادمان‬idmā́ n m. physical training
‫ ادم خان‬adamkhā́ n m. 1 proper name

‫بابا آدم‬


old, antediluvian, of the

Adamkhan 2 Adamkhan

(designation of a number of settlements)

‫آدم خور‬
‫آدم خېل‬

military order, but a commercial or customer order)

‫ اډک‬aḍák m. leap-frog (the game)
‫ اډني‬aḍanáj m.  ‫اوډني‬
‫ اډو‬aḍó  ‫ هډو‬1
‫ اډوړی‬aḍúṛaj m. ‫ اډوړۍ‬aḍuṛə́j f.  ‫ادوړي‬
‫ اډوکی‬aḍúkaj m. dialect bone
‫ اډه‬aḍá f. 1 stop, (bus or tram) stand, station 2 base ‫نظامي اډې‬
military bases ‫ هوايي اډه‬airport 3 military post 4 blind (for

ādamkhór m. cannibal
ādamkhél 1 plural the Adamkhejli (a sub-tribe of the

Afridi) 2 m. Adamkhejl (person)

‫ آدم زاد‬ādamzā́ d m. man
‫ آدم زاده‬ādamzāda f. woman
‫ آدمي‬1 ādamí m. ādamáj m. man
‫ ا ٓدمۍ‬2 ādamə́j f. woman
‫ ادميرال‬admirā́ l m. admiral
‫ ادنی‬،‫ ادنا‬adnā́ Arabic indeclinable 1 low (in position) 2 small,
paltry, insignificant ‫ ادنی صدمه‬insignificant damage 3 low-



quality, low standard

‫ ادوات‬advā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫ادات‬
‫ ادوار‬advā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫ دور‬1
‫ ادوبدو‬adú-badú indeclinable 1 Eastern swollen, bloated 2
Western beaten down ‫ ادوبدو کېدل‬to ache, hurt (of the body,


aḍə́j f. singular & plural Ulmus foliacea (a kind of tree)
aḍə́j f. singular & plural fields or land surrounding a




crowing (of a cock)

medicinal herb

‫ ادويه پاشي‬advijapāshí f. agriculture sprinkling, spraying ‫ادويه‬
‫ پاشي کول‬compound verb to sprinkle, spray ‫ادويه پاشي کېدل‬


‫اذان کول‬

‫د چرگ پر اذان‬

early, very early, with the

to crow (of roosters)

‫ اذربايجان‬azarbājdzhā́ n m. Azerbaijan
‫ اذربايجاني‬azarbājdzhāní 1 Azerbaijanian

compound verb to be sprinkled, be sprayed

‫ ادويه فروش‬advijafurúsh m. pharmacist, apothecary
‫ ادويه فروشي‬advijafurushí f. 1 commerce in pharmaceuticals

aḍiṭár m. technology adapter

stone facing (for the shaft of an underground

proverb No one responds to the azan of a poor mullah. 2

medicine, spice,

2 m. .1 Azerbaijanian

(person) 2.2 Azerbaijani, the Azerbaijanian language





izkā́ r m. Arabic mention, reference

‫اذکار کول‬

to mention,

refer to

‫ اده‬udá  ‫ هوده‬1 1
‫ ادې‬1 adé m. mommy, mummy (form of address to mother or
older woman) !‫ ادې موري‬Mommy!; Mummy! ‫د ادې زوی‬
mommy's boy ‫ ادې کول‬to regard as a mother, name or give the



azikā́ r m. Arabic plural from

‫ ذکر‬،‫ اذکار کول‬to perform

the ritual of zikr (i.e., remembering) or zeal (with reference to

‫ اذلت‬azallát m. Arabic baseness, meanness ‫زه به څنگه دا اذلت پر‬
‫ ځان قبول کړم‬I cannot stoop to such baseness.
‫ اذن‬izn m. Arabic authorization, permission ‫ اذن اخيستل‬to
receive authorization ‫ د چا څخه اذن غوښتل‬to request
authorization from someone ‫ چا ته اذن ورکول‬to authorize

honorary title of mother

‫ ادۍ‬2 adə́j f. singular & plural  ‫ اډۍ‬6
‫ اديان‬adjā́ n m. Arabic plural from ‫ دين‬2
‫ اديب‬adíb m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اديبان‬adibā́ n


‫ اذان‬azā́ n m. Arabic 1 azan, call to prayer ‫ د اذان وخت‬prayer time
‫ اذان ويل‬to summon to prayer ‫د خوار ملا پر اذان څوک کلمه نه تېروي‬


‫ دوا‬1

‫ هډي‬1
aḍí plural from ‫ اډي‬1
aḍé plural from ‫اډه‬

irrigation channel)

1 adozí m. plural the Adozai (a sub-tribe of Durrani) 2 m.

adozáj an Adozai (person)
Arabic plural from

áḍi m. plural 


‫ اديپټر‬aḍipṭár
‫ اډېل‬aḍél m.

adúṛaj m. tanned buffalo hide

‫ ادوم‬adúm m.
‫ ادويه‬advijá f.

adáj m. fortifications around a city



from fatigue)



Arabic plural: ‫ادبا‬

udabā́ ] man of letters, writer

someone, permit someone

‫ اديبانه‬adibāná indeclinable literary (of a literary work, style)
‫ اديبه‬adibá f. writer (woman)

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‫ آذوقه‬āzuḳá f. singular & plural 1 provsions,
rations, food ‫ د ا ٓذوقې گدام‬supply base, provision depot 2 fodder
(for cattle) ‫ د ژمي ا ٓذوقې برابرول‬to lay in fodder for winter
‫ آذوقه رساني‬āzurḳāsaní f. food supply
‫ اذهان‬azhān m. Arabic from ‫ ذهن‬plural ‫ د ټولني اذهان روښانول‬to
azúgh m.

1 to

ār literal & figurative basis, foundation

‫په آر راوړل‬

ārāmavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
quiet 2 to eliminate (e.g., disorder)

a to lay the

‫ا ٓرامي‬

foundation (of a building) figurative b to establish the main
point of something c to evaluate as to merit figurative d to

1 to

utter calm 2

‫د جهان ا ٓرامي‬


military At ease! Order Arms!

‫ا ٓرايش‬

ārājísh m. decoration, adornment; attire

‫د ا ٓرايش خونه‬


‫ ارايه‬irājá f. Arabic producing, presentation (of documents, etc.)
‫ ارباب‬arbā́ b Arabic 1 masculine plural from ‫ ارباب النوع‬1 ‫رب‬
gods (pagan) 2 m. [plural: ‫ اربابان‬arbābā́ n] senior elder of a
settlement or extended family; village elder

‫ اربشه‬urbə́sha f. 1 barley corn 2 dialect life, existence
‫ اربشي‬urbə́shi f. plural barley
‫ اربشين‬urbəshín adjective barley ‫ اربشينه ډوډۍ‬barley bread
‫ اربشينه‬urbəshína f. 1 singular of ‫ اربشين‬2 barley bread
‫ اربکتيا‬arbaktjā́ f. the maintenance of order
‫ اربکی‬arbakáj m. tribal constable (minor tribal official having

proverb Come here freely, but leave only with permission.

police powers)

‫ اربوز‬urbúz m. ‫ اربوزه‬urbuzá f. 1 muzzle 2 snout idiom ! ‫اربوز‬
‫ دئ ورک شه‬Be off with you! Don't bother me!
‫ اربوشين‬urbushín  ‫اربشين‬
‫ اربه‬1 arabá f. 1 bullock cart, wagon, carriage 2 gun-carriage 3
wheel ‫ د اربې سيم‬،‫ داربې ډنډه‬spoke 4 landing gear,
undercarriage (of an aircraft) idiom ‫ که دي دا وار‬،‫ډېر په تنگ يم‬
‫ اربه راوچلوله؟‬My affairs are going badly. Will you not help me?
‫ په دې ورځو کښي مي اربه بنده ده‬At present I am in straitened

encroachment on someone, intrusion

on someone

‫ ارادي‬irādí 1 conscious ‫ په ارادي ډول‬consciously 2 volitional
‫ ارارات‬arārā́ t (Mount) Ararat
‫ ا ٓراستگي‬ārāstagí f. 1 adornment 2 beauty
‫ ا ٓراسته‬ārāstá indeclinable 1 adorned 2 well-dressed, smart,
dressed-up ‫ ا ٓراسته کول‬a to adorn b to dress up
‫ اراضي‬arāzí m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ ارض‬2 country, locality,
district ‫ د جهت تعين په اراضي کښي‬orienting or getting familiar


‫ اربه‬2 urbá f. tendon, ligament
‫ اربه کښ‬arbakáḳh draught (i.e., draught animal)
‫ اربه لرونکی‬arabá larúkaj having a wheel; wheeled
‫ ا ٓرت‬1 ārt m. art
‫ ارت‬2 art arát 1 wide, spacious, extensive ‫ارتي صحراوي‬
extensive deserts ‫ ا ٓرت ارته فاصله‬a great expanse ‫د کميس غاړه‬
‫ خورا ارته ده‬The shirt collar is large. 2 open ‫ ارت ځای‬an open
space 3 open, free, exposed, pure (of air) ‫ په ارته هوا کښي‬in the

with respect to the area

‫ ارکان‬persons holding high
‫ اراکين دولت‬arākín-i nobles, dignitaries

arākín m. plural from

positions, leaders

‫آرامه ا ٓرامي‬

‫]ا ٓرام يې‬

‫ ا ٓرامي‬2 ārāmí m. lazy person, lazybones
‫ ا ٓرامي‬3 arāmí Armenian ‫ ا ٓرامي ژبه‬the Armenian language
‫ ا ٓرامېدل‬ārāmedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ا ٓرام شو‬to
soothe, quiet down ‫ ز ړه مي پر ا ٓرام شو‬This soothed me. !‫ا ٓرام شئ‬

Shahrara (name of a section of Kabul)


ārāmí f. 1 calm, peace

wide peace

‫ ارابه‬1 arābá f.  ‫اربه‬
‫ ارابه‬arābá f. volley
‫ اراټ‬arāṭ m.  ‫ارهټ‬
‫ اراخ‬arākh m. rākh 1 irrigation ditch 2 sluice; canal
ً‫ ارادتا‬irādátán Arabic intentionally, premeditatedly
‫ اراده‬irādá f. Arabic 1 will ‫ د ارادې قوت‬strength of will ‫په ټينگه‬
‫ اراده‬،‫ په پخه اراده‬with considerable decisiveness 2 intention,
decision, wish (desire) b to intend; desire; ‫ اراده کول‬official a
to command b to intend; desire ‫ …اراده مي کړې ده چه‬I have
decided …, I intend … ‫ د قندهار اراده يې وکړله‬He decided to go to
Kandahar. ‫ اراده لرل‬to intend, desire ‫ کومي خوا ته دي اراده ده؟‬In
which direction do you want to go? ‫ر اتلل په اراده او تلل په اجازه‬
‫د چا پر ضد بده اراده‬


tranquillity 3 peace (i.e., absence of war)

‫ له ا ٓره‬in essence
‫ آرا‬ārá m. Arabic plural from ‫ د ا ٓراو په‬،‫راي د ا ٓراو د ډېروالی په اثر‬
‫ اکثريت‬with a majority of votes ‫ د ا ٓراو په اتفاق‬unanimously ‫آراي‬
‫ عموميه‬ārā́ -ji plebescite ‫ د ا ٓراو اختلاف‬disagreement
‫ آرا‬2 ārá used as the second element of a composite word ‫شهرآرا‬
take someone into consideration idiom


2 burial-vault,


torture, oppress 2 to annoy, bother, pester

‫ا ٓر‬



‫ ا ٓراميتا‬ārāmtjā́ f.  ‫ ا ٓرامي‬1
‫ آرامچوکۍ‬ārāmchokə́j f. easy chair
‫ ا ٓرامش‬ārāmísh m. calm
‫ ارام طلب‬ārāmtaláb fond of comfort
‫ ا ٓرامگاه‬ārāmgā́ h m. 1 stand, stopping place

enlighten intellects

‫ اذيت‬aziját m. Arabic torture, torment, oppression
‫ اذيتول‬azijatavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اذيت يې کړ‬

‫ا ٓرام خلک‬

peaceful, quiet 2.2 resting 2.3 peaceable

‫ ارال‬arā́ l m. the Aral Sea
‫ آرام‬ārā́ m 1 m. .1 peace, rest ‫ په آرام سره‬peacefully, quietly ‫آرام‬
‫ کول‬to rest, sit with body relaxed, lounge ‫ آرام ورکول‬to allow to
rest, soothe, make easier ‫ ا ٓرام ميندل‬to find peace, calm ‫ا ٓرام نه لرل‬
not to know peace ‫ په ا ٓرام کېدل‬to rest 1.2 comfort 2.1

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open air 4 widely spread apart, bowed (of legs)

‫پښې يې ارتي دي‬

‫ ا ٓرتستي‬artistí  ‫ارتيستي‬
‫ ارتش‬irtísh m. the Irtysh (River)
‫ ارتفاع‬irtifā́ ' f. m. Arabic [plural: ‫ ارتفاعات‬irtifā'ā́ t] 1 altitude,
height ‫ لوړ او هسک ارتفاعات‬a great height ‫ ټيټ ارتفاعات‬a low
altitude ‫ د ارتفاع اقل حد‬astronomy perigee ‫د ارتفاع اکثر حد‬

He is bowlegged. idiom ‫ لږ څه ارت ولاړو‬He stood off to the side.
‫ ا ٓرتاو‬ārtāv m. ‫ ارتاو‬artāv m. 1 throw, toss 2 Eastern shot ‫ا ٓرتاو‬
‫ کول‬compound verb  ‫ آرتاو کېدل ارتاوول‬compound verb 
‫ارتاو ېدل‬
‫ ارتاوز‬artāvúz m.  ‫ارتاويز‬
‫ ارتاوول‬artāvəvə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]ارتاو يې کړ‬1 to throw,

astronomy apogee 2 thickness


‫ د ژبي ارتقا‬development of language 3
‫ ارتقا کول‬to increase, rise, grow
‫ ارتقايي‬irtiḳāí evolutionary ‫ ارتقايي نظريه‬evolutionism, the theory
of evolution ‫ د ډاروين ارتقايي فلسفه‬Darwinism
‫ ارتکاز‬irtikā́ z m. Arabic support, basis ‫پر حقايقو تکيه او ارتکاز ميندل‬

fling, toss 2 Eastern to produce a shot, shoot

development, evolution

‫ ارتاوۍ‬artavə́j f. singular & plural sun-dried currants
‫ ارتاو ېدل‬artāvedə́l denominative, intransitive to be thrown, be

growth, increase



artāvíz 1 m. windbag 2 empty, insipid


irtibā́ t m. Arabic connection, link, communication,


‫ارتاويزي خبري‬

to rest upon facts

‫ ارتنه‬artiná f.  ‫ارتينه‬
‫ ارتوالی‬aratvā́ laj m. ‫ ارت والی‬1 width, spaciousness, extensiveness
‫ د مځکي ارتوالی‬the extent of a territory 2 development (i.e., of a

‫ د چا سره ارتباط لرل‬to have
communication with someone ‫ په … پو ري ارتباط ميندل‬to
establish communication with … ‫ د خارجه ارتباطو مدير‬chief of the

intercourse, relationship

language); expansion (i.e., of trade) 3 tension 4 area (e.g., of a

foreign department


country) 5 diameter (e.g., of a wheel)


irtibātchí m. military messenger, runner (liaison,


Orthodoxy (the Eastern Church)


widespread, state of being far-flung


figurative flexibility

arətedə́l denominative, intransitive 1 to widen, make
spacious, make extensive 2 to be widely spread out, be widely

extended 3 to be disengaged

‫ ارتيست‬artíst m.
‫ ارتيسته‬artísta f.
‫ ارتيستي‬artistí 1

2 renunciation 3 religion tergiversation, recreancy,

a to apostatize from

something, deviate from something b to reject, renounce (e.g., a

1 artist 2 painter

actress, artist
artistic 2 artistically skillful, talented, pertaining

to art generally

irtidādí 1 disloyal

‫ارتدادي سلوک‬

‫ ارتينه‬artiná f. 1 woman 2 wife
‫ ا ٓرټ‬1 arṭ m.  ‫ا ٓرت‬
‫ ارټ‬2 aráṭ m.  ‫ارهټ‬
‫ ارټ ساز‬araṭsāz m. master craftsman engaged in the construction

disloyalty, treason 2


‫ ارتزاق‬irtizā́ ḳ m. Arabic nourishment, subsistence
‫ ارتزاقي‬irtizāḳí Arabic attributive food, produce ‫ارتزاقي مواد‬
food, produce

of wells equipped with the noria (bucket-wheel)

‫ ارتزاقيات‬irtizākijā́ t m. Arabic plural foodstuffs, produce
‫ ارت زړه‬aratzṛə́ ‫ ارت زړى‬arətzə́ṛaj 1 frank, honest, forthright

‫ ا ٓرټسټ‬ārṭísṭ m.  ‫ارتيست‬
‫ ا ٓرټسټه‬arṭísṭa f.  ‫ارتيسته‬
‫ ا ٓرټسټي‬arṭisṭí  ‫ارتيستي‬
‫ ارث‬irs m. Arabic inheritance ‫مال په ارث پر ېښودل‬

(person) 2 generous, noble

‫ ارتسام‬irtisām m. Arabic 1 representation, portrayal ‫په زړه کښي‬
‫ نقش او ارتسام ميندل‬to stamp, impress itself upon; stick, be

to leave a

bequest of property

‫ ارثي‬irsí Arabic hereditary; inherited
‫ ارجاع‬irdzhā́ ' f. Arabic 1 return, recurrence

retained in memory 2 sign, mark
artíst m. 

to extend the fingers 3 to

‫ ارتول‬2 artavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]ما وارتاوه‬to throw, fling, toss
‫ ارتون‬arətún m. width, spaciousness
‫ ارتونه‬artavə́na f. 1 broadening, expansion 2 state of being

‫ ارتجالي‬irtidzhālí impromptu, written extemporaneously
‫ ارتداد‬irtidād m. Arabic 1 desertion, treason, apostasy, deviation

artístá f. 

‫خپلي گوتي ارتول‬

widely, extend

‫ ارتجاعي‬irtidzhā'í 1 reactionary 2 regressive 3 elastic; resilient
‫ ارتجاعي خاصه‬elasticity; resiliency
‫ ارتجاعيت‬irtidzhā'ját m. 1 elasticity; resiliency 2 literal &


artavə́l arətavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]ارت يې کړ‬


recoil (of a weapon)

‫ ارتداد ته التجا کول‬،‫ارتداد کول‬


‫ارتوداکس مذهب‬

1 to widen, make extensive, make expansive 2 to spread

character 3 regression, retrogradation 4 elasticity; resiliency 5


artodā́ ks 1 orthodox, canonical 2 Orthodox (i.e.,

pertaining to the Eastern Orthodox Church)

‫ ارتباطچي گري‬irtibātchigarí f. military communications service
‫ ارتباطي‬irtibātí attributive communication ‫د بحر ارتباطي لاري‬
maritime communications ‫ ارتباطي ادات‬grammar conjunction
‫ ارتجاع‬irtidzhā́ ' f. Arabic 1 politics reaction 2 reactionary in


irtiḳā́ f. Arabic 1 rise (action); eminence, elevation 2

‫ا ٓرتيست‬
‫ا ٓرتيسته‬

3 institution (of an action, suit)


2 direction, address

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ ارجل‬ardzhál 1 confused, muddled 2 m. the common people
‫ ارجل برجل‬ardzhál-bardzhál ‫ ارجل و برجل‬ardzhál-u-bardzhál mixed,



archakārí f. 1 plank panelling, planking; the wooden

‫ ارځېدل‬ardzedə́l intransitive  ‫ارزېدل‬
‫ ارخالک‬arkhālə́k m. arkhaluk (an outer garment)
‫ ارخښ‬arkhaḳh m. 1 sobbing ‫ ارخښ کول‬،‫ ارخښ ايستل‬،‫ارخښ کښل‬
to sob, weep 2 asthma

‫ا ٓرزومن‬

‫ تبادلوي ارزش‬exchange value 3 significance
‫ ارزش ورکول‬to evaluate
m. Uruzgan (city) ‫ د ارزگان‬،‫د ارزگان اعلی حکومت‬

‫ ا ٓرزومند‬ārzumánd desiring something, aspiring to
‫ تلو ته ډېر ا ٓرزومن دئ‬He wants to go very much.

to belch

‫ ارږي بد‬argibád
m. indigestion
‫ ارسال‬irsā́ l m. Arabic singular & plural shipping, sending ‫ارسال‬
‫ کول‬compound verb to send, ship, dispatch ‫هغه کتاب مي په ډاگ‬
‫ ارسال کړئ دئ‬I sent the book through the mail.
‫ ارستوکراتيک‬aristokrātík aristocratic
‫ ارستوکراسي‬aristokrāsí f. aristocracy ‫ د ارستوکراسۍ رژيم‬history
aristocracy, the aristocratic form of government

‫ ارسلان‬arslā́ n m. arsalān proper name Arslan
‫ ارسي‬urusí f. window with a frame capable of being raised and

‫ ارسېنک‬arseník m. plural arsenic
‫ ارشاد‬irshā́ d m. Arabic [plural: ‫ ارشادونه‬irshādúna Arabic
plural: ‫ ارشادات‬irshādā́ t] precept, lesson, instruction ‫و چا ته‬
‫ ارشادات کول‬to give directions to someone; instruct someone
‫ ارشو‬urshó f. [plural: ‫ ارشوگاني‬urshogā́ ni plural: ‫ ارشووي‬urshóvi]


Dear is

dandy – cheap is shoddy. 2 cheaply

common pasture; pasture; meadow

‫ ارشيتکت‬arshitékt m. architect
‫ ارشيف‬arshíf m. archive
‫ ارض‬arz m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اراضي‬arāzí] earth, land
‫ ارضي‬arzí Arabic 1 attributive land, earth; territorial


reduce the price of

fall in price, cheapen


‫ ا ٓرزومندي‬ārzumandí f. desire, wish, aspiration
‫ ارزېدل‬arzedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ وارزيد‬present: ‫ ]ارزي‬to cost, be
worth ‫ دا شي په دې قيمت نه ارزي‬This thing is not worth it. ‫په دې‬
‫ پوهېدل هم ارزي‬That's worth knowing.
‫ ارږمي‬1 argamáj
m. Eastern  ‫ارږي‬
‫ ارږمۍ‬2 argamə
̣ ́ f. Western yawning, yawn ‫ ارږمۍ کښل‬to yawn
‫ ارږه‬urgə̣ ́ m. plural  ‫اورږه‬
‫ ارږی‬argaj̣ m. Western belching ‫ ارږی کول‬،‫ ارږی بدول‬،‫ارږی ايستل‬



‫ ارزانه‬arzāna feminine singular from ‫ارزان‬
‫ ارزاني‬arzāní f. cheapness
‫ ارزانېدل‬arzānedə́l denominative, intransitive

use value



‫ ارزان بيع‬arzānbáj' ‫ ارزان بيه‬arzānbája cheap
‫ ارزانتوب‬arzāntób m. ‫ ارزانتيا‬arzāntjā́ f. cheapness
‫ ارزان فروش‬arzānfurúsh selling cheaply
‫ ارزان فروشي‬arzānfurushí f. economics dumping
‫ ارزانوالی‬arzānvā́ laj m. cheapness, low prices
‫ ارزانول‬arzānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]ارزان يې کړ‬

to be of equivalent worth, be of

‫استعمالي ارزش‬

These dreams did not come true.

‫ اردن‬urdún m. ‫ اردنيه‬urdunijá f. Arabic Jordania
‫ اردو‬urdú 1 m. .1 army, forces ‫ اردوي افغان‬the Afghan Army
‫ بحري اردو‬marines ‫ بري اردو‬a land army ‫د صحرا اردو سيار اردو‬
‫ عملياتي اردو فعالي اردو‬a field army ‫ منظم اردو‬regular army ‫د اردو‬
‫ رياست‬Combined Arms Directorate (in the War Ministry) ‫د اردو‬
‫ د احتياط قوه‬the army reserve 1.2 m. military camp 1.3 f.
Urdu (language) 2 attributive ‫ اردو ژبه‬the Urdu language ‫اردو‬
‫ کتابونه‬books in Urdu
‫ اردو بازار‬urdubāzār m. post exchange facilities
‫ اردوگاه‬urdugāh m. military camp
‫ اردووالا‬urduvālā́ m. Urdu speaker
‫ اردو يې‬urduí attributive army, forces
‫ ارډر‬arḍár m. 1 order 2 instruction
‫ ارډي نېنس‬arḍinéns m. regional edict
‫ ارړي‬1 irṛáj m. ram (non-fat tailed breed)
‫ ارړي‬2 irṛə́j f. sheep, ewe (non-fat tailed breed)
‫ ارزاق‬arzāḳ m. 1 from ‫ رزق‬2 provisions, food stores, food
‫ گران بې حکمته‬،‫ارزان بې علته نه وي‬

‫د ډېر ارزښت وړ تحقيقات‬

‫ ارزگان‬uruzgā́ n
‫ ولايت‬history Uruzgan Province
‫ ا ٓرزو‬ārzó f. ārzú [plural: ‫ ا ٓرزوگاني‬ārzogā́ ni plural: ‫ ا ٓرزووي‬ārzú]
1 wish, desire ‫ د کاميابۍ ا ٓرزو‬desire for success ‫سره د ډېري ا ٓرزو‬
despite a great desire 2 hope, expectation, expectancy ‫ا ٓرزو لرل‬
a to wish, desire ‫ …ا ٓرزو مي درلوده چه‬I wished that … b to
hope, expect 3 dream, daydream ‫هغه ارزوگاني نااجرا پاتي شوې‬

portion of a structure 2 cabinetwork, carpentry work

arzā́ n 1 cheap

‫ارزش لرل‬

surplus value

4 evaluation

coniferous tree


arzəḳht m. 1 value

equal worth 2 economics cost

‫ ارجمند‬ardshmánd 1 valuable, expensive 2 excellent
‫ ارجنټاين‬ardshantājn Argentina
‫ ارچه‬archá f. 1 archa (a kind of juniper bush) 2 kind of

‫ آردابه‬ārdābá f. mash (food)
‫ ارداوه‬ardāvá f. fodder (for cattle, barley or wheat)
‫ اردل‬ardál m. 1 bodyguard 2 orderly, batman
‫ اردلي‬ardalí m. obsolete orderly ‫د اردلي سپاهيان اردلی‬


very valuable research

intermixed, disorderly, muddled

‫ارچه کاري‬

arzísh m.

2 surface,

land (as in land or ground forces)

‫ ارغ‬arágh m. plural
‫ ارغشی‬arghasháj m.

[past: ‫ ]ارزان شو‬to

1 clearing of the throat

the throat 2 inhalation (when smoking)


arghumā́ n m. 


‫ارغشی کول‬

to clear

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ ارغنج‬arghándzh m. [plural: ‫ ارغنجونه‬arghandzhúna plural:
‫ ارغنجان‬arghandzhā́ n] plum
‫ ارغنجک‬arghandzhák m. kind of damson plum (the tree or its

‫ ارگړه‬argāná m. riding school, riding hall, riding arena
‫ ارگمی‬argamáj m. Eastern  ‫ ارږمۍ‬2 ‫ ارگمی يې کول‬argamí
‫ ارگنه‬arganá f. latticed door; door in form of grill
‫ ارگون‬urgún m. Urgun (town, district) ‫ارگون او کټواز‬


‫ ارغنجي‬arghandzháj m. cherry (the tree or its fruit)
‫ ارغند‬arghánd m. [plural: ‫ ارغندونه‬arghandúna] Western [plural:
‫ ارغندان‬arghandā́ n] paddle, bat (used in playing knucklebones)
‫ د ارغند لوبه‬the game of knucklebones
‫ ارغنداب‬arghandā́ b m. ‫ ارغنداو‬arghandā́ v m. Argendab (river,

2 figurative

earthly paradise


‫ د چا ارمانونه پوره کول‬to carry out
‫ د زړه څخه يو ارمان ليري کول‬to fulfill a
cherished desire 2 dream ‫ زما ارمان نه دئ ختلي‬I still dream
about this all the time. ‫ په ارمان سره مړ شو‬He died without
realizing his dreams 3 melancholy ‫فتح خان ته بېکسۍ او يوازي توب‬
‫ ارمان ودرېدئ‬folklore Fatekh-Khan grew melancholy in his
solitude. ‫ په دې شان به يې په زړه ارمان پاتي نه شي‬Thus he was
inwardly at peace. 4 regret, repentance; grief ‫ ارمان لرل‬to regret
something ‫ د زړه ارمان رژول‬to set one's heart at ease ‫ ارمان کول‬a
to dream b to yearn c to regret; grieve; mourn over ‫پر خپل تېر‬
‫ شوي عمر ارمان کول‬to regret the past ‫ په چا پسې ارمان کول‬a to pity
someone b to miss someone !‫ وکې ارمان به‬،‫ ارمان مه کوه‬Look
out, you'll be sorry! !‫ ارمان ارمان دئ‬I'm very, very sorry! ‫ارمان‬
‫ دئ چه زه ښار ته تللئ وای‬I regret not having gone into town. ‫ارمان‬
‫ پس له زواله دئ‬proverb They are sorry when it is already too

arghańun m. music organ

armā́ n m. 1 strong desire

someone's desires

arghavā́ n arghuvā́ n ledum (marsh tea); pink acacia, Cercis

siliquastrum ‫ زېړ ارغوان‬Sophora griffithi

‫ ارغواني‬arghavāní purple, crimson
‫ ارغوش‬arghúsh dark-complexioned
‫ ارغوشول‬arghushavə́l denominative, transitive

Katawaz and


‫ ارگی‬argáj  ‫ارږی‬
‫ ارم‬irám m. 1 Irem (legendary garden in Arabia)





[past: ‫]ارغوش يې کړ‬

to make dark


arghushedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]ارغوش شو‬
to be made dark, tan

‫ ارغومي‬1 urghúmaj m. kid, young goat
‫ ارغومې‬2 urghúme f. diminutive goat
‫ ارغون‬arghún m. music organ
‫ ارغونچی‬arghuncháj m. rope, cord (braided from three strands)
‫ ارغونچی کول‬to twist a cord, plait a cord
‫ ارغوند‬arghún m.  ‫ارغند‬
‫ ارغوي‬urghə́vaj m. palm (of the hand)
‫ ارقام‬1 arḳā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫رقم‬
‫ ارقام‬2 irḳā́ m m. Arabic spelling
‫ ارک‬urə́k dialect  ‫ورک‬
‫ ارکاره‬arkārá f.  ‫ هرکاره‬2
‫ ارکان‬arkā́ n m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ رکن‬2 leaders, leadership,
leadership apparatus ‫ ارکان دولت‬arkā́ n-i higher official
personages, dignitaries ‫ عسکري ارکان‬generals, general officers,



armāndzhén 1 desiring something; dreaming of

something 2 grieving, yearning 3 regretting

‫ ارماند‬armánd m.  ‫ارمان‬
‫ ارماني‬armāní 1 desirable 2 ideal, perfect
‫ ارمبه‬arambá f.  ‫رمبي‬
‫ ارمچک‬aramchák m. abusive cur, mongrel
‫ ارمړ‬urmə́ṛ 1 m. plural the Ormuri (also called Bakari or Bakisti;
a nomadic people living in both Pakistan and Afghanistan south
of Kabul) 2 m. Ormur (person)

higher command personnel 3 military staff, headquarters

‫ عمومي ارکان‬،‫ ارکان حربيه عموميه‬General Staff
‫ د عمومي ارکانو رئيس‬Chief of the General Staff
‫ ارکانحرب‬arkānikhárb m. ‫ ارکانحربيه‬arkāniharbijá f. staff
‫ ارکتيک‬arktík arctic
‫ ارکزي‬urəkzí m.  ‫ورکزي‬
‫ ارکسترا‬arkestrā́ f. orchestra
‫ ارکسترائي‬arkestrāí attributive orchestra
‫ ارکيالوجست‬arkijālodzhíst m. archeologist
‫ ارکيالوجي‬arkijālodzhí m. archeology
‫ ارگ‬arg m. fortress, citadel (primarily used of the Kabul Arg, the
king's residents) ‫ د ارگ باغ‬the Arg Garden (in Kabul)
‫ ارگان‬orgā́ n m. organ (of political or government power)
‫ ارگانه‬argāná f. food, nourishment
‫ ارگانيزم‬orgānízm m. organism
‫ ارگجه‬argadzhá mixed, heterogeneous


atkā́ n-i harbijá-ji

armaghā́ n m. gift, souvenir; remembrance

to keep in one's memory

‫ارمغان پر ېښودل‬

‫ ارمگی‬aramgáj m. shepherd's crook
‫ ارمنستان‬armanistā́ n m.  ‫ارمنيا‬
‫ ارمني‬armaní 1 Armenian ‫ ارمني ژبه‬the Armenian language
Armenian (person)

‫ ارمنيا‬armanijā́ f. arminijā́ Armenia
‫ ارمولي‬urmúlaj m. armólaj diarrhea (in children)
‫ ا ٓرموني‬ārmuní f. music harmony
‫ ارمونيا‬1 armunjā́ f. aluminum
‫ ارمونيا‬2 armunjā́ f.  ‫ا ٓرمونيه‬
‫ ارمونيک‬armuník m. accordion, concertina
‫ ا ٓرمونيه‬armunijá f. harmonium ‫ لويه ا ٓرمونيه‬an organ
‫ ارمېږ‬urmég ̣ m. neck
‫ ارمېنيا‬armenjā́ f.  ‫ارمنيا‬

2 m.

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ آرن‬ārán m. bugle (musical instrument)
‫ آرند‬āránd m.  ‫آرن‬
‫ ارڼي‬urṇáj m. swaddling clothes
‫ اروا‬arvā́ f. [plural: ‫ ارواگاني‬arvāgā́ ni plural: ‫ ارواوي‬arvávi] 1
spirit 2 soul idiom ‫ اروا څک کېدل‬،‫ اروا څک کول‬to think only of
food ‫ اروا سولول‬a to be greedy (esp. for food) b to conduct


‫پر اروا اورېدل‬

pruning saw idiom

‫ ا ٓره‬2
‫ اره‬3

‫ څه دي پر اروا اوري؟‬،‫دي نه کوي‬


‫د ارواح په خوښۍ څه بخښل روح‬

to sacrifice something for a departed soul

̣ laj m. greed, avidity, insatiability

‫تېزه اروونې‬

arhár m.

singular & plural dove pea, Cajanus

arjānā́ f. history Ariana (the western part of the Iranian


folklore He surprised everyone.

‫ ارياني‬1 arjāní f.  ‫حيراني‬
‫ ارياني‬2 arjā́ ni f. plural  ‫اريان‬
‫ ا ٓرياني‬3 ārjaní  ‫ا ٓريا يې‬
‫ اريانېدل‬arjānedə́l intransitive  ‫حيرانېدل‬
‫ ا ٓريا يې‬ārjāí 1 attributive Aryan 2 m. Aryan (person)
‫ اريځ‬urjádz f. ‫ اريځه‬urjádza f. [plural: ‫ اريځي‬urjádzi] cloud,
cloudiness ‫ اريځ ده‬It is cloudy. It is overcast. ‫ هوا اريځ کېږي‬The

1 to oblige to listen 2

sharp (loud, high-

‫ اروي‬1 árvi present tense of ‫اروېدل‬
‫ اروې‬2 árve present tense, second person of ‫اروېدل‬
‫ اروېدل‬arvedə́l transitive [past: ‫ وايي روېدل‬present: ‫ ]اروي‬Western
to hear; listen; heed ‫ د اخبره په دواړو غوږو واروه‬Listen carefully to
what I shall tell you. … ‫ اروېدلي مي دي چه‬arvedə́li I heard that
… ‫ اروېدلي به دي وي چه‬You probably heard that … ‫اروېدل کېدل‬
passive to be heard ‫ نوم يې ښه اروېدل کېږي‬One hears good things

weather is getting overcast.

‫ اريړه‬ariṛá f. myrobalan (the tree or its fruit)
‫ اريک شريک‬arik-sharík m. regional tribal feud, blood feud
‫ ارين‬árijan  ‫ا ٓريائي‬
‫ ارئي‬1 irjáj m. dried rhubarb
‫ ارئي‬2 irjáj m.  ‫ ارړي‬1
‫ اړ‬aṛ ‫ ا ٓړ‬āṛ 1 m. .1 obstacle; hinderance 1.2 error, delusion 1.3
cover, ambush ‫ اړ اخيستل‬to lie in ambush 1.4 hobbles; fetters,

about him. He enjoys a good reputation. He has a good name.

‫ اروېدنه‬arvedə́na f. hearing, audition
‫ اروېدون‬arvedún m. listening ‫تاسي د هغه په اروېدون کښي داسي وويل‬

chains 1.5 colic 1.6 constipation 2 predicative .1

You said this about him; that he listened to what you said.


‫ ارهرو‬arharú

arháḍ m. 

‫ اريانتوب‬arjāntób m. ‫ اريانتيا‬arjāntjā́ f.  ‫حيرانتيا‬
‫ اريانول‬arjānavə́l transitive  ‫ټوله يې په ځان پوري اريان کړه حيرانول‬

to read aloud

arvúne f. noise, sound

land irrigated by means

dumbfounded, surprised


muddled 2 f. ill-matched company, motley crew

pitched) noise

‫ارهټي مځکه‬

‫ اره کش‬arakásh m. sawyer, woodcutter
‫ اره کشي‬arakashí sawing (of lumber)
‫ اره گل‬aragúl m. karakul (fur from the pelt of an Asian sheep)
‫ ارهنډ‬arhánḍ m. singular & plural ‫ ارهنډه‬arhánḍa f. castor-oil
plant ‫ د ارهنډي تېل د ارهنډ وتېل‬castor oil
‫ اري‬iráj m.  ‫ ارړي‬1
‫ اريان‬arjā́ n  ‫ اوس اريان يم چه څه به وکم حيران‬I am taken aback. I
do not know what to do. ‫ اريان اريان‬completely thunderstuck,

‫ ارواوږی‬arvāvə́gaj̣ greedy, avid, insatiable
‫ اروپا‬urupā́ f. Europe
‫ اروپايي‬urupāí 1 indeclinable European 2 European (person)
‫ اروته‬arváta f. 1 woman 2 wife
‫ اروړ‬1 aróṛ m. stutterer, stammerer
‫ اروړ‬2 aróṛ m. 1 spite 2 envy
‫ اروړه‬aroṛá 1 mixed, intermixed, muddled up ‫ اروړه کول‬to mix,
intermix, muddle ‫ اروړه کېدل‬to be mixed, be intermixed, be


arhaṭí attributive well


‫ ارواړۍ‬arvaṛə́j f. singular & plural dandelion
‫ ارواوږتوب‬arvāvəgtób
m. ‫ ارواوږتيا‬arvāvəgtjā́
̣ f. ‫ارواوږوالی‬

‫ اروړه توب‬aroṛatób m. blend, mixture
‫ اروسي‬urusí f.  ‫ارسي‬
‫ اروگوی‬urugváj m. Urugvaj
‫ ارومرو‬arumarú  ‫هرومرو‬
‫ اروول‬arvavə́l transitive [past: ‫]وايي رواوه‬

Eastern saying Her tongue

of a "noria" (i.e., water wheel)

literal May God diminish the

arvā́ h m. Arabic plural from

‫دې وران ارهټ نه سپي ليري شه‬

has been loosened. She is babbling all over the place.


consequences! figurative What are you thinking of doing?


āra f. foundation, groundwork
urə́ m. plural  ‫ اوره‬1
arhaṭ well provided with a noria (i.e., water bucket wheel)


a to have a presentiment,

have a foreboding b to think of, devise, invent; think up

‫ اره څکول‬to saw up, cut up 2
‫ پر احمد اره و دو سره برابره ده‬Ahmed suffered a

āra f. 1 saw (the tool)

good deal of unpleasantness. Ahmed is in difficult straits.

oneself basely; toady, grovel, bootlick c to be stingy, be

niggardly d to sniff at


arvedúnkaj 1 present participle of


connected, tied together 2.2 detained; apprehended 2.3 stuck;

2 m. radio

listener !‫ ښاغلو اروېدونکو‬Dear radio listeners!
‫ اروېده‬arvedə́ m. plural 1 listening ‫د دې خبري په اروېدو سره ډېر په‬
‫ قهر شو‬Having heard of this, he became very angry. 2 rumors
‫ آرویی‬ā́ rwajaj m. keyword

‫زما لاس اړ دئ‬

a My arm is caught. My arm is entangled.

b I am busy. I am engaged. 2.4 experiencing difficulties;

being in need

‫اړ کول‬

of nothing. 2.5

‫ اړول‬2 ‫ و هيڅ شي ته اړ نه وو‬He is in need
compelled, forced … ‫ اړ دئ چه‬He is

compelled … 2.6 muddled, confused; intricate, complex;

Pashto-English Dictionary


difficult to understand 2.7 very busy; absorbed, engrossed

‫ اړ وتل‬ ‫ اړوتل‬2.8 suffering from constipation
‫ اړېدل‬1 idiom ‫ اړ او دوړ‬ ‫اړودوړ‬
1 driveler 2  ‫اړام‬

(e.g., in work)


anatomy true rib, upper rib


‫ اړا‬iṛā́ m.
‫ اړام‬aṛā́ m impudent, brazen
‫ اړامنه‬aṛā́ mna f. impudence, impertinence
‫ اړاند‬aṛā́ nd 1 detained 2 straitened, burdened 3 disordered,
disturbed ‫ اړاند کول‬a to detain b to put restraint on; burden
to disturb ‫ اړاند کېدل‬a to be detained b to be straitened, be

side seats, seats at the sides

‫ اړخيزه حمله‬flank attack 4
angular, uneven 5 wide, flat idiom ‫ اړخيز گلوبيول‬physiology
leucocyte, white blood cell ‫ ژوولې او اړخيزه خبره کول‬to speak



uṛdí f. Eastern civil tunic, military formal coat

aṛkáj m. aṛəkáj 1 staircase; stepladder 2 bar; bolt 3 part

of a weaving machine

‫ اړکۍ‬2 arkə́j f. arəkə́j singular trap
‫ اړکېده‬aṛkedə́ m. plural hinderance, delay ‫بې اړ کېدو‬



interference, without delay

‫ اړت‬2 aṛə́t m.  ‫ارهټ‬
‫ اړتاو‬aṛtā́ v m.  ‫آرتاو‬
‫ اړتوب‬aṛtób m.  ‫اړتيا‬
‫ اړتون‬aṛtún m. prison
‫ اړتي‬aṛatí m. broker; merchant; one who conducts business on the

‫ اړ گړه‬aṛgaṛá f. 1 stable 2 horse-breeding farm
‫ اړلنگ‬aṛláng m. imagination, thought, idea
‫ اړم‬1 aṛám m. 1 crowbar; lever 2 bar, bolt ‫ اړم کول‬compound
verb  ‫ اړمول‬،‫ اړم کېدل‬compound verb  ‫ اړمېدل‬3 brake,
hindrance 4 prop, support ‫ ځان و يو شي ته اړم کول‬to rest, set

basis of brokerage commissions


‫ و… ته اړتيا لرل‬to have a
requirement for … to have a need for … ‫د چا اړتياوي برابرول د چا‬
‫ اړتياوي ليري کول د چا اړتياوي پوره کول‬to satisfy someone's wants,
satisfy someone's requirements ‫ څوک د بل له اړتيا څخه ايستل‬to

‫ اړم‬2 úṛəm regional  ‫ وړم‬1
‫ اړمن‬aṛimán m. "ariman" (an evil spirit, demon, devil)
‫ اړمول‬aramavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اړم يې کړ‬

aṛtjā́ f. necessity, requirement, need

the pronunciation of retroflex consonants) 3 to rest against

‫ اړخ په اړخ‬side by side ‫ د… پر اړخو‬on each side
‫ د… و اړخ ته‬،‫ د… د اړخ سره‬، ‫ د… په اړخ‬close by …, at,
near … ‫ له خپله اړخه‬side by side with one ‫ پر اړخ پرېوتل‬to lie on
one's side ‫ پر راسته اړخ بيدېدل‬to sleep on the right side ‫پر اړخ‬
‫ اړخ بدلول‬،‫ اوښتل‬to turn over on the side ‫ اړخ لگول‬a to lean one's
aṛkh 1 side

something; lean against something

‫ اړمي‬aramáj m.
‫ اړمېدل‬aṛamedə́l

of …

‫ اړم‬1

denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اړم شو‬1 to be

employed in the capacity of a lever 2 figurative to set
energetically to work

elbows (on); lean, rest (against) b to go to sleep, rest c to suit,

‫اړخ لگېدل‬

1 to

employ as a lever 2 to apply the tongue to the hard palate (in

liberate, relieve someone of dependence

fit, be suitable, be proper

‫اړخيز ځایونه‬

of a hall or auditorium 2 extreme, outer, last, located on the

‫ اړايستل‬aṛistə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]اړ يې ايست‬to compel, oblige
‫ اړائي‬arājí f. bad harvest, crop failure
‫ اړت‬1 aṛát m. commission trade, trade on a brokerage


aṛkhíz 1 side, lateral

edge 3 military flank, flanking

burdened c to be disturbed


arkhaj m. 1 slope (of a mountain) 2 incline, declivity 3

‫دې چاري ته ښه اړم شوئ دئ‬

He undertook

this matter energetically.

‫ اړناوی‬arnāváj m. 1 riches 2 solvency, richness
‫ اړنگ‬aṛáng m. 1 doubt; vacillation 2 suspicion 3 blame ‫اړنگ‬
‫ نيول‬a to doubt; vacillate b to suspect c to find deficiencies;

a to be up to, have within

‫اړخ په اړخ اوړي‬
He moves from side to side. 2 edge (e.g., of a table); side ‫کتاب‬
‫ د مېز و اړخ ته دئ‬The book lies at the edge of the table. ‫د واټ بل‬
‫ اړخ ته تېرېدل‬to cross over to the other side of the street 3 board
one's capacity b to calm, quiet, settle down from


‫اړنگ بړنگ‬

(of a boat) 4 military flank 5 slope (of a mountain) 6 math


‫اړنگ دوړنگ‬

aṛáng-duṛáng 1 doubting,

uncertain, vacillating 2 confused, embarrassed


aṛangə́j f. step, running board ‫ اړنگۍ اچول‬to backheel (i.e.,
to throw an opponent in wrestling by tripping him, throwing his

edge, intersection 7 slant, aspect, point of view

‫ اړخ دار‬aṛkhā́ r ‫ اړخدار‬ ‫اړخ لرونکی‬
‫ اړخک‬aṛkhák m. hunting battue (a method of hunting in which

heel over one's leg)

‫ اړوالی‬aṛvā́ laj m.  ‫اړتيا‬
‫ اړوتړ‬aṛutáṛ m. 1 persuasion 2 measure
‫ اړوتل‬aṛvatə́l intransitive [past: ‫ اړووت‬past: ‫]اړوزي‬

animals are driven into some place for the convenience of the

‫ اړخ لرونکی‬aṛkh larúnkaj having edges, faceted, multifaceted ‫اړخ‬
‫ لرونکی پنسل‬a cut pencil ‫ اړخ لرونکی جسم‬،‫اړخ لرونکی څيز‬

1 to be

occupied, be busy with something 2 to be obliged, be forced




aṛkhə́n 1  ‫ اړخيز‬2 traversing a slope 3 going along
something ‫ سړک د سيند په غاړه اړخن تللئ دئ‬The road goes along

aṛudúṛ m. 1 skirmish, melee; battle 2 argument, conflict,


‫اړودوړ نښلول‬

a to engage in battle b to create a



the riverbank. 4 bordering; edging


aṛoḳhtaj m. economy

Pashto-English Dictionary


aṛavə́l ‫ ا ٓړول‬aṛavə́l transitive [past: ‫ وايي ړاوه‬present: ‫]اړوي‬
1 to move, stir 2 to shift, move elsewhere 3 to turn, turn over,

،‫ په … پوري اړه لرل‬،‫ ته اړه لرل‬a to be connected with something,
depend upon something ‫هر کار په خپل و خت سره اړه لري‬
Everything in its own time. ‫ … اړه په‬b to belong to ‫اړه و … ته‬
b to need ‫ هوا ته اړه لرل‬to need fresh air 3 obstacle 4 iron
stove lid, iron stove cover idiom ‫ اړه ايستل‬to relieve oneself,


leaf through

‫د کتاب پاڼي اړول‬

to leaf through a book 4 to

‫تمام پټي يې اړولي دئ‬

transpose 5 to plow, dig, dig over again


ploughed the entire field. He dug over the entire field. 6 to
hold fast, bring to a stop, restrain 7 to take away, remove from

answer the call of nature

‫ اړه‬3 uṛə́ m. plural dialect  ‫اوړه‬
‫ اړه‬4 áṛa f. singular  ‫ اړ‬2
‫ اړه کی‬aṛakáj m.  ‫ اړکی‬1
‫ اړي‬1 aṛí f.  ‫ اړېکي‬1, 3
‫ اړي‬2 iṛáj m.  ‫ ارړي‬1
‫ اړۍ‬3 aṛə́j plural from ‫ اړي‬1
‫ اړيځي‬aṛídzáj m. guardroom, brig (place for short-term detention

the road 8 to put, put in, load 9 to load something from one
place to another

‫ تر غره اړول‬، ‫له غره نه اړول‬

to load (and transport)

‫پښه په پښه اړول‬

over the mountain 10 to throw repeatedly; throw across


a to cross the legs b to sit (e.g., on a horse)

to cross the legs 11 to place in or convert to other
circumstances or status

‫اردو د روغي په شان اړول‬

to convert the

army to peacetime status 12 to translate (from one language to

‫پښتو اړول‬

to translate into Pashto 13 to drain (e.g.,

of arrestees)


aṛedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اړ شو‬1 to need,
experience a need for; requirement 2 to be forced ‫الوتکه ښکته‬

water) 14 to turn against (someone) 15 to attach a different
meaning to something; turn things against someone 16 to inflict

‫ دښمن ته درانه تلفات اړول‬to inflict
great loss on the enemy ‫ و چا ته مالي تاوان اړول‬to inflict material
losses on someone ‫ بېړۍ ته زيان اړول‬to wreck a ship 17 to
unload ‫ بار اړول‬to unload 18 to drop in, pay a call, stay
somewhere ‫ بر چا اړول‬to stay too long ‫دا يوه مياشت کېږي چه‬
‫ راباندي يې اړولي دي‬He has already been our guest for a month.
‫ دوی په کاروان سرای کښي واړول‬He stayed at the caravansarai. 19
to spend, pass (time) ‫ اړول را اړول‬a to turn over, overturn, topple
b to change ‫ ځان اړول‬to turn away from ‫د چا د خبري څخه ځان اړول‬

‫کېدو ته اړه شوه‬

(damage, harm, loss), harm

uṛedə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]اړه شول‬to be milled, be made
into flour

aṛedə́na f.


aṛedə́ m. plural 1 


2 need,


‫ اړيستل‬aṛjistə́l transitive  ‫اړايستل‬
‫ اړيسه‬aṛisá boiled ‫ اړيسه غوښه‬boiled meat
‫ اړيکتيايي سيسټم‬aṛiktjiājí sísṭəm m. communication system
‫ اړیکنیو څار‬aṛíknajū tsā́ r m. call waiting
‫ اړېکی‬aṛekáj m. 1 need, requirement; necessity, requisite 2
relationship, connection ‫ تجارتي اړېکي ټينگول‬aṛeki to strengthen
trade links ‫ اړېکی لرل‬a to be in need, experience a need or
requirement ‫ څه اړېکي راسره لرې؟‬What do you need from me? b

situation 4 to force, compel, oblige, make


aṛavə́laj 1 past participle of ‫ اړول‬1 2.1 muddled up 2.2
inappropriate, unseemly, obscene ‫ اړولي چاري‬aṛavə́li a

‫ اړولي خبري‬aṛavə́li
‫اړولئ بخت‬

a disconnected speech b grumbling, mumbling


aṛeṛá f.


aṛeṛə́j f. the crosspiece of a noria (i.e., water
wheel) to which the buckets are attached

aṛavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اړ يې کړ‬1 prevent,
hinder 2 to detain, seize, catch 3 to place in a difficult





muddled matters b unseemly, indecent acts

The aircraft made a forced landing. 3 to be in

great difficulties 4 to stay too long, linger on, stick


not to listen to someone, to ignore



to have a relationship, have a connection 3 obstacle,
hinderance, difficulty

aṛvándzh m. 1 basis, foundation 2 leg (of a furniture piece)

‫اړېکي اچول‬

a to establish a relationship

connection b to hinder, put obstables in the way, impede,

3 supporting member

hamper 4 medicine constipation 5 bolt, bar


aṛavə́na f. 1 turning over, capsizing, reversing 2
translation, transference 3 substitution, replacement 4



‫ ا ٓز‬āz m. Arabic 1 desire, passion 2 greediness, avidity
‫ ا ٓزاد‬āzā́ d ‫ ازاد‬azā́ d 1.1 free, open, unrestricted ‫په ا ٓزاده هوا کښي‬
in the open air ‫ ا ٓزاد بحر‬the open sea ‫ لاس يې ا ٓزاد پرېږده‬a don't


aṛavúnkaj 1 present participle of

aṛína f. 1 need, requirement, necessity, requisite 2


‫ اړول‬1 2 ‫توري اړوونکی‬

grammar preposition

‫ اړوونى‬aṛawū́nay m. adapter
‫ اړوي‬1 áṛavi present tense of ‫ اړول‬1
‫ اړوي‬2 áṛavi present tense of ‫ اړول‬2
‫ اړوي‬3 áṛvi vice of ‫ اوړي‬2
‫ آړه‬1 āṛa f. furrow
‫ اړه‬2 aṛá f. 1 relationship, connection, association; dependence 2
need, requirement; necessity …‫ و‬،‫په … سره اړه لرلپه … اړه لرل‬

hinder him b let him go 1.2 independent; autonomous 2 m.

.1 a free man 2.2 proper name Azad idiom

‫آزاد وتل‬

to pass

completely through

‫ا ٓزادانه‬

āzādāná 1.1 free, unrestricted

‫ا ٓزادانه ژوندون لرل‬

to live

freely, lead an unrestricted life 1.2 independent 2.1 freely,
unrestrictedly 2.2 independently

‫ا ٓزادخيال‬

āzādkhijā́ l freethinking

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ آزادخيالي‬āzādkhijālí f. freethinking; free thought
‫ ازادکي‬azādagí f.  ‫ ا ٓزادي‬1
‫ آزادول‬āzādavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]آزاد يې کړ‬

‫ ا ٓزردگي‬āzurdagí f. offense; injury, disorder, grief, displeasure
‫ آزرده‬āzurdá indeclinable offended; injured, disordered, grieved
‫ له چا څخه آزرده کېدل‬to be offened at someone
‫ ا ٓزرده خاطر‬āzurdakhātír ‫ آزرده دل‬āzurdadíl  ‫آزرده‬
‫ ازرو‬azrú m. Azru (district, Pakti Province)
‫ ازغکي‬azghakáj m. 1 prickle, thorn 2 regional mimosa,

to free,


‫ ا ٓزاده‬āzā́ da 1 indeclinable  ‫ ا ٓزاد‬1 2 feminine singular from ‫ا ٓزاد‬
‫ آزادي‬1 āzādí f. 1 freedom ‫ د نطق او بيان آزادي‬freedom of speech
‫ د تحرير او تقرير آزادي‬، ‫ د مطبوعاتو ا ٓزادي‬freedom of the press ‫د‬
‫ تشکيلاتو آزادي‬freedom of organization ‫ د عقيدې آزادي‬freedom
of conscience ‫ د عملياتو ا ٓزادي‬freedom of action ‫د ا ٓزادۍ مجاهده‬
the struggle for freedom ‫ د ا ٓزادۍ غوښتلو نهضت‬the liberation

Prosopis stephaniana

‫ ازغن‬azghə́n  ‫اغزن‬
‫ ازغی‬azgháj m. 1 prickle, thorn ‫ يو ازغی ور سره تل‬،‫هر چيري گل وي‬
‫ وي‬proverb There is no rose without thorns. 2 barbed wire
idiom ‫ دا زما په سترگو کښي ازغی دئ‬It is like a sore on my eye.
‫ ازگار‬uzghār  ‫وزگار‬
‫ ازگارتوب‬uzgārtób m. ‫ ازگارتيا‬uzgārtjā́ f.  ‫وزگارتوب‬
‫ ازگارول‬uzgāravə́l denominative, transitive  ‫وزگارول‬
‫ ازگارېدل‬uzgāredə́l denominative, intransitive  ‫وزگارېدل‬
‫ ازگړی‬uzgəṛaj m. Eastern 1 large kid (i.e., young of goat) 2

movement 2 independence

‫ ا ٓزادی‬2 āzādáj m. proper name Azadaj (diminutive of Azad)
‫ آزادي خواه‬āzādikhā́ h 1 freedom-loving 2 liberal
‫ آزادي خواهي‬āzādikhāhí f. 1 love of freedom 2 liberalism
‫ آزادېدل‬āzādedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]آزاد شو‬1 to be
liberated; be free 2 to receive freedom; be independent

‫ آزادي دوست‬āzādidóst freedom-loving
‫ آزادېده‬āzādedə́ m. plural liberation
‫ آزادي غوښتونکی‬āzādí guḳhtúnkaj freedom-loving
‫ آزار‬1 āzā́ r m. ‫ ازار‬azā́ r m. 1 illness, disease 2 offense; injury
‫ وچاته آزار رسول‬to offend someone ‫ چاته په ا ٓزار کېدل‬to take

Western goat

‫ ازگي‬izgí f.
‫ ازل‬azál m.

folklore Thus it was fated for me.


offense at someone 3 pursuit

‫ ازار‬2

2 shrewd, crafty


carry out an experiment 3 roll call, muster

at someone


‫د غلطيو ازالت‬
‫ ازالت کول‬compound


izālá f. Arabic 1 elimination

the elimination of errors 2 disappearance

‫ ازمايل‬azmājə́l transitive  ‫ازمويل‬
‫ ازماينه‬azmājə́na f.  ‫ازمېښت‬
‫ ازمودل‬azmudə́l transitive  ‫ازمويل‬
‫ ازموده‬asmudá indeclinable experienced; worldly-wise ‫ازموده کول‬
to make experienced ‫ هغه ازموده سردار و‬He was an experienced

verb to remove, eliminate

echo, sound)

‫ ازبک‬uzbák m. Uzbek (person)
‫ ازبکستان‬uzbakistā́ n m. Uzbekistan
‫ ازبکه‬uzbáka f. Uzbek (female)
‫ ازبکي‬1 uzbakí attributive Uzbek ‫ازبکي ژبه‬

military leader.

‫ ازموده کار‬azmudakā́ r tested, experienced; checked out
‫ ازمويښت‬azmojə́ḳht m. azmujə́ḳht  ‫ازمايښت‬
‫ ازمويښتي‬azmojəḳhtí  ‫ ازمويښتي پټي ازمايښتي‬experimental field
‫ ازمويل‬azmojə́l transitive Western [past: ‫ ]و يې ازمويه‬1 to verify;
try, attempt 2 to experiment, test ‫ ځان ازمويل‬a to test, take

Uzbek, the Uzbek


‫ ازبکي‬2 uzbáki plural from ‫ازبکه‬
‫ ازدحام‬izdihā́ m m. Arabic assemblage, mob, crowd
‫ ازدواج‬izdivā́ dzh m. Arabic wedlock, marriage bond, marriage ‫د‬
‫ ازدواج قانون‬matrimonial law ‫ د چا سره ازدواج کول‬to enter into

stock of oneself b to be in training


izdijād f. Arabic increase, augmentation

increase, augment
azarbajdzhā́ n m. 

‫ازدياد کول‬

azmujəndzāj m.


azmujə́ndzáj m. 1

experimental station 2 laboratory


marriage with someone


azmajə́ḳhti 1 attributive verifying, test; trial 2
‫ د ذروي ازمايښتي چاودنو منع کول‬nuclear test ban


‫ ازان‬azā́ n m.  ‫اذان‬
‫ ازانگه‬azāngá f. zāngá 1 echo ‫ ازانگه کول‬،‫ ازانگه اچول‬to ring,
resound ‫ ازانگه کېدل‬to ring out, resound, reverberate (of an


azmārtób m. shrewdness, craftiness, deceit, trickery,

‫ ا ٓزمايش‬āzmājísh m.  ‫ازمايښت‬
‫ ا ٓزمايشگاه‬āzmājishgāh f. laboratory
‫ ازمايښت‬azmājə́ḳht m. 1 verification, check, trial, test 2
experiment ‫ تر ازمايښت لاندي نيول‬،‫ ازمايښت کول‬to experiment,

‫ ازاري‬azārí 1 m. sick person, patient 2 sick, ill, unhealthy
‫ ازارېدل‬azaredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ازار شو‬to be
offended; be grieved, be pained ‫ د چا څخه ازارېدل‬to be offended
izālát m.

azmār 1 m. sly and cunning one; deceiver; cheat; intriguer


izā́ r m. breeches, loose trousers tucked inside boots

azāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]ازار يې کړ‬1 to
offend; pain, injure 2 to pursue; pester, harass


‫ ازگي توري‬the alphabet
‫په تندي کښي مي نوشته دئ د ازل ټکي‬

spelling words out
Arabic eternity


azmujə́na f. 1 verification, trial 2 experiment 3
‫ دا نړۍ د ازموينو نړۍ ده‬proverb Life is filled with



Pashto-English Dictionary


azumjúnkaj 1 present participle of


‫ اس خپله دانه پخپله زياتوي‬proverb a good horse feeds
itself ‫ انسان يې په خولو گټي‬،‫ اس يې په سوو گټي‬proverb The
hooves earn a horse's bread, but for man it is the tongue. ‫اس که‬
‫ ميدان لنډ دئ‬،‫ ټکني دئ‬proverb To a restive horse the public
square is too small. ‫ زاړه اسونه ترپی نه زده کوي‬proverb You can't

handle it.

2 tester,


‫ ازمير‬izmír m. Izmir (city)
‫ ازميښت‬azmajə́ḳht m.  ‫ازمايښت‬
‫ ازميښتي‬azmajəḳhtí  ‫ازمايښتي‬
‫ ازميل‬azmajə́l transitive  ‫ازمويل‬
‫ ازمېيښت‬azmejəḳht m.  ‫ازمايښت‬
‫ ازمېيل‬azmejə́l transitive  ‫ازمويل‬
‫ آزوت‬āzót m. plural nitrogen
‫ آزوتي‬āzotí nitrogen, nitrogenous ‫ ا ٓزوتي سري‬nitrogen fertilizers ‫د‬
‫ آزوتي سري فابريکه‬nitrogen-mineral (fertilizer) factory
‫ ازور‬azór ‫ د ازور مجمع الجزاير‬the Azores Islands
‫ ازوغ‬azúgh m. singular & plural m. ‫ ازوغه‬azughá f.  ‫اذوغ د‬
‫ اذوغې کوټه‬storeroom
‫ آزوف‬azóf m. ‫ د آزوف بحيره‬the Sea of Azov
‫ ازوقه‬azuḳá f.  ‫اذوغ‬
‫ ازيل‬azəjə́l ‫ ازېيل‬azejə́l transitive  ‫اږيل‬
‫ آژانس‬āzhā́ ns m. 1 agency ‫خبررسوونکی ا ٓژانس د خبر رسولو ا ٓژانس‬
‫ تېلگرافي آژانس‬telegraph agency ‫ د باختر آژانس‬the Bakhtar
Agency ‫ د تاس ا ٓژانس‬TASS (Telegraph Agency of the Soviet
Union) 2 bureau, office ‫ د سفر ا ٓژانس‬tourist bureau ‫د معلوماتو‬
‫ آژانس‬information office ‫ د کار ا ٓژانس‬employment office
‫ اژدر‬azhdár m. dragon
‫ اژدهات‬azhdahā́ t m. singular & plural bronze
‫ اژغنجن‬uzhghəndzhə́n made of goat's wool
‫ اژغونه‬uzhghúna f.  ‫اجغنه‬
‫ اژېيل‬azhejə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اژېيه‬to wind (threads)
‫ اږبکه‬agbáka
f. black martin (bird)
‫ اږد‬ugḍ  ‫اوږد‬
‫ اږدو‬ugdó
̣ oblique plural of ‫ د … په اږدو کښي اوږد‬along
‫ اږدوالی‬ugdvā́
̣ laj m.  ‫اوږدوالی‬
‫ اږرمی‬agramáj
m.  ‫ ارږمۍ‬2
‫ اږه‬ugạ́ f.  ‫اوږه‬
‫ اږۍ‬agə́j f. dialect  ‫هگۍ‬
‫ اږيل‬agəjə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]وايي ږيه‬1 to impel; incite, urge on

teach an old horse to jump. (i.e., you can't teach an old dog new

‫ ا ٓس‬2 ās m. 1 millstone 2 milling of grain
‫ ا ٓس‬3 ās m. 1 ashes (on a grate) 2 site of a fire; figurative home
‫ ا ٓس‬4 ās m. myrtle
‫ ا ٓس‬5 ās m. ermine
‫ اسارت‬isārát m. Arabic 1 captivity 2 slavery; enslavement
‫ اسارت ا ٓمېز‬isāratāméz ‫ اسارت ا ٓمېزه‬isāratāméza 1 servile, slavish;
servitude ‫ اسارت ا ٓمېزه شرايط‬conditions of slavery 2 attributive

‫ اساس‬asā́ s m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اساسونه‬asāsúna Arabic plural:
‫ اساسات‬asāsā́ t] 1 base, basis, foundation ‫ د … په‬،‫د … پر اساس‬
‫ اساس‬on the basis of … ‫ له اساسه څخه‬radically, fundamentally
2 principle


‫ اساسنامه‬asāsnāmá f. statute, regulation
‫ اساسي‬asāsí Arabic 1 fundamental, basic ‫اساسي اصول‬
fundamental law, constitution ‫ اساسي قانون‬constitution 2
fundamental ‫ په اساسي ډول‬fundamentally, basically 3 in
principle, in the main, in essence

‫ اساطير‬asātír m. Arabic plural from ‫اسطوره‬
‫ اساليب‬asālíb m. Arabic plural from ‫اسلوب‬
‫ ا ٓسام‬āsā́ m m. Assam
‫ اسامبله‬asāmblá f. 1 assembly ‫ د متحده ملتو عمومي اسامبله‬General
Assembly of the United Nations 2 meeting ‫ لويه اسامبله‬general

‫ اسامي‬asāmí m. Arabic plural from ‫اسم‬
‫ ا ٓسان‬1 āsā́ n ‫ اسان‬asā́ n easy, uncomplicated, simple ‫دا خو اسانه خبره‬
‫ ده‬This is quite easy to do. ‫ په اسانه‬easily
‫ ا ٓسان‬2 āsā́ n plural from ‫ ا ٓس‬1
‫ اسانتر‬asāntár more easily
‫ اسانتوب‬asāntób m. ‫اسانتيا‬
sāntjā́ f.  ‫ اساني‬1 ‫ دا په خورا اسانتوب لاس ته راځي‬This is very easy

2 to twist (cord) 3 carpentry to saw into dovetail form

‫ا ٓس‬

‫ اس‬as m. [plural: ‫ اسونه‬asúna plural: ‫ ا ٓسان‬āsā́ n]
horse ‫ خسي اس‬gelding ‫ باري اس‬pack horse ‫عرابه کش اس‬
draught horse ‫ پر اس سپور‬mounted on a horse ‫د اس سامان‬
harness ‫ د اس قوه‬technology horsepower ‫د اسونو طبيب‬
veterinarian ‫ د اس ځغلولو مسابقه‬races ‫د اس ځغلولو د مسابقې ميدان‬
racetrack ‫ د اسونو گله‬herd of horses ‫ اس ځغلول‬a to ride a horse

ās m.

to obtain.

‫ اسانسور‬asānsór m. elevator; escalator
‫ اسانگر‬asāngə́r m. accessibility, wizard
‫ اسانول‬asānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اسان يې کړ‬to
make easier ‫ سختۍ اسانول‬to lighten difficulties
‫ اسانه‬asāna feminine singular from ‫ اسان‬1 ‫…دا ډېره اسانه ده چه‬

hard figurative b to make efforts; try c to think, reflect upon

‫ ته هم خپل اس وځغلوه‬You also reflect upon it and think what to
‫ اس وهل‬a to ride horseback b to learn to ride horseback
‫ چنگښو هم پښې پورته کړې‬،‫ اسان يې نعلول‬They were shoeing horses



may very easily happen that …

and even the frogs raised their little paws (i.e., everyone wanted
to get into the act)

asāsán Arabic 1 in substance, in essence 2 fundamentally

3 in principle


‫ اس لره په لاس لره‬،‫ په لاس دئ وي‬،‫اس دئ وي‬


asāní f. 1 lightness, easiness

facilitation, assistance, furtherance

proverb If you wish to control a horse you must know how to

‫ په اسانۍ سره‬easily
‫و … په اساني پېښول‬


to help

Pashto-English Dictionary

someone, assist someone

‫د درد اساني يې سوې ده؟‬

‫ استاتوب‬ustātób m. position or job of teacher, master, expert
‫ استاځوالی‬astādzvā́ laj m. ‫ استاځولي‬astādzvalí f.  ‫استازوالی‬
‫ استاځی‬astādzaj m.  ‫استازي‬
‫ استاد‬ustā́ d m. 1 teacher, instructor, tutor ‫ مشر استاد‬regional
director of a school 2 master, expert ‫ د کار استاد‬master

Has his pain


‫ اساني‬2 asáni feminine plural from ‫ ا ٓسان‬1
‫ اسانېدل‬asānedə́l denominative, intransitive

[past: ‫ ]اسان شو‬to

become easy, be made light (e.g., of work)


asajísh m. peace, rest

to disrupt someone's rest

‫ا ٓسايش کول‬

to rest

‫د چا آسايش خرابول‬

craftsman, brigade leader 3 professor


‫ اسايلم‬asājlam m. asylum ‫ د اسايلم حق‬the right of asylum
‫ اسباب‬asbā́ b m. Arabic 1 plural of ‫ سبب‬reasons; circumstances
‫ موجبه اسباب‬motivation; motives ‫ مجبره اسباب‬force majeure 2
[plural: ‫ اسبابونه‬asbābúna] equipment, weapons ‫نقليه اسباب‬
means of transport, transport equipment ‫ د معيشت اسباب‬the
means of existence 3 [plural: ‫ اسبابونه‬asbābúna] possessions;
articles, utensils, baggage, equipment ‫ د خوب اسباب‬bedding
‫ اسباب او سامان‬equipment and situation
‫ اسباب ساز‬asbābsā́ z m. plotter
‫ اسباب سازي‬asbābsāzí f. intrigues
‫ اسباپ‬asbā́ p m. colloquial  ‫اسباب‬
‫ اسباق‬asbā́ ḳ m. Arabic plural of ‫سبق‬
‫ اسبانه‬asbānə́ plural from ‫اسبون‬
‫ اسبنه‬asbaná feminine of ‫اسبون‬
‫ څاسبون‬asbún m. [plural: ‫ اسبانه‬asbānə́] herder of horses
‫ اسبونول‬asbunavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اسبون يې کړ‬to

ustādāná 1 expert, craftsman 2 skillfully, in a masterful



ustādavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]استاد يې کړ‬to
make into a teacher, make into master

‫ استاده‬ustā́ da feminine of ‫استاد‬
‫ استادي‬1 ustādí f. 1 collective noun

teachers; teaching 2

craftsmanship; art

‫ استادي‬2 ustā́ di m. from ‫استاده‬
‫ استادېدل‬ustādedə́l denominative, intransitive


to be a teacher 2 to be a master, be an expert


ustā́ z m. 

‫تا پر کوم استاذ سبق ويلئ دئ؟ استاد‬

‫]استاد شو‬


Under whom

are you studying?

‫ استاذه‬ustā́ za feminine of ‫استاذ‬
‫ استاذي‬1 ustāzí f.  ‫ استادي‬1
‫ استاذي‬2 ustā́ zi plural from ‫استاذه‬
‫ استازوالی‬astāzvā́ laj m. religion the official mission of a religous
body or the staff of such mission

‫ استازي‬astāzaj m. 1 envoy, respresentative, delegate ‫خپل استازي‬
‫ خپل استازي ورلېږل‬،‫ کول‬to send one's own man; send one's

make someone a horse herder, designate someone a horse herder


asbunedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اسبون شو‬to
become a horse herder, be designated a horse herder

representative 2 spokesman (for feelings, hopes, etc.) 3

‫ اسبه‬asbə́ m. [plural: ‫ اسبانه‬asnānə́] ‫ اسبه کول اسبون‬ ‫اسبونول‬
،‫ اسبه کېدل‬ ‫اسبونېدل‬
‫ اسپانيا‬ispānijā́ f. ‫ اسپانيه‬ispānijá f. Spain
‫ اسپتال‬aspitā́ l m. ‫ اسپټال‬aspiṭā́ l m. hospital
‫ اسپدواني‬aspandavāní f. horse races
‫ اسپرانت‬aspirānt m. graduate student
‫ اسپرانتور‬aspirāntúr m. course of graduate studies
‫ اسپغول‬ispaghól m. plantain, Plantago ispaghula
‫ آسپک‬āspák m. breastbone (bird)
‫ اسپکي‬aspakáj m. hobby
‫ اسپند‬ispánd m. singular & plural perganum harmala, wild rue
‫ اسپنډوس‬aspandós m. ‫ اسپنډوسه‬aspəndósa f. polo ‫ اسپنډوس کول‬to


‫ استاسيون‬istāsjún m. station ‫ د راډيو استاسيون‬radio station
‫ استا کار‬ustākā́ r m. 1 master, expert 2 artist
‫ استالف‬istālíf m. Istalif (city)
‫ استان‬āstā́ n m. 1 threshold; entrance 2 tomb (of a saint); shrine,
reliquary 3 tribe or family of a saint or religious figure

‫ اسپنډوکي‬aspənḍúkaj m. pack (attached to the saddle)
‫ اسپنه‬uspə́na f.  ‫اوسپنه‬
‫ اسپه‬1 áspa f. mare
‫ اسپه‬2 aspá f. 1 typhus 2 nettle rash 3 asthma
‫ اسپي‬1 aspí indeclinable, attributive horse, mounted ‫اسپي ترصد‬

‫ استانبول‬istāmból m. Istanbul (city)
‫ ا ٓستانه‬āstā́ ná f.  ‫ا ٓستان‬
‫ استاوالی‬ustāvā́ laj m.  ‫استاتوب‬
‫ استبداد‬istibdā́ d m. Arabic despotism; autocracy
‫ استبدادي‬istibdādí Arabic indeclinable despotic, autocratic
‫ استتار‬istitā́ r m. Arabic camouflage
‫ استثمار‬istismā́ r m. Arabic exploitation ‫ د انسانانو استثمار‬the
exploitation of man ‫ استثمار کول‬compound verb  ‫استثمارول‬
‫ استثمارچي‬istismārchí m. ‫ استثمارگر‬istismārgár m. exploiter
‫ استثمارول‬istismāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫استثمار يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬1 to exploit 2 to use 3 to exploit (i.e., natural resources)
‫ استثمارېدل‬istimāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]استثمار شو‬

‫ اسپي‬áspi plural from ‫اسپه‬
‫ اسپي‬3 aspé plural from ‫ اسپه‬2
‫ استا‬ustā́ m. 1 teacher ‫استاکول‬

‫ استثنا‬istisnā́ f. Arabic
‫ استثناگاني‬istisnāgā́ ni

play polo

mounted patrol

master, expert

1 to be exploited 2 to be used; be exploited (e.g., of natural



‫استا کېدل‬

 ‫ استادېدل‬2

[plural: ‫ استثناوي‬istisnā́ vi plural:

m. Arabic plural: ‫ استثناات‬istisnāā́ t]

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بېله استثنا‬without exception ‫ د… په استثنا‬with the
exception of … ‫ استثنا کول‬to make an exception
‫ استثنايي‬istisnāí exceptional ‫ په استثنايي مواردو کښي‬in exceptional
circumstances ‫ په استثنايي ډول‬in the nature of an exception
‫ استجابت‬istidzhābát m. ‫ استجابه‬istidzhābá f. Arabic m. [plural:
‫ استجابات‬istidzhābā́ t] reaction, response
‫ استحاله‬istihālá f. Arabic change, transformation, transition (from
one state to another); metamorphosis ‫ کيفي استحالې‬qualitative

‫ استخدامول‬istikhdāmavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫استخدام‬
‫ ]يې کړ‬1 to accept, take on for work, sign (someone) on for a job
‫ کاريگران استخدامول‬to hire workers 2 to employ, use
‫ استخدامي‬istikhdāmí hired
‫ استخدامېدل‬istikhdāmedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫استخدام‬
‫ ]شو‬1 to be accepted for a job, be signed on for a job 2 to be


used, be employed


natural resources) 2 extraction compound verb

‫ استحصال‬istihsā́ l m. Arabic 1 getting, receiving 2 production
‫ استحصال کول‬compound verb to produce 3 [plural: ‫استحصالات‬
istihāsālā́ t] manufactured article production


istihsālavə́l denominative, transitive
istihsālavə́l to produce, manufacture, make


mine 3 figurative to reprimand



istihsāledə́l denominative, intransitive ‫استحصالېدل‬
istihsāledə́l to be produced, be manufactured, be made

‫ استحضار‬istihzā́ r
‫ استحقاق‬istihḳā́ ḳ

m. Arabic [plural: ‫ استحقاقونه‬istihḳāḳúna

‫مقوي استحقاق‬
‫ استحقاقي‬istihkākí ‫استحقاقيه‬

augmented ration

2 to be extracted, be mined

‫ورځنی استحقاق‬

framework 2 structural framework

istihkākijá 1 due, due to 2

‫استخوان کاري‬

istihkā́ m m. Arabic [plural: ‫ استحکامونه‬istihkāmúna

consolidation 2 military reinforcement, fortification

‫سپک استحکامات‬

(temporary) nature 3 combat engineering


‫چوبي او‬

‫د استحکام کنډک‬

meaning; cognition

combat-engineer unit

arguments in proof of …

‫ا ٓستر‬

strung beads concerning the outcome of matters planned or in
the future)

āstár m.


astár m. 1 lining (of clothing); the wrong

‫ استر‬2 astár m. mule
‫ استراحت‬istirāhát m. Arabic rest; peace ‫ د استراحت کور‬rest home
‫ استراحت کول‬to rest
‫ استراخان‬astrākhā́ n m. Astrakhan (city)
‫ استرليا‬astralijā́ f.  ‫ د استرليا اتحاد استراليا‬the Australian Union
‫ استرليائي‬astralijaí ‫ استراليائي‬1 attributive Australian 2 m.

Arabic plural: ‫ استخبارات‬istikhbārā́ t] notification, finding out,

‫د استخباراتو څانگه‬

istikhbārā́ t m. Arabic plural 1 from




intelligence data, intelligence 3 intelligence (agent)



side 2 socle (of a wall)

istikhbā́ r m. Arabic [plural: ‫ استخبارونه‬istikhbārúna


istidrā́ k m. Arabic understanding; the ascertainment of

‫ استدعا‬istid'ā́ f. Arabic [plural: ‫ استدعاوي‬istid'ā́ vi plural:
‫ استدعاگاني‬istid'āgā́ ni] 1 request, entreaty 2 inquiry 3
complaint ‫ د استدعا اداره‬bureau of complaints
‫ استدعانامه‬istid'ānāmá f. application, petition
‫ استدلال‬istidlā́ l m. Arabic 1 conclusion, inference 2 production
of proofs; reasoning; arguments; reason, justification ‫منطقي‬
‫ استدلال‬arguments 3 ‫ په … پوري استدلال کول‬to advance

‫ استحمام‬istihmā́ m m. Arabic bathing ‫ د استحمام جامه‬bathing suit
‫ استخاره‬istikhārá f. Arabic fortunetelling (by means of books, by


‫د استدراج په توگه‬


‫ استحکامچي‬istihkāmchí m. combat engineer
‫ استحکامچي گري‬istihkāmchigarí f. combat engineering
‫ استحکامي‬istihkāmí 1 reinforced, fortified ‫ استحکامي حرب‬static
warfare 2 attributive combat engineer, engineer ‫استحکامي قطعه‬

reconnoitering; information

istidrā́ dzh m. Arabic gradualness


fortifications of a field

combat engineer battalion


ustukhānkārí f. ostokhānkārí structural work,

skeletal work

Arabic plural: ‫ استحکامات‬istihkāmā́ t] 1 strengthening,

‫زميني استحکامات‬

the mining of ore

‫ استخلاص‬istikhlā́ s m. Arabic deliverance, liberation
‫ استخوان‬ustukhā́ n m. ostokhán 1 bone 2 stone (of a fruit)  ‫هډ‬
‫ استخوان بندي‬ustukhānbandí f. ostokhānbandí 1 skeleton, frame,

attributive ration, pertaining to a ration or allocation


‫استخراجي حفريات‬

‫ استخراجېدل‬istikhrādzhedə́l denominative, intransitive [past:
‫ ]استخراج شو‬1 to be extacted, be mined (esp. natural resources)

Arabic plural: ‫ استحقاقات‬istihḳāḳā́ t] 1 virtue, merit 2 ability;

competence; right 3 allowance, allocation, ration

istikhrādzhí pertaining to the extraction of mining (esp.

natural resources)

m. Arabic summons, invitation

daily ration

istikhrā́ dzh m. Arabic 1 development, extraction (e.g., of

‫ استخراج کول‬
‫ استخراجول‬compound verb ‫ استخراج کېدل‬ ‫استخراجېدل‬
‫ استخراجول‬istikhrādzhavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫استخراج‬
‫ ]يې کړ‬1 to extract (esp. natural resources) 2 to obtain, extract,


Australian (person)

istikhdā́ m m. Arabic 1 hiring for work, acceptance for a

job ‫ د ملي استخدام اداره‬hiring directorate 2 employment, use
‫ استخدام کول‬ ‫ استخدامول‬compound verb ‫ استخدام کېدل‬
‫ استخدامېدل‬compound verb

‫ استربل‬usturdál m. back part, hind part, back; rear
‫ استرحام‬istirhā́ m m. Arabic request, entreaty (for mercy, quarter)
‫ د چا څخه استرحام کول‬to request mercy of someone

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ استعمار‬isti'mā́ r m. Arabic 1 settlement 2 colonization ‫استعمار‬
‫ کول‬compound verb to colonize 3 colonialism
‫ استعمارپرست‬isti'mārparást m. ‫ استعمارجو‬isti'mārdzhú m.
‫ استعمارچي‬isti'marchí m. ‫ استعمارگر‬isti'margár m. 1 colonizer

istirdā́ d m. 1 request for return, request for claiming 2

taking away 3 restoration


istirzā́ f. Arabic 1 request for agreement 2 agreement 3


‫ استرکاري‬astarkārí f. cementing of masonry; plastering
‫ استرکش‬astarkásh m. asuarkásh military driver
‫ استرونوم‬astronóm m. astronomer
‫ استرونومي‬astronomí f. astronomy
‫ استره‬usturá f. razor
‫ استری‬1 ustráj Western 1 last, latest ‫ استري خبرونه‬ustrí the latest
news ‫ استرۍ گوته‬the little finger ‫ په دې استري وخت کښي‬ustrí
recently 2 at last ‫ استری يې کالي واغوستل‬He has got dressed at

2 imperialist

‫ استعماري‬isti'mārí colonial, colonializing
‫ استعمال‬isti'mā́ l m. Arabic use, utilization, application ‫په … کښي‬
‫ استعمال پيدا کول‬to find an application for …
‫ استعمالول‬isti'mālavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫استعمال يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬to use, utilize, apply ‫ بد استعمالول‬misuse
‫ استعمالي‬isti'mālí Arabic 1 having been in use, used, secondhand
2 practical

‫ استعمالېدل‬isti'māledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫استعمال‬
‫ ]شو‬to be in use, be used, be employed, be applied
‫ استغاثه‬istighāsá f. Arabic 1 request, entreaty, petition ‫د چا څخه‬
‫ استغاثه کول‬to ask someone (for cooperation, assistance) ‫عرض او‬
‫ استغاثه کول‬to intercede, solicit, petition 2 suit, complaint
‫ استغراق‬istighrā́ ḳ m. Arabic 1 absorption 2 concentration 3





usturé plural from


ustrí f. regional flatiron

‫استري کړئ سوټ‬

a suit which

has been pressed ‫ استري کول‬compound verb to press, iron
‫ آستريا‬āstrijā́ f. ‫ استريا‬astrijā́ f. Austria
‫ آستريايي‬āstrijaí ‫ استريايي‬astrijaí 1 attributive Austrian 2
Austrian (person)


‫ استرېليا‬astrelijā́ f.  ‫استرليا استراليا‬
‫ استرېليايي‬astreljāí  ‫استرليائي استراليائي‬
‫ استسقا‬istisḳā́ f. Arabic medicine dropsy
‫ استشهاد‬istishhā́ d m. Arabic summoning as a witness … ‫په‬
‫ استشهاد کول‬a to summon as a witness b to attest to
‫ استصواب‬istisvā́ b m. Arabic 1 approval 2 consultation;

‫ استغفار‬istighfā́ r m. Arabic appeal for forgiveness; repentance
‫ استغفار اﷲ‬Lord have mercy!
‫ استغنا‬، ‫ استغنی‬istighnā́ f. Arabic absence of need; material
independence; (being) provided for, sufficiency ‫د یو شي څخه‬
‫ استغنا کول‬to manage without something ‫د يو شي څخه استغنا کېدل‬
not to need something

‫ استفاده‬istifādá f. Arabic use; utilization ‫يو شی په خپل کار او استفاده‬
‫ يو شی په خپل کار او تر استفادې لاندي راوستل د يو شي‬،‫کښي راوستل‬
‫ استفاده کول‬to use, utilize something ‫ تر استفادې لاندي راتلل‬to be
used, be utilized ‫ د يو شي څخه بده استفاده کول‬to use something
‫ استفاده جو‬istifādadzhú m. exploiter
‫ استفاده جويي‬istifādadzhuí f. exploitation
‫ استفاده وي‬istifādaví economics ‫ استفاده وي ارزش‬use value
‫ استفسار‬istifsā́ r m. Arabic inquiry ‫ د چا څخه استفسار کول‬to inquire

solicitation of opinion

‫ استضادي‬istizādí
‫ استضاع‬istizā́ ' f.
‫ استطاعت‬istitā'at

Arabic inquiry
m. Arabic 1 force, strength 2 resources;

means; assets 3 ability


istitlā́ ' f. Arabic 1 investigation, research 2 explanation,

information idiom


‫د استطلاع مينه‬


isti'ārá f. Arabic [plural: ‫ استعارې‬isti'āré] m. Arabic

[plural: ‫ استعارات‬isti'ārát] extended meaning, metaphor;

picturesque expression, figurative expression; allegory

of someone



‫ راوړل‬to adduce metaphors
‫ استعاري‬isti'ārí figurative, metaphorical, allegorical
‫ استعانت‬isti'ānát m. Arabic request for help; appeal for help
‫ استعباد‬isti'bā́ d m. Arabic enslavement
‫ استعجاب‬isti'dzhā́ b m. Arabic astonishment, amazement ‫په‬
‫ استعجاب کتل‬to regard with astonishment, be astonished, be


isti'dád m. Arabic 1 ability, gift, talent

‫استعداد لرل‬

‫د استفهام علامت‬


‫ استفهامي‬istifhāmí ‫ استفهاميه‬istifhāmijá Arabic interrogative
‫ استفهامي ضمائر‬interrogative pronoun
‫ استقامت‬istikāmát m. Arabic 1 steadfastness, persistence 2
straightforwardness, frankness, plaindealing 3 decency 4
direction, side


surprised, be amazed


istifhā́ m m. Arabic question

‫د شمال پر استقامت‬

in a northern direction

able, have ability 2 predisposition, bent

‫د جشن په استقبال‬
‫ د چا استقبال کول‬to

istiḳbā́ l m. Arabic 1 meeting, reception

on the occasion of the forthcoming holiday

to be

‫ د هغه استقبال وشو‬a meeting was
‫ استقبال کول‬compound verb a to receive, meet

receive, meet someone

‫ استعفا‬isti'fā f. ‫ استعفی‬Arabic retirement, going into retirement
‫ استعفا کول‬to retire ‫ استعفا ورکول‬to resign, put in for retirement
‫ استعفا قبلول‬to accept resignation, accept retirement
‫ استعلام‬isti'lā́ m m. ‫ استعلاميه‬isti'lāmijá f. Arabic 1 inquiry 2

arranged for him

b to comment on something 2 future 3 grammar future tense

‫ استقبال کوونکی‬istiḳbā́ l kavúnkaj 1 present participle of ‫استقبال‬
‫ کول‬m. 2 istikbā́ l kavúnki m. plural those attending the



Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ استقرا‬istiḳrā́ f. Arabic 1 conclusion, inference; induction ‫استقرا‬
‫ کول‬to make an inference, draw a conclusion
‫ استقرار‬istiḳrā́ r m. Arabic 1 strengthening, stabilization 2






‫د چا څخه استقراض کول‬

istiḳsā́ f. Arabic 1 attainment of the limit, end 2


istiḳlā́ l m. Arabic 1 independence

intensified study

‫د استقلال جشن‬

Independence Day, Independence Holiday 2 steadfastness;


‫ استقلالي‬istiḳlālí 1 independent 2 steadfast; resolute
‫ استکار‬ustakā́ r m. 1 village craftsman, rural craftsman

2 master



istikshā́ f m. Arabic 1 military reconnaissance,


istikshāfí Arabic attributive military reconnaissance,

at a hotel

‫ استوگنځی‬astogəndzáj m. 1 residence, abode 2 hostel, dormitory
‫ استوگنه‬astógna f. astogə́na f. ‫ استوگه‬astóga f. ‫ استوگيه‬astógja f.
dialect 1 residence, stay, sojourn ‫ د مېلمنو د استوگني ځای‬a guest
room b residence ‫ استوگنه کول‬،‫ استوگنه لرل‬to live, stay, sojourn
‫ استوگنه نيول‬to settle somewhere, reside somewhere, stay

intelligence, scouting 2 research

intelligence, scouting 2 research ‫ استکشافي هيئت‬expedition
‫ استگاه‬istgā́ h m. stand, stop, station ‫ هوايي استگاه‬airport
‫ استل‬istə́l transitive Western  ‫ايستل‬
‫ استلزام‬istilzā́ m m. Arabic 1 demand 2 acknowledgement of
necessity ‫ استلزام کول‬a to demand b to acknowledge necessity
‫ استماع‬istimā́ ' f. Arabic audition; hearing (i.e., witnesses) ‫استماع‬
‫ کول‬compound verb to listen, hear
‫ استمداد‬istimdā́ d m. Arabic request for help, request for

somewhere 2 life, existence 3 residence, abode

‫ استوگئی‬astogjáj m. dialect resident
‫ استول‬astavə́l [past: ‫ ]وايي ستاوه‬to send, dispatch, direct ‫احوال استول‬
to dispatch information, send news, communicate ‫ سلام استول‬to
send a greeting ‫ شيان استول‬to dispatch goods
‫ استوني‬estoní 1 Estonian ‫ استوني ژبه‬the Estonian language 2 m.



istimrā́ r m. Arabic 1 duration 2 persistence,

Estonian (person)

‫ استونيا‬estonijā́ Estonia
‫ استونې پته‬astone patá f. mailing address
‫ استونې لړ‬astáwū́ne laṛ, astone láṛ m. mailing list
‫ استونې نښکه‬astone náḳhka f. shipping label
‫ استوونکی‬astavúnkaj 1 present participle of ‫ استول‬2 m. sender
‫ استهزا‬istihzā́ f. Arabic mockery
‫ استهزا ا ٓمېز‬istihzāāméz ‫ استهزا ا ٓمېزه‬istihzāāméza attributive

steadfastness 3 past tense of the imperfective aspect, the


istimrārí Arabic 1 attributive prolonged, durative 2

grammar pertaining to the imperfect

‫استمراري ماضي‬

past tense

of the imperfective aspect, the imperfect

‫ استناد‬istinā́ d m. Arabic 1 reference to something ‫د کابل د خبر په‬
‫ استناد‬referring to the communication from Kabul 2 support ‫د‬
‫ استناد نقطه‬military a strong point 3 military reinforcement,




istinbā́ t m. 


istamból m. Istanbul (city)

ustuvārí f. 1 literal hardness, firmness 2 steadiness,

‫ استوانه‬ustuvāná cylinder
‫ استواني‬1 ustuvāní cylindrical ‫ استواني ميل‬shaft
‫ استوانې‬2 ustuvāné plural of ‫استوانه‬
‫ استوايي‬istivāí equatorial; tropical ‫ استوايي افريقا‬Equatorial Africa
‫ استوايي اقليم‬equatorial climate
‫ استوزی‬astózaj m.  ‫استازی‬
‫ استوژه‬astózha f. Eastern ‫ استوږنه‬astogəna
f. ‫ استوږه‬astógạ 
‫ استوگن‬astogə́n living, residing, staying somewhere ‫استوگن کېدل‬
to settle, reside, stay somewhere ‫ په هوټل کښي استوگن کېدل‬to stay


borrow, receive a loan from someone, be given credit


the equator

firmness, steadfastness

istiḳrā́ z m. Arabic 1 granting of a loan, granting of

credit, crediting 2 receiving credit

‫د استوا خط‬

ustuvā́ r 1 literal strong, hard, firm 2 steady, firm,


settling; transition to a settled way of life 3 confirmation,


istivā́ f. Arabic 1 balancing, equilibration 2 parallelism

‫د دې څخه استنباط کېږي چه … استنتاج‬



istihlā́ k m. 1 liquidation (e.g., of a debt) 2 consumption

3 amortization ‫کول‬

follows from this that …


compound verb a to liquidate (e.g.,

a debt) b to consume c to amortize

‫استهلاک کېدل‬

a to be

liquidated (e.g., a debt) b to be consumed c to be amortized

istintādzh m. Arabic logical inference, logical conclusion;


‫ استنتاج کول‬to draw an inference, draw a conclusion;
deduce, conclude …‫ داسي استنتاج کېدی شي چه‬Eastern One may

istihlākí attributive consumers'

consumers' cooperative

‫استهلاکي تعاون‬

‫ استېتيک‬estetík 1 m. aesthetics 2 aesthetic, artistic
‫ استېتيکي‬estetikí attributive aesthetic
‫ استېدل‬astedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]واستېد‬1 to live, reside

infer that …

‫ استنطاق‬istintāḳ m. Arabic law interrogation, investigation ‫څوک‬
‫ تر استنطاق لاندي نيول‬to interrogate someone
‫ استنکار‬istinkā́ r m. Arabic 1 disapprobation 2 aversion

abide, stay, make a stop


2 to be,

Pashto-English Dictionary


astedúnkaj 1 present participle of


‫اسفل اسافلين‬

2 inhabitant,



nether regions

istizā́ n m. Arabic authorization



‫استيذان اخيستل‬


to receive

lamentable occurrences

‫ استيلا کول‬compound
‫ استيلا کېدل‬to be conquered, be

istilā́ f. Arabic 1 conquest; capture

verb to conquer, capture, seize

given at burial services

‫ استيلائي‬istilāí attributive epidemic
‫ آستين‬āstín m. sleeve
‫ استيناف‬istinā́ f m. Arabic law appeal; reclaim ‫د استيناف محکمه‬
appeals court, appelate court

m. ishāḳzáj

beginning in 78 A.D. with the rule of Kanishka, one of the rulers

Ikshakzai (tribesman)

‫ اسحق‬isháḳ m.  ‫اسحاق‬
‫ اسد‬asád m. Arabic 1 lion

of the Kushani governments called in India shaki) 2 m. plural
the Shaki

‫ اسکلېت‬iskelét m. skeleton
‫ اسکلېت بندي‬iskeletbandí f. frame, framework ‫د ودانۍ اسکلېت بندي‬

2 astronomy Leo (constellation) 3

Asad (the fifth month of the solar year; July-August)

‫ اسداﷲ‬asadullá m. Arabic proper name Asadullah
‫ اسر‬usr m. Arabic 1 captivity 2 medicine retention of urine
‫ اسرا‬usarā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫اسير‬
‫ اسرار‬1 asrā́ r Arabic plural from ‫ سر‬2 ‫ حربي اسرار‬military secret
‫ اسرار‬2 isrā́ r m. Arabic keeping of a secret ‫ اسرار کول‬to keep a

framework of a building

‫ اسکندر‬iskandár m. proper name Alexander, Iskander
‫ اسکندريه‬iskandarijá Alexandria
‫ اسکېرل‬askerə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اسکېره‬to make sorry, make

‫ اسکېرلی‬askerə́laj pitiable, unhappy, wounded by fate
‫ اسکېرنه‬askerə́na f. misfortune, ill-fortune, disaster
‫ اسکيمو‬eskimó m. Eskimo (person)
‫ اسل‬ásə́l just right, exactly right, well-fitting (e.g., of clothing) ‫دا‬
‫ خولۍ زما پر سر اسله ده‬This (embroidered) skullcap is just for me.
‫ دا موزه اسله ده‬These shoes fit perfectly.
‫ اسلاف‬aslā́ f m. Arabic ‫ سلف‬plural 1 from ‫ سلف‬2 ancestors
‫ اسلام‬islā́ m m. Arabic 1 Islam, the Mohammedan religion, the


‫ اسراف‬isrā́ f m. Arabic wastefulness, prodigality
‫ اسرافيل‬asrāfíl m. Arabic religion 1 Asraphel (one of the four
archangels) 2 seraph (angel of the highest rank)


isrāíl m. 1 Israel

‫اسفناک واقعات‬

‫ اسقف‬usḳúf m. bishop ‫ لوی اسقف‬archbishop
‫ اسک‬1 isk m.  ‫ هسک‬1
‫ اسک‬2 ask dialect  ‫هسک‬
‫ اسکات‬iskā́ t m. Arabic 1 calming 2 pacification; calm
‫ اسکادر‬eskā́ dr m. military squadron, naval squadron
‫ اسکادريل‬eskādríl m. military squadron, air squadron
‫ اسکان‬iskā́ n m. Arabic transition to a settled life; settling
‫ اسکايي‬iskāí history 1 Sakian, Shakian (referring to an era

captured, be seized 2 supremacy 3 epidemic

‫ اسټراليا‬astrāljā́ f.  ‫استرليا استراليا‬
‫ اسح‬abbreviation from ‫استحکام‬
‫ اسحاق‬ishā́ ḳ m. Arabic proper name Isaac, Yitzak
‫ اسحاقزي‬ishāḳzí m. plural 1 the Iskhakzai (tribe) 2

asafnā́ k regrettable, unfortunate, sad

‫ اسقاط‬1 isḳā́ t m. Arabic miscarriage; premature birth; abortion
‫ اسقاط کول‬to miscarry; give birth prematurely; effect an abortion
‫ اسقاط‬2 isḳā́ t m. Arabic religion 1 interment, burial 2 alms

istisā́ l m. Arabic 1 destruction, annihilation 2



asfal-us-sāfilín m. Arabic religion nether world,

‫بني اسرائيل‬

Israelis, Jews 2 Israeli


‫ اسرائيلي‬isrāilí 1 attributive Israeli 2 m. Israeli (person)
‫ اسره‬asrá f. hope; dream ‫ اسره کول‬to hope; dream
‫ اسرهت‬asrəhát m. vice ‫استراحت‬
‫ اسري‬asarí indeclinable enchanting; charming; attractive
‫ آس زغل‬aszghál m. horseman
‫ آس زغلونه‬aszghalabəna f. horse races
‫ اسسټنټ‬asisṭánt m. assistant, aide
‫ اسطوره‬asturá f. m. [plural: ‫ ]اساطير‬fable; myth
‫ اسعار‬as'ā́ r m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ سعر‬2 currency ‫خارجه اسعار‬

Muslim world 2 religious orthodoxy, religiousness

‫ اسلام ا ٓباد‬islāmābā́ d m. Islamabad (city)
‫ اسلام قلعه‬islāmka'lá f. Islamkala (border point)
‫ اسلامي‬islāmi Arabic 1 Islamic, Mohammedan 2 orthodox
‫ اسلامي علوم‬theology (Muslim)
‫ اسلاميت‬islāmiját m. Islam, Mohammedanism
‫ اسلاو‬islā́ v m. Slav (person) ‫ د اسلاو ژبي‬the Slavic languages
‫ اسلاوي‬islāví m. 1 Slavic 2 m. Slav (person)
‫ اسلحه‬aslihá f. Arabic 1 plural of ‫ سلاح‬2 weapon; armament
‫ انفرادي اسلحه‬personal weapon ‫ پټه اسلحه‬concealed weapon
‫ اوتوماتيکي اسلحه‬automatic weapon ‫ جارحه اسلحه‬bladed weapons
(cold steel) ‫ ناريه اسلحه‬firearm ‫ د اسلحې په زور‬by force of arms
‫ اسلحه جوړونکی‬aslihá dzhoṛavúnkaj 1 attributive manufacturing
arms, arms ‫ اسلحه جوړونکې کارخانه‬arms factory; munition

foreign currency 3 finance draft (payable abroad in foreign


‫ اسعاري‬as'ārí attributive currency ‫اسعاري سيستم‬
‫ اسعاري معاملات‬currency operations
‫ اسغل‬asghál m. horse thief
‫ اسف‬asáf m. Arabic regret
‫ اسفالت‬asfā́ lt m. plural asphalt
‫ اسفالت کاري‬asfāltkārí f. paving with asphalt

monetary system

factory 2 gunsmith


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اسلحه خانه‬aslihakhāná f. arsenal
‫ اسلحه دار‬aslihadā́ r m. military chief of supply (in the field)
‫ اسلحه سازي‬aslihasāzí f. arms production, armaments
‫ اسلم‬aslám m. Arabic proper name Aslam
‫ اسلوب‬aslúb m. [plural: ‫ اساليب‬asālíb] Arabic 1 method, way ‫د‬
‫ تربيې اسلوب‬methodology 2 style ‫ د کتاب اسلوب‬the style of a

starry sky

‫ نن ا ٓسمان شين دئ‬The weather is clear today. ‫پرون‬
‫ ا ٓسمان صاف و‬Yesterday was a clear day. ‫ د ا ٓسمان‬،‫ا ٓسمان ته کتل‬
‫ ستورو ته کتل‬a to look at the sky, look at the stars figurative b
to put on airs, take pride in, be puffed up ‫ ا ٓسمان ته ختل‬literal to


‫او عقل دي تر پښو لاندي کېږي‬

become elevated, rise up high figurative to become "stuck-up"

‫آسمان مځکه گڼل‬


aslavə́l asə́lavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اسل يې کړ‬
to adjust to, fit to, adapt to idiom ‫ کوښي پر پښو وراسلول‬to teach

a If you try to count the stars in the sky, you'll be agape. b to

‫ د اسمانه ښوروا راکښته کول‬to be
‫ ا ٓسمان راچپه کېدل‬to have trouble afoot;
have a dangerous situation arise ‫ ا ٓسمان پر چپه کېدل‬to fall into
misfortune; be in danger ‫ ا ٓسمان نړېدل‬a to be beset by great
undertake an impossible task
extremely tall, be lanky

misfortune b to have trouble fall like snow on one's head

‫ اسمان څک‬asmantsák very high
‫ اسمان څکالی‬asmāntskālaj m. skyscraper
‫ اسمان څکالکی‬asmāntskáləkaj m. bat, flying mouse
‫ آسمان خراش‬āsmānkharā́ sh high-altitude ‫ا ٓسمان خراش عمارت‬


building; skyscraper

‫ اسمان خوله‬asmānkhulá antiaircraft ‫ اسمان خوله توپ‬antiaircraft gun
‫ اسمان ښکلوونکی‬asmān shkə́lavúnkaj very high
‫ اسمان لار‬asmānlā́ r f. ‫ اسمان لاره‬asmānlā́ ra astronomy the Milky



asmāní 1 celestial; heavenly

‫اسماني کاڼي‬

meteorite 2

azure, light blue, sky blue 3 religious, spiritual, sacred 4
figurative foolish, absurd

‫اسمانۍ خبري کول‬

a to speak nonsense

b to boast; fabricate; invent; lie c to joke, jest idiom



‫ اسماني کېدل‬to go far away; be missing, to
‫ اسماني شوې‬،‫ ولاړې‬،‫ جانانه‬folklore Dear one, thou hast

to leave


gone away; thou art missing.


asmānə́j 1 feminine singular and plural from ‫ اسماني‬1 2
f. plural foolish nonsense ‫ اسمانۍ ويل‬،‫ اسمانۍ کول‬to talk foolish

the Chagarzi tribe) 2 m. Ismailkheil (tribesman)



1 ismā'ilzí m. plural the Ismailzai (a subdivision of the

‫اسماني رنگ‬

Usmanzai Tribe and of the Orakzai Tribe) 2 ismā'ilzáj m.

asmāniráng azure, sky blue

blue eyes

Ismailzai (tribesman)

‫ا ٓسماني رنگي سترگي‬


‫ اسمايي‬asmāí ‫ اسمايي غر‬Mount Asmai (in Kabul)
‫ اسمعيل‬isma'íl  ‫اسماعيل‬
‫ اسمي‬ismaí Arabic indeclinable grammar nominal, substantive
‫ اسناد‬1 isnā́ d m. Arabic 1 reference to someone 2 substantiation

ismāilí Arabic 1 Ismailitic 2 m. Ismailian (person)
ismā'ilijá f. Arabic Ismailism; the teachings of the

āsmā́ n m.

‫چه ا ٓسمان ته‬

‫ نو پخپل مخ يې راپر ېوځي‬،‫ توکي‬proverb He who spits at the sky
will soil himself thereby. ‫ د ا ٓسمان کټ‬astronomy Ursa Major
(the constellation) ‫ د ا ٓسمان کټ دئ‬saying Nothing can be done
without it's presence. ‫ چا ته د ا ٓسمان ستوري ښودل‬to punish
someone cruelly ‫ د ا ٓسمان ستوري شمېرل‬،‫په ا ٓسمان کښي ستوري شمېرل‬

‫ اسلېده‬asledə́ m. asə́ledə́ plural fitness, conformity
‫ اسم‬ism m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اسمونه‬ismúna Arabic plural: ‫اسما‬
asmá plural: ‫ اسامي‬asāmí] 1 name, appellation 2 grammar ‫د‬
‫ اسم اشاره‬،‫ اشارې اسم‬ísm-i demonstrative pronoun ،‫د تصغير اسم‬
‫ اسم تصغير‬a diminutive ‫ اسم تفصيل‬،‫ د تفصيل اسم‬ísm-i the
comparative degree ‫ اسم جمع‬ísm-i collective noun, plural
number ‫ اسم جنس‬ísm-i tribal name, noun ‫ خاص اسم‬،‫اسم خاص‬
ísm-i proper name ‫ اسم ذات‬ísm-i noun ‫ اسم زمان‬ísm-i adverb,
temperal circumstances ‫ اسم صفت‬ísm-i adjective ‫اسم صوت‬
ísm-i onomatopoeic word ‫ عام اسم‬،‫ اسم عام‬ísm-i common noun
‫ اسم عدد‬ísm-i numeral ‫ اسم فاعل‬ísm-i noun of action, agency
‫ اسم مجموع‬ísm-i collective noun ‫ مذکر اسم‬،‫ اسم مذکر‬ísm-i
masculine noun ‫ مشتق اسم‬،‫ اسم مشتق‬ísm-i productive noun the
indeterminate mood, infinitive, masdar (type of verb ‫اسم معنی‬
ísm-i abstract noun ‫ اسم مفعول‬ísm-i passive participle, the
object of an action ‫ اسم مکان‬ísm-i adverb, circumstances of
place ‫ منسوب اسم‬،‫ اسم منسوب‬ísm-i relational adjective ‫اسم‬
‫ موصوف‬،‫ اسم موصوف‬ísm-i definitive (i.e., adjective limiting the
significance of noun) ‫ موصول اسم‬، ‫ اسم موصول‬ísm-i relative
pronoun ‫ مونث اسم‬،‫ اسم مونث‬ísm-i feminine noun ‫ اسم‬،‫نکره‬
‫ اسم نکره‬common noun 3 invocation, incantation, exorcism ‫پر‬
‫ چا باندي اسم ويل‬to pronounce an incantation over someone ‫اسم‬
‫ شب‬ísm-i military password
‫ اسما‬asmā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫اسم‬
‫ اسمار‬asmā́ r m. Asmar (district, Nangrahar Province)
‫ اسماعيل‬ismā'il m. Arabic proper name Ismail, Izmail
‫ اسماعيل خيل‬ismā'ilkhél 1 m. plural Ismailkheili (a subdivision of

high in the sky


proverb He who throws

clods at the sky will himself be injured by them.

to be suitable, to suit, be just right


proverb literal Though he grows to

‫ نو پخپله پري لگي‬،‫ا ٓسمان ته غونډي ولي‬

someone a lesson, punish


‫سر دي ا ٓسمان ته رسېږي‬

the sky, a fool is a fool figurative A fool's a fool for that!

‫ اسلېټ‬islét m. 1 (school) slate 2 plural slate (roofing)
‫ اسلېدل‬asledə́l asə́ledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]اسل شو‬


literal to think that the sky is the earth

figurative to fail to understand something

‫ اسمان‬asmā́ n m. sky, heavens ‫په بره ا ٓسمان کښي‬
‫ له ستوريو ډک ا ٓسمان‬a sky studded with stars; a

3 grammar subtatic relationship


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اسناد‬2 asnā́ d m. Arabic plural from ‫ د پور اسناد سند‬loan-bonds
‫ بې نومه اسناد‬bonds payable to bearer ‫ کښل شوي اسناد‬literary


‫ اسنسيون‬asunsjón m.
‫ اسو‬asú m. regional

‫ اسيري‬asirí f. captivity
‫ اسيستانت‬asistā́ nt m. assistant
‫ اسېسر‬asasár m. regional member of a jury
‫ اسيموت‬asimút m. azimuth
‫ اسېمه‬asemá f. hunting mare
‫ ا ٓش‬1 āsh m. 1 dumpling 2 food; meal, soup 3 kasha ، ‫هغه ا ٓش‬
‫ هغه کاسه‬saying Same old soup warmed over. 4 tannin extract
‫ ا ٓش کول‬compound verb to tan ‫ پوست ته ا ٓش ورکول‬to tan leather
‫ اش‬2 ash m. children's speech ass, donkey
‫ اشا‬ashā́ f. 1 misfortune, trouble, disaster 2 danger
‫ اشارات‬ishārā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫اشاره‬
‫ اشارت‬ishārát m. Arabic  ‫اشاره‬
ً‫ اشارتا‬ishārátán Arabic by means of a hint
‫ اشارتي‬ishāratí attributive signal ‫ اشارتي کارتوس‬signal cartridge
‫ اشاره‬ishārá f. Arabic [plural: ‫ اشارې‬ishāré Arabic plural:
‫ اشارات‬ishārā́ t] 1 sign, symbol, mark ‫ دبېلتون اشاره‬dash ‫د ندا‬
‫ اشاره‬exclamation point ‫ عجاميه اشارات‬punctuation marks ‫د‬
‫ مورس اشارات‬the Morse alphabet 2 signal, sign ‫د در ېدو اشاره يې‬
‫ وکړه‬He made a sign indicating that one should halt. 3 grammar
demonstrative pronoun ‫ د اشارې ضمير‬demonstrative pronoun 4
military signal, bugle call ‫ حربي اشاره‬military signal
(prearranged short order) ‫ د هجوم اشاره‬the signal for attack ‫د‬
‫ صبح اشاره‬reveille 5 sign, token, mark 6 indication ‫و څه ته‬
‫ اشاره کول‬to point to something 7 hint ‫ په چا پوري اشارات کول‬to

usarā́ ]


Asuncion (city)
Asu (the sixth month of the Hindu calendar;

September - October)

3 content; satisfied

‫ آسوده حال‬āsudahā́ l 1 successful, prosperous 2 content
‫ آسوده حالي‬āsudahāli f. contentment; satisfaction
‫ ا ٓسوده گي‬āsudagí f. 1 rest, peace, calm 2 prosperity, well-being
3 material success 4 comfort

‫ اسوري‬usurí f. ‫ د اسوري درياب‬the Ussuri River
‫ اسوگلاس‬isoglā́ s m. linguistics isogloss
‫ اسوېلجن‬asveldzhə́n grieving over, mourning over
‫ اسوېلکی‬asvelkáj m.  ‫اسوېلی‬
‫ اسوېلن‬asvelə́n mourning over, grieving over
‫ اسوېلی‬asveláj m. 1 yawn 2 deep breath, sigh ‫ سوړ اسوېلی‬a
heavy sigh; deep breath ‫ سوړ اسوېلی کول‬to sigh heavily; breath
deeply 3 shivering (from cold) ‫ اسوېلی کول‬a breath; sigh b
shiver (from cold)

ishā́ l m. Arabic diarrhea
ashā́ m m. Arabic plural from

shareholder, stockholder


‫ سهم‬1 ‫د اسهامو خاوندان‬

ashāmí Arabic attributive joint stock; share

joint-stock company




así Eastern áse 


así 1.1 stingy, niggardly, avaricious

‫اسي کېدل‬

‫ د جگړې اسيران‬prisoners of war ‫ اسير نيول‬،‫اسير کول‬
‫ اسير کېدل‬to surrender


take captive

‫ آس والا‬āsvālā́ m. horseman
‫ آسوان‬asuā́ n m. Aswan ‫ د آسوان بند‬the Aswan Dam
‫ اسود‬asvád Arabic black
‫ ا ٓسودگي‬āsudagí f.  ‫ا ٓسوده گي‬
‫ آسوده‬āsudá indeclinable 1 quiet, peaceful 2 satisfactory, happy


asír m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اسيران‬asirā́ n Arabic plural: ‫اسرا‬

drop a hint to someone

‫اسهامي شرکت‬

‫ اشاره چي‬isharāchí m. signalman
‫ اشاره يې‬ishāraí 1 attributive signal 2 grammar demonstrative
‫ اشاړتوب‬ashaṛtób m. ‫ اشاړتيا‬ashaṛtjā́ f. ‫ اشاړوالی‬ashāṛvā́ laj m. 1
bitter taste 2 figurative cruelty ‫ د… سره اشاړتوب کول‬to act

to be stingy,

to stint 1.2 unfortunate, luckless 2 m. .1 miser 2.2 luckless

cruelly, treat someone cruelly

‫ اشاړي‬1 ashāṛáj m. dried fruit with a bitter pit
‫ اشاړي‬2 ashāṛí f. bitter taste
‫ اشاعت‬ishā'át m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اشاعات‬ishā'ā́ t f. singular:
‫ اشاعه‬ishā'á plural: ‫ اشاعي‬ishā'é m. Arabic plural: ‫اشاعات‬
ishā'át] 1 publication; edition ‫ د اشاعاتو اداره‬regional


‫ اسی‬asáj m. 1 hoarfrost 2 dialect fog, mist
‫ اسۍ‬4 asə́j feminine singular from ‫ اسي‬2
‫ آسيا‬1 āsjá f. asijā́ 1  ‫ ژرنده‬1 2 used in geographic
designations ‫ چهار ا ٓسيا‬Charasiya (settlement)
‫ آسيا‬2 āsijā́ f. Asia ‫ جنوب شرقي آسيا‬Southeast Asia ‫وسطي آسيا‬
Central Asia ‫ وړه ا ٓسيا‬،‫ کوچنۍ ا ٓسيا‬Asia Minor (peninsula)
‫ آسياب‬āsijā́ b m. mill
‫ آسيابي‬āsijābí f. history collection (of tax-in-kind) from mills
‫ ا ٓسيانه‬āsijaná f. whetstone
‫ آسياوان‬āsjāvā́ n m. āsijāvān miller
‫ آسيائي‬āsijāí attributive Asiatic
‫ آسېب‬āséb m. misfortune, trouble, disaster
‫ اسي توب‬asitób m. stinginess, avarice
‫ اسيد‬asíd m. acid ‫ پروسيک اسيد‬prussic acid

publishing house 2 dissemination (e.g., of learning, points of


ashbā́ h m. plural Arabic from


ishbā́ ' f. Arabic 1 satiation 2 saturation 3 satisfaction

(i.e., of requirements)

‫ ا ٓشپز‬ashpáz m. ‫ اشپز‬ashpáz m. cook
‫ ا ٓشپز خانه‬āshpazkhāná f. kitchen
‫ ا ٓشپزي‬āshpazí f. cookery, cuisine
‫ اشپير‬ashpír m. 1 conversation f. 2 noise, din, hubub
‫ اشتباه‬ishtibā́ h f. Arabic 1 doubt; suspicion; skeptical attitude

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ په دې کښي هيڅ اشتباه نشته چه‬there is no doubt that … ‫د اشتباه په‬
‫ سترگو ورته کتل‬to have doubts about someone, regard someone
with suspicion 2 mistake, blunder ‫ اشتباه کول‬a to doubt b to
err, blunder 2 ‫ اشتباه مي نه ده کړې‬I have not erred.
‫ اشتباهي‬ishtibāhí 1 suspicious; dubious 2 erroneous
‫ اشتراط‬ishtirā́ t m. Arabic provisional state; agreement
‫ اشتراک‬ishtirā́ k m. Arabic 1 participation 2 subscription (to a
newspaper, etc.) ‫ اشتراک کول‬a to take part, participate b to
subscribe (to a newspaper) ‫ د مجلې اشتراک‬to subscribe to a


ishtirākā́ t m. Arabic plural 1 from

outlines, the big picture

‫سره اشتراک لرل‬

‫ اشتراک کوونکی‬ishtirāk kavúnkaj m.
‫ اشتراکي‬1 ishtirākí Arabic obsolete




2 general

1 participant 2 subscriber
1.1 socialist 1.2 collective,

‫ اشعار‬1 ash'ā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫ سعر‬1
‫ اشعار‬2 ish'ár m. Arabic information, notification
‫ اشعه‬ash'á m. Arabic plural from ‫شعاع‬
‫ اشغال‬ishghā́ l m. Arabic 1 occupancy 2 entry into (a position) ‫د‬
‫ ماموريت اشغال‬occupying a position 3 seizure, capture,

ishti'ā́ l m. Arabic 1 ignition 2 provocation (deliberate


ishghalabə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اشغال يې کړ‬1
to be the occupant (e.g., of a job) 2 to seize, capture, occupy

instigation of an incident)

‫ اشغالي‬ishghalí attributive occupation
‫ اشغالېدل‬ishghāladə́l denominative, intransitive

ishtiḳā́ ḳ m. Arabic derivation (of words)


derivative words

‫د الفاظو اشتقاق‬


‫ا ٓشفتگي‬

f. peace, conciliation

‫د چا اشتها راوستل‬
‫ اشتها مي بنده ده‬I've lost my

‫ ا ٓشفته‬āshuftá indeclinable worried; downcast
‫ ا ٓشفته حال‬āshuftahāl 1 worried; downcast 2 impoverished
‫ اشقار‬ashḳār m. potash, caustic soda
‫ ا ٓشک‬1 āshák m. meatballs made of meat and flour
‫ اشک‬2 ashk m. poetic tears
‫ اشکال‬1 ishkā́ l m. Arabic difficulty, trouble; impediment ‫بې له څه‬
‫ اشکاله‬without special difficulties ‫ اشکالات پېښول‬to hamper,
create difficulty; impede ‫ خپل اشکال حل کول‬to eliminate an




ishtihā́ r m. Arabic 1 proclamation, announcement;


‫اشتهار کول‬

to proclaim, announce; publish; make a

public announcement of 2 proclamation, declaration 3 poster


ishtihārí Arabic regional law ‫ اشتهاري مجرم‬criminal

seeking to avoid punishment

‫ آشتي‬ashtí f. conciliation
‫ اشتياق‬ishtijā́ ḳ m. Arabic

āshuftagí f. 1 confusion, concern, alarm, worry; disorder

2 calamity, misfortune

Arabic 1 desire 2 appetite

arouse an appetite in someone

[past: ‫ ]اشغال شو‬1

to be filled, be occupied (i.e., a job) 2 to be captured, be

hold, fill (e.g., a post, position)
word derivation

ashráf Arabic 1 most noble, most radiant 2 m. .1 prince


ashtarāní m. plural 1 the Ashtarani (tribe) 2 ashtarānáj

‫ اشتوکه‬ashtóka
‫ اشتها‬ishtihā́ f.

ashrapə́j f. Eastern 1 gold, gold

‫ اشرفي‬1 ashrafí f.  ‫اشرپي‬
‫ اشرفۍ‬2 ashrafə́j f. 1 Ashrafi 2 botany marigold
‫ اشري‬asharí 1 immoral, dissolute; wicked 2 obstinate; wrong-

to have in common

‫ اشتغ‬ashtágh m. dried apricot (without the pit)
‫ اشتغال‬ishtighā́ l m. Arabic occupation, taking, capture, seizure
‫ اشتغال کول‬compound verb a to seize, capture, occupy b to


2.2 proper name Ashraf

m. Ashtaranaj (tribesman)



coin piece 2 proper name Ashrafi

‫ اشتراکيت‬ishtirākiját m. obsolete socialism;
‫ د لومړۍ اشتراکۍ دوره‬the epoch of primitive



ashrāfā́ n]

aristocrats, aristocracy, elite, nobility

‫ اشربه‬ashribá m. Arabic plural
‫ اشرپي‬ashrapí f. Western ‫اشرپۍ‬

ishtirākí f.


ashár Arabic 1 unpleasant, disagreeable 2 indecent,

‫ اشرار‬2 ashrā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫شرير‬
‫ اشراف‬ashrā́ f m. Arabic plural [plural: ‫اشرافان‬

common, general 2 m. Socialist

ashár m. help, assistance 



newspaper 3 military cooperation, teamwork




obstacle; get out of a difficult situation
1 strong desire, yearning

desire passionately 2 passionate desire

‫اشتياق کول‬

‫ اشکال‬2 ashkā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫شکل‬
‫ اشکشم‬ishkashím m. Ishkashim (settlement, district)
‫ اشکمش‬ishkamísh m. Ishkamish (settlement, district)
‫ اشکي‬ashkí interjection well done, bravo
‫ ا ٓشنا‬āshnā́ ‫ اشنا‬ashnā́ 1 m. .1 close friend, chum, buddy ‫له چا‬
‫ سره ا ٓشنا کېدل‬to make friends with someone ‫له ا ٓشنا څخه په سختۍ‬
‫ کښي لاس مه اخله‬Do not forget a friend in misfortune. 1.2


‫ آشتي جو‬āshtidzhú m.  ‫آشتي طلب‬
‫ آشتي جويي‬āshtidzhuí f.  ‫ا ٓشتي طلبي‬
‫ آشتي طلب‬āshtitaláb m. conciliator
‫ آشتي طلبي‬āshtitalabí f. spirit of conciliation
‫ اشټام‬ishṭā́ m m. regional paper bearing an official seal
‫ اشخار‬ashkā́ r m. potash idiom ‫ نېستي په اشخار ډېرول‬to split hairs,

acquaintance 1.3 beloved one 2.1 acquainted with something


‫ اشخاص‬ashkhā́ s m. Arabic plural
‫ اشخورکه‬ashkhoráka f. child's bib

2.2 knowledgeable about something



got to know the truth.


ashnā́ j m. 

‫ا ٓشنا‬

‫د ا ٓشنا حقيقت سره ا ٓشنا شو‬


Pashto-English Dictionary


repeated and determined demands

ashnāja 1 f. .1 female friend 1.2 female acquaintance 1.3

beloved (female) 2 feminine singular of ‫ اشنا‬2
young woman acquaintance

‫اشنايه پېغله‬

insist upon something


officially designated, as they say, as one says

to be

‫ اصطلاحي‬istilāhí Arabic 1 phraseological 2 idiomatic ‫اصطلاحي‬
‫ خبره‬an idiom 3 special, technical (esp. of a term)
‫ اصغر‬asghár Arabic junior; lesser, little
‫ اصغري‬asgharí minimal
‫ آصف‬āsáf m. Arabic 1 proper name Asaph 2 figurative wise


‫ا ٓشوب‬

āshúb m. 1 noise 2 confusion, anxiety, alarm, worry 3

calamity, misfortune

‫ آشوب کن‬āshubkún m. alarmist; person given to panic
‫ اشوره‬ashurá f.  ‫عاشوره‬
‫ ا ٓشول‬āshól m. noise, hubub, cry ‫ آشول کول‬to make a noise, make


‫ اصفهان‬isfahā́ n m. Isfahan (city)
‫ اصل‬asl Arabic 1 m. [plural: ‫ اصلونه‬aslúna Arabic plural: ‫اصول‬
usúl] .1 basis, base, root ‫ د مصدر اصل‬the stem of a verb 1.2
article (of a law); statute 1.3 fact; substance; principle ‫په اصل‬
‫ کښي‬in essence, in substance; in actuality; factuality 1.4
origin; race; family (extended) ‫ په اصل‬a by origin; by family b

a hubub, make a din, cry out



ásha interjection get going (cry used by one who is driving

an ass)

‫ آشه‬2 āshá f. proper name Aisha ‫ مه‬،‫آشه ښه ده که گله؟ مه يوه وينې‬
‫ بله‬saying They make a good pair!
‫ اشهاد‬1 ishhā́ d m. Arabic law 1 summoning as a witness 2
establishment of a fact with the assistance of witnesses

originally 1.5 original 1.6 economics fixed capital 1.7

‫ اشهاد‬ashhā́ d m. Arabic plural from ‫شاهد‬
‫ اشيا‬1 ashjā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫ اشيا‬1 ‫ معدني شي‬minerals
‫ اشيا‬2 eshjā́ f. Asia
‫ ا ٓشيانه‬āshjāná f. 1 nest 2 cell 3 dot, point 4 hangar ‫د طيارو‬
‫ آشيانه‬hangar
‫ اښ‬aḳh m. 1 consideration; scrutiny 2 patience
‫ اښکه‬uḳhka f. tear ‫ اښکي تويول‬to shed tears
‫ اښکي‬1 uḳhki plural from ‫اښکه‬
‫ اښکۍ‬2 uḳhkə́j f. praying mantis (insect)
‫ اښودل‬iḳhodə́l transitive  ‫ايښودل‬
‫ اصابت‬isābát m. Arabic 1 hit (on a target) ‫ په هدف اصابت کول‬to

‫سل اصله نهالگي‬
‫ اصل حقيقت ويل‬to
speak the solemn truth …‫ اصله خبره داده چه‬the main point is that
… 2.2 proper ‫ اصل تول‬proper weight ‫ په اصل ميان کښي‬in the


classifier used in counting trees, saplings
saplings 2 attributive .1 real, veritable

very center 2.3 suitable dimensions, proper dimensions 2.4
economics fixed (of capital) idiom

‫توره په اصل غوڅول کوي‬

proverb A good saber cuts according to its blade.

ً ‫اصلا‬

áslán Arabic 1 in fact; all intents and purposes; in essence 2

by origin, descent, family


islā́ islā́ h f. & m.

Arabic m. [plural: ‫ اصلاحات‬islahā́ t] 1

‫د حيواني‬
‫ نسل اصلاح‬improvement of a breed of cattle 3 reform ‫د تشکيل‬
‫ اصلاح‬reorganization ‫ اصلاح کول‬compound verb a to correct;
correction; emendation; amendment 2 improvement

hit the target 2 accuracy (e.g., of a comparison); preciseness (of

an expression) 3 perspicacity



‫ اصراف‬1 asrā́ f m. Arabic plural from ‫صرف‬
‫ اصراف‬2 isrā́ f m. Arabic extravagance
‫ اصطبل‬istábl stable, horse-barn
‫ اصطکاک‬istikā́ k m. Arabic friction ‫ اصطکاک کول‬to rub against
‫ اصطکاکي‬istikākí physics static ‫ اصطکاکي برق‬static electricity
‫ اصطلاح‬istilā́ f. & m. istilāh Arabic 1 phrase, expression,
locution, idiom ‫ په بله اصطلاح‬in other words 2 term ‫تخنيکي‬
‫ اصطلاحات‬technical terms
ً‫ اصطلاحا‬istilāhán Arabic 1 idiomatically 2 technically 3 as it is

‫ آشنائي‬āshnāí f. ‫ اشنائي‬ashnāí f. 1 friendship; acquaintance ‫نژدې‬
‫ ا ٓشنائي‬close friendship; close acquaintance ‫ د‬،‫د چا سره ا ٓشنائي کول‬
‫ چا سره آشنائي لرل‬to befriend, carry on a friendship, be close to
someone ‫ زما ورسره ډېره ا ٓشنائي ده‬I am on very close terms with
him. ‫ د هغه سره ا ٓشنائي ښه نه ده‬It is not worth being his friend.
‫ اشنغر‬ashnaghár m. Ashnagar, Khashtnagar (district near
‫ اشنل‬ushnə́‫۔‬l transitive  ‫اوشنل‬
‫ اشوا‬ashvā́ disgraced ‫ اشوا کول‬to disgrace ‫اشوا کېدل‬

‫پر يو شي باندي اصرار کول‬

amend b to improve; mend, repair c to carry out a reform d to

asālát m. Arabic 1 nobility, decency 2 firmness of

‫اصلاح کېدل‬

character 3 personal responsiblity 4 personal representation 5

carry out land-reclaimation work

substance, essence

to be correcetd b to be improved; be mended c to be reformed


‫ اصلاح طلب‬islāhtaláb m. Arabic reformer
‫ اصلاح طلبانه‬islāhtalabāná 1 reform; reformative; reformatory

asālátán Arabic 1 from oneself personally, personally 2

fully 3 as a matter of fact, in point of fact

‫ اصالت وجودي‬asālatvudzhudí f. philosophy existentialism
‫ اصحاب‬ashā́ b m. Arabic plural from ‫[ صاحب‬plural: ‫اصحابان‬

in a reform manner, in a reformative manner

‫ اصلاحي‬islāhí reform, reformative, reformatory
‫ اصل بست‬aslbást m. military personnel ‫د اصل بست جز وتام‬

ashābā́ n] associates of Mohammed


isdā́ r m. Arabic export

‫د وړيو اصدار‬

the export of wool

personnel unit

‫ اصلول‬aslavə́l transitive  ‫اسلول‬
‫ اصله‬1 ásla feminine singular of ‫ اصل‬2

isrā́ r m. Arabic insistence, persistence, persistent demand;

determination, pertinacity

‫د ډېر او مکرر اصرار په واسطه‬

compound verb a

thanks to


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اصله‬2 ásla  ‫اصل‬
‫ اصلي‬aslí Arabic 1 real, veritable, true 2 natural; innate ‫اصلي‬
‫ ورېښم‬natural silk 3 practicable; effective 4 inborn 5 native
‫ اصلي ژبه‬native language 6 basic, fundamental 7 chief, main
‫ اصلي قوتونه‬military main forces 8 literal; authentic ‫اصلي نقل‬
‫ يې څه شو؟‬Where is the original? 9 ‫ اصلي‬own (one's) ‫اصلي اوبه‬
territorial waters 10 original ‫ په اصلي صورت‬in the original

‫اضافه توب‬

‫ اضافه والی‬izāfavā́ laj
m. 1 addition, augmentation 2 development ‫د کرهڼي اضافه توب‬
the development of agriculture ‫ اضافه توب کول‬to increase, grow
‫ اضافي‬izāfí Arabic 1 additional, supplemental ‫اضافي ارزش‬
economics surplus value ‫ اضافي توليد‬economics surplus
product 2 grammar pertaining to "izafet" ‫د اسم اضافي حالت‬
genitive case ‫ اضافي مرکب‬the "izafet" state, construct state
‫ اضحلال‬izhilā́ l m. Arabic dissolution, liquidation ‫د شرکت اضحلال‬


‫ اصلي بڼه‬aslí báṇa f. ‫ لمړنۍ بڼه‬lūmṛanə́jbáṇa prototype
‫ اصليت‬asliját m. Arabic nature, property, essence, being
‫ اصلي حافظه‬aslí hāfizá f. virtual memmory
‫ اصلېدل‬asledə́l intransitive  ‫اسلېدل‬
‫ اصناف‬asnā́ f m. Arabic plural from ‫صنف‬
‫ اصوات‬asvā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫ د تحسين اصوات صوت‬shouts
of approval ‫ د افسوس اصوات‬exclamations of regret ‫د نفرين‬
‫ اصوات‬curses
‫ اصول‬usúl m. Arabic plural from ‫[ اصل‬plural: ‫ اصولات‬usulúna
Arabic plural: ‫ اصولونه‬usulā́ t] 1 principles, bases ‫اساسي اصول‬
basic laws; constitution ‫ کليه اصول‬basic propositions 2 system;
method ‫ ډول ډول اصولونه‬different ways, methods ‫په دې اصول سره‬
according to such a principle ‫ د برليس اصول‬the Berlitz Method ‫د‬
‫ کارت اصول‬index cardfile system ‫ په پخواني اصول سره‬after the
old way, after the former fashion 3 order, system ‫د بنديگرۍ‬
‫ اصول‬the slave-owning system
ً ‫ اصولا‬usúlán Arabic 1 basically, for the most part 2 according to


sacrificial offering


‫اضطرابي حالت اعلان شو‬

situation, desperate situation; desperation, despair
iztirārí 1 unusual, extreme, extraordinary

extraordinary session


‫په اضطراري حالاتو کښي‬

‫اضطراري غونډه‬

in extreme cases 2

‫ اضلاع‬azlā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫ضلع‬
‫ اضياف‬azjā́ f m. Arabic plural from ‫ضيف‬
‫ اطاعت‬itā'át m. Arabic 1 obedience, submission, subservience
‫ اطاعت بلا قيد او شرط‬unquestioning obedience ‫د پټو سترگو اطاعت‬
blind obedience ‫ د چا اطاعت کول‬to obey, submit to someone 2
respect, esteem 3 military subordination

‫ د تجربو او تجزيو اطاق‬experimental
‫ د تجارت اطاق‬Chamber of Commerce
‫ اطام‬atā́ m m. food, meal ‫ اول اطام بيا کلام‬proverb Eat first – talk
later.  ‫طعام‬
‫ اطبا‬atibbā́ m. ‫ اطبه‬atibbá Arabic plural from ‫طبيب‬
‫ اطراح‬ittirā́ f. & m. ittirāh Arabic 1 physiology excretion 2
utā́ ḳ m. 1 room

laboratory 2 chamber

2 grammar

the izafet

‫ اضافگي‬izāfagí f.  ‫اضافه گي‬
‫ اضافه‬izāfá Arabic 1.1 addition, augmentation, accretion ‫د هغه‬
‫ څخه اضافه‬over and above that ‫ اضافه پر هغه‬besides that ‫اضافه‬
‫ کول‬to add, increase ‫ تنخواه اضافه کول‬to increase pay 1.2

waste matter, offal, garbage

‫ اطراحي‬ittirāhí ‫ اطراحيه مواد‬،‫ اطراحي مواد‬physiology excretion
‫ اطراد‬itrā́ d m. Arabic banishment ‫ اطراد کول‬to banish
‫ اطراف‬atrā́ f m. Arabic plural from ‫طرف‬

development 2 attributive .1 exceeding 2.2 economics

‫اضافه توليد‬

iztirābí Arabic concerned, anxious

iztirā́ r m. Arabic 1 extreme necessity 2 hopeless


the expression of the genitive relationship by the use of the


to offer a

a the alarm was sounded b a state of emergency was declared



‫د اضافت علامت‬

‫اضحيه کول‬


purebred cattle 1.3 real, genuine,


iz-hijá f. Arabic sacrificial offering


natural 1.4 fundamental 1.5 firm 2 m. proper name Asil

construct or izafet form of two nouns

íd-i the Feast of

to offer a sacrifice, make a

internal contradiction

leave of absence

‫ اصيلتوب‬asiltób m. noble origin, noble birth
‫ اصيل زاده‬asilzādá noble, highborn, of noble origin
‫ اضافت‬izāfát m. Arabic 1 addition, augmentation

‫عيد اضحی‬

‫ اضرار‬1 azrā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫ضرر‬
‫ اضرار‬2 izrā́ r m. Arabic harmful influence
‫ اضطراب‬iztirā́ b m. Arabic 1 agitation; concern, alarm ‫اضطراب‬
‫ پېښول‬to agitate; cause concern, cause alarm 2 oscillation ‫برقي‬
‫ اضطرابات‬electrical oscillation; oscillations of an electrical

asíl Arabic 1.1 noble, of high birth 1.2 thoroughbred;

‫اصيل حيوانات‬

‫اضحی کول‬

sacrifice, make a sacrificial offering

stipulated by law 4 correct, legal

izāfagí m.

‫ اضداد‬1 azdā́ d m. Arabic plural from ‫ضد‬
‫ اضداد‬2 izdā́ d m. Arabic 1 opposition 2 philosophy antithesis ‫د‬
‫ اضدادو مبارزه‬conflict of opposites 3 contradiction ‫داخلي اضداد‬

2 systematic, methodical 3 based on a constitution, based on


az-hā f. Arabic sacrifice

Sacrificial Offering

‫ اصولات‬usulā́ t m. second plural of ‫اصول‬
‫ اصولنامه‬usulnāmá f. 1 statute; legislation 2 regulations ‫داخلي‬
‫ اصولنامه‬regulations
‫ اصولي‬usulí Arabic 1 basic, of principle, pertaining to principle
‫اصولي رخصتي‬

‫اضافه گي‬

liquidation of a state stock company

statute; according to law; according to the legal code

legislation; constitutional, legal

isāfatób m.

surplus product

Pashto-English Dictionary


atrāfí 1 outlying, peripheral

‫اطرافي سيمي‬


evidence, testimony

periphery 2 m. [plural: ‫ اطرافيان‬atrāfijā́ n] circle of associates,

‫ کول‬compound verb
‫ اظهارنامه‬izhārnāmá f. 1 statement 2 notification
‫ اظهارول‬izhāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اظهار يې کړ‬

cronies; colleagues, close associates

‫ اطراق‬utrā́ ḳ m.  ‫اتراغ‬
‫ اطريش‬otrísh m. obsolete Austria
‫ اطفا‬itfā́ m. Arabic extinguishing of a fire
‫ اطفال‬atfā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫طفل‬
‫ اطفائي‬itfāí Arabic attributive fire ‫ اطفائيه عمله‬firemen; fire
company ‫ اطفائي موټر‬fire engine
‫ اطلاع‬ittilā f. Arabic m. [plural: ‫ اطلاعات‬ittilā'ā́ t] 1 information
‫ د اطلاعاتو وزارت‬Ministry of Information ‫د اطلاعاتو شعبه‬
Information Bureau ‫ اطلاع لاس ته راوړل‬to obtain information 2
communiqué, news ‫ وروستنۍ اطلاع‬the latest news … ‫د رنگون‬
‫ اطلاع ده چه‬There is a dispatch from Rangoon to the effect that
… 3 knowledge, state of being conversant with ‫اطلاع يې کمه وه‬
He was very poorly informed. 4 notification, notice ‫اطلاع کول‬
compound verb to communicate, notify, inform ‫ اطلاع ورکول‬to


izhāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اظهار شو‬to
be stated, be said, be expressed

‫ اظهر‬uzhúr m. Arabic plural from ‫ ظهر‬2
‫ اعاجيب‬a'ādzhíb m. Arabic plural from ‫اعجوبه‬
‫ اعاده‬i'ādá f. Arabic 1 return; restitution 2 restoration 3
renewal; resumption 4 repayment (e.g., of a debt) ‫اعاده کول‬

compound verb a to return b to restore c to renew d to repay,

discharge (e.g., a debt)



4 law effect, implementation, force (of a law)

effective, operative


period of validity (of a treaty)

‫د… په اعتبار‬

‫په دې اعتبار‬

in view of the fact that …

7 certificate of immunity, safe-conduct; guarantee



i'tibārlík m.


i'tibārnāmá f. 1 mandate,

warrant, certificate 2 diplomacy credentials 3 finance letter-

‫ اطلس‬2 atlás m. Arabic satin
‫ اطلسي‬atlasí Arabic 1 satin, made of satin 2 m. black eunuch
‫ اطمينان‬itminā́ n m. Arabic 1 confidence, reliability ‫د اطمينان وړ‬
favorable, satisfactory 2 verification; confirmation ‫اطمينان کول‬



i'tibāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
give credit


a to believe in something, be certain of something b to verify,

‫]اعتبار يې‬


i'tibārí 1 enjoying confidence, reliable 2 attributive


‫ د يو شي څخه و چا ته اطمينان ورکول‬to assure someone of
something ‫ د اطمينان جواب ورکول‬receipt (i.e., of a letter) 3
peace, calming, tranquility ‫ د زړه اطمينان‬spiritual peace
‫ اطمينان بخش‬itminānbákhsh ‫ اطمينان بښونکی‬itminān baḳhúnkaj
‫ اطميناني‬itmināní 1 satisfactory; favorable 2 calming 3

‫اعتباري معاملات‬

credit operations 3 conditional,

tentative; nominal


i'tidā́ l m. Arabic 1 justice 2 moderation (e.g., in

viewpoints) 3 steadiness, even-tempered idiom

‫ اعتدال‬equinox
‫ اعتدال پسند‬i'tidālpasánd

reliable; reassuring
azlā́ l m. Arabic plural from

‫د اعتبار موده‬

on the grounds that …

‫ د اطلس اوقيانوس‬the Atlantic Ocean manshúr-i
‫ منشور اطلس‬the Atlantic Charter ‫ د اطلس غرونه‬the Atlas

atlás m.

atvā́ r m. Arabic plural from


‫د اعتبار وړ‬

5 authorization; authority 6 basis, grounds …‫چه‬

to grant a divorce (to a woman)


‫حيواني اعاشه‬

food supply chief 2 nourishment,

commercial credit 3 importance, weight; authority; reputation

relate to something, refer to something 2 to name, designate 3


‫د اعاشې ضابط‬

ً‫ اعانتا‬j'ānatán Arabic in the form of a donation
‫ اعانه‬i'āná f. Arabic 1 donation ‫ د اعانې او مرستي مجلس‬charity
evening affair 2 payment, dues ‫ د حزب اعانه‬party dues
‫ اعتبار‬i'tibā́ r m. Arabic 1 faith, confidence ‫ پرچا‬،‫پرچا اعتبار کول‬
‫ اعتبار لرل‬to trust, have confidence in someone ‫اعتبار دي نشته‬
One cannot depend on you. ‫ اعتبار يې نشته‬،‫ سپک سړی دئ‬He is a
frivolous man, and does not enjoy people's confidence. ‫خلقو ور‬
‫ باندي د ډېر د ولت اعتبار کاوه‬It was believed that he was very rich.
2 economics credit ‫ بانکي اعتبار‬bank credit ‫تجارتي اعتبار‬

Information Agency


i'āshá f. Arabic 1 provisions; victuals


notify, inform


1 to

state; say; express (opinion, etc.) 2 to testify, give evidence

ً‫ اطلاعا‬ittilā́ 'án Arabic as a matter of information ‫اطلاعاً مي عرض‬
‫ درته وکئ‬I have the honor to inform you.
‫ اطلاعاتي‬ittilā'ātí attributive information ‫اطلاعاتي آژانس‬
‫ اطلاع دهي‬itlā'dihí f. informing, making cognizant
‫ اطلاعيه‬ittilā'ijá 1 notification, information 2 communiqué
‫ اطلاق‬itlā́ ḳ 1 reference (to something) 2 giving a name;
designation 3 granting of a divorce (to a woman) ‫اطلاق کول‬
compound verb  ‫اطلاقول‬
‫ اطلاقول‬itlākavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اطلاق يې کړ‬1

‫ زباني اظهار‬oral testimony, deposition ‫اظهار‬
 ‫اظهارول‬

‫د شپو او روځو‬

1 just, fair 2 moderate (e.g., of

viewpoints) 3 counterbalanced, countervailing

‫ طور‬1

izhā́ r m. Arabic 1 statement, utterance, speech

‫اعتدال پسندي‬

i'tidālpasandí f. 1 justice 2 moderation (e.g., in

viewpoints) 3 steadiness, even-temperedness

‫اظهار نظر‬


iz-hār-i expression of one's opinion, views, point of view 2

i'tidālí 1 

‫اعتدال پسند‬

2 m. [plural: ‫ اعتداليون‬i'tidālijún]

Arabic moderate, person of moderate views


i'tizā́ r m. Arabic apology, excuse

Pashto-English Dictionary


i'tirā́ z m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اعتراضونه‬i'tirāzúna Arabic

‫ اعجوبه‬a'dzhubá f. Arabic miracle, wonder, phenomenon
‫ اعدا‬a'dā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫عدو‬
‫ اعداد‬1 a'dā́ d m. Arabic plural from ‫عدد‬
‫ اعداد‬2 i'dā́ d m. preparation
‫ اعدادي‬i'dādí 1 preparatory 2 middle, secondary (of a school)
‫ اعداديه‬i'dadija Arabic 1 feminine singular from ‫ اعدادي‬2 f.
middle, secondary school, gymnasium (i.e., high school) ‫د‬
‫ اعداديې مکتب‬secondary school
‫ اعدام‬i'dā́ m m. Arabic execution, capital punishment ‫په اعدام سره‬
‫ محکوم‬sentenced to death ‫ پرچا د اعدام حکم کول‬to condemn to
death, sentence someone to death ‫ اعدام کول‬compound verb 
‫ اعدامول‬،‫ اعدام کېدل‬compound verb  ‫اعدامېدل‬
‫ اعدامول‬i'dāmavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اعدام يې کړ‬to

plural: ‫ اعتراضات‬i'tirāzā́ t] 1 objection, reclaim 2 protest 3

‫ دا اعتراض خو دې ټهيک دئ‬dialect Your
remonstrance is a just one. ‫ اعتراض کول‬a to object b


to protest

c to remonstrate 4 attack, hostile action 5 finance protest of a


‫ اعتراضنامه‬i'tirāznāmá f. written protest
‫ اعتراض والا‬i'tirāzvālā́ 1 m. critic 2 attributive objecting
‫ اعتراف‬i'tirā́ f m. Arabic 1 acknowledgement 2 confession ‫په يو‬
‫ پر يو شي اعتراف کول‬،‫ شي کښي اعتراف کول‬a to confess to
something b to confess one's sins, unburden oneself


i'tisā́ b m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اعتصابونه‬i'tisbābúna Arabic

plural: ‫ اعتصابات‬i'tisābā́ t] strike, work stoppage

general strike

‫معکوس اعتصاب‬

carry out a work stoppage


‫عمومي اعتصاب‬
‫ اعتصاب کول‬to strike,

‫ اعتصاب شکن‬i'tisābshikān f. strikebreaker, scab
‫ اعتصاب کوونکی‬i'tisāb kavúnkaj striker
‫ اعتصابي‬i'tisābí 1.1 ‫ اعتصابي‬i'tisābí attributive strike

sentence to death, condemn to death


i'dāmavə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اعدام شو‬to
be sentenced to death, be condemned to death

‫ اعراب‬a'rā́ b m. Arabic plural from ‫عرب‬
‫ اعرابيان‬a'rābijā́ n m. second plural from ‫اعراب‬
‫ اعراض‬a'rā́ z m. Arabic plural of ‫ عرض‬3
‫ اعراف‬i'rā́ f m. Arabic religion purgatory idiom ‫دا ځای د اعراف‬
‫ څخه هم بد دئ‬This is a veritable Hell.
‫ اعزا‬a'izzā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫عزيز‬
‫ اعزاز‬i'zā́ z m. Arabic honor; esteem; respect ‫ د چا په اعزاز‬in honor


attributive walkout 1.3 pertaining to a work stoppage 2 m.
striking worker, striker

‫ اعتصام‬i'tisā́ m m. Arabic 1 steadfastness 2 self-preservation
‫ اعتقاد‬i'tiḳā́ d m. Arabic faith, confidence ‫ اعتقاد لرل‬to believe in,
trust ‫ زه پر تا باندي اعتقاد نه لرم‬،‫ زه پر تا اعتقاد نه لرم‬I don't trust
you. I don't believe you.

of someone

‫ اعتلا‬i'tilā́ f. Arabic development
‫ اعتماد‬i'timā́ d m. Arabic 1 trust, confidence ‫ اعتماد متقابل‬i'timā́ di mutual trust ‫ پرچا بشپړ اعتماد لرل‬to have full confidence in
someone ‫ د اعتماد وړ‬deserving of confidence, reliable 2
reliance, confidence, certitude ‫دوی پر خپل ځان او نفس اعتماد او باور‬
‫ نه لري‬They are not self-confident. 3 expectation, hope,
reliance ‫ پرچا اعتماد کول‬a to express confidence in someone b


‫اعتماد بنفس‬

honor guard,

guard of honor; ceremonial guard



i'timādbinnáfs m.

‫اعزازي پهره‬

‫ اعزام‬i'zā́ m m. Arabic sending, dispatching
‫ اعزامي‬i'zāmí Arabic expeditionary ‫ اعزامي اردو‬expeditionary
forces ‫ اعزامي هيئت‬delegation, mission
‫ اعشار‬a'shā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫عشر‬
‫ اعشاري‬a'shārí Arabic math decimal ‫ اعشاري کسور‬decimal

to have strong expectations, have confidence (in, of, for

‫اعتماد بالنفس‬

i'zāzí Arabic attributive honor

a'shārijá Arabic math


i'timādbanafás self-

‫اعشاريه عدد‬

number with a decimal

‫ اعصاب‬a'sā́ b m. Arabic plural from ‫عصب‬
‫ اعصر‬a'súr m. Arabic plural from ‫عصر‬
‫ اعضا‬a'zā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫عضو‬
‫ اعطا‬i'tā́ f. Arabic gift, presentation of gifts; granting, bestowing
‫ اعظم‬azám 1.1 big, high 1.2 great, most important, greatest ‫امام‬
‫ اعظم‬imā́ m-i the great Imam, Imam Knanifa (the founder of the

confidence, self-reliance

‫ اعتمادنامه‬i'timādnāmá f. diplomacy credentials ‫اعتمادنامه وړاندي‬
‫ کول‬to present credentials
‫ اعتمادي‬i'timādí reliable, trustworthy, dependable
‫ اعتنا‬i'tinā́ f. Arabic attention, concern, anxiety ‫د اعتنا په نظر کتل‬
to be considerate of someone ‫ و چا ته اعتنا کول‬to pay attention to
someone; be concerned about someone ‫دوی دې خبري ته ډېره اعتنا‬
‫ لري‬They are paying a great deal of attention to this.
‫ اعتياد‬i'tijā́ d m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اعتيادات‬i'tijādā́ t] habit, wont
‫ اعجاب‬1 a'dzhāb m. Arabic plural from ‫عجب‬
‫ اعجاب‬2 i'dzhā́ b m. Arabic 1 astonishment 2 pleasure 3

Knanifite Sect) 1.3 maximum, most high 2 m. proper name


u'zmā f. singular from

‫په اعظمي توگه استفاده کول اعظم‬

make maximum use of

‫ اعلا‬1 a'lā́  ‫اعلی‬
‫ اعلا‬2 i'lā́ f. Arabic height, loftiness
‫ اعلا ترين‬a'lāterín the best

complacency, self-satisfaction

‫ اعجاز‬i'dzhā́ z m. Arabic miracle, wonder
‫ اعجازي‬i'dzhāzí wonderful, miraculous
‫ اعجاميه‬i'dzhāmijá Arabic ‫ اعجاميه علامات‬punctuation marks


Pashto-English Dictionary




i'lā́ m m. Arabic 1 notification, information;

‫ د هوايي خطر اعلام‬air-raid alarm 2 news,
‫ اعلام کول‬compound verb  ‫اعلامول‬
‫ اعلام‬a'lā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫ علم‬2
‫ اعلامول‬i'lāmavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اعلام يې کړ‬

i'lāmadə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اعلام شو‬to

be announced

‫ اعلاميه‬i'lāmijá f. Arabic communiqué; declaration
‫ اعلان‬i'lā́ n m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اعلانونه‬i'lānúna Arabic plural:
‫ اعلانات‬i'lānā́ t] 1 announcement ‫ بې له اعلانه‬without
announcement; without warning 2 advertisement ‫تجارتي اعلانات‬
commercial advertisement ‫ روښانه شوئ اعلان‬illuminated sign
‫ اعلان کول‬compound verb ‫ اعلانول‬،‫ اعلان کېدل‬compound verb
 ‫اعلانېدل‬
‫ اعلانول‬i'lānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اعلان يې کړ‬to


i'lanedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اعلان شو‬to be

‫واﷲ اعلم‬

religion Since God knows best, Allah will direct the matter.

‫ اعلی حاکم‬governor ‫نظامي اعلی حاکم‬
military governor ‫ اعلی حکومت‬district 1.2 of the highest
quality; excellent ‫ اعلی پوستين‬a short fur jacket of the highest
quality ‫ ډېر اعلی‬It could not be better. 2 excellent (grade,
evaluation) idiom ‫ په اعلی درجه کوښښ کول‬to make every effort
‫ اعلی ترين‬a'lātarín  ‫اعلاترين‬
‫ اعليحضرت‬a'lāhazrát m. Arabic His Highness !‫ اعليحضرتا‬Your


‫ اغز‬ughúz m. [plural: ‫ اغزان‬ughuzā́ n] walnut (thin-shelled)
‫ اغزکی‬aghzakáj m. kind of mimosa, Prosopis stephaniana
‫ اغزن‬aghzə́n prickly, spiny ‫ اغزن مزي‬barbed wire idiom ‫اغزنه لاره‬
thorny path


aghzənavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
make prickly, cause to be spiny

Highness! (as a form of address)

‫ اعم‬a'ām Arabic universal, general
‫ اعما‬i'mā́ f. Arabic blinding, dazzling; blindness, dazzled state
‫ اعمار‬1 a'mā́ r m. Arabic plural  ‫ عمر‬1
‫ اعمار‬2 i'mā́ r m. Arabic creation
‫ اعماق‬a'mā́ ḳ m. Arabic plural from ‫ عمق اعماق کشفول‬to explore

‫ اغزی‬aghzáj m. 1 prickle, thorn ‫ د اغزو تار‬Eastern barbed wire ‫د‬
‫ هر گله سره اغزی وي‬proverb No rose is without thorns. 2
splinter 3 figurative bitter taste, pain; bitterness ‫د بېلتون اغزی‬
the bitterness of separation 4 dialect Fagonia cretica (a kind
of plant) 5 dialect Sonchus arvensis (a kind of thistle)

‫کښي مي اغزی وموند‬

‫اعوره کلمه‬

blind gut, cecum 2 one-eyed, blind in one eye


a'jā́ n m. Arabic plural 1 from

people, the nobility

‫د اعيانو مجلس‬


‫د ژوند د لاري د اغزيو څخه ځان نه‬

‫ غړول‬Do not be afraid of difficulties in the course of your life.
‫ اغزياڼه‬aghzijāṇa f. thorn-bush thickets
‫ اغږ‬aghg ̣ present stem of ‫ اغږل‬and ‫اغښل‬
‫ اغږل‬aghgə̣ ́ l transitive [past: ‫ و يې اغږل‬present: ‫ ]اغږي‬to knead;

‫د المر عالي نښان‬

a'vár Arabic 1 m. anatomy blind gut, cecum

‫په حلوا‬

proverb literal I found a thorn in the halva.

figurative A fly in the ointment.



aghzənedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اغزن شو‬to
be prickly, be spiny; prick, sting

Chevalier of the Order of the Sun, Second Degree


‫]اغزن يې‬


the depths

‫ اعمال‬a'mā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫عمل‬
‫ اعمالات‬a'mālā́ t m. second plural from ‫اعمال‬
‫ اعمالات خانه‬a'mālātkhāná f. workshop
‫ اعمق‬a'máḳ Arabic deeper, deepest
‫ نښان‬،‫ ع‬،‫ ا‬official abbreviation ‫المر عالي نښان‬

ightisā́ b m. Arabic 1 seizure, taking away 2

‫ اغذيه‬aghzijá f. Arabic food, meal ‫ د حيوانانو اغذيه‬fodder, forage
‫ اغر‬1 aghár m. drawing a bowstring, stretching a bowstring ‫اغر‬
‫ کول‬to draw a bowstring, stretch a bowstring
‫ اغر‬2 aghə́r self-satisfied, complacent
‫ اغراض‬aghā́ z m. Arabic plural from ‫غرض‬
‫ اغراق‬ighrā́ ḳ m. Arabic exaggeration
‫ اغروغ‬،‫ اغ روغ‬aghrúgh m. singular & plural fraud, swindling,


a'lā́ Arabic 1.1 highest

older brother

disturbances occurred, disorders occurred




‫لوی ا ٓغا‬

‫ آغاتوب‬āghātób m. supremacy, mastery, rule, sway
‫ اغاجان‬aghādzhā́ n m. proper name Agadzhan
‫ ا ٓغاز‬1 āghā́ z m. beginning ‫ ا ٓغاز کول‬compound verb to begin,
undertake, start up ‫ مقاله يې ا ٓغاز کړه‬He began the speech.
‫ اغاز‬2 aghā́ z m. technology wedge
‫ اغايون‬aghājún Arabic plural from ‫اغا‬
‫ اغتذا‬ightizā́ f. Arabic nourishment
‫ اغتذائي‬ightizāí 1 relating to nourishment 2 digestive ‫اغتذائي‬
‫ تشويش‬digestive disorder
‫ اغتشاش‬ightishā́ sh m. Arabic mutiny, revolt ‫اغتشاشات وشوه‬

1 to


a'lām Arabic most knowing, most informed

aghā [plural: ‫ ا ٓغايان‬aghāján plural: ‫ اغاگان‬aghāgā́ n

master idiom

notify, inform, announce 2 to express (e.g., sympathy) 3 to



Arabic plural: ‫ اغايون‬aghājún] 1 mister, Agha 2 prince 3




mix (dough)

‫ اغږنه‬aghgə̣ ́ na f. ‫ اغږه‬aghgə̣ ́ m. plural kneading, mixing (dough)
‫ اغږونکی‬aghgúnkaj
1 present participle of ‫ اغږل‬2 m. dough

2 distinguished, noble

Senate, Upper House, House

of Lords

mixer, dough kneader (special worker in a bakery)



aghistə́l transitive dialect 
aghustə́l transitive  ‫اغوستل‬


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اغسته‬aghustə́ m. plural  ‫اغوستنه‬
‫ اغښل‬aghḳhə́l transitive  ‫اغږل‬
‫ اغفال‬ighfā́ l m. Arabic fraud, deception ‫ اغفال کول‬compound
verb  ‫ اغفالول‬،‫ اغفال کېدل‬compound verb  ‫اغفالېدل‬
‫ اغفالول‬ighfalavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اغفال يې کړ‬to


aghjārā́ n]

without outsiders, in the absence of outsiders


agheṛə́l dialect 1 [past: ‫ ]واغېړه‬intransitive to suffer from
indigestion, suffer from dyspepsia 2 [past: ‫ ]و يې اغېړه‬transitive

cheat, swindle; lead into error, delude

ighfāledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اغفال شو‬to
be swindled, be cheated

to cause nausea


agheṛə́laj 1 past participle of ‫ اغېړل‬2 m. person suffering
from dyspepsia, person suffering from indigestion

āghíl m. āghál āghúl enclosure, corral ( for cattle)


āghə́l 1 mixed, kneaded (of dough) 2 blended,

‫ اغلاط‬aghlā́ t m. Arabic plural  ‫غلط‬
‫ اغلب‬aghláb Arabic 1 having preference, having advantage

‫ اغېړی‬agéṛaj suffering from dyspepsia, suffering from indigestion
‫ اغېړېدل‬agheṛedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]اغېړ شو‬to vomit, throw up
‫ هغه اغېړ شوئ دئ‬He is nauseous. He is vomiting.
‫ اغېزجن‬aghezdzhə́n ‫ اغېزناک‬aghezanāk  ‫اغېزه ناک‬
‫ ا ٓغېزه‬āghezá f. ‫ اغېزه‬aghezá f. 1 influence, action ‫ د دوا ا ٓغېزه‬the
action of a medicine ‫ په يوه شي کښي ا ٓغېزه کول‬to have an
influence on something ‫ پر چا ا ٓغېزه کول‬to act upon someone,
influence someone 2 result; effect 3 conclusion ‫د دې خبري څخه‬
‫ دي څه ا ٓغېزه وکښه؟‬What conclusion did you draw from this?
‫ اغېزه کوونکی‬aghezá kavúnkaj ‫ اغېزه ناک‬aghezanāk effective,

2 m.

majority, greater part 3.1 for the most part 3.2 in all

‫اغلب ًا‬

‫اغلب دئ چه هغه به تللئ وي‬

In all probability he went

aghlábán Arabic for the most part; ordinarily

aghə́laj 1 beautiful, elegant, refined 2 pleasing, pleasant,
nice 3 excellent 4 fitting, proper

‫ اغماز‬ighmā́ z m. Arabic indulgence, spoiling; condescension
‫ اغماز کول‬a to show indulgence towards b to be a hypocrite, act


‫ ا ٓغيل‬āghíl  ‫ اغل‬1
‫ اف‬1 uf interjection

contrary to conscience


!‫ څومره ناولې کوټه ده‬،‫ اف‬Ugh! What a
filthy room! 2 oh, ah !‫ څه بده ورځ ده‬،‫ اف‬Oh! What a calamity!
!‫ نن څنگه گرمي ده‬،‫ اف‬Whew! How hot it is today! ‫ اف کول‬to

ighvā́ Arabic 1 instigation, incitment, provocation 2

seduction 3 calumny, libel

‫اغوا کول‬

a to instigate b to

provoke c to seduce d to slander, calumniate, libel


ighvāgarí f. 1 disturbance 2 instigation, provocation 3

exclaim oh!, exclaim ah!


prepare malt, make malt 2 to malt (go through the process of

insects and other pests harmful to crops


making a malt)

‫ آغودېدل‬aghudedə́l denominative [past: ‫]آغود شو‬
‫ اغوړ‬aghúr m. vengeance ‫ اغوړ ايستل‬to take vengeance
‫ اغوز‬aghúz m. plural  ‫اورږه‬
‫ اغوستل‬aghustə́l aghostə́l transitive [past: ‫[ ]وايي غوست‬present:
‫ ]اغوندي‬1 to put on (clothing) ‫ خپل کالي اغوستل‬to dress oneself,
‫هغه مي په يوه شړۍ کښي واغوست‬

I wrapped him in

a manner of

compound verb to communicate, express
to express the meaning of a word

‫افاده کېدل‬

‫د يو لفظ معنی‬


‫د چا سره افاده لرل‬

to be of use to someone 3 law

testimony, evidence

‫ افاديت‬ifādiját
‫ افاضه‬ifāzá f.

m. efficaciousness, utility, benefit
Arabic exact description, circumstantial

description; pithiness

‫ افاغنه‬afāginá m. Arabic plural from ‫افغان‬
‫ اف اف‬ut-úf  ‫ اف‬1
‫ ا ٓفاق‬āfā́ ḳ m. Arabic plural from ‫افق‬
‫ افاقه‬ifāḳá f. Arabic recovery, restoration (to health)
‫ آفاقي‬āfāḳí objective
‫ ا ٓفت‬āfát 1 m. [plural: ‫ ا ٓفتونه‬āfatúna plural: ‫ آفات‬āfā́ t] Arabic .1
misfortune, distress, disaster ‫ په ا ٓفت اخته کېدل‬to suffer ‫ا ٓفت ورته‬


aghá regional colloquial 

‫د بيان او افادې ډول‬

verb to be communicated, be expressed 2 usefulness, benefit,

embrace, clasp in the arms 2 an armful 3 figurative bosom,

to compel to put on, dress

ifādá f. Arabic 1 expression

‫افاده کول‬
‫افاده کول‬

‫ اغوستن‬aghustán m. attire, clothing ‫ د اغوستن شيان‬clothing
‫ اغوستنه‬aghustə́na f. ‫ اغوسته‬aghustə́ m. plural the act of putting
on clothing, dressing ‫ د اغوستني کالي‬clothing
‫ آغوش‬āghósh m. 1 embrace ‫ په ا ٓغوش کښي نيول‬،‫ آغوش کول‬to


‫د ژبي افادوي قدرت‬

expressing a thought, a formulation, a statement (esp. written)

an overcoat. 4 to clothe in some sort of uniform

‫ اغوند‬aghúnd present stem of ‫اغوستل‬
‫ اغوندول‬aghundavə́l necessitive verb, transitive

ifādaví expressive; eloquent

expressiveness of language; eloquence, facility of language


get dressed 2 to pull over oneself (i.e., a blanket) 3 to wrap up
in something

1 ugh

‫ اف‬2 abbreviation of ‫افغاني‬
‫ افات‬āfā́ t m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ آفت‬2 agriculture pest ‫د‬
‫ کرهڼي د ا ٓفاتو دفع‬the struggle with agricultural pests ‫د نباتاتو افات‬

breach of discipline

‫ آغود‬āghúd m. plural 1 malt 2 rotting flour, spoiled flour
‫ آغودول‬aghudavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]آغود يې کړ‬

aghér m. 1 dyspepsia, indigestion 2 illness accompanied by



‫ غير‬2 [plural: ‫اغياران‬
stranger; outsider; foreigner ‫ د اغيار څخه خالي‬literal

aghjā́ r m. Arabic plural 1 from

[past: ‫]وايي غونداوه‬

‫ هغه‬1, 2

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ پېښ شوئ‬misfortune has befallen them proverb ‫تر بېکارۍ لوی‬
‫ آفت نشته‬There is no greater misfortune than idleness. 1.2
damage or loss from agricultural pests 2 attributive ‫په دغه ا ٓفت‬
‫ باران کښي‬at the time of this heavy rain
‫ افتاب‬āftā́ b m. the sun
‫ ا ٓفتابه‬āftābá f. pitcher (for washing the hands, etc.)
‫ آفتابه لگن‬aftābalagán m. pitcher and basin (for washing)
‫ ا ٓفتابي‬āftābí 1 sunny 2 yellow 3 faded
‫ افتاده‬uftādá indeclinable 1 cheerless, downfallen 2 unfortunate;

‫ا ٓفريده گار‬
‫ افريدي‬1

‫ افريقا‬afriḳā́ f.  ‫افريقه‬
‫ افريقائي‬afriḳāí 1 African 2 m. African (person)
‫ افريقه‬afriḳá f. Africa ‫ د افريقې براعظم‬the African mainland,
African continent ‫ د جنوبي افريقې جمهوريت‬the South African
Republic ‫ د مرکزي افريقې جمهوريت‬the Central African Republic
‫ جنوب غربي افريقه‬Southwest Africa
‫ ا ٓفرين‬āfrín āprín 1 praise, approval ‫ د ا ٓفرين وړ بلل‬to consider
praiseworthy ‫ چا ته ا ٓفرين ويل‬to praise someone, approve of
someone !‫ ا ٓفرين ستاپه همت شه‬You've done excellent work! 2

iftitā́ iftitā́ h f. & m. Arabic m. [plural: ‫ افتتاحات‬iftitāhā́ t]

‫ افتتاح کول‬compound verb to
‫ افتتاح کېدل‬compound verb to have

beginning, ceremonial opening
begin, open (e.g., a meeting)

interjection good, wonderful, bravo

‫ ا ٓفرينش‬āfrinísh m. creation, making
‫ افزار‬afzā́ r m. implement, tool, instrument ‫د جراحۍ افزار‬

begun, be opened (e.g., of a meeting)

‫ افتتاحي‬iftitāhí Arabic relating to an opening; introductory ‫افتتاحيه‬
‫ وينا‬introductory speech
‫ افتخار‬iftikhā́ r m. Arabic [plural: ‫ افتخارونه‬iftikhārúna Arabic
plural: ‫ افتخارات‬iftikhārā́ t] 1 glory; honor ‫په افتخار سره‬
gloriously ‫ افتخار لرل‬a to be famed for b to have the honor
…‫ افتخار لرم چه‬I have the honor to … 2 pride ‫ افتخار کول‬a to be
proud of, take pride in b to have the honor …‫ افتخار کوم چه‬a I


pride myself in the fact that … b I have the honor to … 3
iftikhārí Arabic honorable


‫افتخاري رياست‬

invention. This is pure fiction. 3 regional novel, romance

the honorable

‫ افسانه نگار‬afsānanigā́ r m. regional novelist
‫ افسر‬1 afsár m. crown, diadem
‫ افسر‬2 afsár afisár m. regional 1 officer ‫ جهازي افسر‬، ‫بحري افسر‬
naval officer ‫ کمان افسر‬commander; general officer
commanding ‫ نظامي افسران‬officers 2 civil servant, public
employee ‫ افسر مال‬afsár-i tax official
‫ افسرده‬afsurdá indeclinable 1 freezing; congealing 2 fading,

‫ افترا‬iftirā́ f. Arabic slander, lie; calumny, obloquy
‫ افتراز‬iftirā́ z m. Arabic assumption, hypothesis idiom ‫د افتراز‬
‫ کلمات‬moral words and turns of phrasing, moralizing and turns
of expression


iftirā́ ḳ m. Arabic 1 parting, separation 2 disconnection;

juncture 3 dissidence, split


afkhám Arabic excellent, magnificent, outstanding
afrā́ d m. Arabic plural 1 from


withering 3 figurative sad, cheerless, depressed 4 figurative
disheartened, dispirited

2 military personnel,

complement ‫ عسکري افراد‬privates, soldiers; enlisted personnel
‫ احتياطي افراد‬enlisted reserve ‫ بحري افراد‬seaman, sailors ‫موظفه‬
‫ افراد‬enlisted personnel on active duty ‫ د مخابرې افراد‬signal
corpsmen ‫ نوي افراد‬recruits, rookies
‫ افراز‬ifrā́ z m. Arabic 1 section, compartment, apportionment 2

‫ افسرده دل‬afsurdadil  ‫ افسرده‬3, 4
‫ افسري‬afsari attributive regional officer, pertaining to officer
rank or office


‫ د افسوس اصوات‬expressions of
regret ‫ افسوس څرگندول‬to express regret ،‫افسوس ښکاره کول‬
‫ افسوس کول‬a feel sorry for, pity ‫ پر چا افسوس کول‬to pity
someone b to regret … ‫ زه افسوس کوم چه‬I regret that … 2

physiology secretion

‫ افراط‬iffrā́ t m. Arabic 1 excess 2 extreme; excessiveness ‫افراط‬
‫ کول‬a to give oneself up to excesses b to go to extremes, run to

‫ افسوسناک‬afsosnā́ k worthy, deserving of regret; sad ‫افسوسناک‬
‫ اوضاع‬a sad situation
‫ افسون‬afsún m. witchcraft, sorcery; spell, incantation ‫افسون کول‬

ifrātí Arabic 1 extreme; ultra- 2 m. [plural: ‫افراطيان‬

ifrātijā́ n Arabic plural: ‫ افراطيون‬ifrātijún] extreme elements,

‫ افراطي افروز‬afróz compound expression
illuminating (or similar) ‫ جهان افروز‬illuminating the world (of
extremists; ultras

to bewitch, charm, put under a spell

‫ افسون گر‬afsungár m. sorcerer, magician, enchanter, wizard
‫ افسون گره‬afsungára feminine of ‫افسون گر‬
‫ ا ٓفسېټ‬āfseṭ m. offset (printing)

the sun)

‫ا ٓفريده‬

afsós apsós 1 m. regret

interjection woe, alas




‫ افزارداني‬afzārdāní f. box, case, bag for tools or instruments
‫ افزايش‬afzājísh m. addition; increase
‫ افزوده‬afzudá indeclinable increased, enlarged
‫ افسار‬afsā́ r m. halter
‫ افسانوي‬afsānaví attributive fairy tale; legendary; mythical
‫ افسانه‬afsāná f. 1 fable; tale, fairy tale ‫ د افساني په ډول‬like a fairy
tale 2 invention, fiction ‫ د افسانو افسانه ده‬This is sheer

proper name Iftikhar


afridí m. apridí plural Afridi (tribe) 2 afridáj m.

apridáj m. Afridi (tribesman)



āfridagā́ r m. creator, maker

afruzá f. proper name Afruza
āfridá indeclinable created

Pashto-English Dictionary


ifshā́ f. Arabic disclosure, publicity

‫افشا کول‬

‫ افول‬ufúl m. Arabic setting (of the sun); decline, going down ‫افول‬
‫ کول‬to set (of the sun)
‫ افوه‬úfuh interjection ugh
‫ افهام‬ifhā́ m m. Arabic exclamation; interpretation ‫ژبه د افهام او‬
‫ تفهيم يوه وسيله ده‬Language is a means of communication.
‫ افېر‬afér m.  ‫شارژدافېر‬
‫ ا ٓفيسر‬āfisár m. regional  ‫ افسر‬2
‫ افيم چي‬afimchí m. ‫ افيمچي‬opium smoker
‫ افيون‬afjún m. plural 1 opium 2 figurative narcotic, dope
‫ ا ٓق‬1 āḳ 1 white 2 used in geological designations ‫ ا ٓق تېپه‬Aktepa
‫ ق‬،‫ ا‬2 abbreviation from ‫ د اس قوه‬horsepower
‫ آقا‬āḳā́ m.  ‫آغا‬
‫ اقاليم‬aḳālím m. Arabic plural from ‫اقليم‬
‫ اقامت‬iḳāmát m. Arabic 1 stay, sojourn, residence ‫ اقامت لرل‬to


verb to disclose (a secret); give publicity to something

‫ افشار‬afshā́ r m. singular & plural Afshar (Turkic tribe)
‫ افشان‬afshā́ n compound disseminating, spreading ‫غازافشان‬
chemical mortar


afzál Arabic 1.1 most virtuous 1.2 best, excellent m. 2

m. proper name Afzal'

‫ افضليت‬afzaliját m. Arabic excellence
‫ افطار‬iftā́ r m. Arabic the first meal taken after a (religious) fast
‫ افطار کول‬to eat after having fasted
‫ افعال‬af'ā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫فعل‬
‫ افغان‬afghā́ n avghā́ n 1 m. [plural: ‫ افغانان‬afghanā́ n Arabic
plural: ‫ افاغنه‬afāghiná] Afghan (person) 2 attributive Afghan
‫ افغان اولس‬the Afghan people
‫ افغان پېژندونکی‬afghā́ n pezhandúnkaj m. Afghanist (academic

live, stay, settle 2 religion precise observance (of some rite)

‫اقامت کول‬


‫ افغانستان‬afghānistā́ n m. Afghanistan
‫ افغاني‬afghāní 1 attributive Afghan ‫ معاصر افغاني ادب‬modern
Afghan literature ‫ افغاني مطبوعات‬the Afghan press 2.1 f.
Afghani, the Afghan language, Pashto 2.2 [plural: ‫افغانۍ‬
afghanə́j] Afghani (monetary unit) ‫ نيمه افغانۍ‬one-half Afghani
‫ افغانېدل‬afghānedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]افغان شو‬to

a to live, stay, settle b to stand and sit (during

‫ اقامت ويل‬to pray diligently
‫ اقامت گا‬،‫ اقامت گاه‬،‫ اقامتگا‬،‫ اقامتگاه‬f. & m. iḳāmatgā́ iḳāmatgā́ h
prayer) c to pray diligently


place of residence; residence 2 military army reception center


iḳāmá f. Arabic 1 settling, placing, accomodation 2

presentation, presenting, institution (of a suit)
initiate legal action, institute a suit

‫دعوی اقامه کول‬


ufúḳ m. Arabic [plural: ‫ افقونه‬ufkúna Arabic plural: ‫ا ٓفاق‬

‫ ا ٓقايون‬āḳājún m. Arabic plural from ‫آقا‬
‫ ا ٓقايي‬āḳāí f. supremacy, rule, sway
‫ اقبال‬iḳbā́ l m. Arabic 1 prosperity; well-being; material success

military artillery fire area 2 figurative mental outlook, mental

2 good luck; luck 3 Eastern law consent; acknowledgment

become Afghan, become an Afgan; be Afghanized


afā́ ḳ] 1 horizon

‫مرئي افق‬

the visible horizon

‫د توپچي افق‬

‫دعوی دخلول‬
‫ د اقبال‬،‫جرم اقبال کول‬



ufukí horizontal

‫افقي خط‬

horizontal line

economics horizontal concentration idiom
move forward, advance


‫افقي تمرکز‬
‫افقي حرکت کول‬

4 proper name Ikbal






‫ د افکارو بدلول فکر‬exchange of
‫ عام افکار‬،‫ عمومي افکار‬the general opinion ‫د افکارو‬


iḳbālmánd 1 prosperous, flourishing 2

‫ اق پق‬aḳ-páḳ  ‫هک پک‬
‫ اقتباس‬iḳtibā́ s m. Arabic 1 adoption, borrowing 2 extract,
quotation idiom ‫ د اقتباس علامت‬quotation marks
‫ اقتباسول‬iḳtibāsavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]اقتباس يې کړ‬

afkā́ r m. Arabic plural from

‫ حالت‬frame of mind
‫ افگار‬afgā́ r avgā́ r 1 injured, hurt


to admit one's guilt; plead guilty

2 mutilated; covered with


to adopt, borrow

‫ افلاس‬iflā́ s m. Arabic 1 poverty, want 2 insolvency, bankruptcy
‫ د چا په خصوص د افلاس حکم صادرول‬to declare someone bankrupt
‫ افلاک‬aflā́ k m. Arabic plural from ‫فلک‬
‫ افلتې‬afláte f. plural regional  ‫اپلات‬
‫ افلج‬iflídzh m. Arabic paralysis ‫ افلج وهل‬to paralyze ‫افلج وهلئ‬
‫ سړی‬a paralytic
‫ افندي‬afandí m. effendi, mister
‫ افواج‬afvā́ dzh m. Arabic plural from ‫فوج‬
‫ افواه‬afvā́ afvā́ h f. & m. Arabic [plural: ‫ افواگاني‬afvāgā́ ni plural:
‫ افواهگاني‬afvāhgā́ ni Arabic plural: ‫ افواهات‬afvāhā́ t] rumor ‫بې‬
‫ اساسه افواگاني خپرول‬to spread groundless rumors
‫ افواهي‬afvāhí pertaining to rumors ‫ دا افواهي خبره ده‬There is a

‫ اقتدا‬iḳtidā f. Arabic imitation; following someone's example
‫ اقتدا کول‬to imitate, follow someone's example
‫ اقتدار‬iḳtidā́ r m. Arabic 1 strength, power, might 2 authority ‫د‬
‫ اقتدار څښتن‬exercising authority ‫ د چا اقتدارات لږول‬to limit
someone's authority, reduce someone's rights 3 superiority ‫پر يو‬
‫ شي اقتدار ميندل‬a to triumph over something b to surmount
something 4 mastery


iḳtirā́ f. & m. iḳtirāh Arabic f. [plural: ‫ اقتراگاني‬iktirāgā́ ni

plural: ‫ اقتراحگاني‬iktirāhgā́ ni m. Arabic plural: ‫اقتراحات‬
iktirāhā́ t] 1 improvisation 2 initiative, creativeness 3

suggestion (e.g., to play, have a good time) 4 casting of lots (in
foretelling, etc.)


rumor that …

iḳtisā́ d m. Arabic economics; the economy

national economy


‫د ملي اقتصاد وزارت‬

‫ملي اقتصاد‬


Ministry of the National

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫د اقتصاد علم‬


‫د اقتصاد مجله‬

political economy

‫ اقصی‬،‫اقصا‬


(the periodical)

‫ا ٓقطي‬
‫ا ٓقگل‬

[plural: ‫ اقتصاديان‬iktisādijā́ n Arabic plural: ‫اقتصاديون‬
iḳtisādijā́ t m. Arabic plural economics; economic

‫ اقليم شناسي‬iḳlimshināsí f. climatology
‫ اقليمي‬iḳlimí climatic
‫ اقمار‬aḳmā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫قمر‬


‫ اقوات‬aḳvā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫ قوت‬2
‫ اقوال‬aḳvā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫ قول‬1
‫ اقوام‬aḳvā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫د متحده اقوامو موسسه قوم‬

‫د چا په اقتفا‬

following, taking after someone


aḳdā́ r m. Arabic plural from


‫ اکا‬akā́ m. 1 uncle (father's brother) 2 elderly man; adult man
‫ اکابر‬akābír m. Arabic plural [singular: ‫ ]کبير‬1 grown-ups 2
adults ‫ د اکابرو تعليم‬the eradication of illiteracy
‫ اکاخېل‬akākhél 1 m. plural Akakhejli (a subdivision of the Afridi

iḳdā́ m m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اقدامونه‬iḳdāmúna Arabic

plural: ‫ اقدامات‬iḳdāmā́ t] 1 measure, arrangement ‫با يد هر راز‬
‫ اقدامات وشي‬it is necessary to take all measures 2 speech, oral
presentation 3 military operation ‫ اقدامات کول‬to conduct

tribe of Tirakh) 2 m. Akakhejl (person)


operations 4 endeavor, effort

‫ اقدام‬aḳdā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫قدم‬
‫ اقداماتي‬iḳdāmātí executive (of authority, organs)
‫ اقدس‬akdās Arabic most sacred, holy
‫ اقرار‬iḳrā́ r m. Arabic 1 acknowledgement, admission, confession
‫ صحيح شرعي اقرار‬law a confession in accordance with the


civil law based on the Koran)


‫…اقرار کوم چه‬

m. academician

‫اقرار يې کړئ دئ او ځان يې ملامت‬

I attest that …, I affirm that …

iḳrārnāmā f. Arabic law contract (written), agreement;



iḳrāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
admit, confess, acknowledge 2 to attest, affirm

‫]اقرار يې‬

1 to

iḳrāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اقرار شو‬1 to
have admitted, have confessed, have acknowledged 2 to have

akāḍémik m.



‫ اکبرۍ‬akbarə́j f. regional kind of candy, kind of sweetmeat
‫ اک پک‬akpák  ‫هکپک‬
‫ اکتساب‬iktisā́ b m. Arabic 1 acquisition; gain; money-grubbing

attested, have affirmed; be attested, be affirmed


the Academy of



‫ اقرب‬aḳráb
‫ اقربا‬aḳribā́

akādémik m.

‫د ساينس اکادمي‬

‫ اکاډېمي‬akāḍemí f.  ‫اکادمي‬
‫ اکاړ‬akā́ ṛ 1 cruel, fierce, severe 2 hostile, inimical
‫ اکاړی‬1 akāṛaj  ‫اکاړ‬
‫ اکاړي‬2 akāṛí f. cruelty, ferociousness, severity; oppression ‫اکاړي‬
‫ کول‬a to demonstrate cruelty b to oppress
‫ اکاړي توب‬akaṛitób m. cruelty, ferociousness, severity
‫ اکب‬ukúb m. grandeur, greatness
‫ اکبار‬ikbā́ r m. a kind of buckthorn
‫ اکبر‬akbār Arabic 1 greatest, most high 2 m. proper name

He admitted that he was guilty. 2 attestation,



akādemí f. academy


observance of Shariat (i.e., the Moslem code of religious and

‫کړئ دئ‬


United Nations Organization

aḳchá f. Akcha (city, district)

1 fellow travelers 2


requirement, demand

iḳtifā́ f. Arabic movement, folowing, taking after

aḳgúl m. akgul (a kind of karakul, i.e., Asian sheep or its

country, land area; territory 3 geography belt, zone

the Council for the National

‫ اقتصادي پوه‬iḳtisādipóh m. economist
‫ اقتضا‬iḳtizā́ f. Arabic [plural: ‫ اقتضاگاني‬iḳtizāgā́ ni m. Arabic
plural: ‫ اقتضاات‬iḳtizāā́ t] Arabic 1 need, necessity, want 2

aḳtí āḳtá f. Arabic botany elder

‫ اقل‬aḳál Arabic least; minimal, smallest ‫ اقل حد‬minimum
ً ‫ اقلا‬aḳállán Arabic at least, although, at a minimum, not less than
‫ اقلام‬aḳlā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫ د صادراتو قلم‬،‫صادراتي اقلام‬
‫ اقلام‬items of export ‫ عمده اقلام‬principal export items
‫ اقليت‬aḳalliját m. Arabic minority ‫ ملي اقليتونه‬national minorities
‫ اقليم‬iḳlím m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اقاليم‬aḳālím] 1 climate ‫بري اقليم‬
continental climate ‫ سخت اقليم‬severe climate 2 region, district;

iktisādijún] economist

‫د ملي اقتصادياتو شورا‬

shárḳ-i the Far

wool, fur or pelt)

1.2 economical, profitable, economically advantageous 2 m.


‫شرق اقصی‬


ً‫ اقتصادا‬iḳtisādán economic, in an economic sense
‫ اقتصاد پوهاند‬iḳtisādpohā́ nd m. ‫ اقتصاددان‬iḳtisāddā́ n economist
‫ اقتصادي‬iḳtisādí 1.1 economic, pertaining to the economy
‫ اقتصادي سياست‬economic policy ‫ د هيواد اقتصادي قوه‬the
economic power of the country ‫ نوی اقتصادي سياست‬history the
New Economic Policy ‫ اقتصادي ساختمان‬the economic structure


aḳsā́ Arabic distant, far


preparation, training

m. Arabic plural [singular: ‫ ]قريب‬relatives,


iktisābí 1 acquired; earned, gained 2 preparatory,

‫ اکتسابي درس‬academic training idiom ‫اکتسابي‬
‫ تابعيت‬naturalization
‫ اکتشاف‬iktishā́ f m. Arabic [plural: ‫ اکتشافونه‬iktishāfúna Arabic
plural: ‫ اکتشافات‬iktishāfā́ t] 1 discovery, invention 2 research

relations; kinfolk


‫ ا ٓقرباط‬āḳrabā́ t m. Akrabat (city, northern Afghanistan)
‫ اقساط‬aḳsā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫قسط‬
‫ اقسام‬aḳsā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫ قسم‬1


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ ا ٓکسيژن‬aksizhán m. oxygen
‫ اکسېلېټر‬akseleṭár m. pedal, accelerator ‫په اکسېلېټر پښه ايښودل‬

3 intelligence, scouting, reconnaissance 4 development,



intelligence; reconnaissance

‫اکتشافي الوتکه‬

‫ اکل‬akl m. Arabic food, nourishment ‫ د اکل څيزونه‬foodstuffs
‫ اکليل‬aklíl m. Arabic coronet
‫ اکمال‬ikmā́ l m. Arabic 1 completion, end 2 execution (e.g., of a
commercial order) 3 military replenishment ‫د جبخانې اکمال‬
replenishment of ammunition 4 supply ‫ اکمال کول‬compound
verb  ‫ اکمالول‬،‫ اکمال کېدل‬compound verb  ‫اکمالېدل‬
‫ اکمالاتي‬ikmālātí 1 military pertaining to resupply 2 attributive




iktifā́ f. Arabic contentment, satisfaction

to be contented, be satisfied with something

‫په يو شي اکتفا کول‬
‫د يو شي دپاره اکتفا‬

‫ کول‬to be enough for something
‫ اکتوبر‬aktóbr m. October
‫ اکتيف‬aktíf active, aggressive
‫ اکټ‬aḳṭ m. 1 theatrical presentation, act 2 acting, stage acting
‫ اکټينگ‬ákṭíng m. performance, acting (on the stage) ‫اکټينگ کول‬

supply, of supply

‫اکمال کوونکی‬

to act, perform (on stage)


ikmālavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اکمال يې کړ‬1 to
complete, finish, end 2 to fill an order 3 military to replenish,

the most part, mostly, in the majority of cases, mainly; in

higher, highest


aksárán 

‫اکثر حد‬
‫ اکثر‬2

‫اکثر داسي وي‬

resupply 4 to supply

‫ اکمالي‬ikmālí  ‫اکمالاتي‬
‫ اکمالېدل‬ikmāledə́l denominative, intransitive

it usually happens thus 3

the maximum

aksára 1 feminine of


2 principally, for the most part,

military to be replenished, be resupplied 4 to be supplied

‫ اکمل‬akmál Arabic 1 completed 2 maximal; highest possible
‫ اکملاتور‬akumulātór m. storage battery
‫ اکناف‬aknā́ f m. Arabic plural from ‫ کنف‬idiom ‫د کور اکناف‬

‫ بسيط اکثريت‬a simple
‫ مطلق اکثريت‬an absolute majority ‫ د ا ٓراو اکثريت‬a
majority of votes ‫ اکثريت لرل‬to have a majority
‫ اکر‬akár m. giddiness, dizziness
‫ اکرا‬ákrā́ f. Akkra (city)
‫ اکرام‬ikrā́ m m. Arabic respect, esteem ‫ په ښه اکرام‬with great
respect, very respectfully ‫ د چا اکرام کول‬to treat someone with
aksariját m. Arabic majority


personal plot, land allocation (of a collective farmer)

‫ اکنون‬aknún literary at once, now
‫ اکوادور‬ekvā́ dór m. Ecuador
‫ اکوان‬akuvā́ n m. plural children's speech little children, children
‫ اکو بکو‬áku-báku m. 1 kind of bird 2 kind of children's game 3
dialect person with protruding eyes


‫ اکره‬ikráh m. Arabic aversion, repugnance, disgust, loathing
‫ اکرب‬akrāb 1 poor ‫ اکرب سړی‬a poor man, poor person 2 m.

‫ اکوردېون‬akordeón accordion
‫ اکوړ‬akóṛ m. [plural: ‫ اکوړان‬akoṛā́ n] walnut
‫ اکوړخېل‬akoṛkhél 1 m. plural Akorkhejli (subdivision of the

poor peasant

‫ اکرب توب‬akrabtób m. poverty, want
‫ اکربکر‬akarbakár m. plural regional 1

Khammok tribe) 2 m. Akorkhejl (tribesman)

‫ اکوړه‬akoṛá f. Akora (capital city of the Khammok tribe)
‫ اکوړى‬akoṛáj m. Morocco
‫ اکوزي‬1 akozí m. plural Akozai (a subdivision of the Yusufai

expression, look 2

character, spirit (of a time, epoch)

‫ اکربه‬akrába feminine singular from ‫اکرب‬
‫ اکرم‬akrám Arabic 1 most generous, most bountiful, most

tribe) 2 akozáj Akozai (tribesman)


gracious 2 m. proper name Akram

‫اکرم المخلوقات‬

[past: ‫ ]اکمال شو‬1

to be completed, be finished 2 to be filled (of an order) 3

mostly, in the majority of cases, mainly


ikmāl kavúnkaj 1 attributive supply, of supply 2

m. member of supply services

‫ اکثر‬aksár Arabic 1 the many; the majority, the greater part ‫په‬
‫ اکثرو هيوادونو کښي‬in the majority of countries 2 principally, for
general; often, usually


depress the pedal with the foot

iktishāfí Arabic 1 attributive research 2 attributive


‫ اکرمه‬akráma f. dialect fourth finger
‫ اکرۍ‬akarə́j f. plural ruins
‫ آکړ‬1 ākə́ṛ m. oh dear uncle (as a form of address)
‫ اکړ‬2 akáṛ 1 childless; fruitless, barren 2 despairing
‫ آکسايد‬āksā́ jd m. oxide
‫ اکسرېز‬iksréz m. eksréz plural 1 x-rays 2 x-ray room
‫ آکسيجن‬āksidzhán m. oxygen
‫ اکسير‬aksír m. Arabic 1 elixir 2 alchemy ‫ اکسير اعظم‬aksír-i

akúk m. plural 1 unripe fruit

‫ اکوک نيول‬،‫اکوک کول‬

to set

(as of fruit) 2 the juice of unripe fruit; a seasoning made from

akram-ul-makhluḳā́ t m. Arabic crown of creation,

unripe fruit

‫ اکونومي‬ekonomí f. economics
‫ اکونوميست‬ekonomíst m. ‫ اکونومست‬economist
‫ اکونوميک‬ekonomík m. economics
‫ اکي‬ikí f. obsolete iki, pice (i.e., 1/30 of a rupee)
‫ اکيډېمي‬akaḍemí f. regional academy
‫ اگاوو‬agavú  ‫اگاهو‬
‫ ا ٓگاه‬āgā́ h 1 experienced, learned, informed ‫ ا ٓگاه کول‬to inform,
notify ‫ ا ٓگاه کېدل‬to be informed, know 2 conscious
‫ ا ٓگاهمن‬āgāhmán  ‫ا ٓگاه‬




Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ الا‬2

agāhú regional 1 sharp-sighted; farsighted 2.1 beforehand,

in advance, in good time 2.2 earlier

‫نه کاله اگاهو‬

nine years ago

‫د دې نه لړ اگاهو‬


‫ آگاهي‬āgāhí f. information, notification
‫ آگبوټ‬agbúṭ m. agbóṭ regional steamboat
‫ اگدر‬agdár strong, robust
‫ اگر‬1 agā́ r m. 1 base person, low person; toady, sycophant

‫ الابلا‬alā-balā́ 1 all, altogether 2 quite, completely idiom ‫الابلا‬
‫ کول‬to worry, to be disturbed, be alarmed
‫ الاپ‬alā́ p m. regional solo part, melody ‫ په … الاپ کول‬to lead
the singing, strike up a tune, begin to play


‫ ا ٓلات‬ālā́ t m. Arabic plural  ‫ا ٓلت‬
‫ الاج‬alā́ dzh m. ‫ الاجگر‬alādzhgár m.


agrément to someone


‫ الاجه‬alā́ dzha feminine of ‫الاج‬
‫ الاجي‬1 alādzhí f. wooden gin or spike revolving barrel (for
separating the cotton from the seeds of the cotton plant) ‫الاجي‬
‫ کول‬to skutch, gin cotton, free the cotton from the seeds
‫ الاجي‬2 alā‫۔‬dzhi plural of ‫الاجه‬
‫ الاچه‬alāchá f.  ‫الچه‬
‫ الاچي‬ilāchí f. cardamom (the plant or the spice)
‫ الارغه‬alārghá m. falcon (bird)
‫ الاستي‬alā́ sti indeclinable disappearing; unseen
‫ الاسکا‬alāskā f. Alaska
‫ الاشه‬alāshá f. jaw, maxilla
‫ الاغبندي‬alāghbahdí f. manufacture of silver and gold, lace, braid,

to accord

‫ اگست‬ágəst m. agást August
‫ اگل‬agál m. ditch, drainage ditch
‫ اگن‬agán m. mirafra cantillans (a kind of lark)
‫ اگواړۍ‬agvāṛə́j f. reins
‫ اگوچي‬agúchi ‫ اگوچي کول‬a to be exhausted (with), break down
from b to strive to attain (something)


āgáh 

‫ما ا ٓگه که له مطلبه آگاه‬


‫ الاکولنگ‬alākuláng m. swings
‫ الال‬alā́ l  ‫حلال‬
‫ ا ٓلام‬1 ālā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫الم‬
‫ الام‬2 alā́ m  ‫کلام‬
‫ الاو‬alā́ v m. flame; bonfire
‫ الاورتي‬alāvrə́ti f. plural 1 ill-considered action ‫الاورتي پېښه کول‬
to act rashly 2 nonsense 3 improvisation ‫ الاورتي ويل‬a to

Let me know what the story is.

Let me know what is happening.


agə́j f. singular & plural dialect egg, eggs ‫تلېدلي اگۍ‬
omelet idiom ‫ د اگۍ بچی‬an innocent baby ‫په اگۍ کښي چوڼېدل‬

literal to sing while in the egg figurative to be very adroit, be
dexterous 



agejə́l ‫ اگئيل‬agəjə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]ده و اگېيه‬1 to irritate,
annoy 2 to incite, instigate 3 to abrade, rub sore 4 to sew up

speak rashly b to talk nonsense c to improvise; make

(i.e., a sack)



something up

‫ ا ٓل او اولاد‬،‫ا ٓل اولاد‬


household and property



‫د ا ٓدم آل‬
‫ ا ٓل مال‬،‫مال او ا ٓل‬

‫ آلايش‬ālājísh m. 1 profanation 2 soiling, defilement, spoiling
‫ الب‬elb m. ‫ د الب درياب‬the Elbe River
‫ البا‬elbā́ f. the Island of Elba
‫ البانيا‬albānijā́ f. ‫ البانيه‬albānijá f. Albania
‫ البانيائي‬albānijājí Albanian ‫ البانيائي ژبه‬the Albanian language
‫ البته‬albátta Arabic of course, undoubtedly; to be sure; without

āl m. Arabic singular & plural children, posterity

the human race

al cord connecting the yoke with the main beam of a plow


āl scarlet, red


al interjection hey, look, look here


al Arabic the definite article in the Arabic language; before


the "sun" letters ‫ ن‬،‫ ل‬،‫ ظ‬،‫ ط‬،‫ ض‬،‫ ص‬،‫ س‬،‫ ز‬،‫ ر‬،‫ ذ‬،‫ د‬،‫ ث‬،‫ ت‬it is

‫ البرز‬elbúrz m. ‫ البروس‬elbrús m. Mount Elbrus
‫ البسه‬albisá m. Arabic plural [plural: ‫ البسې‬albisé]

assimilated by these sounds, and is read accordingly with them;
i.e., the phoneme /l/ of the article preceding a "sun" consonant

general sense), clothing

‫ البشاکه‬albushā́ ka f. token, sign, indication
‫ البم‬albúm m.  ‫البوم‬
‫ البند‬ilbánd m. summer pasture, mountain pasture
‫ البنگ‬albúng mute
‫ البوم‬albúm m. album
‫ البومين‬،‫ البومن‬albumín m. chemistry albumen

is not only assimilated but has the effect of doubling the
consonant phoneme in question; ‫ التاريخ‬at-tarikh; ‫ الرحمن‬ar-

rahman etc. It is pronounced in Pashto in borrowed compound


words as "ul," "ur," "ut," etc. e.g., ‫ عبد الرحمان‬abdurraham

1 skutcher, operator of a

combing machine in a cotton mill 2 hand combing flax, beating

diplomatic recognition to a diplomatic representative by the state

‫د چا اگرېمان ورکول‬

alā́ -alā́ heave-ho, all-together (or similar expression used as a

cry in unison when doing heavy work)

‫ اگر‬2 agár conjunction if, though ‫ اگر که‬،‫ اگر چه‬although
‫ اگر‬3 agár m. regional 1 kind of perfume 2 aloe
‫ اگربگر‬agár-bagár m. regional bustle, turmoil
‫ اگرمی‬agramáj m.  ‫ارږمی‬
‫ اگره‬1 ugrá f.  ‫اوگره‬
‫ اگره‬2 agára feminine of ‫اگر‬
‫ اگرېمان‬agremā́ n m. diplomacy agrément (i.e., the granting of
to which he is to be accredited)

illā́ Arabic 1 excluding, besides, aside from 2 however

alā́ f. run; running; rush

rush up to someone

‫و چا ته الا کول‬

to run up to someone,

dress (in the

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ الپ‬ālp m. the Alps ‫ د الپ غرونه‬the Alps
‫ الپي الا‬alpi-alā́ indeclinable ruined; bereft of resources ‫الپي الا‬
‫ کول‬to ruin ‫ الپي الا کېدل‬to be ruined
‫ آلت‬ālát m. Arabic [plural: ‫ التونه‬ālatū́ na Arabic plural: ‫ا ٓلات‬
ālā́ t] instrument, tool, device, apparatus, contrivance ‫حفريه ا ٓلات‬
military entrenching tool ‫ د موسيقۍ ا ٓلات‬musical instruments ‫د‬
‫ ماشين آلات‬machine tools ‫ د ا ٓلاتو توليد‬machine-tool


altā́ j m. 1 Altai

‫د التائي غرونه‬


iltibā́ s m. Arabic confusion, vagueness

of a fox pelt
confuse, muddle up


ilhā́ ḳ m. Arabic 1 joining, annexation 2 appendix,

supplement 3 contiguity, junction


ilhāḳavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
join, annex 2 to apply; supplement; adjoin

‫]الحاق يې‬

1 to


ilhaḳedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]الحاق شو‬1 to
be joined, be annexed 2 to be applied, be supplemented


the Altai Mountains 2 paws

‫د التباس مخه نيول‬

‫الحاصل چه‬

in short


manufacture; toolmaking; instrument manufacture


alhāsíl Arabic in a word, in one word, in short

ilhāḳjá f. 1 appendix, supplement 2 extension, wing (of a


‫التباس کول‬

‫ الحان‬alhā́ n m. Arabic plural from ‫لحن‬
‫ الحمداﷲ‬alhamdulilláh Arabic thanks to God, glory to God, praise


to avoid confusion, avoid

to Allah

‫ التجا‬iltidzhā́ f. Arabic running for shelter; seeking asylum ‫التجا‬
‫ کول‬to run to shelter; seek asylum ‫ و چا ته التجا کول‬to turn to

‫ الخ‬ilákh Arabic and so on, and so forth, etc.
‫ الډر‬alḍár m. Eastern penholder (for letter-writing)
‫ الرياض‬arrijā́ z m. Arabic  ‫رياض‬
‫ الزام‬ilzā́ m m. Arabic 1 charge, accusation; conviction ‫په چا باندي‬
‫ الزام‬Eastern law to accuse someone, charge 2 reproof, blame,

someone for assistance

‫ التزام‬iltizā́ m m. Arabic debt; obligation
‫ التزامي‬iltizāmí Arabic under obligation; obliged idiom ‫التزامي‬
‫ حال‬grammar present tense of the perfective aspect
‫ التفات‬iltifā́ t m. Arabic 1 esteem; honor; courtesy 2 attention ‫د‬
‫ چا التفات جلبول‬to attract someone's attention ‫ و چا ته التفات کول‬a

censure 3 shame, disgrace

‫ الس‬ulə́s m.  ‫ اولس‬1
‫ الستي‬alásti unexpectedly, against all expectations ‫الستي پېښېدل‬
happen unexpectedly

to show respect, honor for someone b to pay attention to

‫ الستيکي‬elastikí flexible; elastic
‫ الستيکيت‬elastikiját m. flexibility; elasticity
‫ السلام عليکم‬as-salám 'aléjkum Arabic Peace unto you, Peace be


‫ التماس‬iltimā́ s m. Arabic earnest request; entreaty; supplication ‫و‬
‫ له چا څخه التماس کول‬،‫ چاته التماس کول‬to entreat, supplicate
someone ‫ التماس لرل‬to earnestly request, address a request
‫ التماس کوونکی‬iltimā́ s kavúnkaj m. applicant, petitioner; one

with you; Hello, Goodbye

‫ السلوادور‬elsalvādór m. El Salvador
‫ السنه‬alsiná m. Arabic plural from ‫لسان‬
‫ السي‬1 alsí m. plural Eastern flaxseed ‫ د السو تېل‬flaxseed oil
‫ السي‬2 uləsí  ‫اولسي‬
‫ الش‬alísh  ‫اليش‬
‫ الشول‬alishavə́l transitive  ‫اليشول‬
‫ الشېدل‬alishedə́l intransitive  ‫اليشېدل‬
‫ الغا‬1 ilghā́ f. Arabic cancellation, annulment; abolishment ‫الغا‬
‫ کول‬compound verb to cancel, annul; abolish
‫ الغا‬2 alghā́ ‫ الغا بلغا کول‬to make a noise, create a hubub
‫ الغاسه‬1 alghāsá f. piece of bread taken in order to allay one's

addressing a request

‫ التهاب‬iltihā́ b m. Arabic medicine inflammation
‫ التهابي‬iltihābí inflammatory ‫ التهابي پېښه‬inflammation
‫ التيماتوم‬ultimātúm m. ultimatum ultimatum ‫التيماتوم ورکول‬



present an ultimatum

‫ التي متر‬altimétr m. ‫ التيمتر‬altimeter
‫ الجزائر‬aldzhazāír m. Arabic plural ‫ الجزاير‬aldzhazājír m.
Algeria (state, city) ‫ د الجزاير د خلکو دموکراتيک جمهوريت‬People's
Democratic Algerian Republic

‫ الجزايري‬aldzhāzajirí 1 Algerian 2 Algerian (person)
‫ الجزيره‬aldzhazirá f. Algeria (state, city)
‫ الجه‬uldzhá f. trophy, captured equipment, military loot, booty
‫ الجه کول‬compound verb to acquire as trophies, obtain as


‫ الغاسه‬2 alghāsá upset, saddened ‫ الغاسه لوېدل‬to feel upset over
‫ الغاوتلغاو‬alghā́ v-talghā́ v m. regional  ‫الغوتلغو‬
‫ الغتان‬alghatā́ n restless, active (of a child)
‫ الغرض‬algharáz Arabic in a word, in short, in brief
‫ الغوتلغو‬alghú-talghú 1 noise, din 2 confusion
‫ الغه‬alghá f. ring, hoop idiom ‫ الغه کول‬to dupe, deceive someone
 ‫حلقه‬
‫ الف‬alíf m.  ‫ ا‬1 aliff (the name of the first letter of the AfghanArabic alphabet) idiom ‫ الف هيڅ نه لري‬I am as poor as a church
mouse. ‫ د الف په شان درېدل‬to stand at attention
‫ الفاظ‬alfā́ z m. Arabic plural from ‫لفظ‬

captured equipment

‫ الجيان‬aldzhiā́ n m. plural water plants
‫ الجيريا‬aldzhirijā́ f. Algeria (state, city)
‫ الچکان‬alchakā́ n m. plural handcuffs, manacles
‫ الچه‬alachá f. alacha (spotted or striped cloth)
‫ الچي‬ilchí  ‫ايلچي‬
‫ الحاد‬1 ilhā́ d m. Arabic heresy, atheism
‫ الحاد‬2 alhā́ d m. Arabic plural from ‫لحد‬

Pashto-English Dictionary


alifbā́ f. alphabet; ABC book

‫د الفبا په ترتيب‬


according to the

alphabet, in alphabetic order

‫ الم‬2 alám m.  ‫هلم‬
‫ المااتا‬almā́ -atā́ f. Alma Ata (city)
‫ المارۍ‬almārə́j f. cupboard, cabinet with shelves ‫د کتابو المارۍ‬
bookcase ‫ دېوالي المارۍ‬wall cupboard ‫ المارۍ کلپ ده‬the

‫ الفت‬ulfát m. Arabic closeness, intimacy; affection; friendship ‫د‬
‫ چا سره الفت کول‬to enter into a friendship with someone ‫د چا سره‬
‫ الفت ميندل‬to strike up a friendship with someone
‫ آلفته‬āluftá indeclinable 1 upset, annoyed 2 unhappy ‫ ا ٓلفته کول‬a
to upset b to make unhappy ‫ ا ٓلفته کېدل‬a to be upset, be

cupboard is open



‫د مورس الف وبې‬

‫ القا‬ilḳā́ f. Arabic persuasion; suggestion; incitement ‫القا او تائيد‬
‫ کول‬to suggest insistently; persuade
‫ القاب‬alḳā́ b m. Arabic plural from ‫ رسمي القاب لقب‬official titles
‫ القاح‬ilḳā́ h m. biology impregnation, fertilization ‫د تخم القاح‬
impregnation, fertilization ‫ مصنوعي القاح‬artificial insemination
‫ القصه‬alḳissá Arabic 1 in a word, in short, in brief 2 finally
‫ الک‬alə́k m.  ‫هلک‬
‫ الکترون‬elektrón m. [plural: ‫ الکترونه‬elekrronúna plural: ‫الکترونات‬
electronic theory


alimpík olimpík 1 olympic 2 m. the Olympic Society (of


‫ المپيکي‬alimpikí olimpikí olympic
‫ المر‬almár m.  ‫ د المر عالي نښان لمر‬the Order of the Sun,
Second Degree ‫ د المر اعلی نښان‬the Order of the Sun, First

‫ الکتروني نظريه‬،‫الکتروني تئوري‬
‫ د حساب الکتروني ماشين‬electronic computer


‫ المره‬almará f. Almara (district, Khost)
‫ المغرب‬almaghrib m. almaghréb 1 Morocco

2 countries of the

Magreb (i.e., those in northwest African Arabic-speaking lands)


almaghribí almaghrebí 1 Moroccan 2 m. Moroccan


‫الم غلم‬


alkozáj m. Alkozai (tribesman)

alam-ghalám 1.1 good-for-nothing, dissolute 1.2 reckless

2 m. .1 intriguer, plotter; cheat, swindler 2.2 nonsense,

‫ الکول‬alkól m. Arabic plural alcohol
‫ الکويت‬alkuvájt m. Kuwait
‫ الکه‬1 ulká f. obsolete 1 province 2 proprietorship
‫ الکه‬2 alə́ka vocative from ‫الک‬
‫ الکۍ ژبه‬alkə́j zhə́ba f. ‫ الکۍ ژبۍ‬alkə́j zhəbə́j f. anatomy uvula
idiom ‫ و احمد ته مي الکۍ ژبه ولوېده چه دغه کتاب دي راکه‬I used all

fiddlesticks 2.3 inarticulateness 2.4 dialect swindle, fraud,


alamnā́ k 1 agonizing, painful 2 sad, melancholy;


almunijúm m. plural




almunijə́m m. plural

‫ المه‬ulmá f. ‫ ويړه المه‬fine weather, clear weather
‫ الميه‬alamijá  ‫ په الميه طرز المناک‬sadly, dolorously
‫ النگار‬alingā́ r m. the Allingar River
‫ النگه‬alangá f. wall
‫ ا ٓلو‬1 ālú m. [plural: ‫ ا ٓلوگان‬ālugā́ n] plum
‫ ا ٓلو‬2 āló interjection hello
‫ الو‬3 alú m. regional potato
‫ الو‬4 aló  ‫للو‬
‫ الو‬5 aló m. proper name Alo
‫ الو‬6 ulú m. kindling wood (i.e., dead brush, fallen branches)
‫ الو‬7 ulə́v m.  ‫ اولو‬2
‫ الواح‬alvā́ h m. Arabic plural  ‫لوح‬
‫ الوار‬alvā́ r m. plural wood; lumber; timber (logs)

my persuasion to get Ahmed to give me his book.

‫ الگه‬alága f. barren (e.g., of a cow)
‫ اﷲ‬alláh Arabic 1 m. God, Allah !‫ اﷲ اﷲ‬Oh my God! 2
interjection I swear proverb ‫ اﷲ پاک او دربار يې هم پاک‬He is
destitute. He is poor as a church-mouse.

‫اﷲ اکبر‬

the Olympic Games, the


elektroní electronic

‫ الکترونيک‬elektroník m. electronics
‫ الکټرون‬elekṭrón m.  ‫الکترون‬
‫ الکټروني‬elektroní  ‫الکتروني‬
‫ الکوزائي‬alkozājí m. plural  ‫الکوزي‬
‫ الکوزي‬1 alkozí m. plural Alkozai (one of the Durrani tribes)

ālmāni German

language 2 m. German (person)

‫ الم آور‬alamāvár  ‫المناک‬
‫ المپيا‬alimpjā́ olimpjā́ f. ‫المپيا لوبي‬

elektronā́ t] electron


almā́ s m. singular & plural 1 diamond 2 small scissors,

‫ ا ٓلمان‬ālmā́ n m. Germany
‫ المانوي‬ālmānaví  ‫ الماني‬1
‫ ا ٓلماني‬almāní ālmānáj 1 German ‫ا ٓلماني ژبه‬

annoyed b to be unhappy
alifubé f. alphabet; ABCs; ABC book

‫الم سور اخيستل‬

a to suffer from gluttony, be insatiable b to be impatient

in alphabetic order

the Morse code, Morse alphabet

alām m. Arabic [plural: ‫ المونه‬alamúna Arabic plural: ‫ا ٓلام‬

ālā́ m] 1 grief; sorrow 2 torment, torture idiom

‫ الفبائي‬alifbají alphabetic, pertaining to the alphabet
‫ الف بې‬alifbé f. ‫ د الف بې له مخي الفبا‬according to the alphabet,

‫الف وبې‬


allahuakbár Arabic 1 Allah is great! 2 used as a battle

cry by troops going in to attack 3 Thanks be to God; Glory to

God; Praise be to God

‫ اﷲ خير‬allah-khájr Arabic God forbid!
‫ اﷲ داد‬allahdād m. proper name Allahdad
‫ اﷲ يار‬allahjār m. proper name Alajar, Alayar

Pashto-English Dictionary


alvā́ n Arabic 1 m. plural of


2 m. cotton print,

1.6 to blow off, carry away (by wind) 1.7 to evaporate 1.8 to

brightly-colored cloth (used for shawls, dresses)

separate, detach, chip off; chop off; break off 1.9 electrical

‫ ا ٓلوبالو‬ālubālú m. singular & plural cherries
‫ آلوبخارا‬ālubukhārā́ f. Bukharian plum; prunes
‫ الوت‬1 alvút m. flight ‫ الوت کول‬to fly away, take off
‫ الوت‬2 alvút imperative of ‫الوتل‬
‫ الوتک‬alvuták alvaták 1 flying 2 being fledged, becoming

fuse 1.10 to break, break up

skull 1.11 to kill, get someone out of the way 1.12 to spend
frivolously; squander, waste, throw to the winds 2 m. plural .1
piloting (e.g., an aircraft) 2.2 explosion


fledged (of nestlings)


‫ الوتکي وړونکې بېړۍ‬aircraft
carrier ‫ الوتکي ويشتونکی توپ‬antiaircraft gun ‫بم غورزوونکې‬
‫ بم اچوونکې الوتکه‬،‫ الوتکه‬bomber ‫ حربي الوتکه‬military aircraft ‫د‬
‫ الوتکو ميدان‬airdrome ‫ د بريد الوتکه‬ground-attack aircraft ‫ښکاري‬
‫ الوتکه‬fighter aircraft ‫ د جټ الوتکه‬،‫ جټ الوتکه‬jet aircraft
‫ الوتل‬alvutə́l alvatə́l Eastern 1 ‫ الوزي‬present tense ‫ والوت‬past
tense ‫ وابه لوزي‬future perfective intransitive .1 to fly 1.2 to
engineering to burn out 1.5 to fly away; be detached, be

‫سيلۍ والوته‬

‫نن سوړ باد راالوزي‬


A blizzard is blowing

up. 1.7 to evaporate, lose fragrance, go flat (of a concentrate
solution, perfume); disappear, volatilize, disappear into thin air
1.8 to fade, lose color (of paint, dye) 1.9 to turn yellow; grow

pale (a face)

‫بڼه يې الوتې ده دهغه د مخه څخه رنگ والوت‬


2 m. pilot,

‫ الوزي‬alvúzi present tense of ‫الوتل‬
‫ الوس‬ulús m.  ‫اولس‬
‫ الوسي‬ulusí  ‫اولسي‬
‫ الول‬alvál 1 sinuous, tortuous 2 collapsing, tumbling down ‫الول‬
‫ پرېوتل‬to collapse, tumble (in ruins) 3 disorderly
‫ الومنيوم‬aluminijúm m. plural aluminum
‫ الون بلون‬alun-balún m. concern, alarm ‫ټوله شپه مي په الون بلون تېره‬
‫ کړه‬I spent the whole night in a state of alarm.
‫ الونيا‬alunjā́ in hiding; disappeared from sight ‫ تر‬،‫سترگي الونيا کول‬
‫ سترگو الونيا کېدل‬to be hidden from sight, disappear, vanish
‫ الوول‬aluvál  ‫الول‬
‫ الوويل‬alvojə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]وايي لوويه‬1 to burn 2 to fry, grill

take off; be launched (in air) 1.3 to be blown up 1.4 electrical

cold wind is blowing today.

alvuzavúnkaj 1 present participle of


alvutáka f. aircraft, airplane

broken off 1.6 to blow; rise (of the wind)

‫ فيوز الوزول‬to burn out a
‫ د سر ماغزه الوزول‬to smash one's

engineering to burn through, burn out

3 to torture, torment

‫ الوهيت‬uluhiját m. Arabic 1 deity 2 divinity
‫ الوی‬1 alávaj álvaj 1 fried, grilled 2 tortured, tormented
‫ الوۍ‬2 alvə́j f. roasting of an ear of corn
‫ الوېزان‬alvezā́ n upset, pained, grieved
‫ الوېښ‬alvéḳh m. plural light wind, breeze
‫ ا ٓله‬ālá f. Arabic 1 device; tool, apparatus; contrivance; machine
tool ‫ د ساز ا ٓله‬musical instrument ‫ د مساحي ا ٓله‬rangefinder ‫د نشر‬
‫ الصوت ا ٓله‬radio transmitter 2 figurative a tool ‫د چا د لاس ا ٓله‬
‫ گرځېدل‬to be a tool in someone's hands 3 grammar agent ‫د ا ٓلې‬
‫ اسم‬noun of agent
‫ اله‬iláh m. Arabic God
‫ الها‬ilahā́ Arabic interjection oh God
‫ الهام‬ilhā́ m m. Arabic [plural: ‫ الهامونه‬ilhāmū́ na Arabic plural:
‫ الهامات‬ilhāmā́ t] 1 suggestion; inducement ‫ الهام کول‬compound
verb to suggest to someone 2 inspiration ‫ الهام اخيستل‬to

He grew

pale. 2 m. plural .1 flight, flying 2.2 explosion idiom ‫نفس‬
‫ يې والوت‬He died. ‫ رنگ يې والوت‬a He lost his head. b He grew
pale. !‫ عقل دي والوت‬You have gone out of your mind. ‫اوبه يې‬
‫ الوتلي دي‬He has sunk down (morally).
‫ الوتنه‬alvutə́na f. 1 flight; flying 2 explosion 3 take-off
‫ الوتونکی‬alvutúnkaj 1 present participle of ‫ الوتل‬2 attributive
flying, pertaining to flight ‫ الوتونکی بم‬cruise missile
‫ الوته‬alvutə́ m. plural  ‫الوتنه‬
‫ آلوجه‬āludzhá f. ‫ آلوچه‬aluchá f. alycha (a kind of damson)
‫ الوځ‬alvúdz present stem of ‫الوتل‬
‫ الوځول‬alvudzavə́l transitive  ‫الوزول‬
‫ الوڅه‬alutsá f. alótsa alycha (a kind of damson) idiom ‫سترگي‬
‫ الوڅه کول‬to screw up one's eyes
‫ آلود‬ālúd combining form stained, soiled, covered with blood ‫خون‬
‫ ا ٓلود‬gory, bloodstained
‫ الوداعي‬alvidā'í attributive parting, valedictory ‫الوداعي سلام‬
farewell, leave-taking ‫ الوداعي سلام ته تلل‬to pay a farewell visit;

inspire 3 stimulus, incentive

‫ اله بله‬alá-balá f. cry, howl
‫ اله څيک‬alatsík m. thawed patch
‫ اله ستي‬alásti f. plural rashly spoken word
‫ اله گوله‬ála-gúla f. ‫ اله گله‬alá-gulá f. 1 riot, revolt, sedition;
disturbances 2 noise ‫ اله گوله کول‬a to rebel, revolt; instigate

go say goodbye

‫ آلوده‬āludá indeclinable stained, bloodstained
‫ الوزول‬alvuzavə́l 1 transitive ‫ وا بې لوزوي‬future prefective ‫وائې‬
‫ لوزاوه‬present tense .1 to make to fly, arise, rise up; toss up,
throw up ‫ کوتره الوزول‬to release pigeons 1.2 to pilot (an
aircraft) 1.3 to blow up ‫ پل په هوا الوزول‬to blow up a bridge ‫د‬
‫ په توپ کښي الوزول‬،‫ توپ په مخ کښي الوزول‬to shoot one who has

disturbances b to make a noise, be noisy


alháng m. regional 1 sorrowful weeping 2 torments,

agonies, sad experiences

‫ اله ورتي‬alavráti f. plural  ‫اله ستي‬
‫ اله وی‬alávaj interjection 1 ow, it hurts
‫ آلهه‬ālihá m. Arabic plural divinity

been lashed to the muzzle of a cannon ( a form of capital punish
in former times) 1.4 to fan (flames) 1.5 to winnow (grain)

2 ouch

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ امازون‬amāzón m. the Amazon River
‫ اماکن‬amākín m. Arabic plural from ‫مکن‬
‫ ا ٓمال‬āmā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫ امل‬3
‫ ام البلاد‬umm-al-bilā́ d f. Arabic history the Mother of Cities (i.e.,

ilahí Arabic 1 divine; celestial, heavenly 2 interjection oh


‫ الهيات‬ilahijā́ t m. Arabic plural theology
‫ آلي‬1 ālí attributive toolmaking; used for making tools
‫ الۍ‬2 alə́j interjection 1 oh, oh really, my God !‫دا دي څه وکړه الۍ‬


‫ ا ٓماله‬1 amālá f. Arabic enema
‫ اماله‬2 imālā f. Arabic linguistics softening of a vowel sound
‫ امام‬imā́ m m. Arabic 1 imam; chief priest; spiritual leader 2

Oh! Oh! What have you done!

‫ الياس‬iljā́ s m. Arabic proper name Ilyas
‫ الياف‬aljā́ f m. Arabic plural from ‫ليف‬
‫ اليافي‬aljāfí Arabic fibrous ‫ اليافي جسم‬a fibrous substance
‫ اليټ پليټ‬aliṭ-palíṭ regional 1 turned head over heels 2 m.

religious minister (leader of prayer) 3 figurative leader, teacher

‫ امامت‬imāmát
‫ امان‬amā́ n m.

‫الي ځلي‬

áli-dzáli f. plural request for forgiveness, request for


‫ الېسکا‬aleskā́ f. Alaska
‫ اليش‬alísh substituted, replaced
‫ اليشنگ‬alisháng m. the Alishang River
‫ اليشول‬alishavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]اليش يې کړ‬1 to
change, exchange, replace ‫ کالي اليشول‬to change (one's clothes)
2 to change, alter ‫ پوست اليشول‬to shed hair (of animals) ‫اليشول‬
‫ کېدل‬passive  ‫اليشېدل‬
‫ اليشېدل‬alishedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]اليش شو‬to be
changed, be exchanged, be replaced ‫ سره اليشېدل‬to alternate,
take turns ‫ اوبه په توښ اليشېږي‬The water is turning to steam.
‫ اليشېدونکی‬alishedúnkaj 1 present participle of ‫ اليشېدل‬2

someone idiom !‫ د خدای په امان‬Goodbye!
‫ امانت‬amānát m. Arabic 1 honesty, conscientiousness, decency
‫ امانت ساتل‬to be honest 2 goods or money put into escrow or

loaned for temporary use 3 custody 4 guardianship, trusteeship
5 power of attorney 6 finance deposit, account

‫چه خلق يې په بانکو کښي امانت ږدي‬
‫امانت دار‬

amānatdā́ r Arabic 1 honest, conscientious, decent;

worthy of confidence 2 m. trustee, custodian, guardian

‫ امانت داري‬amānatdārí f. honesty, conscientiousness, decency ‫په‬
‫ پوره امانت دارۍ‬completely honestly
‫ امانت کار‬amānatkā́ r Arabic  ‫امانت دار‬
‫ امانت کاري‬amanatkārí f. devotion; honesty
‫ امانت گر‬amānatgár  ‫امانت دار‬
‫ امانت گري‬amānatgarí f.  ‫امانت داري‬
‫ امانتي‬amānatí 1 deposited to an account 2 place in trust, given
into custody ‫ زما روپۍ د هغه سره امانتي دي‬He has charge of my

‫ اليف‬alíf m. plural drying oil
‫ الېکشن‬ilekshán m. regional elections; electoral campaign
‫ اليوشن‬aliushán ‫ د اليوشن جزيرې‬the Aleutian Islands
‫ اليه‬ilájh Arabic combining form ‫ مشار اليه‬mentioned in passing,
referred to

‫ الېيل‬alejə́l transitive  ‫الوويل‬
‫ آم‬1 ām m. ‫ ام‬am m.  ‫ امه‬1
‫ ام‬2 um  ‫اوم‬
‫ ام‬3 um f. umm Arabic mother
‫ ام‬4 um  ‫هم‬
‫ اما‬ammā Arabic conjunction however, but ‫ اما هم‬however
‫ اماج‬amā́ dzh m. ‫ اماچ‬amā́ ch m. omelet with greens
‫ آمادگي‬āmādagí f. 1 readiness, preparation 2 procurement ‫د ازوغ‬
‫ ا ٓمادگي‬procurement of fodder
‫ آماده‬āmādá indeclinable 1 ready; prepared … ‫و دې ته ا ٓماده يو چه‬
We are ready. 2 laid in, prepared ‫ ا ٓماده کول‬a to prepare, make
ready b to lay in, store, ready ‫ ا ٓماده کېدل‬a to be ready, be

money. 3 under guardianship

‫امان جن‬
‫ اماني‬1

amāndzhə́n sorrowful, sad
amāní 1 relating to the rule of King Amanully-Khan 2 f.


amāní Arabic sound, worthy of confidence (of money,

history amani (a coin minted in the time of Amanully-Khan)

goods, property)

‫روپۍ اماني ايښودل‬

‫اماني کول‬

to entrust, deposit, make a deposit

a to keep money (in a safe place) b to put

money aside

‫ اماني‬3 amāní Eastern quite; all; entirely, in full
‫ امب‬amb m. the Amb River
‫ امبا‬umbā́ f. bleating of sheep
‫ امبار‬ambā́ r m. 1 sewage; manure 2 fertilizer ‫د امبار جوړولو‬
‫ کارخانه‬agricultural fertilizer factory; chemical fertilizer plant
‫ مځکي ته امبار ورکول‬،‫ مځکي ته امبار اچول‬to fertilize the soil ‫امبار‬
‫ خوړل‬to be fertilized 3 storehouse, barn 4 heap, pile (of

prepared b to be laid in, be stored, be readied 3 susceptible (to

umārgá f. boil (on children)

the total assets deposited by a

population in banks 7 security; calm

alishedə́ m. plural 1 substitution; change ‫ د عنوان اليشېده‬a
change of address 2 change, alteration, transformation


‫ امانت ايښوول‬to
‫هغه وجوه‬

make a deposit, deposit, deposit money into an account


imārát m. Arabic 1 emirate, principality 2 power,

Arabic 1 security; calm

spare, show mercy to, forgive someone, give amnesty to

changeable, unstable, inconstant


m. Arabic the rank of imam

‫ د يو شي څخه په امان کېدل‬to
be protected from something 2 mercy; pardon, amnesty ‫امان‬
‫ بخښل‬to spare, show mercy to ‫ امان غوښتل‬to ask for mercy;
throw oneself at the mercy of the conqueror ‫ چا ته امان ورکول‬to

disorders; disturbances


manure) 5 haystack, hayrick 6 trash, rubbish


Pashto-English Dictionary



ambārkhāná f. 1 storeroom 2 warehouse 3 regional

plural: ‫ امتيازات‬imtijāzā́ t] 1 difference, distinction; peculiarity
‫ د قوميت امتيازات‬national traits ‫ امتياز ورکول‬to distinguish,
differentiate ‫ امتياز لرل‬a to be distinguished, be differentiated b
to occupy the first places ‫ لوړ _ ميندل‬to be distinguished for, be
notable for ‫ امتياز پرې گران وي‬It is hard to tell them apart. 2
advantage; privilege 3 economics concession ‫ امتيازات ورکول‬to

barn; grain-storage facility


ambārkáḳh m. one who collects dung, manure, etc. for

use as fertilizer


ambālə́j f. seat with canopy (on the back of an elephant),

‫ امبريالوجي‬embriālodzhí f. embryology
‫ امبړ چمبړ‬ambáṛ-chambáṛ regional 1 wound around, twined
around, wrapped (i.e., with a blanket) 2 interlaced ‫گوتي امبړ‬
‫ چمبړ کول‬to interlace the fingers
‫ امبور‬ambúr m.  ‫انبور‬
‫ امبولانس‬ambulā́ ns m. ambulance
‫ امبوه‬ambóh  ‫انبوه‬
‫ امبه‬ambá f. mango (tree or its fruit)
‫ امپراتريس‬impirātrís f. empress
‫ امپراطور‬impirātúr m. emperor
‫ امپراطوري‬impirāturí f. ‫ امپراطوريت‬impirāturiját m. empire
‫ امپريالزم‬impirjālízm m. imperialism
‫ امپرياليست‬impirjālíst m. imperialist
‫ امپرياليستي‬impirjālistí indeclinable imperialistic
‫ امپول‬ampúl m. ampule
‫ امت‬ummát m. Arabic religious community, flock
‫ امتثال‬imtisā́ l m. Arabic following, obedience to someone ‫د فرسان‬
‫ په امتثال‬in execution of the order
‫ امتحان‬imtihā́ n Arabic 1 test, check-up ‫ د چا امتحان کول‬to test
someone 2 examination ‫ زباني امتحان‬oral examination ‫تقريري‬
‫ امتحان اخيستل‬to take an examination ‫ امتحان ورکول‬to pass an
examination ‫ امتحان يې نامنظور شو‬He failed the examination.
‫ امتحانول‬imtihānavə́l denominative, transitive 1 [past: ‫امتحان يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬to check up on, test 2 to examine
‫ امتحاني‬imtihāní Arabic 1 attributive test, check-up 2

grant concessions

‫ امتيازنامه‬imtijāznāmá f. Arabic economics concessive agreement
‫ امتيازي‬imtijāzí Arabic 1 distinctive, different from; special
‫ امتيازي معاش‬special rate; special pay rate 2 advantaged;
privileged; preferred 3 economics concessional ‫امتيازي سيمه‬
settlement, concession (e.g., the International Settlement in
Shanghai in pre-1949 China)

‫ امثال‬amsā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫ مثل‬1, 2
‫ امحا‬imhā́ f. Arabic destruction, annihilation ‫دښمن امحا کول‬
destruction of the enemy

‫ا ٓمد‬


‫امتناعي طب‬



‫آمدورفت کول‬

a to ply (a route) b to visit,

āmír m. Arabic [plural: ‫ ا ٓمران‬āmirā́ n Arabic plural: ‫ا ٓمرين‬

‫د شعبې ا ٓمر‬

department chief 2 staff officer 3

leader; manager 4 sovereign 5 person who gives commissions
or instructions to others



amr m. Arabic [plural: ‫ امرونه‬amrúna Arabic plural: ‫اوامر‬

‫ تر امر لاندي‬subordinate ‫عملياتي امر‬
operational order ‫ د چا تر امر لاندي‬under someone's orders;
subordinate to someone ‫ و چا ته امر ورکول‬،‫ پر چا امر کول‬to order
someone, command someone ‫ امر صادرول‬to issue an order ‫و چاته‬
‫ امر فرمايل‬to command someone 2 grammar imperative mood
‫ امر‬3 ámr m. ámər Arabic [plural: ‫ امور‬umúr] matter, affair, the
state of affairs, the circumstances … ‫ دا طبيعي امر دئ چه‬It is
avāmír] 1 order, instruction


medicine prophylaxis

‫ امتنان‬imtinā́ n m. Arabic thankfulness, gratitude ‫د چا څخه امتنان‬
‫ کول‬to thank someone, express gratitude to someone
‫ امته‬amtá f. 1 reliance, hope, expectation 2 wish, desire ‫امته کول‬

understood that … It is natural that …

‫ امرا‬umrā́ umarā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫امير‬
‫ امراض‬amrā́ z m. Arabic plural from ‫مرض‬
‫ ا ٓمران‬amirā́ n m. plural 1 from ‫ امر‬2 senior officer complement

a to hope, entertain hope, have expectations b to wish

‫امته دار‬


āmirín] 1 chief

to reject, abstain from

‫امتناعي تدابير‬

first aid

roundtrip traffic between two points 2 intercourse, connection,

imtinā'í preventative, deterrent

useful, necessary; fit,


imtinā́ ' f. Arabic refusal, rejection; abstention from


‫کار ا ٓمد‬

‫ ا ٓمدن‬āmadán m. plural 1 arrival 2 income; receipts ‫ا ٓمدن او‬
‫ مصرف‬income and expenditures
‫ آمدني‬āmadaní f. income
‫ آمدورفت‬āmad-u-ráft m. 1 arrival and departure; traffic; regular




‫ امداد‬imdā́ d m. Arabic assistance, support ‫مقدماتي امداد‬
‫ مالي امداد‬pecuniary aid
‫ امدادي‬imdādí Arabic military auxiliary ‫امدادي لښکر‬


‫د يو شي څخه امتناع کول‬

‫امحاکار اور‬

āmád m. 1 arrival 2 income, receipts 3 assets; resources 4

combining form capable of use



imhākā́ r destroying, annihilating


‫ امتداد‬imtidā́ d m. Arabic 1 extent, stretch, duration ‫د سړک په‬
‫ امتداد کښي‬for the duration of the journey, along the route 2
prolongation, extension ‫ امتداد ورکول‬to prolong, extend
‫ امتدادي‬imtidādí Arabic continued, extended, prolonged
‫ امتزاج‬imtizā́ ‫۔‬dzh m. Arabic 1 blend; blending 2 chemistry

imtijā́ z m. Arabic [plural: ‫ امتيازونه‬imtijāzúna Arabic

amtadā́ r 1 hoping for something 2 achieving, attaining


Pashto-English Dictionary


amrbár m. Arabic messenger, orderly, runner

‫امربر منصبدار‬

that …, in view of the fact that …, because …

‫ … … هم له دې امله چه‬for this very reason, that …
‫ امل‬2 amál m. drug addiction
‫ امل‬3 amál m. Arabic [plural: ‫ املونه‬amalúna Arabic plural:
‫ ا ٓمال‬āmā́ l] hope, expectation
‫ املا‬imlā́ f. Arabic 1 dictation ‫ املا ليکل‬to transcribe diction ‫املا‬
‫ ويل‬to dictate 2 spelling, orthography ‫ معياري املا‬standardized
spelling ‫ املا دي غلطه ده‬You write with errors.
‫ املاک‬amlā́ k m. Arabic plural from ‫ ملاک‬2 ‫ د املاکو مدير‬chief of

liaison officer

‫ امربري‬amrbarí f. Arabic the job of orderly, messenger or runner
‫ امرت‬amrút m. guava (the fruit)
‫ امرسه‬amrasá f. "amrasa" (a kind of a sweet dish made of flour,
boiled butter and syrup)

‫ امروت‬amrút m. ‫ امرود‬amrúd m. 1  ‫ امرت‬2 pear (the fruit)
‫ امروزه‬amrozá regional on the very same day
‫ آمره‬āmíra f. head, chief (female)
‫ امري‬amrí Arabic ‫ امري وجه‬grammar imperative mood
‫ آمريت‬āmiriját m. Arabic 1 authority, supremacy ‫د چا تر آمريت‬
‫ لاندي راتلل‬to be under someone's authority 2 leadership;
management ‫ ا ٓمريت کول‬a to lead, be chief b to command, have

the directorate of state property


someone at one's disposition 3 job, post, position


‫په خپل کور کښي سپي هم امزری وي‬
proverb In one's own home the dog is a tiger. ‫د امزري په غار‬
‫ کښي د امزري بچي پراته وي‬proverb literal in the tiger's lair lie
tiger cubs figurative Like father, like son. ‫اوده امزری ولي‬
‫ ويښوې؟‬saying Do not awaken a sleeping tiger.
‫ امزولی‬amzólaj m.  ‫ همزولی‬1
‫ امسا‬amsā́ f. stick, walking stick, staff
‫ امسته‬amastá f. 1 arrangement, adaptation 2 agriculture scion,
‫امض ٔا‬


imzā́ f. Arabic signature


‫امض ٔا کول‬

‫د امض ٔا ځای‬

Complete tranquillity was reestablished. 2 order

‫ امن‬2 amə́n thoughtful, serious
‫ امن‬3 imə́n calming, consoling
‫ امنا‬amanā́ f. consent, assent ‫ امنا کول‬to agree, assent
‫ امن پسند‬amnipasánd peace loving ‫ امن پسند خلک‬peace loving

‫ امنټه‬amanṭá f. snow mixed with rain, sleet
‫ امن کوټ‬amankóṭ m. 1 asylum, refuge, place of refuge

the place for a

compound verb to sign

‫امض ٔا کېدل‬

to be


‫]امن يې‬

to calm,

‫ امنه اماني‬amína-amāní f. peace, tranquillity
‫ امنيت‬aminiját m. Arabic 1 security, tranquillity ‫ د‬،‫د امنيت شورا‬
‫ امنيت مجلس‬Security Council 2 military protection, security
‫ امنيتي‬aminijatí pertaining to security
‫ امنېدل‬aminedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]امن شو‬to be


amnijá f. Arabic 1 security

Council 2 security police

‫ امنيه مجلس‬،‫امنيه شورا‬


‫ ا ٓمو‬āmú m. ‫ د ا ٓمو سيند‬،‫ د ا ٓمو درياب‬the Amu Darya River
‫ امواج‬amvā́ dzh m. Arabic plural from ‫ د برق امواج موج‬electrical

grammar the

potential form


‫د ساتني له امله‬
for defense purposes ‫ دغه مطلب ته د رسېدلو له امله‬For the sake of
attaining this goal. 2 reason, basis ‫ د… له امله‬for the reason

amənavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬


will be difficult to bring this matter to fruition.




‫ امغانه‬əmghāná f. dialect groin
‫ امغلن‬umghalə́n 1 unripe 2 embryonic, incipient, rudimentary
‫ امکان‬imkā́ n m. Arabic possibly; feasibility ‫ د‬،‫د امکان پر قدر‬
‫ امکان تر اندازې پوري‬to the extent possible ‫د امکان په صورت کښي‬
if possible ‫ د امکان د دائرې څخه بهر‬impracticable ‫ امکان لرل‬to
have the possibility … …‫ امکان لري چه‬It is possible that …
‫ امکان پيداکول‬to turn out to be possible; come true ‫د ورتگ امکان‬
‫ يې هم نه و‬He could not even come. ‫ دا کار د امکان نه ليري دئ‬It
‫ امکان بخش‬imkānbákhsh possible; practicable
‫ امکاني‬imkāní Arabic ‫ امکاني صيغه‬،‫امکاني وجه‬

‫ املوکه‬amúka f. plural a kind of persimmon
‫ د املوکو په تول راغئ‬saying He suffered along with his

amlúk m.

‫ امله‬1 amlá f.  ‫ و چاته امله کول حمله‬to attack someone
‫ آمله‬2 āmlá f. a kind of myrtle
‫ املي‬1 amalí m. 1 smoker 2 drug addict 3 drunkard
‫ املۍ‬2 imlə́j f. botany tamarind
‫ املېيل‬amlejə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]ده واملېيه‬to hide, conceal
‫ امن‬1 amn m. Arabic 1 security, tranquillity, peace ‫ امن کول‬a to
secure (e.g., tranquillity, peace) b to make secure ‫جهاني امن په‬
‫ خطر کښي اچول‬to threaten the peace ‫ مسئله په امن فيصله کول‬to
settle a question by peaceful means ‫په امن و امان کښي ژوندون کول‬
to live peacefully, live in tranquillity ‫ بيا امن امان شه‬Eastern

American (person)


imlājí orthographic


‫ امريکا‬amrikā́ f. America ‫ د امريکا متحده‬،‫د امريکا متحده اضلاع‬
‫ د امريکا متحده رياستونه‬،‫ ولايتونه‬the United States of America
‫ جنوبي امريکا‬South America ‫ شمالي امريکا‬North America ‫مرکزي‬
‫ امريکا‬Central America
‫ امريکائي‬amrikāí ‫ امريکني‬armikaní regional 1 American 2 m.
‫ امريکه‬amriká f.  ‫امريکا‬
‫ امړی‬umṛáj  ‫ لمړی‬1
‫ امزری‬əmzaráj m. Eastern

‫له همدې امله ده چه‬

‫ اموال‬amvā́ l m. Arabic plural from ‫مال‬
‫ اموخت‬amókht m. 1 habit ‫د يو شي سره اموخت نيول‬

amál m. 1 aim, goal, object, end, purpose

to grow

accustomed to something 2 practice, custom, wont


Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ اميده‬amidá m. & f. namesake
‫ امير‬amír m. Arabic [plural: ‫اميران‬

amokhtá amukhtá indeclinable 1 knowing something;

being accustomed to something

‫ زه په سگرېټو اموخته نه يم‬I do not
‫ اموخته کول‬a to train ‫په‬
b to tame, domesticate ‫اموخته‬

have the smoking habit. 2 tamed; tame

amirā́ n Arabic plural: ‫امرا‬

umarā́ ] 1 ruler; emir; prince; nobleman

‫اميران او وزيران‬

‫ زيار اموخته کول‬to train for work
‫ کېدل‬a to be trained; make oneself familiar with b to be tamed
‫ بلا په بسم اﷲ نه منع کېږي‬proverb It is hard to break bad habits.
idiom ‫ اموخته باز‬folklore the serene falcon
‫ اموخته گي‬amoḳhtagí f. 1 state of being tame, state of being

‫ اميرال‬amirā́ l m. ‫ اميرالبحر‬amir-ul-báhr m. Arabic admiral
‫ اميرانه‬admirāná Arabic princely
‫ اميرزاده‬amirzādá 1 m. son of an emir; prince; young son of a



noblemen 2 military leader 3 proper name Amir

prince 2 f. daughter of an emir; princess; young daughter of a

domesticated 2 knowledge of locality

umúr m. Arabic plural from


‫خيريه امور‬

‫جاري امور امر‬


philanthropy, charity

combining form being mixed up; mixed, blended


umedvā́ r 1.1 hoping for something

hope, reassuring


submitted to their fate. In the end they were reconciled to their



on 1 exactly; precisely 2 right up to

‫ان تر… پوري‬

even up



to …, right up to



ā́ n plural suffix usually for animate nouns

plural hawks


anā́ f. [plural: ‫ اناگاني‬anāgā́ ni plural: ‫ اناوي‬anā́ vi]


‫انا کېدل‬

a to be a grandmother b to mature early;

become mature early, become grown up (of a girl) c to grow
wise, be wise idiom

‫]امېد يې‬

‫ تبه يې وشلېده‬،‫انا مړه شوه‬

already a thing of the past.

This matter is

ً‫ ا ٓنا‬ā́ nán Arabic instantly, at once, right away
‫ اناب‬anā́ b m. plural botany any member of low shrubs of the


Buckthorn family

f. 1 hope, expectation 2 pregnancy
plural from

‫ا ٓمينونه ويل‬

Emin ‫ امين الدين‬Aminuddin ‫ امين اﷲ‬Aminulla
‫ امين توب‬amintób m. guardianship; trusteeship
‫ امينکي‬amínki amen, so be it
‫ امين والی‬aminvā́ laj m. reliability, faithfulness, conscientiousness
‫ ا ٓن‬1 ān m. Arabic instant, moment ‫ هرا ٓن‬all the time; every
minute ‫ په يوه ا ٓن کښي‬،‫ په يوه ا ٓن‬in an instant, at once, instantly,
immediately in a twinkling idiom ‫ ا ٓن تمامول‬to try with all one's
might ‫ نه راغئ‬،‫ ا ٓن مي پر تمام کئ چه راسه‬Western I tried to
persuade him in every way, but he did not come. ‫د هغه اوس ا ٓن‬
‫ تمام سو‬Western He is at death's door. ‫ ا ٓن منل‬to submit to, be
reconciled with ‫ اوستري ته يې ا ٓن ومانه‬In the final analysis they


hope that … 1.2 optimistic mood 2 m. candidate, competitor

‫ امېدواره‬umedvā́ ra f.
‫ امېدواري‬1 umedvārí
‫ امېدواري‬2 umedvāri

āmín Arabic 1 amen; so be it 2 m. amen

proxy 2.2 guardian 2.3 arbitrator 2.4 proper name Amin,

... ‫ زه امېدوار يم چه‬I

umedvāravə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫کړ‬
to give rise to, instill hope


say amen idiom !‫ ا ٓمين ا ٓمين تا سره‬Eastern I wish you the same!
‫ امين‬2 amín Arabic 1 correct, reliable, conscientious ‫ډېر امين سړی‬
‫ دئ‬He is a very reliable person. 2 m. .1 confidential agent,

giving rise to


‫رنگ ا ٓمېز‬

someone's neck


is hope. 2 proper name Umed

‫امېد بخښونکی‬


‫ امېزان‬amezā́ n m. the Amazon River
‫ ا ٓمېزش‬āmezísh m. blending, mixture
‫ امېل‬amél m. 1 necklace 2 wreath; garland 3 proper name
Amel idiom ‫ لاسونه امېل کول‬to throw one's arms around

‫ امياني‬1 amjāní f. handbag, purse, wallet, money belt
‫ امياني‬2 amjāní f. plural from ‫ امي‬2 2
‫ آمېب‬āméb m. āmíb amoeba
‫ ا ٓمېبک‬āmebík ‫ ا ٓمېبک پېچ‬amebic dysentery
‫ امېد‬uméd m. umíd m. 1 hope, expectation ‫مخالف د دې امېد څخه‬
despite expectations ‫ زما د دې کار څخه امېد ختلئ و‬I lost hope for
this. ‫ د ژوند څخه يې امېد ختلئ و‬He gave himself up completely to
despair. ‫ امېد کول‬to nourish a hope, hope ... ‫ امېد کېږي چه‬to
hope that … ‫ امېد لرل‬to nourish hope, hope ‫ امېد ورکول‬to give
rise to hope, instill hope ‫ امېد نه دئ چه کار به وشي‬There is no
hope that this matter will succeed. ... ‫ قوي امېد مي دئ چه‬I hope
very much that … ‫ د هغه د جوړېد و هيڅ امېد نشته‬There is no hope
for his recovery. ‫ زه در ته په امېد کښي وم‬a I rely on you. b I
expect you. ‫ بې امېده شيطان دئ‬proverb While there is life there
umedafzā́ uméd bakhḳhúnkaj

‫اميري آمېز‬

painted, colored

& f. ignoramus


amirí 1 pertaining to an emir, princely 2 f. .1 emir's,

prince's court 2.2 emirate, principality

‫ امور‬amúr m. the Amur River
‫ امورات‬umurā́ t m. second plural from ‫ امور‬1
‫ آموز‬āmúz āmóz combining form ‫ سبق آموز‬instructive ‫نو ا ٓموز‬
novice ‫ نو ا ٓموزه افراد‬recruits
‫ امومت‬umumát m. Arabic 1 maternity 2 matriarchy
‫ امونيا‬amonijā́ f. chemistry ammonia, ammonium hydrate
‫ امونيک‬amonják chemistry ammoniac
‫ امه‬1 áma f. mango (the tree or its fruit)
‫ امه‬2 umə́ from ‫ اومه‬2
‫ امه‬3 umá  ‫ اومه‬3
‫ امهال‬imhā́ l m. Arabic postponement; delay, procrastination
‫ امي‬1 amí m. ignoramus
‫ امي‬2 ammí Arabic ummí Eastern 1 illiterate, uneducated 2




anātóm m. anatomist

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اناتومي‬anátomí 1 f. anatomy ‫ حيواني اناتومي‬animal anatomy ‫نباتي‬
‫ اناتومي‬plant anatomy 2 anatomical
‫ اناتيتۍ‬anatə́j f. blindman's-bluff (the children's game)
‫ اناثي‬ināsí Arabic feminine, woman's ‫ اناثي ليسه‬،‫ ليسه اناثيه‬lisá-ji

‫ انتان‬2 antā́ n m. history the Entente
‫ انتباه‬intibā́ f. intibā́ h Arabic 1 cheerfulness, courage 2
awakening ‫ د انتباه دوره‬the Renaissance 3 vigilance,

‫ انتباهنامه‬intibāhnāmá f. appeal, leaflet, broadside
‫ انتجاع‬intidzhā́ ' f. Arabic foraging
‫ انتحار‬intihā́ r m. Arabic suicide
‫ انتحال‬intihā́ l m. Arabic plagiarism
‫ انتخاب‬intikhā́ b m. Arabic 1 election, selection, choice ‫بيا نوی‬
‫ انتخاب‬reelection ‫ انتخاب کول‬compound verb  ‫انتخاب انتخابول‬
،‫ کېدل‬compound verb  ‫ انتخابېدل‬2 biology selection ‫طبيعي‬
‫ انتخاب‬natural selection
‫ انتخابات‬intikhābā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫ انتخاب‬elections ‫پټ‬
‫ انتخابات‬secret ballot ‫ د انتخاباتو اصولنامه‬election statute ‫د‬
‫ انتخاباتو حق‬electoral law ‫ د انتخاباتو دائره‬electoral district ‫عمومي‬
‫ انتخابات‬general elections ‫ مستقيم انتخابات‬direct elections ‫نوی‬
‫ انتخابات‬reelection
‫ انتخاباتي‬intikhābātí electoral, pertaining to elections ‫انتخاباتي دوره‬

women's secondary school

‫ انادول‬anādól m. Anatolia
‫ انار‬anā́ r m. singular & plural pomegranate ‫د انار دانه‬
pomegranate (the fruit) ‫ د انار اوبه‬pomegranate juice ‫د انار شربت‬
pomegranate syrup ‫ د انار پوستکي‬ ‫انار پوست‬
‫ انارپوست‬anārpóst m. pomegranate rind
‫ اناردره‬anārdará f. Anardara (district)
‫ ا ٓنارشي‬ānārshí f. anarchy
‫ آنارشيزم‬ānārchizm m. anarchism
‫ آنارشيست‬ānārshíst m. anarchist
‫ انارکي‬anārkí f.  ‫ا ٓنارشي‬
‫ انارکيزم‬anārkízm m. 1 anarchism 2 anarchy
‫ اناروالا‬anārvālā́ m. seller of pomegranates
‫ اناطول‬anātól  ‫انادول‬
‫ انافلس‬anā́ feles m. anopheles mosquito, malarial mosquito
‫ انانس‬anā́ ns m. regional announcement, notice
‫ انانگه‬anāngá f. cheek
‫ انانيت‬ananiját m. Arabic 1 egotism 2 arrogance
‫ اناواټ‬anāvā́ ṭ m. dialect 1 damage, loss 2  ‫اناوټ‬
‫ اناوالی‬anāvā́ laj m. position of a grandmother (in a family)
‫ اناوټ‬anāváṭ m. scrap business, scrap
‫ انائي‬1 unāí m. ‫ د انائي دره‬the Unai Pass
‫ انائي‬2 anāji m. fool, blockhead
‫ انبار‬ambā́ r m.  ‫امبار‬
‫ انبارخانه‬ambārkhāná f.  ‫امبارخانه‬
‫ انبارول‬ambāravə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انبار يې کړ‬1 to put (down,
together, in, on) 2 to put or lay (in, on) ‫ لاندي باندي انبارول‬to

the term of a convocation or session (e.g., of a parliament)

‫ انتخاب کوونکی‬intikhā́ b kavúnkaj m. elector, voter
‫ انتخابول‬intikhābavə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انتخاب يې کړ‬to elect
‫ انتخابوونکی‬intikhabāvúnkaj 1 present participle from ‫ انتخابول‬2
elector; voter

‫ انتخابي‬intikhābí 1 electoral; voting 2 sports elimination
‫ انتخابېدل‬intikhābedə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انتخاب شو‬to be
elected ‫ مجدداً انتخابېدل‬،‫ نوی انتخابېدل‬to be elected ‫په رياست‬
‫ انتخاب شو‬He was elected chairman.
‫ انتخابېدونکی‬intikhābedúnkaj 1 present participle from ‫انتخابېدل‬
‫ انتداب‬intidā́ b m. Arabic mandate
‫ انتدابي‬intidābí Arabic mandate, pertaining to mandate
‫ انتراسيت‬antrāsít m. plural anthracite
‫ انترس‬interés interest
‫ انترکس‬antráks m. medicine malignant anthrax
‫ انترنېشنلزم‬interneshanalízm m. internationalism
‫ انتروپولوجي‬antropolodzhí f. anthropology
‫ انتروشی‬antróshaj m. sneezing
‫ انتساب‬intisā́ b m. Arabic 1 relationship, connection; belonging

pile one on another 3 to drift (e.g., of snow)


ambāredə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]انبارشو‬1 to be put, be
placed, be piled (on one another) 2 to be drifted

‫ انبالۍ‬ambālə́j
‫ انبساط‬inbisā́ t

f. 


m. Arabic 1 gaiety, joy, delight 2 broadening,


‫ انبور‬ambúr m. tongs, pincers
‫ انبوه‬ambóh 1 numerous 2 m. crowd, gathering (of people)
‫ انبوهي‬ambohí f. abundance, plenty
‫ آنبه‬ambá f. mango
‫ انبيا‬anbijā́ m. Arabic plural from ‫نبي‬
‫ انبيق‬ambíḳ m. ‫ انبيک‬ambík m. still, distillation apparatus
‫ انتاج‬intā́ dzh m. Arabic 1 production; creation 2 produce;

origin, provenance 3 preface, foreword


antārktík m. Antarctica

‫د انتارکتک قاره‬


disseminated (of rumors) b to be published, be promulgated 3
dispersion 4 finance issuance


the continent of

intā́ n m. festering, suppuration, abscessing

fester, suppurate

‫ د راډيو انتشار‬installation
‫ انتشار ميندل‬a to be

rumors) 2 publication, promulgation
of radio receivers on a broad basis



intishā́ r m. Arabic [plural: ‫ انتشارونه‬intishārúna Arabic

plural: ‫ انتشارات‬intishārát] Arabic 1 dissemination (e.g., of

product 3 work (of art, literature, etc.)


instisā́ b m. Arabic establishing, fixing, setting,


‫انتان لرل‬


person elected, candidate elected

‫ انتصابي‬intisābí having been fixing; set, designated
‫ انتصار‬intisā́ r m. Arabic victory



Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ انتظار‬intizā́ r m. Arabic 1 waiting, awaiting ‫ د انتظار‬،‫د انتظار خونه‬
‫ کوټه‬ ‫ ترلږ انتظار وروسته انتظارخانه‬having waited for a while
‫ په انتظار اوسېدل‬،‫ انتظار کول‬،‫ انتظار کښل‬،‫ انتظار ايستل‬to wait, await
‫ هغه د چا انتظار کوي؟‬For whom is he waiting? ‫ما ټوله ورځ انتظار‬
‫ وکئ‬I waited all day ... ‫ انتظار کېږي چه‬They expect that …
‫ ستاسي انتظار لرم‬I am waiting for you. 2 hope, expectation
‫ انتظارخانه‬intizārkhāná f. 1 reception room 2 waiting room
‫ انتظام‬intizā́ m m. Arabic 1 order ‫ ښه انتظام‬organization,

‫ انټرنېشنلزم‬interneshanalízm internationalism
‫ انټوسی‬anṭósaj m. ‫ انټوشی‬anṭóshaj m. sneezing; sneeze
‫ انجام‬andzhā́ m m. 1 end, conclusion, outcome ‫ انجام‬،‫په انجام رسول‬
‫ ورکول‬to end, conclude, complete; execute ‫ انجام ميندل‬to be
ended, be concluded, be completed ‫ انجام به يې څه وي؟‬How will
this come out? ‫ انجام کول‬compound verb  ‫ انجامول‬،‫انجام کېدل‬
compound verb  ‫ انجامېدل‬2 end, tip 3 extremity
‫ انجامول‬andzhāmavə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انجام يې کړ‬to end,
finish, complete, execute ‫ وظيفه انجامول‬to carry out his duties
‫ انجامېدل‬andzhāmedə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انجام شو‬to be ended,

orderliness 2 administration, management 3 arrangement,

organization 4 measure

‫انتظام کول‬

a to administer something,

manage something b to adjust, put something to rights

‫انتظام کول‬

‫د چايو‬

finished, be completed; be executed, be carried out


a to set up tea-drinking, arrange tea-drinking b to

prepare tea

‫و يو شي ته انتظام ورکول‬

organize something, adjust something

‫انتظام پيدا کول‬

equipment idiom ‫ د وجود انتظام‬carriage, bearing
‫ انتفاع‬intifā́ ' f. Arabic utilization, use
‫ انتقاد‬intiḳā́ d m. Arabic criticism ‫ ادبي انتقاد‬literary criticism
‫ انتقاد نيول‬،‫ انتقاد کول‬to criticize ‫ تر انتقاد لاندي راتلل‬to be


‫ انتقال کول‬a compound verb
‫ د مرض انتقال‬infection 5

transference (e.g., of energy at a distance)

intiḳālavə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انتقال يې کړ‬1 transfer;
transport 2 assignation (e.g., of property rights)
period) 3 progressive (of a movement)

legislative proposals 3 literary society



andzhumán m. Andzhuman (valley, district in

‫ د انجمن غاښی‬Andzhuman Pass
‫ انجن‬indzhín m. [plural: ‫ انجنونه‬indzhinúna plural: ‫انجنان‬
indzhinā́ n] 1 motor; engine ‫ د تېلو انجن‬internal combustion
engine 2 locomotive ‫ د رېل انجن‬railroad engine
‫ انجن خانه‬indzhinkhāná f. 1 railroad depot 2 machine room,

to the extreme degree

‫ انتهاپسند‬intihāpasánd m. extremist
‫ انتهائي‬intihāí 1 final, extreme, last, maximum ‫ انتهائي چابکوالی‬the
ultimate speed, maximum velocity ‫ انتهائي حدود‬limit 2 senior,

engine room

‫ انجنير‬indzhinír m. engineer ‫ د معدن انجنير‬mining engineer
‫ انجنيري‬indzhinirí 1 attributive engineering 2 technology;


subject matter of engineering

‫ انتې بې‬entebbé f. Entebbe (city)
‫ انتي تېز‬antitéz ‫ انتيتېز‬antitéz antithesis
‫ انتي سائکلون‬antisājklon m. anticyclone
‫ انتي سېرم‬antiserúm m. anti-diphtherial serum
‫ انتيک‬antík antique, ancient ‫ انتيک او زاړه شيان‬antiquities
‫ انتيکه‬antiká f. rarity, rare thing, rare object
‫ انتيل‬antíl ‫ د انتيل جزيرې‬the Antilles (Islands)
‫ انتېن‬antén m. antenna ‫ چوکاتي انتېن‬loop antenna ‫د استقامت انتېن‬

‫ انجوري‬andzhorí f. kind of vegetable
‫ انجه‬índzha f.  ‫هنجه‬
‫ انجير‬andzhír m. medicine scrofula
‫ انجيل‬1 indzhíl m. gospel
‫ انجيل‬2 indzhíl m. Indzhil, Injil (district)
‫ انچ‬inch m. inch
‫ انچارج‬inchā́ rdzh m. regional manager; administrator, head, chief
‫ انچي‬inchí f. distance equal to an inch
‫ انځر‬indzə́r m. singular & plural fig ‫ د انځرو ونه‬fig, fig tree
‫ انځکۍ‬andzəkə́j f. moan (of a sick person)

directional antenna


to give an

‫ انجمن‬1 andzhumán m. 1 society, organization; meeting ‫انجمن‬
‫ کشافان‬The Afghan Boy Scout Organization 2 commission;
committee ‫ د تحقيق انجمن‬preparatory committee; committee for

intiḳālí 1 portable, transportable 2 transitional (e.g., of

inṭrāniṭ m.

‫انجکسيون کول‬

of being phlegmatic; apathy

‫ انتقام‬intiḳā́ m m. Arabic 1 vengeance, retribution ‫د چا څخه انتقام‬
‫ اخيستل‬to avenge someone 2 repression
‫ انتورپ‬antvérp m. Antwerp (city)
‫ انتومولوژي‬entomolozhí f. entomology
‫ انتها‬intihā́ Arabic 1 f. end, edge; terminal point 2 attributive
extreme, last, maximum ‫ تر انتها درجې پوري‬to the utmost degree,


indzhekshán m. injection,

injection; an infusion, an inoculation



‫ انجکه‬indzháka f. moan (of a person who is ill)
‫ انجماد‬indzhimā́ d m. Arabic 1 thickening, congealing, freezing ‫د‬
‫ انجماد درجه‬freezing-point 2 hardening, thickening, callosity
‫ انجماد ميندل‬a to congeal, freeze b to harden 3 figurative state

transition 3 demise, passing, death
b to die 4 infection

indzhéksjon m.

infusion; vaccination, inoculation

intiḳā́ l m. Arabic 1 transport, transportation 2 passage,




subjected to criticism, be criticized

‫د انجداب قوه‬

‫ انجروت‬andzharút m. plural gum of milk vetch
‫ انجړ‬andzháṛ 1 m. tangled skein 2.1 tangled, confused; in a
tangle 2.2 complex ‫ د انجړي کلاوې سرښودل‬literal to tangle the

to be

arranged, be organized, be adjusted 5 regularity 6 installation;


indzhizā́ b Arabic 1 attraction, gravity

attractive force 2 enthusiasm, bent, attraction

to arrange something,

inṭrāneṭ intranet

Pashto-English Dictionary


andzór m. 1 drawing, design

‫ انځور کول‬،‫انځور کښل‬

‫ تر اندازې زيات‬excessively great ‫ په ممکنه اندازه‬to the
extent possible ‫ له اندازې وتلئ‬excessive ! ‫تر کمه اندازه دا ښه والی‬
‫ لري‬What good is this! ‫ تر يوې اندازې‬to a certain extent ‫په ممکنه‬
‫ اندازه‬to the extent possible ‫ اندازه اخيستل‬،‫ اندازه لگول‬،‫اندازه کول‬
compound verb a to measure something ‫ واټن اندازه کول‬to
measure a distance b to weigh, evalute ‫له خپلي اندازي څخه پښه وړ‬
‫ اندي ايښوول‬to undertake a task which is beyond one's strength or
capabilities ‫ په خپله اندازه کوښښ کول‬to try to the extent of one's
capabilities ‫ له اندازې نه زيات بارول‬to overload, load down
excessively ‫ اندازه کېدل‬compound verb a to be measured, to
come to b to be weighed, be evaluated 2 norm ‫د ارزاقو اندازه‬



draw; cover with drawings 2 style

‫ انځور کښلو وزله‬andzór kḳhalū wázla f. imaging device
‫ انځور کښنه‬andzorḳshə́na f. drawing
‫ انځورگر‬andzorgár m. artist; graphic artist
‫ انځورول‬andzoravúl denominative [past: ‫ ]انځور يې کړ‬Eastern


draw; cover with drawings


andzoríz drawn; covered with drawings, covered with

designs; pictorial


‫انځوريز ليک‬

hieroglyphic letter, hieroglyphic

‫ انځوریز جال‬andzūríz dzhā́ l m. computer science video network
‫ انځير‬indzír m.  ‫انځر‬
‫ انڅۍ‬intsə́j f. woolen thread ‫ د وړيو انڅۍ‬woolen thread
‫ انحراف‬inhirā́ f m. Arabic 1 deviation, digression ‫ انحراف کول‬to

ration scale 3 total (e.g., of a debt) 4 inner sole

‫ اندازه گيري‬andāzagirí f. measuring, measurement ‫د اندازه گيرۍ‬
‫ ا ٓلات‬measuring instruments
‫ اندازي‬andāzí combining form throwing ‫دست اندازي‬

diverge, digress 2 politics deviation 3 technology deviation;

encroachment on someone's rights



‫ انحرافي‬inhirāfí 1 m. deviationist 2 evasive, deviational
‫ انحصار‬inhisā́ r m. Arabic 1 monopoly ‫د خارجي تجارت انحصار‬

extremities, arms and legs

reserving (credits, etc.) for an individual
inhisārā́ t m. plural 1 from

state monopolies


2 administration of

inhisāravə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]انحصار يې کړ‬1 to
monopolize 2 to reserve something for someone
inhisārí monopolistic

‫په انحصاري ډول‬



‫ اندرپايه‬andarpājá f. staircase
‫ اندرکه‬andərká f. ‫ اندرکۍ‬andərkə́j f. short coat, short jacket
‫ اندرميعاد‬andár-i-mi'ā́ d regional timely, on time
‫ اندړ‬1 andə́ṛ 1 m. plural the Andary (Gilzaj tribe) 2 m. Andar


inhisāredə́l 1 denominative [past: ‫ ]انحصار شو‬.1 to be
monopolized; be the object of a monopoly 1.2 to be reserved
for someone 2 m. plural .1 monopoly


‫د مېوې انحصارېدل‬


tribesman 3 m. plural the Andar District

‫ اندړ‬2 andə́ṛ m. yellow-colored songbird
‫ اندکی‬indikáj m. dialect  ‫انکی‬
‫ اندورا‬andorā́ f. Andorra ‫ د اندورا ښار‬Andorra (city)
‫ اندوس‬índús m. the Indus River
‫ اندوکارد‬endokā́ rd m. anatomy endocardium
‫ اندومان‬andomā́ n m.  ‫اندامان‬
‫ اندونېزيا‬indonezijā́ f. Indonesia
‫ اندونېزيائي‬indonezijājí 1 Indonesian 2 Indonesian (person)
‫ ا ٓنده‬1 ā́ nda f. ‫ انده‬ánda f. thought, consideration
‫ انده‬2 ində́ m.  ‫ اينده‬2
‫ انده‬3 índa f. full gulp ‫ انده کول‬to gulp; gulp down (liquid)
‫ اندېر‬andér m. 1 pitch darkness 2 misfortune
‫ اندېرۍ‬anderə́j f. crowd
‫ انديس‬ándís m. plural ‫ د انديس غرونه‬the Andes
‫ اندېشه‬andeshá f.  ‫اندېښنه‬
‫ اندېښمن‬andeḳhhmə́n troubled, perturbed
‫ اندېښنه‬andeḳhná f. 1 concern; anxiety; thought ‫ اندېښنه کول‬to be
concerned about someone, be anxious about someone ‫اندېښنې‬
‫ په اندېښنو کښي لوېدل‬،‫ وهل‬to be extremely worried, be alarmed,

inhitā́ t m. Arabic 1 lowering, fall 2 decline, depression

3 disintegration; breakdown, ruin


inhilā́ l m. Arabic 1 liquidation, annulment 2 dismissal

(e.g., of parliament) 3 economics decline, depression 4

decline of forces, weakening 5 disintegration, decomposition

‫ اند‬1 and m. 1 thought, reflection 2 worry, alarm; anxiety, cares
‫ اند‬2 and m. 500-year time period
‫ انداخت‬andā́ kht m. shooting; firing ‫ مستور انداخت‬firing from
concealment ‫ د مراسمو انداخت‬artillery salute ‫د انداخت ميدان‬
firing range

‫ انداختي‬andākhtí attributive military fire-; firing‫ انداز‬andā́ z combining form 1 throwing, casting ‫ لنگر انداز‬casting
anchor ‫ مين انداز‬mortar 2 m. .1 style of expression, manner of
expression 2.2 regional pose


indirā́ dzh m. Arabic 1 item, entry (e.g., in a periodical) 2

an entry on a list

on a monopolistic basis

monopoly in fruits 2.2 reserving


Andarab (embankment in Kabul)



‫ اندامان‬andāmā́ n m. ‫ د اندامان بحيره‬the Andaman Sea
‫ اندامور‬andāmavár tall, big
‫ اندخوی‬andkhój m. Andkhoj (city, district)
‫ اندراب‬andarā́ b m. 1 Andarab (district in Badakhshan)

foreign trade monopoly 2 siege 3 quota for a certain person;


andā́ m m. 1 body; frame, figure 2 extremity

‫ په لويه اندازه‬،‫په ډېره اندازه‬
‫ تر کمه اندازه‬to what
extent? to what degree? ‫ په دې اندازه سره‬،‫ په دې اندازه‬to such an
extent ‫ يوه اندازه‬some quantity ‫ د حاجت په اندازه سره‬to the extent
andāzá f. 1 measure; dimensions

to a considerable extent; on a large scale


Pashto-English Dictionary

be very concerned

‫څه اندېښنه لرل‬

‫ انسان‬insā́ n m. Arabic man ‫ لومړنی انسان‬primitive man ‫انسان تر‬
‫ تر گل نازک دئ‬،‫ کاڼي سخت‬proverb Man is harder than stone, yet

to experience worry, to be

worried, to have apprehensions 2 foresight

‫ انديکاتور‬indikātór m.  ‫انډيکاټر‬
‫ انډره‬anḍə́ra f. anatomy large intestine
‫ انډو‬anḍú m. unripe boll of the cotton plant
‫ انډوخر‬anḍoḳhar m. 1  ‫ لټپېر‬2 figurative crowd, assemblage
‫ انډول‬1 anḍól m. metal mortar
‫ انډول‬2 anḍvə́l m. 1 steadiness, equilibrium, balance 2 equal
‫ انډول کول‬a to balance; equalize (in weight) b to compare ‫د چا‬
‫ سره په انډول کښي لوېدل‬to measure oneself against someone 3

more tender than a blossom.

‫ انساناني‬insānā́ ni plural from ‫انسانه‬
‫ انسان پرست‬insānparást m.  ‫انسان دوست‬
‫ انسان پرستي‬insānparastí f.  ‫انسان دوستي‬
‫ انسان پېژندنه‬insānpezhandə́na f. anthropology ‫د انسان پېژندني عالم‬

‫ انسان دوست‬insāndóst m.
‫ انسان دوستي‬insāndostí f.

equivalent; equal amount


‫ انسان شناسي‬insānshināsí f. knowledge of people; life experience
‫ انسانه‬insā́ na feminine of ‫انسان‬
‫ انساني‬insāní 1 human (race, shape, form, likeness) 2 living,
human ‫ انساني قوا‬manpower ‫ انساني تلفات له لاسه ورکول‬to
sustain manpower idiom ‫ انساني علوم‬the humanities
‫ انسانيت‬insāniját m. Arabic 1 humaneness, humanity 2 mankind
‫ انسپکټر‬inspeḳtár m. regional 1 inspector 2 chief ‫پوليس انسپکټر‬

anḍolí 1.1 stable, brought into equilibrium 1.2 swinging,

equivalence; equal in meaning

‫ اندونېشيا‬inḍoneshjā́ f.  ‫اندونېزيا‬
‫ انډی‬1 anḍáj m. 1 bale, load ‫انډی کول‬

to load up, load with 2


‫ اندی‬2 anḍəj f. soup
‫ انډېری‬anḍeráj m. mat
‫ انډيز‬anḍiz m. plural  ‫انديس‬
‫ انډيکاټر‬indikāṭár m. log of incoming and outgoing papers; record
log ‫ د انډيکاټر کتاب‬a logbook for incoming and outgoing

officer-in-charge of a police station


insidzhā́ m m. Arabic 1 order, state of order 2

institút m.


insṭiṭuṭ m.

insidā́ d m. Arabic 1 obstruction; blockage 2 medicine

embolism, thrombosis 3 figurative restraint

‫ انسکلوپېديا‬ansiklopedijā́ f. encyclopedia
‫ انسلېټر‬insuleṭár m. technology insulator
‫ انسولېټډ‬insuleṭáḍ technology insulating ‫انسولېټډ سيم‬

anḍivā́ l m. anḍevál 1 companion, friend; comrade 2 table

companion 3 traveling companion; fellow traveler 4

anḍevā́ la feminine of


‫ انسياق‬insijā́ ḳ m. Arabic obedience
‫ انش ٔا‬inshā́ f. Arabic 1 compilation, spelling; composition 2
structure, construction 3 correspondence 4 style ‫د انش ٔا کتاب‬
handbook of style ‫ انش ٔا کول‬compound verb a to draw up, write;

f. andevālí 1 companionship; friendship,

‫د چا سره انډيوالي اچول‬

to take up with someone;

enter into a friendship with someone 2 sharing food with;
condition) 3 figurative common dish
inardzhí f.


compose b to structure, construct


enerzhí f. energy

inzidzhā́ r m. Arabic aversion, disgust


‫په انزجار‬



of sheiks among the Afghans and Pushtuns among whom are

found descendants of the original associates of Mohammed in


‫ انصاف کول‬a to be just to someone
... ‫حق د انصاف دا دئ چه‬
justly speaking … , justice requires that … ‫دا تهمت له انصافه بهر‬
‫ دئ‬This accusation is unjust. ‫ تاسي انصاف وکئ‬Judge for
yourself. ‫ انصاف په تا نسته‬You are unjust. ... ‫نو ما انصاف وکئ چه‬


ansā́ dzh m. Arabic plural 1 from

3 pedigree, genealogy


2 familial relations


2 anatomy tissues

insā́ f m. Arabic justice

b figurative to give that which is due

2 sociability

ansā́ b m. Arabic plural 1 from

inshi'ā́ b m. Arabic 1 branching off; ramification 2

‫ انصاب‬ansā́ b m. Arabic plural from ‫نصب‬
‫ انصاري‬ansārí m. singular & plural the Ansari (an ethnic group

‫ انزکی‬anzəkáj m. bright child
‫ انزوا‬inzivā́ f. Arabic 1 solitude, seclusion, retirement 2 isolation
‫ د انزوا سياست‬isolationism
‫ انزواپسند‬inzivāpasánd m. politics isolationist
‫ انزواپسندي‬inzivāpasandí f. 1 politics isolationism 2 isolation
‫ انزور‬anzór m.  ‫انځور‬
‫ انژکسيون‬inzheksjón m.  ‫انجکسيون‬
‫ انس‬uns m. Arabic 1 attachment, affection; sympathy; friendship



dining together with (noun indicating a habitual or frequent



andə́j-kunḍə́j f. entertainment; treating of guest to


institú m. & f.



‫ انډيواله‬anḍivā́ la
‫ انډيوالي‬andivālí





humanism, philanthropy, love of


rocking to and fro 1.3 equivalent, of equal worth 2 f.

‫انډۍ کونډۍ‬


I have justly judged that …


insā́ fán Arabic justly, in justice, in conscience

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ انصاف پسند‬insāfpasánd ‫ انصاف خوښوونکی‬insā́ f khaḳhavúnkaj
‫ انصاف دار‬insāfdā́ r ‫ انصاف نواز‬insāfnavā́ z just
‫ انصاف نوازي‬insāfnāvazí f. justice
‫ انضباط‬inzibā́ t m. Arabic order, discipline
‫ انضباطي‬inzibātí disciplinary ‫ انضباطي جزا‬،‫انضباطي تنبيه‬


medicine constipation 3 physiology systole 4 figurative

‫ انقره‬anḳará f. Ankara (city)
‫ انقسام‬inḳisā́ m m. Arabic 1 division ‫انقسام ميندل‬

fractionate; dismember 2 biology division (of a cell); fission

land which has been deeded over or

settled upon someone

‫ انعدام‬in'idā́ m m. Arabic disappearance; absence; nonexistence
‫ مخ پر انعدام‬a disappearing b on the wane (of the moon)
‫ انعقاد‬in'iḳā́ d m. Arabic convocation; opening ‫د کنفرانس انعقاد‬
opening of a conference ‫ انعقاد ميندل‬to take place (e.g., a



‫انعکاسات پيدا کول‬

‫انعکاس کول‬

‫انقلابي شاعر‬


inḳilābijún] revolutionary


‫ انقياد‬inḳijā́ d m. Arabic obedience, submissiveness ‫د چا سره انقياد‬
‫ کول‬to be subordinate; be obedient, be submissive to someone
‫ انکار‬inkā́ r m. Arabic negation, nonrecognition; repudiation ‫د يو‬
‫ شي څخه انکار کول‬to deny, not recognize, repudiate someone ‫هغه‬
‫ د تگ نه انکار وکړو‬Eastern He refused to leave. ‫زه له دې څخه‬
‫ انکار نه لرم‬I cannot deny this.
‫ انکاري‬inkārí refusing, declining ‫ انکاري کېدل‬to refuse, decline
‫ انکسار‬inkisā́ r m. Arabic 1 breakage; fracture 2 physics

literal a to be reflected b

to receive responses


inḳilābí Arabic 1 revolutionary

poet 2 m. [plural: ‫ انقلابيان‬inḳilābijā́ n Arabic plural: ‫انقلابيون‬

in'ikā́ s m. Arabic 1 reflection; reflex

to divide;

‫ انقضا‬inḳizā́ f. Arabic end, expiration (of a term, deadline)
‫ انقطاع‬inḳitá' f. Arabic 1 interruption; discontinuance ‫انقطاع‬
‫ ورکول‬to interrupt, discontinue 2 break, disruption ‫په لږ غوڅوالی‬
‫ او انقطاع سره‬with minimal disruption
‫ انقلاب‬inḳilā́ b m. Arabic 1 revolution ‫ اجتماعي انقلاب‬social
revolution ‫ صناعتي انقلاب‬the Industrial Revolution ‫فلاحتي‬
‫ انقلاب‬the Agrarian Revolution 2 overthrow, coup 3
wrongness, falseness, variability idiom ‫ شمسي انقلاب‬astronomy

recompense, reward

reflect 2 response

infitaḳí Arabic explosive

depression, despondency

publishing department, publications department


‫حوصله انفلاق کوي‬

pressure, compression or volume; crumpling, puckering 2

‫ انطباعي‬intibā'í polygraphic
‫ انطباق‬intibā́ ḳ m. Arabic 1 reference, allusion 2 adaptation,
adjustment ‫ انطباق ميندل‬، ‫ انطباق لرل‬to adapt, adjust
‫ انعام‬in'ā́ m m. Arabic 1 favor, grace 2 reward, recompense ‫نقدي‬
‫ انعام‬monetary reward, recompense ‫ انعام ورکول‬to give
‫انعامي مزکه‬


‫ انفلاقيه مواد‬explosive
substances ‫ انفلاقي بم‬demolition bomb ‫ انفلاقي فيوز‬time-delay
fuse ‫ انفلاقي تخنيک‬pyrotechnics
‫ انقباض‬inḳibā́ z m. Arabic 1 curtailment; decrease in scope,

disciplinary punishment



Patience is exhausted.


‫ انطباع‬intibā́ ' f. Arabic imprint, impression
‫ انطباعات‬intibā'ā́ t m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ انطباع‬2 publication,
printed work 3 publishing house ‫د انطباعاتو عمومي مديريت‬


infilā́ ḳ m. Arabic 

infā́ z m. Arabic realization, bringing into existence,

execution, fulfillment of something

‫ انفجار‬infidzhā́ r m. Arabic explosion; burst (i.e., of a shell) ‫انفجار‬
‫ کول‬to explode; burst
‫ انفجاري‬infidzhārí exploding; bursting; demolition
ً‫ انفرادا‬infirā́ dán Arabic individually; personally
‫ انفرادي‬infirādí Arabic 1 individual, personal ‫انفرادي وجود‬
individuality 2 regional separate; one-man; solitary ‫انفرادي‬
‫ حبس‬solitary confinement
‫ انفراديت‬infirādiját m. Arabic individuality
‫ انفس‬anfús m. Arabic subject
‫ انفسي‬anfusí Arabic subjective
‫ انفصال‬infisā́ l m. Arabic 1 separation 2 solution of a problem
‫ انفصال ورکول‬to solve a problem
‫ انفعال‬infi'ā́ l m. 1 shame; embarassment, confusion 2 grief,
vexation ‫ عصبي انفعالات‬depression, depressed state 3
experience ‫ عاطفي انفعالات‬emotional experiences 4 reaction,
response ‫ خفيف انفعال‬weak reaction
‫ انفعالي‬infi'ālí 1 depressed, despondent ‫ تاثر انفعالي‬، ‫انفعالي جذبه‬

refraction 3 figurative regret; repentance


inkishā́ f m. Arabic 1 development; growth; upsurge;

‫ اقتصادي او مدني انکشاف‬economic and cultural
development ‫ انکشاف کول‬compound verb to develop ‫انکشاف‬
‫ ميندل‬to be developed, grow; progress 2 discovery; research
‫ انکشافي‬inkishāfí 1 ‫ انکشافي پلان‬plan of development 2

attributive research

‫ انکه‬1 anə́ka f. children's speech granny, grandmother
‫ ان که‬2 ánki 1 even 2 inasmuch as
‫ انکی‬inkáj m. 1 weeping of a bride (at the time of the plaiting of
the braids) 2 weeping

‫ انگ‬ang m. 1 spirit of contradiction 2 sense, meaning
‫ انگا‬ingā́ m. weeping of a newborn
‫ انگار‬angā́ r 1 m. hot coals; hot ashes ‫ انگار کول‬to cause coals to
heat up; cause coals to flame up ‫ سور انگار کېدل‬to flame of (of
coals) 2 burning; sparking; sparkling idiom ‫ په سره انگار کړېدل‬a

depression, despondency 2 vexatious, painful; unpleasant,

‫ انفکاک‬infikā́ k m. Arabic tearing, rending
‫ انفلاسيون‬enflāsijón m. economic inflation

to worry b to sit on coals; be troubled


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ انگارا‬angārā́ f. the Angara River
‫ انگارل‬angārə́l transitive dialect  ‫انگېرل‬
‫ انگاره‬angārá f. stubble
‫ انگاری‬1 angāráj m. poor man who gathers wheat, etc.





which has

fallen in the field after the harvest; gleaner

‫ انگارې‬angāré plural from ‫انگاره‬
‫ انگارۍ‬3 angārə́j f. disease of camels
‫ انگارۍ‬4 angārə́j feminine of ‫ انگاري‬1
‫ انگازه‬angāzá f. 1 rumor, common talk ‫مگر دا انگازه عملي نه شوه‬
However, this rumor has not been confirmed. ‫ انگازه‬،‫انگازه گډول‬
‫ اچول‬to spread a rumor, disseminate a rumor … ‫انگازه ده چه‬
There are rumors to the effect that … 2 echo ‫ انگازې کول‬to ring

‫د انگورو باغ‬

angúr m. plural grapes

‫ښه انگور چغال خوري‬


angór m. agreement, adjustment, putting into order


əngór f. [plural: ‫ انگېندې‬əngénde] Eastern daughter-in-


‫ انگوړی‬angóṛaj m. small pomegranate, miniature pomegranate
‫ انگوزه‬anguzá f.  ‫انگازه‬
‫ انگولا‬1 angolā́ f. 1 howl, howling (of a dog, jackal) ‫انگولا کول‬

‫ انگبين‬angabín m. plural honey
‫ انگچه‬angachá f. intention
‫ انگر‬1 angár m.  ‫انگار‬
‫ انگر‬2 angár m.  ‫هنگر‬
‫ انگرکی‬angarkáj m. fire, campfire or bonfire which has been lit by

‫ انگه‬ingá f.  ‫اينگه‬
‫ انگهار‬əngahā́ r m. Eastern groans
‫ انگی‬1 angáj m. cheek
‫ انگی‬2 angáj m. Eastern sneezing; sneeze
‫ انگۍ‬3 ingə́j leapfrog
‫ انگۍ‬4 ingə́j f. echo
‫ انگيا‬angijā́ f.  ‫بنيان‬
‫ انگېټۍ‬angeṭə́j f. brazier; hearth
‫ انگېرل‬angerə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې انگېره‬1


to make

‫ انگروزه‬angruzá f.  ‫ انگازه‬1
‫ انگرۍ‬angurə́j f.  ‫اندرکه‬
‫ انگرېز‬angréz angríz 1 m. Englishman 2 English
‫ انگرېزي‬angrezí angrizí 1 English ‫ انگرېزي سرکار‬regional the
English government 2 f. the English language ‫انگرېزي يې زده ده‬
He knows the English language. ‫ انگرېزي راته نه ځي‬I do not

through, assess 4 to calculate (e.g., losses)


angerə́na f. 1 assumption 2 imagination, imagining,
notion 3 assessment, consideration 4 calculation (e.g., of



‫ انگړ‬angáṛ m. 1 fence 2 yard, court
‫ انگشت‬angúsht m. finger
‫ انگشتانه‬angushtāná f. 1 ring; seal-ring 2 thimble
‫ انگشت زني‬angushtzaní f. interference, meddling
‫ انگشت نما‬angushtnumá well-known
‫ انگل‬angál m. 1 confused affair; involved quarrel; slanderous

thumb; span

‫ اننگوړی‬anánguṛaj m. pomegranate
‫ اننگی‬anangáj m. cheek
‫ اننناس‬anannā́ s m. pineapple
‫ انوار‬anvā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫ نور‬1
‫ انواع‬anvā́ ' m. Arabic plural f. plural 1 from ‫ نوع‬2 biology
species ‫ د انواعو ترمنځ‬interspecific ‫د انواعو په داخل کښي‬

regional history 1 person receiving a

pension 2 one receiving a miserable pittance

‫ انگلستان‬inglistā́ n m. England
‫ انگلوساکسون‬anglosāksón 1 attributive Anglo-Saxon 2 m.
Anglo-Saxon ‫ انگلوساکسون خلک‬the Anglo-Saxons
‫ انگليز‬anglíz m. ‫ انگليس‬inglís anglís m. 1 Englishman 2




the English language


əngə́ṇ m. 

‫هيجان انگېز‬

worrying, alarming

history pension

‫انگليسي کانال‬

angéz combining form exciting, evoking

‫ انگېندې‬əngénde plural Eastern from ‫ انگور‬3
‫ انند‬anánd joy; delight; enjoyment
‫ اننگ‬1 anáng m. 1 pomegranate 2 cheek
‫ اننگ‬2 anáng m. anə́ng distance between the little finger and the

affair 2 noise; confusion

inglisí 1 English

think, suppose,

assume 2 to imagine, fancy 3 to weigh, consider, reason

know the English language.


to howl, begin to howl (of a

dog, jackal)


‫ انگلس‬inglís m. regional
‫ انگلس خور‬inglishkhór m.


howl, begin to howl (of a dog, jackal) 2 moaning, weeping

‫ انگولا‬2 angólā́ f. Angola
‫ انگولل‬angolə́l [past: ‫]و يې انگولل‬

‫انگر منگر کول‬

vineyard 2 m.

vineyard tax

‫ انگاف‬angā́ f m. chink, slit (in stonework, masonry)
‫ انگافکاري‬angāfkārí f. patching chinks in stonework with lime

angár-mangár angə́r-mangə́r
excuses for; shirk, elude

‫د انگورو تاک‬

proverb The jackal eats the best

‫ انگورتوره‬angurtóra f. black solanum
‫ انگوري‬angurí 1 attributive grape ‫انگوري باغ‬

out, resound (e.g., a song)

‫انگر منگر‬


the English Channel 2 f.

anód m. physics anode
anvár Arabic 1.1 brightest, most brilliant 1.2 most radiant,

most shining 2 proper name Anwar, Enver



anavə́l [past: ‫ ]وايي ناوه‬to compel someone, quiet down,



Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ا ٓواره‬

anoním m. anonymous work; anonymous letter; anonymous


‫ اواره‬2 avā́ ra f. plain
‫ ا ٓواره گرد‬āvāragárd m. wanderer, vagrant
‫ ا ٓوارېدل‬āvāredə́l intransitive  ‫هوارېدل‬
‫ ا ٓواز‬āvā́ z m. 1 voice, sound ‫ د ا ٓواز نه گړندی‬supersonic ،‫په لوړ ا ٓواز‬
‫ په لوړ ا ٓواز سره‬loudly ‫ آواز ټيټول‬to lower the voice ‫ ا ٓواز جگول‬to
raise the voice, to intensify the sound; make louder ‫چا ته ا ٓواز‬
‫ کول‬to cry out to someone ‫ چا ته ا ٓواز کول‬to call someone ... ‫ماته‬
‫ ا ٓواز وکړ چه‬He whispered to me that … !‫ ورته ا ٓواز وکړه‬Call him.
‫ پر چا باندي ا ٓواز کول‬،‫ پر چا ا ٓواز کول‬to answer someone ‫ ا ٓواز لرل‬to
resound ‫ په ډېرو چيغو مي ا ٓواز کښېنستلئ دئ‬I became hoarse from
shouting. ‫ د احمد ا ٓواز ډډ شوئ دئ‬Ahmed has matured; his voice
has deepened. ‫ ښه ا ٓواز د غوږو دوا ده‬proverb A pleasant voice is a
pleasure. 2 rumor, talk, talking idiom ‫ په هغه د مرگ ا ٓواز وشو‬He

stamp having a 1 anna


āná adjectival and adverbial suffix; indeclinable



courageous, brave b bravely, courageously

‫ انهاک‬inhā́ k m. Arabic exhaustion, depletion, attrition
‫ آنه بهانه‬āná-bahāná f. trick, guile, evasion ‫آنې بهانې کول‬

a to

trick; elude b to make excuses

‫ انهدام‬inhidā́ m m. Arabic destruction, annihilation
‫ انه ناس‬ananā́ s m.  ‫اننناس‬
‫ آني‬1 āní Arabic 1 sudden, surprise ‫ ا ٓني اور‬a surprise fire


volley 2 momentary, instant


‫ آنه‬1, 2


āné plural from


anə́j f. grandmother, grandma, granny
ā́ ni f. ā́ ne suffix plural Eastern ‫ پېغلاني‬girls


was sentenced to death.


‫ ا ٓوازخوان‬āvāzkhā́ n m. singer
‫ ا ٓوازدار‬āvāzdā́ r ‫ ا ٓواز لرونکی‬āvā́ z larúnkaj 1 ringing; sounding;
sound ‫ ا ٓوازدار فلم‬sound film 2 linguistics vowel ‫ا ٓوازدار صوت‬


‫ انياب‬anjáb m. Arabic plural from ‫ ناب‬1
‫ انې بانې‬ané-bāné f. plural regional tricks, evasions
‫ انيز‬aníz combining form regional consisting of so many annas ‫اته‬
‫ انيز‬8 anna coin
‫ انيس‬anís m. Arabic 1 friend 2 comrade in arms
‫ انيلين‬anilín m. chemistry aniline
‫ اڼغنج‬aṇagándzh m. ball game
‫ اڼل‬aṇə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اڼل‬to pound; grind into powder;

vowel sound

‫ ا ٓوازه‬āvāzá f.  ‫انگازه‬
‫ اواسط‬avāsít m. Arabic plural from ‫وسط‬
‫ اوامر‬avāmír m. plural from ‫ امر‬2
‫ اوان‬avā́ n m. Arabic plural period, time
‫ ا ٓوانس‬āvā́ ns m. advance; payment on account
‫ ا ٓوانسي‬āvānsí attributive advance ‫ ا ٓوانسي حواله‬an advance
‫ اواڼ‬avā́ ṇ m. plural the Avans (people of northwest India)
‫ اوائل‬avāíl m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ اول‬2 the first days of the
month; the first days of the week ‫د راتلونکي هفتې په اوائلو کښي‬

crush; smash to pieces; grind up


aṇavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اڼول‬1 to gather, gather in (a
harvest) 2 to pick (flowers, berries) 3 to choose, select



au av conjunction 1 copulative and


‫هلک نژدې شو او ودرېد‬

‫آدم او درخانۍ‬

At the beginning of next week.

‫ اوب‬1 ub m. whim, caprice
‫ اوب‬2 ob m. Ob River
‫ اوباز‬avbā́ z m.  ‫ا ٓبباز‬
‫ اوبازي‬avbāzí f.  ‫ا ٓببازي‬
‫ اوباش‬avbā́ sh 1 riffraff, rabble 2 tramp; vagrant
‫ اوباشي‬avbāshí f. libertinism, debauchery
‫ اوبال‬aubā́ l ubā́ l m. Arabic delinquency; sin, fault ‫اوبال گټل‬

Adam and

The boy came up and stood

‫احمد مکتب ته ولاړ او محمود‬
‫ کورته‬Ahmed went to school, but Makhmud stayed home. ‫او که‬
but if ‫ او يا‬or else
‫ او‬2 o 1 hey, oh !‫ او موري‬Mamma!, Mommy! !‫ او احمده‬Hey
there. 2 adversative conjunction but

Ahmed! 2 particle regional yes



av 1 go on (or similar cry by which one drives a cow) 2 m.

‫ او‬4 ou m. howl (of a wolf, jackal) ‫ او کول‬to howl, begin to howl
‫ او‬5 u Eastern indicator of the perfective aspect instead of ‫و‬
‫ اواخر‬avākhír m. Arabic plural from ‫ ا ٓخر‬2 ‫ په دې اواخرو کښي‬for


āvāravə́l transitive 

ubtala f.


‫ اوبجن‬ubdzhə́n  ‫اوبلن‬
‫ اوبچي‬obchí m. warrior
‫ اوبدل‬obə́l transitive [present: ‫ اوبي‬past: ‫]و يې اوبده‬
‫ اوبدلو ماشين‬loom 2 to knit (e.g., a scarf)
‫ اوبدنه‬obdə́na f. 1 weaving 2 knitting
‫ اوبډوب‬ubḍúb m.  ‫اوبتل‬
‫ اوبړی‬ubrə́j f. green algae

the last time

‫ آوار‬1 āvā́ r ‫ اوار‬āvā́ r  ‫هوار‬
‫ آوار‬2 āvā́ r m. regional ore; stolen goods
‫ آوارگي‬āvāragí f. 1 wandering, vagabondage, travelling


perpetrate a misdemeanor; to transgress, commit an offense

‫ اوبال ور په غاړه شو‬He committed an offense.
‫ اوبال گر‬ubālgár aubālgár m. sinner
‫ اوبتل‬ubtál m. obtál [plural: ‫ اوبتلان‬ubtalā́ n] ‫اوبتله‬

children's speech cow


āvā́ ra 1.1 homeless, wandering 1.2 dissolute 2 m.

wanderer, vagrant

‫ انويس‬invájs m. invoice
‫ آنه‬1 āná f. saddlebow, pommel
‫ آنه‬2 āná f. anna (Indian coin) ‫د آنې ټکس‬



1 

‫ اودل‬1 ‫د‬

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اوبزه‬ubə́za f. moth (clothes)
‫ اوبژن‬obzhə́n  ‫اوبجن‬
‫ اوبسپی‬ubəspáj m. otter
‫ اوبښت‬obəḳhht m. juniper
‫ اوبلن‬oblə́n ublə́n 1 watery; liquid 2 juicy, fresh
‫ اوبلن توب‬obləntób m. 1 wateriness 2 juiciness; freshness
‫ اوبلوښی‬oblóḳhaj m. tank (water)
‫ اوبنی‬ubənáj 1 watery; water 2 blue
‫ اوبڼه‬ubə́ṇa f. anatomy placenta, afterbirth
‫ ابوځاله‬ubodzā́ la f. botany river sponge, freshwater sponge
‫ اوبوخته‬ubúkhta f. juniper
‫ اوبوس‬obús m. howitzer
‫ اوبوسه‬ubúsa f. 1 swampy place, bog; marsh; moist ground,

drink b to supply with water c to irrigate, flush d to temper

swampy ground 2 irrigated land

.1 drinking bowl, fountain 2.2 figurative sources 2.3

regional irrigation; flushing
regional watering place

irrigated 2 m. plural irrigation, flushing

obərángaj light blue

‫اوبه رنگی الماس‬

‫اوبه لگول‬
‫اوبه واری‬

obə́lagavə́l m. plural irrigation; flushing
obəvā́ raj m. ‫ اوبه وری‬obəvaráj m. regional street

‫ اوبي‬1 óbi f. the Ob (river)
‫ اوبي‬2 obí present tense from ‫اوبدل‬
‫ اوبېدل‬obedə́l denominative [past: ‫]اوبه شو‬

corundum; blue

1 to be irrigated; be

flushed 2 to absorb, take in 3 to drink, quench thirst (of


‫ا ٓوپاش‬

āvpā́ sh m. worker engaged in watering (streets, flowers,


‫ا ٓوپاشي‬

āvpāshí f. flushing, watering

‫د ا ٓوپاشۍ ماشين‬


watering truck ‫ ا ٓوپاشي کول‬to flush, water
‫ اوپره‬uprá  ‫اپره‬
‫ اوپړي پوپړي‬upə́ṛi-pupə́ṛi f. plural conversation about widely
divergent matters

‫ اوپېرا‬operā́ f. opera
‫ اوتاد‬avtā́ d m. Arabic
big wheels

plural [singular: ‫ ]وتد‬important people,

‫ اوتار‬avtā́ r m. Arabic plural from ‫ وتر‬3
‫ اوتر‬avtár 1 frightened 2 alarmed; downcast; distressed ‫اوتر کول‬
 ‫ اوترول اوتر کېدل‬ ‫اوترېدل‬
‫ اوتراق‬otrā́ ḳ m. halt, stopping place
‫ اوتراوتر‬avtár-avtár scared, frightened ‫ اوتر اوتره وضع‬frightened
appearance ‫ اوتراوتر کتل‬to look upon with fright
‫ اوترائي‬utrājí f. regional descent (from a mountain)
‫ اوترتوب‬avtartób m. ‫ اوتروالی‬avtarvā́ laj m. 1 perturbation, panic

a to stir up the water b to evade, avoid

‫ اوبه درول‬to disgrace
‫ اوبه يې په سترگو کښي ودرېدې‬He disgraced himself. ‫اوبه‬
‫ مي پکښي ولاړي دي‬I am ashamed. ‫ اوبه تر ورخ تېري شوې‬This
matter cannot be put to rights. ‫ اوبه د چا سره غلبېلول‬to be careful
with someone f. ‫ اوبه کول‬compound verb a to irrigate, flush b
to melt, melt down c to dissolve d to sell, market ‫اوبه کېدل‬

something c to drag the business out

2 pain, distress


avtaravə́l transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
alarm; distress, grieve

compound verb a to be irrigated, be flushed b to be melted, be
melted down c to thaw d to be turned into water (of steam) e

‫اوبه اوبه کېدل‬

to irrigate; flush 2.4

cleaner (with water)

temper (of metal) 5 veterinary (bone) spavin 6 figurative

to grow thin

‫اوبه خور کول‬

‫اوبه رنگی‬


‫ اوبومور‬ubumór f. insect of the cricket family
‫ اوبونه‬obavə́na f. irrigation; flushing
‫ اوبه‬1 obə́ f. ubə́ plural 1 water ‫ ايشېدلي اوبه‬boiling water ‫پټي‬
‫ اوبه‬ground water ‫ ترخې اوبه‬saltwater ‫ تړمي اوبه‬warm water
‫ تودې اوبه‬hot water ‫ خړي اوبه‬turbid water ‫ خوږې اوبه‬freshwater
‫ درنې اوبه‬chemistry heavy water ‫ رڼې اوبه‬،‫ پاکي اوبه‬،‫صافي اوبه‬
pure water, clear water ‫ رواني اوبه‬running water ‫سرې اوبه‬
boiling water ‫ يخي اوبه‬،‫ سړې اوبه‬cold water, very cold water ‫د‬
‫ باران اوبه‬rainwater ‫ د څا اوبه‬well water ‫ د چښلو اوبه‬drinking
water ‫ د حيات اوبه‬ ‫ د واورو اوبه ا ٓب حيات‬melt water ‫د اوبو په غاړه‬
on the shore of a stream or river ‫ د اوبو ډېروالی‬flood, abundance
of water ‫ اوبه راوستل‬to conduct water, irrigation ditch ‫يو تر بله‬
‫ اوبه شيندل‬to sprinkle water on one another, lap ‫د څا څخه اوبه‬
‫ کښل‬to draw water from a well ‫ په اوبوکښي گډول‬،‫اوبو ته وراچول‬
to launch into the water (e.g., a boat) ‫ په سرو اوبو گډېدل‬to scald
oneself !‫ اوبه راوړه‬Bring water! ‫ اوبه په چپو راغلې‬The water was
rising. ‫ ډېري علاقې تر اوبو لاندي شوي دي‬Many districts suffered
from floods. 2 liquid ‫ د خولې اوبه‬saliva ‫په خوله کښي اوبه راشي‬
the saliva flows 3 juice (of meat, fruits) ‫ د مېوو اوبه‬fruit juice 4
‫اوبه خړول‬

literal to take off one's shoes

rashly ‫ د سترگو اوبه يې ووتلې‬He lost all shame and conscience. ‫په‬
‫ زړه مي سړې اوبه تويې شوې‬I was stupified. ‫اوبو اخيستئ و خاشې ته‬
‫ لاس اچوي‬proverb A drowning man will grasp even at a straw.
‫ د مړامو اوبو بېرېږه‬proverb Still waters run deep. ‫اوبه د سره پای له‬
‫ خړي دئ‬proverb literal Water grows turbid from its source.
figurative A fish rots from its head. ‫ توري اوبه‬regional ocean
‫ تورو اوبو ته تلل‬to be sentenced to exile for life
‫ اوبه‬2 obé f. obá Obe (city, district)
‫ اوبه تله‬obətalá f. water level; level
‫ اوبه خور‬ubəkhór 1 subject to irrigation, requiring irrigation 2 m.

‫ اوبول‬obavə́l 1 denominative [past: ‫ ]اوبه يې کړ‬to irrigate; flush
‫ مځکي په کاريزو اوبول‬to irrigate the land with the help of kiarizes
(i.e., underground irrigation canals) ‫ اوبول کېدل‬passive to be

honor, dignity

‫تر اوبو د مخه گاولي کښل‬

without going into the water figurative to be in a hurry, act

‫ غوښي دي اوبه شوي دي‬You have grown very thin.
‫ اوبه ورکول‬a to give water, give to


to be ashamed


avtarí f. 


‫]اوتر يې‬

1 to frighten 2 to

Pashto-English Dictionary


avtaredə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]اوتر شو‬1 to be frightened 2 to
be alarmed; be perturbed



utú m. flatiron


‫برقي اوتو‬

electric iron

‫اوتو کول‬


uchatdə́ m. plural 1 raising (e.g., the flag) 2 rise,
increase 3 intensification (e.g., of a noise) 4 rising, ascension

to press,

5 ascent

‫ اوچ کسکر‬uchkaskár regional completely dry
‫ اوچکۍ‬1 uchakə́j f. islet
‫ اوچکی‬2 uchakáj emaciated; lean
‫ اوچولی‬uchúlaj m. Eastern forehead, brow
‫ اوچونی‬1 uchúnaj m. six-month-old lamb
‫ اوچونې‬2 uchúne f. young ewe (which has not yet lambed)
‫ اوچه‬1 uchá f.  ‫اچه‬
‫ اوچه‬2 úcha f. singular dialect from ‫اوچ‬
‫ اوچې پوچې‬úche-púche f. plural Eastern nonsense, drivel
‫ اوڅار‬avtsā́ r apparent, evident; well-known
‫ اوڅارول‬avtsāravə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]اوڅار يې کړ‬


automobile industry

‫ اوتوموبيل سازي‬avtomobilsāzí f. automobile manufacture ‫د‬
‫ اوتوموبيل سازۍ فابريکه‬automobile plant
‫ اوته‬avtá !‫ اوته اوته هېره سې‬May you know no rest!
‫ اوتې بوتې‬úte-búte f. plural Eastern 1  ‫ اوپړي پوپړي‬2 delirium
‫ د ليوني اوتې بوتې‬the disconnected speech of an insane person,

avtsāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past:
come to light, turn out, be manifest, be apparent


exposure of a stratum or deposit at

the surface

‫ اوجاړ‬udzhā́ ṛ  ‫ ويجاړ‬idiom ‫ اوجاړ شه‬Damn you!
‫ اوجاړول‬udzhaṛavə́l transitive  ‫ويجاړول‬
‫ اوجاړي‬udzhāṛí f. destruction, devastation
‫ اوجری‬udzhráj m. regional organ meats, entrails
‫ اوجوشي‬avdzhúshi f. plural  ‫ا ٓبجوشي‬
‫ اوجه‬1 údzha f. regional leech
‫ اوجه‬2 údzha f.  ‫وژه‬
‫ اوجۍ‬udzhə́j f. children's speech insect (small)
‫ اوچ‬uch Eastern  ‫وچ‬
‫ اوچت‬uchát 1 high ‫ اوچت پاڅېدل‬to stand, jump up ‫اوچت نيول‬


2 m. Udkhejl (tribesman) 3 Udkhejl' (name of various

‫ساپه اوچته اخيستل‬


‫ اودر‬odér m. the Oder (river)
‫ اودرول‬udravúl transitive Eastern  ‫درول‬
‫ اودرېدل‬udredə́l intransitive Eastern  ‫درېدل‬
‫ ا ٓودس‬āvdás m. ‫ اودس‬avdás m. ablution, washing (body) ‫ا ٓودس‬
‫ تازه کول‬to effect ablution, wash the body idiom ‫ ا ٓودس ماتول‬to

to puff (quietly)

uchattób m. uchattjā́ f. uchatvā́ laj m. 1 height 2 rise,

increase 3 loudness (of a noise) 4 steepness (of a road)
uchatavə́l denominative, intransitive 1 [past: ‫کړ‬

‫]اوچت يې‬

1 lift; raise 2 to raise, heighten 3 to make loud, intensify (e.g.,

a sound) 4 to emphasize; accent something 5 regional to clear

urinate, answer the call of nature

‫اودس مات‬

away plates and dishes 6 to cause, occasion (harm, injury, etc.)

‫ اوچتيا‬uchatjā́ f.  ‫اوچت توب‬
‫ اوچتېدل‬uchatedə́l denominative, intransitive

avdasmā́ t m. transitive

‫اودس مات ته تلل‬

to go to take

care of nature's call
[past: ‫ ]اوچت شو‬1 to

‫ اودس ماتۍ‬avdasmātə́j f. evacuation (of the bowels), defecation
‫ اودل‬1 odə́l udə́l 1 transitive [present: ‫ اودي‬present: ‫ او يي‬past:
‫ ]و يې اود‬.1 to weave 1.2 to twist, twine 1.3 to plait (braids)
‫ اودل کېدل‬passive a to be woven b to be twisted, be twined 2
m. plural  ‫اودنه‬

rise, rise above, heave up 2 to ascend 3 to be loud, be
intensified (e.g., a sound) 4 to rise up, get up


avtsəkák m. botany fumitory, fumaria (annual herb

‫ اوخ‬ukh interjection oy, oh
‫ اخوتسک‬okhótsk m. ‫ د اخوتسک بحيره‬the Sea of Okhotsk
‫ اوخه‬úkha f. Eastern  ‫ اوښه‬2
‫ اوخی‬1 ávkhaj m. dialect  ‫ اوښی‬1
‫ اوخۍ‬2 ukhə́j f. children's speech boogeyman, bugbear
‫ اوخې‬3 úkhe plural from ‫اوخه‬
‫ ا ٓوخېزي‬āvkhezí high-water, flooding
‫ اود‬1 od m. plaiting (of mats, etc.)
‫ اود‬2 aud m. reservoir, pond
‫ اودال‬avdā́ l m. saint; religious anchorite or hermit
‫ اودالي‬avdālí m. plural  ‫ابدالي‬
‫ اودان‬avdā́ n m.  ‫آبدان‬
‫ اودخېل‬udkhél 1 m. plural the Udkhejli (a sub-tribe of the Gilzai)

rise; lift 2 loud (of the voice) 3 steep (of a road) 4 regional




vanguard 3 aviation ceiling

‫اوچت توب‬

‫]اوڅار شو‬

whose dried leaves are used in the preparation of tonics and

‫ اوټوپيا‬uṭopjā́ f. Utopia
‫ اوټوپيائي‬uṭopjājí Utopian
‫ اوج‬audzh m. Arabic 1 zenith; apogee 2 military leader of the
vanguard ‫ د اوج ترصد‬point of the vanguard; lead patrol of the

afore-cited idiom


reveal, explain; make manifest, make evident


the delirium of a madman

‫ اوټاوا‬oṭāvā́ f. Ottawa (city)
‫ اوټکروپ‬aúṭkrop m. geology

sunrise 6 origin, emergence, appearance,


‫ اوتو‬2 úvato óvato past perfective Eastern from ‫وتل‬
‫ اوتوبوس‬avtobús m. bus
‫ اوتوجن‬technology autogenous ‫ اوتوجن سيم جوش‬autogenous
‫ اوتوماتيک‬otomātík ‫ اوتوماتيکي‬otomātikí automatic
‫ اوتوموبيل‬avtomobíl m. automobile ‫د اوتوموبيل صنائع‬

‫د نمر اوچتېده‬

‫د روانېدو دپاره اوچت‬

I got up to leave. 5 to rise, ascend (of celestial objects) 6

regional to come into existence, appear, be born

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اودل‬2 avdál m. proper name Avdal
‫ اودنه‬odə́na f. 1 weaving 2 twisting, twining 3 plaiting (braids)
‫ اودونکی‬1 odúnkaj m. weaver
‫ اودونکې‬2 odúnke f. weaver (female)
‫ اوده‬1 udá f. 1 conspiracy, charm, exorcism 2 witchcraft
‫ اوده‬2 udə́ Eastern  ‫ ابيده غرق اوده‬one who has fallen into a





‫د اورال دريا‬

the Ural River

‫د اورال غرونه‬

orbalák m. 1 fire lighter 2 furnace man 3 steel (formerly

‫ اوربلوونکی‬orbalavúnkaj incendiary ‫ اوربلوونکی بم‬incendiary bomb
‫ اوربندي‬orbandí f. cessation of fire, end of firing
‫ اوربوز‬orbúz m. muzzle, snout, (ugly) face idiom ‫چا ته اوربوز نيول‬
to hang around someone ‫ څله بوټ اوربوز نيسې؟‬What are you in a
huff about? !‫ دي ورک شه اوربوز‬Be off! Get away!
‫ اوربوشه‬orbúsha f. Eastern  ‫ د اوربوشي په مياشت اربشه‬In a month

‫ اور بلول‬a to set afire, start a fire b to open a
strong fire ‫ پر دښمن اور بلول‬to open up a strong fire on the enemy
c figurative to drive out of one's wits ‫ اور کول‬to open fire, fire
‫ اور گډول‬a to set fire to b to spread discord c to evoke
discontent d to spoil ‫ اور گل کول‬،‫ اور مړ کول‬،‫ اور وژل‬to
extinguish a fire ‫ اور لټول‬ ‫ اور لگول اور‬،‫ گډول‬a to light a fire
b to cause a fire, set a fire ‫ د جنگ اور لگول‬to fan the fire of war,
unleash war c figurative to enrapture ‫ په کور باندي اور ولگېد‬the
house caught fire ‫ څو ځایه اورونه ولگېدل‬Fires broke out in several
places. ‫ چه اور ولگېږي هغه وخت اوبه نه وي‬proverb Whenever fire
breaks out there's no water to be found. ‫ اور په خوله وړل‬a to
hurry, hasten b figurative to be stingy, be greedy ‫اور له خپله سره‬
‫ وژل‬to arrange one's affairs by oneself (without outside help) ‫پر‬
‫ اور کړول‬a to roast on a spit b figurative to torture, torment c
figurative to worry ‫ پر اور کړېدل‬a to be roasted on a spit b to
be tortured, be tormented c not to sit quietly, squirm ‫پر اور نيول‬
a to subject to fire b figurative to torment, torture ‫په اور کېدل‬
to burn down ‫ اور پوري کول‬to set on fire ‫ په اور کښي اچول‬a to
throw into the fire b figurative to torture, torment ‫روپۍ و اور ته‬
‫ اچول‬to squander money, throw money to the wind ‫ اور ته نيول‬a
to hold to the fire b figurative to oppress ‫اور ته خپل او پردي يو‬
‫ دي‬proverb It's all one to the fire, whether it's yours or another's
‫ اور اوبه يو ځای نه شي‬literal Fire is incompatible with water.

will be the barley harvest.

‫ اوربه‬orbá f. heating chamber for a bath
‫ اوربېړۍ‬orbeṛə́j f. steamboat
‫ اورپالی‬orpā́ laj m. fire worshipper
‫ اورپښت‬orpə́ḳht m. [plural: ‫ اورپښتونه‬orpəḳhtúna
orpəḳhtā́ n] nocturnal moth

‫ اورتون‬ortún m. temple of fire worshippers
‫ اورته‬1 avráta f. 1 woman 2 wife
‫ اورته‬2 aórtá f. anatomy aorta
‫ اورټک‬orṭák m. flint (of a flintlock rifle)
‫ اوردو‬urdú m. & f.  ‫اردو‬
‫ اورږه‬urgə̣ ́ m. plural 1 colostrum, beestings

plural: ‫اورپښتان‬

2 milk of a cow

which has just calved with spice added

‫ اورس‬urús m. obsolete  ‫روس‬
‫ اورسي‬1 urusí obsolete  ‫روسي‬
‫ اورسي‬2 ursí f. window with frame which can be raised
‫ اورشو‬urshó f.  ‫ارشو‬
‫ اورشيند غر‬orshínd ghar m. volcano
‫ اورښت‬orə́ḳht m. ‫ اورښته‬orə́ḳhta f. fall of showers, rain ‫سخت‬
‫ اورښت و‬A heavy rain fell.
‫ اورښتۍ‬orəḳhtə́j f.  ‫ بارانۍ‬2
‫ اورغالی‬orghā́ laj m. 1 fireplace, hearth 2 heating box, chamber

figurative These are incompatible things.



blast furnace


‫ اور غورځوونکی‬or ghurdzavúnkaj ‫ اور غورځوونکی غر‬volcano
‫ اورغوی‬urə́vaj m. palm (of the hand)
‫ اورغۍ‬urə́j f. soot
‫ اورکزي‬1 orə́kzi m. plural the Orakzai (tribe) 2 orəkzáj m.

orakhistə́ m. plural 1 fire, conflagration; burning;
ignition 2 figurative hurry, haste


used in lighting a fire) 4 syphilis

suddenly, flare up

‫ اوراد‬avrā́ d m. Arabic plural
‫ اوراره‬orārə́ m.  ‫ وراره‬1

chief of the archives


fire, ignite b figurative to hurry, hasten c figurative to anger

‫خنده ا ٓور‬

2 archive; office; registry

Urals, the Ural Mountains

‫ اوده‬3 udá f. singular from ‫ اوده‬2
‫ اودې‬1 udé plural from ‫ اود‬1
‫ اودي‬2 udí present tense from ‫ اودل‬1
‫ اودېسه‬odesá f. Odessa (city)
‫ اوډل‬odə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اوډه‬to arrange, put right, adjust
‫ اوډنی‬ovḍə́naj m. small chador, small veil (for women, children)
‫ اور‬or m. ur 1 fire; conflagration ‫ د اور غر‬volcano ‫ د اور گاډی‬
‫ ناگاه اور لنبه شو اورگاډی‬the fire suddenly blazed up 2 gunfire,
fire, firing ‫ د اور خط‬line of fire ‫ شديد اور‬a hurricane of fire ‫و يو‬
‫ شي ته اور اچول‬to set something on fire ‫ اور اخيستل‬a to catch

āvár combining form bringing, possessing

‫د اوراقو مدير‬

urā́ l m. the Urals


‫ اورانيوم‬urānijúm m. chemistry uranium
‫ اوراورکی‬ororə́kaj m. glowworm, firefly
‫ اوربڅری‬orbatsə́raj m. 1 spark 2 hot-tempered person
‫ اوربشه‬orbə́sha f.  ‫اربشه‬
‫ اوربشي‬orbə́shi f. plural barley ‫ د اوربشو اوبه‬beer
‫ اوربشين‬orbəshín attributive barely ‫ اوربشينه ډوډۍ‬barley bread
‫ اوربل‬1 orbál Fire! (as a command)
‫ اوربل‬2 orbál m. 1 lock, curl; bang, forelock 2 personal name

deep sleep


avrā́ ḳ m. Arabic 1 from


Orakzai (tribesman)



Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ اورکوټ‬avarkóṭ m. regional overcoat, greatcoat
‫ اورکی‬orakáj m. glowworm, firefly
‫ اورگاډه‬orgā́ ḍa f. ‫ اورگاډی‬orgā́ ḍaj m. ‫ اورگاړی‬orgā́ raj m. 1 train;
rolling stock ‫ برقي اورگاډی‬electric train, electric railway 2
railroad ‫ د اورگاډي لار‬،‫ د اورگاډي سړک‬orgā́ di railroad ‫د اورگاډي‬
‫ ټېسن‬orgā́ di railroad station
‫ اورگان‬orgā́ n m. ‫ نشراتي اورگان‬press organ ‫ قضائي اورگان‬judicial

‫ اوره‬1 ovrə́ m. singluar & plural 1 cloudlet ‫لمر په اورو کښي پټ‬
‫ شي‬The sun is hidden behind the clouds 2 cataract
‫ اوره‬2 av́ ra imperative, imperfect from ‫ اورېدل‬2
‫ اوري‬1 óri urí present tense of ‫ اورېدل‬1
‫ اوري‬2 ávri present tense of ‫ اورېدل‬2
‫ اوری‬3 aoráj m.  ‫اهوری‬
‫ اوری‬4 oráj m. Eastern lamb
‫ اورۍ‬5 orə́j f. 1 gum (mouth) 2 anatomy root bed of the nail
idiom ‫ نوک اورۍ نه سره جلا کېږي‬We (you, they) are inseparably


‫ اورگډی‬orgáḍaj m. troublemaker
‫ اور لرونکی‬orlarúnkaj fire (i.e., firearms) ‫ اور لرونکې وسله‬firearm
‫ اورلړلی‬orlaṛə́laj troubled (e.g., times)
‫ اورلړونی‬orlaṛúnaj m. poker idiom ‫ اورلړونی سړی‬troublemaker,

linked with one another.

‫ اورئ‬6 ávrəj Eastern second person plural of ‫ اورېدل‬2
‫ اوريا‬orjā́ f. rain
‫ اورياخېل‬urijakhél 1 m. plural the Uriyakhejli (a subdivision of

instigator, ringleader


orlagav́ unkaj incendiary


‫اورلگوونکی بم‬


the Gilzai) 2 m. Uriyakhejl (tribesman)

‫ اوريامېچ‬orjāméch m. rain gauge
‫ اوري پوري‬óri-póri ‫ اوري پوري وتل‬to pass through
‫ اوريځ‬orjádz f. urédz [plural: ‫ اوريځي‬urjádzi] cloud; storm cloud
‫ توره اوريځ‬threatening storm-cloud ‫ خړه اوريځ‬grey cloud ‫د گردونو‬
‫ اوريځي‬cloud of dust ‫ نن ډېره اوريځ ده‬It's very cloudy today. ‫نن‬
‫ ورځ اوريځ ده‬Today it's overcast.
‫ اورېدل‬1 oredə́l intransitive [present: ‫ اوري‬present: ‫ اورېږي‬past:
‫ ]واورېده‬1 to pour (of rain), come down (of rain, snow) ‫باران اوري‬
It's raining. ‫ مزې کوي خوران‬،‫ چه اورېږي باران‬When it rains the

‫ اورلگيت‬orlagít m. urlagít singular & plural matches ‫د اورلگيتو‬
‫ کارخانه‬match factory ‫ د اورلگيتو دبلی‬box of matches ‫يوه دانه‬
‫ اورلگيت‬a match
‫ اورلگيت والا‬orlagitvālā́ m. singular & plural seller of matches
‫ اورلگيد‬orlagíd m.  ‫اورلگيت‬
‫ اورلگېدنه‬orlagedə́na f. 1 fire, conflagration 2 flash, outbreak
‫ اورلوبي‬orlóbi f. plural fireworks
‫ اورمړ‬1 ormə́ṛ m. person in whose home there is a deceased

poor peasants rejoice (in hopes of of a good harvest) 2 to strike

‫ اورمړ‬2 omə́ṛ m. the Ormur, the Baraki (nationality)
‫ اورمږک‬ormagák
̣ m. salamander
‫ اورمل‬urmál m. Eastern fig tree
‫ اورمېږ‬ormeg ̣ m. neck
‫ اورنگ اوتان‬orang-utā́ n m. orangutan
‫ اورنوسی‬ornúsaj m. coal tongs
‫ اورنی‬oranáj attributive fire ‫ اورنی غر‬volcano ‫د اورني غر خوله‬

(of lightning)


avredə́l ‫ ا ٓورېدل‬avredə́l Eastern transitive [present: ‫اوري‬
past: ‫ وايي ورېدل‬past: ‫ ]ده واورېدل‬1 to hear 2 to listen ‫اورېدل‬

‫ کېدل‬passive to resound (e.g., of sound)  ‫اروېدل‬
‫ اورېده‬1 oredə́ m. plural falling of showers ‫د شښم اورېده‬
formation of dew


avredə́ m. plural  ‫ليدو او اورېدو کښي ډېر فرق وي اروېده‬
Eastern It's one thing to hear , another to see.



oraṇáj m. swaddling clothes

‫نر ځوی په اورڼي نه پټېږي‬


‫ اوروالا‬orvālā́ m. furnace man; stoker
‫ اوروپا‬urupā́ f.  ‫اروپا‬
‫ اورورکی‬orərə́kaj m. glowworm, firefly
‫ اور وژونکی‬or vazhúnkaj attributive fire ‫اور وژونکې عمله‬
firefighting company ‫ اور وژونکی موټر‬fire engine
‫ اورول‬1 oravə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اوراوه‬1 to throw, throw
down 2 to strew 3 to cause (rain) ‫ دا اوريځ ږلۍ اوروي‬This storm
cloud will bring rain.

avravə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]وايي راوه‬1 to announce
something, proclaim something; state something, express

something; read out something .‫ دلته دا خبره اورول غواړم‬I want to
say here that … 2 to compel to listen 3 to issue (an order)

‫ سل مي ورته واورولي‬،‫يوه يې راته وويله‬


‫ اوريز‬1 oríz firey, pertaining to fire
‫ اوریز‬2 awríz m. ‫ اوريزه‬awriza ‫ غږیز‬ghagíẓ audio
‫ اورېز‬3 uréz f. dialect  ‫اوريځ‬
‫ اورېږي‬orégị present of ‫ اورېدل‬1
‫ اورينوکو‬orinokó f. ‫ د اورينوکو درياب‬the Orinoco River
‫ اوريۍ‬orjə́j f. dialect gum (of the mouth)
‫ اوړ‬avṛ present stem of ‫اوښتل‬
‫ اوړاندې‬uṛańde Eastern  ‫وړاندي‬
‫ اوړدو‬uṛdú m. Eastern  ‫اردو‬
‫ اوړدي‬uṛdí f. regional uniform; tunic
‫ اوړل‬uṛə́l transitive dialect  ‫وړل‬
‫ اوړم‬1 ávṛəm Eastern  ‫اوښتل‬
‫ اوړم‬2 óṛəm Eastern  ‫ اوړم کال وړم‬last year
‫ اوړنبی‬uṛumbáj dialect  ‫وړنبی‬
‫ اوړنی‬1 oṛanáj m. small veil (worn by Moslem women)
‫ اوړنی‬2 oṛənáj attributive summery, summer


proverb A brave son is discerned while still in swaddling



proverb He spoke but

a word to me, I spoke a hundred to him; I am not in his debt.

Pashto-English Dictionary



uṛobáj m. 1 mash (watery or semiliquid food) 2 syrup (in


long. 2

‫ اوړوکی‬uṛúkaj dialect  ‫ وړوکی‬1
‫ اوړول‬oṛavə́l denominative, intransitive

protracted journey
[past: ‫کړل‬

‫]اوړه يې‬

‫ اوږدبريتي‬ugdbritaj
mustachioed, mustached
‫ اوږدغوږی‬ugdvág
̣ 1 lop-eared, having lop-ears

1 to

grind, mill 2 to pulverize, break in pieces; grind to powder


‫ اوږده لار نه ده‬The road is not all that
protracted, prolonged ‫ اوږد سفر کول‬to accomplish a

ugḍ 1 lengthy, long

oṛə́ m. uṛə́ plural 1 flour ‫ پاسته اوړه‬، ‫ د اوړو گل‬coarsegrained flour, coarse flour ‫ د اوړو کولو ماشين‬flour-milling

2 m. abusive

dolt, lop-eared fool, ass


‫ اوړه بېخي سرکه سوه‬The dough has
‫ تنور يې پر بام جوړ کړئ دئ‬،‫اوړه په کور کښي نه لري‬

̣ laj m. 1 length

‫د غربي ساحل په اوږدوالي کښي‬

̣ li

machine; milling equipment

along the western shore 2 prolongation, extension (e.g., of a

turned sour.

treaty); dragging out (e.g., of talks) idiom

‫ غوښتل‬To wish someone a long life.
‫ اوږدول‬ugdavə
́ l denominative, intransitive

proverb They don't even have flour in the house, but still they're

‫ اوړه او اوبه کول‬a to pound, abrade, grind b to boil until soft ‫اوړه‬
‫ کېدل‬compound verb  ‫ اوړېدل‬1 ‫ اوړه او اوبه کېدل‬a to be

installing a stove. 2 powder

‫اوړه کول‬

compound verb 

We're even. What is there to thank me for?

oṛəvālā́ m. flour

merchant, flour dealer

óṛaj m. 1 summer

‫د اوړي ځای‬


óṛi summer place, vacation

‫ اوږده مېږيانه‬ugdá
̣ megjạ̄́ na f. cayenne pepper
‫ اوږدېدل‬ugdedə
́ l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]اوږد شو‬

place 2 summer harvest

‫ اوړي‬2 ávṛi present tense of ‫اوښتل‬
‫ اوړي‬3 ávṛi plural from ‫ اوړه‬2
‫ اوړېدل‬1 oṛedə́l intransitive [past: ‫]اوړه شول‬

1 to be ground, be

a treaty); be dragged out (of a talk, etc.) 3 to be conducted, be
laid, be applied 4 to be stretched, be pulled out 5 to reach or


occupy some space


avṛedə́l intransitive 


‫شپه واوړېده اوښتل‬

avṛedúnkaj 1 present participle of

‫ اوږری‬ugráj
̣ m. entrails, offal
‫ اوږم‬ogṃ m. obsolete moon
‫ اوږمۍ‬ogmə
̣ ́ j f. ugmə́j moon; moonlight
‫ اوږه‬ogạ́ f. Eastern ugạ́ shoulder ‫ اوږه پر اوږه‬،‫اوږه په اوږه‬
shoulder to shoulder; side by side ‫ منگی پر اوږه‬with a pitcher on
the shoulder ‫ اوږه ښورول‬to shrug the shoulders ‫توپک پر اوږه تکيه‬
‫ کول‬to shoulder a rifle ‫ زما پر اوږه تکيه ووهه‬Lean on me. ‫اوږې يې‬
‫ سره ارتي دي‬He is broad-shouldered. idiom ‫ د چا اوږه سپکول‬to
help, be a help to somebody ‫ په ښه زوی سره د پلار اوږه سپکه وي‬A
good son is help to a father ‫ اوږه کښل‬a to get rid of something
b to shun, reject, avoid something ‫ اوږه کښېکښل‬to strive, bend
the back ‫ اوږه ځني خالي کول‬to rid oneself of something ‫و کار ته‬
‫ و کار ته اوږه ورکول‬،‫ اوږه لگول‬to undertake the work ‫و دې کارته مي‬
‫ اوږه نه لگېږي‬This matter is beyond my powers. ‫و چا اوږه ورکول‬

It is past

‫ اوړېدل‬2




1 to be

lengthened 2 to be continued, be prolonged; be extended (e.g.,

milled 2 to be pulverized, be broken into pieces, be ground into


1 to

‫ لاس ور اوږدول‬،‫ لاس در اوږدول‬،‫ لاس را اوږدول‬،‫ لاس اوږدول‬a to
stretch out the hand b to encroach upon ‫زمونږ و خواته يې لاس اوږد‬
‫ کړ‬They encroached upon our country. ‫دومره پښې اوږدوه چه څومره‬
‫ دي بړستن وي‬Cut one's coat according to the cloth. idiom ‫ږيره‬
‫ اوږدول‬to grow a beard
‫ اوږده‬1 ugdá
̣ f. singular from ‫اوږد‬
‫ اوږده‬ugdə
̣ ́ m. plural from ‫اوږد‬
‫ اوږده‬3 ugdə
̣ ́ m. plural length ‫ د سرحد په اوږدو کښي‬along the

‫ سبق مي داسي اوړه او اوبه شو‬I
learned the lesson by heart. ‫ ميده ميده اوړه کول‬a to grind, mill
finely b to hem and haw idiom ‫ منت يې څه؟‬، ‫ اوړه په اوړه‬saying


‫]اوږد يې‬

lengthen 2 to extend; prolong (as in to extend a treaty); drag out

soft c to have learned by rote


[past: ‫کړ‬

(talks) 3 to lead, conduct, lay 4 to extend, stretch out, pull out

crushed, be pounded, be transformed into powder b to be boiled

‫ اوړه‬2 ávṛa f. instrument, device, tool
‫ اوړه خرڅوونکی‬oṛə́khartsavúnkaj m. ‫اوړه والا‬

‫و چا ته د عمر اوږدوالی‬


uz m. goat


oz 1 m. negligible quantity, insignificant sum 2 several,


‫ اوزار‬avzā́ r m. Eastern weapon, arm ‫ پڅ اوزار‬blunt weapon ‫تېز‬
‫ اوزار‬sharp weapon  ‫افزار‬
‫ اوزان‬avzā́ n m. Arabic plural from ‫وزن‬
‫ اوزبک‬uzbák m.  ‫ازبک‬
‫ اوزبکي‬uzbakí  ‫ ازبکي‬1
‫ اوزگار‬uzgā́ r dialect  ‫وزگار‬
‫ اوزگړی‬uzgə́ṛaj m. ‫ اوزگوړی‬uzgúṛaj m.  ‫ازگړی‬
‫ اوزون‬ozón m. chemistry ozone
‫ اوزه‬uzá f. she-goat  ‫وزه‬
‫ اوزي‬1 ózaj m. forearm
‫ اوزي‬2 úzi Eastern  ‫وزي‬
‫ اوژغوني‬uzhúni f. plural goat's wool
‫ اوژۍ‬ozhə́j f. oilcake

to help someone, lend assistance to someone; support someone

‫و کارته اوږه نيول‬

to strive tenaciously

‫ پر اوږه اخيستل‬to take
‫د چا پر اوږه‬

something upon oneself, undertake something

‫ د چا پر اوږه درېدل‬،‫ ولاړېدل‬to help, give assistance, support
‫ پر اوږه گرزول‬a to bear on one's shoulders b figurative
to make much of ‫ د چا سره اوږه په اوږه کېدل‬to help one another,



Pashto-English Dictionary

support one another

‫د چا د اوږو بار کېدل‬

‫ اوسمهالول‬osmahālawə́l compound verb update, to update
‫ اوسن‬osə́n  ‫اوسنی‬
‫ اوسنگو‬usangú quick, fast; high-speed
‫ اوسنی‬osanáj present, contemporary, existing
‫ اوسول‬osavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې اوساوه‬to settle someone,

to live at someone's

expense; be a burden to someone.

‫ اوږه‬2 úgạ f. garlic  ‫هوږه‬
‫ اوږه پک‬ogapák
military Shoulder Arms! (as a command)
‫ اوږه ور‬ogavár
‫ اوږی‬1 ogáj̣ m. oka (a unit of weight equal to about 14 kgs.)
‫ اوږی‬2 ógaj̣ Eastern  ‫ وږی‬2
‫ اوږۍ‬3 ogə̣ ́ j f. ugə̣ ́ j necklace (of silver and gold coins)
‫ اوس‬os us 1 at once, now, at the present time ‫ اوس اوس‬a just
now, now; not long ago b recently, lately ‫ اوس دستي‬now, just
now ‫ اوس نو‬just now ‫ اوس به نو ځو‬They just now left. ،‫تر اوسه‬
‫ تر اوسه پوري‬up to now, until this time, so far ‫ تر اوس لا ښه‬better
than before ‫ ځښت اوس‬just now ‫ سر له اوسه‬a just now b hence
forward, in the future ‫ هم دا اوس‬right now, at the present time ‫د‬
‫ اوسه څخه لا‬،‫ لا له اوسه‬just now ‫ لا تر اوسه‬still ‫کار د اوس نه شروع‬
‫ کړه‬Get on with the matter immediately. 2 attributive at the

lodge someone


ósa 


ósa imperative perfective and imperfective of


Rejoice! !‫ خوښ اوسه! همېش بېدار اوسه‬Be forever vigilant!
‫ اوسی‬1 osáj m. male gazelle, Gasella subgutterosa
‫ اوسي‬2 ósi present tense of ‫اوسېدل‬
‫ اوسې‬3 óse second person singular present tense of ‫جوړ ! اوسېدل‬
‫ اوسې‬Be healthy! !‫ روغ اوسې‬Be healthy! !‫ ژوندی اوسې‬Live
long! !‫ تل کاميابه اوسې! په خير اوسې‬I wish you success!
‫ اوسۍ‬4 osə́j f. female gazelle, Gasella subgutterosa
‫ اوسئ‬5 ósəj second person plural present tense of ‫اوسئ! اوسېدل‬
‫ خبر‬May reknown come to you! !‫ هر کله اوسئ‬I wish you long

present time

‫ اوسا‬osā́  ‫هوسا‬
‫ اوسار‬avsā́ r m. bridle assembly (of a harness)
‫ اوسارول‬avsāravə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]اوسار يې کړ‬






osecháj m. knucklebone (piece in a game, the bone of an


‫ اوسېدل‬osed intransitive [present: ‫ اوسي‬past: ‫ واوسېده‬present:
‫ ]اوسېږي‬to live, reside; abide; settle, take up one's residence; be,
be located ‫ دی ټول عمر په کابل کښي اوسېدلئ دئ‬He has lived in
Kabul all of his life. idiom ‫ دئ بايد د … څخه با خبره اوسي‬He
should know that … ‫ په خوی به د هغوسې‬،‫ چه اوسې‬proverb You

to bridle 2 to subjugate; subordinate

‫ اوساکا‬osākā́ f. Osaka (city)
‫ اوسان‬avsā́ n m. 1 feeling 2 presence of mind, self-control,
bravery idiom ‫ اوسان تللی‬reckless
‫ اوسپنتوږی‬ospəntógaj̣ m. file
‫ اوسپنتوکی‬uspəntúkaj m. roofing iron
‫ اوسپنخړی‬ospənkhə́ṛaj m. slag; cinder
‫ اوسپنکښ‬uspənkáḳh m. magnet
‫ اوسپنمزی‬uspənmə́zaj m. iron wire
‫ اوسپنه‬óspə́na f. uspə́na iron ‫ اومه اوسپنه‬iron ore ‫د اوسپني تختې‬
sheet iron ‫ ترخه اوسپنه‬obsolete pig-iron (low quality) ‫خوږه‬
‫ اوسپنه‬high-quality iron ‫ هومره به اوږده نه شي‬،‫اوسپنه چه توده نه شي‬
proverb strike while the iron is hot ‫ د اوسپني لار‬railroad ‫دا د‬
‫ اوسپني نينې چيچل دي‬saying It's a very difficult matter.
‫ اوسپنيز‬ospəníz adjective iron
‫ اوستا‬avastā́ f. avesta
‫ اوستری‬ustráj Western 1 last; terminal; final, conclusive ‫اوستری‬
‫ خبرونه‬ustrí the latest news 2 m. end ‫د خط په اوستری کښي يې‬
… ‫ ليکلي و چه‬at the end of the letter he wrote that … idiom
‫ اوسترۍ خور‬the 6th month of the lunar year
‫ اوستريا‬avstrijā́ f.  ‫ا ٓستريا‬
‫ اوستريائي‬avstrijāí  ‫ا ٓستريائي‬
‫ اوستکار‬ustakā́ r m.  ‫استاد‬
‫ اوستکاري‬ustakārí f.  ‫استادي‬
‫ اوسط‬avsát Arabic 1 middle, average ‫ اوسط رقم‬،‫ اوسط راز‬of
average (middling) size ‫ په اوسط صورت‬،‫ په اوسط ډول‬on the

learn from your companions.


osedə́na f. ‫ اوسېده‬osedə́ m. plural life; residence,
domicile; sojourn ‫ د اوسېدو ځای‬place of residence; residence


osedúnkaj 1 present participle from



‫ اوسېلجن‬avseldzhə́n 1 sighing 2 m. a whiner
‫ اوسېلل‬avselə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]ده واوسېلل‬1 to sigh

2 m.

2 to grieve,

be distressed 3 to whine, complain in a tiresome way

‫ اوسېلنه‬avselə́na f. 1 deep breathing, sigh 2 grieving 3 whining
‫ اوسېلی‬avseláj m.  ‫اسوېلی‬
‫ اوش‬osh whoa (or similar command to halt an ass)
‫ اوشا‬ushā́ command to urge on a camel
‫ اوشنل‬ushnə́l transitive ‫[ اوشنل‬past: ‫ ]و يې اوشنه‬to unwind;
untwist; dismiss; untwine

‫ اوشي‬úshi Eastern  ‫وشي‬
‫ اوشين‬avshín m. order
‫ اوښ‬1 uḳh m. camel ‫ پنځه اوښان‬، ‫ پنځه اوښه‬five camels ‫د اوښانو‬
‫ غاړي چا نيولي دي؟‬saying literal Who dares seize a camel by the
neck? figurative Do not enter into combat with the strong. ‫اوښ‬
‫ د غرغره ونه لوېدئ‬،‫ د باره ولوېدئ‬Western proverb literal The
camel cries out in complaint before the load is on his back. He

average 2 intermediate

‫ اوښ په غلبېل نه درنېږي‬saying
‫اوښ ته يې ويل بازۍ وکه! ده‬

is old but his former habits remain.

‫ اوسط طلبي‬avsattalabí f. moderation
‫ اوسلو‬osló f. Oslo (city)

A sieve will not burden a camel.

‫جړنگان خراب کړه‬

saying literal Tell a camel: "Play a bit!" He'll

Pashto-English Dictionary

tear up a melon field. figurative Tell a fool to pray to God and
he'll bang up his forehead.

‫ بياځني ځه‬،‫اوښ تړه‬

saying literal Tie

up a camel, and get out of the way. figurative Be careful.

‫تر پله لاندي نه شي پټېدای‬

refusal, repudiation of something idiom
with the passage of time


‫ اوښتونکی‬avuḳhtúnkaj 1 present participle of ‫ اوښتل‬2 changeable
‫ اوښته رااوښته‬avuḳhtə́-rāavuḳhtə́ m. plural 1 change 2

proverb literal You can't hide a camel

under a bridge. figurative Murder will out.

‫ نو‬،‫که اوښان کوې‬

wrongness, falseness

‫ ورونه دنگه کښېرده‬saying If you keep camels, build tall gates.
‫ گوره چه اوښ په کوم اړخ څملي‬saying literal Observe what side

‫ اوښ غويی‬uḳhghvajáj m. [plural: ‫ اوښ غوائي‬uḳhghvāji] giraffe
‫ اوښکه‬uḳhka f. tear ‫ او ښکي تويوونکی غاز‬tear gas ‫ او ښکي کول‬to
lachrymate (of the eyes) ‫ هغه اوښکو کښي موسکۍ شوه‬Eastern
She smiled through her tears. ‫ سترگو ته او ښکي راغلې‬Tears

the camel kicks on. figurative Keep a sharp eye out and you'll

‫اوښ تې ويل دا غاړه دي ولي کږه ده؟ ده ويل کوم ځای مي سم‬
‫دئ؟ اوښ تې ويل دا غاړه دي ولي کږه ده؟ ده ويل کوم ځای مي بيا سم دئ؟‬


welled up in the eyes.

‫ اوښکېجن‬uḳhkedzhə́n tearful, lachrymose
‫ اوښکينی‬uḳhkináj m. rancorous person
‫ اوښلن‬uḳhlə́n teary; lachrymal; full of tears (eyes)
‫ اوښ مرغه‬uḳhmərghə́ m. 1 yellow griffon (vulture) 2 ostrich
‫ اوښمرغی‬uḳhmərghaj m. ‫ اوښملغی‬ushmə́lgháj m. botany

saying They asked the camel, "Why do you have a crooked
neck?" He answered, "And what do I have that is straight?

‫اوښ په شا سپو وخوړم‬


saying literal I sat upon a camel, but the

dogs bit me. figurative I brought disgrace upon myself.

‫ اوښ‬2 uḳh interjection oh, ah
‫ اوښاره‬uḳhā́ ra f. zoology praying mantis
‫ اوښبانه‬1 ushbānə́ plural from ‫اوښبون‬
‫ اوښبانه‬2 uḳhbānə́ plural from ‫اوښبه‬
‫ اوښبنه‬uḳhbaná feminine of ‫اوښبون‬
‫ اوښبني‬1 uḳhbaní f. camel herder (as an occupation)
‫ اوښبنې‬2 uḳhbané plural from ‫اوښبنه‬
‫ اوښبون‬uḳhbun m. ‫ اوښبه‬uḳhba m. [plural: ‫ اوښبانه‬uḳhnanə́]

haloxylon (small tree or bush native to Central Asian desert

‫ اوښ والا‬uḳhvālā́ m. nomad who owns a camel
‫ اوښه‬1 úḳha f. female camel
‫ اوښه‬2 óḳha f. Eastern tear ‫اوښي ويني گډي وډي تويول‬

uḳhbətób m.

an occupation)

‫اوښبه والی‬


past: ‫ ]واوړېده‬Eastern

1 to overturn; turn; wallow (in mud) 2 to cross (a mountain);

‫ د خپل حال څخه اوښتل‬to change
one's situation, undergo change ‫ موسمونه واوښته را واووښته‬The
seasons of the year have come and gone. ‫ شيې او ورځي اوښتې‬days
and nights have passed; time has gone by ‫د ده بڼه پر بله اوښتې ده‬
switch; change into something; shift (to another situation)
the weather has shifted

His appearance has altered. 4 to abandon something; reject
something; diverge from something, deviate from something


to reeducate oneself; break bad habits 5 to be inflicted

‫درانه تاوانونه او تلفات ورواښتل‬

They have inflicted heavy

losses. 6 to exceed 7 to turn (of a road) 8 to bump into, run
into (someone) 9 to be translated ‫پښتو اوښتل‬
into the Pashto language 10 to flood (water)

‫ځایه واوښتې‬

ávḳhaj m. [plural: ‫ اوښي‬ávḳhi plural: ‫ اوښيان‬ávshijā́ n] 1

‫ اوښي‬2 oḳhí m. plural mane (of a horse)
‫ اوښي‬3 uḳhi plural of ‫ اوښه‬1
‫ اوښي‬4 óshẹ plural of ‫ اوښه‬2
‫ اوښېمه‬uḳhemá f. female camel in heat
‫ اوښېنې‬oḳhené ‫ اوښېنې سترگي‬eyes filled with tears
‫ اوصاف‬avsā́ f m. Arabic plural of ‫وصف‬
‫ اوضاع‬avzā́ ' 1 m. plural of ‫ وضع‬2 f. position, situation; status
‫ داخلي اوضاع‬the internal situation ‫ سياسي اوضاع‬the political
situation ‫ اوضاع ډېره خرابه معلومېږي‬the situation is catastrophic
‫ اجتماعي اوضاع‬social relationships
‫ اوطاق‬otā́ ḳ m. room; premises; chamber ‫ د پهرې اوطاق‬guardroom
‫ اوطراق‬otrā́ ḳ m. bivouac, halt
‫ اوعيه‬av'ijá m. Arabic 1 plural of ‫ وعا‬2 anatomy vessel ‫د وينو‬
‫ اوعيه‬blood vessels
‫ اوغز‬ughz m. [plural: ‫ اوغزان‬ughzan] dialect walnut
‫ اوغم‬ughə́m m. pride; honor ‫ اوغم کول‬to honor, do honor, render

ushbəvā́ laj m. camel driver (as

climb over (a fence); cross, get across something 3 to change,

‫_ بد خويه‬


wife's brother, brother-in-law 2 sister's husband

‫ اوښت‬ávuḳht past stem of ‫اوښتل‬
‫ اوښتل‬avuḳhtə́l [present: ‫ اوړي‬past: ‫واوښت‬


to weep

bloody tears

camel driver, camel herder

‫اوښبه توب‬

‫د زماني په اوښتو سره‬

‫ په‬to be translated
‫په پسرلي اوبه له دې‬




avḳā́ t m. Arabic 1 plural of


In spring this place is flooded with water. 11 to be

dislocated 12 to be circulated (capital)


‫چه غواړې نو پرې واوړې‬

saying Here is that which you have striven for.

‫عادي اوقات‬


2 times, moments,

the usual circumstances

avḳā́ t m. Arabic 1 plural of

‫ قوت‬2

2 produce, victuals,



avuḳhtə́na f. ‫ اوښته‬avuḳhtə́ m. plural 1 turning, turn,
shift 2 wallowing (in the mud) 3 crossing (a mountain);


avḳā́ f m. Arabic 1 plural of


2 waqf, wakf

(ecclesiastical property; an Islamic endowment of property to be

climbing over (a fence); passing over (anything) 4 shifting;

held in trust and used for a charitable or religious purpose)

changing into something; a transfer over to another situation 5

‫اوقافو مديريت‬


the management or direction of one or more waqfs

Pashto-English Dictionary


oḳjānús m. ocean

‫اوقيانوس کبير‬


okjānús-i the Pacific

to be

placed on end, be made to stand erect

‫ اوکا‬okā́ f. the Oka (river)
‫ اوکراين‬،‫ اوکرائن‬ukrāín ukrājín m.
‫ اوکرائني‬ukrāiní ‫ اوکراينی‬ukrāináj

the Ukraine
1 Ukrainian

Ukrainian language 2 Ukrainian (person)

‫اوکرائنۍ ژبه‬


[plural: ‫ اولادونه‬avlādúna]

progency; children, descendants, offspring ‫ اولادونه‬،‫اولاد راوړل‬
‫ راوړل‬to produce progeny
‫ اولاده‬avlādá f. 1 progeny 2 descent
‫ اولان اودې‬ulān-udé f. Ulan-Ude (city)
‫ اولانباتور‬ulān-bā́ tór m. Ulan-Bator (city)
‫ اولجه‬1 uldzhá f.  ‫الجه‬
‫ اولجه‬2 uldzhá intricate, complex ‫ اولجه کول‬to tangle, embroil;
complicate ‫ اولجه کېدل‬to be tangled, be embroiled; become


‫ اوقيانوسيه‬oḳjānosijá f. Oceania (island)
‫ اوقيه‬uḳijá f. Arabic ounce
‫ اوک‬uk 1 protruding 2 on end, erect, upright ‫اوک کېدل‬

avlā́ d m. Arabic plural from



‫ اوکلۍ‬ukalə́j f. wooden mortar
‫ اوکه‬1 úka feminine singular of ‫ اوک‬1
‫ اوکه‬2 auká conjunction  ‫ که‬3 3
‫ اوکه‬3 úka dialect  ‫وکړه‬
‫ اوکيناوا‬okināvā́ f. ‫ د اوکيناوا جزيره‬Okinawa (island)
‫ اوگار‬avgā́ r 1 m. sufferer 2 suffering; experiencing, going
through ‫ مور او پلارخورا ور سره اوگار دي‬Her parents have gone

‫ اولس‬ulə́s m.  ‫ولس‬
‫ اولسواله‬uləsvā́ la f.  ‫ولسواله‬
‫ اولسي‬uləsí  ‫ولسي‬
‫ اولل‬olə́l transitive dialect  ‫ولل‬
‫ اولمپيک‬olimpík  ‫المپيک‬
‫ اولنی‬avlanáj avalanáj 1.1 previous, former, late

‫ اوگد‬ugd Eastern  ‫اوږد‬
‫ اوگرائي‬ugrājí f. Eastern 1

‫ اولو‬1 avlú m. oló f. singular & plural syrup
‫ اولو‬2 ulə́v m. horse (of a courier)
‫ اولو‬3 ulú Arabic possessing, having
‫ اولوالامر‬ululāmr m. Arabic plural commanders; chiefs; the

through a lot on her account.

plural ancestors

receipt of the cost of goods in

installment payments 2 payment, dues; share


‫ اوگره کول‬to cook groats
‫ اوگره په تلوار نه سړېږي‬saying One must wait ‫اوگره د احمد‬
‫ ويل يې نصيب مي نه وه‬،‫ څخه تو سوه‬proverb to blame one's failures
ugrá f. ográ f. groats; thin gruel



‫ اولوالعزمي‬ulula'zmí Arabic resolution, resoluteness
‫ اولوس‬ulús m.  ‫ولس‬
‫ اولوسي‬ulusí  ‫ولسي‬
‫ اولوی‬1 avlávaj 1 fried, roasted, grilled 2 figurative

on fate

‫ اوگړائي‬ugṛājí f.  ‫اوگرائي‬
‫ اوگړه‬ugṛá f.  ‫اوگره‬
‫ اوگنده‬ugándā f. ‫ اوگنډه‬ugánḍā f. Uganda
‫ اوگوټ‬avgóṭ m. regional steamship ‫ بحري اوگوټ‬seagoing
steamship  ‫اگبوټ‬
‫ اوگه‬1 ogá Eastern  ‫اوږه‬
‫ اوگه‬2 úga f. Eastern  ‫هوږه‬
‫ اوگی‬1 ogáj m.  ‫ اوږی‬1
‫ اوگۍ‬2 ugə́j f. kind of tree
‫ اوگۍ‬3 ogə́j f. Ogaj (city, northwest Pakistan)
‫ اول‬avvál Arabic 1.1 first ‫ اول لمبر‬a first number; first place b
paramount c excellent (appraisal) ‫ اول رئيس‬chairman ‫په اول ژمي‬
‫ کښي قندهار ته ولاړ‬He went to Kandahar at the beginning of the

with suffering

lambs of the same age and development

‫ اوله‬2 avvála feminine singular of ‫اول‬
‫ اوليا‬avlijā́ m. Arabic plural 1 from ‫ ولي‬2

‫ اوليانووسک‬uljā́ novsk m. Ulyanovsk (city)
‫ اوليت‬avvaliját m. Arabic superiority; priority, advantage ‫د اوليت‬
‫ حق لرل‬to have a prior right or advantage ‫ د اوليت مقام نيول‬to
occupy first place

‫ د پسرلي په اوائلو کښي‬at the beginning of
‫ له اوله قسمت مي خراب و‬I had no luck from the beginning.
… ‫ که چيري يې له اوله داسي کړي وای نو‬If he had done it that way
at once, then … 3.1 first, in the beginning, first off ‫اول هغه‬
‫ ماسره ښه سلوک کاوه‬Eastern He treated me well from the very

‫ اوليگارشي‬oligārshí f. oligarchy
‫ اولين‬avvalín the first, the very first
‫ اوم‬1 um om ‫ اومه‬uma f. ‫ اومه‬umə́ m. plural ‫ اومې‬umé f.
plural 1 raw, not fully cooked ‫ اوم غوندي‬a bit raw 2 unripe,
green 3 unfinished, partly processed ‫ اومه خښته‬raw brick,
adobe ‫ اومه مواد‬،‫ اومه شيان‬raw material 4 undressed (of hide,
pelt) ‫ اوم پوست‬undressed hide ‫ اومه څرمن‬raw leather 5 not
well-adjusted; downcast 6 immature, inexperienced idiom ‫تر‬
‫ اومه مځکه لاندي زيار کښل‬to work underground (of miners)
‫ اوم‬2 uvə́m ovə́m  ‫اووم‬

avail] beginning

beginning. 3.2 in the first place 3.3 formerly, earlier 3.4

‫ څراغ خو ئې اول مړ کړئ و‬He has already put the candle
‫ د روانېدو نه اول‬before leaving,

out. 3.5 before, earlier, until
before departure

ً ‫اولا‬

2 holy men 3

parents and guardians of children 4 leader, manager, person in



worn out

‫ اولوي‬2 ulaví courier's; pertaining to a courier
‫ اوله‬1 ol m. [plural: ‫ اولان‬olan] flock of nursing ewes all with

winter. 1.2 beginning; elementary 1.3 former 2 m. [plural:


1.2 initial,

elementary, early 1.3 first, primary 1.4 ancient 2 m. avlaní

avválán Arabic first of all; to begin with; before all else

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ اوهام‬avhā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫وهم‬
‫ اوهامي‬avhāmí 1 vacillating, doubting 2 doubtful
‫ اوه ډزی‬ovəḍázaj m. seven-shot rifle
‫ اوه کلن‬ovəkalán seven-year ‫ اوه کلن پلان‬Seven-Year Plan
‫ اوه کۍ‬uvakə́j f. ‫ اوه نۍ‬uvənə́j f. week
‫ اوه ورځنی‬ovəvradzánaj weekly
‫ اوي‬1 oví singular & plural 1 comb, fleshy crest (of a bird)

umā́ n botany ephedra (a genus of jointed, nearly leafless

desert shrubs)

‫ اومتوکپاڼه‬ūmtūkpā́ ṇa f. computer science datasheet
‫ اومتوکپاڼې ليد‬ūmtūkpāṇe computer science líd datasheet view
‫ اومته‬umatá f. snow mixed with rain, sleet
‫ اومړی‬umə́ṛaj woven of raw silk ‫ اومړی کول‬to make raw-silk

mane (of a horse)

‫ اوم سوی‬umsə́vaj burnt (of food) ‫ اوم سوی کول‬to let food burn ‫اوم‬
‫ سوی کېدل‬to burn
‫ اومغړی‬umghə́ṛaj  ‫اومړی‬
‫ اومغلن‬umghalán semi-raw, not completely cooked
‫ اموالی‬umvā́ laj m. 1 state of being half or partly cooked 2

‫ا ٓوي‬

not being in proper adjustment 5 immaturity, inexperience

‫ اومه‬1 umə́ m.  ‫اومان‬
‫ اومه‬2 umə́ m. plural  ‫ اوم‬1
‫ اومه‬3 umá f. singular from ‫ اوم‬1
‫ اومه‬4 ovə́ma f. numeral singular from ‫ اوم‬2
‫ اومه خوله‬umá-khulá immature, inexperienced (of a person)
‫ اومېد‬uméd m.  ‫امېد‬
‫ اومېدوار‬umedvā́ r  ‫امېدوار‬
‫ اومېدواره‬umedvā́ ra f.  ‫امېدواره‬
‫ اومېدواري‬1 umedvārí f.  ‫ امېدواري‬1
‫ اومېدواري‬2 umedvāri plural of ‫اومېدواره‬
‫ اونتاريو‬ontārijó f. ‫ د اونتاريو غدير‬Lake Ontario
‫ اونس‬auns m. ounce
‫ اونگ‬aváng m. mortar
‫ اونه‬úna f. dialect  ‫ونه‬
‫ اونی‬1 unáj m. onáj idle talker, windbag
‫ اونۍ‬2 uvanə́j f. ovanə́j week
‫ اونې‬3 úne plural of ‫اونه‬
‫ اونېگا‬onegā́ f. ‫ د اونېگا غدير‬Lake Onega
‫ اوڼس‬auṇs m.  ‫اونس‬
‫ اوڼی‬uṇáj m. diaper
‫ اوورکوټ‬ovarkóṭ m. regional overcoat, greatcoat
‫ اووښتل‬avuḳhtə́l intransitive  ‫اوښتل‬
‫ اوول‬ovə́l transitive dialect  ‫اودل‬
‫ اووم‬ovvúm uvvə́m ordinal seventh
‫ اوونۍ‬uvənə́j f. week
‫ اووه‬ovvə́ uvə́ numeral  ‫ اوه‬2 astronomy ‫ اووه ستوري‬asterism
consisting of seven stars history ‫ اووه کشوره‬the Seven Nations



aví irrigational; pertaining to flushing or watering

[past: ‫کړ‬

‫]اوېزاند يې‬

avezāndedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]اوېزاند شو‬
to hang, be suspended

‫ اوېښته‬uvḳhtá f. juniper
‫ اوينه‬ujnə́ m. ojnə́ singular & plural termite (insect)
‫ او يې‬úji present tense of ‫ اودل‬1
‫ ا ٓه‬āh 1 m. sigh ‫ ساړه ا ٓهونه‬heavy sighs ‫ ا ٓه کښل‬،‫اهونه ايستل‬

a to

sigh b to gasp 2 interjection ah


ahā́ particle 1 oh but … aha 2 interjection my

‫ خوند کوي‬My, but this is tasty!
‫ ا ٓهار‬āhā́ r m. 1 starch ‫کاليو ته آهار ورکول‬

‫اها څه ښه‬

to starch linen 2 textiles

to size


āhā́ ṛ m. 1 intense heat, heat 2 regional hottest month of the


‫ ا ٓهاک‬āhā́ k m.  ‫ا ٓهک‬
‫ اهالي‬ahālí m. Arabic plural from ‫ اهل‬1
‫ اهتمام‬ihtimā́ m m. Arabic 1 zeal, diligence 2 concern, attention
‫ اهتمام کول‬a to try b to take care of, concern oneself about
‫ اهتمام ورکول‬to give attention to 3 editing
‫ اهدا‬ihdā́ f. Arabic 1 dedication (of a book) 2 gift, presentation
‫ اهداد‬ihdā́ d m. Arabic punishment ‫ اهداد ورکول‬to punish, chastise
‫ اهداف‬ahdāf m. Arabic plural from ‫هدف‬
‫ اهدانامه‬ihdānāmá f. law settlement, deed
‫ اهرام‬ahrā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫هرم‬
‫ اهړ‬aháṛ m.  ‫اهاړ‬
‫ ا ٓهستگي‬āhistagí f. 1 slugishness 2 mildness
‫ ا ٓهسته‬āhistá 1 slow; quiet ‫ ا ٓهسته کول‬to delay, detain, stop 2

‫ اوي‬1

ová f. 1 cut place, chipped place 2 blister; pimple

‫ اوه دېرش‬thirty-seven ‫ اوه نيم‬seven

slowly, quietly

and a half



to hang, suspend

Rome, and Syria-Sham)

uvə ovə́ numeral seven



of the East (China, Turkestan, Hindustan, Turania, Iran, Eastovví 


 ‫ا ٓبي‬
‫ اوی‬3 uj m. promise, word (of honor)
‫ اويا‬1 avjā́ numeral seventy
‫ اويا‬2 au jā́  ‫ او‬1
‫ ا ٓويانه‬āvijā́ ná f.  ‫ا ٓبيانه‬
‫ اوېجه‬avédzha f. country, locality, territory
‫ اوېړ‬avéṛ m. medicine inhalation
‫ ا ٓوېز‬āvéz combining form ‫ دست ا ٓوېز‬document
‫ اوېزان‬avezā́ n ‫ اوېزاند‬avezā́ nd hanging
‫ اوېزاندول‬avezāndavə́l denominative, transitive

unripeness, greeness 3 state of being unprocessed 4 state of

‫ اوه‬1
‫ اوه‬2


‫ ا ٓهسته گي‬āhistagí f.  ‫ا ٓهستگي‬
‫ ا ٓهک‬āhák m. plural lime

oh interjection oh

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ آهکي‬āhakí attributive lime
‫ اهل‬ahl Arabic 1 m. [plural: ‫ اهالي‬ahālí] people, population ‫د‬
‫ نورو دينو اهل‬heterodox people 2.1 predicative, attributive

‫ا ٓهوری‬

‫ اهل ايمان‬ahl-i-imā́ n m. plural a believer
‫ اهل حديث‬ahl-i-hadís m. plural Waqqabites, Mujtadhids (Muslim
sectarian religious teachers)

‫ اهل سنت‬ahl-i-sunnát m. plural Sunnites
‫ اهل قلم‬ahl-i-halám m. plural writers
‫ اهل کار‬ahl-i-kā́ r m. plural office workers, employees, workers
‫ اهل کسبه‬ahl-i-kasabá m. plural craftsman
‫ اهل وعيال‬ahl-u-'ajā́ l m. plural goods and chattel, the entire


‫ اهليت نامه‬ahlijatnāmá f. driver's license
‫ اهم‬ahám Arabic more important, most important ‫تر ټولو لمړۍ او‬
‫ اهمه وظيفه‬the foremost and most important task
‫ اهمال‬ihmā́ l m. Arabic negligence, carelessness
‫ اهميت‬ahammiját m. Arabic significance; importance ‫د اهميت وړ‬
significant, important ‫ خورا ډېر اهميت لرل‬to have great
significance ‫ له اهميت څخه لوېدل‬to lose its significance ‫اهميت‬
‫ ميندل‬to take on significance, be important ‫ ډېر اهميت ورکول‬to
give great significance ‫ خورا اهميت ورکول‬to give great
significance to ‫ هيڅ اهميت نه ورکول‬not to attribute the slightest
significance to

‫ آهن‬āhín m. āhán singular & plural iron
‫ آهن باب‬āhinbā́ b m. plural iron; article made of iron
‫ آهن چادر‬āhán-i-chādár m. sheet iron, roofing iron
‫ آهن ربا‬āhinrubā́ f. magnet
‫ آهن کوب‬āhinkób m. hammer
‫ آهنگ‬āháng m. 1 melody, musical theme, tune 2 sounding,
sound ‫ ا ٓهنگ کول‬to sound 3 tone, intonation idiom ‫په نه ا ٓهنگ‬
‫ آهنگ‬willy-nilly
‫ ا ٓهنگ دار‬āhangdā́ r melodic, tuneful
‫ آهنگر‬āhingár m. ‫ ا ٓهن گر‬āhingár smith, blacksmith ‫سل ټکي د‬
‫ يو د ا ٓهنگر برابر دئ‬،‫ سل ټکي د زرگر‬،‫ يو د ا ٓهنگر‬،‫ زرگر‬proverb One

introduce a specific point into the agendā


etó possessive pronoun second singular Afridi familiar 1

your 2 thy (all gender and number forms)

‫ ايتوسو‬etóso possessive pronoun plural Afridi polite your
‫ ايټالوي‬iṭālaví  ‫ايتالوي‬
‫ ايټالي‬íṭāli f. ‫ ايټاليه‬iṭālijá f. Italy
‫ ايټم‬1 étəm m. atom
‫ ا ٓيټم‬2 ājtám m.  ‫ا ٓيتم‬
‫ ايثار‬isā́ r m. Arabic 1 donation 2 generosity
‫ ايجاب‬idzhā́ b m. Arabic [plural: ‫ ايجابونه‬idzhā́ buna Arabic
plural: ‫ ايجابات‬idzhā́ bat] 1 need, necessity 2 requirement ‫د‬
‫ وخت د ايجابو سره سم‬depending on the requirements of the

hundred blows of the jeweler's hammer are equal to one of the

‫ آهنگري‬āhingarí f. blacksmith's work ‫ د ا ٓهنگرۍ دکان‬smithy, forge
‫ آهنه‬āhiná f. mirror
‫ ا ٓهني‬āhiní adjective iron idiom ‫ دی په ځان ا ٓهني ضبط لري‬He has

moment 3 trade commission, order


idzhabāvə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫کړ‬

‫]ايجاب يې‬

1 to call for, stipulate 2 to demand, require (e.g., expenditures)

excellent self-control.

āhori mustard oil 2

colza, cole-seed

worthy 2.2 able 2.3 knowing something; trained to do

‫ ا ٓهو‬āhu m. 1 antelope 2 wild goat 3 poetic gazelle
‫ آهواز‬āhvā́ z m. Ahvaz (city)
‫ ا ٓهوچشم‬āhucháshm having the eyes of a gazelle
‫ اهورامزده‬ahurāmazdá m. Ormuzd (Zoroastrian diety)

‫د ا ٓهوري تېل‬

‫ اهوړ‬ahúṛ m. century; epoch
‫ آهين‬āhín m.  ‫ا ٓهن‬
‫ ا ٓهينگر‬āhingár m.  ‫ا ٓهنگر‬
‫ اهينه‬āhiná f. mirror
‫ ای‬1 aj eh interjection hey, oh !‫ ای زويه‬Sonny! My Son! ‫ای‬
!‫ احمده‬Hey, Ahmed!
‫ ای‬2 aj demonstrative pronoun dialect this, these
‫ ا ٓيا‬ājā́ particle really, indeed ‫ آيا دا خبره رښتياده؟‬Is this really true?
‫ ا ٓيا څه به راته ووائي؟‬Really! What is this that they are telling me?
‫ ا ٓيا څه به وي؟‬Will something really happen?
‫ ا ٓيات‬ājā́ t m. Arabic plural from ‫ا ٓيت‬
‫ اياز‬ajā́ z m. proper name Ajaz
‫ ايالت‬ijālát m. Arabic district; province; state
‫ ايالتي‬ijalatí adjective district
‫ ايام‬ajā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫ يوم‬2
‫ اېبره کیلي‬aebrá kilí f. product key
‫ ايبک‬ajbák m. singular & plural ‫ای بک‬
‫ اېبونيت‬ebonít m. plural ebonite, ebony
‫ ايت‬aját m. Arabic [plural: ‫ ا ٓيات‬āját] Koranic verse
‫ ايتالوي‬itālaví 1 adjective Italian 2 m. Italian (person)
‫ ايتاليا‬itālijā́ f. Italy
‫ ايتام‬ajtā́ m m. Arabic plural from ‫يتيم‬
‫ اېترنېټ‬ajitarneṭ m. ethernet
‫ ائتکال‬i'tikā́ l m. Arabic geology washing, erosion
‫ ايتلاف‬itilā́ f m. ‫ ائتلاف‬i'tilaf m. Arabic coalition, bloc
‫ ائتلافي‬i'tilāfí adjective coalition, coalitional
‫ ا ٓيتم‬ājtám m. point, item ‫ د يو جلا ا ٓيتم په حيث په اجنده کښي نيول‬to

something 2.4 fit, suitable

‫ اهلي‬ahlí Arabic domestic, domesticated, tame
‫ اهليت‬ahliját m. Arabic 1 professional qualification, speciality

āhoráj m. 1 mustard

‫ ايجابي‬idzhābí Arabic required, necessary
‫ ايجاد‬idzhā́ d m. Arabic 1 creation, foundation; organization
invention 3 act of forming, act of organizing ‫ايجاد کول‬



compound verb a to create, found, organize b to invent c to


Pashto-English Dictionary

form, design

‫ايجاد کېدل ايجاد ميندل‬

‫ ډېري ايرې په سر اچول‬to sprinkle the head
with ashes; grieve deeply ‫ پر ايرو کښېنستل‬،‫ له خاورو څخه ولاړېدل‬to
make an error in calculation, miscalculate ‫ سره ايرې کول‬to
embroil someone with someone else ‫ ايرې په خوله کېدل‬to fail to
be awarded something, be passed over ‫ مخ نه يې ايرې وچڼېدې‬He
avoid someone c idiom

compound verb a to be

created, be founded, be organized b to be invented c to be
formed, be designed

‫ ايجادکاري‬idzhādkarí f. creativity, creative work
‫ ايجړا‬idzhṛā́ m. ‫ ايجړاگی‬idzhṛāgáj m. ‫ ايجړی‬idzhṛáj

m. 1 eunuch

grew pale.

2 pederast


édzhánṭ m. 1 agent

‫پولټيکل ايجنت‬

‫ ايرۍ‬1 irə́j f. idle talk ‫ ايرۍ وهل‬to prate, talk nonsense
‫ ايرې‬2 iré plural of ‫ايره‬
‫ ايريان‬irijā́ n m. Irian
‫ ايريل‬érijál m. antenna
‫ ايرېوان‬erevā́ n m. Erevan (city)
‫ ايړ‬iṛ m. obsolete fleet
‫ ايړاب‬iṛā́ b m. kind of bitter shrub
‫ ايز‬íz ‫ ايزه‬íza adjectival suffix place after vowels: ‫څلور فقره ايز‬

political agent 2


‫ ايجنټي‬edzhanṭí f. ‫ ايجنسي‬édzhensí f. agency
‫ اېجنې‬edzháne doublet word to ‫پېژنې‬
‫ اېجين‬edzhíjən Aegean ‫ د اېجين بحيره‬the Aegean Sea
‫ ايخودل‬ikhodə́l transitive dialect  ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايخول‬ikhavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې ايخاوه‬to compel a camel to
lie down

‫ ايداد‬idā́ d m.  ‫اهداد‬
‫ ايديال‬idjā́ l m. ideal
‫ ايديالي‬idjālí adjective ideal
‫ اېډميرال‬eḍmirā́ l m. admiral
‫ آيډيا‬ajḍijā́ f. idea
‫ اېډي کانگ‬eḍikā́ ng m. regional aide-de-camp
‫ ايذا‬izā́ f. Arabic 1 damage, loss 2 anxiety, trouble ‫ايذا رسول‬

consisting of four points

‫ ايزتۍ‬izatə́j f. proper name Izati
‫ ايزوتوپ‬izotóp m. isotope
‫ ايزومېر‬izomér chemistry isomer
‫ اېږ‬eg ̣ m.  ‫هيږ‬
‫ ايږد‬igḍ present stem of ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايږدي‬ígdị present tense of ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايسار‬isā́ r  ‫حصار‬
‫ ايسارتيا‬isārtjā́ f. delay; stop
‫ ايسارول‬isāravə́l denominative, transitive


to inflict damage; harm b to trouble, disturb

‫ اير‬1 ajr m.  ‫آئرلېند‬
‫ اير‬2 ir obtained; received
‫ اير‬3 er  ‫ هېر‬1
‫ ايراد‬irā́ d m. Arabic 1 pronunciation, articulation (e.g., of

[past: ‫کړ‬

‫]ايسار يې‬


delay, stop 2 to besiege, blockade 3 figurative to place in a
difficult position 4 to limit, restrict, put restraint upon


isaredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]ايسار شو‬1 to
be delayed, be detained, be stopped 2 to wait ‫ دلې ايسار شه‬wait

speech); proclamation (statement, declaration, etc.) 2 mention

3 production of proofs 4 objection; cavil ‫کوم ايراد پر نشي نيول‬
‫ کېدای‬It's impossible to find fault with him.
‫ ايرادول‬irādavə́l [past: ‫ ]ايراد يې کړ‬to pronounce, articulate (e.g.,
speech); proclaim (a statement, etc.) ‫ يو نطق يې ايراد کړ‬He made

here 3 to be beseiged, be blockaded 4 figurative to find
oneself in a difficult situation 5 to be limited, be constrained

‫ ايست‬ist imperfective of ‫ايستل‬
‫ ايستاده‬istādá  ‫ا ٓب ايستاده‬
‫ ايستگا‬istgā́ m. & f. ‫ ايستگاه‬istgā́ h m. [plural: ‫استگاهونه‬
istgāhúna f. plural: ‫ استگاوي‬istgā́ vi] stand, stop ‫دبېړيو ايستگا‬

a speech.

‫ ايران‬irā́ n m. Iran
‫ ايراني‬irāní irānáj 1 Iranian 2 m. Iranian (person)
‫ ايراوادي‬irāvādí f. the Irawaddy River
‫ ايرب‬irə́b curved, crooked ‫ ايربه ليکه‬curved line
‫ ايرړی‬erṛáj m.  ‫ ارړی‬1
‫ ايرکوتسک‬irkútsk m. Irkustsk (city)
‫ ا ٓيرلېند‬ājrlénd m. ‫ ا ٓئرلېند‬Ireland
‫ ايرم‬irə́m m. coral
‫ ايرن‬irə́n ash grey
‫ ايروپز‬iropáz 1 base 2 cowardly
‫ آېروديناميک‬āerodināmík m. aerodynamics
‫ ا ٓېروديناميکي‬āerodināmikí aerodynamic
‫ آېروستات‬āerostā́ t m. balloon
‫ ايره‬irá f. ‫ ايرې‬iré usually plural ash, ashes ‫ ايرې کول‬reduce to
ashes, incinerate ‫ ايرې کېدل‬a to be burnt up, to smoulder, be
reduced to ashes b figurative to burn with shame ‫ ايرې ورکول‬a



istə́l Western 1 transitive [present: ‫ باسي‬past:

‫]و يې ايست‬
‫توره له‬

.1 to throw out, discard; chuck out 1.2 extract, take out

‫تېکي څخه ايستل‬

to unsheathe a saber 1.3 to take off (a shoe,

article of clothing)


‫پڼې ايستل‬

to take off someone's shoes


to undress 1.4 to rake out (e.g., ashes) 1.5 to extract,

‫ سکاره ايستل‬to mine coal, extract coal 1.6 to exclude;
dismiss ‫ له … څخه چا نوم ايستل‬to leave someone's name off …,


to exclude someone from … 1.7 to turn out, issue (production,
money, etc.)

‫نوټونه ايستل‬

to issue paper money

‫اخبار ايستل‬


publish a newspaper 1.8 to start, put into operation 1.9 to let
out (air from a tire, balloon) 1.10 to expell, evict; turn out;

‫څوک په تاخت له کوره ايستل‬

to put out of the house 1.11

to invent; think up, devise 1.12 to unharness


to strew with ashes b to deprive of something, figurative to


‫آس له بگۍ څخه‬

Unharness the horse! 1.13 to show, extend something

Pashto-English Dictionary


(for inspection) 1.14 to tear out, pull out 1.15 to extract (e.g.,
a tooth) 1.16 chemistry & physiology to isolate, secrete 1.17
to remove, get rid of, liquidate

‫له منځه ايستل‬

excitation; agitation; fit, paroxysm

‫ ايشند‬ishə́nd 1 boiling 2 figurative aroused, excited, agitated
‫ ايشول‬ishavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې ايشول‬1 to boil 2 to bring to

to remove, get rid

of, liquidate 1.18 to withdraw (e.g., troops from a country);
evacuate 1.19 to send out, put in front (i.e., a detachment)

fermentation 3 figurative to arouse, excite, agitate

‫ ايشولئ‬ishavə́ləj boiled ‫ ايشولي شيدې‬ishavə́li boiled milk ‫ايشولي‬
‫ هگۍ‬soft-boiled egg
‫ ايشي‬ishí present of ‫ايشېدل‬
‫ اېشيا‬eshjā́ f.  ‫ ا ٓسيا‬2
‫ اېشېدل‬ishedə́l eshedə́l intransitive [present: ‫ ايشېږي‬past: ‫وايشېده‬
present: ‫ ]ايشي‬1 to boil; boil up 2 to ferment; be in a state of

1.20 to build (a road); dig (a canal) 1.21 to transfer (to another

place) 1.22 to export 1.23 to drain (water) 1.24 to express
(i.e., gratitude) 1.25 to emit (a sound) 1.26 to come upon, get
on (the trail of) 2 m. plural 
silkworm breeding, sericulture

‫د ورېښمو ايستل ايستنه‬


istə́na f. 1 throwing away, rejection, chucking out 2
extracting, taking out 3 taking off (shoes, clothing) 4 raking
out (i.e., ashes) 5 extracting, obtaining, mining

fermentation 3 figurative to be aroused, be excited, be agitated;

‫د سکرو ايستنه‬

be irritated, be annoyed


issuing (production, money, etc.) 8 starting, putting into
operation 9 dispatch; eviction 10 banishment 11 invention;
thinking up, conceiving 12 tearing out, extraction 13 removal,

‫ ايشيک ا ٓغاسي‬ishikāghāsí m. history master of ceremonies
‫ اېښل‬eḳhə́l iḳhə́l transitive dialect  ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايښو‬iḳhov imperfective of ‫ايښوول‬
‫ ايښود‬iḳhod imperfective of ‫ايښوول‬
‫ ايښودل‬iḳhodə́l transitive Eastern eshodə́l [present: ‫ ږدي‬Western
‫ ايږدي‬past: ‫ ]کښي يې ښود‬1 to put, place; stand, install; locate ‫چو‬
‫ کئ هلته کښېږده‬Place the chair there. ‫ و مرغانو ته دام ايښودل‬to
place a net on birds ‫ يوې خوا ته ايښودل‬to put aside, move aside,
move out of the way 2 to put in ‫ هنداره ايښودل‬to install a

secretion 15 elimination, removal, liquidation 16 withdrawal
(i.e., of troops) 17 forward emplacement (of a detachment) 18
building, laying (a road); digging (a canal) 19 export 20



estoní 1 Estonian

‫ ايسته‬1
‫ ايسته‬2

istə́ m. plural  ‫ايستنه‬
ísta at the side (of something)

Estonian (person)


estonijā́ f. 

‫ايسته کول‬

‫ايستوني ژبه‬

to flare up 4 to seethe

arousal, excitation; irritation

extraction (of a tooth) 14 chemistry & physiology isolation,

‫د لغتو ايستنه‬

‫پرله اېشېدل‬

ishedə́ləj 1 past participle of ‫ ايشېدل‬2 boiled ‫ايشېدلي اوبه‬
ishedə́li boiled water, boiling water (for tea)
‫ ايشېدنه‬ishedə́na f. 1 boiling 2 fermentation 3 figurative

mining of coal 6 exclusion; elimination, leaving out 7 output,

draining, drainage (of water) idiom

ishnā́ eshnā́ f. 1 boiling 2 fermentation 3 figurative

Estonian language 2


windowpane 3 to plant (i.e., trees) 4 to put aside (for a

‫را ايسته‬

reserve) 5 to create, develop 6 to lay or place upon someone

over here, on this

a to remove; eliminate b to draw back (i.e.,

(i.e., responsibility) 7 to invest (capital) 8 to pay in (money) 9

curtain); clear (dishes away, etc.) c to get rid of, eliminate (a
defect) d to satisfy (requirements, etc.)

‫ايسته ېدل‬

to lay, build (i.e., a road)


to move off,

go away, withdraw

iḳhodə́na f. 1 establishment, putting, placing,
arrangement; location 2 planting (i.e., trees) 3 setting aside

!‫ايسته شه‬

(for a reserve) 4 investment (capital) 5 laying, building (i.e., a

‫ خلق سره ايسته شول‬the people stepped aside
‫ د دې ځایه ايسته‬Get away from
here! Get out of here! idiom ‫ په ايسته له دې‬From here on, in
future … ‫ کالو را په ايسته‬٢٣ ‫ له‬It's been twenty-three years
Be off! Get away! !‫شه‬


‫ ايښوده‬1 iḳhodə́ iḳhodá imperfective of ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايښوده‬2 iḳhodə́ m. plural  ‫ايښودنه‬
‫ ايښول‬iḳhavə́l ‫ ايښوول‬ishovə́l transitive dialect  ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايښوونه‬ishọvə́na f.  ‫ايښودنه‬
‫ ايښئ‬iḳhaj past participle of ‫ايښودل‬
‫ ايصال‬isā́ l m. 1 joining, conjunction; contiguity 2 assistance (i.e.,

already …

‫ آيس لېند‬ājslend m. Iceland
‫ آيس لېندي‬ājslendí 1 Icelandic ‫ا ٓيس لېندي ژبه‬

the Icelandic

language 2 Icelander (person)

‫ ايسند‬isə́nd fitting, suitable, proper
‫ ايسول‬esavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې ايساوه‬adorn, beautify
‫ ايسې‬1 íse  ‫ ايسته‬2
‫ ايسي‬2 íse present of ‫ايسېدل‬
‫ ايسېدل‬isedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وايسېده‬to seem to be, appear to
be, present itself as ‫ ضرور ايسي‬to be, seem to be, appear to be
necessary ‫ ښه ايسېدل‬to please; present a pleasing appearance ‫بد‬
‫ ايسېدل‬not to please; be unpleasant
‫ ايشله‬ishála f. dance performed by females
‫ اېشلې‬eshə́le f. pancake

in attaining a goal) 3 progress (in some matter)

ً‫ ايضا‬ájzán Arabic also, as well
‫ ايضاح‬izā́ izā́ h f. Arabic m. [plural: ‫ ايضاحات‬izahā́ t]
explanation, elucidation, illustration ‫ ايضاح کول‬to explain,
elucidate, illustrate

‫ ايطالوي‬itālaví 1 Italian 2 m. Italian (person)
‫ ايطاليا‬itālijā́ f. Italy
‫ ايغ‬1 egh pronoun Afridi  ‫ هغه‬1
‫ ايغ‬2 egh protruding, sticking out

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ ايغ سترگی‬estə́rgaj 1 jolly 2 smart, quick, spritely
‫ ايغ نېغ‬eghnégh 1 stiff with cold 2 stiff 3 figurative

‫ ايلي‬3 ilí f. liquid mud
‫ ايلېدل‬eledə́l denominative, intransitive



‫ اېغو‬eghó pronoun Afridi  ‫هغو‬
‫ اېغوی‬eghúj pronoun Afridi  ‫هغوی‬
‫ اېغه‬égha feminine of ‫ اېغ‬2
‫ ايفا‬ifā́ f. Arabic 1 execution (i.e., of an obligation); fulfillment


eledə́na f. ‫ اېلېدنه‬eledə́na m. plural 1 taming,
domesticating 2 conquering, conquest, subjugation,

‫ اېلېکترونيک‬elektroník m. electronics
‫ اېلېکترونيکي‬elektronikí electronic
‫ ايما‬imā́ f. Arabic sign, hint; nod
‫ ايماق‬ajmā́ ḳ 1 m. people, tribe 2 m.

(i.e., of a promise) 2 payment, clearing (i.e., of a debt)

‫ ايفاد‬ifā́ d m. Arabic sending, delegation
‫ ايقاظ‬iḳā́ z m. Arabic awakening
‫ اېکټر‬ektár m. regional actor
‫ اېکټريس‬éktrís f. regional actress
‫ اېکر‬ekr m. acre
‫ اېکسرې‬eksré f. ‫ اېکس رېز‬eksréz m. plural x-ray, x-rays ‫د‬
‫ اېکسرې ماشين‬x-ray apparatus ‫ د اېکسرې موسسه‬x-ray room
‫ اېکوادور‬ekvādór m. Equador
‫ ايکي‬1 ikí f. copper coin, copper, penny ‫ توري ايکۍ‬a trifle
‫ اېکي‬2 ekí only, sole
‫ اېکېډېمي‬ekéḍemi f. regional academy
‫ اېل‬1 el m. tribe, clan
‫ اېل‬2 el il 1 quiet; tame; domesticated (of animals) 2
submissive, obedient ‫ اېل کول‬ ‫ اېلول‬،‫ اېل کېدل‬ ‫اېلېدل‬
‫ آيل‬3 ājl m. plural 1 oil 2 petroleum
‫ اېلاپ‬elā́ p m. snake plant (a medicinal plant)
‫ ايلاق‬ilā́ ḳ m.  ‫ايلبند‬
‫ ايلاقي‬ilāḳí relating to summer pasture ‫ ايلاقي خونه‬a summer house
‫ اېلاني‬elāní f. submissiveness
‫ ايلبند‬ilbánd m. summer pasture, mountain medow
‫ ايلجاري‬ildzhārí iladzhārí  ‫ايله جاري‬
‫ ايلچي‬ilchí m. obsolete 1 ambassador 2 herald, messenger
‫ آيل سويچ‬ājlsvích m. technology oil switch
‫ ايلغار‬ilghā́ r m. ‫ ايلغر‬ilghár m. attack, raid
‫ اېل والی‬elvā́ laj m. submissiveness
‫ اېلول‬elavə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]اېل يې کړ‬1 to pacify; tame 2 to
ilá 1.1 free, discharged, released

‫ ايماقي‬ajmāḳí adjective Ajmak ‫ ايماقي پسه‬Ajmak sheep
‫ ايمان‬imā́ n m. Arabic 1 faith, belief; persuasion ‫ ثابت ايمان‬deep
conviction ‫ په ايمان راوړل‬،‫ ايمان راوړل‬to believe in something 2
conscience; conscientiousness, honesty, decency ‫ په ايمان ويل‬to
confess honestly


imāndā́ r 1 correct, true, devoted; reliable

devoted wife

!‫ايماندار شي‬

‫ايمانداره ښځه‬

May they have faith in thee! (a wish)

2 conscientious, honest, decent 3 convinced 4 devout, pious


imāndārí f. 1 faithfulness, devotion; reliability 2

sincerity; conscientiousness, honesty, probity

‫د ايماندارۍ کار کول‬

a to be faithful, be devoted b to be honest; be decent; be


‫ ايماني‬imāní pertaining to religion, religious
‫ اېمبولېنس‬embuléns m. regional ambulance; emergency medical

‫ اېمن‬emə́n quiet, peaceful; peace loving
‫ اېمن والی‬emənvā́ laj m. calm; peaceableness
‫ اېمنه‬emə́na 1 feminine singular of ‫ اېمن‬2 f. proper name Emina
‫ اېمو‬emó possessive pronoun Afridi my  ‫زما‬
‫ ايمه‬ajmá f. history estate, fief
‫ ايمه دار‬ajmadā́ r m. history owner of a fief, feudal landlord
‫ اېنټي يونيټ فرنټ‬énṭi-juniṭ franṭ m. regional history movement
opposing the creation of a single united province of West

‫ايله کول‬

release b to exude (i.e., gas) c to evacuate


a to free; discharge,

‫ايله کېدل‬

inch m. inch idiom

one's native land.

a to be

‫د خپل وطن هر اينچ خاوره‬

Every inch of

‫ اينځر‬indzə́r m.  ‫انځر‬
‫ اينداره‬indā́ ra f. 1 mirror 2 glass  ‫هنداره‬
‫ ايندتوب‬indətób m. ‫ ايندوالی‬indəvā́ laj m. reservation of an animal

freed, be discharged, be released b to be leaked out (i.e., gas) c

‫ ايله باج شوم زه ايله خلاص شوم‬I had a narrow escape. ‫ايله ايله رڼا وه‬
It is just beginning to dawn. 2.2 just, only ‫ ايله اوس‬only now
... ‫ ايله اوس خبر شوم چه‬I just now noticed that …
... ‫ مونږ به ايله ډوډۍ شروع کړې وه چه‬We had only just sat down to
to be evacuated 1.2 itinerant, wandering 2.1 hardly, barely

for productive or breeding purposes

‫ ا ٓئنده‬1 ājandá ‫ آينده‬1 future; approaching, coming 2 f. future ‫د‬
‫ ا ٓئنده دپاره‬at a future time; in the future ‫ په ا ٓئنده کښي‬in future ‫په‬
‫ نژدې ا ٓئنده کښي‬in the near future ‫ ا ٓئنده ته ځنډول‬to put off to the

eat when … 2.3 in all, in toto

‫ايله جاري‬

plural the Ajmaks (a

nationality) 3 m. Ajmak (tribesman)

conquer; subjugate, subordinate to


[past: ‫ ]ايهل شو‬1 to be

tamed 2 to be conquered, be subjugated, be subordinated


iladzhārí 1.1 voluntary; pertaining to military volunteers


ində́ m. [plural: ‫ ايندان‬indā́ n] agriculture sire, stud (ram,
bull, etc.) ‫ اينده کول‬to reserve for breeding ‫ اينده کېدل‬to be

1.2 partisan 2.1 m. volunteer; militia volunteer 2.2 a partisan

‫ ايله گردي‬ilagardí f. vagabondage, vagrancy
‫ ايلې‬1 ílé íli here, over here, this way
‫ ايلۍ‬2 ilə́j f.  ‫ هيلۍ‬1


reserved for breeding

Pashto-English Dictionary



‫ يوه اينده کول‬،‫ په يوه اينده چښل‬to drink
‫ په اينده وهل‬to drink a lot idiom ‫ځان يوه اينده‬


índa f. drink, gulp

off at one draught


bāb 1 predicate suitable; widespread; brought into use;

accepted 2 m. spreading, dissemination 3 combining form

‫ کول‬to dress up, dress smartly
‫ اينده‬4 indá f. colza, cole, rape
‫ اينکه‬ajnáka f. usually plural ‫ اينکي‬ajnáki glasses, spectacles
‫ اينکه پر سترگو ايښودل‬a to wear glasses b to put glasses on
‫ اينگه‬ingá engá f. inga (the female companion of a new bride

plurality, collectivity



‫خشک باب‬

bābā́ m. 1 vocative father

dried fruit

!‫بابا جانه‬

‫خوراکه باب‬


Father! 2 vocative

Grandfather! 3 grandfather 4 [plural: ‫ باباگان‬bābāgā́ n] ancestors

idiom ‫ د بابا غر‬Kokhibaba Range
‫ بابا‬2 bābā́ children's speech !‫ بابا يې که‬Beat him!
‫ باباجي‬bābādzhí m. grandfather
‫ بابازي‬bābāzí m. plural Babazi (a subdivision of the Momands)
‫ باب المندب‬bāb-al-mandáb m. ‫ د باب المندب ا ٓبنا‬Bab-el'-Mandeb

chosen from among her relatives, and who lives in the house of
her husband for some time after the wedding)

‫ اينه‬inā f. anatomy liver
‫ ايواځی‬evā́ dzaj ‫ ايوازی‬ivā́ zaj dialect  ‫يوازي‬
‫ ايوان‬1 ajvā́ n m. colloquial 1  ‫ حيوان‬2 child
‫ ايوان‬2 ajvā́ n m. hall, gallery
‫ ايوان عام‬ajvā́ n-i-'ām m. regional the House of Commons
‫ ايوب‬ajúb m. Arabic proper name 1 Ayub 2 proper name Job
‫ ايوب زي‬1 ajubzí m. plural the Ayubzi (tribe) 2 ajubzáj m.



bābāhí f. 1 fatherhood 2 figurative ironic good deed;


‫څه بابائي را باندي کوې چه ماته يې را کوې؟‬

Have you

decided to be my benefactor with this?


‫ د دې له بابته‬relative to this,
concerning this; in connection with this ‫ د چا په بابت کښي‬relative

Ayubzai (tribesman)

bābát m. Arabic question, problem

to, in relation to someone

‫ آيه‬ājá f. Arabic  ‫آيت‬
‫ اې هې‬ēhé interjection hey, look here, ahoy
‫ آئين‬āín m. 1 rite, ceremony; custom, procedure 2 law; legal
code; statute; regulations ‫ د ا ٓئين څخه بهر‬unlawful
‫ آئينه‬āiná f. mirror ‫ برقي آئينه‬signal mirror ‫ ا ٓئينې ته کتل‬to look in



āinakhāná f. room, chamber; small room usually in the

‫آئينه ساز‬

ainasā́ z m. mirror stand, mirror holder


‫د بابر باغ‬

the Garden of Babur (in Kabul)

bābuṛ m. 


‫بابر پادشاه‬


‫ بابر‬2

bābə́ṛ 1 m. plural Babyr (tribe) 2 Babyr (person) 3 proper
noun Babyr


bābə́k m. ‫ بابکو‬bābkó m. bābəkó m. vocative father, papa
(as a term of endearment)

the mirror

‫آئينه خانه‬

bābúr m. 1 lion 2 proper name Babur, Baber


‫ بابل‬bābúl m. Arabic history Babylon
‫ بابو‬1 bābó m. vocative father, papa
‫ بابو‬2 bābú m. 1 clerk; office worker, employee (from local
inhabitants, in India) ‫ د دفتر بابوگان‬office workers 2 gentlemen;

upper part of a dwelling





the abjad system

‫بسالت مند‬


official abbreviation



bi Arabic preposition or prefix used with Arabic words



especially, particularly


‫ بابو‬3 bābó f. older sister
‫ بابوزي‬1 bābuzí m. plural

be 1 the second letter of the Pashto alphabet 2 the number 2 in




bābavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
disseminate; bring into use



personally, in person


bā children's speech bah-bah (imitating sheep)


bā 


bā Farsi preposition or prefix indicating the presence of some


‫ ا‬،‫ب‬



well brought up

‫باختر آژانس‬

news agency Bakhtar


the agency Bakhtar


‫د باختر آژانس‬


to spread,

bābulā́ la f. wedding lament (a lamentation of the bride at the

form of address to an elderly woman)


bābedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]باب شو‬to be spread
around, be disseminated; be used; be accepted, be usual

‫ باادبه‬bāadaba well brought up
‫ باانصافه‬bāinsā́ fa honorable, honest; just
‫ بااهميت‬bāahamiját bāahammiját important, significant
‫ باب‬1 bāb m. Arabic [plural: ‫ بابونه‬bābúna Arabic plural: ‫ابواب‬

‫ بابېدنه‬bābedə́na f. ‫ بابېده‬babedə́ m. plural dissemination, spreading
‫ بابېړی‬bāberáj m. 1 recurrence, relapse (of a sickness) ‫تبي بابېړی پر‬
‫ وکئ‬He's sick again with a fever. 2 price increase ‫د انگورو بابېړی‬
‫ يې پر وکئ‬He raised the price of grapes. 3 addition to bride

abvā́ b] 1 door 2 number used when counting buildings, schools,
etc. 3 chapter, section (of a book) 4 question, problem, matter

‫دې باب کښي‬

‫]باب يې‬

wedding rite) idiom ‫ بابولالي ويل‬to speak nonsense
‫ بابونه‬1 bābúna m. plural of ‫ باب‬1
‫ بابونه‬2 bābavə́na f. spreading, dissemination; bringing into use
‫ بابي‬1 bābí 1 m. plural Babi (tribe) 2 bābáj m. Babi (person)
‫ بابۍ‬2 bābə́j f. 1 bride (brother's wife) 2 mother, auntie (familiar


quality or attribute

Babuzai (tribe) 2 bābuzáj Babuzaj

money, increase in the amount of bride amount (after bargaining)

relative to this; about this; for this reason

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بابېز‬bābéz
‫بابېز شول‬

1 unimportant, mediocre 2 vain, futile

‫ټول کوښښونه يې‬

‫ باجه‬1

all of his efforts were futiles 3 bad, base (of a person) 4

orchestra) idiom

‫ باجه‬2 bādzhá
‫ باچا‬bāchā́ m.

bad, nasty (of a word)

‫ بابېزوالی‬bābezvā́ laj m. low quality; mediocrity
‫ بابېزوکی‬bābezúkaj 1 bad (diminutive form) 2 thin, puny
‫ بابېزول‬bābezvə́l denominative, predicate [past: ‫]بابېز يې کړ‬

m. brother-in-law (wife's sister's husband)

[plural: ‫ باچهان‬bāchahā́ n] 1 king 2 title of a sayyid

or descendent of followers of the prophet

‫ باچاجي‬bāchādzhí m. vocative master, sayyid
‫ باچړ‬bācháṛ m.  ‫باجړ‬
‫ باچهه‬bācháha f. [plural: ‫ باچهاني‬bāchahā́ ni] 1 queen 2 queen bee
‫ باچهي‬bāchahí f. kingdom
‫ باحسه‬bāhíssa sympathethic; responsive
‫ باخبر‬bākhabár ‫ با خبره‬bākhabára informed, knowledgeable ‫باخبره‬
‫ باخبره محافل‬،‫ باخبره مجلسونه‬،‫ جرگې‬informed circles ‫له يو شي څخه‬
‫ له يو شي څخه باخبر اوسېدل‬،‫ باخبر کېدل‬to be informed, be

to spoil

something; break off some matter

‫ باتجربه‬bātadzhribá experienced; having experience, practice
‫ باتدبيره‬bātadbíra bright, sharp, quick (on the uptake)
‫ باتکليفه‬bātaklífa difficult, heavy, burdensome; full of grief,
deprivation ‫ باتکليفه کال‬a bad year, difficult year
‫ باتور‬1 bātúr bātór 1.1 mighty 1.2 heroic; brave; courageous

2 m.

.1 hero; brave man 2.2 proper name Batur

‫ باتور‬2 bātúr m. bātór pupil (of the eye)
‫ باتوره‬bāturá f. thorn-apple
‫ باتوري‬bāturí f. bātorí f. heroism; courage, bravery, daring ‫باتوري‬
‫ کول‬to show heroism; be courageous
‫ باتی‬1 bātáj m. large saucepan
‫ باتۍ‬2 bātə́j f. singular & plural 1 wick, fuse 2 medicine probe
‫ باتېری‬1 bāteráj m. quail
‫ باتېرۍ‬2 bāterə́j f. female quail
‫ باتينگړ‬bātingár m. 1 tomato 2 dialect asafetida (a gum resin)
‫ باټ‬bāṭ m. whetstone, hone ‫ باټ کول‬compound verb to sharpen (on

knowledgeable in something; to recognize, find out something


bākhtár m. history 1 Baktriya 2

the Bakhtar (news) agency


‫د باختر ا ٓژانس نشراتي موسسه‬

bākhtarí history 1 of or from Baktriya 2 person from

Baktriya idiom ‫ باختري ژبي‬Iranian languages
‫ با خښه‬bākhḳhə́ imperfect from ‫بخښل‬
‫ باخملۍ‬bākhmalə́j f.  ‫ بخملۍ‬1
‫ باخو‬bākhú f. fairy-tale witch
‫ باد‬1 bād m. 1 wind ‫ پاسنی باد‬wind from the mountains ‫د سهېل باد‬
south wind ‫ د قبلې باد‬west wind ‫ د قطب باد‬north wind ‫د نور خاته باد‬
east wind ‫ باد الوزي‬the wind is blowing ‫ سوړ باد را والوت‬a cold
wind blew ‫ باد وهلئ‬a beaten by the wind b having caught cold c
figurative gone insane 2 air (in a balloon, ball, etc.) ‫ باد ورکول‬to

a whetstone)

‫ باټاره‬bāṭā́ ra f. large hail
‫ باټر‬bāṭúr ‫ باټک‬bāṭə́k boastful
‫ باټلی‬bāṭláj m. diminutive pail ‫ د اوبو باټلی‬a pail of water
‫ باټو‬bāṭú m. braggart; haughty person, boastful person
‫ باټول‬bāṭavə́l m. 1 denominative [past: ‫ ]باټ يې کړ‬to sharpen (on a
whetstone) 2 [past: ‫ ]و يې باټاوه‬figurative to incite, arouse
‫ باټه‬bā́ ṭa f. usually plural ‫ باټي‬bāṭi boasting, bragging ،‫باټي کول‬
‫ باټي ويستل‬،‫ باټي وهل‬to boast, brag
‫ باټهرسټ‬bāṭhársṭ m. Baterst (a locality)
‫ باټېدل‬bāṭedə́l intransitive  ‫ باټه‬and ‫ باټي کول‬to brag, boast
‫ باټيگڼ‬bāṭigáṇ m. bāṭegáṇ m. [plural: ‫ باټيگڼ‬bāṭigə́ṇ plural:
bāṭegə́ṇ ‫ باټينگڼ‬bāṭingáṇ m. plural: ‫ باټينگڼ‬bāṭingə̣ ́ n] tomato
‫ باثروته‬bāsarváta wealthy, well-to-do
‫ باثمره‬bāsamára fruitful; sucessful
‫ باج‬bādzh m. history tribute, tax ‫ باج ورکول‬to pay tribute, pay tax
‫ باجدار‬bādzhdā́ r m.  ‫باجگير‬
‫ باجره‬bādzhrá f. kind of sorghum, Holcus spicatus
‫ باجړ‬bādzháṛ m. downpour
‫ باج گذار‬bādzhguzā́ r m. history one paying tribute or tax
‫ باجگير‬bādzhgír m. history collector of tribute
‫ باجنجاله‬bādzhandzhā́ la strained, tense; intensive ‫باجنجاله کال‬

inflate, pump up (a balloon, ball, etc.) 3 wind (intestinal), flatus 4

rheumatism (in the joints); arthritis

‫باد فرنگ‬

bā́ d-i a erysipelas b

St. Anthony's fire c syphilis 5 figurative breathing, blowing (of

‫ باد کول‬compound
‫ بادول‬idiom ‫ باد بند و‬oppressive hot weather remained ‫باد‬
‫ په توره وهل‬a to brag, boast b to make a show of bravery c to
pursue a useless task ‫ باد پيمانه کول‬to beat the air, mill the wind ‫دا‬
‫ د باد پيمانه ده‬this is a vain undertaking ‫ باد الوزول‬to babble
foolishness, speak nonsense ‫ باد سپکول‬to insult, humiliate, shame;
the wind) 6 figurative boastfulness, bragging

verb 

to degrade

‫ باد‬2 bād colloquial  ‫ څو عمر باد بعد‬after a while
‫ بادار‬bādā́ r m. master (in relation to a servant), sir (landed gentry)
‫ باداره‬bādā́ ra f. [plural: ‫ باداراني‬bādārā́ ni] mistress (in return to a
servant), ma'am


bādārí f. dominion



‫په چا باندي باداري کول‬

bādā́ m m. 1 almond tree

hard shell

‫کاغذي بادام‬

to hold sway over

‫ کلک بادام‬،‫سنگي بادام‬

almond with

almond with soft shell 2 kind of

embroidery 3 woman's adornment worn over the temples (in a

intensive year

‫ باجوړ‬bādzhavə́ṛ m.
‫ باجوړی‬bādzhavəṛáj

‫ باجه ږغول‬to play (of an
‫ د خولې باجه‬harmonica ‫ د گوتو باجه‬harmonium

bādzhá f. 1 brass band 2 music

form resembling an almond)

‫ بادامچه‬bādāmchá f. 1 wild almond
‫ بادامه‬bādāmá f. snowstorm

m. inhabitant of Badzhaur, Badzhaurian

2 

‫ بادام‬2, 3

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ بادمنگ‬bādmáng adjective fast
‫ بادنجان‬bādindzhā́ n m. eggplant
‫ بادوام‬bādavā́ m ‫ بادوامه‬badāvā́ ma firm, solid; lengthy, lasting ‫سکاره‬
‫ بادوامه اور لري‬coal burns a long time
‫ بادوان‬bādvā́ n m.  ‫بادبان‬
‫ بادور‬bādúr  ‫بهادر‬
‫ بادورانه‬bādurāná  ‫بهادرانه‬
‫ بادوري‬bādurí f.  ‫بهادري‬
‫ بادوړی‬bādvəṛaj 1 knocked down by the wind 2 m. fallen grain,

bādāmí 1 almond-like (of the eyes); oval 2 cream-colored;

brown; beige

‫ بادبان‬bādbā́ n m. 1 sail 2 lampshade
‫ بادباندار‬bādbāndā́ r ‫ بادباني‬bādbāní adjective


‫بادبانداره کښتۍ‬


‫ بادبرک‬bādbarák m. botany baby's breath
‫ بادبېزی‬bādbezáj m. 1 ventilator 2 fan
‫ بادپښ‬bādpə́ḳh m.  ‫ بادرو‬1
‫ بادپښی‬bādpəḳháj m. fast runner
‫ بادپکه‬bādpaká f.  ‫بادبېزی‬
‫ بادپوژن‬bādpuzhə́n haughty, arrogant
‫ بادپېزي‬bādpezí f. nonsense, foolishness, absurdity ‫بادپېزۍ کول‬

fallen fruit


to do

figurative spineless person; someone lacking character


bādavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]باد يې کړ‬1 to winnow
(grain) 2 to pour, spread (earth, etc.) 3 figurative to squander,

something stupid; behave thoughtlessly, act carelessly

‫ بادپيما‬bādpajmā́ swift as the wind ‫ بادپيما بېړۍ‬a fast ship
‫ بادجړۍ‬bāddzhaṛə́j f. 1 downpour 2 snowdrift
‫ بادخور‬bādkhór m. ‫ بادخورک‬bādkhorák m. kestrel, windhover (a

toss to the wind

‫ بادونه‬bādavə́na f. winnowing (grain)
‫ باده‬bādá f. wine
‫ بادهوا‬bādhavā́ f. snake (made of paper)
‫ بادي‬bādí 1.1 filled with air or gas; aerial 1.2 wind (powered) ‫بادي‬
‫ ژرنده‬windmill 1.3 pneumatic 1.4 figurative flighty, empty-

kind of falcon)


badkhorā́ f. 1 tuberculosis of the skin, lupus vulgaris 2

tumor 3 final stage of syphilis



bādə́r m. period of time corresponding approximately to

headed 1.5 figurative haughty (of a person) 2 m. .1 someone

‫ بادر‬bādúr  ‫بهادر‬
‫ بادرانه‬bādurāná  ‫بهادرانه‬
‫ بادرب‬bādráb m. snowdrift
‫ بادرنگ‬bādráng m. bādrə́ng

suffering from rheumatism 2.2 agriculture winnower (of grain)
2.3 swift camel




hinged pane for ventilation
bādró m. regional second month of monsoons (August-

‫بادي کېدل‬

a to be

to be agitated, be covered

with waves; to seethe, boil up

‫ باډاسکي‬bādā́ ski f. plural hide-and-seek (children's game)
‫ باډر‬bāḍár 1 m. regional borderline (of tribes); border, boundary

2 sayyid, lord, sir 3 queen bee

‫ بادشاهانه‬bādshāhāná 1 regal, royal 2 in a regal manner
‫ بادشاه زادۍ‬bādshāhzādə́j f. princess
‫ بادشاهي‬bādshāhí 1 regal, royal 2 f. kingdom, realm ‫بادشاهي لرل‬


relating to a tribal boundary

‫ باډسکي‬bāḍásḳi f. plural  ‫باډاسکي‬
‫ باډگول‬bāḍgól m. 1 reins 2 string; rope, cord
‫ باډنگ‬bāḍə́ng m. 1 cucumber 2 figurative blockhead, stupid

4 proper noun Badshah



‫ باډو‬bāḍú m. 1 blockhead, stupid person 2 coward
‫ باډول‬bāḍól m. teapot
‫ باډي‬bāḍí f. ‫ باډۍ‬bāḍə́j f. body (of a car); hull (of a ship)
‫ بار‬1 bār 1 m. .1 load, burden; pack ‫ بار تړل‬a to fasten a load,

hold sway

‫ بادغېز‬bādghéz m. airhole, vent (in a stove)
‫ بادغيسات‬bādghisā́ t m. plural Badghisat (a region)
‫ بادغيسي‬bādghisí adjective of or from Badghisat ‫بادغيسي وړۍ‬

secure a pack figurative b to succeed in something, obtain

Badghisat wool


to winnow (grain)

‫ باديان‬bādjā́ n m. star anise
‫ باديښ‬bādíḳh m. flue (in a stove)
‫ بادي گن‬bādigán m.  ‫بادهوا‬
‫ باډاسکه‬bāḍā́ ska f. wave ‫باډاسکي وهل‬

bādráv m. 1 opening in the wall (for ventilation) 2 small

‫ بادري‬bādurí f.  ‫بهادري‬
‫ بادشاه‬bādshā́ h m. 1 king, padishah

‫بادي کول‬

winnowed (of grain) b to suffer rheumatism

[plural: ‫ بادرنگ‬bādrə́ng plural: ‫بادرنگان‬
bādrangā́ n plural: bādrəngā́ n] cucumber


bādúkaj m. 1 breeze 2 figurative stupid person 3

bā‫۔‬d-i-farang m. 1 erysipelas 2 St. Anthony's fire 3


‫بار نه سي تړلای‬

He'll hardly succeed in this.

‫بار وړل‬

a to

transport a load, carry a load b m. plural transfer a load,


‫ بادقته‬bādiḳḳáta attentive
‫ بادکښ‬bādkáḳh m. 1 flue 2 ventilator
‫ بادکوبه‬bādkobá f. snowstorm
‫ بادکويه‬bādkujá f. snowdrift
‫ بادگوله‬bādgolá f. medicine colic
‫ بادماغه‬bādimāgha sensible, clever, quick-witted; thoughful

‫ د باروړلو گاډۍ‬a cart 1.2 figurative load;
‫ دروند بار بارول‬to load heavily ‫ د چا تر بار لاندي تلل‬to be
subservient, to subordinate oneself to someone 1.3 fruit ،‫بار کول‬
‫ بار راوړل‬to bear fruit ‫ بار نيول‬to set (development of fruit after
transport of a load


pollination) 2 predicate .1 loaded, laden 2.2 figurative


Pashto-English Dictionary

overwhelmed (with worries) idiom

‫بار ځني تړل‬

‫ باروبونه‬bārubuná f. travel gear; pack; baggage
‫ باروت‬bārút m. plural gunpowder idiom ‫بې باروتو ټکان کول‬

to receive benefit

from someone

‫ بار‬2 bār m. one time, once ‫ باربار‬often
‫ بار‬3 bār m. 1 field; plain 2 combining form ‫ هندوبار‬Hindustan
‫ باران‬bārā́ n m. rain ‫ نری باران‬، ‫ رنگی باران‬a fine and intermittent rain
‫ موړ باران‬، ‫ گڼ باران‬a heavy rain, a downpour ‫مصنوعي باران‬
agriculture irrigation by sprinkling ‫ ميده باران‬a light rain, a
shower ‫ نن د باران ورځ ده‬today is a rainy day ‫ باران اوري‬it's raining
‫ باران ودرېدئ‬Western it has stopped raining
‫ باران کوټ‬bārānkóṭ m.  ‫ بارانۍ‬2
‫ باران گی‬bārāngáj m. rain shower
‫ باراني‬1 bārāní adjective rainy; monsoon ‫ باراني هوا‬rainy weather
‫ بارانۍ‬2 bārānə́j f. umbrella; raincoat, mackintosh
‫ بارانۍ‬3 bārānə́j f. dry-farming land (i.e., without artificial irrigation)
‫ باربردار‬bārbardā́ r adjective freight, cargo; cartage
‫ باربرداري‬bārbardārí f. 1 transport, transfer of freight, cargo

useless venture; to act for no purpose

‫ باروتخانه‬bāruthkhāná f. powder store
‫ بارود‬bārúd m. plural  ‫باروت‬
‫ بارودسازي‬bārudsāzí f. manufacture of powder
‫ بار وړونکی‬bār vṛúnkaj adjective of a load; pack ‫بار وړونکی جهاز‬
cargo ship ‫ بار وړونکی بوده‬pack animal
‫ باروزي‬1 bārozí m. plural Barozái (tribe) 2 bārozáj m. Barozáj


‫]بار يې‬

1 to load,

bāravél transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې باراوه‬to stir up (against); to


same thing



bā́ ra f. 1 fortification; rampart 2 large dam 3 barrier,
bārá particle 1 and behold 2 even

he has come b Even he has come

2 double bag or

‫ بارچالاني‬bārchālāní f. shipping of cargo; dispatching
‫ بارڅاک‬bātsā́ k m. gusset (in a shirt)
‫ بارخو‬bārkhú m. cheek
‫ باردار‬bārdā́ r 1 of a load 2 fruit bearing 3 covered with fruit
‫ بارداره‬bārdā́ ra 1 feminine singular of ‫ باردار‬2 f. pregnant
‫ بارده‬bāridá Arabic plural ‫ بارده مناطق‬the Arctic
‫ بارز‬bāríz Arabic 1 apparent, obvious 2 successful (of a person)
‫ بارسلونا‬bārselonā́ f. Barcelona (city)
‫ بارک‬1 bārák m. proper name Barák (eponym of the Barakzái tribe)
‫ بارک‬2 bārák m. barracks; wooden barrack, hut
‫ بارک ﷲ‬bārakallá Arabic interjection bravo! well done!
‫ بارکزي‬bārakzí 1 m. plural Barakzái (tribe) m. 2 Barakzáj

a And behold

‫ بارياب‬bārjā́ b deserving of a reception or an audience
‫ باريابېدل‬bārjābedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]بارياب شو‬

to be

deserving of a reception or an audience


bāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بار شو‬1 to be
loaded up 2 to be packed, be wrapped 3 figurative to be
burdensome, be a burden for someone 4 to migrate


bāredə́na f. ‫ بارېده‬bāredə́ m. plural 1 loading; packing 2
wrapping up; packaging 3 migration


bārkásh m. scoop, bucket (of a lifting wheel)

bārík 1 thin; narrow 2 tender; soft 3 figurative delicate,

sensitive (of a question) 4 figurative penetrating

‫باريک کول‬

refine; make thinner, narrow b to soften, make tender idiom

bārkáḳh adjective 1.1 pack; cartage; draught 1.2 humble,

‫يوې خبري ته باريک کېدل‬

meek 2.1 rope for tying on a pack 2.2 beast of burden

‫بارکښي کول‬

‫باره راغئ‬

to say


a to

a to


to go carefully into something; investigate


‫باريک بين‬

work at carrying; transport cargo b to transfer, drag loads

‫ بارکه‬bāráka f. baráka (a kind of wool fabric)
‫ بارگاه‬bārgā́ h m. palace, mansion; royal tent
‫ بارنامه‬bārnāmá f. invoice, waybill ‫نقليه بارنامه‬
‫ بارنتس‬bārénts ‫ د بارنتس بحيره‬Barents Sea


‫ باره سنگها‬bārasinghā́ m. regional deer
‫ باري‬1 bārí m. Arabic God; divine being, deity
‫ باری‬2 bāráj m. crowbar
‫ باري‬3 bārí 1 draught (of cattle) 2 fruitful, fruitbearing (of a tree)
‫ باري‬4 bāri bāre modifies force of imperative 1 come on let's!; one
time, once ‫ باري ما پرېږده چه‬just let me 2 in a word, briefly, that is


bārkaḳhí f. carrying; transport of cargo


obstruction, obstacle

2 unmarried, single

‫ بارتنگ‬bārtáng m. botany plantain
‫ بارټري‬bārṭarí f. trade clearing (of accounts)
‫ بارجامه‬bārdzhāmá f. 1 duck (a kind of sailcloth)



bāravél denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬

‫ بارومتر‬bārométr m. barometer
‫ بارونه‬bāravéna f. 1 loading, packing 2 shipping, sending
‫ باره‬1 bārá f. ‫ په دې باره کښي‬in this respect ‫د يو شي په باره کښي‬
about, concerning something ‫ په همدغه باره کښي‬relative to the





to load b to pack

‫ باربېليز‬bārbelíz stray, ownerless (of cattle)
‫ باربېليزه‬bārbelíza 1 f. singular from ‫باربېليز‬


pack 2 to ship, send

collective 2 animal-drawn transport; draft animals

‫ باربند‬bārbánd m. enclosure, pen (for cattle)
‫ باربندي‬bārbandí f. 1 loading, loading up 2 packing ‫باربندي کول‬


to try to shoot with no gunpowder figurative to undertake a

bārikbín penetrating, shrewd, perspicacious; understanding

something to a fine degree


bill of lading

bārikí f. 1 fineness; narrowness 2 tenderness; softness 3

figurative sensitivity, delicacy 4 figurative acuteness,


‫باريکي کول‬

to be penetrating, show acuity

Pashto-English Dictionary


bāṛ m. volley, salvo; firing

‫باړ کول‬

to fire a volley

‫باړ چلول‬

‫ باسار‬bāsā́ r madman
‫ باستاني‬bāstāní ancient
‫ باسفورس‬bāsfoṛús m. the Bosphorus ‫د باسفورس ا ٓبنای‬


carry on firing

‫ باړخو‬bāṛkhú m. ‫ باړخه‬bāṛkhə́ m.  ‫بارخو‬
‫ باړک‬bāṛə́k m. botany saxaul (haloxylon)
‫ باړواک‬bāṛvā́ k careless, negligent
‫ باړه‬1 bāṛá f. rent; freight charge; payment (for passage,
accommodations, etc.) ‫ باړه خوړل‬،‫ باړه اخيستل‬to collect rent,
freightage, payment for something ‫ باړه ورکول‬to pay in rent,
freightage; to make payment ‫ په باړه اخيستل‬،‫ باړه کول‬compound
verb to rent, hire, charter ‫ په باړه ورکول‬to rent out
‫ باړه‬2 bā́ ṛa f. 1 temporary fence 2 enclosure (for cattle)
‫ باړه‬3 bāṛá f. the Bara (river) ‫ د باړې وريجي‬bara rice (a high-quality






in Central Asia) 2 adjective basmach

and writing

‫ باسوادي‬bāsavādí f. literacy
‫ باسه‬bāsá f.  ‫بايکړ‬
‫ باسي‬bāsí 1 not fresh, rotten 2 stale (of bread)
‫ باسيلي‬bāsilí bacillary
‫ باشرفه‬bāsharáfa 1 honest; noble 2 honored
‫ باشقر‬bāshḳír m. Bashkir
‫ باشقري‬bāshḳirí adjective Bashkir ‫ باشقري ژبه‬the Bashkir language
‫ باشکوه‬bāshukúh ‫ باشکوهه‬bāshukúha magnificent, luxurious
‫ باښ‬bāḳh m. steed with a white star on its forehead and white

bāṛáj m. 1 pay, reward for work; remuneration 2 bribe 3

food used for a cow or goat when milking
bāṛí m. servant, worker


‫باړي نيول‬

to hire a servant or worker

bāṛə́j f. 1 fence 2 front garden 3 garden plot 4 cultivated
earth 5 military parapet 6 society

‫ باړې مار‬bāṛemā́ r m. hired worker
‫ باز‬1 bāz m. [plural: ‫ بازان‬bāzā́ n plural: ‫بازونه‬

bāzúna] 1 kind of


‫ باښگۍ‬bāḳhagə́j f.  ‫باښه گۍ‬
‫ باښه‬bākhá f. kind of hawk (female)
‫ باښه گۍ‬bāḳhagə́j f. hawk moth, sphingid
‫ باښين‬bāḳhín m. kind of hawk (male)
‫ باصحته‬bāsihháta well, healthy
‫ باصره‬bāsirá f. Arabic sight ‫ د باصرې حس‬sight
‫ باضبطه‬bāzábta disciplined
‫ باطري‬bātrí f. bātarí  ‫بټري‬
‫ باطل‬bātíl Arabic 1 invalid, null, revoked 2 futile, vain, useless
‫ باطل کول‬ ‫ باطلول‬،‫ باطل کېدل‬ ‫باطلېدل‬
‫ باطلاق‬bātlā́ ḳ m. swamp; bog
‫ باطل نامه‬،‫ باطلنامه‬bātilnāmá f. letter about rescinding a warrant,

hawk (usually the female, Accipiter gentilis) 2 hunting bird 3

‫ د زينبي باز پر رېدي گل نه کښېني‬Zejnáb
‫ پر مونږ يې باز نه کښېني‬he doesn't
‫ خيالي بازونه يې په ښکار پرېښي وو‬he's given over to

proper name Baz idiom

doesn't want to marry Redáj Gúl.
love us


‫ باز‬2 bāz m. dialect bamboo
‫ بازار‬bāzā́ r m. 1 bazaar, marketplace ‫ بازار ته تلل‬to go to the
marketplace ‫ اوس د کشمشو بازار گرم )تود( دئ‬there's now a great
demand for raisins ‫ اوس د وړيو بازار سوړ دئ‬the demand now for
wool is bad 2 figurative area, sphere, arena


bāzārí 1 of the bazaar, market m. 2.1 tradesman at a

marketplace 2.2 town-dweller 2.3 commonplace person

‫ بازخواست‬bāzkhā́ st m. making accountable; punishment
‫ بازدار‬bāzdā́ r m. hunting falconer
‫ بازرسي‬bāzrasí f.  ‫وارسي‬
‫ بازل‬bāzə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بازه‬1 to lose (e.g., money)

bāsmachí m. 1 basmach (member of anti-Soviet movement

‫ باسمه‬bāsmá f. tightly-woven textile (used for curtains)
‫ باسنه‬bāsə́na f. 1 conclusion 2 extracting; an extract
‫ باسواد‬bāsavā́ d ‫ باسواده‬bāsavā́ da literate ‫ باسواد کول‬to teach reading



the Bosphorus

notification refusing an assignment

‫ باطلوالی‬bātilvā́ laj m. futility, vainness, needlessness
‫ باطلول‬bātilavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]باطل يې کړ‬

1 to

annul, revoke, declare invalid 2 to make futile, vain, useless

2 to


bātiledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]باطل شو‬1 to be
invalid, be revoked, lose force 2 to be useless, needless

squander, waste 3 theater to play (a role) 4 to give (a bribe)

‫ بازنه‬bāzə́na f. 1 loss (e.g., of money) 2 wastefulness, extravagance
‫ بازو‬bāzú m. 1 hand, arm 2 side (e.g., of a bed) 3 hinge (of a door)


bātín m. Arabic 1 interior, inside 2 figurative innermost

thoughts idiom ‫ باطن ړوند‬nearby, limited
‫ باطني‬bātiní Arabic 1 internal 2 figurative hidden; innermost
‫ باطومي‬bātúmi m. Batúmi (city)
‫ باعث‬bā'ís m. Arabic [plural: ‫ باعثونه‬bā'isúna Arabic plural: ‫بواعث‬
bavā'ís] reason, cause ‫ د يوشي په باعث‬because of something; due

4 military flank 5 small lever

‫ بازوبند‬bāzubánd m. bracelet (worn on the forearm)
‫ بازي‬bāzí f. 1 game ‫ د بازۍ اسباب‬toys ‫ د بازيو ميدان‬playground ‫بازي‬
‫ کول‬to play ‫ و چاته بازي کول‬to play with someone 2 deception
‫ بازي ورکول‬to deceive
‫ بازيچه‬bāzichá f. toy
‫ بازيگر‬bāzigár m. ‫ بازينگر‬bāzingár m. 1 player 2 conjurer 3
rogue; swindler regional idiom ‫ بازيگر کمتر‬tumbler pigeon
‫ باس‬1 bās m. latrine
‫ باس‬2 bās present verb stem from ‫ايستل‬

to something

‫ باعثتيا‬ba'istjā́ f. cause, (underlying) condition
‫ باعد‬bā'id Arabic distant
‫ باعظمته‬bā'azamáta majestic; magnificient; grand
‫ باعمله‬bā'amála energetic, active (of a person)

Pashto-English Dictionary


bāgh m. 1 garden

‫عمومي باغ‬

municipal garden

‫باغ بالا‬

‫ باکو‬2 bākú m. Baku (city)
‫ باکه ساری‬bākasāraj m. short-horned ram
‫ باکۍ‬bākə́j f. vomiting; vomit
‫ باکيفه‬bākájfa pleasant ‫ باکيفه ژوند‬a life full of pleasures
‫ باگاژ‬bāgā́ zh m. baggage
‫ باگډور‬bāgḍór m. reins
‫ باگره‬bāgə́ra f. ‫ باگو‬bāgó f. ‫ باگولۍ‬bāgolə́j f. ‫ باگوه‬bāgə́va


Bagibala (palace in Kabul) 2 kitchen garden, vegetable garden 3
Bagh (center of Tirach, region of the Aphridian tribes)

‫ باغ باړی‬bāghbā́ ṛaj ‫ باغ باغ‬bāghbā́ gh quite satisfied; beaming ‫باغ‬
‫ باړی کول‬to give great joy, make very happy ‫زړه يې باغ باړی کېږي‬
he's beaming from joy; he's very contented ‫زړه ضرور باغ باړی کېږي‬
the spirit rejoices unwittingly


bāghbā́ n m. 


witch; hag

‫ باگه‬bāga f. bragging, boasting ‫ باگه کول‬to brag, boast
‫ بالا‬bālā́ 1.1 above, from above; high up 1.2 higher 1.3

bāghchá f. 1 flower bed; flower garden 2 vegetable garden
bāghdā́ r m. 1 gardener 2 owner of a garden 3 market



bāghdārí f. gardening, horticulture



above, more than 2 upper, located in the upper part of something

‫باغداري کول‬

‫ بالاباد‬bālābā́ d m. southwest wind
‫ بالاپوښ‬bālāpóḳh m. topcoat, overcoat
‫ بالاجمال‬bilidzhmā́ l Arabic in short, concisely, in general outline
‫ بالاحصار‬bālāhisā́ r m. Balahisar (fortress in Kabul)
‫ بالاخانه‬bālākhāná f. 1 upper story of a house; superstructure 2

to practice

‫ باغلي‬bāghlí m. bāghulí m. plural beans of the field
‫ باغ والا‬bāghvālā́ m. gardener, horticulturist
‫ باغوان‬bāghvā́ n m. 1 gardener 2 market gardener
‫ باغواني‬bāghvāní f. 1 gardening, horticulture 2 market gardening
‫ باغواني کول‬a to practice gardening b to practice market gardening
‫ باغوټ‬bāghúṭ m. 1 medicine mumps 2 anatomy parotid gland
‫ باغولي‬bāghulí m. plural  ‫باغلي‬
‫ باغي‬1 bāghí 1 garden, horticultural 2 market-gardening
‫ باغي‬2 bāghí m. Arabic insurgent, striker; rebel _ ‫ کېدل‬to go on


‫ بالاخره‬bilākhirá Arabic finally, at last
‫ بالامرغاب‬bālāmurghā́ b m. Bala-Morghab, Bala-Murghab (town)
‫ بال بال‬bālbā́ l  ‫باغ باړی‬
‫ بال بچ دار‬،‫ بال بچدار‬bālbachdā́ r adjective regional family, having a
family ‫ بال بچ دار سړی يم‬I have a family.
‫ بالبداهه‬bilbadāhá Arabic suddenly
‫ بالبديهه‬bilbadihá Arabic ex promptu, without preparation
‫ بالت‬bālét m. ballet
‫ بالتيک‬bāltík ‫ د بالتيک بحيره‬Baltic Sea
‫ بالتيکي‬bāltikí adjective Baltic
‫ بالټۍ‬bālṭə́j f. [plural: ‫ بالټۍ گاني‬bālṭəjgā́ ni] 1 bucket 2 (galvanic)
element ‫ وچه بالټۍ‬dry element
‫ بالټيک‬bālṭík  ‫بالتيک‬
‫ بالټيکي‬bālṭikí  ‫بالتيکي‬
‫ بالخاصه‬bilkhāssá Arabic especially, in particular
‫ بالخش‬bālkhásh m. ‫ د بالخش غدير‬Lake Balkhash
‫ بالخصوص‬bilkhusús Arabic especially, in particular
‫ بالذات‬bizzā́ t Arabic by its nature, in essence
‫ بالستيک‬bālistík bāllistík 1 ballistic ‫بالستيک ليري ويشتونکی تغوندی‬

strike, raise a rebellion; to rebel

‫ باغی‬3 bāgháj m. reserve, preserve
‫ باغيانه‬baghijāná f. rebellious; unruly ‫ باغيانه حرکت‬rebellion
‫ باغيچه‬bāghichá f.  ‫باغچه‬
‫ باغيرته‬bāghajráta Arabic valiant, worthy of glory
‫ بافت‬bāft m. 1 weaving 2 knitting 3 braiding the hair 4 kind of
woman's hairdo

‫ باقاعده‬bāḳā'idá repaired, restored; regular
‫ باقاعده گي‬bāḳā'idagí f. 1 state of good repair; regularity 2
agreement; harmony ‫ په باقاعده گۍ سره‬a in good repair; regularly
b harmoniously; in an orderly way



bāḳí Arabic 1 remaining 2 m. .1 arrears 2.2 math


‫ باقيات‬bāḳijā́ t m. Arabic plural 1 arrears 2 survivals, relics
‫ باقي مانده‬bāḳimāndá 1 remaining 2 m. remainder
‫ باک‬bāk m. 1 fear, fright; anxiety; unrest ‫ باک کول‬to be afraid, take
fright; ‫ ده باک په و نه کړ‬he's not afraid of this 2 concern idiom ‫هيڅ‬
!‫ باک نشته‬no problem, it's all right!
‫ باکتري‬bākterí f. & m. ‫ باکتريا‬bākterijā́ f. bacteria ‫اوږده باکتريان‬

intercontinental ballistic missile 2 m. ballistics

‫ بالشويزم‬bālshevísm m. Bolshevism
‫ بالشويک‬bālshevík 1 m. Bolshevik 2 adjective Bolshevik
‫ بالښت‬bālíḳht m. [plural: ‫ بالښتان‬bāliḳhtān plural: ‫بالښتونه‬
bāliḳhtúna] pillow



‫ باکتريولوژي‬bākterjolozhí 1 f. bacteriology 2 bacteriological
‫ باکتېريا‬bākterijā́ f.  ‫باکتري‬
‫ باکسنگ‬bāksíng m.  ‫بکسنگ‬
‫ باکفايت‬bākifāját talented, gifted; capable, skillful
‫ باکفايته‬bākifājáta efficient, capable, qualified
‫ باکماله‬bākamā́ la skilled; learned, erudite
‫ باکو‬1 bākó m. 1 elder brother 2 proper name Bako

bāliḳhták m.


bāliḳhtgoṭáj m. 1 small pillow,

cushion 2 padding, packing, separator (of wood or similiar

‫ بالضرور‬bizzarúr Arabic certainly; without fail
‫ بالطبع‬bittáb' Arabic in point of fact, in essence
‫ بالعکس‬bil'áks Arabic on the contrary ‫د دې بالعکس‬
‫ بالعموم‬bil'umúm Arabic generally, in general

despite this

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بالغ‬bālígh Arabic 1 grown-up; mature; of age 2 m. grown man ‫د‬
‫ بالغانو تعليم‬campaign against illiteracy ‫ د بالغانو کورس‬courses to

‫ بان‬1 bān m. regional missile, rocket
‫ بان‬2 bān m. Bonn (city)
‫ بان‬3 bā́ n m. suffix doer of an action ‫ باغبان‬gardener
‫ بانټ‬bānṭ m. part, a part (of a car and so forth)
‫ بانجاني‬bāndzhāní violet, lavender
‫ بانجڼ‬bāndzháṇ m. [plural: ‫ بانجڼ‬bāndzhə́ṇ] eggplant ‫تور بانجڼ‬
eggplant ‫ رومي بانجڼ‬tomato ‫ سورکي بانجڼ‬،‫ سره بانجڼ‬tomatoes ‫د‬
‫ بانجڼو اوبه‬tomato juice
‫ بانجو‬bāndzhú m. newly-born puppy
‫ باندو‬bāndó f. military band
‫ باندونگ‬bāndúng m. Bandung (city in West Java, Indonesia)
‫ باندي‬bāndi bānde Eastern 1 combined with the preposition ‫پر‬
(Eastern ‫ )په‬or without it .1 on (on the surface of something) ‫زما‬
‫ کتاب پرميز باندي دئ‬my book is on the table ‫ باندي کول‬to stand or
put onto something, load onto something ‫ باندي کېدل‬to be placed,
put or loaded onto something 1.2 with, with the help of ‫په چا‬
‫ باندي‬with the help of someone ‫ په يو شي باندي‬with the aid of

end illiteracy

‫ بالفرض‬bilfárz Arabic let's suppose; supposedly
‫ بالفعل‬bilfé'l Arabic in fact, actually
‫ بالقان‬bālḳā́ n m. [plural: ‫ بالقانات‬bālḳānā́ t] Balkans ‫د بالقان جزيزه نما‬
the Balkan peninsula

‫ بالکل‬bilkúl bilkúll Arabic
‫ بالکه چي‬bālkachí m. ‫بالکي‬

altogether, absolutely, completely
bālkí m. follower of a fakir (learning

from him and serving his needs)

‫ بالمثل‬bilmísl Arabic analogous; identical, the same
‫ بالمقابل‬bilmuḳābil Arabic in reply; in exchange; in turn
‫ بالنتيجه‬binnatidzhá Arabic as a result
‫ بالنگ‬bāláng m. [plural: ‫ بالنگان‬bālangā́ n] large wild orange tree
‫ بالڼ‬bāláṇ m. [plural: ‫ بالڼ‬bālə́ṇ] 1 fuel 2 dung-brick fuel 3 kind
of roast (meat)

‫ بالو‬bālú m. regional beast of prey
‫ بالون‬bālón m. bālún m. 1 balloon

something 2.1 adverb on him, her, it; on them; onto him, her, it

2 rubber ball 3 balloon,


‫ بالوني‬bāloní spherical
‫ باله‬bālə́ imperfect from ‫ بلل‬،‫ باله کېدل‬to be called
‫ بالۍ‬bālə́j f. earrings
‫ باليستيک‬bālistík  ‫بالستيک‬
‫ باليگی‬bāligáj m. foundling
‫ بالين‬bālín m.  ‫بالښت‬
‫ باليوس‬bālijús m. Balijus (ancient name of the Kandahar Province)
‫ بام‬bām m. 1 roof 2 top (of a carriage) 3 flooring, planking
‫ باماکو‬bāmākó f. Bamako (city)
‫ بامبړ‬bāmbár m.  ‫بامبڼ‬
‫ بامبړه‬bāmbáṛa f. flame
‫ بامبڼ‬bāmbáṇ m. Brahmin
‫ بامبڼه‬bāmbə́ṇa f.  ‫بامبړه‬
‫ بامبو‬1 bāmbú m. buzzing (of insects)
‫ بامبو‬2 bāmbú m. bamboo
‫ بامبوره‬bāmburá f. top (the toy)
‫ بامبېړ‬bāmbéṛ m. noise, uproar, commotion ‫ بامبېړ کول‬to make noise,

him. 2.3

gathered around him

‫ باندي توب‬bānditób m.  ‫باندي والی‬
‫ باندينی‬bāndináj 1 upper 2 someone else's, another's

3 external,


‫ باندي والی‬bāndivā́ laj m. 1 height 2 figurative superiority
‫ بانډار‬bānḍā́ r m.  ‫بنډار‬
‫ بانډه‬1 bānḍá f. 1 pen for cattle (summer pasturing); fence behind

which cattle are driven 2 small village 3 camp of nomads, cattle
herders 4 settlements 5 body, torso 6 used in geographical

place names ‫ گوجروبانډه‬Gudzharobanda (an inhabited locality)
‫ بانډه‬2 bānḍə́ m. proper name Banda
‫ بانډه‬3 bānḍá destroyed, annihilated; killed, fallen
‫ بانډه چي‬bānḍachí m. ‫ بانډه وال‬bānḍawā́ l m. 1 one who is living at a
mountain pasture 2 villager, peasant, farmer


bānḍecháj m.


bānḍesáj m. 1 nomad herdsman,

shepherd; one who lives on the steppe 2 summer resident in the

make a racket


‫ بامره‬bāmára f. edge; border, hem, edging
‫ بامل‬bāmə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بامه‬to strike up a friendship,


bānḍesí f. summer camp, area where nomads make camp in

the summer

‫ بانر‬bānə́r m. leaf of the date-palm tree
‫ بانس‬bāns m. bamboo
‫ بانشاطه‬bānishā́ ta adjective cheerful, buoyant, hale and hearty (of a

maintain friendship, befriend

‫ بامڼه‬bāmə́ṇa f. thick smoke
‫ بامونکی‬bāmúnkaj 1 present participle from ‫بامل‬

‫ احمد باندي ږغ کړل‬Ahmed shouted to
around him, her, it, them ‫ ټوله باندي راټول دي‬everyone

2.2 to him, her, it; to them

2.1 m. tutor,

educator 2.2 friend


‫ بامه‬1 bāmá f. end of winter
‫ بامه‬2 bāmə́ imperfect from ‫بامل‬
‫ بامه‬3 bā́ ma singular oblique from ‫بام‬
‫ باميان‬bāmijā́ n m. sometimes plural Bamian (city) ‫ د‬،‫د باميان معبر‬
‫ باميانو معبر‬Bamian Pass ‫ د باميان ولايت‬Bamian Province
‫ باميه‬bāmjá f. okra, Hibiscus esculentus



‫ تجارتي بانک‬bank of commerce, commercial
bank ‫ دکرهڼي بانک‬،‫ زراعتي بانک‬agricultural bank ‫ملي بانک‬
national bank ‫ د افغانستان بانک‬Afghan Bank, Bank of Afghanistan
‫ دولتي بانک‬state bank, government bank
‫ بانکدار‬bānkdā́ r m. banker, bank owner
‫ بانکداري‬bānkdārí f. banking business
bānk m. bank

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بانکر‬bānkár m.  ‫بانکدار‬
‫ بانکس‬bānks m.  ‫بانس‬
‫ بانکسي‬bānksí adjective bamboo
‫ بانک لرونکی‬bānk larúnkaj m.  ‫بانکدار‬
‫ بانکنوت‬bānknót m. bank note
‫ بانکنوټ‬bānknóṭ m. bank note
‫ بانکه‬1 bānká f. ankle bracelet  ‫باڼکه‬
‫ بانکه‬2 bānká m. ‫ بانکي‬1 bānkí m.  ‫بانکيا‬
‫ بانکي‬1 bānkí m.  ‫بانکيا‬
‫ بانکي‬2 bānkí adjective bank, banking
‫ بانکيا‬bānkjā́ m. 1 dandy, fop 2 conceited person
‫ بانگ‬bāng m. 1 crow, crowing (of a rooster) 2 muezzin's call to
prayer ‫بانگ کول‬، ‫ بانگ ويل‬compound verb a to crow (of a


bāwarí adjective reliable, trustworthy; earnest

‫په باوري ډول‬


‫ باوړۍ‬1 bāwṛə́j f. plateau
‫ باوړۍ‬2 bāwṛə́j f. large well
‫ باوسير‬bāwsír m. singular & plural piles, hemorrhoids
‫ باولل‬bāwlə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]ويې باوله‬to train for hunting (a bird or
a dog)


bāwlə́na f. training to hunt, training for hunting (a bird or a


‫ باوله‬1 bāwəlá adjective dull, stupid; ignorant
‫ باوله‬2 bāwlə́ imperfective of ‫باولل‬
‫ باولی‬1 bāwláj m. bait (used in training hunting birds or dogs) ‫باولی‬
‫ ورکول‬ ‫باولل‬
‫ باولی‬2 bāwláj adjective 1 feigning bravery, pretending to be brave

rooster) b to call to prayer (of a muezzin)

‫ بانگوړی‬1 bāngόṛaj m. tongs (blacksmith's)
‫ بانگوړی‬2 bānguṛáj m. cockerel, young rooster  ‫بانگېړی‬
‫ بانگي‬1 bāngí m. 1 ‫ بانگي چرگ‬crowing rooster 2 muezzin
‫ بانگي‬2 bāngí m. yoke (for carrying buckets, etc.)
‫ بانگي‬3 bā́ ngí m. Bangui (capital of the Central African Republic)
‫ بانگېړی‬bāngeṛáj m. cockerel, young rooster
‫ بانو‬1 bānό m. 1 kind of insect 2 kind of apricot
‫ بانو‬2 bānό f. 1 lady 2 Bannu (city in northern Pakistan)
‫ بانه‬bāná f. pretext, excuse ‫ بانه ورته غوښتل‬to look for an opportunity

2 pretending to be business-like, efficient



bāwlí m. place where a bird or dog is training for hunting


bāwlə́j f 1 path or stairs leading to a well or kahriz 2
reservoir near a well, chute for water

‫ باوو‬bāwú
‫ باوي‬bāwí
‫ باهر‬bāhár


to harm somebody

m. 


m. syphilitic
 ‫بهر‬

‫بېگا له ځما ډوډۍ باهر ده‬

bāhamí adjective collective, joint; common


‫ باني‬bāní m. Arabic founder, initiator
‫ بانين‬bānín m. falcon
‫ باڼ‬bāṇ m. rope made of palm leaves
‫ باڼس‬bāṇs m. 1 bamboo 2 bamboo rod, pole
‫ باڼکه‬bāṇká f. ankle bracelet
‫ باڼو‬bāṇu m. [plural: ‫ باڼوگان‬bāṇugā́ n] eyelash ‫ باڼو پر باڼو ايښودل‬a
to close the eyes b figurative to die c to blink ‫پرچا باڼو درنول‬
idiom to have evil designs towards someone ‫ د چا باڼو درنېدل‬a to
be insidious b to be sad ‫ دچا باڼو مړاوي کول‬to insult
‫ باڼوکه‬bāṇoká adjective tipsy, drunk
‫ باڼه‬bāṇá m. plural eyelashes
‫ باڼېچغ‬bāṇechə́gh m. swing, seesaw
‫ باو‬bāw m. syphilis
‫ باوجدانه‬bāwidzhdā́ na adjective honest, conscientious, decent,

in the evening I don't eat at

‫باهمي بقا‬


‫ باهنر‬bahonár adjective skillful, able
‫ باهو‬bāhú m. bracelet (for arms or legs)
‫ بای‬bāj 1 m. .1 loss (in sports, gambling, etc.) 1.2 loss, waste 2
first separable syllable of the verb‫پام کوه چي ځان بای نلې! بايلل‬
look out, don't get lost!

‫ بایټ‬bājṭ m. computer science byte
‫ بايد‬bā́ jád adverb should, must, ought to, is necessary ‫بايدڅه وکو؟‬
What ought one to do?, What should be done?; sometimes
combines with the hortative particle
necessary that we meet

‫بايددئ چي سره ووينو دئ‬

it is

‫ بايده‬bā́ jdá, bā́ jidá 1 should, must, ought to, is necessary ‫دی چي بايده‬
‫ ولاړ سي‬He ought to go ‫ موږ بايده نه دئ چي ولاړ سو‬We ought not to
go 2 f. due, appropriate ‫ دود او بايده کول‬observe wedding rites
‫ بايسکل‬bā́ jskə́l, bā́ jsicál m. bicycle
‫ بايسکل سوار‬bā́ jskalsawā́ r, bā́ jsklsawā́ r m. bicyclist
‫ بايسکوپ‬bājskόp m. regional motion picture projector
‫ بايع‬bāí ' m. Arabic seller, vendor
‫ بايقال‬bājḳā́ l m. Baykal
‫ بايکاټ‬bājkā́ ṭ m. boycott ‫ بايکاټ کول‬compound verb to boycott
‫ بايکړ‬bājkáṛ m. Salvadora persica (a kind of tree)
‫ بايلات‬bājlā́ t m. 1 loss; defeat ‫ په جنگ کښي بايلات کول‬suffer defeat


‫ باوجود‬bāwodzhόd in spite of, despite, not withstanding, against ‫د‬
‫ دغه باوجود‬in spite of this
‫ باور‬bāwár m. faith, confidence ‫ په ځان باور‬self-confidence ‫په چا‬
‫ په چا باورلرل‬،‫ باورکول‬to trust somebody, to rely on somebody ‫دچا په‬
‫ خوله باورکول‬to believe someone's words ...‫ باور لرم چي‬I am sure

‫ باورچي‬bāwarchí m. 1 cook 2 messenger
‫ باورچي خانه‬bāwarchikhāná f. regional kitchen
‫ باور کارټ‬bāwar kārṭ m. credit card

in war, in battle 2 loss, waste


bājlə́l 1 transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بايلود‬.1 to lose, to be defeated
1.2 lose something; forfeit something 2 m. plural .1 loss; defeat


Pashto-English Dictionary
2.2 loss, waste of something

‫ځان بايلل‬

idiom get lost

!‫ځان مه بايله‬

‫ بتخاک‬butkhā́ k m. Butkhak (inhabited place near Kabul)
‫ بتخانه‬butkhāná f. idol
‫ بتر‬batár worst; very bad
‫ بت شکن‬butshikán m. 1 history religion iconoclast 2 person who

Don't get lost!

‫ بايلنه‬bājlə́na f. 1 loss; defeat 2 loss, waste of something
‫ بايلودل‬bājlodə́l transitive dialect  ‫بايلل‬
‫ بايلودی‬bājlόdaj past participle of ‫خپل قيمتي وخت يې بايلودی بايلودل‬
‫ دئ‬They lost valuable time ‫ بايلودی زړه‬idiom a heart in love
‫ بايلول‬bājlawə́l transitive ‫ بايلوول‬dialect  ‫بايلل‬
‫ بايولوجي‬bajólodzhí f. biology
‫ بايولوجيکي‬biolodzhikí adjective biological
‫ بايي‬1 bājí m. regional old chap, old fellow
‫ بايي‬2 bājí interjection well ‫ بايي ته هرڅه چه وايې وايه‬Well, you can

combats prejudice, outdated ideas, beliefs

‫ بتک‬baták m. ‫ بتکه‬1 batáka f. flask; water bottle, canteen
‫ بتکه‬1 batáka f. flask; water bottle, canteen
‫ بتکه‬2 batáka f. goose
‫ بتکی‬1 batakáj m. flask, water bottle
‫ بتکۍ‬2 butkə́j f. gold coin; gold piece
‫ بتله‬batála f. young chicken, pullet
‫ بتون‬bitόn m. plural concrete ‫ بتون کول‬compound verb to cover

say what you want.



with concrete, lay concrete

babár m. lion

‫ بته‬1 báta f. goose
‫ بته‬2 butá f. type of embroidery
‫ بتي‬1 bátí, batí f. glue, starch; size, sizing
‫ بتي‬2 batí f. fallow land, fallow
‫ بتي‬3 batí, bətí f. reproach, rebuke ‫بتي کول‬


babə́r 1 tousled, shaggy, disheveled 2 hairy 3 dense, thick (of
wood) 4 figurative angry, cross, irate

‫ ببرستنی‬babərstə́naj m. type of English rifle
‫ ببرسری‬babərsáraj adjective tousled, shaggy, disheveled
‫ ببرغوږی‬babərghwágaj̣ m. English 11-round rifle
‫ ببرک‬1 babrák m. proper noun Babrák
‫ ببرک‬2 bəbrə́k m. castor (textile)
‫ ببرول‬babərawə́l, babarawə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]ببر يې کړ‬

‫ بتۍ‬4 batə́j f. 1 candle 2 wick
‫ بټ‬baṭ m. 1 oven for baking brick, kiln




babráj m. [plural:

hunting dog


babrijā́ n and



babrí] shaggy



baṭrə́j or baṭarə́j and ‫بټري گاني‬
‫ د ذخيرې بټري‬storage battery

‫ بټ سترگی‬baṭstə́rgaj goggle-eyed, lobster-eyed
‫ بټ سوره‬baṭsόra f. coarse-ground flour
‫ بټ سوری‬baṭsúraj m. straw remaining after threshing; straw left on


colloquial to snap at, bristle

the threshing floor

‫ ببغی‬babə́gháj, babəgháj poor; unfortunate
‫ ببليوگرافي‬bibliogrāfí f. bibliography
‫ ببو‬1 babáw m. elf, goblin (fantastic being that frightens children)
‫ ببو‬2 babó f. disease of horses
‫ ببو‬3 babó f. mother (form of addressing a mother or an old woman)
‫ ببوتتی‬bəbotátaj m. ‫ ببوتتۍ‬bəbotatə́j f. hoopoe
‫ ببوځی‬bəbódzaj m. damper (in a flue)
‫ ببوزی‬bəbózaj, bəbuzaj m. 1 fan ‫ برقي ببوزی‬electric fan ‫ببوزی وهل‬

‫ بټک‬baṭák  ‫بټ سترگی‬
‫ بټل‬baṭál m. motar (for grinding hashish or naswar) ‫بټل کول‬
compound verb to grind in a mortar (hashish or nasvar)

‫ بټله‬baṭála f.  ‫بتله‬
‫ بټن‬baṭə́n f. regional button; push-button, call-button
‫ بټوه‬baṭwá f. regional bag, handbag (lady's, etc.)
‫ بټه‬1 baṭá f. 1 fish and rice 2 dialect unseasoned boiled rice

compound verb to fan 2 sail 3 kingfisher, halcyon

‫ ببوکی‬babúkaj m. hoopoe
‫ ببی‬1 babáj m. snipe (bird)
‫ ببۍ‬2 babə́j f. 1 older sister

baṭrí, baṭarí f. [plural:

baṭrigā́ ní or baṭarigā́ ní] battery

babəráj, babráj m. basil

babəredə́l, babaredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫سو‬
1 become tousled, become shaggy, disheveled 2 figurative,

2 griddle for frying kernels

of corn or peas 3 hot, burning desert 4 figurative success, good

1 to tousle, ruffle, rumple 2 figurative to anger, to enrage

compound verb to

reproach, rebuke

‫ بټه‬2 báṭa f. thumb ‫ بټه گوته‬thumb
‫ بټي‬1 baṭí f. barley juice, extracted liquid from barley
‫ بټۍ‬2 baṭə́j f. stove, kitchen range ‫ برقي بټۍ‬electric stove ‫اټومي بټۍ‬
atomic reactor ‫ بټۍکول‬compound verb to fry, to grill
‫ بټې‬3 báṭe f. barley porridge
‫ بټې بيابان‬báṭebjābā́ n hot, sweltering desert
‫ بټياری‬baṭjāráj m. ‫ بټي والا‬baṭiwālā́ m. 1 vendor of sweets and

2 sis (form of addressing an older

sister) 3 wise and beautiful woman

‫ ببېزنه‬babézna f. shivers, shivering, chill, fever
‫ بپاري‬bipārí, bapārí m.  ‫بېپاري‬
‫ بت‬1 but m. idol, statue
‫ بت‬2 bat m. stone masonry (the walls of a well, kahriz, etc.)
‫ بتاره‬batā́ ra, bətā́ ra f. club, cudgel
‫ بتاليون‬batāljón m. battalion
‫ بت پرست‬butparást m. idolater, idol-worshiper

roasted kernels 2 baker



budzh m. [plural:


budzhā́ n] seed (e.g., of a melon,




badzh m. sound during milking

Pashto-English Dictionary




badzh m. log (a segment of the trunk of a tree when stripped of


bachúkaj m. 1 string, lace 2 toe (of shoes) 3 ribbon (for the


‫ بجړا‬budzhṛā́ lazy
‫ بجړانگي‬budzhṛā́ ngi f. plural rags
‫ بجز‬badzhúz Arabic with the exception of, excepting, excluding,



‫د چا بجل شکېدل بجلکه‬
idiom to have success, be lucky in something ‫د ريدي گل اوس بجل‬
‫ هره خوا يې راسته ده‬،‫شکه سوېده‬. Just now Reday Gul is having luck
in everything ‫ بجل يې مړه ده‬He was unlucky.
‫ بجل باز‬budzhulbā́ z m. player of the knucklebones game
‫ بجلکه‬budzhláka, budzhuláka f. 1 ankle, anklebone 2 knucklebone;
‫ بجلکه کول‬compound verb to play knucklebones
‫ بجلي‬1 bidzhlí f. 1 electricity ‫ د بجلۍ صنعت‬electric industry 2

‫ بچوی‬bacháwaj m. 1  ‫ بچکری‬2 ribbon (for the hair)
‫ بچه‬1 bachá m. lad, fellow
‫ بچه‬2 bácha onomatopoeia cry used in driving goats
‫ بچه گرد‬bachagárd m. critical age (of a boy)
‫ بچه گوته‬bachagúta, bachagwə́ta f. fourth finger, ring finger
‫ بچه مرد‬bachamárd 1 m. young man; young stalwart, brave man,

‫ بجلي‬2 budzhuli plural of ‫بجل‬
‫ بجه‬badzhá f. [plural: ‫ بجې‬badzhe] hour ‫ اوس څو بجې دي؟‬What
time is it? ‫ اته بجې دي‬eight o'clock ‫ پر اتو‬،‫ په اته بجې‬،‫پر اته بجې‬
‫ په اتو بجو‬،‫ بجو‬at eight o'clock ‫ يوه نيمه بجه‬an hour and a half ‫نيمه‬
‫ بجه‬half an hour
‫ بجۍ‬badzhə́j f. children's speech breast, chest
‫ بچ‬bach m. 1.1 border, edging; edge, rim 1.2 rescue, rescuing;
defense, protection 2 predicative defended, protected ‫بچ کول‬
compound verb  ‫ بچ کېدل بچول‬compound verb  ‫بچېدل‬
‫ بچاو‬bachāw, bachā́ w m. ‫ بچاوتيا‬f. 1 protection, protect ‫بچاوکول‬
compound verb  ‫ بچاوکېدل بچاوول‬compound verb  ‫ بچاوېدل‬2


bachawə́l denominative, transitive [past:
rescue; defend, guard



to save,

bachúngáṛaj m. 1 baby, child 2 the young of animals;

young birds


budzhúl f. [plural:

‫]بچ يې کړ‬

budzhúli] 

man of courage 2 adjective brave, courageous

‫بچه مرده‬

bachamárda 1 m. young man; young stalwart, brave man,

man of courage 2 adjective brave, courageous

lantern, flashlight; lamp 3 spark


bacháj m. [plural:


bachí and


bachijā́ n] 1 child,

baby 2 sonny, lad (form of address) 3 young of animals and birds

‫ بچۍ‬2 bəchə́j, bachə́j f. base, foot of a wall
‫ بچۍ‬3 bachə́j f. darling, dear one (addressing one's child)
‫ بچي بچي‬bachíbachí, bəchíbəchí onomatopoeia cry used in driving


bachedə́l denominative, intransitive [past:
rid oneself of, shake off; to be protected


bachedə́na f. plural



‫ بچاوکېدنه‬bachāwkedə́na f. defense, protection
‫ بچاوڼ‬bichāwə́ṇ, bachāwaṇ m. ‫ بچاوڼه‬f. large floor covering, canvas
‫ بچاوول‬bachāwawə́l denominative, transitive  ‫بچول‬
‫ بچاوېدل‬bachāwedə́l denominative, transitive  ‫بچېدل‬
‫ بچت‬bachát m. supply, reserve, savings ‫ بچت کول‬compound verb to
be created (of reserves, supplies) ‫ بچت کېدل‬compound verb to

to escape,

bachedə́ m. rescuing, saving,

‫ بځه‬budzá f. termite, white ant
‫ بڅخگۍ‬butskhagə́j f. handbag
‫ بڅخه‬butskhá f.  ‫بخڅه‬
‫ بڅرکی‬batsə́rkaj m. small spark
‫ بڅری‬batsə́raj m. 1 spark 2 figurative little, few

regional to save

‫]بچ سو‬

3 figurative

particle grain (of gold, etc.) 4 spray


‫ وروسته تر ډېر بحث څخه‬after
‫ ښه گرم بحث‬a very heated argument ‫د بحث په مينځ‬

bahs m. Arabic [plural:


bahsúna and Arabic

abhā́ s] 1 argument; debate, discussion
long debate

accumulate (of savings)

‫کښي وردنگل‬

‫ بچرتوب‬bachartόb m. girlhood
‫ بچره‬bachará f. girl
‫ بچری‬1 buchárəj m. young donkey, foal of an ass
‫ بچری‬2 bacháraj m. 1 tassel on the tail (of an ox) 2  ‫بچکری‬
‫ بچک‬1 bachák m. 1 assistant, helper (e.g., of a irrigation system

intervene in an argument 2 consideration (of an

issue, of a question)

‫ د يوشي څخه بحث کول‬، ‫د يوشي بحث کول‬


discuss something; consider a matter


Arctic Ocean

controller, miller) 2 apprentice

‫ بحرونه‬bahrúna and Arabic ‫ابحار‬
‫ بحري محيط‬،‫ اوقيانوسي بحر‬ocean ‫شمالي منجمدبحر‬
،‫ د هندبحر هندی بحر‬،‫ بحرهند‬the Indian Ocean 2

bahr m. Arabic [plural:

abhā́ r] 1 sea

meter (in poetry); rhythm; metrics

‫ بچک‬bachák m. tobacco wastage
‫ بچکری‬bachákraj m. tip of a knout
‫ بچکک‬bachakák m. [plural: ‫ بچکي‬bachə́ki m.]  ‫ بچک‬2
‫ بچگانه‬bachagāná children's, child's
‫ بچندر‬bachandár m. stepson
‫ بچو‬bachό m. & f. slang my child (address)
‫ بچوړي‬1 bachúṛi m. plural stockings
‫ بچوړی‬2 bachúṛaj m. 1 young of animals; young birds 2 mask

‫ بحرالکاهل‬bahr-ul-kāhíl m. Arabic the Pacific Ocean
‫ بحران‬buhrā́ n m. Arabic crisis ‫ اقتصادي بحران‬economic crisis;
‫ سياسي بحران‬political crisis
‫ بحراني‬buhrāní Arabic critical, crucial; dangerous, perilous (of a

‫ بحرپيمايي‬bahrpajmājí f. navigation
‫ بحروبر‬báhr-u-bár, bahr-u-bár on land and sea


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bahrí Arabic marine, sea; naval

‫بحري قوه‬


‫بحري جريانات‬


merciful; all-forgiving

‫ بخښاوو‬bakhḳhāwú 1 generous 2 kind, merciful; all-forgiving
‫ بخښښ‬bakhḳhə́ḳh m. ‫ بخښښت‬bakhḳhə́ḳht dialect  ‫بخشش‬
‫ بخښل‬bakhḳhə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]ويې باخښه‬1 to give, present 2

bukhttjā́ f. and

(state of) being busy; occupation


show mercy, grant pardon; forgive 3 to release from payment (of

‫ بخښندوی‬bakhḳhəndúj, bakhḳhəndój 1 generous 2 m. benefactor
‫ بخښنه‬bakhḳhə́na f. 1 giving, donating 2 forgiveness ‫بخښنه غوښتل‬
compound verb to beg forgiveness, pardon ‫ بخښنه کول‬compound
verb a to give a present b to forgive !‫ بخښنه وکئ‬Pardon me! 3
gift, present ‫ دطبيعت بخښنه‬gift of nature
‫ بخل‬1 bukhə́l m. Arabic stinginess, greed, avarice ‫بخل کول‬
compound verb to be greed

‫ بخل‬2 bakhə́l transitive  ‫بخښل‬
‫ بخله‬bakhula f.  ‫بخوله‬
‫ بخمل‬bakhmál m. [plural: ‫بخملونه‬
bakhmalā́ n] velvet


bakhtawə́r, bakhtawár 1 happy, fortunate, lucky ‫بختوره زمانه‬
happy time ‫ زه بختور يم‬I am happy. 2 joyous, festive ‫په دې بختوره‬
to be

busy, be occupied with affairs, with work; to enlist (someone) in

‫ بخنه‬bakhə́na f.  ‫بخښنه‬
‫ بخنی‬bakhə́naj m dyer
‫ بخور‬1 bukhur m. Arabic incense
‫ بخور‬2 bəkhwə́r m. hunting feeding bird ‫بخورکېدل‬

participating in something

to feed (of a bird)

bakhtjā́ r, bakhtijā́ r 1 fortunate; satisfactory 2 m. .1 plural

Bakhtiars (tribe) 2.2 proper noun Bakhtiar

drag out a miserable existence

‫ بختياري‬bakhtajārí, bakhtaijārí f. prosperity, success
‫ بختېدل‬bukhtedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]بخت سو‬


bakhuṛaj m. 1 

that has lost its calf)

to be


busy with something, work at something; be enlisted in
participating in something

bukhtedə́ m. plural working in something
work in commerce

compound verb

‫ بخور و نمير‬bukhur-u-namír m. starvation ration ‫د بخور و نمير په حال‬
‫ کښي شپې او ورځي تېرول‬to live on short rations, be half-starved;

industry, work in industry



different colors

‫ بختونه‬bukhtawə́na f. enlisting, involving (someone) in something
‫ بخته‬1 bákhta oblique singular of ‫ بخت‬1
‫ بخته‬2 feminine singular of ‫ بخت‬2
‫ بختيا‬bukhtjā́ f.  ‫ صنعتي بختيا لرل بخت توب‬to be engaged in

bakhmaluna and

‫ بخمله‬bakhmála f. proper noun Bakhmala
‫ بخملي‬1 bakhmalí adjective velvet
‫ بخملۍ‬2 bakhmalə́j f. ‫ بخملي‬bakhmalí m. red bug
‫ بخن‬bakhə́n, bakhun suffix -ish (or similar used with the names of
colors) ‫ سوربخن‬reddish
‫ بخن بخن‬bakhánbakhán, bakhunbakhun parti-colored, variegated; of

bukhtwā́ laj m.

‫ ورځ کښي‬on this joyous, festive day
‫ بختول‬bukhtawə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بخت يې کړ‬


taxes) 4 to exert influence

We're busy with the case

‫بخت تيا‬


‫ بخره‬1 bákhra f.  ‫برخه‬
‫ بخره‬2 bakhə́ra f. dialect  ‫خبره‬
‫ بخره ور‬bakhrawár happy, fortunate
‫ بخش‬bakhsh m. part, portion, share
‫ بخشش‬bakhshish m. ‫ بخښ‬bakhḳh m. 1 gift, present 2 award
‫ بخشش کول‬compound verb a to give b to award 3 tip, gratuity 5
forgiveness, pardon ‫ بخشش ورکول‬compound verb a to give a tip
b forgive idiom ‫ صاحب بخشش‬idiom sāhib-i-bakhshish kind,

‫ بخت‬2 bukht, bukhə́t busy, occupied (with doing something) ‫په کار‬
‫ سره بخت يو‬We're occupied with the matter ‫په کار باندي بخت يو‬
bukhttób m.

bukhtsá f.



‫بخت توب‬


bukhtsagə́j f. 1 bundle
(with belongings); bundle; packet 2 bag, pouch (with sewing

sea currents; ‫( بحري سفر‬sea) voyage
‫ بحرين‬bahrájn m. Bahrain, Bahrain Islands
‫ بحريه‬bahrijá f. Arabic fleet ‫ تجارتي بحريه‬merchant fleet ‫جنگي بحريه‬
،‫ حربي بحريه‬navy
‫ بحيره‬bahirá f. Arabic sea ‫ توره بحيره‬the Black Sea
‫ بخار‬bukhā́ r m. Arabic [plural: ‫ بخارونه‬bukhāruna and Arabic
‫ بخارات‬bukhārā́ t] 1 steam; vapor ‫( د سکرو بخار‬charcoal) fumes,
carbon monoxide ‫ بخار کول‬compound verb to evaporate ‫بخار کېدل‬
compound verb to be evaporated ‫ بخار ورکول‬to steam, stew 2 rash
‫ بخارا‬bukhārā́ f. Bukhara
‫ بخارالود‬bukhārālúd ‫ بخارداره‬bukhārdā́ ra saturated with steam; water
vapor ‫ بخارالوده هوا‬saturated air
‫ بخارست‬bukhārést m. Bucharest
‫ بخاري‬1 bukhārí adjective steam ‫ بخاري کښتۍ‬،‫ بخاري بېړۍ‬steamship
‫ بخارۍ‬2 bukhārə́j f. oven; stove; hotplate; fireplace ‫عادي بخارۍ‬
iron stove ‫ برقي بخارۍ‬،‫ د برېښنا بخارۍ‬electric hotplate ‫گېسي‬
‫ د تنوير د گېس بخارۍ‬،‫ بخارۍ‬gas stove
‫ بخت‬1 bakht m. luck, good fortune ‫ د ښه بخته‬fortunately ‫بخت يې‬
‫ چپه و‬he was unsuccessful ‫ پربخت سپرېدل‬be a minion of fortune ‫د‬
‫ بخت يې بيده سو‬،‫ بخت شا ورته سوه‬Good fortune turned away from
him. ‫ بخت يې تور سو‬He was unlucky; ‫ بخت يې خلاص سو‬He was
lucky ،‫ بخت يې ويښ سو بخت يې بېدار شو‬He's started having good
luck.; ‫ بخت په لغته وهل‬to be the cause of one's own destruction or

bukhchá f.

‫ بو‬1

2 stuffed calf (placed next to a cow

bakhwál m. anatomy diaphragm

‫زړه تر بخول وتل‬

idiom to

desire something passionately

‫په تجارت بختېده‬


bəkhwə́la f. trouble, misfortune ‫بخوله اخيستئ‬
gotten into trouble, (one who has) come to grief



(one who has)

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bakhə́j f. type of sewing, kind of stitch
idiom to decorate; praise, laud


‫ بخۍ پرکول‬،‫بخۍ وهل‬

‫ بدجوله‬baddzhawlá indeclinable plain, homely; ugly, hideous
‫ بدچاروکی‬badchārukaj m. villain, scoundrel
‫ بدچلاوه‬badchalāwá ‫ بدچلند‬badchalánd dissipated, dissolute, good-

bakhíl Arabic 1 m. miser, skinflint, stingy greedy person 2


stingy, miserly


bakhilí f. stinginess, miserliness

miserly, greedy

‫ بخيلي او حسدکول‬to be stingy,

‫ بدحاله‬badhā́ la in poor condition
‫ بدحالي‬badhālí f. poor condition
‫ بدخرڅه‬badkhártsa m. ‫ بدخرڅی‬badkhártsaj

‫ بخيه‬bakhiá f.  ‫بخۍ‬
‫ بد‬bad 1 bad, wicked ... ‫ بده داده چي‬، ... ‫ بده خبره داده چي‬the
trouble is that ... ‫ بده به نه وي که لومړی ټيلفون راکې‬It wouldn't be
bad if you call first ‫ بدبدکتل‬look with malice 2 m. plural .1 evil;
trouble, unpleasantness ‫ بد ورپېښ شول‬He has had a misfortune. ‫د‬
‫ چا بد مه غواړه‬Don't wish anyone evil. 2.2 bad things ‫هغه درسره بد‬
‫ وکړل‬He has treated you badly. ‫ تا بد کړي دي‬You acted badly. ‫بد‬
‫ ويل‬compound verb to swear; to scold ‫ و چا ته بد ويل‬to speak ill of
someone, give a bad report about someone ‫ خپل بد په خپله وايم‬mea
culpa 2.3 fine ‫ بد ټاکل‬to establish the size of a fine ‫ بد ورکول‬to
pay a fine ‫ د چا څخه بد راتلل‬،‫ د چا بد راتلل‬idiom to be hateful to
someone ‫ ته پرې بد مه گڼه‬Please don't take offense at this ‫هغه بالکل‬
‫ څه بد ونه منل‬He was not at all offended. ‫ فکر يې بد دئ‬He is upset.
‫ بد وړل‬to be angry ‫ زه له دې خولۍ نه بد وړم‬I don't like this hat.
‫ بداخلاقه‬badakhlā́ qa 1 immoral 2 ill-bred, unmannerly ‫بداخلاقه سړی‬

spendthrift, prodigal,



badakhshā́ n m. Badakhshan


‫د بدخشان ولايت‬


‫ بدخصلته‬badkhasláta having bad character, immoral
‫ بدخواه‬badkhwā́ h, badkhā́ h 1 m. enemy, foe 2 unfriendly, hostile
‫ بدخولی‬badkhúlaj swearing, using foul language
‫ بدخونده‬badkhwánda 1 unpalatable 2 unpleasant
‫ بدخوندي‬badkhwándí f. 1 unpleasant taste 2 unpleasantness
‫ بدخویه‬badkhója 1 immoral; wicked 2 disobedient, unruly,


badkhojí f.

lack of discipline


1 immorality; malice 2 disobedience,

‫ بدديانتي‬baddijānatí f. dishonesty
‫ بدډوله‬badḍáwla indeclinable 1 homely; ugly, hideous ‫بدډوله کول‬


compound verb to disfigure 2 bad, nasty

‫ بداخلاقي‬badakhlāqí f. 1 immorality 2 lack of breeding
‫ بداروا‬badārwā́ stingy, greedy
‫ بداروايي‬badārwā́ jí f. stinginess, greed, cupidity
‫ بداستعمال‬badisti'mā́ l m. [plural: ‫ بداستعمالات‬badisti'mālā́ t] abuse,
misuse; ‫ د صلاحيت بداستعمال‬abuse of power
‫ بداصل‬badásl of low birth, of low origin
‫ بداعت‬bedā'át m. Arabic innovation, novelty
‫ بدامني‬badāmní f. breakdown, disorganization, anarchy
‫ بداهت‬badāhát m. Arabic obviousness ‫ په بداهت سره پوهېدل‬to see

‫ بدذات‬badzā́ t m. scoundrel; mean, underhanded low person
‫ بدذاتي‬badzātí f. baseness, meanness
‫ بدر‬1 badár, badr m. 1  ‫ بدړ‬2 cotton tree
‫ بدر‬2 bádər m. Arabic full moon
‫ بدرالدين‬badruddrín m. Arabic proper noun Badruddin
‫ بدرد‬badrád m. plural invective, abusive language; foul language
‫ چاته بدرد ويل‬to scold someone
‫ بدررفت‬badarráft m. outflow, runoff, drainage
‫ بدرقاني‬badraqāní f.  ‫بدرگاني‬
‫ بدرقه‬badraqá f.  ‫بدرگه‬
‫ بدرکند‬badarkánd m. cotton tree resin
‫ بدرگاني‬badragāní f. payment for escorting, fee for convoying
‫ بدرگه‬badragá f. 1 guard, convoy, escort, accompanying ‫د بدرگې‬
‫ بېړۍ‬convoy vessel ‫ د پښتنو بدرگه ورسره وه‬He was escorted by a

clearly, understand well

‫ بدائت‬bedāját m. Arabic undertaking; measure
‫ بدبخته‬badbákhta 1 unfortunate, ill-fated 2 unfit 3 stupid
‫ بدبختي‬badbakhtí f. trouble, misfortune; haplessness; ‫له بدبختۍ نه‬

‫ بدبوړی‬badbóṛaj gloomy, morose; troubled, distressed
‫ بدبويه‬badbója smelly, stinking, fetid
‫ بدبويي‬badbují f. stench, stink
‫ بدبين‬badbín 1 m. .1 pessimist 1.2 distrustful, untrusting person

convoy of Pashtoons 2 funeral feast


badráng unattractive, plain; ugly, hideous

idiom to disgrace oneself

‫په بدرنگ کېدل‬

‫ بدرنگول‬badrangawə́l denominative, transitive [past tense ‫بدرنگ يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬1 to shame somebody 2 to deceive, let somebody down 3 to

2.1 pessimistic 2.2 mistrustful

‫ بدبيني‬badbiní f. 1 pessimism 2 distrust, lack of confidence in
‫ بدپوره بدپوری‬badpóraj unpunctual, tardy, late (of a debtor, for

portray somebody in a bad light

‫ بدرنگه‬badránga  ‫بدرنگ‬
‫ بدرنگي‬badrangí f. ugliness, hideousness
‫ بدرو‬badráw m. water escape
‫ بدره‬badrá f. Arabic 1 sack of money 2 10,000 Dirham (monetary

example); unreliable (of a person)

‫ بدپوزی‬badpózaj gloomy; dissatisfied, discontented
‫ بدتر‬badtár  ‫بتر‬
‫ بدترين‬badtarín worst, very worst
‫ بدتفاهم‬badtfāhúm m. misunderstanding
‫ بدتيا‬badtíā́ f. 1 malice, harm, trouble 2 depravity

unit of Morocco)


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‫ بدري خوړل‬compound verb to slip,
harm, damage ‫ بدري ميندل‬compound verb

‫ بدل‬2 badál 1 of poor quality 2 of low birth
‫ بدلاري‬1 badlārí f. waywardness, dissipation ‫بدلاري کول‬

badrí f. 1 stumbling

stumble 2 Western


suffer loss; ruin oneself 3 anxiety, uneasiness, worry

‫ بدرۍ‬2 badrə́j f. proper noun Badri
‫ بدړ‬badáṛ m. Euphrates poplar
‫ بدزبانه‬badzabā́ na ‫ بدژبی‬badzhabə́baj

‫ بدلاری‬2 badlā́ raj good-for-nothing, wayward, dissipated
‫ بدلامی‬badlā́ maj  ‫بدکار‬
‫ بدل زن‬badəlzán m. singer
‫ بدلمنه‬badlamə́na ‫ بدلمنې‬immoral, lewd, debauched (woman)
‫ بدل مېچ‬badəlméch, badalméch m. rhyme
‫ بدلول‬badlawə́l, badalawə́l 1 denominative, transitive [past: ‫بدل يې‬
‫ ]کړ‬.1 substitute for something ‫ جامه بدلول‬compound verb to be
surmounted, be overcome 1.2 ‫ بدلول‬... ‫ په‬to turn into something
2 m. plural  ‫بدلون‬
‫ بدلون‬badlún m. ‫ بدلونه‬badlawə́na f. 1 replacement, substitution,
exchange ‫ د يوشي په بدلون کښي‬in exchange for something 2
compensation, indemnity 3 change; transformation ‫په حال کښي څه‬
‫ بدلون راغئ‬the situation has changed somewhat
‫ بدله‬1 badə́la f. song ‫ بدلي ويل‬compound verb to sing a song ‫وچا ته‬
‫ د خوب بدلي ويل‬to lull someone ‫ په بدلو لويول‬to sing the praises of

cursing, swearing, using

abusive language


‫ بدږغې‬badgághe
spoiled, ruined (of a woman who
has had a miscarriage or who has had a still-born baby)

‫ بدسترگی‬badstə́rgaj shameless, brazen, insolent
‫ بدستور‬badastúr in order, OK; as before, as usual
‫ بدسلوک‬badsulúk unsociable, treating somebody poorly, slighting

‫ بدسلوکي‬badsulukí f. slighting, treating someone badly
‫ بدشاگوم‬badshāgúm ‫ بدشگوم‬unfortunate, unhappy, ill-stared, hapless
‫ بدصورت‬badsurát unattractive, plain; ugly, hideous
‫ بدعا‬badu'ā́ f. curse, damn ‫ بدعاکول‬compound verb to curse ‫په بدعا‬
‫ يادول‬to curse at someone
‫ بدعت‬bid'át m. Arabic 1 innovation 2 religion heresy
‫ بدغږ‬badghág ̣ 1 harsh-sounding 2 m. sharp sound
‫ بدغونی‬badghúnaj coarse, crude, impolite, discourteous
‫ بدفال‬badfā́ l ominous, sinister
‫ بدفالي‬badfā́ lí f. misfortune, bad luck ‫ بدفالي نيولئ‬unfortunate,

someone, laud someone


villain, scoundrel,

‫د دې په بدله کښي‬

something; accompanying by something

being out of control

2 strained relations, discord,


badgumā́ na



badgumāní f.

badmə́rhga unfortunate, unhappy

1 suspicious, distrustful 2 dubious,



1 suspiciousness, mistrust, distrust 2


‫ بدگوی‬badgúj, badgój m. one who abuses, slanderer
‫ بدگويي‬badgují, badgojí f. malignant gossip, scandal, reviling;
‫د دې په بدل‬

‫بدمرغه سړی‬

failure (a

‫بدمستي کول‬

drink heavily

badmərghí f. bad omen, ill omen
badmastí f. drinking bout, binge

badma'ā́ sh m. 1 scoundrel, blackguard; bandit, thug,

gangster 2 dissipated person

‫ بدمعاشي‬badma'ā́ shí f. 1 banditry 2 dissipation
‫ بدمعرفي‬badma'rifí f. portraying in a bad light, discrediting ‫د چا‬
‫ بدمعرفي کول‬to discredit someone
‫ بدمعمله گي‬badma'milagí f. unscrupulousness, lack of integrity, lack

badál m. Arabic 1 substitute, substitution




lack of harmony


to take revenge on

‫ بدماري‬1 badmārí f. simulation, sham, pretense
‫ بدماری‬2 badmā́ raj m. malingerer
‫ بدماش‬badmā́ sh m.  ‫بدمعاش‬
‫ بدمخي‬1 badməkhí f. ugliness, hideousness
‫ بدمخی‬2 badmə́khaj 1 unattractive, plain; ugly, hideous

badkārí f. 1 sin 2 evil deed, crime 3 disobedience, state of

‫ بدکردار‬badkirdā́ r  ‫بدکار‬
‫ بدکرداري‬badkirdārí f.  ‫بدکاري‬
‫ بدگذرانه‬badguzrā́ na  ‫بدسلوکه‬
‫ بدگذراني‬badguzrāní f. 1  ‫بدسلوکي‬


‫د چا څخه بدله اخيستل‬

instead of that 3 regional compensation, indemnity


suspect, shady

badlá f. 1 revenge

‫ بدلي‬1 badəlí m. singer
‫ بدلي‬2 badə́li plural of ‫ بدله‬1
‫ بدلې‬3 badlé plural of ‫ بدله‬2
‫ بدلېدل‬badledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بدل سو‬1 ‫په بدلېدلو‬
‫ سره‬to be changed, to be substituted, to be exchanged 2 ... ‫په‬
‫ بدلېدل‬to turn / change into something
‫ بدلېده‬badledə́ m. plural 1 substitution, exchange 2 change into

fiend, monster 1.3 disobedient 2 m. villain, scoundrel, fiend,



someone 2 replacement, substitution, exchange


‫ بدفعله‬badfé'la  ‫بدکار‬
‫ بدقسمت‬badqismát ‫ بدقسمته‬ ‫بدبخته‬
‫ بدقسمتي‬badqismatí f.  ‫بدبختي‬
‫ بدکار‬badkā́ r 1.1 sinful 1.2 wicked ‫بدکاره سړی‬


verb to lead a dissipated life


of ‫ ديو شي په بدل رانيول‬to substitute something for something ‫د چا‬
‫ سره خيالات بدل رابدل کول‬exchange views with someone 2 revenge
‫ د چا څخه بدل اخيستل‬to take revenge on someone 3 compensation,

of conscientiousness


indemnity 4 equivalent


badán m. body, trunk

Pashto-English Dictionary


badnā́ m 1 to have a bad reputation, be in bad repute; disgraced,

to cause harm b shame, discredit

be dishonored 2 shameful, disgraceful


become pitiable b he got lost c he lost consciousness


‫]بدنام يې کړ‬

badnāmawə́l denominative, transitive [past:
dishonor, disgrace, discredit
badnāmí f. bad reputation; shame, dishonor

!‫څونه بدنامي ده‬

What a shame!


badnāmedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بدنام سو‬be
disgraced, be dishonored, be discredited; disgrace oneself

‫ بدنصيبه‬badnasíba indeclinable unfortunate
‫ بدنمايه‬badnumāja ‫ بدنمای‬badnumāj unattractive; ugly, hideous
‫ بدنه‬badaná f. fuselage (of an aircraft)
‫ بدني‬1 badaní physical, bodily, corporal ‫ بدني تربيت‬physical culture
‫ بدني ورزش‬physical exercises, calisthenics
‫ بدنۍ‬2 badnə́j, badanə́j f. small basin for washing, water container

(of a misfortune)


badnijáta 1 unfortunate, unlucky 2 ominous, sinister 3 ill-

‫ بدنيتي‬badnijatí f. malice, malicious intent, ill-will, hostility
‫ بدو‬badú cross, angry, bad-tempered
‫ بدوالی‬badwā́ laj m. poor quality; negative side
‫ بدودي‬badodí f. harm; damage
‫ بدورد‬badwə́rd hostile, inimical
‫ بدورده‬badwə́rda indeclinable unfortunate, unhappy
‫ بدورگه‬badwə́rga cross, angry, bad-tempered
‫ بدورگېدل‬badwərgedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]بدورگ شو‬to get angry
‫ بدوری‬badúraj m.  ‫بډوډی‬
‫ بدوړ‬badwə́ṛ dangerous (of a person)
‫ بدوړول‬badwəṛawə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بدوړ يې کړ‬to


‫ بدۍ‬4 badə́j f. bank of a canal subject to erosion
‫ بدۍ‬5 badə́j plural of ‫ بدي‬1
‫ بديا‬badjā́ f. 1 evil, harm, misfortune 2 depravity, perversity
‫ بديا‬badjā́ f.  ‫بېديا‬
‫ بديدار‬badidā́ r m. ‫ بدي دار‬deadly enemy, person who is in a state of
deadly enmity or who has committed an act of bloody vengeance
(murder, wounding, etc.)

‫ بديداري بدي داري‬badidārí f. the custom of blood revenge
‫ بدېدل‬badedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بدشو‬1 to grow
worse, spoil 2 to become unsuitable; be ruined 3 to perish

‫ بديع‬badí' Arabic remarkable, wonderful, wondrous
‫ بديعه‬badi'á f. Arabic [plural: ‫ بدائع‬badāí'] m. Arabic

consider (to be) harmful, consider (to be) dangerous
badwəṛedə́l denominative, intransitive [past:
harmful, be dangerous

‫]بدوړ شو‬

to be

‫ بديعي‬badi'í Arabic rhetorical
‫ بديهي‬badihí Arabic clear, obvious ‫ بديهي ده‬it is clear, it is obvious
‫ بډ‬1 baḍ equal, identical
‫ بډ‬2 buḍ one-armed, having one arm
‫ بډ‬3 bəḍ clear ‫ په بډه ويل‬to speak clearly; speak bluntly
‫ بډا‬buḍā́ 1 old; aged, advanced in years 2 m. old man, elder ‫دسړي‬
‫ نه بډا جوړول‬to make someone (look) older
‫ بډاگري‬baḍāgarí f.  ‫بډايتوب‬
‫ بډال‬baḍā́ l m. wine
‫ بډای‬baḍā́ j 1 m. rich man 2 rich, wealthy
‫ بډايتوب‬baḍājtób m. wealth, substance
‫ بډاينه‬baḍājə́na f. enrichment, gain
‫ بډايول‬baḍājavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بډاي يې کړ‬to

person, a bad lot

badawə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
worsen, spoil

‫]بد يې‬

make bad,

‫ بدون‬bidún Persian preposition combines with the postposition ‫له‬
‫ بدون له‬without, except
‫ بدوي‬badawí m. Arabic bedouin, nomad
‫ بدويت‬badawiját m. Arabic nomadic way of life
‫ بده‬1 báda 1 feminine singular of ‫ بد‬1 2 f. .1 harm; trouble,
misfortune; ‫ د ښې او بدي توپيرکول‬distinguish good and evil; ‫چاته په‬
‫ بده کتل‬to regard someone maliciously; ‫ په بده ککړېدل‬to get into
trouble 2.2 bad; ‫ په بدو اوښتل‬a to worsen, get worse (e.g., of the

enrich, make rich

condition of a wound) b to engage in nefarious business, take the
path of wrong; go bad, become corrupted (of a person)

‫بده وراړول‬


thing, amazing thing

‫ بدوږمه‬badwágma
indeclinable fetid, stinking, bad-smelling
‫ بدوک‬badúk m. ‫ بدوکی‬badúkaj m. scoundrel, villain; worthless

bádí f. 1 evil, harm, misfortune 2 deadly hostility, enmity 3

‫ د هغه د ورور زما بدي‬، ‫د هغه ورور زما بدي شي‬
‫ شي‬I hate his brother. ‫ بدي کول‬compound verb to sin
‫ بدي‬2 bádi Eastern bade 1 feminine plural of ‫ بد‬1 2 oblique case
singular of ‫ بده‬1 2
‫ بدی‬3 badáj wicked, malicious; worthless, good-for-nothing (of a

intentioned, malicious; unfriendly, hostile, ill-disposed



Eastern hatred, enmity

with a spout (usually made of copper or aluminum)


a he has

‫ بده‬2 budá f. textiles weft, woof
‫ بده‬3 budh m. Buddha ‫ بده مذهب‬Buddhism
‫ بده وبيرانه‬báda-u-birā́ na f.  ‫بده ويرانه‬
‫ بده ورځ‬bádawradz f. rainy day; trouble; need; difficult position
‫ ولوجان بدي ورځي اخيستئ دئ‬. Misfortune befell Walo-jaan. ‫په بده‬
‫ په بده ورځ ککړېدل‬، ‫ ورځ اخته کېدل‬fall into poverty ‫وچاته بدي ورځي‬
‫ کول‬to pester someone with requests, importune someone
‫ بده ويرانه‬báda-wirā́ na f. disturbance, discord, sedition ‫بده ويرانه‬
‫ پېښول‬a to create a disturbance b to make much mischief ‫بده‬
‫ ويرانه پېښېدل‬a to be raised (of a disturbance) b to happen, occur

badnā́ musí, badnā́ mosí f. shame, disgrace, dishonor; bad


‫هغه بدي اخيستئ دئ‬



baḍājí f. 





‫په يو شي بډائي کول‬

to be proud of

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بډبول‬baḍból truthful; righteous
‫ بډبول توب‬baḍboltób m. ‫ بډبولتيا‬baḍboltjā́



‫ برابر‬according to model 2.3 parallel, along … ‫ په‬،‫د … سره برابر‬
‫ سره برابر‬parallel to something, alongside something 2.4
uniformly 2.5 directly ‫ برابر کورته ځئ‬go directly home idiom
‫ برابر پر وخت‬in time ‫ دوه برابره‬twice as much
‫ برابرتيا‬brābartjā́ f. barābartjā́ ‫ برابرښت‬brābarə́ḳht m. barābarə́ḳht
‫ برابروالی‬brābarvā́ laj m. barābarvā́ laj 1 correspondence 2

baḍbolvā́ laj

m. truth; veracity; truthfulness, uprightness


baḍagā́ l m. fluff on the flower cluster of the cat-tail (used in


‫ بډگي‬bəḍəgí f. vagrancy
‫ بډو‬baḍú m. bribetaker
‫ بډوډی‬baḍúḍaj m. anatomy kidney
‫ بډوکی‬baḍúkaj m. kidney (of a sheep, goat)
‫ بډوگی‬buḍogáj m. old boy, old chap
‫ بډولی‬baḍólaj m. clay pitcher
‫ بډه‬báḍa f. 1 belt or cord worn with wide pants 2 target, goal 3
waning moon 4 bribe idiom ‫ بډي راغښتل‬to roll up one's sleeves,
get down to work ‫ بډي په چا پسې پورته کول‬to pursue someone
persistently 5 ‫ بډي وهل‬to take up something, take up some

uniformity 3 equality, sameness 4 agreement; coordination 5
regulation, adjustment

‫ برابرول‬brābaravə́l barābaravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫برابر‬
‫ ]يې کړ‬1 to balance; equalize, make even 2 to bring into
agreement 3 to arrange 4 to fit, adapt 5 to supply; stock ‫د خوړلو‬
‫ مواد برابرول‬to lay in provisions 6 to prepare; create 7 to arrange,
organize 8 to fold, pack ‫ کالي سره برابرول‬to fold clothing 9 to
fune (e.g., a radio) idiom ‫ ويو کار ته ځان برابرول‬to be engaged in

‫ برابرونه‬brābaravə́na f. barābaravə́na  ‫ برابري‬3-9
‫ برابري‬brābarí f. barābarí 1 equality 2 parallel direction ‫هغه غرونه‬
‫ چه د ساحل په برابرۍ پراته دي‬mountains which stretch along the shore


‫ بډها‬buḍhā́  ‫بډا‬
‫ بډی‬1 buḍáj m. old man
‫ بډۍ‬2 buḍə́j f. old woman
‫ بډی‬3 baḍáj m. person with no arms, armless person
‫ بډي‬4 báḍi f. plural bribe ‫ بډي خوړل‬،‫ بډي اخيستل‬to take a bribe ‫بډي‬
‫ ورکول‬to give a bribe
‫ بډي خور‬baḍikhór bribe-taker
‫ بډي مار‬baḍimār m. bribe-giver
‫ بذر‬bazr m. Arabic singular & plural grain for sowing, seed
‫ بذگر‬bazgár m.  ‫بزگر‬
‫ بذگره‬bazgára f.  ‫بزگره‬
‫ بذگري‬bazgarí f.  ‫بزگري‬
‫ بذله‬bazlá f. Arabic joke; witticism
‫ بذله گو‬bazlagú m. ‫ بذله گوی‬bazlagúj wit; joker, comedian
‫ بذله گويي‬bazlaguí f. wit, wittiness
‫ بر‬1 bar f. barr Arabic dry land (as opposed to the sea)
‫ بر‬2 bar m. breast, chest
‫ بر‬3 bar m. width (of fabric, etc.)
‫ بر‬4 bar 1.1 upper ‫ برپښتون‬Afghan living in the mountain region (in
Afghanistan) 1.2 having conquered, having come out on top ‫بر‬
‫ کېدل‬a to ascend, go up b to conquer, win out 2 m. top ‫ د بره‬a

3 fitting, adjustment 4 correspondence, agreement 5 supply;

stock 6 preparation; creation 7 arrangement 8 folding, packing
9 tuning (a radio)

‫ برابرېدل‬brābaredə́l barābaredə́l denominative, intransitive [past:
‫ ]برابر شو‬1 to balance; equalize, become even 2 to be sufficient,
be enough ‫ د حيواناتو د پوولو دپاره واښه نه برابرېږي‬there is not enough

grass for pasturing the cattle 3 to come into correspondence, come
to an agreement 4 to be arranged, be adjusted 5 to be fitted, be

accommodated 6 to be supplied, be stocked 7 to be prepared, be
created 8 to be arranged, be organized 9 to be folded, be packed
10 to be tuned (e.g., a radio receiver)

‫ بر ٔات‬1 barā'át m. barā́ t m. Arabic 1 remmittance (money) ‫د معاش‬
‫ بر ٔات‬check or order for receipt of pay or maintenance finance 2
bill of exchange, transferable bill ‫ د بر ٔات صدور‬payment of a note;
issuance of a note ‫ بر ٔات ورکوونکی‬،‫ بر ٔات صادروونکی‬issuer of a
promissory note ‫ د بر ٔات قبول‬acceptance of a bill of exchange
‫ برات‬2 barā́ t m. Arabic fourteenth day of the eighth month of the
lunar year when funeral banquets are customarily celebrated

‫ براځه‬brā́ dza f. tick (on a camel or great-horned cattle)
‫ براده‬burādá f. sawdust, filings ‫ د اوسپني برادې‬iron filings
‫ براډکاست‬brāḍkāst m.  ‫بروډکاسټ‬
‫ برار‬bərā́ r m. growth, development
‫ برازاويل‬brāzāvíl m. Brazzaville (city)
‫ برازندگي‬barāzandagí f. honor, merit
‫ برازيل‬brāzíl m. Brazil
‫ برازيليا‬brāzilijā́ f. Brasilia (city)
‫ براعظم‬barria'zám m. continent
‫ براعظمي‬barria'zamí continental
‫ براق‬burāk m. embankment; rampart
‫ برالا‬barālā 1 evident, open 2 manifestly, openly; (to speak) frankly
‫ برالبوالی‬brālbvā́ laj m. pregnancy; gestation; being in foal, etc.

from above b from the mountains, from the north, from
Afghanistan (with reference to Afghans)



bər m. astronomy eclipse


‫د نمر بر‬

eclipse of the sun idiom


a madman b sleepwalker

bər m. 1 branch with small leaves (e.g., of a tamarisk) 2 leafy

top of root vegetables (e.g., of carrots)


brābár barābár 1.1 equal, identical

‫نژدې په برابر شمېر‬


equally, in equal parts 1.2 suitable, appropriate, fit, useful 1.3

‫ په برابر ډول‬،‫ په برابره توگه‬uniformly 2.1
equally, indentically ‫ يو برابر‬in equal amounts; on a par (with), on
an equal footing 2.2 in accordance (with something) ‫په نمونه سره‬

favorable 1.4 proper, fitting 1.5 parallel 1.6 uniform


uniform heat


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ برالبه‬brālba pregnant; gestating; in foal, etc.
‫ برالبېدل‬brālbedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]برالبه شوه‬

to be

barāmád discovered, revealed, disclosed

‫برامد کېدل‬


barbənḍvā́ laj

barbənḍavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بربنډ شو‬to bare,
uncover, strip, lay bare

to be


barbənḍedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بربنډ شو‬1 to
be uncovered, be laid bare, be stripped 2 to be denuded (of

vegetation on mountains)

‫ بربوزک‬barbuzák m. mountaineer's bow
‫ برپا‬barpā́ 1 raised, erected, constructed 2 established; founded,
based ‫ برپا کول‬a to raise, erect, construct b to establish, found,
base 3 ‫ برپا کېدل‬a to be raised, be erected, be constructed b to be
established, be founded, be based

‫ برپي‬barpí foolishly brave
‫ برتانوي‬britānaví British
‫ برتانيه‬britānijá f. England ‫ لويه برتانيه‬Great Britain
‫ برتري‬bartarí f. superiority ‫ ظاهره برتري لرل‬to be clearly superior
‫ برته‬bartá f. boiled eggplant without butter
‫ برته‬bírta f.  ‫بېرته‬
‫ برتي‬bartí f. 1  ‫ بهرتي‬2 technology soldering
‫ برج‬1 burdzh m. Arabic brədzh [plural: ‫ برجونه‬burdzhúna plural:
‫ برجان‬burdzhā́ n Arabic plural: ‫ بروج‬burúdzh] 1 tower; fort;

b to

lay claim to something c to pretend to be someone

‫ براورد‬barāvúrd m. 1 estimate 2 valuation
‫ براونه‬barāvə́na f. victory
‫ براهماپوترا‬brāhmā-putrā f. the Brahmaputra (river)
‫ براهوی‬brāhúj m. Brahui (nationality of a people living mainly in
western Pakistan)

‫ براهين‬barāhín m. Arabic plural from ‫برهان‬
‫ برائت‬barā'át m. Arabic 1 law acquittal 2 release (e.g., from
obligations) 3 purity, innocence

stronghold; blockhouse 2 sign of the zodiac 3 month of the solar

‫ برای راست‬barāji-rāst regional truly; in actuality, in fact
‫ برايه‬barājə́ ‫ برائي‬barājí yesterday evening ‫ برايه ماښام‬last night ‫برايه‬
‫ شپه‬late last night
‫ برباد‬barbād 1.1 ruined 1.2 annihilated; destroyed; crushed 1.3



‫گرځېدونکی برج‬

aviation (gun-) turret

bardzh m. 1 thin bark of a tree (used for paper); birch-bark 2

‫ برجاو‬bardzhā́ v 1 full, filled 2 thickly populated
‫ برجتو‬bardzhətú m. trouble-maker
‫ برجد‬bardzhád established, fixed, set up
‫ برجستگي‬bardzhastagí f. 1 protuberance, bulge, projection 2
superiority ‫ تر نورو برجستگي لرل‬to surpass others
‫ برجسته‬bardzhastá 1 outstanding ‫ برجسته خلک‬eminent people ‫د‬
‫ برجسته خدمتونو په نسبت‬for outstanding service 2 precisely,
distinctly ‫ برجسته ويل‬a to speak distinctly b to emphasize (in


barbādavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]برباد يې کړ‬1 to
ruin 2 to annihilate, crush, destroy 3 to waste, throw to the wind
barbādí f. 1 ruin 2 annihilation, destruction 3 squandering

4 nonsense, foolishness


barbādedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]برباد شو‬1 to
perish, be lost 2 to be annihilated, be crushed, be destroyed 3 to
be squandered

‫ بربت‬1 bərbə́t m. haughtiness; pride
‫ بربت‬2 barbát m. guitar
‫ بربره‬burburá f. bubble (on the surface of water)
‫ بربری‬1 bərbəráj m. propeller (of a ship or airplane)
‫ بربری‬2 burburáj m. 1 kindling 2 leaves (e.g., of the tamarisk)
‫ بربري‬3 barbarí 1 barbarian 2 m. a barbarian
‫ بربري‬4 barbarí m. plural  ‫ هزاره‬1
‫ بربس‬barbás m. ‫ بربست‬barbást m. 1 property; belongings, things


birch tree

wasted, spent 2 down with! let perish!


barbənḍtjā́ f.

1 nakedness, bareness 2 absence of vegetation (on mountains)

discovered; turn up somewhere

‫ برآمده‬barāmadá f. regional veranda
‫ بران‬burrān cutting; sharp
‫ برانچ‬brānch m. branch, section
‫ برانډه‬bərānḍa f. cry, scream ‫ برانډه کول‬to cry out, howl
‫ برانش‬brānsh m. gills; branchiae
‫ برانشي‬brānshaj m. gill, branchia
‫ برانگيزانده‬barāngizāndá provocative (of actions)
‫ براوډه‬brāvḍa f. bragging, boasting ‫ براوډي وهل‬a to boast, brag



fruitful; be pregnant; become pregnant; be with young, in foal, etc.


barbənḍtób m.


‫ برجق‬bardzháḳ regional ‫ برجک‬bardzhák full, filled ‫ برجق کول‬to fill
‫ برجق کېدل‬to be full, be filled; fill up ‫ کمره د خلقو نه برجقه شوې ده‬the
room was filled with people

‫ برجگی‬burdzhagáj
‫ برجو‬bardzhú f. 1

m. turret
whetstone, touchstone

touchstone 2 cheek 3 kidney stones

‫برجو کاڼی‬


‫ برځ‬brədz f. [plural: ‫ برځي‬brə́dzi] peritoneum
‫ برچول‬brachavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]برچ يې کړ‬


to anger;

annoy, irritate


‫ بربک‬burbə́k m. thorn apple, hawthorn
‫ بربکی‬burbəkáj m.  ‫بوړبکی‬
‫ بربنډ‬barbə́nḍ 1 naked, bare 2 bare, without vegetation (of


barchá f. flat bayonet

‫د برچو جنگ‬

bayonet battle

military Fix bayonets! (as a command)

‫برچه پک‬

‫ برڅېر‬bartsér 1 evident, clear 2 raised (to the surface) ‫ برڅېر کول‬
‫ برڅېرول‬،‫ برڅېر کېدل‬ ‫برڅېرېدل‬
‫ برڅېرول‬bartseravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]برڅېر يې کړ‬1 to

mountains) 3 obsolete easily armed, easily equipped, easily

exhibit, show, display 2 to raise (to the surface)


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ برڅېره‬bartséra feminine singular from ‫برڅېر‬
‫ برڅېرېدل‬bartseredə́l denominative, intransitive


[past: ‫ ]برڅېر شو‬1 to


‫ برزو‬bərzú m. padded pants, quilted trousers
‫ برس‬burs m.  ‫ برش‬1
‫ برسات‬barsā́ t m. 1 rainy season 2 monsoon ‫ښکېنی برسات‬

be exhibited, be shown, be displayed 2 to be raised, rise up (to the

‫ برحال‬barhā́ l existing, current (of a government, etc.)
‫ برخاست‬barkhāst m. regional 1 closing (e.g., of a session)

‫ برساتي‬barsātí f. raincoat
‫ برست‬brest m. Brest (city)
‫ برسراقتدار‬barsar-i-iḳtidā́ r regional being in power, being in office
‫ برسول‬bursavə́l transitive ‫برشول‬
‫ برسېر‬1 barsér obsolete  ‫برڅېر‬
‫ برسېر‬2 barsér m. interface
‫ برسېرن‬barserə́n ‫ برسېرنی‬barserənáj superficial, external
‫ برسېره‬barséra over, above, more than something; apart from, besides
something ‫ برسېره پر هغه‬،‫ برسېره پر دې‬moreover, in addition ‫برسېره‬
‫ کول‬ ‫برڅېرول‬
‫ برش‬1 brásh m. barásh [plural: ‫ برشان‬brashā́ n plural: barashā́ n]
brush ‫ دمسواک برش‬toothbrush ‫ برش کول‬compound verb  ‫برشول‬
‫ برش‬2 burísh m. cutting (out)
‫ برشته‬birishtá roasted, fried, grilled ‫ برشته کول‬to roast, fry, grill
‫ برشول‬brashavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]برش يې کړ‬to clean

‫ برخلاف‬barkhilāf opposed (to someone, something) ‫ د‬، ‫د دې برخلاف‬
‫ دې په برخلاف‬despite that; counter to that (in defiance of that)
‫ برخليک‬barkhlík m. fate, lot
‫ برخو‬barkhú m.  ‫بارخو‬
‫ برخواست‬barkhā́ st m.  ‫برخاست‬
‫ برخوردار‬barkhurdā́ r 1.1 fortunate, happy, prosperous ‫ برخوردار کېدل‬to
be happy, fortunate 1.2 making use of something 2 m. polite

‫ ستاسي د برخوردار نوم څه دئ؟‬What is your son's name?
‫ برخونه‬barkhúna f.  ‫بالاخانه‬
‫ برخه‬bárkha f. brákha f. 1 part; portion ‫ د پنکي برخه‬share; portion,
lot ‫ د برخي خاوند‬shareholder; partner ‫ له درو څخه دوې برخي‬two
thirds ‫ برخه برخه‬in part, partially, by parts ‫ د يوشي يوه برخه جوړول‬to
be a part of something ‫ دوې برخي کېدل‬to be divided in half, into
two parts ‫ پر دوو برابرو برخو باندي وېشل‬to divide into two equal parts,
split in half ‫ له يو شي څخه برخه ميندل‬،‫ له يو شي څخه برخه اخيستل‬a to
use something b to be worthy of something ‫ برخه لرل‬a to own a

with a brush

‫ برطانوي‬britānaví British
‫ برطانيه‬britānijá f. England ‫ لويه برطانيه‬Great Britain
‫ برطرف‬bartaráf dismissed (from a job), fired ‫ برطرف کول‬ ‫برطرفول‬
،‫ برطرف کېدل‬ ‫برطرفېدل‬
‫ برطرفول‬bartarafavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]برطرف يې کړ‬to

part; to be a shareholder b to promote, assist, be conducive to

‫لويه برخه لرل‬

to play a large role

‫د يو شي څخه برخه لرل‬


‫ پوره برخه لرل‬to utilize something in full
‫ يو شی په برخه ورکول‬to provide someone with something ‫د‬
‫ چا په برخه کېدل‬to pass on to someone (inheritance); for someone to
be worthy of something


dismiss (from a job), fire

get what's coming to him 2 portion of land, allotment of land 3
military flight (3-4 aircraft) sub-unit idiom

‫برخه خور‬

‫برخه لټول‬

‫ برطرفي‬bartarafí f. dismissal (from a job), firing
‫ برطرفېدل‬bartarafedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]برطرف شو‬

to seek

barkhakhór m. 1 co-owner 2 landowner 3 member of a

‫ برعکس‬bar'áks on the contrary
‫ برعليه‬bar'alijá contradictory
‫ برغ‬bragh m. 1 fold 2 layer
‫ برغټ‬burghúṭ m. steppe cat (caracal)
‫ برغټه‬burghúṭa f. steppe cat (the female) (caracal)
‫ برغټی‬barghuṭáj m.  ‫برغوټی‬
‫ برغزووي‬barghazúvi f. plural nonsense, foolishness
‫ برغښی‬barghə́ḳhaj m. upper jaw
‫ برغنډ‬barghə́nḍ m. 1 notch (on a log, etc.) 2 wound (stab wound)

‫ برخه لرونکی‬bárkha larúnkaj m. 1 participant 2 shareholder
‫ برخه من‬barkhamə́n having a portion
‫ بردار‬bardā́ r 1 a width of … 2 wide, broad; of double width (of

bardā́ sht m. 1 patience 2 firmness, steadfastness 3 advance

(in pay)

‫برداشت کول‬

a to endure, bear b to take an advance on

your pay 4 introduction, forward (e.g., in a book)


bardāshtavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
to endure, be patient

‫ بردگي‬bardagí f. slavery ‫ د بردگۍ دوره‬epoch of slavery
‫ بردوبای‬burdubā́ j m. victory and defeat
‫ برده‬bardá [plural: ‫ برده گان‬bardagā́ n] 1 m. slave 2 f.

‫]برداشت يې‬

piece (of meat)

‫ برغو‬barghú m. 1 borer, drill, auger 2 bayonet
‫ برغوټ‬burghút m.  ‫برغټ‬
‫ برغوټه‬burchúṭa f.  ‫برغټه‬
‫ برغوټی‬barghuṭáj m. medicine mumps
‫ برغوږی‬barghvágaj̣ m. earring
‫ برغولی‬barghólaj m. lid, cover (of a kettle, etc.)
‫ برغونی‬barghúnaj  ‫غبرگونی‬

female slave;

female captive

‫ برړه‬baráṛa f.
‫ برزاله‬barzā́ lā


be dismissed (from a job), be fired




from India

2 firing,

removal (from a job)


barzákh m. 1 isthmus, neck (of land) 2 receptivity;

botany Periploca aphylla (a kind of bush)
f. eyelid


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ برف پاک‬barfpāk m. snowplow
‫ برفدان‬barfdā́ n m. reservoir for snow
‫ برفک‬barfák m. Barfak (village, town)
‫ برف کوچ‬barfkúch m. snow avalanche
‫ برفي‬barfí f. cream and sugar frozen in small bars (a kind of

‫ برلاسی‬barlā́ saj strong, powerful, authoritative
‫ برلک‬barlák m. scarecrow
‫ برله‬barláh on behalf (of someone)
‫ برلين‬barlín m. Berlin (city)
‫ برم‬bram m. power ‫ له برمه پرېوتل‬to wear oneself out ‫له برمه لوېدل‬


‫ برما‬barmā́ f. Burma ‫ د برما اتحاديه‬Union of Burma
‫ برماڼو‬barmāṇú m. savage, barbarian
‫ برمته‬bramatá f. baramatá (unauthorized) driving away of cattle, etc.
‫ برمته کول‬compound verb to drive away cattle; to seize property
‫ برمل‬barmál m. Bar Mil (region in Paktia province)
‫ برملا‬barmalā́  ‫برالا‬
‫ برمنډ‬barmə́nḍ  ‫بربنډ‬
‫ برمنډتيا‬barmənḍtjā́ f.  ‫بربنډتوب‬
‫ برمنډول‬barmənḍavə́l denominative, transitive  ‫بربنډول‬
‫ برمنډېدل‬barmənḍedə́l denominative, intransitive  ‫بربنډېدل‬
‫ برمنگهم‬birminghám m. Birmingham (city)
‫ برمه‬barmá f. auger, gimlet ‫ د سکرو د برمې ماشين‬auger (for drilling
wells) ‫ د برمې برج‬derrick ‫ برمه کول‬a to drill b to cut through (air,


bark m. Arabic 1 lightning 2 electricity

‫د برق څراغ‬

grow weak (of a person)


light ‫ د برق فابريکه‬،‫ د برق کارخانه‬electric power station
‫ برقرار‬barkarār 1 established, founded ‫ برقرار کول‬ ‫برقرار برقرارول‬
،‫ کېدل‬ ‫ برقرارېدل‬2 firm, hard
‫ برقرارول‬barḳarāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]برقرار يې کړ‬1
to establish, found 2 to make fast, firm

‫ برقراري‬barḳarārí f. 1 founding, establishment 2 firmness, hardness
‫ برقرارېدل‬barḳarāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]برقرار شو‬to
be founded, be established

‫ برقعه‬burḳ'á f. veil, yashmak (worn by Moslem women)
‫ برق والا‬barḳvā́ lā́ m. electrician
‫ برقه‬burḳá f.  ‫برقعه‬
‫ برقي‬barḳí 1 electric ‫ برقي څراغ‬electric light ‫ برقي پايه‬stoplight ‫برقي‬
‫ تداوي‬electrotherapy ‫ برقي کول‬to electrify 2 m. electrician
‫ برکت‬barakát m. Arabic [plural: ‫ برکتونه‬barakatúna Arabic plural:
‫ برکات‬barakā́ t] 1 blessing, benediction 2 influence ‫د چا له برکته‬

of an airplane propeller, etc.)

‫ برمه کار‬barmakār m. driller; drill operator
‫ برمه کاري‬barmakārí f. drilling ‫برمه کاري کول‬

thanks to someone, because of someone 3 well-being, prosperity

‫ برمه ئي‬barmají used for or related to drilling, boring
‫ برميالی‬bramjāláj strong, great; mighty
‫ برن‬bern m. barn m. Bern (city)
‫ برناحقه‬barnāháḳa ‫ برناحقې‬barnāháḳe in vain, for nothing
‫ برنج‬biríndzh m. brass
‫ برند‬brand 1 cheerful 2 coquettish, playful 3 attentive 4

Prosperity has left Zmaraj's house 4 proper noun Barakat

‫ برکتي‬barakatí fruitful, fertile
‫ برکنړ‬barkunáṛ m. Barkunar (region)
‫ برکه‬baráka f. kind of fabric from camel fur
‫ برکۍ‬barakə́j f. large bag (for hauling straw)
‫ برکي برک‬barakí-barák m. Baraki-Barak (city)
‫ برکي راجان‬barakí-rādzhā́ n m. Baraki Rajan (town or village)
‫ برگ‬1 brag 1 variegated, motley, many-colored; skewbald 2 m.
leper idiom ‫ برگ برگ کتل‬to look at angrily
‫ برگ‬2 barg m. 1 leaf ‫ برگ رژېږي‬leaves are falling ‫برگ غوړېږي‬
leaves are are coming out 2 slice ‫ برگ برگ کول‬to cut into thin


come out against someone 5 dialect opened wide (of the eyes)

‫برند کېدل‬


‫چا ته برند کېدل‬

to come out against someone; attack

someone dialect b to be wide-eyed


brəndavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
furrow one's brows; frown

‫]برند يې‬



brəndedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]برند شو‬1 to
frown 2 to become angry

slices (e.g., meat) 3 fighting equipment

‫ برنډه‬baranḍá f. 1 veranda
‫ برنی‬1 baranáj 1 adjective

2 deck


evening 2 stale (of bread)



‫برنۍ شپه‬

last night, yesterday

baranáj upper (living or located in the mountains) ‫کلی‬


mountain village

‫ برنۍ ولتا‬baranə́j voltā f.  ‫بره ولتا‬
‫ بروټی‬1 baroṭaj m. bundle of brushwood
‫ بروټی‬2 barvə́ṭaj m.  ‫دسترخان‬
‫ بروج‬burúdzh masculine plural Arabic from ‫ برج‬1
‫ بروډکاسټ‬broḍkā́ sṭ m. radio broadcast; broadcasting ‫د بروډکاسټ په‬
‫ ذربعه‬by radio, on the radio ‫ بروډکاسټ کول‬compound verb to
broadcast over radio ‫ بروډکاسټ کېدل‬compound verb to be



‫ برگوته‬bargúta f. little finger, little toe
‫ برگه‬1 bargá f. 1 beam, girder 2 raft
‫ برگه‬2 brága 1 feminine singular from ‫ برگ‬1 1

compound verb to


‫ د زمري له کوره برکت ټول شوئ دئ‬،‫د زمري له کوره برکت تللئ دئ‬

‫ برگت‬burgút m. proper name Burgut
‫ برگد‬brigíd m. birgíd obsolete brigadier general
‫ برگړندی‬bargṛandáj m.  ‫بړگړندی‬
‫ برگزيده‬barguzidá chosen, selected, elected; picked
‫ برگ سترگی‬bragstə́rgaj having a cataract on the eye
‫ برگشت‬bargásht m. 1 return 2 turn, turning ‫د برگشت نقطه‬

2 feminine for


‫ برگ‬1


‫ برگی‬1 bragáj m. leper
‫ برگ يالی‬bragjāláj motley, variegated; spotted

broadcast by radio


Pashto-English Dictionary



‫ برېت په خمچه اړول‬a twirl your moustache
figurative to make a show of bravery ‫ برېتونه ځوړول‬a to be
cowardly b to stint, grudge idiom ‫ ده خپل برېتونه تاوول‬a he

baróṛa f. Ornithodorus (a kind of tick, carrier of typhus or tick



burúz m. Arabic manifestation, disclosure, revelation;

appearance ‫ بروز کول‬to become manifest, be revealed; appear
‫ بروق‬buróḳ m.  ‫براق‬
‫ بروکسل‬bruksél m. Brussels (city)
‫ برونشيت‬bronshít m. bronchitis
‫ بروڼي‬barvúṇaj m. 1 part of a bucket chain or noria 2 spot (of a
barváj 1 sticky 2 figurative boring, tiresome

stick on, glue on b figurative to bore

‫بروی کېدل‬

‫بروی کول‬

rejoiced (in) b he gave himself airs

a to

a to stick (to),

adhere b figurative to be fed up, be bored

‫ بره‬bára feminine singular of ‫ بر‬4
‫ برهان‬burhā́ n m. Arabic [plural: ‫ برهانونه‬burhānúna Arabic plural:
‫ براهين‬barāhín] convincing proof, argument ‫ براهين راايستل‬to

creatures, organisms)

‫ برېدليک‬bridlík m. foreward
‫ بريدمن‬bridmán m. lieutenant ‫ لمړی بريدمن‬1st lieutenant ‫دوهم بريدمن‬
2nd lieutenant ‫ دريم بريدمن‬3rd lieutenant
‫ بريدمني‬bridmaní f. rank of lieutenant
‫ برېز‬brez f. bug
‫ برېزر‬brezár m. morning, dawn
‫ برېزری‬barezaráj m. breakfast
‫ برېزن‬brezə́n m. ‫ برېږن‬bregə̣ ́ n m. bleat, bleating ‫ برېزن کول‬to bleat
‫ برېښ‬1 breḳh m. 1 inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia ‫تبه برېښ‬

introduce convincing proof or arguments

‫ بره خونه‬bára khúna f.  ‫بالا خانه‬
‫ بره گړه‬baragáṛa f.  ‫بړگړندی‬
‫ برهم‬barhám 1 mixed, mixed up 2 spoiled ‫ برهم کول‬ ،‫برهم کېدل‬
‫ برهمول‬ ‫برهمېدل‬
‫ برهمن‬brahmán m. Brahmin
‫ برهمول‬barhamavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]برهم يې کړ‬1 to
mix, mix up, confuse 2 to spoil 3 to ruin, destroy

inflammation of the lungs, pneumonia 2 sharp pain in the side


barhamedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]برهم شو‬1 to
be mixed, be mixed up, be confused 2 to be spoiled, spoil 3 to be

‫برېښ کول‬

‫د بري ولتا جمهوريت‬

bára voltā f. Upper Volta

Upper Volta



baráj m. victory; success




barrí Arabic 1 land (as opposed to marine, air)

ground army 2 continental

‫بري اقليم‬

‫بري لښکر‬

continental climate

breḳhnāví] 1 shine, glitter, gleam 2 lightning 3 electricity;
electric light

obligations, etc.)

‫د برېښنا فابريکه‬

electric power station

‫د برېښنا ميټر‬

electric meter 4 proper name Breḳhna

‫ برېښناچي‬breḳhnāchí m. electrician
‫ برېښناوال‬breḳhnāvā́ l electric
‫ برېښند‬breḳhə́nd gleaming, shining, resplendent, dazzling
‫ برېښول‬breḳhavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې برېښاوه‬1 to cause to shine,
cause to glisten ‫ اينداره برېښول‬to admit rays of sunlight 2 to dazzle
with brilliance figurative idiom ‫ غاښونه برېښول‬to set the teeth on
edge ‫ توره برېښول‬to flourish arms, threaten war
‫ برېښېدل‬breḳhedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبرېښېده‬1 to shine, glisten 2
to seem to be, be represented as something 3 to be visible ‫غاښونه‬
‫ مي برېښېږي‬،‫ غاښونه مي برېښي‬I set my teeth on edge.
‫ برېښیزې سوداگرۍ کارټ‬breḳhizé sawdāgarə́j kārṭ m. Electronic

Arabic 1 exonerated, found innocent 2

freed (from payment of a debt, from carrying out something)

‫الذمه کېدل‬

‫ د توري برېښ‬a the glitter of
‫ برېښ کول‬a to shine, glitter,

‫ برېښلیک‬bréḳhlik m. ‫ برېښناليک‬breḳhnā́ lik ‫ ايمېل‬ajimél e-mail
‫ برېښلیک پته‬bréḳhlik páta f. e-mail address
‫ برېښن‬breḳhə́n  ‫برېښند‬
‫ برېښنا‬breḳhnā f. [plural: ‫ برېښناگاني‬breḳhnāgā́ ni plural: ‫برېښناوي‬

barí Arabic 1 innocent (of), not guilty 2 freed (from

‫ بريا‬barjā́ f.  ‫بړيا‬
‫ بري الذمه‬barij-uz-zimá

breḳh m. glitter, shine, gleaming

gleam figurative b to flourish arms, threaten war

‫ بری وړل‬،‫ بری ميندل‬،‫ بری گټل‬،‫بری کول‬

to overcome, master something


a sable figurative b flourishing arms

Republic of

a to win a victory over someone, conquer, overcome someone b


a to be ill with inflammation of the lungs, be ill with

pneumonia b to have a pain in the side


‫بره ولتا‬


‫ بريتانيا‬britānijā́ f.  ‫برتانيه‬
‫ برېخ‬brekh m. Eastern  ‫ برېښ‬2
‫ بريد‬1 brid m. 1 attack, assault 2 beginning, starting point, access
‫ بريد کول‬a to attack b to approach something, begin something
‫ بريد‬2 buríd m. 1 separation 2 absence 3 border
‫ بريد جنرال‬briddzhenrāl m. major-general
‫ بريد جنرالي‬briddzhenrālí f. rank of major-general
‫ برېدل‬baredə́l bəredə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]و برېده‬to grow (of living



bret m. moustache

a to be justified b to be liberated, be freed (from


payment of a debt, from doing something)

‫ برياله‬barjā́ la f. air hole, vent, safety value; smoke vent
‫ بريالی‬barjāláj 1.1 triumphant, victorious 1.2 succeeding in
something; having achieved success ‫ بريالی کېدل‬a to triumph, win,
conquer b to succeed, attain success ‫ په امتحان کښي بريالی کېدل‬to
pass an examination 2 m. .1 victor; champion ‫د گړنديتوب بريالی‬
champion in racing 2.2 proper name Barjalaj

‫ برياليتوب‬barjālitób m. success, victory ‫دوی ته تر دې لا زيات برياليتوب‬
‫ غواړو‬We wish them even greater success.

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brek m. brake

‫برېک کول‬

to brake, apply the brakes

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بريک آب‬barikā́ b m. Barikab (town, village, region)
‫ بريکت‬brikét m. ‫ بريکټ‬brikéṭ m. ‫ بريکېت‬brikét m. briquette
‫ بريگېډېر‬brigeḍír m. colloquial brigadier general
‫ بري ليک‬barilík m. certificate; diploma
‫ بريمن‬barajmán  ‫ بريالی‬،‫ بريمن کېدل‬to conquer, achieve success
‫ بړ‬baṛ m. banyan (tree)
‫ بړاس‬bṛās m. 1 vapor, steam ‫ د اوبو بړاس‬water vapor, steam 2
evaporation ‫ د سکرو بړاس‬fumes ‫ د سکرو په بړاس اخته کېدل‬to be
poisoned by charcoal fumes ‫ بړاس کېدل‬compound verb to


bṛusavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
anger 2 to annoy, vex 3 to upset, disconcert

bṛusedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بړوس شو‬1 to
become angry 2 to be vexed, be annoyed 3 to be out of sorts, be

‫ بړوۍ‬baṛvə́j feminine for ‫بړوا‬
‫ بړوۍ توب‬baṛvəjtób m. 1 looseness (of a woman)
of a woman)


rectum) b figurative to (over) strain oneself; tire; be played out
figurative c to grow decrepit d figurative to become poor


‫ بړيا‬baṛjā́ f. payment ‫ بړيا کول‬compound verb to pay, make payment
‫ بړيا کېدل‬compound verb to be paid
‫ بړياينه‬baṛjājə́na f. payment
‫ بړېڅ‬baṛéts 1 m. plural Baretsy (tribe) 2 m. Barets (tribe member)
‫ بړېڅي‬1 bṛetsí m. plural  ‫ بړېڅ‬1
‫ بړېڅی‬2 bṛetsáj m.  ‫ بړېڅ‬2
‫ بړېدل‬buṛdə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبړېده‬to bellow, snort (of an angry

m. roar, noise (of water)

‫ بړبس‬baṛbás m. magnificence, grandeur
‫ بړبښکۍ‬buṛbuḳhkə́j f. whirlwind; sandstorm, tornado
‫ بړبنگ‬buṛbáng 1 m. .1 horsetail, Equisetum 1.2 ruler, ferule (used
for punishment in school) 2 figurative shallow, stupid

‫ بړبوزه‬baṛbóza f. violent trembling
‫ بړبوزی‬baṛbuzáj m. insulting talk ‫ بړبوزی اچول‬to say insulting things
‫ بړبوزی کول‬to insult, humiliate; offend with words; mock, scoff at
‫ بړبوکیزه‬baṛbūkiza f. pop-up (e.g., ads, menus)
‫ بړبوکۍ‬bəṛbukə́j f.  ‫بوړبکۍ‬
‫ بړچ‬bṛəch m. 1 wraith 2 sneezing ‫ پرچا بړچ وهل‬،‫ بړچ وهل‬a to


‫بړين چغ‬


‫ بړگړندی‬baṛgəṛandáj m. ‫ بړگندی‬baṛgandáj m. exchange of greetings
‫ بړگړندی کول‬to exchange greetings, say hello
‫ بړنگ‬baṛáng word paired to ‫اړنگ‬
‫ بړو‬baṛú m. weaver's beam
‫ بړوا‬baṛvā m. 1 profligate, libertine 2 procurer, pander, pimp
‫ بړواتوب‬baṛvātób m. ‫ بړوائي‬baṛvājí f. 1 profligacy 2 pandering 3
baseness ‫ بړواتوب کول‬a to be profligate b to pander c to commit

Muslim calendar)

‫ بزرگوار‬buzurgvā́ r 1 respected 2 great
‫ بزرگواري‬buzurgvārí f. ‫ بزرگي‬buzurgí f. greatness; mightiness
‫ بزغلی‬buzghaláj m. sprout, shoot
‫ بزغنج‬buzghúndzh m. gall on the pistachio (tree)
‫ بزغنجر‬bəzghandzhə́r feeble, sickly; frail, puny; thin, emaciated
‫ بزغنجر ځان يې دئ‬he is frail; he's thin
‫ بزک‬buzák m. karavajka (a kind of bird, ibis family, Plegadis

some base act
bṛut m. botany Cyperus
bṛus bṛos 1 morose, gloomy; angry, sullen 2 irritated,


annoyed 3 out of sorts

‫بړوس توب‬

bṛustób m.


m. 1

buzkashí f. buzkashi (literally: goat wrestling, a national

sport in which horsemen compete to carry the headless body of a

sternness, sullenness 2 vexation, annoyance 3 discomposure

‫بړوس مړوس‬

bəz m. buz m. [plural: ‫ بزونه‬bəzúna plural: ‫ بزونه‬bzúna

buzúna] goat

‫ بزاز‬bazzā́ z m. Arabic trader in cotton textiles
‫ بزازي‬bazzāzí f. cotton textile trade ‫ دبزازۍ دکان‬cotton textile shop
‫ بزاقي‬bazāḳí Arabic ‫ بزاقي غدې‬salivary glands
‫ بزبز‬bəzbə́z m.  ‫بزهار‬
‫ بزدل‬buzdíl fainthearted, cowardly
‫ بزدلي‬buzdilí f. faintheartedness, cowardice
‫ بزرگ‬buzúrg bzərd 1 large, big; great; grandiose, mighty 2 m.
saint idiom ‫ بزرگه مياشت‬Rajab (seventh month of the lunar year,

‫ بړچول‬bṛəchavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بړچاوه‬to cause to sneeze
‫ بړچېدل‬bṛəchedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]و بړچېده‬to become angry
‫ بړستن‬bṛastə́n f. [plural: ‫ بړستني‬bṛastə́ni] 1 blanket 2 figurative
cover ‫ د واورو بړستن‬snow cover
‫ بړق‬bṛaḳ ‫ بړق بړق خندل‬to laugh loudly, guffaw ‫ ټولو بړق وهل‬Everyone

‫ بړوس بړوس‬very angrily, sternly
‫ بړوستيا‬bṛustjā́ f. ‫ بړوسوالی‬bṛusvā́ laj

baṛinchágh m. 1 gyroscope; top (the toy) 2 swings 3


become angry at someone b to sneeze


2 procuring (said

‫ بړه‬buṛá f.  ‫ بوړه‬1
‫ بړه گړه‬baṛagaṛá f. greeting; inquiring after someone's health ‫د چا سره‬
‫ بړه گړه کول‬to greet someone, say hello to someone
‫ بړی‬1 buṛáj m. Eastern rifle, gun; ten-shot rifle
‫ بړۍ‬2 buṛə́j f. rectal prolapse ‫ بړۍ راوتل‬a to slip out of place (the

speak loudly, angrily, with authority 2 Eastern often, constantly

‫ بړبړ راشئ‬،‫ بړبړ راشه‬Come more often! Glad to see you!
‫ بړبړی‬bəṛbəṛáj 1.1 loudly conversing 1.2 angered (of a camel)

1 to



‫ بړانډه‬baṛā́ nḍa f. flame with smoke
‫ بړبړ‬baṛbaṛ 1 loudly; authoritatively, angrily ‫ بړبړ ويل‬،‫بړبړ ږغېدل‬

‫]بړوس يې‬

goat to the goal)

bṛus-mṛus very angry, sullen


buzkáj m. 


Pashto-English Dictionary


bazgár bazgə́r m. [plural: ‫ بزگر‬bazgə́r plural: ‫ بزگران‬bazgarā́ n
plural: ‫ بزگران‬bazgərā́ n] 1 peasant, farmer 2 sharecropper

‫ بزگره‬bazgára f. peasant girl, peasant woman
‫ بزگري‬bazgarí f. 1 farming 2 sharecropping
‫ بزل‬buzə́l transitive verb [past: ‫ ]و يې بزه‬1 to quilt


̣ m. spasm; convulsion

‫ بږی نيول‬،‫بږی اخيستل‬

seized with convulsions or spasms b to get a cramp


bágị a to be

‫پښه مي بږی‬

I've got a cramp in my leg. c figurative to be frightened d

figurative to be nervous e figurative to be beside oneself
2 to mend,

figurative to burn with impatience


̣ ́ l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبږېده‬1 to buzz (like insects) 2 to
drone (e.g., like an airplane) 3 to babble (a brook)

patch, sew on a patch

‫ بزله‬bazlá f.  ‫بذله‬
‫ بزم‬bazm m. feast, banquet
‫ بزمي‬bazmí lyric (of poetry) ‫ بزمي شاعر‬lyric poet
‫ بزو‬bizó f.  ‫بيزو‬
‫ بزول‬bəzávə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بزاوه‬to play (on the violin, etc.)
‫ بزه‬1 bza f. she-goat idiom ‫ د چا څخه بزه جوړول‬to shame someone,
disgrace someone  ‫ وزه‬2
‫ بزه‬2 buzá f. patch (on garments)
‫ بزه‬3 búza f. moth
‫ بزه‬4 bazá f. fault, guilt; sin ‫ بزه کول‬to sin
‫ بزه‬5 bza  ‫بژه‬
‫ بزهار‬buzəhā́ r m. buzzing (of insects)
‫ بزه گار‬bazagā́ r m. culprit, sinner
‫ بزه گاره‬bazagā́ ra f. culprit, sinner (of a female)
‫ بزی‬1 bizáj m. knucklebone (of cattle)
‫ بزې‬2 bze plural of ‫ بزه‬1, 5
‫ بزې‬3 buzé plural of ‫ بزه‬2
‫ بزې‬4 buzé plural of ‫ بزه‬3
‫ بزې‬5 bazé plural of ‫ بزه‬4
‫ بزېری‬bazéraj m. flag, banner
‫ بژرکوالی‬bzhərkvā́ laj m.  ‫بږرکوالی‬
‫ بژرکی‬bzhə́rkaj  ‫بږرکی‬
‫ بژه‬buzhá 1 indeclinable .1 torn, torn off 1.2 cut off 1.3
slaughtered 2 f. slaughter, massacre 2.2 sacrificial offering ‫بژه‬
‫ کول‬a to tear, tear off b to cut, chop off c to slaughter d to make
a sacrificial offering ‫ بژه کېدل‬a to be torn off b to be cut off c to

‫ بږېدونکی‬bugedúnkaj
m. (electrical) buzzer
‫ بس‬1 bas 1 indeclinable sufficient ‫ بس کول‬to end, finish; cease ‫بس‬
‫ کېدل‬ ‫ بسېدل‬2 enough !‫ بس دي‬،!‫ بس دئ‬Enough! That'll do!
Okay! 3 conjunction only ... ‫ ځما خو بس لا يو مطلب دئ چه‬I have
only one wish 4 particle and only, that's all! !‫ و بس‬،!‫بس چه دئ‬
that's the whole story for you; there you are, that's the whole story!

‫ بس‬2 bus m. plural  ‫ بوس‬1
‫ بسا‬basā́ ‫ بسا اوقات‬often
‫ بساړه‬busā́ ṛa f.  ‫بوساړه‬
‫ بساط‬bisā́ t m. Arabic 1 bedding; thick broadcloth

2 furnishings,

furniture 3 chessboard


basā́ k m. botany anther (the part of the stamen that contains

the pollen)

‫ بسالت‬basālát m. Arabic bravery, courage, daring
‫ بسالت مند‬basālatmánd brave (in the title of a lieutenant)
‫ بسباسه‬bəsbāsá f. botany mace
‫ بسپن‬bəspə́n m. ‫ بسپنه‬bəspə́na f. 1 donation, offering ‫بسپن ټولول‬

to collect donations 2 material aid to a suffering kinsman 3 help

(of a material sort) 4 grant, subsidy

‫بسپن ورکول‬

a to make an

offering b to render material assistance to a suffering kinsman c
to help (materially) d to give a grant

‫ بسپه‬baspá f. crumb
‫ بست‬1 bast m. personnel; staff ‫ دائمي بست‬permanent personnel
‫ بست‬2 bast m. refuge, sanctuary
‫ بست‬3 bust m. Bust (city)
‫ بستان‬bustā́ n m. 1  ‫ بوستان‬2 proper noun Bustan
‫ بستر‬bist́ar m. ‫ بستره‬bistará f. 1 bed, couch 2 bed (of a river)
‫ بستره ايز‬bistaraíz ‫ بستره يز‬bistarajíz rated for a certain number of

be slaughtered d to be brought as a sacrifice

‫ بږ‬bug ̣ m.  ‫بږهار‬
‫ بږبږانک‬bugbug
m. top (the toy)
̣ ānák
‫ بږدنگی‬bugdəngáj
m. mountain finch, brambling
‫ بږرکوالی‬bgərkvā́
m. 1 energy, decisiveness 2 fury
‫ بږرکی‬bgə̣ ́ rkaj 1 energetic, decisive 2 infuriated
‫ بږلکه‬bgálg
̣ ạ f. shout, scream ‫ بږلکه وهل‬،‫ بږلکه کول‬to shout, cry out
‫ بږنول‬bugnavə
́ l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بږناوه‬1 to frighten; cause to

beds (of a hospital, etc.)

‫ بستري‬bistarí pertaining to a bed; bedridden (of a patient); recumbent
‫ بسته‬1 bastá f. 1 bunch, bundle; sheaf; pack 2 bolt, catch 3 leather
briefcase (for books, writing materials)

‫ بسته‬2 básta enough, that will do
‫ بسته کار‬bastakā́ r m. assembler, installer (of equipment)
‫ بسته کارخانه‬bastakārkhāná f. assembly shop (in a factory)
‫ بسته کاري‬bastakārí f. assembly, installation
‫ بستيا‬bastjā́ f. sufficiency ‫ بستيا کول‬to be sufficient; to satisfy
‫ بسره‬basrá f. hawk used for hunting
‫ بسکټ‬biskíṭ masculine plural ‫بسکوت‬
‫ بسکټبال‬baskiṭbā́ l m. basketball
‫ بسکر‬baskár m. avenger

tremble 2 to depress, cause extreme distress; disturb, upset, worry


́ l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبږنېده‬1 to be frightened; be
startled 2 to be depressed, be extremely distressed; be worried

‫ بږول‬bugavə
̣ ́ l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بږاوه‬to fling, throw, chuck
‫ بږوه‬bəgə̣ ́ va f. Afghan fox, vixen, Vulpes nana
‫ بږه‬bugạ́  ‫بژه‬
‫ بږهار‬bugahā́
̣ r m. 1  ‫ بزهار‬2 drone (e.g., of an airplane) 3
babbling (of a brook)


Pashto-English Dictionary


‫بشپړ توب‬

baskə́ra f. voluntary help (e.g., during wheat harvest, road





spongecake, biscuits



‫ بشپړوالی‬bəshpəṛvā́ laj m.  ‫بشپړتوپ‬
‫ بشپړول‬bəshpəṛavə́l denominative, transitive

[past: ‫کړ‬

‫]بشپړ يې‬

1 to

bəshpəṛavə́na f.  ‫بشپړتوب‬
bəshpəṛedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بشپړ شو‬1 to

be full, be exhaustive 2 to be completed, be fulfilled 3 to be
satisfied (of requirements) 4 to be developed


bəshpəṛeḍə́na f. m. ‫ بشپړېده‬bəshpəṛedə́ plural 1
completion, end 2 development



bashár m. Arabic person

‫نوع بشر‬

náu'-i humanity,

humankind, the human race

‫ بس والا‬basvā́ lā́ m. bus driver
‫ بسوالی‬basvā́ laj m. sufficiency, satisfactoriness
‫ بسوه‬bisvá f. bisva (unit of area equal to 1/20 of a jerib or 975

‫ بشر‬2 bashár m. body
‫ بشرپالونکی‬bashár pālúnkaj humane, philanthropic
‫ بشرپېژندنه‬basharpezhandə́na f.  ‫بشرشناسي‬
‫ بشردوست‬bashardóst m. humanist
‫ بشردوستي‬bashardostí f. humaneness, philanthropy ‫د بشردوستۍ فلسفه‬

square meters)

basjā́ 1 sufficient 2 regional processed, cultivated, tilled 3

regional populated, settled

‫بسيا کول‬

a to satisfy b regional to

cultivate, work, till c regional to populate, settle

‫بسيا کېدل‬


‫ بشرشناسي‬basharshināsí f. 1 anthropology 2 ethnography
‫ بشرويه‬bushrujá f. bushruya (a kind of handcrafted fabric)
‫ بشره‬bashrá f. Eastern 1 face, physiognomy; exterior; (outward)

a to

be sufficient b regional to be cultivated, be tilled c to be

‫ بسيار‬bisjā́ r a lot; very
‫ بسيارخور‬bisjārkhór voracious, gluttonous
‫ بسياوالی‬basjāvā́ laj m. satisfaction with something ‫د يو شي بسياوالی‬
‫ کول‬to be satisfied with something
‫ بسېدل‬basedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بس شو‬1 to be

appearance 2 biology thin skin, epidermis


basharí Arabic 1 human

humanitarian idiom

‫بشري قوا‬

‫بشري ټولنه‬

human society 2

work force

‫ بشريت‬bashariját m. Arabic humanity, mankind
‫ بشقاب‬bushḳā́ b m. dish
‫ بشکال‬bəshakā́ l m. regional 1 rainy season 2 monsoon
‫ بشکالي‬bəshakālí f. regional harvest year, good year (for a crop)
‫ بشکه‬bə́shka f. botany 1 lepidium (a genus of herbs) 2 Erophila
‫ بشل‬búshál m. bushel
‫ بشنج‬bashándzh m. reputation, fame, honor
‫ بشير‬bashír suffering night blindness
‫ بښاوو‬baḳhāvú  ‫بخښاوو‬
‫ بښتنه‬buḳhtə́na f. 1 quagmire, bog, swamp 2 being stuck (in a

enough, to suffice 2 to end, be ending, be completed; to cease
baserá f. 1 twilight (when birds return to their nests) 2 nest;
to sit on a perch 3 stay of a bird at its perch

4 night's lodging (usually of bird hunters)

basít Arabic 1 wide, broad 2 simple, uncomplicated,



basitedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بسيط شو‬1 to
be wide, be broad 2 to be simple, be elementary; become simpler

‫ بش‬bash m. main beam, girder
‫ بشاش‬bashshā́ sh Arabic cheerful; animated, lively
‫ بشاشت‬bashshāshát m. Arabic cheerfulness; gaiety, merriment;
animation, gusto ‫ په بشاشت سره‬cheerfully; in a lively or animated

quagmire, swamp)

‫ بښتول‬buḳhtavə́l transitive  ‫بوښتول‬
‫ بښتېدل‬buḳhtedə́l intransitive  ‫بوښتېدل‬
‫ بښکال‬bakhakā́ l m.  ‫بشکال‬
‫ بښکالي‬baḳhakā́ lí f.  ‫بشکالي‬
‫ بښکوله‬baḳhkóla f. unpleasantness; misfortune, disaster
‫ بښگلوي‬bəḳhgə́laví f. 1 security 2 quiet, calm
‫ بښل‬baḳhə́l transitive  ‫بخښل‬




fulfill 3 to satisfy (e.g., requirements) 4 to develop

488 square meters)


‫بشپړکي خبري کول‬

make full, make exhaustive; to exhaust 2 to finish, complete;

‫ بسم اﷲ کول‬to begin something, undertake something
‫ بسمک‬basmák m. murrain, cattle plague
‫ بسمل‬bismíll Arabic 1 slaughtered (of cattle) 2 brought as sacrifice
‫ بسمل کول‬a to slaughter (cattle) b to bring as a sacrifice ‫بسمل‬
‫ کېدل‬a to be slaughtered; to be brought as sacrifice
‫ بسنډول‬basnḍól m. trickery; deception ‫ بسنډول کول‬to trick, deceive
‫ بسنه‬basə́na f.  ‫بسوالی‬
‫ بسواسه‬bisvāsá f. bisvasa (a unit of area equal to 1/20 of a bisva or

‫بسېره کول‬

bəshpəṛák clever, bright, quick-witted

talk like an adult (of a child)

(words with which Muslims begin some activity) 2 f. beginning

perch, roost

bəshpəṛtjā́ f. 1 fullness, sufficiency

maturity 6 satisfactory (e.g., of requirements)

name of God (who is) the most gracious and the most merciful



2 completeness, finish 3 perfection; superiority 4 full value 5

biskít m. plural 1 cookies 2

‫ بس کېده‬baskedə́ m. plural completion, end, conclusion; cessation
‫ بسم اﷲ‬bismillá Arabic 1 in God's name ‫ بسم اﷲ الرحمن الرحيم‬in the


bəshpəṛtób m.

bushā́ l m. honeysuckle

bəshpə́ṛ 1 full, complete, exhaustive 2 finished, completed,
fulfilled 3 utmost, every possible 4 perfect, absolute; superior 5

of full value 6 adult, mature, grown up 7 satisfied (e.g., of

Pashto-English Dictionary


baḳhə́na f. forgiveness, pardon ‫ د تلو نه يې بښنه وغوښته‬He said
he was sorry, but he must leave ‫ د بښني دعا کول‬religion to pray


baghdár m. 1 [plural: ‫ بغدر‬baghdə́r] hammer [plural: ‫]بغدرونه‬
2 [plural: bughdarúna] dumbbell (for exercise)

‫ بغرگ‬bgharg dialect  ‫غبرگ‬
‫ بغرگول‬bghargavə́l transitive  ‫غبرگول‬
‫ بغرگولی‬bghargoláj twin, one who is a twin
‫ بغرگه‬bghárga f. 1 valley between two mountains 2 woman who
has borne twins ‫ بغرگېدل‬bghargedə́l intransitive  ‫غبرگېدل‬
‫ بغرنج‬bughrándzh complicated, mixed up
‫ بغره‬1 bughrá f. veil, yashmak; shawl ‫ بغره پر سرکول‬to wear a veil,

for the repose of the departed

‫ بصارت‬basārát m. Arabic sharp-sightedness; perspicacity
‫ بصاير‬basāír m. Arabic plural from ‫بصيره‬
‫ بصره‬basrá f. Arabic Basra (city, Iraq)
‫ بصير‬basír Arabic 1 seeing 2 penetrating, perspicacious 3



‫ بصيرت‬basirát m. Arabic 1 vision, sight 2 perspicacity ‫د بصيرت حق‬
‫ ادا کول‬to show one's perspicacity 3 knowledge, (possession of)

put on a veil

‫ بغره‬2 baghə́ra f. burrow (of a rabbit)
‫ بغری‬1 bagharáj m. swearword procurer, pander, pimp
‫ بغرۍ‬2 baghrə́j f. 1 mortar 2 mortar for husking rice
‫ بغض‬bughz m. Arabic enmity, hatred; malice ‫د دښمنانو بغض‬


‫ بصيرمن‬basirmán observant
‫ بصيره‬basirá f. Arabic  ‫بصيرت‬
‫ بطري‬batrí f. ‫ بطريه‬batrijá f. battery
‫ بطلان‬butlā́ n m. Arabic 1 vanity 2 worthlessness, uselessness


annulment, invalidity


batn m. Arabic 1 anatomy ventricle

2 belly, paunch


‫د زړه بطن‬

batní Arabic anatomy abdominal, visceral

heart ventricle

‫بطني کڅوړه‬


‫په بطي صورت‬


‫بطي کېدل‬

baghál m. 1 armpit 2 side, edge

‫د سړک په بغل‬

on the side (of a

‫د چا څخه‬

‫ بغل خالي کول‬a to avoid someone b not to support someone
‫ بغلان‬baghlā́ n m. Baghlan (city) ‫ د بغلان ولايت‬Baghlan Province
‫ بغل کشي‬baghalkashhí f. ‫ بغل گيري‬baghalgirí f. embrace ‫بغل کشي‬
‫ کول‬to embrace (someone) ‫ د چا سره بغل کشي کول‬to hug one

to slow down

(of movement)

‫ بطيطه‬batitá f. larva, grub; maggot
‫ بعث‬ba's m. Arabic 1 incitement 2

‫په چا کښي بغضيت پيدا کول‬

road, etc.) 3 edge (of material); curb 4 embrace idiom


f. duck
Arabic slow

bughziját m. bitterness, animosity

to embitter someone, arouse someone's animosity


‫ بطه‬báta
‫ بطي‬batí


of enemies



reason, cause 3 religion


‫ بعث و نشر‬ba'sunáshr m. religion resurrection
‫ بعد‬ba'd bād Arabic after, afterward ‫ د دې بعد‬in future,
henceforward ‫ شپږ شپږ مياشتي بعد‬after every six months
‫ بعض‬ba'z Arabic certain, some ‫ بعض وخت‬sometimes; from time to
ً‫ بعضا‬bá'zán sometimes, at times, from time to time
‫ بعضي‬bá'zi bá'ze  ‫ بعض‬،‫ بعضي مياشتي‬certain months
‫ بعيد‬ba'íd Arabic far, removed, distant ‫ شرق بعيد‬sharḳ-i the Far
East grammar ‫ بعيده ماضي‬pluperfect, past perfect tense
‫ بعينه‬ba'ajna regional exactly, precisely
‫ بغ‬1 bəgh m. heron
‫ بغ‬2 bugh m. roar, howl; cry, shout
‫ بغارگ‬bghārg  ‫غبرگ‬
‫ بغاره‬bughā́ ra f. cry; outcry ‫ بغاري کول‬to cry out, shout; to howl,
wail ‫ هغه په بغارو سو‬he cried out, he started wailing
‫ بغاوت‬baghāvát m. Arabic insurrection, strike, revolt, mutiny
‫ بغبغو‬baghbaghú sandpiper
‫ بغبغی‬bughbugháj m. 1 honking (of an automobile) 2 horn, bugle;

‫ بغهار‬bughahā́ r m. shouts, cries, wails
‫ بغۍ‬1 bughə́j f. horn
‫ بغي‬2 baghí Arabic rebellious
‫ بغېدل‬bughedə́l intransitive [past: ‫]وبغېده‬

to shout; begin shouting,

cry out


‫بغير ځمونږ نه‬
‫ بغير د ښځو په کور کښي‬،‫بغير له ښځو په کور کښي څوک نه وو‬

baghájr preposition besides; except; without

except us

‫ څوک نه وو‬Besides women, there was no one in the house
‫ بغېړ‬baghéṛ suspicious
‫ بق‬buḳ open ‫ بق کول‬to open (e.g., the eyes)
‫ بقا‬baḳā́ f. Arabic 1 duration, length 2 eternity, immortality ‫بقا لرل‬
a to last, continue b to be eternal, be immortal 3 existence


bakkā́ l m. Arabic grocer; greengrocer
baḳājā́ m. Arabic plural 1 from

leftovers, remnants 2 survivals

‫ بق بق‬baḳbáḳ m.  ‫ بک‬1
‫ بقچه‬buḳchá f.  ‫بخڅه‬
‫ بقه‬baḳá f.  ‫بکا‬
‫ بقيه‬baḳijá f. [plural: ‫بقيې‬

trumpet, pipe

(of) Baghdad idiom

to force someone to cry



‫ بغداد‬baghdā́ d m. Baghdad (city)
‫ بغدادی‬baghdādáj baghdādí adjective
‫ کوتره‬turtledove

‫ بغمه‬bughmá f. envy
‫ بغنه‬baghaná f. lambskin
‫ بغول‬bughavə́l transitive [past: ‫]و يې بغاوه‬



baḳijé Arabic m. plural: ‫ بقايا‬baḳājā́ ]

Arabic 1 remainder 2 debt, arrears


‫ بقيه‬،‫د خوړو بقايا‬

Pashto-English Dictionary



bak m. chatter, gossip; nonsense

‫بک بک کول‬

‫ بگڼ‬bugə́ṇ m. gadfly
‫ بگڼول‬bugṇavə́l transitive  ‫بږنول‬
‫ بگڼه‬bəgáṇa f. blackberries; bramble, blackberry bush
‫ بگڼېدل‬bungṇdə́l  ‫بږنېدل‬
‫ بگوري‬1 bogurí f. attack of dog (with howling and snarling)
‫ بگوري‬2 bagurí tousled, dishevelled (of the hair)
‫ بگوړا‬bagoṛā́ f. curds, cottage cheese
‫ بگوړه‬bəgoṛá f.  ‫بکوړه‬
‫ بگوړی‬bəgoṛáj m. buffalo calf
‫ بگوه‬bagə́va f.  ‫بږوه‬
‫ بگۍ‬bagə́j f. carriage, buggy, two-wheeled cart
‫ بگۍ خانه‬bagəjkhāná f. building or place where carriages are kept
‫ بگېل‬bəgél m. 1 quail that has been defeated in battle 2 deserter
‫ بگينه‬baginə́ m. plural  ‫گبينه‬
‫ بگۍ والا‬bagəjvā́ lā́ m. ‫ بگۍ وان‬bagəjvā́ n m. 1 coachman 2

to speak


‫ بک‬2 buk  ‫ بوک‬2
‫ بکا‬bakā́ f. frog
‫ بکاری‬bakā́ raj m. courier
‫ بکاول‬bakāvál m. regional cook
‫ بکايڼ‬bakājáṇ m. ‫ بکايڼه‬bakājáṇa

f. Indian ash-tree, Indian lilac,

melia azedarach

‫ بک بکی‬bakbakáj m. chatterbox, gossip
‫ بکتر‬baktár m. armor; armor-plating
‫ بکتري‬bakterí f. & m. ‫ بکتريا‬bakterijā́ f.  ‫باکتري‬
‫ بکتريولوژي‬bakterjolozhí f.  ‫با کتريولوژي‬
‫ بکتېريا‬bakterijā́ f.  ‫باکتري‬
‫ بکره‬bakə́ra f. ‫ بکرۍ‬bakrə́j f. flint
‫ بکس‬1 baks m. handbag, purse; drawer; box ‫ د لاس بکس‬briefcase
‫( د روپو بکس‬change) purse, wallet ‫ خريطه بکس‬military map case
‫ بکس‬2 bakás obsolete 1 insignificant 2 a few, not many
‫ بکسکی‬bakáskaj a few, not many, a little
‫ بکسنگ‬báksing m. boxing
‫ بکلوريا‬bakaloreā́ f. baccalaureate, bachelor's degree
‫ بکوا‬bakvā́ f. ‫ بکواه‬bakvā́ f. 1 dry, parched earth 2 regional




denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬

‫]بک يې‬

bukjā́ ṇa f. 

by one another, at one another's

‫يو تر بله مين دي‬

‫يو تر بله گډ‬

they are in love

‫ يو تر بله سره گران دي‬di they love each other; they
‫ د يو بل احترام او عزت‬mutual respect ‫يو د بله‬
‫ سره‬mutually, with each other ‫ يو د بله سره تړون‬mutual agreement
‫ يو د بل سره غونډ شوه‬they have gathered together ‫يو له يو د بله څخه‬
،‫ بله‬Eastern from one another ‫ يو له بله ليري کېدل‬to depart, go
away from each other ‫ يو و بل ته‬to each other 2 next, following
(day, year, etc.) ‫ بله روځ‬a (on) the next day b the future ‫بل سبا‬
day after tomorrow ‫ بل کال ته‬،‫ بل کال‬next year ‫ بله هفته‬next week
3 another's ‫ د بل په شکنه غوږونه مه سوځه‬saying literal don't burn

with each other

to make

make hunched up


bukedə́l denominative, intransitive  ‫بوکېدل‬
bukedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بک شو‬to be

‫يو تر بله‬

they are living together

are dear to one another

hunchbacked; arch, hunch; make prominent, make protuberant,


bə́l 1 other, different ‫ بل راز‬a other, different b in another
‫ بل څوک‬someone else ‫ بله پلا‬another time ‫ يو په بل پسې‬one


‫ژوندون کوي‬

kurkut (dried balls of strained sour milk)
denominative, transitive 

bal burning, on fire


after another


‫ بکوړه‬bakóṛa f.
‫ بکول‬1 bukavə́l
‫ بکول‬2 bukavə́l


hunchbacked; be arched, be hunched; be protuberant, be prominent

your ears in someone else's soup figurative don't interfere in

‫ بگاړ‬bəgā́ ṛ bread, crumbled into ajran (a drink made from sour milk)
‫ بگاښ‬bugā́ ḳh m. mediation ‫ بگاښ کول‬to be (a) mediator; settle a

... ‫ يوه خبره بله ده‬it must be added
... ‫ بله دا چه‬،... ‫ او بل داچه‬and here's something else … ,

someone else's business idiom
that …

conflict; reconcile


‫ بگت‬1 bugát m. means, way ‫ په دې بگت‬in such a way, in this way
‫ بگت‬2 bəgát stupid; shallow (of a person)
‫ بگتو‬bəgatú singer of folk songs (in particular the ‫ بگتي‬bagati)
‫ بگته‬bugúta f. business, matter
‫ بگتي‬bagatí f. bugtí folk song (performed by two singers)
‫ بگر‬bagár m. custom, habit
‫ بگرام‬bagrā́ m m. Bagram (city)
‫ بگرامي‬bagrāmí m. plural Bagrami (town near Kabul)
‫ بگړۍ‬bagṛə́j f. turban ‫ بگړۍ تړل‬a to put on a turban b to wear a
turban idiom ‫ بگړۍ د سره لوېدل‬to disgrace oneself ‫بگړۍ دي د سره‬
!‫ مه لوېږه‬I wish you success!
‫ بگړۍ گل‬bagṛəjgúl m. camomile
‫ بگل‬bigl m. regional music horn, bugle
‫ بگلولۍ‬bagalolə́j f.  ‫ بو‬1
‫ بگلی‬bugláj m. bagláj heron


‫ بلکه‬1
‫په بلا اخته کېدل‬


bal Arabic conjunction and particle 


balā́ f. Arabic 1 misfortune, disaster

encounter misfortune

!‫بلا دي واخلم‬


let all your misfortunes fall on

me!; I'm ready to do anything for you! (an expression of
obedience, agreement)

‫په بلا ککړېدل‬

a to suffer misfortune b to

‫بلا گاني ملاگاني‬
!‫يوې بلا و بلي ته ويل اوخ‬

grow poor, become impoverished 2 witch, hag
the Evil one

‫نر بلا‬

devil; wood-goblin

saying one hag said to another: Aaghh! (both are pretty) 3

‫ دا بله څه بلا ده؟‬What sort of
a thing is that? What is it? idiom ‫ سنک بلا اخيستئ دئ‬Sanak is very
greedy !‫ بلا دي ړنده سه‬I wish you success! ‫ که نه‬،‫د هغه بلا ړنده سوه‬
!‫ غرق سوئ و‬He was lucky; he might have drowned! ‫په يو کار کښي‬
‫ بلا کول‬to be outstanding in something !‫په دې کار کښي دي بلا وکړه‬
(conversational) piece, item, gimmick

You have shown (us) wonders!



balā́ word paired with ‫سلا‬

Pashto-English Dictionary



‫بلا استثنی‬

bilā́ Arabic preposition, prefix without

‫ بلخه‬bə́lkhá f. textiles warp
‫ بلد‬balád m. Arabic 1 m. .1


exception ‫ بلا توقف‬without delay
‫ بلا احتراز‬bilāihtirā́ z Arabic carelessly, incautiously, imprudently
‫ بلا استثنی‬bilāistisnā́ Arabic without exception, making no exception
‫ بلابتر‬balābatár m. 1 odds and ends, all kinds of things 2 rubbish,

knowing something; being acquainted with someone or something

‫د دې خلقو سره ډېر بلد دئ‬

trash, junk

‫ بلاتن‬balātón m. Balaton (lake)
‫ بلاتوقف‬bilātavaḳúf Arabic urgently
‫ بلاربوالی‬blārbvā́ laj m.  ‫برالبوالی‬
‫ بلاربول‬blābavə́l denominative, transitive

[past: ‫کړه‬

‫]بلاربه يې‬

‫يو بلاک جوړول‬

‫ بلاکم وکاست‬bilākamukāst without a pass
‫ بلاناغه‬bilānāghá Arabic ‫ بلاناغې‬bilānāghé

baladiját m. Arabic knowledge of something; familiarity with

someone, with something

with this work


‫په دې کار کښي بلديت لري‬

he is familiar


baladedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بلد شو‬1 to be
informed, be knowledgeable; be acquainted with someone or

to create a bloc 2

something; become acquainted 2 to get used to; familiarize
(oneself); adapt (oneself)


regularly, without

‫ بلانده‬bə́lā́ nda f. girl who has come of age
‫ بلانگوړی‬blāngúṛaj m. dormouse
‫ بلاڼه‬bilāṇa f. moan, groan
‫ بلاواسطه‬bilāvāsitá Arabic direct, straight
‫ بلاوهلئ‬balā́ vahə́laj 1 remaining idle, loafing

baladijá f. Arabic municipal authority; municipality; city

‫ بلديه رياست‬municipal authority, municipality, city council
‫ رئيس بلديه‬raísi-i head of the municipal authority; mayor of the

city; chairman of the city council

‫ بلديه وي‬baladijaví municipal, (of the) city; communal
‫ بلډنگ‬bilḍíng m. tall building
‫ بل رازوالی‬bə́lrāzvā́ laj m. distinction, difference
‫ بلرغو‬blarghú m. not in agreement
‫ بل سبا‬bə́lsabā́ m. day after tomorrow
‫ بل شانته‬bə́lshā́ nta in another way, a different way, otherwise
‫ بلشويزم‬bolshevízm m.  ‫بالشويزم‬
‫ بلشويک‬bolshevík m.  ‫بالشويک‬
‫ بلغا‬bulaghā́ Arabic eloquent; expressive
‫ بلغار‬bulghā́ r ‫ بلغار باد‬gentle breeze, zephyr (in the spring)
‫ بلغارستان‬bulghāristā́ n m.  ‫بلغاريا‬
‫ بلغاري‬bulghārí 1 Bulgarian ‫ بلغاري ژبه‬the Bulgarian language

2 m. loafer, idler,


bulbúl m. 1 nightingale

1 to

which always turned out to his disadvantage)


change; without fail


‫]بلد يې‬

shepherd from Baladi (this shepherd was known for his greed,

quince, marmelo


denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬

‫ بلده‬1 baladá f. Arabic small town, locality
‫ بلده‬2 baláda f. feminine singular from ‫ بلد‬2
‫ بلدي‬1 baladí Arabic municipal, (of the) city; communal
‫ بلدی‬2 baladáj m. Baladaj (village near Qandahar) ‫د بلدي د گوروان په‬
‫ وسوه‬baladí … saying the same thing happened to him as to the



‫ بلاغ‬balā́ gh m. Arabic communication; notification
‫ بلاغت‬balāghát m. Arabic eloquence
‫ بلاغنډ‬balāghúnḍ m. [plural: ‫ بلاغنډان‬balāghunḍān] botany
group (of settlements)

m. bulldozer

acquaint with, familiarize 2 to train, school (in)

‫ بلاربه‬blā́ rba  ‫برالبه‬
‫ بلاربېدل‬blābedə́l denominative, intransitive  ‫برالبېدل‬
‫ بلاره‬bulā́ ra f. hunting decoy (bird)
‫ بلاشرط‬bilāshaŕt Arabic unconditional ‫ بلاشرط تسليم‬unconditional

blāk m. 1 politics bloc

he knows these people very well 2.2

accustomed; mastered; having adapted to …

‫ بلدوزر‬buldozér
‫ بلدول‬baladavə́l

fertilize; impregnate; to cover


guide; conductor; escort 1.2 country,

nation 1.3 city 2.1 being knowledgeable about something;

‫بلبل هزار داستان‬

nightingale 2

"bulbul" (name given a number of birds with bright plumage or
which sing beautifully)

‫ بل بل‬2 ‫ بلبل‬balbál shining, gleaming, lustrous
‫ بل بل‬3 bə́lbə́l 1 varied, diverse 2 different, all kinds
‫ بلبله‬1 bulbúla f. female nightingale
‫ بلبله‬2 balbalá f. ‫ د وزيرو بلبله‬dance of the Wazirs
‫ بلبلی‬balbaláj m. torch, flare
‫ بلجيک‬bildzhik m. Belgium
‫ بلجيکي‬bildzhikí bildzhukáj 1 Belgian 2 m. Belgian (person)
‫ بلجيم‬bildzhijúm m.  ‫بلجيک‬
‫ بل چيري‬bə́l chíri in another place
‫ بلځایگه‬bə́ldzājgá another's; strange, alien
‫ بلخ‬balkh m. Balkh (city and region) ‫ د بلخ ولايت‬Balkh province ‫د‬
‫ بلخ درياب‬Balkh river
‫ بلخاب‬balkhā́ b m. Balkhab region
‫ بلخاش‬balkhā́ sh m. Lake Balkhash
‫ بل خوا‬bə́lkhvā́ Eastern 1 in the other direction 2 on the other side

2 m.

Bulgar, Bulgarian (person)


bulghā́ rijā́ f.


bulghārijá f. Bulgaria

bulghā́ ka f. 1 noise; shouting; wailing 2 mourning ‫بلغاکي کول‬

a to make noise; to shout; wail b to mourn (over)

‫ بلغم‬balghám m. Arabic phlegm; mucus (e.g., from the nose)
‫ بلق‬balḳ m.  ‫برق‬
‫ بلقيس‬bilḳís f. proper noun Bilkis, Belkis
‫ بلک‬1 blək  ‫بلوک‬
‫ بلک‬2 balk m. dialect glistening, shining ‫ بلک وهل‬to glisten,


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بلکمشر‬bləkmə́shr m.  ‫بلوکمشر‬
‫ بلکه‬1 bálki 1 adversative conjunction but, but also ‫نه فقط دري بلکه‬
‫ څلور شاگردان راغلل‬not three but four pupils came 2 emphatic

‫ بلوچستان‬baluchistā́ n m.  ‫بلوجستان‬
‫ بلوچي‬baluchí  ‫بلوجي‬
‫ بلوڅ‬1 balúts m. 1 Baluchi (person) 2 proper noun Baluts
‫ بلوڅ‬2 blots m.  ‫بلوس‬
‫ بلوڅه‬1 balútsa f. 1 Baluchi (female) 2 proper noun Balutsa
‫ بلوڅه‬2 blótsa f.  ‫بلوس‬
‫ بلوڅي‬balutsí  ‫بلوجي‬
‫ بلودل‬blodə́l transitive  ‫بلوسل‬
‫ بلوده‬blávda f. stumbling; getting stuck ‫ بلوده خوړل‬to stumble
‫ بلور‬bulúr m. Arabic 1 crystal 2 cut glass, crystal
‫ بلوري‬bulurí ‫ بلورين‬bulurín Arabic 1 (of) crystal, crystalline 2

particle (and) even

‫ بلکه‬2 balə́ka f. dialect campfire
‫ بلگ‬balg m. leaf (of a tree, etc.)
‫ بلگراد‬belgrā́ d m. Belgrade (city)
‫ بل گئيځ‬bə́l gaídz m. day after tomorrow in the morning (morning
after next)


balə́l transitive [present: ‫ بولي‬past: ‫ ]و يې باله‬1 to name,
enumerate 2 ‫ ور بلل‬،‫ در بلل‬،‫ را بلل‬to call; invite; convoke

‫د شپې‬

‫ ډوډۍ دپاره يې وبللم‬I was invited to dinner 3 to consider, suppose,
‫ پر يو شي ښه بلل‬to consider it better, prefer something 4 to
announce 5 to sing loudly, sing cheerfully ‫ لنډۍ بلل‬to sing (folk)

crystal, cut glass





blosə́l blausə́l [past: ‫ ]و يې بلوسه‬1 to touch, brush against 2
to rub, rub down, massage 3 to cause revulsion; alienate

bə́lalgə́j f. 1 woman who gives birth each year 2 cattle which
give increase each year

(someone); irritate 4 to bite (of a dog)

‫ بلمگی‬bə́lmágaj ‫ بلمنگه‬bə́lmánga tasteless, flavorless
‫ بلنځه‬blándza f. saxaul (Haloxylon, a small tree or shrub of Central

‫بلوس والی‬

‫ بلوسه‬blósa f. 1
‫ بلوسېدل‬blosedə́l

figurative successful, unusual 2 m. proper noun Biland, Buland

‫ بلندپايه‬bilandpājá excellent, outstanding
‫ بلندپرواز‬bilandparvā́ z flying high, soaring
‫ بلندپروازي‬bilandparvāzí 1 high-altitude flight 2 (upward) flight,
take-off idiom ‫ د بلندپروازۍ ا ٓسمان‬literal & figurative the

baló m. proper noun Balo

blosedə́na f. 1 collision; brushing (against), grazing 2
distress, disorder, confusion 3 hatred; revulsion, enmity, hostility

‫ بلوط‬balút m. Arabic 1 oak (lithocorpus) 2 acorn
‫ بلوغ‬bulúgh m. Arabic maturity, manhood; ripeness; majority
(coming of age) ‫ د بلوغ تر وخته‬before coming of age
‫ بلوک‬blúk m. bulúk military platoon ‫ د استحکام بلوک‬sapper

‫ بلوکات‬bulukā́ t m. plural suburbs ‫ د کابل بلوکات‬suburbs of Kabul
‫ بلوکاد‬blokā́ d m. blockade, encirclement ‫ اقتصادي بلوکاد‬economic
blocade ‫ په بلوکاد گير کول‬to blockade, encircle, surround
‫ بلوکمشر‬blukmə́shr m. bulukmə́shr military lieutenant
‫ بلوکي‬blukí bulukí adjective military (of a) platoon ‫بلوکي قطار‬

invitation; summons; call 3

‫د نه مړو ملک شو بلو‬


platoon column

proverb literal

‫ بلول‬balavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بل يې کړ‬to set on fire
‫ بلون‬balún m.  ‫بلنه‬
‫ بلونگړی‬bilóngṛaj m. kind of polecat, Vormela peregusna
‫ بله‬1 balá f. regional bayonet; pike, lance
‫ بله‬2 bála feminine singular of ‫ بل‬1
‫ بله‬3 bə́la feminine singular of ‫ بل‬2
‫ بلهوس‬bulhavás ‫ بل هوس‬Arabic capricious, whimsical, fickle;

When there were no brave men, even Balo became a leader
figurative When there are no fish, even a crab is a fish

‫ بلو‬2 biláv m.  ‫بيلاو‬
‫ بلوا‬balvā́ f. disorder; disturbance; sedition, revolt ‫بلوا کول‬

to create

disturbances; instigate rebellion

‫ بلوجستان‬baludzhistā́ n m. Baluchistan (province, Iran)
‫ بلوجي‬baludzhi 1 adjective Baluchi 2.1 m. Baluchi (person)


f. Baluchi (language)


balóch m. 





2 

offend, insult (someone)

‫ بلندهمت‬bilandhimmát 1 valiant 2 noble; magnanimous
‫ بلندهمتي‬bilandhimmatí f. 1 valor 2 nobility; magnanimity
‫ بلندي‬1 bilandí f. height, altitude
‫ بلندی‬2 bilandáj m. proper noun Bilandaj
‫ بلنگ‬blang 1 fresh, young, green 2 bright (of colors) 3 beautiful,



meddle 5 to encroach upon (someone, something), infringe 6 to

blándra f. Afridi 1 invitation 2 blándra f. reception;

‫ماښامي بلنه‬

sorts 3 to hate; nourish hostility, nourish antipathy 4 to interfere,

entertaining (as by a host)

announcement; pronouncement 4 reception

to nourish a hatred, nourish an antipathy

blausedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]و بلوسېده‬1 to
collide, run into; brush against; touch 2 to be distressed, be out of

empyrean, the highest reaches of heaven


‫بلوس والی کول‬

blosavə́l blausavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بلوساوه‬to evoke
enmity; to alienate (someone); to irritate

bilánd bulánd 1.1 high, tall; exalted 1.2 loud, resounding 1.3

‫ بلن ليک‬balənlík m. (written) invitation
‫ بلنه‬balə́na f. 1 naming, enumeration 2

blosvā́ laj m. blausvā́ laj hostility, enmity; repulsion,




blos m. blaus 1 collision; touching, contact 2 insulting;

causing distress




greedy, stingy, miserly

‫ بلوڅ‬1

Pashto-English Dictionary




balə́j f. 1 cornice; eaves 2 pole (for pushing a boat) 3 bolt,
bar 4 roof

‫ بلې‬2 balé Arabic particle yes, certainly
‫ بليارد‬biljā́ rd m. billiards; billiard table
‫ بلېچون‬blechún m. history sling (weapon)
‫ بلېدل‬baledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]بل شو‬

binā́ f. Arabic 1 building, structure 2 basis


to burn; catch

‫ بنا‬2 bannā́ m. Arabic mason; builder
‫ بنات‬banā́ t m. (heavy, coarse) cloth
‫ بنات النعش‬banāt-un-ná'sh m. Arabic plural



bleghdə́l intransitive 1 to be wrapped in swaddling clothes 2
to become entangled, become confused


bleghadavə́l transitive ‫ بلېږدول‬bleghadavə́l 1 to swaddle,
wrap in swaddling clothes 2 to entangle, confuse

astronomy the Big and

Little Bear (i.e., Ursa Major and Ursa Minor)

‫ بناتي‬banātí of (coarse) cloth
‫ بنارس‬banārás m. 1 Varanasi (India)

‫ بلېط‬bilét m. ticket
‫ بليغ‬balígh Arabic eloquent; expressive
‫ بليغي‬balighí considerable, large, big
‫ بم‬1 bum m.  ‫ بوم‬2
‫ بم‬2 bam m. [plural: ‫ بمونه‬bamúna plural: ‫ بمان‬bamā́ n] bomb
‫ اتومي بم‬atomic bomb ‫ د هيدروجن بم‬hydrogen bomb ‫خرابوونکی بم‬
high explosive bomb ‫ سوونکی بم‬incendiary bomb ‫ بمونه‬،‫بمونه اچول‬
‫ بمونه غورځول‬،‫ اورول‬to drop bombs, bomb; bombard
‫ بم‬3 bam m. low tone; bass (voice)
‫ بم اچوونکی‬bam achavúnkaj adjective bombing ‫ بم‬،‫بم اچوونکې الوتکه‬
‫ اچوونکې طياره‬bombardier
‫ بم انداز‬bamandā́ z m. 1 obsolete bomb-thrower 2 depth-charge gun
‫ بمب‬bomb m.  ‫ بم‬2
‫ بمبار‬bambā́ r m. ‫ بمبارد‬bambā́ rd m. bombardment ‫بمبار کول‬
compound verb  ‫ بمباردول‬،‫ بمبار کېدل‬compound verb  ‫بمبارېدل‬
to undergo bombardment ‫ تر بمبار لاندي نيول‬to subject to

2 proper name Banaras 3

striped silk

‫ بنايت‬bināját m. Arabic building
‫ بناعليه‬binā'alájhi Arabic in view of what has been said, in view of
the foregoing


bambál m. plural dialect 1 awn, beard (of corn, grain) 2

sheaf (of wheat); tuft (of grass)

‫ بنت‬bint f. [plural: ‫ بنتي‬bínti] Arabic plural daughter
‫ بنټک‬binṭák m. flick (of the fingers); insult, slight, blow
‫ بنج‬1 bandzh m. 1 horse chestnut 2 henbane
‫ بنج‬2 bandzh m. banádzh trade
‫ بنجارگي‬bandzhāragí f. fancy goods, haberdasher's trade ‫د بنجارگۍ‬
‫ سامان‬haberdashery, fancy goods
‫ بنجاره‬1 bandzhārá f. haberdashery; fancy goods
‫ بنجاره‬2 bandzhārá m. regional tradesman in grocery items
‫ بنجخ‬bandzhákh m. thick branches
‫ بنجي‬1 bundzháj m. 1 person with a small nose 2 person with a


‫ بمباردماني‬bambārdəmāní adjective bombardment
‫ بمباردول‬bambārdavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بمبارد يې کړ‬

collapsed nose (due to syphilis)

‫ بنجۍ‬2 bandzhə́j f. botany cassia
‫ بنچ‬bench m.  ‫بېنچ‬
‫ بنچک‬bunchák m. basis, essence
‫ بنځي‬1 bundzáj m. son of one wife (under polygamy), stepson
‫ بنځۍ‬2 bundzə́j f. daughter of one wife (under polygamy),


bomb, bombard

‫ بمباري‬bambārí f. bombardment ‫ پر … بمباري کول‬to bomb, bombard
‫ تر بمبارۍ لاندي نيول‬to subject to bombing ‫ تر بمبارۍ لاندي راتلل‬to
undergo bombing

‫ بمباري کوونکی‬bambārí kavúnkaj  ‫بم اچوونکی‬
‫ بمبره‬bambə́ra f. hornet
‫ بمبل‬bambál m. plural 1 botany ear without seed, seedless ear

‫ بنا پر دې‬، ‫بنا په دې‬
on this basis ‫ بنا پر څه‬on the basis of something ‫ د‬، ‫د … بنا کول‬
‫ … بنا تړل‬a to plan, contemplate, undertake; decide; ‫د تلو بنا يې‬
‫ وکړه‬he decided to go b to undertake something ‫ بنا کېدل‬a to be
built b ‫پر بنا‬، ‫ په بنا‬to be based on something 3 philosophy



inflorescence of corn 3 panicle of a reed 4 thick beard

band 1 m. .1 bonds, ties, nets 1.2 incarceration 1.3 captivity,

‫ د بنده خلاصول‬،‫ له بنده خلاصول‬،‫ د بنده ا ٓزادول‬،‫له بنده ا ٓزادول‬


free from imprisonment, free from captivity 1.4 dam, weir 1.5

‫ بمبولی‬bamboláj m. wicker corn-bin
‫ بمبه‬bambá f. pump
‫ بمبئي‬bambaí f. Bombay (city)
‫ بمپر‬bampár m. 1 bumper, buffer 2 shock absorber
‫ بملۍ‬bamlə́j f. balmy (a small drum held under the arm)
‫ بمه‬1 bumá f. pike, lance
‫ بمه‬2 báma f. dialect  ‫ لم‬2
‫ بن‬1 bin m. Arabic son
‫ بن‬2 bən f. one of the wives (in relation to another under polygamy)
‫ بن‬3 bon m. bonn Bonn (city)

anatomy joint

‫د بندو خوږ‬

rheumatic fever 1.6 node (on the stem

of a plant) 1.7 bandage, binding 1.8 spell, incantation 1.9
measure; size 1.10 geography mountain range, ridge

‫بند تړل‬

a to

build a dam, dam b to take measures c to decide, make a decision

... ‫ خپل بند يې سره وتاړه چه‬they have decided that … d

to prepare

(something) 2 predicate .1 blocked (of a roadway); closed, cut
off (of movement); closed (e.g., of a border) 2.2 cut short,
stopped; held back, restrained 2.3 forbidden (of a custom, etc.)
2.4 arrested, imprisoned 2.5 captured 2.6 stuck (in a swamp,

mudhole) 3 attributive stuffy, close, sultry, stifling


a stuffy room

‫ بنده‬،‫بنده خونه‬

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ بندياتي‬bandijā́ tí f. imprisonment ‫ دبندياتۍ موده بښل‬to pardon
‫ بنديانول‬bandijānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بنديان يې کړ‬

bandā́ ṛ m. punishment
bandā́ zh m. 1 tire, band (of metal) 2 bandage 3 dressing;

‫ د بنداژ پاکټ‬military individual field dressing, first-aid
packet ‫ بنداژ کول‬to apply a dressing, dress (a wound)
‫ بندبست‬bandubást m.  ‫بندوبست‬
‫ بندبند‬bandbánd by part, in parts
‫ بندپسور‬bandpsor m. bandwidth
‫ بندج‬bandídzh m.  ‫بنداژ‬
‫ بندخ‬bandúkh m.  ‫بندق‬
‫ بندخانه‬bandkhāná f.  ‫بندي خانه‬
‫ بندر‬bandár m. 1 port, harbor 2 approach, access (road), pass (in

‫ بندي توب‬banditób m. arrest, imprisonment
‫ بندي خانه‬bandikhāná f. prison
‫ بندېدل‬bandedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بند شو‬1 to close,
be closed ‫ خوله يې بنده شوه‬he became silent 2 to be blocked (of a
roadway); be closed off (of movement) 3 to be cut short, be
stopped, be restrained 4 to be prohibited (of a custom, etc.) 5 to
be arrested, be imprisoned, be thrown in prison 6 to be captured 7
to fall into, get caught in (e.g., a net, a snare) 8 to get stuck (in a
swamp, in a quagmire) 9 to shut oneself up; close up

the mountains) 3 parking place; halting place; moorage 4 center


(e.g., for trade)

medicine constipation



‫ بنډه‬bánḍa f. part, portion, share
‫ بن زی‬1 bənzáj m.  ‫ بنځی‬1
‫ بن زۍ‬2 bənzə́j f.  ‫ بنځۍ‬2
‫ بنزين‬benzín m. plural gasoline
‫ بنسټ‬bənzə́ṭ m. 1 foundation 2


measures; put through a measure b to arrange, organize

border) 2 to cut short, suspend, halt; restrain, hold back


to hold back payment

‫د وړاندي تلو مخه بندول‬

‫ بنغازي‬benghāzí m. Benghazi (city, Libya)
‫ بنفش‬bináfsh  ‫بنفشي‬
‫ بنفشه‬binafshá f. violet
‫ بنفشي‬binafshí adjective violet (color)
‫ بنک‬bank m.  ‫بانک‬
‫ بنکاک‬bankā́ k m. Bangkok (city, Thailand)
‫ بنگ‬1 bang m. 1 Indian hemp 2 hashish
‫ بنگ‬2 bəng m. bung 1 buzzing (of insects)


to halt an attack

3 to forbid (a custom, etc.) 4 to arrest, incarcerate, imprison 5 to

capture 6 to drag in, suck in (of a swamp, mudhole) 7 to imprint,
impress idiom

‫په الفاظو بندول‬

to expound, set forth; describe

‫ بندول‬bandavə́l denominative, transitive to log off
‫ بنده‬bandá m. [plural: ‫ بندگان‬plural: ‫ بنده گان‬bandagā́ n]

figurative basis, foundation 3

philosophy base, basis


bandavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بند يې کړ‬1 to
barricade (the roadway); cut off (motion, movement); close (e.g., a

to remove the obstables,

‫ بنديگري‬bandigarí f. slavery, enslavement
‫ بنديوان‬bandivā́ n m. 1 prisoner, person under arrest 2 captive
‫ بنډار‬1 banḍā́ r m. feast, banquet ‫ بنډار کول‬to arrange a feast, feast
‫ بنډار‬2 banḍā́ r m. chat
‫ بنډارخونه‬banḍārkhū́na f. chatroom
‫ بنډاري‬banḍārí m. carouser; convivial fellow
‫ بنډل‬banḍál m. 1 bundle, bunch, pack 2 skein (of thread) 3 bale,

‫ بندژ‬bandázh m.  ‫ د بندژ ځای بنداژ‬،‫ د بندژ محل‬dressing station
‫ بندش‬bandísh m. 1 obstacle 2 blockade (e.g., economic)
‫ بندښت‬bandə́ḳht m. 1 stagnation, standstill 2 dead-end (e.g., in

bandúkh m. 

‫بنديز ايسته کول‬

‫اقتصادي بنديزونه‬

limitations 2 struggle, campaign (e.g., against rumors) 3 dialect

Gulf (of goods) 2 f. kind of imported chintz


bandíz m. 1 obstacle, hindrance; limitation

economic limitations

‫ بندر عباس‬bandara'bā́ s m. Bender-Abbas (Iran, city)
‫ بندرگاه‬bandargā́ h m. port; harbor
‫ بندري‬bandarí 1.1 adjective port 1.2 obtained through the Persian

‫ بندق‬bakdúḳ m. history musket
‫ بندکی‬bandakáj m. botany mare's tail, Equisetum
‫ بندگان‬bandagā́ n masculine plural from ‫بنده‬
‫ بندگي‬bandagí f. slavery
‫ بندوالی‬bandvā́ laj m. 1 interment, arrest 2 captivity 3 jamming
‫ کلپ بندوالی پيدا کوي‬the lock is beginning to jam
‫ بندوبس‬bandubás m. colloquial ‫ بندوبست‬bandubást m. bandobást
measure 2 organization, arrangement ‫ بندوبس کول‬a to take


arrest, imprison

2 jingling; strumming

3 whispering


‫ بنگ‬3 bang combined with ‫ړنگ‬
‫ بنگال‬bangā́ l m. Bengal ‫ د بنگال خليج‬،‫ د بنگال بحيره‬Bay of Bengal
‫ بنگتۍ‬bangatə́j f. 1 desert brambling (a kind of finch) 2 kind of

1 slave,

slave-laborer; bondsman 2 religion God's slave; simple person,
otherworldly person

children's game

‫ بنده گي‬bandagí f.  ‫بندگي‬
‫ بندي‬1 bandí 1.1 arrested, imprisoned 1.2 taken captive 2 m. .1
person under arrest; prisoner ‫ بندي کول‬to arrest, imprison, lock up
2.2 captive ‫ بندي نيول‬to take prisoner, capture
‫ بندۍ‬2 bandə́j f. 1 (female) person under arrest, prisoner 2


bangṛá f. dance (among the Hataki, a tribe in the Kandahar


‫ بنگړی‬bangṛáj m. bracelet
‫ بنگړی بنگړی‬bangṛáj-bangṛáj

(female) captive 3 neckerchief 4 regional bracelet


collapsed, in ruins; destroyed

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بنگړي وال‬،‫بنگړيوال‬

‫ بنېروال‬bunervā́ l m. inhabitant of the Buner region
‫ بنيه‬binjá f. Arabic 1 build, frame, (bodily) constitution

bangṛivā́ l m. 1 trader in bracelets 2 magician 3

traveling showman with a trained monkey


bangáḳh 1 m. plural the Bangashes (tribe) 2 m. Bangash

‫ بڼ‬1 baṇ m. garden, orchard
‫ بڼ‬2 bəṇ m.  ‫ بنگ‬2
‫ بڼ‬3 buṇ m. rope (made of rush, etc.)
‫ بڼرېژ‬bəṇrézh m. ‫ بڼرېژون‬bəṇrezhún m. moult, moulting (of birds)
‫ بڼ سات‬baṇsā́ t m. gardener
‫ بڼ سترگی‬buṇstə́rgaj weak-sighted, having poor eyesight
‫ بڼکه‬1 baṇə́ka f. feather ‫ بڼکي سره شکول‬a to fight (e.g., of fighting


‫ بنگښات‬bangaḳhā́ t m. plural history area of the Bangash
‫ بنگښه‬bangáḳha 1 feminine for ‫ بنگښ‬2 proper noun Bangasha
‫ بنگله‬bangalā f. 1 bungalow, villa; little house 2 palace
‫ بنگڼه‬bangíṇa f.  ‫ بنگی‬3
‫ بنگوری‬bangóraj m.  ‫ بگېل‬1
‫ بنگوړک‬bangoṛə́k m. fortuneteller, soothsayer
‫ بنگول‬bəngavə́l bungavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بنگاوه‬1 to cause to

cocks) b figurative to quarrel

‫ بڼکه‬2 baṇká f.  ‫ بڼکۍ‬2
‫ بڼکي‬1 buṇkáj m.  ‫ بنگ‬2
‫ بڼکۍ‬2 baṇkə́j f. (small) garden
‫ بڼ وال‬baṇvā́ l m. gardener
‫ بڼول‬buṇavə́l transitive  ‫بنگول‬
‫ بڼه‬1 baṇá f. 1 face; aspect, appearance ‫ بڼه الوتل‬a to grow pale,
change countenance ‫ بڼه يې والوته‬he grew pale; he changed

buzz, cause to hum 2 to cause to jingle

‫ بنگه‬bungá
‫ بنگه‬2 bánga
‫ بنگي‬1 bangí

 ‫ بنگ‬1

f. 

m. 1 drug addict 2 figurative person drunk with

love; someone in love



bangí m. sweeper, yardman


bungáj m. harp


bungáj m. 1 buzzing (of insects) 2 jingling, strumming

idiom ‫ بنگی پر لرل‬to be shy
‫ بنگی‬5 bangáj m. roan horse
‫ بنگي‬6 bangí m. Bangi (city)
‫ بنگېدل‬bungedə́l intransitive [past: ‫]وبنگېده‬

countenance b to fade, turn yellow, wither c figurative to show
a to change, change countenance

changed greatly; he's completely unrecognizable b figurative to

‫ بڼه بدلول‬a to change, to be transformed b to
change (one's clothes) ‫ د… په بڼه کېدل‬to take on the appearance or
the form of something 3 nature (of a person) idiom ‫بڼه خاوري کېدل‬
a to die b to grow weak, weaken (of a person) idiom ‫بڼه دي مه سه‬
!‫ خاوري‬I wish you a long life!
‫ بڼه‬2 bə́ṇa f. 1 feather (of a bird) ‫ بڼه غورځول‬to moult (of birds) 2

1 to buzz (of insects) 2

be lost, be confused

to jingle

fin (of a fish)


‫ بنوښ‬binavḳh m. [plural: ‫ بنوښان‬binavḳhā́ n] ash tree
‫ بنون‬banú m. banún  ‫ بنو‬1
‫ بني‬1 baní m. Arabic singular & plural son; sons; descendents ‫بني‬
‫ بني آدم‬،‫ آدمان‬people, mankind ‫ د بشر ټول بني نوع‬the whole human
race ‫ بني اسرايل‬Jews
‫ بنۍ‬2 banə́j f. bellows (of a blacksmith) idiom ‫ په بنۍ باد کښېوتل‬to
become poor, impoverished idiom ‫ زړې بنۍ ته رنگ ورکول‬saying to
perform some worthless task; to dress up an old woman

‫ بنياد کېدل‬compound verb
‫ بنياد کښل‬to eradicate; destroy right down to the
‫ د هغه د کورنۍ بنياد وخوت‬his whole family perished

bunjā́ d m. Arabic foundation, basis




‫ بنيادم‬baniādám m. Arabic singular & plural
‫ بنيادم توب‬baniādamtób m. human qualities
‫ بنيادي‬bunjādí basic; fundamental
‫ بنيادېدل‬bunjādedə́l denominative, intransitive
created, be founded


‫ بڼه گرزېدل‬،‫بڼه اوښتل‬
‫ بڼه يې بالکل اوښتې ده‬he has

cowardice, take fright 2 aspect, image, form

‫ بنو‬1 banú f. Banow, Banu, (town, region)
‫ بنو‬2 banó m. Arabic  ‫ بني‬1
‫ بنو‬3 bə́no oblique plural from ‫ بن‬2
‫ بنوچی‬banucháj m. ‫ بنوڅی‬banutsáj m. Banuchi (inhabitant of


2 bunjá a

structure b position, situation

people, mankind

[past: ‫ ]بنياد شو‬to be

banjā́ n m. 1 knitwear, knitted item 2 jersey 3 t-shirt,

‫ بڼهار‬buṇəhā́ r m. 1 buzzing (of insects) 2 whispering 3 muttering
‫ بڼه الوتئ‬baṇá alvútaj 1 grown pale; having a changed countenance
2 faded, turned yellow; withered 3 figurative having shown

cowardice, having been frightened

‫بڼه بڼه‬

‫بڼه بڼه کېدل‬

‫بڼه بڼه کول‬

to vary,

to be varied, be diversified

‫ بڼی‬1 bəṇáj m. weeping willow
‫ بڼی‬2 baṇáj m. gardener
‫ بڼيا‬baṇjā́ half-opened, slightly opened ‫ بڼيا کول‬to open slightly ‫بڼيا‬
‫ کېدل‬to be opened slightly
‫ بڼيار‬baṇjā́ r m. dyer
‫ بڼيالی‬baṇjāláj beautiful; bright; well-dressed, elegant
‫ بڼېچغ‬baṇechágh m.  ‫بړين چغ‬
‫ بڼېدل‬buṇedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبڼېده‬1 to buzz (of insects) 2 to
whisper 3 to mutter


(sailor's) striped vest

‫ بنيان بافي‬banjānbāfí f. knitwear production
‫ بنېر‬bunér m. Buner (region)

baṇabaṇá various, diverse; all kinds of


[plural: ‫بڼيه گان‬

baṇézh m. 
baṇjá m.

plural: ‫ بڼيهگان‬baṇjagā́ n] shopkeeper,

petty tradesman



bav m. 1 scarecrow 2 boogeyman (an imaginary being used to

frighten children)

Pashto-English Dictionary



bau bo interjection goo-goo! (interjection used to make a baby


‫ بو‬3 bu m.  ‫ بوی‬1
‫ بو‬4 bu m. 1 thorn, prickle 2 syphilis
‫ بو‬5 bo separable part of the verb ‫بوتلل‬
‫ بوا‬boā m. boa (constrictor)
‫ بواری‬buvāraj m. 1 young animal weaned from its mother

boots or shoes)

‫ بوټ سوري‬buṭsurí m. plural chaff
‫ بوټکه‬buṭə́ka f. girl
‫ بوټکی‬buṭkáj m.  ‫ بوتکی‬1
‫ بوټني‬bóṭaní ‫ بوټني باغ‬botanical gardens
‫ بوټ وربوزي‬buṭvərbuzí f. dissatisfaction ‫د چاسره بوټ وربوزي کول‬

2 skin,

hide, pelt

‫ بواسير‬bavāsír m. Arabic plural hemorrhoids
‫ بواعث‬bavā'ís m. Arabic plural from ‫باعث‬
‫ بوالهوس‬bulhavás Arabic 1.1 capricious 1.2 lightheaded

‫ بوټ دوز‬buṭdúz m. shoemaker, cobbler
‫ بوټ رنگوونکی‬buṭ rangavúnkaj m. bootblack (a person who shines


‫بېکاره بوټي‬
‫ د دارو بوټی‬búṭi medicinal plants ‫ د بوټو پوهنه‬botany ‫د‬
‫ بوټو پوه‬botanist ‫ بوټی کښل‬a to uproot; root out b figurative to
extirpate, eliminate 3 brushwood 4 [plural: ‫ بوټي‬búṭi] thickets 5
pattern, design (embroidered or drawn) idiom !‫ بوټی دي وخېژه‬Go
away! Get lost! idiom ‫ د احمد خوارکي بوټی وخوت‬Poor Ahmed is

sensual 2 m. .1 capricious person 2.2 lightheaded, flighty
bulhavasnākí f.

2 flightiness 3 sensuality


bulhavasí f. 1 capriciousness

‫ بوب‬bob pure, unadulterated ‫ بوبه پښتو‬pure Pashto
‫ بوبول‬bobavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بوب يې کړ‬

bobá f. money in the money-box (saved at home and put to no


‫ بوبه‬2 bóba feminine singular of ‫بوب‬
‫ بوبۍ‬bobə́j f. sister (addressing an older sister or an elderly woman)
‫ بوبېدل‬bobedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بوب شو‬to be
cleaned, be freed from impurities

‫ بوت‬1 but m. young man
‫ بوت‬2 but m.  ‫ بوټ‬2
‫ بوب‬3 bot past of ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بوتاړ‬butā́ ṛ m. snout, muzzle; mug
‫ بوتکی‬1 butkáj 1 m. lad, youth 2 having grown a bit ‫بوتکی کېدل‬


grow up (a bit)

Western bottle

botlə́l transitive [past:
perfective of ‫ بېول‬1

‫ بوټی‬2 buṭáj m. 1 crop-eared animal 2 miscarriage
‫ بوټی‬3 boṭáj m. fillet (steak)
‫ بوټي پوهاند‬buṭipohā́ nd m. botanist
‫ بوټيد‬buṭíd wearing European footwear
‫ بوج‬bodzh m. 1 burden, weight 2 volume, dimension
‫ بوجود‬bavudzhúd despite, in spite of
‫ بوجه‬1 budzhá f. 1 stopper, plug 2 gag
‫ بوجه‬2 bodzh m. regional burden, weight
‫ بوجۍ‬budzhéj f. bag, purse
‫ بوچ‬buch m. 1 animal with a clipped ear or ears; animal with a
mutilated muzzle 2 person with a flattened or sliced nose

‫ بوتکۍ‬2 butkə́j 1 f. girl 2 feminine singular from ‫ بوتکی‬1 2
‫ بوتکۍ‬3 butkéj f.  ‫ بتکۍ‬2
‫ بوتل‬butál m. [plural: ‫ بوتلونه‬butalúna plural: ‫ بوتلان‬butalā́ n]

búṭaj m. 1 bush 2 plant (general designation)

altogether ruined.
to clean,

free from impurities



búṭi weeds


person 2.3 sensual nature

‫بوالهوس ناکي‬


express your dissatisfaction to someone

‫ بوت یې‬, imperative perfective ‫]بوزه‬

‫ بوتلئ‬botə́laj past participle from ‫بوتلل‬
‫ بوته‬1 botá f.  ‫برمته‬
‫ بوته‬2 búta f. girl
‫ بوته‬3 botə́ past from ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بوته‬4 bóta feminine past of ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بوتی‬1 botáj m. young camel
‫ بوتئ‬2 bótəj Western past of ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بوټ‬1 buṭ morose, sullen ‫ زړه يې بوټ وتلئ دئ‬He is morose.
‫ بوټ‬2 buṭ m. [plural: ‫ بوټونه‬buṭúna plural: ‫ بوټان‬buṭā́ n] Western
shoe, footwear ‫ يوه جوړه بوټ‬a pair of shoes ‫ د بوټانو گنډلو فابريکه‬a
shoe factory ‫ دبوټو گنډلو فابريکه‬a shoe factory
‫ بوټبه‬buṭbá m. person who collects brushwood for fuel
‫ بوټ پالش‬buṭpā́ lish m. regional boot polish

‫ بوچخړی‬buchkhəṛáj m. scarecrow (in a garden)
‫ بوچړ‬buchə́ṛ m. kind of small melon
‫ بوچړی‬1 buchə́ṛaj m. sluice gate (of an irrigation ditch)
‫ بوچړی‬2 buchṛáj m. young snake
‫ بوچک‬buchák m. kind of melon
‫ بوچوڼی‬1 buchúṇaj m. miller's helper
‫ بوچوڼي‬2 buchuṇí f. portion of ground flour (a remuneration for the
miller's helper)

‫ بوچی‬bucháj m.  ‫ بوټی‬2 1
‫ بوځ‬budz ‫ بوڅ‬buts 1 angry, enraged

2 insulted 3 sticking out

(usually refers to the ears) 4 having pricked up one's ears

‫بوځ کېدل‬

a to be angry, be infuriated b to be offended c to stick out,


‫بوڅ بوڅ کېدل‬

a to bristle; get into a fight b to be shy, be

timid; feel uncomfortable (of a woman who has caught sight of

‫ بوځل‬bodzə́l m. stone wall, stone fence
‫ بوڅ‬buts  ‫بوځ‬
‫ بوڅکی‬butsakáj m. 1  ‫ پوڅکی‬2 pommel (of a saddle)
‫ بوڅول‬butsavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بوڅ يې کړ‬

1 to anger,

infuriate 2 to insult 3 suspiciously to prick up one's ears


butsedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بوڅ شو‬1 to
become angry; be enraged 2 to be offended 3 to protrude (said


Pashto-English Dictionary

usually of ears)

‫د ده غوږونه بوڅ شول‬

He listened carefully. He

pricked up his ears.

‫ بوخت‬bukht bukhə́t  ‫ بخت‬2
‫ بوختول‬bukhtavə́l transitive  ‫بختول‬
‫ بوخته‬bukhtá f. ‫ بوخته کول‬to marinate, soak for shish kebob (meat)
‫ بوختېدل‬bukhtedə́l intransitive  ‫بختېدل‬
‫ بوخڅۍ‬bukhtsə́j f.  ‫بخڅه‬
‫ بود‬1 bud m. 1 being, existence, life 2 exaction, (money) recovered
3 proceeds (from selling something) ‫ بود کول‬compound verb 
‫ بود‬2 bud m. storehouse for hay (plastered with clay)
‫ بود‬3 bud m. 1 quick-wittedness 2 bright, clever person ‫بود سړی‬
clever person, sensible person ‫ په بود يې پوهېدل‬to know the point of

‫ بودا‬budā m.  ‫ بوډا‬1.2
‫ بوداپست‬budāpést m. Budapest (city)
‫ بودائي‬budājí  ‫بوډائي‬
‫ بودتون‬budtún m. (heathen) temple
‫ بودجوي‬buddzhaví budget-related, budgetary; relating to a financial

‫ بودجه‬buddzhá f. budget; (financial) estimate
‫ بودلنه‬bodlə́na f. stupid; dullness
‫ بودله‬bodlá ‫ بودلی‬bodlaj stupid, dense, dull-witted
‫ بودول‬budavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بود يې کړ‬

1 to

receive; exact 2 to gain, make (when selling something) idiom

‫ خپل حق بودول‬to achieve your rights
‫ بوده‬1 budá f. woof (of a fabric)
‫ بوده‬2 bodá m. singular & plural [plural: ‫بوده گان‬

plural: ‫بودگان‬

bodagā́ n] cattle (beast or beasts of burden)

‫ بوده‬3 budá f. amount received, proceeds; amount exacted
‫ بوده رو‬bodaráv m. cart track; caravan trail
‫ بودېدل‬budedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بود شو‬1 to be
buḍā 1.1 m. old man 1.2 m. Buddha 2 attributive adjective

‫بوډا سړی‬


old man

‫بوډا کېدل‬

to grow old

‫ بوډاگی‬buḍāgáj m. (little) old man
‫ بوډاگۍ‬2 buḍāgə́j f. old woman
‫ بوډائي‬buḍājí Buddhist, (of) Buddha
‫ بوډوگی‬1 buḍogáj m.  ‫ بوډاگی‬1
‫ بوډوگۍ‬2 buḍogə́j f.  ‫ بوډاگۍ‬2
‫ بوډی‬1 buḍáj m. 1 (venerable) old man, elder; spiritual advisor


bad omen



buḍə́j f. 1 old woman, old lady 2 f. attributive adjective
old ‫ بوډۍ ښځه‬old woman idiom ‫ د بوډۍ ټال‬،‫ بوډۍ ټال‬rainbow

‫ بوډۍ کټ‬،‫ د بوډۍ کټ‬the Great Bear (Ursa
‫ بوډۍ نيول‬to grow numb (e.g., of a foot)
 ‫بادهوا‬

idiom astronomy
major) idiom

‫ بور‬1


boḍə́j f.
boḍə́j f. skull, cranium

bor brown

meat and sour milk

‫ بوربوکۍ‬borbukə́j f. burbukə́j f.  ‫بوړبکۍ‬
‫ بورجل‬bordzhál m. [plural: ‫ بورجلونه‬bordzhalúna

f. plural: ‫بورجلي‬

bordzháli] 1 dwelling; habitation 2 trench 3 ambush

‫ بورچنډه‬burchanḍá f. woman whose baby died in infancy
‫ بورخنگ‬burkháng m. tub, trough (for mixing dough); kneading
trough; unleavened dough


bord m.



borḍ m. 1 sign, signboard 2 commission,

‫ بورډوالا‬borḍvālā́ m. member of a commission, council member
‫ بورژوا‬burzhuā́ 1 m. bourgeois 2 adjective bourgeois
‫ بورژوازي‬burzhuāzí 1 f. bourgeoisie 2 adjective bourgeois
‫ بورس‬burs m. exchange ‫ په بورس کښي معاملات‬exchange operations
‫ بورغو‬burghú m. pipe (for smoking)
‫ بورقه‬burḳá f.  ‫برقعه‬
‫ بورکس‬boráks m. chemistry borax
‫ بورنه‬borná f. ‫ بورڼه‬borṇá f. flour (for breading fried foods)
‫ بوروندي‬burundí m. Burundi (country, Africa)
‫ بوره‬1 burá f. sawdust, filings ‫ د لرگيو بوره‬sawdust
‫ بوره‬2 burá f. granulated sugar
‫ بوره‬3 buŕa f. woman who has lost her son !‫ بوره وراره سې‬May your
son die and your brother too!

received, be exacted 2 to be gained (at the sale of something)


‫ بور‬2 bavr m. 1 leopard 2 proper name Bavr
‫ بور‬3 bor m. fruit  ‫ بار‬1 3
‫ بور‬4 bur m.  ‫ بر‬6
‫ بور‬5 bor m. caliber
‫ بور‬6 bor m. waist, loins idiom !‫ بور دي مات سه‬Out of my sight!
‫ بور يې مات دئ‬he's very tired
‫ بورا‬1 bavrā́ 1 m. moth 2 f. butterfly
‫ بورا‬2 burā́ f. cellar; basement
‫ بوراني‬borāní f. ‫ بورانۍ‬borānə́j f. dish made from eggplant with

‫ بوره‬4 bóra feminine singular of ‫ بور‬1
‫ بوری‬1 bavráj m. 1 anatomy gall, bile 2 bitter taste, bitterness
‫ بوری‬2 buráj  ‫ بوړی‬3
‫ بوري‬3 búri ‫ بوري بلا‬fright (object inspiring fear); witch, hag
‫ بوري‬4 burí f. ‫ بورۍ‬borə́j f. bag, sack ‫ د بوري سنډ‬jute
‫ بورۍ‬5 bavrə́j f. corn, callus
‫ بوريا‬burijā́ f. mat, matting
‫ بوريک‬borík boric, boracic ‫ بوريک ايسيد‬boric acid
‫ بوړ‬1 boṛ m. roast (meat)
‫ بوړ‬2 boṛ ‫ په عقل بوړ‬unintelligent
‫ بوړبک‬buṛbák slow-witted, muddle-headed
‫ بوړبکۍ‬boṛbukə́j f. buṛbukə́j sandstorm, whirlwind
‫ بوړه‬1 bávṛa f. búṛa plateau, tableland
‫ بوړه‬2 boṛá 1 unfinished, uncompleted 2 out of order ‫ بوړه کېدل‬a
be unfinished b to be out of order, not working properly



buṛə́j f.  ‫ بړۍ‬3
buṛáj m. projection, protuberance, prong.


Pashto-English Dictionary



buṛáj 1 with a cut off or mutilated nose, lip, ear, etc.; with a


dull or stupid face 2 with a chipped edge (of dishware) 3 broken,

‫ بوړی‬4 boṛáj m. plug, stopper; plugging, stopping up
‫ بوړۍ‬5 boṛə́j f. bunch of lucerne
‫ بوړي‬6 bóṛi ‫ بوړي خبري‬nonsense ‫ بوړي خبري کول‬to speak nonsense
‫ بوړی‬7 boṛáj m. pattern on felt
‫ بوړي بوړي‬bóṛi-bóṛi ‫ بوړي بوړي ورته پرېوتل‬a to stretch out, spraw b

figurative to achieve something; strive toward something, dream
of something

‫هغه و دې کارته بوړي بوړي پروت دئ‬

He dreams about

this work.



buzbuzáj m. 1  ‫ بوز‬2 grumbling,

‫ بوزغلی‬buzghə́láj m. sprout, shoot
‫ بوزه‬bozá f. 1 bouza (fermented beverage); koumiss (fermented


‫ بوږ‬bog ̣ collected, located together ‫ بوږ درومل‬to go together
‫ بوږغاړی‬bogghā́
̣ ṛaj 1 with a muffled, hoarse voice 2 with a sore

bóḳhta f. 1 mire, bog, swamp 2 figurative stagnation,


effect, have an influence on
busāṛá f. 1 stack of hay or straw which has been plastered

‫ بوساړه کېدل‬to strut, to be puffed up, be important
‫ بوساړه‬2 busāṛá f. blow, stroke

boḳhtedə́l denominative, intransitive to get stuck (in the
mud), get bogged down (in a swamp, quagmire)

‫ بوښند‬buḳhə́nd sad, depressed, dispirited
‫ بوښه‬bávḳha f. barren desert idiom ‫ پر بوښو گرزېدل‬to be a hermit, be
a recluse ‫ پر بوښو مخ نيول‬a to go crazy b to be a hermit, be a

‫ بوغ‬1 bugh m. bowl, saucer (made of wood)
‫ بوغ‬2 bogh 1 rough (of a voice) 2 unpleasant; ugly
‫ بوغ توب‬boghtób m. ‫ بوغ تيا‬boghtjā́ f. 1 roughness, coarseness


bride's family to guests at the wedding)

to influence; have an

with clay 2 hollow object 3 figurative lazybones idiom






‫ بوغده‬boghdá f.  ‫پيشقوضه‬
‫ بوغلی‬bughláj m. bright kerchief (such kerchiefs are given by the


‫ بوږنول‬bugnavə
́ l transitive  ‫بږنول‬
‫ بوږنېدل‬bugnedə
́ l intransitive  ‫بږنېدل‬
‫ بوږه‬bogạ́ f. 1 secluded place 2 neighborhood 3  ‫بوښه‬
‫ بوس‬1 bus m. plural, less often singular 1 finely cut straw,
chopped straw 2 chaff, bran, siftings, peels ‫ د اوړو بوس‬bran
idiom ‫ بوس ورکول‬to deceive with flattery ‫توبوسو لاندي اوبه بېول‬


boḳhtvā́ laj m. 1 flabbiness, limpness; inertia,

standstill; swamp

1.2 silent, taciturn

‫ بوزينه‬boziná f. morocco (leather)
‫ بوژومبوره‬buzhumburá f. Bujumbura (capital of Burundi)
‫ بوږ‬1 bog ̣ 1 indistinct, hoarse, husky (of the voice) 2 sore (of the

‫بوسات کول‬

‫بوښت والی‬

(of claws, etc.)

buzedə́l intransitive 1 to buzz (of insects) 2 to sour, be
suitable (of dough)


swamp or mudhole)



bus 

‫ بوښت توب‬boḳhttób m.  ‫بوښت والی‬
‫ بوښتنه‬boḳhtə́na f. getting stuck (in mud), getting bogged down (in a

boḳhtavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بوښت يې کړ‬1 to
drag in, suck in (of a swamp, mire) 2 to plunge (into), dig (into)

2 m. .1 guileless, openhearted person; simpleton 2.2 taciturn

busā́ t m. influence, effect

‫ بوس ماسو‬busmāsú m. toady, lickspittle
‫ بوسول‬busavə́l transitive  ‫بوڅول‬
‫ بوسه‬busá inflated, swollen
‫ بوښت‬boḳht stuck (in mud), bogged down (in a swamp, in a



‫ بوس‬2

to urge on, drive (a

hoarse, mule, etc.)

sluggishness 2 

mare's milk) 2 soured food

‫ بوزه‬2 bozá f. glossy ibis, Plegadis falcinellus
‫ بوزه‬3 bozá one who does not observe fasting
‫ بوزه‬4 bóza perfective imperative of ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بوزي بنده‬buzibandá 1.1 guileless, openhearted


‫ بوستان‬bostā́ n m. flower bed; array
‫ بوس خوسی‬buskhusáj m. stuffed calfskin
‫ بوسړ‬busáṛ m. smoldering ashes
‫ بوسکارل‬buskārə́l transitive [past: ‫]و يې بوسکاره‬


buz m. 1 buzzing (of insects) 2 crack, crackle, crackling


‫ بوزبو‬buzbú m. owlet
‫ بوزبوزکه‬buzbuzə́ka f. ‫بوزبوزی‬

busāṛí f. propaganda _ ‫ کول‬to conduct propaganda,


‫ بوغمه‬boghmá f. edema, swelling (in the throat)
‫ بوغو‬bughú m. music trombone
‫ بوغوالی‬boghvā́ laj m.  ‫بوغ توب‬
‫ بوغول‬boghavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بوغ يې کړ‬

to make

coarse, make rough (of the voice)

‫ بوغه‬boghá f. intoxication from smoking hashish or strong tobacco
‫ بوغېدل‬boghedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بوغ شو‬to grow
coarse (of the voice)

‫ بوق‬buḳ m. Arabic pipe; horn
‫ بوقلمون‬buḳalamún m. Arabic 1 chameleon 2 Himalayan pheasant
‫ بوقه‬boḳá f. regional  ‫بوکه‬
‫ بوک‬1 bok m. 1 hump (of a camel, zebu) 2 rise, raising; eminence
3 protuberance, prominence, bulge


Pashto-English Dictionary



buk 1 fallen into ruins 2 overturned, toppled

‫بوک اړول‬


topple, overturn ‫ بوک اوښتل‬to be toppled, overturned
‫ بوکان‬bokā́ n m.  ‫ بوک‬1
‫ بوک بوک‬bukbúk ‫ بوک بوک کېدل‬a to dissemble, play the hypocrite


to pose, act

‫ بوکر‬bokár conic, conical
‫ بوکره‬1 bokrá f.  ‫بوکه‬
‫ بوکره‬2 bukrá f.  ‫برقعه‬
‫ بوکری‬bukə́raj weaned (of a baby)
‫ بوکسنگ‬bóksing m. boxing ‫بوکسنگ کول‬
‫ بوکول‬bukavə́l denominative, intransitive
down, bring down; to overturn, topple

‫ بوکه‬boká f. bucket (of leather or wood)
‫ بوکېدل‬bukedə́l denominative, intransitive

the road, etc.)
to engage in boxing
[past: ‫کړ‬

‫]بوک يې‬

to knock

[past: ‫ ]بوک شو‬to be

knocked down; be overturned, be toppled; overturn, topple

‫ بوگ‬bog rotted within; hollow, empty
‫ بوگری‬bogə́raj m. 1 land given to the clergy for their use free of

charge 2 parcel of land allotted to farm workers as payment 3
land use whereby sharecropper and owner split produce fifty-fifty



bugṛā́ 1 slaughtered (of cattle) 2 slaughtered (by a predator

or plunderer) 3 figurative victim

‫بوگړا کول‬

a to slaughter (cattle)

b to tear apart (said of a predator) c figurative to torment, torture

‫بوگړا کېدل‬

‫ بولي‬2 báuli m. plural urine ‫ لو يې بولي کول‬to urinate
‫ بولي‬3 bóli present tense of ‫بلل‬
‫ بولۍ تڼۍ‬bolə́j taṇə́j f. command button
‫ بوليويا‬bolivijā́ f. Bolivia
‫ بوم‬1 bum m. native
‫ بوم‬2 bum m. owl; tawny owl (Bubo bubo)
‫ بوم‬3 bum 1 m. nation; land; region 2 familiar (with the territory,

a to be torn to pieces, be slaughtered (of cattle) b to be

torn to pieces (by a predator) c figurative to be victimized, suffer


‫ بوگړا‬2 bugṛā́ f. chickpea
‫ بوگنول‬bogənavə́l transitive Eastern  ‫بږنول‬
‫ بوگوتا‬bogotá Bogata (city)
‫ بوگه‬bugá f. watermelon
‫ بول‬1 bol m. 1 word, promise 2 speech 3 rumor, talk; fame, repute
‫ بول‬2 baul m. Arabic plural  ‫ بولي‬2
‫ بول‬3 bol present tense verb stem from ‫بلل‬
‫ بولان‬bolā́ n m. the Bolan Pass (West Pakistan)
‫ بولاني‬bolāni f. small pie with vegetables
‫ بولټ‬bolṭ m. 1 bolt 2 latch ‫ د دروازې بولټ کول‬to latch the door
idiom ‫ د چا د ژبي بولټونه خلاصول‬to loosen someone's tongue
‫ بولډوزر‬bulḍózér m. bulldozer
‫ بولشويزم‬bolshevízm m.  ‫بالشويزم‬
‫ بولشويک‬bolshevik m.  ‫بالشويک‬
‫ بولفه‬bulghá f.  ‫بېلگه‬
‫ بولقه‬bulḳá f.  ‫برقعه‬
‫ بولک‬1 bolə́k  ‫بلوک‬
‫ بولک‬2 bolák consignment of goods
‫ بولل‬bolə́l transitive  ‫بلل‬
‫ بوله‬1 bóla f. female relatives of bride treating groom's relatives to
boiled rice

‫ بوله‬2 bóla imperative, imperfective from ‫بلل‬
‫ بوله‬3 bolá word paired with ‫سوله‬
‫ بولۍ‬1 bolə́j f. command; instruction, ordinance

‫ بوم‬4 bom slack, lazy (of willpower)
‫ بومي‬bumí local, indigenous
‫ بوميا‬bumjā́ m. 1 guide, escort 2 imam, leader of prayer 3 basis
‫ بوميا کول‬to substantiate, base
‫ بومياگلوي‬bumjāgalví f. 1 the title of imam 2 leadership
‫ بوميه‬bumjá f.  ‫بدرگه‬
‫ بون‬bon m. bonn m. Bonn (city)
‫ بونجی‬bundzháj m.  ‫ بنجی‬1
‫ بوند‬bund m. a drop
‫ بونډ‬bunḍ 1 short 2 clipped, trimmed
‫ بونډه‬bónḍa: ‫ بونډه گوته‬index finger
‫ بونډی‬bunḍáj 1 m. .1 truncheon, baton 1.2 cattle with docked tails
2 quite short

‫ بونسټ‬bonsáṭ m.  ‫بنسټ‬
‫ بونگه‬bongá f. bungá f. ransom (from imprisonment, etc.) ‫په بونگه‬
‫ خلاصول‬to pay ransom (for a captive, etc.)
‫ بونگی‬bongáj with nose cut off
‫ بونگېدل‬bungedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]و بونگېد‬to growl, curse; mutter
‫ بونه‬1 buná f.  ‫باروبونه‬
‫ بونه‬2 buná f. 1 anus 2 seat, buttocks
‫ بونه‬3 buná f. hunting lying low (as by a grouse or quail at the
appearance of a bird of prey)

‫ بونه‬4 buná f. slaughter, massacre
‫ بونه‬5 buná filled, with a full stomach
‫ بونيا‬bonjā́ acquainted, familiar
‫ بونياک‬bunjā́ k  ‫بوي ناک‬
‫ بونېدل‬bonedə̄́l intransitive  ‫بڼېدل‬
‫ بوڼ‬1 boṇ m. medicine atrophic rhinitis, ozena
‫ بوڼ‬2 buṇ m.  ‫ بڼ‬3
‫ بوڼ‬3 buṇ m. ‫ بڼ‬boṇ m.  ‫ بنگ‬2 ‫ بوڼ چاته وهل‬to whisper to
someone ‫ بوڼ نه وهل‬not to utter a word; not to make a sound
‫ بوڼ بسير‬buṇbasír weak-sighted
‫ بوڼول‬buṇavə́l boṇavə́l transitive  ‫بنگول‬
‫ بوڼه‬buṇá f.  ‫بورنه‬
‫ بوڼه هار‬،‫ بوڼهار‬buṇəhā́ r m.  ‫بزهار‬
‫ بوڼی‬1 buṇáj m. cartilage (of the nose)
‫ بوڼی‬2 buṇáj nasal
‫ بوڼېدل‬buṇedə́l boṇedə́l intransitive  ‫بڼېدل‬
‫ بوو‬bavú m.  ‫ بو‬1
‫ بوواری‬buvāráj m.  ‫بوهاري‬

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بوهار‬buhā́ r m.
‫ بوهاری‬buhāráj

‫ بهار‬1


m. 1 small child who has been weaned 2 young


‫ بهاڼ گی‬bihāṇgáj m. small colt, foal
‫ بهاڼه‬bihā́ ṇa f. filly (foal)
‫ بهبود‬behbúd 1.1 healthy, well 1.2 regulated, organized, arranged
1.3 flourishing, thriving 2 m.  ‫بهبودي‬
‫ بهبودي‬behbudí f. 1 health 2 arrangement, organization 3 well-

animal just weaned


‫ بد بوی‬bad smell, odor ‫ ښه بوی‬pleasant smell;
‫ د… بوی راتلل‬،‫ د… بوی تلل‬a to smell, give off an odor b
figurative to indicate ("smack of") the approach of something ‫ښه‬
‫ ښه بويونه خپرول‬to be fragrant ‫ بوی کښل‬a to sniff, smell (at) b
figurative to be greedy, envious ‫ بوی کول‬to go bad, go rotten ‫د چا‬
‫ بوی ولاړېدل‬a to gain a bad name; be scandalized b to be caught in

buj m. smell


being; prosperity

‫ بهبودي‬2 behbudí f. large knife, dagger
‫ به بۍ‬bəbə́j f. proper noun Babi
‫ بهتان‬buhtā́ n Arabic lie, slander ‫ بهتان ويل‬to lie, slander
‫ بهتر‬behtár ‫ بهتره‬behtára better ‫ تر دې بهتر څه شي دئ؟‬What could be
better? … ‫ بهتره ده چه‬،… ‫( دا بهتره ده چه‬it will be) better, if …
‫ بهتره گنل‬، ‫ بهتره بلل‬a to prefer b to consider a blessing
‫ بهتري‬behtarí f. 1 improvement 2 advantage; preference 3 well-


‫ بوي‬2 bə́vi blending of the particle ‫ به‬and the linking verb ‫وي‬
‫ بويا‬bujā́ f. botany licorice
‫ بوياره‬bujārá f. 1 insignificant or hardly noticeable trace 2 model,

‫ بوي کښ‬bujkáḳh greedy, envious
‫ بوين‬bujə́n smelly, foul-smelling
‫بويناک‬،‫ بوي ناک‬bujnā́ k 1 giving off an odor

being; prosperity

‫ بهترين‬behtarín the best; of superior quality; outstanding idiom ‫د دې‬
‫ لغت په بهترينه معنی‬in the best sense of the word
‫ بهر‬bahár 1.1 from without, externally, on the outside ‫د … نه څو‬
‫ ميله بهر‬at a distance of several miles from … ‫ له … بهر‬a outside,
beyond the limits of something ‫ له ښاره بهر‬outside the city ‫د‬
‫ دروازې نه بهر‬behind the door b at, beside, near 1.2 abroad ‫د بهر‬
‫ څخه‬a from without, externally, on the outside b from abroad ‫بهر‬
‫ تلل‬to go out (from somewhere) ‫ بهر کول‬،‫ بهر ايستل‬ ‫بهرول بهر‬
،‫ کېدل‬a to be led out; be expelled, be driven out, be exiled b to go

2 smelly, foul-smelling

3 regional fragrant

‫ بوينسرآيرس‬buénos-ā́ jres m. Buenos Aires (city)
‫ بويول‬bujavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بوي يې کړ‬

to sniff,

smell (at); sniff around



bója ought, should, must

‫اوس بويه چه ښارته ولاړ سي‬

He should

now go to town.

‫ بويه‬2 bojá f. grass and straw used for fertilizer, green fertilizer
‫ بو يي‬bují f.  ‫ بوی‬1
‫ بويېدل‬bujedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبويېده‬1 to smell, give off an odor

out, leave (from some place) c to be extracted, pulled out d to be
released, be freed

2 to go bad, become rotten



‫ زه به ليکم‬I shall write ‫زه به‬
‫ زه به ولاړشم‬I'll go ‫ ولاړبه شم‬I'm

‫بهر ته راوتل‬

bə ba particle 1 forms future tense


I shall write (something)

‫هغه به راغئ‬

‫هغه به‬
‫ کار کاوه‬he worked (usually) 3 expresses modalities ‫هغه به راغلئ و‬
he ought to come; it's a pity he hasn't come ‫ هغه به‬،‫که تاويلي وای‬
‫ راغلئ و‬If you had said (it), he would have come
he would call on, he would come

‫ به‬2 beh f. better
‫ بها‬1 bahā́ f. price, cost
‫ بها‬2 bahā́ f. brightness; sparkling
‫ بهادر‬bahādáp expensive; valuable
‫ بهادر‬bahādúr 1 brave, valiant 2 m.

‫بهر لېږل‬

a to send b to send abroad

،‫بهر ته وتل‬

a to go out (from somewhere) b to come forward,

project; appear (publicly) 2.1 external, outer

going 2 expresses repetition of an action when used with forms of
the past tense

bihā́ ṇ m. [plural: ‫ بهاڼان‬bihaṇā́ n plural: ‫ بهاڼونه‬bihāṇúna] foal,

‫بهر ور‬

outside door

2.2 foreign 2.3 going beyond the frameword (of something)

‫ بهراس‬bharā́ s m.  ‫بړاس‬
‫ بهر په بهر‬bahár-pə-bahár 1

from the outside; on the outside, from

without 2 far from something; beyond the limits of something

‫ بهرتي‬bharatí f. recruitment ‫ بهرتي کول‬compound verb to recruit
‫ بهرتي کېدل‬compound verb to be recruited, be enlisted, be won


baharanáj 1 outer, exterior

‫بهرنۍ دروازه‬

gates 2 done,

produced outside the home 3 another's; alien, foreign
.1 brave man, hero 2.2

Bogatyr (fabled hero)

‫ بهادرانه‬bahādurāná 1 brave, valiant 2 bravely, valiantly
‫ بهادري‬bahādurí f. bravery, valor, heroism ‫د وطن په مدافعه کښي يې‬
‫ بهادري وکړه‬he displayed valor while defending his native land ‫په‬
‫ بهادرۍ سره‬bravely, valiantly; heroically
‫ بهار‬bahā́ r m. spring
‫ بهاند‬bəhānd 1 running, flowing 2 liquid ‫ بهاند مواد‬liquids
‫ بهانه‬bahāná f. pretext, cause; excuse; evasion, trick, subterfuge
‫ بهانه نيول‬، ‫ بهانه کول‬to seek a pretext, seek an excuse
‫ بهانيه‬bahānjá valuable, expensive


baharavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بهر يې کړ‬1 to lead
out; drive out, banish, expel 2 to extract, take out 3 to release,

free 4 to thrust out, display on the outside

‫ بهره‬1 bahrá f. 1 share, portion 2 wealth 3 use; advantage; profit
‫ بهره‬2 bahrá m. regional waiter
‫ بهره برداري‬bahrabadārí f. use, utilization; exploitation; operation
‫ بهره من‬bahramán ‫ بهره مند‬bahramánd fortunate, happy; flourishing,
thriving ‫ بهره من کېدل‬to be happy; fourish
‫ بهره مندي‬bahramandí f. happiness, good fortune; prosperity; wellbeing


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫بهره ور‬


‫بهره ياب‬

bahrajā́ b 1 flourishing 2 deriving profit or

immediately, quickly, without delay

benefit from; gaining 3 having been awarded something; having
received something

‫ بهزاد‬behzā́ d m. proper noun Behzad
‫ بهسود‬bihsúd m. bejsúd Bikhsud, Bejsud (region in the Dajizangi
district and in Nangarhar)

‫ بهشت‬bihísht m. paradise
‫ بهشتي‬bihishtí 1 heavenly 2 m. jocular water-carrier
‫ بهښت‬bihiḳht m.  ‫بهشت‬
‫ بهښتي‬bihiḳhtí  ‫بهشتي‬
‫ بهگڼ‬bhagáṇ m. gadfly
‫ بهلول‬bahlól m. proper noun Bahlol
‫ بهم‬bahám together, with one another
‫ بهنه‬1 bahná f. top (the toy)
‫ بهنه‬2 bahə́na f. lock of hair left with children as a vow or promise
‫ بهوت‬bhut m. regional evil spirit, demon
‫ بهوتان‬bhutā́ n m. ‫ بهوټان‬bhuṭā́ n m. Bhutan (region in Indian)
‫ بهوټي‬bhuṭí 1 adjective (of) Bhutan 2 native of Bhutan
‫ بهوج‬bhudzh m. Himalayan birch tree, Betula utilis
‫ بهوج پتر‬bhudzhpatár m. 1 birch bark 2 papyrus
‫ بهوس‬bhus m. plural  ‫ بوس‬1
‫ بهول‬bahavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بهول‬1 to turn on, run (water) 2
to spill (blood) 3 to send regularly (e.g., food, provisions)



bihí f. improvement; development


‫بهي کول‬

to improve,

‫ بهي‬2 bihí m. quince, quince tree
‫ بهۍ‬3 bəhə́j f. 1 steps down a well 2 well with steps
‫ بهياڼه‬bahjā́ ṇa  ‫بهانيه‬
‫ بهېدا‬bahedā́ f.  ‫بهېدنه‬
‫ بهېدل‬bahedə́l baedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وبهېده‬1 to flow, run; flow
out 2 to flow, be shed (of blood)


bahedə́na f. baedə́na 1 current, course (of water) 2
shedding, spilling (of blood)


bahír m. 1 transport and equipment of an army 2 large

accumulation; great many, horde, multitude 3 line, stream (of
people); caravan 4 chain (of events) 5 race; dynasty 6 process,

‫ بهیرگر‬bahírgár m. processor
‫ بهيميت‬bahimiját m. cruelty, savagery
‫ بۍ‬1 bəj children's speech 1 f. & m. sore ‫ بۍ کول‬to hurt, make
painful ‫ بۍ کېدل‬to be hurt 2 watch out, be careful
‫ بې‬2 be f. name of the letter ‫ب‬
‫ بې‬3 be combination of the particle ‫ به‬and the pronoun ‫ته بې و وينې؟‬
‫ يې‬Will you see him (her, them)?
‫ بې‬4 be bi preposition usually in combination with ‫ د… څخه‬or
‫ له… څخه‬without; except, with the exception of ‫ بې ما‬without me
‫ بې له توقفه‬without interruption, unceasingly, continously ‫بې له ډيله‬

‫بې له يوڅوکسانو‬

with the

exception of several people




be bi prefix without, not

‫بې ځایه‬


recklessness, foolhardiness

inappropriate, useless, empty

‫ بيا به کله سره ووينو؟‬When shall we meet
again? ‫ د بيا دپاره‬again ‫ بيا بيا‬again and again, repeatedly 2 after
that, then ‫ بيا مکتب ته ځم‬then I go to school 3 back ‫ بيا ورکول‬to
return idiom ‫ بيا هم‬still, nevertheless, however ‫ بيا نو‬all the same;
(and) what is more ‫ په تېره بيا په زياته بيا‬especially; all the more ‫بيا‬
‫ بيا چي‬،‫ چه‬especially, particularly ‫ نور بيا‬to be continued ‫چه تا‬
‫ هغه بيا وشوه‬،‫ وويل‬It happened just as you said.

bjā bijā́ 1 again, anew


bjā prefix re- (or similar indicating renewal or repetition of an

‫ بياموندل‬a to find again b to acquire, gain c to return d
to restore ‫ بيا تنظيمول‬to reorganize
‫ بيا انتخاب‬bjāintikhā́ b m. reelection
‫ بې آب‬beā́ b 1 shameless 2 disgraced, dishonored, shamed ‫بې ا ٓب‬
‫ کول‬to disgrace, dishonor, shame
‫ بيابان‬biābā́ n m. bejābā́ n desert, wasteland
‫ بياباني‬biābāní uninhabited, deserted, desert
‫ بې ا ٓبرو‬beābrú disgraced, dishonored, shamed
‫ بې ا ٓبرويي‬beābruí f.  ‫بې ا ٓبي‬
‫ بې ابرې‬beibré barren, sterile
‫ بي ا ٓبول‬beābavə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بې ا ٓبه يې کړ‬to

disgrace, dishonor

‫ بې ا ٓبه‬beā́ ba  ‫بې ا ٓب‬
‫ بې ا ٓبي‬f. disgrace, dishonor
‫ بيا بيا بيا‬bjā bjā bjā hunter's cry used to summon falcon
‫ بې ا ٓبېدل‬beābedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]بې ا ٓبه شو‬

to be

disgraced, be dishonored

‫ بیاپیلون‬bjā́ pájlū́n m. reboot
‫ بيا تعمير‬bjā́ ta' mír m. restoration (of something destroyed)
‫ بې اتفاقه‬beittifā́ ḳa unfriendly; disunited, separated, alienated _ ‫کول‬
to separate, alienate

‫بې اتفاقي‬

beittifāḳí f. 1 disagreement, divergence; disharmony 2


‫ بياتي‬bjā́ tí f. [plural: ‫ بياتۍ‬bjatə́j plural: ‫ بياتيگاني‬bjā́ tigā́ ni] scissors
‫ بياتي کول‬compound verb to cut with scissors; cut (out) ‫کالي بياتي‬
‫ کول‬to cut a dress out
‫ بې اثره‬beasára 1 without leaving a trace; futile, unsuccessful;
ineffective; fruitless (e.g., of one's efforts) 2 ineffectual, vain,


‫بې اثري‬

beasarí f. futility; ineffectiveness; fruitlessness (e.g., of one's


‫ بې اجرا‬beidzhrā́ unfulfilled
‫ بې اجله‬beadzhála sudden, unexpected
‫ بې احتياطه‬beihtiā́ ta 1 careless 2 carelessly
‫ بې احتياطي‬beihtiātí f. carelessness
‫ بې اختياره‬beikhtijā́ ra 1 involuntary 2 involuntarily

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بې ادب‬beadáb 1 ill-bred 2 disrespectful
‫ بې ادبي‬beadí f. 1 poor breeding 2 disrespect
‫ بيارته‬bjā́ rta  ‫بېرته‬
‫ بيارغې خځلنۍ‬bjāraghe khadzálnə́j f. recycle bin
‫ بې آرزو‬beārzó unreliable
‫ بې ارزه‬beárza  ‫بې عزته‬
‫ بې ارزي‬bearzí f. disrespect, lack of respect
‫ بې اساسه‬beasā́ sa without any basis, unjustified, groundless, unsound
‫ بياسته‬bjā́ sta f. cable; cord, rope
‫ بې اسرې‬beasré 1 pitch-dark 2 hopeless 3 deprived of one's share;

‫ بې انصافي‬beinsāfí f. 1 unscrupulousness 2 injustice ‫په هغه باندي‬
‫ ډېره بې انصافي شوې ده‬They treated him very unfairly.
‫ بې انکشاف‬beinkishā́ f undeveloped; underdeveloped
‫ بيان نامه‬bajānnāmá f. announcement, declaration
‫ بيانول‬bajānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بيان يې کړ‬1 to
explain; to expound, tell, describe ‫ ما د هغه نوره قصه بيان کړه‬I told
what else was the matter with him/it. 2 f. to express; announce

‫ بيانه‬bajāná f.  ‫بيعانه‬
‫ بيانېدل‬bajānedə́l denominative, intransitive

clarified, be explained; be set forth, be told; be described


‫ بې اصوله‬beusúla disorderly, without system (of life)
‫ بياض‬bajāz 1 m. Arabic .1 whiteness 1.2 notebook 2 white
‫ بې اعتباره‬bei'tibā́ ra 1 not to be trusted, untrustworthy; discredited ‫بې‬
‫ اعتباره کول‬to deprive of trust; discredit 2 ineffective; invalid
‫ بې اعتمادي‬bei'timādí f. distrust
‫ بې اعتنا‬bei'tinā́ inattentive, careless, negligent
‫ بې اعتنائي‬bei'tināí f. inattention, carelessness, negligence
‫ بې اقتداري‬beiḳtidārí f. 1 incompetence 2 lack of skill, clumsiness
‫ بې الايشه‬beālājísha disinterested; unselfish
‫ بې التفات‬beiltifā́ t inattentive; impolite
‫ بې التفاتي‬beiltifātí f. inattention; discourtesy
‫ بيالوجي‬bajālodzhí f. biology
‫ بيالوجي پوه‬bajālodzhipóh m. biologist
‫ بيالوژيكى جنگ‬bjālozhikí dzhang m. biological warfare
‫ بياله‬bjālá f. dialect  ‫واله‬
‫ بې امان‬beāmā́ n merciless, relentless
‫ بې اماني‬beāmāní f. mercilessness, relentlessness ‫په بې امانۍ سره‬

‫ بياموندل‬bjāmundə́l transitive [present: ‫ بيامومي‬past: ‫]بيا يې موند‬
‫ بياميندل‬bjāmində́l [present: ‫ بيامومي‬past: ‫ ]بيا يې ميند‬1 to find
again ‫ لاکن بيا مي نه موند‬،‫ ورپسې ډېر وگرځېدم‬I looked for him a long

time, but again I didn't find him 2 to return 3 to acquire, obtain 4

‫ بياڼ‬bijāṇ m.  ‫بهاڼ‬
‫ بې ا ٓواز‬beāvāz linguistics consonant ‫ بې ا ٓواز صوت‬consonant sound
‫ بې اوبه‬beóba waterless, arid ‫ بې اوبه مځکي‬waterless lands, arid


bjāvadānavə́l 1 denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بياودان يې کړ‬
to restore (something destroyed) 2 m. plural restoration (of

something destroyed)

‫ بې اولاده‬beavlāda childless
‫ بې اولادي‬beavlādí f. childlessness
‫ بې اهميته‬beahammijáta insignificant; unimportant ‫دا بې اهميته شی دئ‬
That is of no importance.

‫ بې ايمان‬beimān  ‫بې ايمانه‬
‫ بې ايمانتوب‬beimāntób m. 1 treachery; dishonesty; baseness 2
cowardliness ‫ بې ايمانتوب کول‬a to behave treacherously b to be

‫بې ايمانه‬

bajā́ n m. Arabic [plural: ‫ بيانونه‬bijānúna Arabic plural: ‫بيانات‬

bajānā́ t] 1 explanation, exposition; description

‫په بيان راوړل‬


explain, expound 2 utterance, pronouncement; appearance;

‫ د بيان حق لرل‬to have a right to speak
‫ بيان کول‬compound verb  ‫بيانول‬

statement, declaration
story, narrative

‫بې انتظام‬


beintizā́ m undisciplined, disorganized; disorderly;

disordered, unsettled

‫بې انتظامي‬

beintizāmí f. lack of dicipline; disorganization; disorder,

confusion, upset, derangement

‫ بې انتها‬beintihā́ endless, limitless
‫ بې انتهائي‬beintihāí f. endlessness, infinity
‫ بې اندازې‬beandāzé extreme, extraordinary, excessive ‫بې اندازې روپۍ‬
‫ خرڅول‬to throw one's money about, squander
‫ بې انصاف‬beinsāf 1 unscrupulous 2 unjust, unfair

beimāna 1 untrue, treacherous; dishonest; base, mean 2


‫دی ډېر بې ايمانه سړی دئ‬

a he's a dishonorable person;

he's a scoundrel b he's a coward

‫ بې ايماني‬beimāní f.  ‫بې ايمانتوب‬
‫ بيائي‬bijān present tense of ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بيباخېل‬bibākhél m. plural Biba-khel' (a clan of the Djadran tribe)
‫ بې بار‬bebār barren, fruitless
‫ بې باکه‬bebāka 1.1 careless, carefree 1.2 incautious 1.3

unsuitable; unscrupulous, dishonest 2.1 carelessly, without a care

to restore (e.g., independence)


[past: ‫ ]بيان شو‬to be

2.2 incautiously

‫بې باکي‬

bebākí f. 1 carelessness, lightheartedness 2 lack of caution

3 unseemly behavior 4 reckless bravery, foolhardiness

‫ بې بال وپر‬bebāl-u-par helpless
‫ بې بال وپري‬bebāl-u-parí f. helplessness
‫ بې باوره‬bebāvára uncertain
‫ بې بخت‬bebákht unfortunate, unhappy
‫ بې بختي‬bebakhtí f. bad luck
‫ بېبدۍ‬bebudə́j f.  ‫ بهبودي‬2
‫ بې برخي‬bebárkhi deprived (of something); disinherited; unfortunate,

‫ بې بره‬bebára  ‫بې بار‬
‫ بيبکه‬bibə́ka f. diminutive of ‫ بي بي‬1 3, 4
‫ بې بها‬bebahā priceless
‫ بې بهره‬bebahrá  ‫بې برخي‬

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫بي بي‬


bibí f.


[plural: ‫ بي بياني‬bibijāni] 1 lady 2 princess 3

elder sister 4 grandmother, grandma idiom

‫بي بي پاتو‬

‫ بخملۍ‬1

‫بي بي اوښه‬


‫ بي بي‬2 bebé f. children's speech 1 book 2 lesson 3 paper
‫ بېپاري‬bepārí m. client (purchaser)
‫ بې پامه‬bepāma  ‫بې فکر‬
‫ بې پايابه‬bepājāba ‫ بې پاياوه‬bepājāva bottomless (of the sea) idiom
‫ څوک بې پايابه کول‬to destroy, liquidate someone
‫ بې پايه‬bepāja 1 limitless, endless 2 of unknown origin, without
clan or tribe 3 uncertain, unreliable, inconstant

‫بې پتول‬

bepatabə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
disgrace, defame, discredit

‫بې پته‬


bepáta 1 dishonest; untrue, treacherous, insidious 2

unworthy of respect

‫بې پتي‬

‫]بې پته يې‬

‫بې پته کېدل‬

‫بې پتېدل‬

bepatí f. 1 disloyalty, treachery, craftiness 2 shameful


bepatedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]بې پته شو‬to be disgraced, be

‫ بې پرته‬bepárta 1 shameless 2 talkative
‫ بې پرتي‬1 ‫ بېپرتي‬bepartí f. 1 shamelessness 2 talkativeness
‫ بېپرتي‬2 bepártaj gluttonous, voracious
‫ بې پر دگي‬bepardagí f. 1 failure (of woman) to wear a veil 2
bepardá disgraced, shamed

‫بي پرده کېدل‬


‫بي پرده کول‬

a to disgrace b to

a to be disgraced, be shamed

!‫بي پرده مه سې‬

Don't shame yourself, Preserve your honor! b to fall into poverty,
be ruined

‫ بې پرده گي‬bepardagí f.  ‫بې پر دگي‬
‫ بې پردې‬bepardé 1 without a veil, uncovered (of the face) ‫بې پردې‬
‫ کول‬to uncover the face 2 close (of relationship) ‫ بې پردې يار‬close

‫بې پروا‬

beparvā 1 careless, unconcerned 2 hasty, rash, unconsidered
beparvāí f. 1 carelessness, lack of concern 2 hastiness,

rashness 3 inattention; discourtesy

‫ بيپل‬bipál m.  ‫بلاغنډ‬
‫ بې پولي‬bepulí f. lack of money, impecuniousness
‫ بيت‬1 bajt m. Arabic [plural: ‫ بيتونه‬bajtúna Arabic

plural: ‫ابيات‬

abjā́ t] Arabic 1 couplet (verse of two lines) 2 song

‫ بېت‬2 bet m. reed, rush
‫ بيت‬3 bajt m. Arabic house, heart, family
‫ بېت‬4 bet m. dialect espionage
‫ بېتاب‬،‫ بېتاب‬betāb 1 weak, grown weak 2
disturbed, upset

‫ بې تار‬1 betār wireless
‫ بيتار‬2 bajtār m.  ‫بيطار‬

‫ بې توجه‬betavadzhdzhúh 1 inattentive 2 discourteous
‫ بې توجهي‬betavadzhdzhuhí f. 1 inattention 2 discourtesty
‫ بې توقع‬betavaḳḳó' unreliable
‫ بيتومن‬bitúman m. plural shale, slate
‫ بېتون‬betón m. plural concrete
‫ بېتي‬betí m. dialect spy, scout
‫ بېټ‬1 beṭ m. 1 reinforcement, help, assistance ‫ بېټ ورکول‬to help,
send reinforcements 2 good tempering (of steel)

‫ بېټ‬2 beṭ m. steppe
‫ بېټري‬beṭrí f. battery
‫ بېټک‬beṭák m. 1 male half (of a home) 2 Eastern living room
‫ بېټني‬1 bejṭaní m. plural Betani (tribe) 2 Betanaj (member of
‫ بيټه‬bíṭa f. foot (of a mountain)
‫ بې ثبات‬besabāt unstable, inconstant, changeable
‫ بې ثباتي‬besabātí f. instability, inconstancy, changeableness
‫ بې ثمره‬besamára fruitless, vain, futile
‫ بې ثمري‬besamarí f. fruitlessness, futility, vainness
‫ بې جان‬bedzhān inanimate; dead; lifeless
‫ بيجک‬bidzhák m. way bill, invoice; bill
‫ بيجلي‬bidzháli f. plural a game of babki, knucklebones ‫بيجلي کول‬
to play babki, knucklebones

impatient 3 aroused,

‫ بېتابه‬betāba uneasy, restless, agitated
‫ بې تابي‬betābi f. 1 powerlessness, weakness
uneasiness, agitation

‫ بې تکليفه‬betaklífa simple, plain ‫ ساده بې تکليفه ډوډۍ‬a simple treat
‫ بې تميز‬betamíz reckless, rash, hasty
‫ بې تميزي‬betamizí f. recklessness, hastiness, rashness ‫بې تميزي کول‬

Betani tribe)

3 inattentive; discourteous

‫بې پروايي‬

‫ بېت بافي‬betbāfí f. manufacture of wicker furniture
‫ بې تجربگي‬betadzribagí f. inexperience, innocence
‫ بې تجربه‬betadzhribá inexperienced, innocent
‫ بې ترتيب‬betartíb ‫ بې ترتيبه‬betartíba disorderly, untidy; irregular
‫ بې ترتيبي‬betartibí f. disorder; irregularity
‫ بې ترس‬betárs  ‫ناترس‬
‫ بېتري‬betrí f.  ‫بېټري‬
‫ بې تعليمي‬beta'alimí f. illiteracy; lack of education
‫ بې تکلفه‬betakallúfa 1 simple, plain 2 unconstrained, natural
‫ بې تکلفي‬betakallufí f. 1 simplicity, plainness 2 naturalness,

to behave recklessly, behave hastily

face, uncovered face 3 disgrace, dishonor

Jerusalem (city)

freedom from constraint

‫بې پتېدل‬

‫بي پرده‬

‫ بې تاريخه‬betāríkha undated
‫ بيت الخلا‬bajtulkhalā f. Arabic bathroom, toilet
‫ بيت المال‬bajt-ul-māl m. Arabic 1 treasury 2 escheat
‫ بيت المقدس‬bajt-ul-muḳaddas m. Jerusalem (city) ‫د بيت المقدس ښار‬

2 impatience 3

‫ بېجوړې‬bedzhoṛé incomparable; superlative, remarkable
‫ بېچ‬bech m. bich m. possibility
‫ بېچارگي‬bechāragí f. 1 poverty, need, destitution 2 helplessness
idiom ‫ په ډېره بېچارگۍ‬with great difficulty, just barely
‫ بېچاره‬1 bechārá 1.1 poor, destitute 1.2 helpless; powerless 2 m.
[plural: ‫ بېچاره گان‬bechāragā́ n] .1 poor man 2.2 poor devil
‫ بې چاره‬2 bechāra out of work, nothing to do

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بې چاره گي‬bechāragí f.  ‫بې چارگي‬
‫ بيچاڼه‬bichāṇa f. Eastern ‫ بيچاوڼه‬bichāuṇa

f. bed

make (up) a bed

‫بيچاڼه غوړول‬


‫ بې چورته‬bechúrta thoughtlessly, rashly
‫ بې چورتي‬bechurtí f. thoughtlessness, rashness
‫ بي چيني‬bechejní f. regional agitation; uneasiness, alarm
‫ بېځانه‬bedzāna insensible; lifeless
‫ بېځایه‬bedzāja 1.1 ‫ بې ځایه‬unsuitable, useless, empty ‫په بېځایه کارو‬
‫ پسې کېدل‬to be idle, loaf, do nothing 1.2 knocked out, forced out
‫ بېځایه کول‬to knock out, force out 1.3 ‫ له ځایه بېځایه کول‬to move,
shift, displace 2 in vain, for nothing; out of place, not to the point

‫بېځایه گډېدل‬

to interfere inappropriately (into someone else's

affairs, in a conversation) !‫ بېځایه مه ويېږه‬،
chatter to no purpose!

!‫ بېځایه خبري مه کوه‬Don't
… ‫ بېځایه به نه وي‬،…‫ بېځایه نه ده‬It's not out

of place to mention that …

‫ بې ځنډه‬bedzánḍa urgently, quickly, without delay
‫ بې څښتنه‬betsaḳhtána ownerless
‫ بې څوک‬betsók  ‫بې کس‬
‫ بې څوکتيا‬betsoktjā́ f.  ‫بې کسي‬
‫ بې څوکه‬betsóka  ‫بې کسه‬
‫ بېڅه‬1 bétsa f. kind of grass used as fodder; fodder grass
‫ بې څه‬2 betsə́ useless
‫ بېحاصله‬behāsíla fruitless, futile, (in) vain, idle
‫ بې حاله‬behāla 1.1 feeling ill; weakened 1.2 faint 2 insensible,

‫ بې حالي‬behālí f. 1 ill feeling; weakness 2 faint
‫ بې حده‬behádda 1 limitless, unlimited; huge ‫بې حده ډېر‬

an enormous

‫ بېخدار‬bekhdār ‫ بېخداره نباتات‬root plants
‫ بې خرټی‬bekhraṭáj m. unconsidered behavior, rashness ‫بې خرټی کول‬
to behave recklessly

‫بې خرڅه‬

person) 4 downhearted, depressed

‫بې حوصله گي‬

behavsilagí f. 1 impatience 2 intolerability 3

shamelessness, boldness, cynicism

‫ بې خاونده‬bekhāvə́nda ownerless
‫ بې خبر‬bekhabár ‫ بې خبره‬bekhabára unknowledgable, uninformed,
ignorant ‫ د خطر څخه بې خبر وو‬They didn't know of the danger.
‫ له… څخه ځان بې خبر کول‬to ignore something idiom ‫څوک بې خبر‬
‫ نيول‬to take someone unawares
‫ بېخبري‬bekhabarí f. 1 ignorance ‫ بېخبري بيانول‬to claim ignorance 2



behudí f. 1 loss of consciousness, unconsciousness 2


‫ بې خوښي‬1 bekhváḳhaj unwillingly, without wanting to
‫ بې خوښي‬2 bekhvaḳhí f. unwillingness, reluctance
‫ بې خولې‬bekhulé 1 meek, uncomplaining, submissive 2 stumbling
(in speech); confused, distracted ‫ بې خولې کېدل‬a to be meek, be
uncomplaining b to stumble (in speech); to be confused, be

‫بې خونده‬

bekhvánda 1 unpalatable; tasteless 2 poor; (having been)

ruined 3 disordered, out of order

‫بې خونده کېدل‬

a to grow poor; to

ruin oneself, to be ruined b to become disordered 4 absurd,
senseless, foolish

‫بې خونده خبري کول‬

to talk nonsense, talk

‫ بې خوندي‬bekhvandí f. lack of taste, bad taste
‫ بې خوېش‬bekhésh without kith or kin; homeless, stateless
‫ بېخي‬bekhí bikhí 1 altogether; absolutely; very ‫دا بېخي دروغ دي‬

That's an out-and-out lie 2 (with negation) not at all, not in the


‫ بې خيري‬bekhajrí f. uselessness
‫ بېد‬bed m. willow tree  ‫ وله‬1
‫ بېدار‬bedār 1 vigilant, unsleeping

2 watchful, indefatigable 3

conscious; deliberate; aware


bedāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بېدار يې کړ‬1 to
awaken, wake (someone) up 2 to urge caution, watchfulness 3 to

foster awareness


bedārí f. 1 vigilance; keeping awake; awakening; (military)

‫ د بېدارۍ اشاره‬blowing of reveille 2 reality ‫دا خوب لېدل وو‬
‫ او نه بېداري وه‬That was in a dream, and not in reality. 3

rudeness, bad manners


to be

consciousness, fall into a faint b to get drunk c to lose one's self

sluggishness 4 depression, downheartedness

‫ بېحيا‬،‫ بې حيا‬behajā immodest, shameless, bold; cynical
‫ بې حياتوب‬behajā́ tób m. ‫ بي حيائي‬behajāí f. immodesty;

‫بې خرڅه کېدل‬

‫ بې خطر‬bekhatár ‫ بې خطره‬bekhatára safe, secure
‫ بې خطري‬bekhatarí f. safety, security
‫ بېخ کني‬bekhkaní f. ruin, destruction, extermination
‫ بېخ لرونکی‬bekh larúnkaj  ‫بېخدار‬
‫ بېخ نيوی‬bekhnívaj m. literal establishing bases; laying a foundation
‫ بېخواب‬bekhāb sleepless
‫ بېخوابي‬bekhābí f. insomnia, sleeplessness
‫ بې خوبه‬bekhóba  ‫بېخواب‬
‫ بې خوبي‬bekhóbaj  ‫بېخواب‬
‫ بېخوبي‬2 bekhobí f.  ‫بېخوابي‬
‫ بېخوده‬bekhúda 1 having lost consciousness, fainted 2 drunken 3
having lost self control ‫ بېخوده کول‬a to cause to faint b to make
drunk, intoxicate c to drive to distraction ‫ بېخوده کېدل‬a to lose

quantity, a whole lot 2 boundlessly, infinitely

‫ بې حرکته‬behapakáta motionless, unmoving, immovable
‫ بې حرکتي‬behapakatí f. 1 immobility 2 passivity
‫ بې حرمت‬behurmát 1 not respected 2 shamed, disgraced
‫ بې حرمتي‬behurmatí f. dishonor, disgrace
‫ بې حسابه‬behisāba countless, huge
‫ بې حسه‬behíssa grow numb; insensible, unfeeling
‫ بې حوصله‬behavsilá 1 impatient 2 unbearable 3 sluggish (of a

bekhártsa moneyless, impecunious

ruined, be left without money or means

bekhdzhə́n well-founded, sound, serious

Pashto-English Dictionary

awakening, appearance (of a feeling) 4 vigilance 5 awareness

‫ بېداري اچول‬a to show watchfulness b to show awareness
‫ بېدارېدل‬bedāredə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫]بېدار شو‬

1 to

wake up, awaken, arise 2 to awaken, appear (of a feeling) 3 to be

‫ بېر‬1 ber m. botany jujube, Zizyphus
‫ بير‬2 bir m. plural beer ‫ يو بوتل بير‬a bottle of beer
‫ بېرا‬berā m.  ‫ بېره‬3
‫ بېران‬berān 1 having lost consciousness, unconscious

vigilant 4 to be aware 5 to beware (of), be careful (of)

‫ بې داغ‬bedāgh unsullied, clean
‫ بېدانه‬bedāná seedless (of raisins, berries, etc.)
‫ بې درده‬bedárda hard, callous, pitiless
‫ بې دردي‬bedardí f. callousness, ruthlessness
‫ بې درکه‬bedárka not covered by income, exceeding income (of an

‫ بې درنگه‬bediránga quickly, without delay
‫ بې دل‬bedíl 1 grieved, distressed, sad, depressed

berānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
render unconscious, cause to faint

f. bedamāghí f. shortness of temper,


berāchí f. 1 uselessness, dissoluteness; lack of discipline 2

error, delusion 3 unscrupulousness


‫ په بېرته‬back ‫ بېرته اخيستل‬to take back,
take away ‫ بېرته پاتېدل‬،‫ بېرته پاتي کېدل‬،‫ بېرته پاته کېدل‬to lag behind (in
movement, in study, in development, etc.) ‫ بېرته تلل‬to return ‫بېرته‬
‫ کتل‬to look back ‫ بېرته کول‬a to force back b to remove; to send
away c to dismiss d to clear away, clean up ‫دا کتاب له مېزه بېرته‬
‫ کئ‬clear this book off the table e to remove (e.g., difficulties) f

to put to

bedavlát 1.1 not wealthy, poor, propertyless 1.2

bérta bírta 1.1 back

to open (the door; a shop, courses, etc.) g to take off (clothing)

!‫بېرته کئ‬

unfortunate, unsuccessful 2 m. .1 poor man 2.2 failure, unlucky

As you were! (military command)

‫ بېرته کېدل‬a to retreat,
،‫بېرته گرځېدل‬

back off; to go away b to resign, relinquish a post

‫ بې دولتي‬bedavlatí f. 1 unluckiness 2 poorness, poverty
‫ بيدونه‬bidavə́na f. putting to sleep, lulling
‫ بيده‬1 bidə́ ‫ بيده‬bidá f. m. [plural: ‫ بيده‬bidə́ f. plural: ‫بيدې‬

‫بېرته گرزېدل‬

a to move backwards, go from b to return c

figurative to back out of (one's word or promise)

‫بېرته ورکول‬


give back, return 1.2 at some distance, a little way off 1.3 again,

bidé] 1

anew 2 away, off

sleeping 2 figurative dozing; latent, unused

‫!دلاري بېرته شه‬

Off the road!; Stand Aside!;

Away! 3 predicate .1 forced back 3.2 removed, sent away 3.3
cleared away 3.4 open (of a door or window; of a shop, courses,
etc.) 3.5 removed (of clothing) 3.6 behind (in movement, in



bidedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بيده شو‬1 to sleep;
to fall asleep 2 figurative to remain in ignorance

‫ بيدېدنه‬bidedə́na f. m. [plural: ‫ بيدېده‬bidedə́] dream; sleep ‫د بيدېدو‬
‫ سامان‬bedclothes
‫ بېدين‬،‫ بې دين‬bedín 1 unbeliever 2 m. godless person, atheist
‫ بېديني‬bediní f. godlessness, atheism
‫ بې ډبه‬beḍába absurd, senseless
‫ بې ډوله‬beḍávla 1 shapeless, formless 2 ugly 3 ill-bred
‫ بېډون‬beḍavə́n uncouth, unpolished
‫ بې ډوي‬beḍəví f. fearlessness
‫ بېډۍ‬beḍə́j f. knucklebone (of an animal, used in games)
‫ بې ذوقه‬bezávḳa 1 tasteless, bad tasting 2 insipid, vapid, flat;


mistaken, in error 3 unprincipled, unscrupulous

sleep, lull

‫ بيده‬bedá f. dried green forage in bunches; hay
‫ بيده‬3 bidá feminine singular of ‫ بيده‬1
‫ بېديا‬bedjā f. plain; steppe
‫ بېدياني‬bedjānáj 1 adjective of the plain, steppe 2

‫]بېران يې‬

‫ بېرانول‬2 berānavə́l transitive  ‫ورانول‬
‫ بېرانه‬berāna feminine singular of ‫بېران‬
‫ بېراني‬1 berāní f. 1 loss of consciousness 2 stupor, stupefaction
‫ بېراني‬2 berāni feminine plural of ‫بېران‬
‫ بېرانېدل‬1 berānedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بېران شو‬to

‫بې راهي‬

irascibility, irritability

‫بې دولت‬


‫ بېرانېدل‬2 berānedə́l denominative, intransitive  ‫ورانېدل‬
‫ بې راه‬berāh 1 good-for-nothing, dissipated; undisciplined

bedamāgha hot-tempered, irritable

‫ بېدمشک‬bedmúshk m. Egyptian willow tree
‫ بې دمه‬bedáma 1 lifeless 2 disobedient
‫ بېدو‬bedú 1 the same 2 exactly, to the letter
‫ بې دوا‬bedavā incurable
‫ بې دودي‬bedodí f. inobservance of a custom
‫ بيدول‬bidavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بيده يې کړ‬


lose consciousness, faint

2 poetic

passionately in love

‫ بې دماغه‬bedimāgha
‫ بې دماغي‬bedimāghí

2 frozen in

one's tracks, gone dumb, stunned

studies, in development, etc.)

‫ بېرته پاتې‬bértapāte  ‫ بېرته‬3
‫ بېرته پاتې توب‬bertapātetób m. backwardness
‫ بېرته تگ‬bertatág m. ‫ بېرته راتگ‬bertarātág m. return
‫ بې رحمانه‬berahmāná 1 cruel, ruthless 2 cruelly, ruthlessly
‫ بې رحمه‬beráhma stern, cruel, ruthless ‫ بې رحمه زمانه‬bleak time,
bleak times

‫ بېرحمي‬،‫ بې رحمي‬berahmí f. sterness, cruelty, ruthlessness ‫په خورا‬
‫ په زياته بېرحمۍ سره‬،‫ بېرحمۍ سره‬very sternly, cruelly, ruthlessly
‫ بېرخانه‬birkhāná f. alehouse, pub
‫ بېرړا‬berṛā m. lark
‫ بېرسټر‬berisṭár m. regional lawyer
‫ بې رضا‬berizā willy-nilly, against one's will; reluctantly
‫ بيرغ‬bajrágh m. banner, flag; signal flag ‫ بيرغ درول‬to hoist a flag
‫ بيرغ اوچتول‬،‫ بيرغ رپول‬،‫ بيرغ جگول‬to raise the flag

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بيرغ والا‬bajraghvā́ lā́ m. standard bearer
‫ بيرق‬bajrák m.  ‫بيرغ‬
‫ بېرگال‬bergā́ l m. water skin from ox hide
‫ بيرل‬berál m. barrel, cask
‫ بېرلو‬berló f. attack
‫ بېرلووال‬berlovā́ l m. aggressor
‫ بېرندوکی‬berəndúkaj cowardly, fearful
‫ بېرنگ‬1 beríng ‫ د بېرنگ آبنای‬Bering Straits ‫بحيره بېرنگ‬


Bering Sea

‫ بېرنگ‬2 beríng m. bearing
‫ بيرنگ‬3 bajráng beráng relating to additional payment
‫ بېرنگه‬beránga colorless
‫ بېرن‬beráṇ m. wild clover
‫ بېرو‬berú  ‫بې روی‬
‫ بېروت‬bejrút m. bajrút m. Beirut (city)
‫ بې روح‬berúh ‫ بې روحه‬berúha 1 lifeless, unanimated, inanimate

‫ بېړۍ‬1 beṛə́j f. vessel, ship; barge; boat ‫ د بېړۍ د پاسه‬on board
‫ باروړونکې بېړۍ‬freighter ‫ د تناو بېړۍ‬ferry (boat) ‫تېل وړونکې بېړۍ‬
tanker ‫ طياره وړونکې بېړۍ‬،‫ الوتکي وړونکې بېړۍ‬aircraft carrier ‫عسکر‬
‫ پياده کوونکې بېړۍ‬landing boat ‫ مسافر وړونکې بېړۍ‬passenger ship
‫ نقب ټولوونکې بېړۍ‬minesweeper idiom ‫ بېړۍ فضائي‬spaceship ‫د‬
‫ هغه بېړۍ و اوښته‬He was unlucky. He had bad luck.
‫ بېړی‬2 beṛáj m.  ‫بابېړی‬
‫ بېړۍ‬3 beṛə́j f. regional shackles, chains; hobble
‫ بېړۍ چلوونکی‬beṛə́j chlavúnkaj m. captain of a ship
‫ بېړۍ وال‬beṛəjvā́ l m. ‫ بېړۍ والا‬beṛəjvā́ lā́ m. boatman, ferryman
‫ بېزار‬bezār dissatisfied; upset, angered
‫ بېزارول‬bezāravə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بېزار يې کړ‬to repel,
call forth enmity, disgust

‫ بېزاري‬bezārí f. dissatisfaction, irritation
‫ بېزارېدل‬bezāredə́l denominative, intransitive

figurative to experience, feel repulsion, hostility; to turn away


from someone

apathetic, listless 3 heartless; soulless

‫ بې روزگاره‬berozgāra without income, without pay; needy
‫ بي روزگاري‬berozgārí f. absence of income, absence of pay; want,

‫ بېرول‬beravə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بېراوه‬to frighten, scare idiom ‫د‬
‫ خپله لاسه بېرول‬to be afraid of flying into a rage
‫ بيرون‬birún berún outside, from without; on the outside ‫د بيرون طرف‬
‫ څخه‬from without !‫ بيرون ته ووځه‬regional Get out! idiom ‫له چاپ‬
‫ نه بيرون کېدل‬to go out of print ‫ بيرون غورزول‬to weed
‫ بيرون نويس‬birunnavís berunnavís written out (of a word, phrase,
etc.), copied out ‫ بيرون نويس کول‬to write out, make an excerpt
‫ بېروني‬beruní external, exterior
‫ بې روی‬berúj shameless; bold, coarse; uncouth
‫ بېره‬1 béra f. fear, fright ‫ بېره کول‬to be afraid, to take fright
‫ بېره‬2 béra f.  ‫ بېر‬1
‫ بېره‬3 berá m. [plural: ‫ بېرگان‬bergā́ n plural: ‫ بېره گان‬beragā́ n]
regional 1 servant; lackey 2 waiter

‫ بې ريا‬berjā́ sincere, straightforward
‫ بې ريائي‬berjāí f. sincerity
‫ بېرېدل‬beredə́l intransitive [past: ‫]وبېرېده‬

to fear, take fright; be

afraid of

‫ بېريل‬beril m. plural beryl (mineral)
‫ بېريليم‬beríljúm m. ‫ بېريليوم‬plural beryllium
‫ بېړ‬beṛ m. crowd (of people)
‫ بېړا‬beṛā 1 stupid; ignorant 2 m. stupid person, dumbbell;

‫ بيړه‬1

beṛəkə́j f. boat
bíṛa f. 1 hurry, rush; urgency

‫ په بيړه سره‬quickly, hurriedly;
‫ په ډېره بيړه‬very quickly, most urgently ‫ د کار بيړه‬trouble,
‫ په يو شي کښي بيړه جوړول‬to hurry with something 2 striving



‫ بيړه کول‬to strive for, seek to gain (something)
‫ بيړه‬2 beṛá f. raft

[past: ‫]بېزار شو‬

‫هغه ټول ځني بېزاره سول‬

They all turned from him.

‫ بې زاوي‬bezāví f. need, want
‫ بې زبانه‬bezabāna bezubāna speechless, dumb
‫ بې زړه‬bezṛə́ 1 downcast, gloomy 2 weak-spirited, cowardly



‫بېزړه توب‬

bezṛətób m.

‫بې زړه والی‬

bezṛəvā́ laj m. 1 despondency,

depression 2 faintheartedness, cowardliness 3 timidity


bezél transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې بېزه‬to darn; mend; sew


‫بې زمين‬


‫بې زمينه‬

bezamíng landless

landless peasant b the landless peasantry

‫ بيزو‬bizó

‫بې زمين کليوال‬


1 f. [plural: ‫ بيزوگاني‬bizogā́ ni] monkey 2 m. [plural:

bízogā́ n] male monkey idiom

‫د بيزو پرهار ځني جوړول‬

a to

exaggerate some matter b to drag out some business

‫ بې زوره‬bezóra weak, powerless
‫ بېزه‬bezá f. dailect  ‫ وزه‬2
‫ بې ژبی‬1 bezhə́baj 1 dumb, speechless 2 untrustworthy, treacherous
‫ بې ژبي‬2 bezhəbi f. breaking a promise, treachery
‫ بېږدن‬begdə
̣ ́ n m. weathercock; fickle person, changeable person
‫ بې ږغه‬begágha
linguistics consonant
‫ بې ږوږه‬begvág
̣ ̣ 1 noiselessly, without noise 2 without a murmur
‫ بې ږوږه منل‬to agree without a murmur
‫ بې سا‬besā inanimate ‫ بې سا شيان‬inanimate objects ‫بې سا نومونه‬
grammar inanimate nouns

‫بې سابقه‬



‫بې سابقې‬

besābiḳé unusual, unheard of, without

‫ بې ساری‬besāraj unusual, unprecedented; without equal ‫په بې ساري‬
‫ اندازه‬besāri of unusual proportions
‫ بې ساه‬besāh  ‫بې سا‬
‫ بې سترگو‬bestə́rgo eyeless, blind
‫ بې ستره‬besátra 1 uncovered; bare, naked 2 dishonored, disgraced
‫ بې ستري‬besatrí f. 1 baring, uncovering, denudation 2 figurative
dishonor, disgrace


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بېستۍ‬bestə́j f. besatə́j f. kind of fabric, coarse calico
‫ بې سدتيا‬besədtjā́ f. loss of consciousness; faint
‫ بېسدول‬besədavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]بېسده يې کړ‬


cause to faint, render unconscious

‫بې سده‬

besə́da 1.1 having lost consciousness, fainted, insensible 1.2
stupid 1.3 figurative inebriated ‫ بې سده کول‬a to cause to lose
consciousness, cause to faint b to drive insane c figurative to

make drunk

‫بې سده کېدل‬

a to lose consciousness, faint b to

become foolish c figurative to get drunk 2 unusually,

‫بې سده ښه سړی دئ‬

He is an exceptionally fine


‫ بې سدي‬besədí f. fainting fit, unconsciousness, loss of consciousness
‫ بې سرايت‬besirāját disinfected ‫ بې سرايت کول‬to disinfect
‫ بې سروسامان‬besar-u-sāmān 1 disinherited, deprived of a livelihood,
needy 2 stupid

‫بې سروساماني‬

besar-u-sāmāní f. 1 need, a difficult material situation

2 stupidity, foolishness

‫ بي سره‬besára neglected; stray, homeless; leaderless ‫بي سره او بې‬
‫ ښکره‬a neglected; stray ‫ بي سره او بې ښکره سړی‬a tramp b
disorderly, chaotic, poorly organized

‫ بې سره والی‬besaravā́ laj m. neglect
‫ بې سري‬besarí f. 1  ‫ بې سره والی‬2 disorder
‫ بې سواده‬،‫ بېسواده‬besavāda illiterate
‫ بې سوادي‬،‫ بېسوادي‬besavādí f. illiteracy
‫ بې سود‬besúd bearing no interest ‫ بې سود روپۍ‬non-interest-bearing

‫ بې سيال‬besijāl  ‫بې شانه‬
‫ بې سېکه‬beséka weak, powerless; feeble
‫ بېسيم‬،‫ بې سيم‬besím wireless ‫ بېسيم تېلگراف‬radio-telegraph
‫ بې شانه‬beshāna unusually, extraordinarily, exceptionally
‫ بې شبهه‬beshúbha undoubted, indubitable; definite
‫ بې شرمه‬beshárma shameless; obscene, indecent; immodest ‫ځان بې‬
‫ شرمه کول‬to become insolent
‫ بې شرمي‬besharmí f. shamelessness; obscenity; immodesty
‫ بې شک‬beshák ‫ بېشک‬beshákk ‫ بې شکه‬besháka ‫ بېشکه‬beshákka 1
undoubted, irrefutable, indisputable 2 undoubtedly, indisputably,
absolutely, certainly

!‫بې شک بې شک! بې شکه بې شکه‬


‫ بې شماره‬beshumāra innumerable, countless
‫ بې شمځۍ‬beshamdzə́j invertebrate
‫ بې شمېره‬beshméra  ‫بې شماره‬
‫ بې ښځي‬beḳhə́dzi unmarried, single, bachelor
‫ بې ښې‬beḳhé useless, futile; needless, good-for-nothing
‫ بې صبر‬besábr ‫ بې صبره‬besábra impatient
‫ بې صبري‬besabrí f. impatience
‫ بې ضرر‬bezarár harmless, inoffensive
‫ بې ضرري‬bezararí f. harmlessness, inoffensiveness
‫ بيطار‬bajtār m. Arabic veterinarian
‫ بيطاري‬bajtārí f. veterinary medicine
‫ بې طاقته‬betāḳáta 1 grown weak, collapsed; weak 2 impatient

‫ بې طالعه‬betālí'a unfortunate, unhappy
‫ بې طبقاتو‬betabaḳāto classless ‫ بې طبقاتو جامعه‬classless society
‫ بېطرف‬betaráf neutral
‫ بې طرفانه‬betarafāná neutral, neutralist ‫ بې طرفانه سياست‬policy of

‫ بې طرفدار‬betaraftdār impartial, unbiased
‫ بېطرفه‬betaráfa  ‫بېطرف‬
‫ بېطرفي‬betarafí f. neutrality ‫ بېطرفي ماتول‬to violate neutrality ‫د‬
‫ بېطرفۍ مراعات کول‬to observe neutrality
‫ بې طعمه‬betám'a disinterested; unselfish
‫ بې طمعي‬betam'aí f. disinterestedness, unselfishness
‫ بيع‬báj' f. báj'a f. Arabic ‫ بيه‬1 ‫ د بيع قطعي قباله‬deed of purchase
‫ بيع وفا‬báj'-i document concerning sale
‫ بيعانه‬baj'āná f. deposit, advance
‫ بيعت‬baj'át m. Arabic history recognition of authority (of a feudal
lord); vow to serve faithfully; oath of a vassal (to his suzerain) ‫د چا‬
‫ سره بيعت کول‬to acknowledge someone's authority, pledge loyalty
(to a suzerain)

‫ بېعدالتي‬be'adālatí f. injustice, unfairness
‫ بې عزت‬be'izzát  ‫بې عزته‬
‫ بې عزتول‬be'izzatavə́l denominative, transitive
to dishonor, disgrace

‫بې عزته‬

be'izzáta dishonored, disgraced


[past: ‫کړ‬

‫بې عزته کول‬

‫]بې عزته يې‬

to dishonor,

‫ بې عزتي‬be'izzatí f. dishonor, disgrace
‫ بېعقل‬be'áḳl stupid; foolhardy, reckless saying ،‫بېعقل وړاندي ځي‬
‫ وروسته گوري‬،‫ عاقل وړاندي ځي‬،‫ وروسته نه گوري‬A stupid person goes

ahead and doesn't look back; a clever person goes ahead, but looks

‫ بېعقل توب‬be'aḳltób m. stupidity; foolhardiness, recklessness
‫ بې عقله‬be'áḳla  ‫بېعقل‬
‫ بېعقلي‬be'aḳlí f.  ‫بېعقل توب‬
‫ بې علاقې‬be'alāḳé unconcerned, neutral, indifferent
‫ بې علمه‬be'ílma ignorant; uneducated
‫ بي علمي‬be'ilmí f. ignorance; lack of education
‫ بيع نامه‬baj'nāmá f. deed of purchase
‫ بيعه‬báj'a f.  ‫ بيه‬1 ‫ د ډېري بيعي‬a expensive, dear b at a high price,
dearly ‫ د چا سره بيعه کول‬to sell to someone
‫ بې عيب‬be'ájb ‫ بې عيبه‬be'ájba perfect, irreproachable
‫ بې غاښو‬beghāḳho toothless
‫ بې غرض‬begharáz 1 disinterested, unselfish; uninterested 2
carefree, unconcerned; careless

‫ بې غرضانه‬begharazāná 1 unselfish (of behavior) 2 unselfishly
‫ بې غرضه‬begharáza  ‫بې غرض‬
‫ بې غرضي‬begharazí f. 1 unselfishness, disinterestedness; lack of
interest 2 unconcern, lightheartedness; carelessness

‫بې غږه‬

baghágạ 1 noiseless; quiet 2 noiselessly; quietly

Pashto-English Dictionary


begháma 1 carefree, unconcerned; peaceful

carefree manner; peacefully
sheltered; cozy

!‫بېغمه اوسه‬

‫په بېغمه زړه‬

in a

Don't worry! 2 secluded;

‫ بېغمي‬beghamí f. lightheartedness, lack of concern; peacefulness ‫د‬
‫ زړه بېغمي‬spiritual tranquility ‫ په ډ ېره بېغمي‬very lightheartedly, in
a most unconcerned manner

‫بې غوره‬

‫بې کډي‬

baghávra 1 rashly, without thinking 2 negligently,


‫ بې غوري‬beghavrí f. 1 rashness 2 negligence, carelessness ‫د بې‬
‫ غورۍ او غفلت په سترگه کتل‬to have a careless attitude toward

unmarried, single, bachelor

‫ بېکس‬،‫بې کس‬

beghajráta 1 shameless; disgraceful, dishonorable 2 timid;
beghajratí f. 1 shame, dishonor 2 timidity;

faintheartedness, cowardice 3 meanness, baseness

‫بې فائدې‬

befāidé 1 useless

‫دا بې فائدې کار دئ‬

That's no help. 2 of

no use, in vain

‫ بې فقاري‬befaḳārí invertebrate ‫ بې فقاريه حيوانات‬invertebrate animals
‫ بې فکر‬befíkr 1 carefree, unconcerned; frivolous 2 inattentive,

‫ بېکسي‬،‫بې کسي‬

bekasí f. 1 lack of a bread-winner (in a family) 2

loneliness, being alone 3 defenselessness

‫ بې کماله‬bekamāla uneducated; undeveloped; ill-bred
‫ بېکن‬bekán m. beacon
‫ بې کوره‬bekóra 1 homeless 2 single, unmarried, bachelor, without
‫ بېگ‬beg m.  ‫بيگ‬
‫ بېگا‬begā 1 last night, yesterday evening ‫ بېگا شپه‬last night;
yesterday evening ‫ بېگا له‬this evening, tonight ‫ د بېگا نه‬since
evening ‫ بل بېگا‬night before last 2 m. yesterday evening, last

‫ بېگار‬begār m. 1 forced labor, hard labor; labor obligation ‫په بېگار‬
‫ نيول‬to recruit to a labor obligation 2 corvée
‫ بېگاري‬bagārí 1 mobilized for compulsory labor 2 m. worker
recruited by force or one fulfilling a labor obligation

befikrí f. 1 lightheartedness, lack of concern; frivolity 2

inattention, negligence

‫بې فکري کول‬

to exhibit inattentiveness,

carelessness; to neglect, disregard 3 thoughtless, inability to think
things out 4 rashness

‫ بې فهمه‬befáhma slow-witted, dull, dense
‫ بې قاعدگي‬beḳā'idagí f. irregularity, incorrectness; anomaly
‫ بې قائده‬beḳā'idá incorrect, irregular; anomalous
‫ بې قاعده والی‬beḳā'idavā́ laj m.  ‫بېقاعدگي‬
‫ بې قاعدې‬beḳā'idé  ‫بې قائده‬
‫ بې قدره‬beḳádra 1 unworthy, contemptible 2 useless, good-fornothing

‫ بې قدري‬beḳadrí f. 1 unworthiness, contemptibility 2 uselessness
‫ بې قراره‬beḳarāra 1 uneasy, anxious _ ‫ کول‬to worry 2 inconstant,
unstable, changeable

‫بې قراري‬

bekása 1 without a breadwinner

defenseless, unprotected

careless, negligent

‫بې فکري‬

‫ بېکسه‬،‫بې کسه‬


fainthearted, cowardly 3 mean, base

‫ بې غيرتي‬،‫بېغيرتي‬


(of a family) 2 without close friends or relatives; lone, solitary 3



bekáḍi 1 non-nomadic, non-migrating 2 adjective

beḳarārí f. 1 uneasiness, anxiety 2 inconstancy,

instability, changeableness

‫ بې قصور‬beḳusúr innocent (of), not guilty
‫ بې قيد‬،‫ بې قيده‬beḳájd beḳájda undisciplined; unbridled,

‫ بې قيدي‬beḳajdí f. lack of discipline, dissoluteness; unruliness
‫ بيک‬1 bjak m. 1 harpoon 2 oar
‫ بېک‬2 bek m. younger brother of a khan; bek
‫ بېکار‬bekār ‫ بېکاره‬bekāra 1.1 idle ‫ بېکار ناست دئ‬He sits idle. 1.2
apathetically 2 unemployed ‫ بېکار خلق‬،‫ بېکاره سړي‬saṛí the
unemployed 3 m. unemployed person

‫ بېکاري‬bekārí f. 1 unemployment 2 idleness
‫ بيکال‬bajkāl m. ‫ د بيکال غدير‬Lake Bajkal
‫ بې کچ‬bekách unmeasurable, unlimited, infinite

‫ بېگانگي‬begā́ nagí f. estrangement; separation, alienation
‫ بېگانه‬begā́ ná 1 alien, unfamiliar; strange, foreign ‫بېگانه خلق‬
unfamiliar people, strangers ‫ د چا څخه ځان بېگانه نيول‬to shun
someone 2 foreign, from another country

‫ بيگانی‬begā́ náj adjective (of) yesterday ‫ بيگانۍ شپه‬last night
‫ بېگاه‬begāh  ‫بېگا‬
‫ بېگتوت‬begtút m. Begtut (village near Kabul)
‫ بې گټي‬begáṭi ‫ بېگټي‬1.1 useless, vain 1.2 unsuccessful, having no
result 2.1 uselessly, vainly 2.2 unsuccessfully, futilely

‫ بېگذراني‬beguzarāni f. need
‫ بېگر‬begə́r m. monal (Himalayan pheasant, Lophophorus)
‫ بې گرزه‬begárza 1 without dust 2 dust-free, clean ‫بې گرزه هوا‬


free of dust, pure air

‫ بېگړا‬begṛā languid; lazy
‫ بيگل‬bigál m. bugle, horn, trumpet
‫ بېگم‬begám f. Miss (in addressing foreign females)
‫ بېگنا‬،‫ بېگناه‬begunāh innocent
‫ بېگناهي‬begunāhí f. innocence ‫ خپله بېگناهي ثبتول‬to prove one's

‫ بېگنی‬beganáj  ‫بېگانی‬
‫ بېگۍ‬begə́j f. cards the queen
‫ بېل‬1 bel particular; separate; another ‫ په بېل ډول‬particularly;
separately ‫ دا بېله خبره ده‬that's another matter, that's a special

‫ بېل‬2 bel m. shovel; spade ‫د استحکام بېل‬
‫ بېل‬3 bel m.  ‫بلاغنډ‬
‫ بېلابېل‬belābel  ‫بېل بېل‬

sapper shovel

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫بې لاري‬


‫ بېلوروس‬belorús White Russian, Byelorussian
‫ بېلوروسي‬belorusí adjective 1 White Russian, Byelorussian ‫بېلوروسي‬
‫ ژبه‬the White Russian language, Byelorussian 2 White Russian,

belāri 1 without roads; impassable 2 figurative erring,


‫بې لاري گرزېدل‬

a to wander, roam b figurative to err, to

be mistaken 3 figurative unprincipled 4 figurative lawlessness

‫بې لاري‬



belārí f. 1 absence of roads 2 figurative error, delusion

‫ بېلوروسيه‬belorusijá f. Byelorussia
‫ بې لوظي‬belavzí f. breaking one's word or promise ‫بې لوظي کول‬

3 figurative unscrupulousness 4 figurative lawlessness


bilān m.

‫ بيلانس‬bilānas m. finance balance (sheet) ‫کالنی بيلان‬
‫ بيلان ترتيبول‬to compile a balance

yearly balance

‫ بېلاو‬belāv m.
‫ بېل بېل‬bel-bél

touchstone; whetstone

places b in special cases

‫بڼه څرگندېدل‬

‫ په بېل بېل ځای‬a in different
‫ په بېل بېل ډول‬in different ways ‫په بېله بېله‬

1 various, different

to appear in various forms 2.1 in detail; point by

point 2.2 especially; individually, separately
one individually

‫د بېل بېل نه‬

‫بېل بېل ته‬

for each


belavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]بېل يې کړ‬1 to
separate, divide, disconnect 2 to distinguish, differentiate 3 to
wean 4 to part, separate

‫ بېلونه‬belavə́na f. 1 ‫ بېلوالی‬2 weaning
‫ بېله‬1 belá f. 1 trough, gutter (for draining of water)

grief has turned me to ashes. 2 distinction 3 alienation,

‫ بېله‬2
‫ بېله‬3
‫ بېله‬4

2 sapper,

‫ بيلډنگ‬bílḍíng m. tall building
‫ بېلزوم‬beluzúm superfluous, excessive, leftover
‫ بې لزومه‬beluzúma excessively, unnecessarily, superfluously
‫ بې لږ و ډېر‬be ləg-u-ḍér
1 irreproachable 2 fully, completely,

‫ بيم‬1 bim m. 1 fear, fright, scare, apprehension 2  ‫بيمه‬
‫ بيم‬2 bim m. 1 root of the cattail 2  ‫مورلۍ‬
‫ بيمار‬bimār 1 sick; feeling indisposed 2 dejected idiom ‫بيماري‬
‫ سترگي‬a languid eyes b sleepy eyes idiom ‫ په زړه بيمار يم‬I'm sick

bimārparastí f. care for a sick person

look after a sick person

‫ بيمارخانه‬bimārkhāná f. hospital
‫ بيمارول‬bimāravə́l denominative, transitive

‫بېلگه موندل‬


‫ بيماري‬bimārí f. sickness; indisposition
‫ بيمارېدل‬bimāredə́l denominative, intransitive
sick, be sick



2 menstrual


belə́na f. 1  ‫ بېلنه سره کول بېلوالی‬to be separated, be divided,
be disunited 2 separation, parting 3 distance, space, interval

‫ بيلنه‬2 bilána belána f. rolling pin (for rolling out dough)
‫ بيلنه‬3 bajlə́na f. loss
‫ بېلنی‬belə́naj m. botany mint
‫ بېلواله‬belvā́ la f. ‫ بېلوالی‬belvā́ laj m. 1 separation, division,
disconnection ‫ د کارو بېلواله‬distribution or assignment of

obligations 2 difference, distinction 3 weaning 4 parting,

[past: ‫کړ‬

‫]بيمار يې‬




find evidence; to hit upon a trail 2 sign, mark, indication


‫بيمارپرستي کول‬

cause (someone's) illness, make sick; provoke (someone's)


rival, competitor


‫ بېل‬1

at heart.


‫ بې لفظي‬belafzí f.  ‫بې لوظي‬
‫ بېلک‬belák m. 1 gifts sent by a bridegroom to his bride's home


béla feminine singular of

part, separate (from someone)

combat engineer

‫ بېلمانځتيا‬belmāndztjā́ f.  ‫بېلمانځي‬
‫ بېلمانځه‬belmāndzə́  ‫بېلماز‬
‫ بېلمانځي‬belmāndzí f. 1 noncompletion of prayer

belá f. whistle

‫ بې‬4

differentiated 3 to be weaned 4 to be diverted (of a canal) 5 to

‫ بېلچه‬belchá f. small shovel
‫ بې لحاظ‬belihāz crude, coarse, impolite
‫ بېلدار‬beldār m. 1 unskilled laborer (who uses a shovel)

‫ بېلل‬belə́l transitive  ‫بايلل‬
‫ بېلماز‬belmāz 1 (someone) not completing his prayers

bélə preposition 

beledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]بېل شو‬1 to be
separated, be divided, be disconnected 2 to be distinguished, be

separation 4 regional divorce (from one's wife)

belgá f. 1 (piece of) evidence; trace, track, sign

2 branch (of a

river) 3 small island; sandbar, shallows

each has individually

‫ بېلتانه‬beltānə́ oblique singular of ‫بېلتون‬
‫ بېلتون‬beltún m. ‫ بېلتيا‬beltjā́ f. 1 separation, parting ‫بېلتون ښامار پر‬
‫ لاري پروت دئ‬Separation, the serpent, lay in his path (from a song)
‫ غم ايرې کړم‬،‫ بېلتانه وسوم‬folklore Separation has consumed me;



to keep one's word, to break a promise

[past: ‫ ]بيمار شو‬to get

‫ بې مالگي‬bemālgi indeclinable fresh, unsalted
‫ بې ماله‬bemāla indigent, poor
‫ بې مايگي‬bemājagí f. poverty, indigence
‫ بې مبالاتي‬bemubálāti f. carelessness, lack of concern; improvidence,
lack of thrift

‫ بې متري‬bemátri weak, powerless
‫ بېمثال‬،‫ بې مثال‬bemisāl ‫ بېمثاله‬،‫بې مثاله‬

bemisāla unexampled,

unparalleled, incomparable

‫بې مجاله‬
‫بې محاله‬

bemadzhāla powerless, weak, helpless
bemahālla 1 inappropriate, irrelevant 2 inappropriately,


‫بې مختوب‬

beməkhtób m. 1 shamelessness, impudence 2

inattentiveness, rudeness 3 indifference

‫بې مخه‬

bemə́kha 1 shameless, impudent 2 inattentive, impolite 3


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بې مخي‬1 beməkhí f.  ‫بې مختوب‬
‫ بې مخی‬2 bemə́khaj  ‫بې مخه‬
‫ بې مرمي‬bemarmí blank (catridge), dummy
‫ بې مروت‬bemuruvát 1 inhuman, cruel, heartless

2 uncultured 3

‫بې مروتي‬

bemuruvatí f. 1 inhumanity, cruelty 2 boorishness,

‫بې مړاني‬
‫بې مزگي‬

bemazagí f. 1 absence of flavor (in a food), tastelessness 2

uncivilized ways 3 baseness, meanness
beməṛāni inhuman, cruel

colorless, inexpressiveness 3 coolness, discord (between friends)
bemazá 1 tasteless, bad-tasting 2 colorless, inexpensive 3

unpleasant 4 grown wearisome; become boring

‫بې مزي‬

bemə́zi ‫ بېسيم‬besím ‫ وايرليس‬wājarlis wireless
radio telegraph

‫بې مزيه خبرې اترې‬

‫بې مزي تېلگراف‬

beməzija khabəreatə́re plural wireless

bemasráfa unsuitable, unnecessary
bema'nā bema'ní 1 senseless, absurd; stupid 2 vain,

foolish, futile

‫ بې مغزه‬bemághza 1 stupid 2 insubstantial; emasculated
‫ بې ملاحظې‬bemulāhazé 1 hasty, precipitate, unconsidered


impartial, unbiased

‫ بې مناسبه‬bemunāsíba 1 inappropriate, irrevelant ‫بې مناسبه به نه‬
…‫ وي‬it won't be out of place … 2 unsuitable (of food)
‫ بې منع‬bemán'a 1 free, clear, unimpeded 2 freely, without

‫بې موجب‬

bemudzhíb 1 causeless; pointless 2 without cause, without



bemauríd inappropriate; unsuitable

inappropriate (to announce, to say, etc.)

‫بي موقع‬

‫بېمورده به نه وي‬



‫بين الناس‬

‫بين الملل‬

among people

bín used as the second part of a compound verb


pessimist ‫ خوشبين‬optimist
‫ بينا‬binā sighted (not blind), seeing; sharp-sighted
‫ بې ناغې‬benāghé strictly, rigorously, necessarily
‫ بين الاقوامي‬bajn-ul-aḳvāmí ‫ بين الدول‬bajn-ul-dául Arabic ‫بين الدولي‬
bajn-ul-daulí ‫ بين الملل‬bajn-ul-milál Arabic ‫ بين المللي‬bajn-ulmilalí international; world (wide) ‫ بين الاقوامي جنگ‬world war ‫بين‬
‫ بين الاقوامي قانون‬،‫ بين الاقوامي حق‬،‫ الاقوامي حقوق‬international law ‫د‬
‫ کاريگرو بين المللي موسسه‬the 'Internationale'
‫ بين النهرين‬bajn-an-nahrájn m. bajn-un-nahrájn m. Arabic

Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian lowlands (between the Tigris and the
Euphrates Rivers)


‫بې معنی‬

bajn Arabic preposition, prefix between, among


mean, base

‫بې مزه‬


It won't be

bemauḳé' 1 inappropriate, unsuitable 2 inopportune,

untimely 3 excessive (of expenditures)

‫ بيمه‬bimá f. insurance ‫ د بيمې موسسه‬insurance company ‫د بيمې‬
‫ اجرت‬insurance payment ‫ د پېښو بيمه‬accident insurance ‫د ترانزيت‬
‫ بيمه‬freight insurance ‫ د حيات بيمه‬life insurance ‫زراعتي بيمه‬
insurance against natural disasters in agriculture ‫ د سوځېدلو بيمه‬fire
insurance ‫ د غلا بيمه‬theft insurance ‫ د صحي بيمه‬health insurance
‫ د مالونو بيمه‬property insurance ‫ بيمه کول‬compound verb to insure
‫ بيمه کېدل‬compound verb to be insured, take out insurance
‫ بې مهر‬bemíhr unfriendly, hostile
‫ بې مهري‬bemihrí f. unfriendliness, hostility
‫ بيمه کوونکی‬bimá kavúnkaj m. insurer
‫ بيمه کېدونکی‬bimá kedúnkaj m. insured
‫ بې ميلي‬bemajlí f. unwillingness, disinclination
‫ بې ميني‬bemíni unfriendly, reserved; unobliging, discourteous
‫ بې ميني توب‬beminitób m. unfriendliness, reserve; discourtesy
‫ بين‬1 bín m. whistle, pipe, flute

‫ بې نام‬benām inglorious, infamous
‫ بې ناموس‬benāmús dishonorable, disgraceful
‫ بې ناموسي‬benāmusí f. dishonor, disgrace
‫ بينائي‬bināí f. 1 vision 2 sharp-sightedness
‫ بين باجه‬binbādzhá f. bagpipes
‫ بېنت‬bent m. 1 reed, rush 2 stick; cane ‫ په بېنت وهل‬to strike, beat
with a stick ‫ بېنتو نه خوړل‬to be beaten with a stick
‫ بې نتيجې‬benatidzhé futile, unsuccessful, vain, purposeless ‫بې نتيجې‬
‫ پاتېدل‬to prove to be unsuccessful, futile
‫ بېنچ‬bench m. bench
‫ بېندي‬bendí f. colored mark between the eyebrows (worn by Hindus)
‫ بينډۍ‬binḍə́j f. regional okra, Hibiscus esculentus
‫ بې نزاکتي‬benazākatí f. tactlessness, indelicacy
‫ بينش‬binsh m. bench technology main girder
‫ بې نصيبه‬benasíba 1 done out of, disinherited; deprived of 2
unworthy of 3 unsuccessful ‫ حريص بې نصيبه وي‬the greedy person
is unsuccessful idiom ‫ له ژونده بې نصيبه کېدل‬to perish
‫ بې نصيبي‬benasibí f. 1 haplessness; deprivation (of one's share) 2
lack of success

‫ بې نظم‬benázm unregulated, unorganized; disorderly
‫ بې نظمي‬benazmí f. lack of regulation, disorderliness; disorder
idiom ‫ د خوب بې نظمي‬restless sleep
‫ بي نظيره‬benazíra without equal, unusual, unheard of, unprecedented
‫ بينگ‬bing m. root of the erianthus (plume grass)
‫ بينگړۍ‬bingṛəj f. botany loofah
‫ بې نمک‬benamák  ‫بې مالگي‬
‫ بې ننگه‬benánga 1 shameless, impudent 2 base, mean, low 3

‫بې ننگي‬

benangí f. 1 shame, dishonor 2 disgraceful behavior,

lowdown behavior 3 baseness, meanness 4 cowardliness,

‫ بېنوا‬benavā binavá poor; very needy, unfortunate
‫ بې نوايي‬benavāí f. poverty, indigence
‫ بې نومه‬benúma nameless, unknown
‫ بينه‬bajiná f. Arabic irrefutable proof

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ بې نهايته‬benihājáta boundless, infinite
‫ بيني‬biní used in names of populated areas ‫ بيني حصار‬Bini Hissar
‫ بې نيازه‬benijā́ za 1 well-to-do, well-off; not needing (anyone or
anything); independent ‫ بې نيازه کول‬to make indepedent, provide
for ‫ د … څخه بې نيازه کېدل‬to become independent 2 well-to-do
‫ بې نيازي‬benijāzí f. 1 independence (from someone, something) 2
independent nature 3 well-being

‫ بيني حصار‬binihisār m. Bini Hissar (suburb of Kabul)
‫ بې واده‬bevādə́ adjective unmarried, single, bachelor
‫ بې واره‬bevāra suddenly, unexpectedly
‫ بې واسطې‬bevāsité direct, straight
‫ بېواک‬، ‫ بې واک‬bevāk ‫ بېواکه‬، ‫ بې واکه‬bevāka 1.1 weak; helpless,
powerless 1.2 involuntary 1.3 indecisive 2.1 weakly;

helplessly, without power 2.2 involuntarily 2.3 indecisively

‫ بېواکي‬، ‫بې واکي‬

bevākí f. 1 weakness; helplessness, powerlessness

2 indecisiveness, indecision

‫ بيوای‬bivā́ j potential form of verb ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بې وټه‬beváṭa pure, unadulterated
‫ بې وجدانه‬bevidzhdā́ na unscrupulous, dishonest
‫ بې وخته‬bevákhta inopportunely; at a bad time
‫ بيورو کراتيکي‬bjurokrātiki bureaucratic
‫ بيورو کراسي‬bjurokrāsí f. bureaucracy
‫ بېوره‬1 bevrá f. 1 oppression 2 injustice
‫ بېوره‬2 bévra 1.1 obvious, evident 1.2 candid, frank (of a


woman 2 helpless

‫ بې وزلي‬2 bevazlí f. bevazalí f. ‫ بېوزلي توب‬bevazlitób m. ‫بېوزلي‬
‫ والی‬bevazlivā́ laj m. 1 poverty, need, indigence 2 helplessness
‫ بې وزني‬bevazní f. weightlessness ‫ د بې وزنۍ حالت‬condition of

‫ بې وس‬bevás ‫ بېوسه‬bevása powerless ‫ بې وس کول‬to force, compel
‫ بې وسلې‬bevaslé unarmed ‫ بې وسلې کول‬to disarm ‫بې وسلې کېدل‬
(intransitive) to disarm

‫ بې وسلې کول‬bevaslé kavə́l m. plural disarmament
‫ بيو شيمي‬bioshimí f. biochemistry
‫ بيوطنه‬bevatána banished, exiled; without a homeland, homeless,
stateless ‫ له وطنه بيوطنه کول‬to banish, exile
‫ بيوطني‬bevataní f. banishment, exile
‫ بيوفا‬bevafā not keeping one's word, not fulfilling one's promises;
untrue, untrustworthy; traitorous

‫بې وفائي‬

bevafāí f.


betrayal of one's word, breaking a

promise, infidelity, untrustworthiness, treachery, betrayal


‫بې وفائي‬

to betray one's word, to break a promise, act treacherously; to



biofizík m. biophysics

beváḳta inopportunely, not in time (late); at an ill-advised


‫ بې وقوف‬،‫ بېوقوف‬bevuḳúf

1 stupid, slow-witted, senseless 2

uniformed, ignorant, lacking culture, uneducated

‫بې وقوفي‬

bevuḳufí f. 1 dullness, stupidity, senselessness 2


‫ بيوگراف‬biogrā́ f m. biographer
‫ بيوگرافي‬biogrāfí f. biography ‫ خپله بيوگرافي‬autobiography
‫ بېول‬2 bajavə́l transitive  ‫بهول‬
‫ بېولوجست‬bajolodzhíst m.  ‫بېولوژي پوه‬
‫ بېولوجي‬bajólodzhi f.  ‫بېولوژي‬
‫ بېولوجي پوه‬bajolodzhipóh m. ‫ بېولوجي دان‬bajolodzhidā́ n m. 
‫بيولوژي پوه‬
‫ بېولوژي‬biolozhí 1 f. biology 2 biological
‫ بېولوژي پوه‬biolozhipóh m. ‫ بېولوژي دان‬biolozhidā́ n m. biologist
‫ بېولوژيکي‬biolozhikí biological
‫ بېوله‬bevála artless, unsophisticated; sincere
‫ بيوه‬1 bivə́ imperfect of ‫ بېول‬1
‫ بيوه‬2 bivə́ m. plural 1 taking away, carrying off, stealing 2
building, breaking (e.g., a road)

conversation) 2.1 obviously, evidently 2.2 candidly, frankly

‫ بېوړه‬beváṛa unsuitable, inappropriate
‫ بېوزله‬bevázla  ‫بې وزلي‬
‫ بې وزلي‬1 bevázli 1 poor, indigent, destitute ‫يوه بېوزله ښځه‬

‫بې وقته‬

‫ بېوه‬3 bevá f. widow
‫ بېوېري‬bevéri brave, fearless
‫ بيه‬1 bája f. 1 price, cost ‫ په ارزانه بيه‬at a low price ‫ په ډېره لوړه بيه‬at
a very high price ‫ په مناسبه بيه سره‬at a matching price ‫پر ايښوول بيه‬
to set a price ‫ بيه کول‬to ask a price, price ‫ بيه نه درلودل‬a to
depreciate, be devalued b to be priceless; be without equal ‫له بئي‬
‫ اچول‬figurative a to beat down the price b to spoil (something) ‫په‬
‫ بيه ورکول‬to sell 2 sale and purchase; business, transaction ‫تجارتي‬
‫ بيه‬trade ‫ د بئي انعقاد‬closing a deal ‫ بيه تړل‬to close a deal ‫بيه ماتول‬
to cancel a deal 3 subsciption price, payment

‫ بيه‬2 bijá f. growth
‫ بېهند‬behánd m.  ‫بهاڼ‬
‫ بېهو‬behú 1 wild 2 frightened ‫ بېهو کول‬a to make wild b to
frighten ‫ بېهو کېدل‬a to be wild; run wild b to be frightened ‫بېهو‬
‫ بېو کېدل‬a to be tactless, be rude b to do something incompetently
‫ بېهودگي‬behudagí f. uselessness, superfluousness, superfluity;
senselessness, absurdity

‫ بېهوده‬behudá useless, unnecessary, superfluous; senseless, absurd
‫ بېهوده گوی‬behudagoj m. chatterer, windbag, idle talker
‫ بېهوده گويي‬behudagoí f. foolishness, idle chatter, nonsense, idle talk
‫ بېهوش‬behósh ‫ بېهوشه‬behósha without feeling, unconscious, in a
faint ‫ بېهوش شه‬dialect He has lost consciousness.
‫ بې هوشي‬، ‫ بېهوشي‬behoshí f. loss of consciousness, fainting spell
‫ بېهوشۍ ته نژدې‬close to fainting
‫ بېهوښ‬behóḳh ‫ بېهوښه‬behóḳha  ‫بېهوش‬
‫ بې هوښي‬،‫ بېهوښي‬behoḳhí f.  ‫بېهوشي‬
‫ بېهووالی‬behuvā́ laj m. 1 wildness, savagery 2 fright
‫ بې هيببه‬behajbáta brave, fearless, intrepid

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫بې هېڅه‬

attend rites for the dead b to pray for the deceased; attend

behétsa to no purpose, without cause, for nothing; not for


‫بې هيلي‬

memorial services for the dead

behíli disillusioned

to be disillusioned

‫ بيېدل‬bajedə́l intransitive
‫ بئير‬bajír m.  ‫بهير‬

‫بې هيلي کول‬

‫بې هيلي کېدل‬

to disillusion




pe the third letter of the Pashto alphabet


pə combining form of the preposition


in them,

‫ په‬،‫پکښې‬

in him, in her,

a necessary, indispensable b utilized



pā m. foot, leg 


pā 1 a separable prefix in the verbs ‫ پاڅول‬and ‫ پاڅېدل‬in short



‫پانه څېد‬

He did not arise

pābánd 1 m. chains; fetters 2.1 connected, linked, bound;

fettered 2.2 linked with something, depending on something;
limited, constrained by something 2.3 taking something into

‫هغه د وخت ډېر‬
‫ پابند دئ‬He is very precise. He is very puntual. ‫د قانون پابند‬
observing the law pābánd ‫ په يو شي پابند کېدل‬،‫ يو شي ته پابند کېدل‬to

account; observing something

‫د وخت پابند‬


take something into consideration; observe something


pābandí f. 1 linking, fettering; chaining 2 link or connection

with something; depending upon something; limitation, constraint
upon something 3 consideration, investigation, observation (of


‫پابند کول‬

a to make dependent upon something; b to

consider something; investigate something; observe something


pāp m.


‫پاپ پاپ پاپ‬

‫ پاپا‬pāpā m. Pope (supreme head of the Catholic
‫ د روم پاپ‬The Pope of Rome

pāp-pāp-pāp interjection the call of a hen or a sound of

endearment made when chucking someone under the chin


pāpə́r m. thin cookie made from groundpea flour and cooked in
hot oil proverb ‫ د سلو پاپړو يو ډانگ بس دئ‬literal A single stick of

firewood is sufficient to bake a hundred pea-flour cookies

figurative He works best who knows his trade. Work goes with a
swing under the master's hand.


pāpə́ka f. botany Scorzonera (black salsify)
pāpə́li f. plural first uncertain steps of a child

walk unsteadily (of a child)

at service for the dead

‫ پاتالوژي‬pātālozhí f.  ‫پاتولوژي‬
‫ پاتالوژيکي‬pātālozhikí  ‫پاتولوژيکي‬
‫ پاتان‬pātā́ n stairway, staircase
‫ پاتاو‬pātā́ v m. Western large irrigation ditch
‫ پاتخه‬pātə́kha f. step; rung; tread (of a stair)
‫ پاترون‬pātrón m. boss, supervisor
‫ پاتره‬pātrá f. scab
‫ پاتکول‬pātakavə́l transitive  ‫پاتول‬
‫ پاتنده‬pātənda 1 remaining 2 durable, stable 3 constant
‫ پاتو‬1 pā́ to f. dialect  ‫ پاته‬1
‫ پاتو‬2 pātó f. pātú m. 1 patú m. red caterpillar ‫بيبي پاتو‬


caterpillar 2 name of a bird 3 pātó f. proper name Pato


pātotsə́ṇa f. usually plural
fern, Adiantum capillus veneris


pātotsə́ṇi maidenhair


pātavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬

‫]پاته يې‬

to stop;

‫ پاتولوژي‬pātolozhí f. pathology
‫ پاتولوژيکي‬pātolozhikí pathological
‫ پاته‬1 pā́ ta 1 adjective singular & plural remaining, rest of ‫پنځه اويا‬
‫ افغانۍ پاته دي‬Seventy-five Afghans are left. ‫ پاته لري‬to be
continued 2 lagging behind; being behind ‫ زما ساعت پاته دئ‬My
watch is slow. ‫ پاته کول‬ ‫ څوک د کار څخه پاته کول پاتول‬to disturb
someone, prevent someone from working ‫ پاته کېدل‬ ‫پاتېدل‬
‫ پاته‬2 pātá f.  ‫پاتا‬
‫ پاته مړی‬pātamə́ṛaj m. inheritance; property, that which is left as a

‫ پاته وړی‬1 patavə́ṛaj m. heir, inheritor
‫ پاته وړې‬2 pátavəṛe f. heiress
‫ پاتې‬1 pā́ te Eastern  ‫ پاته‬1 ‫ پاتې راتلل‬to lag, be behind
‫ پاتی‬2 pātáj m. bozbash (dish made from peas, evoking extreme
thirst) ‫ کښېنه پر لښتی‬، ‫ وخوره پاتی‬saying If you eat bozbash, you'll
stay drinking at the brook awhile.

‫پاپلي کول‬

pātedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ پاته شو‬past: ‫]پاتې شو‬
Eastern 1 to stay, remain ‫ په کور کښي پاتېدل‬to remain at home 2


conduct the service for the dead 2 prayer for the dead, ceremonial

‫ پاتا کول‬،‫ پاتا اخيستل‬a to conduct rites
‫ پر پاتا کښېنستل‬a to

for the dead b to arrange a funeral meal

pātākhā́ n m. person who reads the first chapter of the Koran


‫ پاپوا‬pāpuā́ f. Papua
‫ پاپوټکر‬pāpoṭkúr decent, honest
‫ پاپوش‬pāpúsh m. regional ‫ پاپوښه‬pāpósha f. shoe
‫ پاپوکه‬pāpúka f. caraway root
‫ پاپۍ‬pāpə́j f. children's speech foot, paw
‫ پاتا‬pātā́ f. 1 prayer for the dead, rite for the dead ‫ پاتا لوستل‬to read
the first chapter of the Koran at the rites for the dead ‫ پاتا ورکول‬to
meal on occasion of death


‫ کتاب را نه په مېز پاتې شو‬I left a book
on the table. 3 to miss (also in combination with ‫ وروسته‬and ‫بېرته‬
in various meanings) ‫ د رېل نه بېرته پاتېدل‬to miss a train ‫ساعت مي‬
‫ وروسته پاتېږي‬My watch is slow. idiom ‫ د… څخه پاتېدل‬Not to have
the possibility of doing something. ‫ د تگ څخه پاتېدل‬to stop, get
to be abandoned, be forgotten


‫ پاتېدونی‬pātedúnaj lasting, protracted
‫ پاتېده‬pātedə́ m. plural  ‫پاتې کېده‬
‫ پاتېشون‬pāteshún m. ‫ پاتېشونکی‬pāteshúnkaj m.
‫ پاتې کېده‬pātekedə́ m. plural 1 delay 2 a lag
‫ پاتېکېدل‬pātekedə́l intransitive  ‫پاتېدل‬

leftovers (food)

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ پاتې مړی‬pātemə́ṛaj m.  ‫پاته مړی‬
‫ پاټ‬1 pāṭ m. section of field 50 meters long and 60 meters wide
‫ پاټ‬2 pāṭ m. theater part, role
‫ پاټخ‬pāṭə́kh m. shoebrush
‫ پاټک‬pāṭák m. regional  ‫پهاټک‬
‫ پاټکی‬1 pāṭkáj m. 1 small place (town); nook 2 small piece 3


Royal Government of Afghanistan;

to work as a herdsman

‫ پاده وان‬pādavā́ n m. herdsman
‫ پاډه‬pāḍa f. 1 ribbon 2 bandage

tread of a stairway
f. 1 leather loop (of a sling, slingshot) 2 ring on

the bow-shaped tool of a wool-beater


pāchājā́ n] 1


to be addicted

to impractical dreams, build castles in the air

‫ پاچاگل‬pāchāgúl m. botany Malcolmia
‫ پاچاوزيرک‬pāchāvazirák m. kind of game
‫ پاچائي‬pāchājí f.  ‫پادشاهي‬
‫ پاچه‬pāchá f. 1 sheep's feet (food) 2  ‫پايڅه‬
‫ پاچهي‬pāchahí 1 f. colloquial  ‫ پاچهي کول پادشاهي‬to rule over,
govern 2 kingly, royal idiom ‫ پاچهي لار‬highway, main roadway
‫ پاڅول‬pātsavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]پا يې څاوه‬1 to raise, awaken ‫پا يې نه‬
‫ څولو‬He did not awaken him 2 to turn against someone or
something 3 to incite or induce to do something 4 to evoke or
elicit (feelings of some kind)

‫ پاڅېدل‬pātsedə́l intransitive [present: ‫ پاڅېږي‬،‫ پاڅي‬future: ،‫پابه څي‬
‫ هغه به پاڅي‬past: ‫ ]پاڅېد‬1 to get up, rise ‫ پانڅېد‬،‫ پا نه څېد‬He did
not get up ‫ نو پاڅېدې ولي؟‬،‫ چه ودرېدی نه شوې‬Eastern proverb
literal If you can't stand up why bother to arise. figurative One

should not undertake this work 2 to wake up 3 to come out

‫ دوی د روښان مخي ته را پاڅېدل‬He
came out against Roshan. ‫ مقابلې ته پاڅېدل‬to oppose, resist 4 to
spring up, arise, appear to engender (of some feeling) idiom ‫طبيبان‬
‫ ترې پاڅېده‬Eastern The doctors refused to treat him.
‫ پاڅېده‬pātsedə́ m. plural 1 rising, lifting; awakening 2 coming out,
against someone or something

speaking against someone or something


‫ د‬،!‫د خدای په پار‬

for goodness's sake, for God's sake


pār m. 1 incitement, instigation 2 will, power, authority


a to incite b to give someone free rein c to dismiss

‫ پار‬3 pār doublet ‫وار‬
‫ پارا‬pārā́ f.  ‫ پاره‬2
‫ پارازيت‬pārāzít m. parasite
‫ پارازيتي‬pārāzití parasitical
‫ پارازيتولوژي‬pārāzitolozhí f. parasitology
‫ پاراشوت‬pārāshut́ m.  ‫پراشوت‬
‫ پاراشوتي‬pārāshutí  ‫پراشوتي‬
‫ پاراف‬pārā́ f m. diplomacy ‫ قرارداد پاراف کول‬to initial a treaty
‫ پاراگوی‬pārāgváj m. Paraguay
‫ پاراگويي‬pārāgvají 1 Paraguayan 2 m. Paraguayan (person)
‫ پاراماريبو‬pārāmaribó f. Paramaribo (city)
‫ پارتي‬1 pārtí adjective history Parthian
‫ پارتي‬2 pārtí history  ‫ پارټي‬1
‫ پارتيا‬pārtijā́ f. history Parthia
‫ پارتيزان‬pārtizān m. partisan
‫ پارتيزاني‬pārtizāní adjective partisan ‫ پارتيزاني نهضت‬the partisan


pārṭ m. theater part, role

‫ پارټ لوبول‬،‫پارټ تمثيلول‬

to play a


‫ پارټي‬pārṭí f. 1 politics party 2 regional evening affair, party
‫ پارچاو‬1 pārchā́ v m. drain, drainpipe
‫ پارچاو‬2 pārchav̄ ́ 1 empty ‫ دکان پارچاو پروت و‬the shop was empty

pārchāvavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
stop, hold up, detain

reward; recompense 3

‫ستر پادري‬

bishop 2 [plural: ‫پادريان‬


pādzáhr m. plural bezoar from Persian pad-zar (protecting


pādishā́ h m. [plural: ‫ پادشاهان‬pādisāhā́ n plural: ‫پادشايان‬

against poison, an antidote for snakebite)
pādishājā́ n] 1 king; padishah 2 the title of a Sayd 3 proper

‫]پارچاو يې‬



pārchāvedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پارچاو شو‬to
be stopped, be held up 2 to be inactive, do nothing, be out of

pādrijān] the clergy


name Padishah

pār m. attention (paid) to someone idiom

!‫خدای پار دئ‬

inactive, inoperative, non-working, out of action, operation

retribution 4 revenge

pādrí m. 1 priest, minister



pāchakhəzák m. 1 breed of short-legged roosters 2 kind of


‫ پاخسه‬pākhsá f.  ‫پخسه‬
‫ پاخه‬pākhə́ masculine plural of ‫پوخ‬
‫ پاداش‬pādā́ sh m. 1 compensation 2

3 tailoring basting; act of basting

4 sinew (in the neck)

‫ پاجامه‬pādzhāmá f. 1 wide trousers 2 pajamas
‫ پاچا‬pāchā́ m. [plural: ‫ پاچهان‬pāchāhā́ n plural: ‫پاچايان‬
king, shah 2 queenbee idiom ‫په اندېښنو ځان پاچا کول‬


‫ د افغانستان پادشاهي حکومت‬the
‫ پادشاهي دولت‬kingdom 2 f. .1

‫ پادو‬pādāv m. messenger; boy who runs errands
‫ پادواني‬pādavā́ ní f. job of messenger
‫ پادوکالې‬pādo-kālé Pas de Calais (the Straits of Dover)
‫ پاده‬pádá f. herd of cattle ‫ د مېښو پاده‬a herd of buffalo ‫پردۍ پاده پوول‬



pādshāhí f. 1 kingly, royal

kingdom 2.2 royal power; throne

scrap, fragment 4 verse, poem 5 witchcraft, sorcery 6

‫ پاټکی‬2 pāṭkáj m.
‫ پاټی‬pāṭaj m. pāṭí


operation (e.g., of a machine)

‫ پارچل‬pārchál m. crushed fruit, bruised fruit, rotten fruit
‫ پارچنگ‬pārcháng m. 1 wooden staircase 2 stair tread
‫ پارچنگی‬pārchangáj m. short flight of stairs
‫ پارچه‬pārchá f. [plural: ‫ پارچې‬pārché] [m. plural: ‫پارچه جات‬
pārchadzhā́ t] piece; fragment; part ‫ پارچه کول‬compound verb

a to

Pashto-English Dictionary

divide into parts b to split (the atom)

‫پارچه کېدل‬

compound verb a

to be divided into parts b to be split (of the atom) 2 cloth 3
splinter, fragment

‫د گولۍ پارچه‬

shell fragment, piece of shrapnel 4

bucket (of a noria or waterwheel)

‫ پارچه باب‬pārchabā́ b m. cloth, woven fabrics, textiles
‫ پارچه بافي‬pārchabāfí 1 f. weaving 2 weaving, weaver's
‫ پارس‬1 pārs m. history Persia
‫ پارس‬2 pārás m. philosopher's stone ‫ د پارس تيږه‬philosopher's stone
‫ پارسا‬pārsā́ 1 abstinent, temperate 2 chaste 3 pious, devout
‫ پارساتی‬pārsā́ taj attentive
‫ پارسائي‬pārsāí f. 1 abstinence, temperance 2 chastity 3 piety,


pārsál m. [plural: ‫ پارسلونه‬pārsalúna Arabic plural: ‫پارسلات‬

‫ پاړ‬1 pāṛ m. scaffolding; scaffold
‫ پاړ‬2 pāṛ  ‫پاړو‬
‫ پاړبنج‬pāṛbāndzh m. chestnut; chestnut tree
‫ پاړس‬pāṛás m.  ‫ پارس‬2
‫ پاړسو‬pāṛsó f. ‫ پاړسي‬pāṛsí f.  ‫ پارسي‬1
‫ پاړسوان‬pāṛsovā́ n m.  ‫پارسي خوان‬
‫ پاړسوب‬pāṛsób m.  ‫پړسوب‬
‫ پاړسي بان‬pāṛsibān m. ‫ پاړسي وان‬pāṛsivā́ n m.  ‫پارسي خوان‬
‫ پاړکۍ‬paṛkə́j f. verse, poem; song (short)
‫ پاړو‬pāṛú m. 1 charm; witchcraft, sorcery 2 snake charmer; fakir,
conjuror; sorcerer; magician; shaman, medicine man

‫ پاړوگر‬pāṛugár m.  ‫ پاړو‬2
‫ پاړوگري‬pāṛugarí f. charm; magic, sorcery; primitive medicine

pārsalā́ t] sending


(herbs, ritual, etc.)

pārsáng m. 1 makeweight (something thrown onto a scale

to bring the weight to a desired value) 2 counterweight,



pāṛá f. 1 baker's paddle, baker's shovel (for handling hot

baked goods) 2 board or paddle for moving wash around in a
laundry tub 3 part of a corn-husker


‫ پارسڼه‬pārsáṇa f. Parsee woman
‫ پارسي‬1 pārsí 1 f. Farsi; the Persian language; the Tajik language;
‫ پارسي ژبه‬Farsi; the Persian language; the Tajik language 2 m.


‫ پارسۍ‬2 pārsə́j f.  ‫پارسڼه‬
‫ پارسي خوان‬pārsikhā́ n m. ‫پارسي وان‬

pārsivā́ n m. Farsi speaker,

‫ پازوال‬pāzvā́ l m.  ‫پازه وال‬
‫ پازه‬pāza f. 1 affair, matter; activity; work ‫په پازه اچول‬


cultural park 2 pool (i.e., place

Parsee (person)

Persian speaker, Tajik speaker
pārk m. 1 park

‫د کولتور پارک‬

pāṛá f. 1 agriculture blemish, flaw 2 figurative unfinished


‫پاړه چنار‬

pāṛachinā́ r m. Parachinar (settlement in Pakistan near the

Afgban border)
to set in

motion; use, employ 2 counsel, advice, admonition 3 boldness,

where fleets of various motor vehicles are kept or stored) ‫د موتړانو‬
‫ پارک‬automotive pool, motor pool
‫ پارکال‬pārkā́ l m. 1 grandeur, greatness, glory 2 power, strength,
force ‫ پر پارکال سپرېدل‬to achieve power, come to power ‫د پارکاله‬
‫ لوېدل‬to become weak, become decrepit
‫ پارگين‬pārgín m. cesspool
‫ پارلمان‬pārləmā́ n m. Parliament
‫ پارلماني‬pārləmāní parliamentary ‫ پارلماني هيئت‬parliamentary

‫ پارلېمنټ‬pārlemánṭ m. Eastern  ‫پارلمان‬
‫ پارو‬1 pārú m. 1 rake 2 oar, paddle ‫پارو وهل‬

to row, rake (with

rakes, paddles)

‫ پارو‬pārú m. manure, fertilizer
‫ پاروسازي‬pārusāzí f. production of fertilizer
‫ پاروکۍ‬pārukə́j f. comb
‫ پارول‬paravə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پاراوه‬1

courage 4 quickness, promptness, efficiency 5 attention to

‫پازه کول‬

a to act b to give advice, give admonition c to

demonstrate courage d to show promptness, demonstrate
efficiency ‫ پازه لرل‬to produce an effect, influence
‫ پازه‬pāza f. dim, weak light
‫ پازه وال‬pázavā́ l m. worker, colleague, employee, functionary
‫ پازيکه‬pāziká  ‫پاکيزه‬
‫ پاژوله‬pāzholá f. stocking of goat's wool
‫ پاږ‬pāg ̣ m. swelling, tumor
‫ پاږول‬pāgavə́l transitive  ‫پړسول‬
‫ پاږه‬pāgá f.  ‫ پاړو‬1
‫ پاږېدل‬pāgedə
̣ ́ l intransitive  ‫پړسېدل‬
‫ پاس‬1 pās 1 up, upward; above, overhead; higher ‫د… د پاسه‬
something; from above something; over, beyond something

‫له پاسه‬

excessively, beyond measure 2.1 upper 2.2 above-


‫تر حد‬

mentioned, above-indicated; aforesaid

to incite; provoke 2 to

tease (an animal) 3 figurative to arouse, excite (feelings of one

kind or another); to stimulate, agitate 4 figurative to inspire; fill





pās m. 1 ointment (for treating mange in animals) 2

application of ointment (to animals suffering from mange)

with enthusiasm; encourage

‫ پاره‬1 pārá f. piece; part
‫ پاره‬2 pārá f. chemistry mercury
‫ پاره چنار‬pārachinā́ r m.  ‫پاړه چنار‬
‫ پاريس‬pārís m. Paris (city)
‫ پاريسي‬pārisí pārisáj 1 Parisian 2


pās m. 1 guarding, protection 2 nursing, tending, looking

after; care, concern; attention 3 esteem, respect



pās m. 1 passing a course (of instruction)

‫پاس کېدل‬

compound verb to take an examination; to finish school 2
acceptance, adoption, confirmation (e.g., of a law) 3 sports pass

‫پاس ورکول‬

m. Parisian (person)

to pass, execute a pass

‫پاس کول‬

a to pass a course (of

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫مکتب پاس کول‬

to finish school b to accept, adopt,

confirm (e.g., a law) c sports to pass, execute a pass

‫ پاس‬5 pās present stem of ‫پاسېدل‬
‫ پاسبان‬pāsbān m. sentinental, guard
‫ پاسپوټ‬pāspóṭ m. Eastern ‫ پاسپورت‬pāspórt m. passport ‫د پاسپوټ‬
‫ مامور‬passport officer ‫ پاسپوټ ويزه کول‬to stamp a visa on a

‫ پاسپورتي‬pāsportí adjective passport
‫ پاسپورټ‬pāspórṭ m.  ‫پاسپوټ‬
‫ پاسپورټي‬pāsporṭí  ‫پاسپورتي‬
‫ پاست‬pāst m. gratitude
‫ پاستل‬pāstél m. art pastel, pastel drawing
‫ پاسته‬1 pāstə 1 masculine plural of ‫ پوست‬2 2 oblique singular of
‫ پوست‬2 ‫ په پاسته ږغ ويل‬to speak affectionately, softly
‫ پاسته‬2 pāsta feminine doublet ‫ناسته‬
‫ پاستی‬pāstaj m. 1 chapati (a sweet flat cake) 2 dewlap (of an

‫ پاسوال‬pāsvā́ l m. ruler, padishah
‫ پاسوال زی‬pāsvalzáj m. prince, ruler's son
‫ پاسوالی‬pāsvā́ laj m. 1 predilection, inclination
charge, tending, taking care of

‫ پاسوان‬pāsvā́ n m. 1 watchman, guard 2 herdsman
‫ پاسواني‬pāsvā́ ní f.  ‫پاسوالي‬
‫ پاس وړونکی‬pās vṛúnkaj m. elevator; hoist
‫ پاسوگلوي‬pāsugalví f. 1 modesty, humility 2 lowness, baseness
‫ پاسول‬1 pāsavə́l transitive  ‫پاڅول‬
‫ پاسول‬2 pāsavə́l  ‫پاسل‬
‫ پاسېدل‬pāsedə́l intransitive  ‫پاڅېدل‬
‫ پاسيف‬pāsíf passive (of measures)
‫ پاسيفيک‬pāsifík m. the Pacific Ocean
‫ پاش‬pāsh  ‫فاش‬
‫ پاشان‬pāshān sparse, scattered, diffused ‫ پاشان کول‬ ‫پاشان کېدل پاشل‬
to dissipate (one's energies), disperse, scatter; be scattered, be


‫ پاسخ‬pāsúkh m. answer ‫ پاسخ ورکول‬to answer
‫ پاسداري‬pāsdā́ rí f. 1 guarding, protection, defense 2 care; charge;
concern ‫ پاسداري کول‬a to guard b to care for; have charge over;
to concern oneself about


pāsrá f. 1 economy, savings

‫پاسره کول‬

to effect economies,

save 2 reason, cause

‫ پاسره گر‬pāsragár ‫ پاسره وال‬pāsravā́ l thrifty, economical
‫ پاسل‬pāsə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پاسه‬1 to tend to someone, care for

‫ پاشتقې‬pāshtáḳe f. plural stairs, staircase
‫ پاشتک‬pāshták m. ceiling beam, rafter
‫ پاشتوک‬pāshtúk m. crossbeam, ceiling plank
‫ پاشل‬páshə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پاشه‬1 to pour (water on) 2 to
spurt, splash 3 to strew; scatter; spill 4 to sow ‫ تخم پاشل‬to sow
seed, disperse seed 5 to disperse, drive away ‫باد اوريځي سره وپاشلې‬
the wind dispersed the clouds ‫ پاشل کېدل‬passive a to be poured b
to be watered c to be splashed d to be strewn, be scattered e to

somebody; concern oneself about someone; pay attention to
someone 2 to treat an (animal) for mange


pāslə́l transitive  ‫ پاسل‬1 ‫ ځان پاسلل‬a to take care of oneself,
look after oneself b to dress up, dress in a showy or ostentatious

over for custody or trust; to have confidence in, trust someone 2

 ‫باسلېيل‬
‫ پاسلون‬pāslún m.
‫ پاسلونه‬pāslavə́na

‫ پاغونده‬،‫پاغنده‬

pāghundá f. 1 mass, bunch (of cleaned cotton or

wadding) 2 flakes (of snow) 3 puffs (of smoke)


pāfishārí f. insistence, persistence

something; persist in something

1 watchman, guard 2  ‫ پاسلونه‬1

f. 1 care; concern; charge (as to have charge or

responsibility for children); attention 2 reproach

‫ پاسلوينه‬pāslojə́na f. reproach
‫ پاسلېيل‬pāslejə́l transitive [past: ‫]و يې پاسلېيه‬

to remind of a service

rendered; to reproach

‫ پاسنگ‬pāsáng m.  ‫پارسنگ‬
‫ پاسنه‬pāsə́na f. 1  ‫ پاسلونه‬1 2 fattening up (of cattle)
‫ پاسنی‬pāsənáj 1 upper 2 attributive mountain, living "up there"
(from the point of view of Peshawar i.e., living in Kabul, Gazni,
Kandahar, etc. and for residents of Kandahar, i.e., living in Kabul,

‫ بر‬4 3 aforementioned, aboveindicated; above-mentioned; ‫ پاسنی باد‬wind from the mountains

‫پاسنی پښتون‬

(chinook, foehn)


be sown, disintegrate, be destroyed, be torn down

‫ پاشلئ‬pashə́laj 1 participle from ‫ پاشل‬2 uncoordinated, odd ‫پاشلي‬
‫ يادداشتونه‬pashə́li uncoordinated notes, uncorrelated notes
‫ پاشي‬pāshí f. second element in compound ‫ ا ٓبپاشي‬watering,

‫ پاسلنه‬pāslə́na f. ‫ پاسلودنه‬pāslodə́na f. 1 gratitude 2 reproach
‫ پاسلول‬pāslavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پاسلاوه‬1 to turn something

Gazni, etc.)

2 guard 3 care,


pāk 1 clean, neat 2 holy, sacred;


‫پافشاري کول‬

‫پاکه زمکه‬

to insist on

sacred land 3

‫ پاکټ‬pākáṭ m. 1 (official) package, envelope 2  ‫بنداژ‬
‫ پاکټونه‬pākaṭū́na m. plural packets
‫ پاکدامن‬pākdāmán  ‫پاکزړی‬
‫ پاکړه‬pākṛá f. packsaddle
‫ پاکزړی‬pākzə́ṛaj 1 pure; chaste, innocent 2 modest
‫ پاک ساک‬pāk sák pure and immaculate, absolutely pure
‫ پاکستان‬pākistā́ n m. Pakistan
‫ پاکستاني‬pākistāní pākistānáj 1 Pakistanian 2 Pakistanian (person)
‫ پاکنفسي‬pāknafasí f. 1 purity, chastity, innocent 2 sincerity, candor
3 decency, honesty


fair copy

pāsú 1.1 humble, meek 1.2 low, base 2 m. scoundrel, villian

‫ پاکنويسه‬pāknavísa clean, fair, written in a clean or
‫ پاکنويس کول‬to write a fair copy, write a clean copy


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫پاکنويس کېدل‬

to be written out in a clean copy, be written out in a

6 to look after, tend

fair copy
pāknavisavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
to write out in a clean copy, write out in a fair copy

‫]پاکنويس يې‬

pāknavisí f. execution (writing) of a clean copy, execution

of a fair copy

‫ پاکوالی‬pākvā́ laj m. 1  ‫ پاکي‬1 2 tidiness (premises)
‫ پاکول‬pākavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پاک يې کړ‬1 to clean,
clear; wipe, wipe dry ‫ غاښونه پاکول‬to brush the teeth ‫ بوټونه پاکول‬to
clean shoes ‫ کوټه پاکول‬to tidy the premises 2 to wash; wash clean;
wash thoroughly 3 to pay off (a debt); settle an account ‫حساب‬
‫ پاکول‬to pay up, settle, settle an account
‫ پاکه‬1 paká f. wide cotton cloth
‫ پاکه‬2 pāka feminine singular of ‫پاک‬
‫ پاکه‬3 pākə́ imperfect of ‫ پکل‬2
‫ پاکي‬1 pākí f. cleanliness, neatness, tidiness
‫ پاکي‬2 pākí f. razor
‫ پاکېدل‬pākedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پاک شو‬1 to be
cleaned; be cleaned up; be wiped up; be wiped clean 2 to be

washed; be washed thoroughly; be washed clean 3 to be paid up
(debts); be settled (accounts)


pākedə́ m. plural 1 cleaning up; cleaning; wiping clean,
wiping dry 2 washing; washing clean, washing thoroughly 3
payment (debt); settlement (account)

‫ پاکيزگي‬pākizagí f. 1 cleanliness, tidiness 2 chastity
‫ پاکيزه‬pākizá 1 clean, pure; tidy, neat 2 chaste
‫ پاکيزه خصلت‬pākizá-khaslát chaste
‫ پاگل‬pāgál m. regional 1 abnormal person; psychopath


extravagant person; spendthrift

‫ پاگل خانه‬pāgalkhāná f. regional psychiatric hospital, clinic
‫ پال‬1 pāl m. 1 abstention ‫ پال کول‬to abstain; be wary of 2
agriculture blemish, flaw; lapse, balk in plowing 3 beginning,
commencement 4 


‫ پال‬pāl  ‫فال‬
‫ پال‬3 pāl m. hollow
‫ پال‬4 pāl m. plowshare
‫ پالان‬pālā́ n m. ‫ پالانه‬pālā́ na f. packsaddle
‫ پالش‬pā́ lish m. plural 1 polish; action of polishing ‫پالش کول‬
compound verb to polish ‫ پالش کېدل‬compound verb to be

to show hospitality 7 to feed,

nourish, suckle (a child) 8 to observe (e.g., a law)


‫مېلمه پالل‬

polished 2 polishing agent, varnish

‫ پالک‬1 pālák m. plural spinach
‫ پالک‬2 pālák m. foster child, ward
‫ پالکانه‬pālkāná f. smoke vent, window in roof, skylight
‫ پالکوری‬pālkóraj m. storeroom (for agricultural implements)
‫ پالکۍ‬pālkə́j f. elephant saddle, howdah
‫ پالل‬pālə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پاله‬1 to protect, care for, guard 2
to bring up, raise ‫ کوچنيان پالل‬to bring up children, rear children 3
to cultivate, develop someone or something ‫ د کار محبت پالل‬to

instill or inculcate a love for work 4 to cherish, foster 5 to caress

‫ پاللئ‬pālə́laj past participle of ‫ پاللې لور پالل‬adopted daughter
‫ بالندوی‬pāləndúj m.  ‫ساتندوی‬
‫ پالنگ‬pāláng m. large wooden bed (with painted legs)
‫ پالنگر‬pāləngə́r m. ‫ خدماتي کمپيوټر‬khidamā́ ti kampjūṭə́r ‫ سرور‬sarwár


‫ پالنگ پوښ‬pālangpóḳh m. bedspread, counterpane
‫ پالنه‬pālə́na f. 1 development; education 2 instruction; training
‫ نظامي عمومي پالنه‬universal military training 3 care ‫د چا پالنه کول‬
to care for; be concerned about someone 4 bestowing of gifts
upon a new bride at the time of the first visit to her home by her

‫ پالوال‬pālvā́ l 1 abstemious, moderate 2 devoted, loyal
‫ پالوان‬pālvā́ n m.  ‫پهلوان‬
‫ پالوده‬pāludá f. sweet jelly dish; jam
‫ پاله‬1 pāla f. plowshare
‫ پاله‬2 pālá f. wedge (wooden)
‫ پاله پدري‬pālá-padrí without fail; willy-nilly
‫ پالی‬pāláj m. 1 agriculture lapse, balk (in plowing) 2

diet 3 kind

of children's game

‫ پالېز‬pāléz m. melon field; kitchen garden
‫ پالېز کاري‬pālezkārí f. melon farming, truck gardening
‫ پالېزوان‬pālezvā́ n m. melon grower, truck gardener
‫ پاليسي‬1 pālisí f. policy, politics
‫ پاليسي‬2 pālisi f. insurance policy
‫ پام‬pām m. attention ‫ په پام سره‬attentively, with attention ‫زما پام نه و‬
I didn't pay attention. I didn't notice. ‫ پام غلطول‬to divert the
attention ‫ پام غلطېدل‬to be distracted (of attention) ‫ پام کول‬to pay
attention to something; look after something ‫ پام کوئ‬Pay
attention! Look out! ‫ پام کوه چه و نه لوېږې‬Watch out! Don't fall!
‫ و… ته پام کېدل‬to be riveted, drawn (of the attention) ‫ پام لرل‬to be
concerned about something ‫ له پامه وتل‬to be left without attention,
be forgotten, be unnoticed

‫ پامال‬pāmā́ l  ‫پايمال‬
‫ پامالول‬pāmālavə́l denominative  ‫پايمالول‬
‫ پامان‬pāmā́ n vice ‫ د خدای پامان! په امان‬So long! Au revoir!
‫ پامته دار‬pāmtadā́ r 1 expecting something; counting on something


regional reproaching, rebuking

‫بامته داري‬

pāmtadārí f. expectation of something; reproach for


‫ پاملرنه‬،‫پام لرنه‬

pāmlarə́na f. care for something; concern about
something, attention to something; seeing to something ‫د افرادو د‬

‫صحت پاملرنه‬

care of public health

sowing (of crops)

‫پاملرنه کول‬

‫د کرهڼي پاملرنه‬

looking after the

to tend to something; be concerned

about something; pay attention to something; see to something

‫ پاملرونکی‬pām larúnkaj attentive, concerned
‫ پامول‬pamavə́l transitive  ‫فهمول‬

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ پاميالی‬pāmjāláj  ‫پاملرونکی‬
‫ پامېدل‬pāmedə́l intransitive  ‫فهمېدل‬
‫ پامير‬pamír m. 1 the Pamir ‫د پامير غرونه‬
pāmirā́ t] the Parmirs

the Pamir 2 [plural: ‫پاميرات‬

‫ پاناما‬pānāmā́ f. ‫ پانامه‬pānāmá f. Panama (country and city) ‫د پاناما‬
‫ د پانامې کانال‬،‫ کانال‬the Panama Canal
‫ پاندان‬pāndā́ n m. box for betel (Asiatic plant whose leaf is chewed

‫ پاڼو‬2 pāṇo oblique plural of ‫پاڼه‬
‫ پاڼو‬3 pāṇó oblique plural of ‫ پاڼ‬1
‫ پاڼوځی‬pāṇodzáj m. 1 bookstore 2 book trade
‫ پاڼه‬pāṇa f. 1 leaf, leaflet (of a plant) ‫ د چايو پاڼه‬tea leaf, leaflet ‫د گل‬
‫ پاڼه‬a petal ‫ وني پاڼي کوي‬The trees are starting to be covered with
leaves. The trees are growing green. ‫ د توت د پاڼي په شان رېږدېدل‬to
tremble like an autumn leaf 2 sheet (of paper) 3 page ‫پا ڼي کتل‬

with betel nut as a narcotic)

to turn over the pages; look at every page 4 note, document, paper


pāndrə́j f. silk and gold threads, braided into the hair (braids)
of a bride

‫ پانډه‬pā́ nḍa f. firewood basket
‫ پانسمان‬pānsmā́ n m. bandage, dressing attributive ‫د پانسمان کوټه‬
bandage ‫ پانسمان کول‬to bandage, dress
‫ پانسي‬pānsí f.  ‫پهانسي‬
‫ پانسيون‬pānsijón m. boarding school
‫ پانکراس‬pānkriā́ s m. anatomy pancreas
‫ پانگ‬pāng m.  ‫ پاڼ‬1
‫ پانگوال‬pāngvā́ l m. capitalist
‫ پانگه‬pā́ nga f. 1 capital ‫ خصوصي پانگه‬private capital ‫صنعتي پانگه‬
industrial capital ‫ د بانک پانگه‬bank capital ‫ مالي پانگه‬financial
capital ‫ اصلي پانگه‬basic capital ‫ دايمي پانگه‬constant capital ‫جاري‬
‫ پانگه‬variable capital ‫ د لگښت پانگه‬working capital ‫د پانگي تمرکز‬
concentration of capital ‫ پانگه اچول‬،‫ پانگه ايښودل‬to invest capital
‫ پانگه لرل‬to have capital, possess capital 2 figurative property;
value; wealth; resources ‫ طبيعي پانگي‬natural resources, wealth
idiom ‫ د صبر پانگه په کار ده‬One should be patient.
‫ پانگه لرونکی‬pānga larúnkaj m. capitalist
‫ پانگه ور‬pāngavár m. capitalist
‫ پانگه وري‬pāngavarí f. capitalism
‫ پانوس‬pānús m.  ‫فانوس‬
‫ پانه‬pāná f. 1 wedge (wooden) 2 stocks, rack (for torture,
punishment) ‫ پانه ورکول‬a to drive a wedge, split, cleave b to lock
up in stocks


panjā́ t m. lesson; conclusion, moral

‫ د… څخه پانيات کول‬to
‫ پانيات کېدل‬to serve

as a lesson

‫سر ولاړ‬

dressing is being made)


pāj regional pāe m. 1 leg

‫پای مرد‬

a pāj-i human leg b

‫ د پای حکم‬final
‫ د کال په پای کښي‬at the end of the
year ‫ په پای کښي‬finally, in conclusion, at last ‫ تر پايه‬until the end
‫ د خپل ژوند د پای په څوکلو‬In the final years of his life ‫پای يې څه؟‬
What will this end with? ‫ يو کار پای ته رسول‬to finish, complete,
bring a matter to its conclusion; execute a piece of work ‫پای ته‬
‫ رسېدل‬to be finished, be completed, be brought to a conclusion 3
consequences (of an illness) idiom ‫ پای کول‬compound verb to
figurative flight, escape 2 end, termination

decision (of a Supreme Court)

plumb, measure the depth (e.g., of a river)


abyss b to be extremely quick-tempered, not to control oneself; to

‫ پاڼ‬2 pāṇ m. starch
‫ پاڼ رېژ‬paṇrézh m. 1 fall 2 autumn
‫ پاڼکۍ‬paṇakə́j f. (small) leaf
‫ پاڼو‬1 paṇú m. salad lettuce

His luck has


a standing at the edge of an abyss b at the edge of the

be unstable

‫پاڼې يې وگرزېده‬

‫ پاولی‬pauláj m. coin in a necklace
‫ پاويليون‬pāviljón m. pavilion
‫ پاهه‬pāhá f. cotton batting (which is placed under a bandage when a

‫د پاڼ په‬

figurative narí a to stand at the edge of an

pāṇe f. 1 fate, good fortune

betrayed him. 2 leaflet 3 sterile flower

proverb literal Above I see a leopard, below I see an

‫نري پاڼ ته درېدل‬


‫ پاڼۍ‬2 paṇə́j f. knocking out a nut with a nut (a game)
‫ پاڼي رژون‬paṇirəzhún m. fall (the season)
‫ پاڼي رژونکی‬pāṇi razhavúnkaj fall, autumnal (of trees)
‫ پاڼيز‬pāṇíz 1 foliate; composed of thin layers or flakes 2 consisting
of so-many pages or sheets ‫ اته پاڼيزه ورځپاڼه‬an 8-page newspaper
‫ پاو‬1 pāu m. pāo m. regional 1 fourth, fourth part of something
‫ پاو باندي څلور بجي‬a quarter past four ‫ پاو کم اوه بجې‬a quarter to
seven 2 ¼ "sir"  ‫سير‬
‫ پاو‬2 pāu m. pound ‫ دوه پاوه‬pāva two pounds
‫ پاو‬3 pāo vice ‫ پای‬ ‫پنج پاو‬
‫ پاوتل‬pāutál m. sediment, deposit
‫ پاورهاوس‬pāverhāus m. regional electric power station, powerhouse
‫ پاورقي‬pāvaraḳí f. 1 footnote, note 2 feature article (in a

‫ کښته‬،‫پورته گورم پړانگ دئ‬

abyss. figurative Caught between a rock and a hard place.

the Annals of

‫د تاريخ پاڼي‬

Archives (the institution)

History c playing cards

exemplary, model; serving as an example for others (of a person)
precipice; steep bank; abyss

‫دپاڼو مديريت‬


pānjāti 1 instructive 2 learning a lesson from something 3

‫ پاڼ‬1 pāṇ m.
‫گورم پاڼ دئ‬

‫ستا پاڼه زوروره شوه‬

You have won. 8 [plural: ‫ پاڼي‬pāṇi] a leaves, foilage b archive

extract a lesson from; draw a conclusion from


5 leaflet; newspaper 6  ‫ پلوان‬7 card (playing)

pājā́ b 1 m. .1 ford; shoal 1.2 proper name Payab 2

shallow, not deep, suitable for fording

‫ پايان‬pājā́ n m. end, conclusion
‫ پاياو‬pājā́ v m.  ‫پاياب‬
‫ پاياوي‬pājāví cheerful, joyous, buoyant
‫ پای بند‬pājbánd m.  ‫پابند‬
‫ پايپ‬pājp m. pipe ‫ پا يپ څکل‬to smoke a pipe

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫پای پای‬

pāj-pāj children's speech quietly, softly, gently

to walk softly

‫پای پېچي‬

‫پای پای کول‬

pājpéchi f. plural

‫پای پای تلل‬


pājmāledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پايمال شو‬1 to
be suppressed 2 to be destroyed 3 to be violated, be infringed

to direct gently, conduct gently, carry

upon 4 to be suppressed (of feelings) idiom

‫ پای تاوې‬،‫پايتاوې‬

May your enemies disappear!

pājtavé f. leg

‫ پائنڅه‬pāintsá f.  ‫پايڅه‬
‫ پای نخ‬pājnákh m. fruit-bearing branch of a grapevine
‫ پاينده‬pājandá 1 durable; constant; enduring 2 proper name

wrappings, puttees

‫ پای تخت‬،‫ پایتخت‬pājtákht m. capital (city)
‫ پايته‬pájta vice ‫ پای ته‬ ‫پای‬
‫ پايڅور‬pājtsór m. 1 end, completion, termination

2 person bringing

Payanda, Painda

‫ پايندی‬pājəndáj  ‫ پاينده‬1
‫ پاينک‬pājnák m. rim or edge of the scabbard of a saber
‫ پائنو‬pānáv inundated ‫ پائنوه زمکه‬low place, depression, flooded

up the rear 3 remains or remainder, left-overs (food)


pājtsá f. 1 trouser leg 2 hems of the legs of wide Middle-

Eastern trousers; trouser cuffs 3 wide Middle-Eastern trousers

‫ دپايڅې رگ پالل‬،‫د پايڅې په رگ پسې تلل‬

land, marshy land

to be on friendly

‫ پاينه‬pājə́na f. strength; duration; constancy
‫ پايني‬pājənáj last, final, conclusive
‫ پايو‬pājáv m. float, floating structure
‫ پايول‬pājavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پا ياوه‬1 to prolong life; sustain

terms with wife's relatives

‫ پايدار‬pājdā́ r steady, stable; strong, firm
‫ پايداري‬pājdā́ rí f. steadiness, stability; strength, firmness
‫ پايدان‬pājdā́ n m. running board, footboard (of a vehicle, carriage,

life in someone 2 to settle 3 to conclude, complete 4 to measure


‫ پايدو‬pājdáv m.  ‫بادو‬
‫ پايزار‬pājzā́ r m. shoe
‫ پای زېب‬pājzéb m. ankle bracelet
‫ پايښت‬pajəḳht m. durability, immutability, stability ‫ پايښت لرل‬to be
durable, be immutable, be stable ‫ پايښت کول‬to last, endure ‫چپي‬
‫ چپايۍ ډېر پايښت ونه کئ‬silence did not last long; the silence did not

the depth (i.e., of a river)


pājkó f.


piece, item (a counting word for machines, equipment)


hull rice

‫شولې په پايکو ميده کول‬


‫ پايکوټ‬pājkóṭ m. rice cleaner, man engaged in the cleaning of rice
‫ پايکيله‬pājkilá f. boundary, limit (of a plot of land)
‫ پايگاو‬pājgā́ v m. paygav (a measure of land equal to half kul'ba,

plural life, existence

‫ پايېدنه‬pājedə́na f.  ‫پايښت‬
‫ پائيکو‬pājkó m.  ‫پايکو‬
‫ پباب‬pəbāb vice ‫ په باب‬ ‫ باب‬1
‫ پبي‬1 pabí 1 m. plural Pabi (settlement between Peshawar and

amount of land that can be plowed in one season by an ox-team)


pājgā́ f. pājgā́ h f. 1 foot (of a mountain) 2 military

‫ پايل‬1
‫ پايل‬2

pājə́l m. corn bread
pājl m. electronics battery

bridgehead; springboard for attack

Naushera) 2 m. plural Pabi (tribe) 3 pabáj m. Pabi (tribesman)

‫ اتومي پايل‬atomic reactor
‫ پايلات کول‬to create a

pājlā́ t m. disturbance; mutiny

disturbance; incite to mutiny

‫ پايلاتي‬pājlātí mutinous ‫ پايلاتي کېدل‬to rebel, revolt
‫ پايلامه‬pājlāmá f. 1 sign, symbol, token 2 banner
‫ پايلوټ‬pājlóṭ m.  ‫پيلوټ‬
‫ پايله‬pā́ jla f. bracelet with bells (for the ankle, leg)
‫ پايمال‬pājmā́ l 1 crushed 2 destroyed 3 trampled
‫ پايمالول‬pājmālavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫]پايمال يې کړ‬

1 to

crush 2 to destroy 3 to crudely suppress, infringe upon, violate

‫چا حقوق پايمالول‬

to violate or infringe on someone's rights 4 to

suppress (feelings)


two pieces of machinery (i.e., two machines) 7 dignity;

‫ پائي‬1 pājí f. 1 rein; reins; bridle 2 hobbles
‫ پائي‬2 pājí present of ‫پايېدل‬
‫ پائي‬3 pāí f. regional pice (small Indian coin, worth a quarter anna)
‫ پايېدل‬pājedə́l ‫ پائېدل‬pāedə́l 1 [present: ‫ پائي‬intransitive past: ‫و‬
‫ ]پايېده‬.1 to last 1.2 to be strong, be firm 1.3 to live, exist 2 m.

pājkób m. rice huller; grain huller; treadle-

motor-driven rice huller

‫دوې پايې‬

grade, rank 8 figurative level (of development)

operated rice huller, crusher, huller for rice and other grains

‫مېخانيکي پايکو‬

pājá f. 1 foundation, groundwork, basis 2 column; mast 3

supporting member; pier (bridge) 4 step 5 wheel; wheels 6

long endure


!‫غليمان مو پايمال سه‬

pājmālí f. 1 destruction 2 crude violation; infringement 3


‫ پبۍ‬2 pabə́j 1 f.  ‫ پبي‬1 1 2 feminine of ‫ پبي‬1 3
‫ پپ‬pap m. small scoop (of a shopkeeper)
‫ پپخه‬papákha papə́kha f. "papkha" (a tall hat, usually of sheepskin)
‫ پپړ‬papə́ṛ adjective big (of ears)
‫ پپړ غوږ‬papə́ṛ ghvag ̣ m. burdock
‫ پپنا‬pupənā destroyed, annihilated ‫ پپنا کول‬to destroy, annihilate ‫پپنا‬
‫ کېدل‬to be destroyed, be annihilated
‫ پپوس‬1 pəpús m. lungs
‫ پپوس‬2 pəpús m. 1 coward 2 dawdler
‫ پپۍ‬1 papə́j f. kiss
‫ پپۍ‬2 papə́j f. diminutive children's speech foot
‫ پت‬1 pat m. honor, dignity; respect idiom ‫ د‬،‫د مېړه په پت کښېنستل‬
‫ مېړه پر پت کښېنستل‬to remain a widow

suppression (of feelings)

Pashto-English Dictionary



pat m. plural 1 fine goat's wool 2 undercoat (the fine wool

growing beneath the outer wool of goat's, sheep) 3 nap, pile

‫ پت‬3 pit flat; flattened, flattened out  ‫پيت‬
‫ پت‬4 pit m. core, pith, heart, pulp (e.g., of elder wood)
‫ پت‬5 pət doublet ‫تت‬
‫ پتا‬pətā vice ‫ پتا څه سوي دئ؟ په تا‬What happened to you?
‫ پتارۍ‬pətārə́j f. board upon which the body of a deceased person is
washed ‫ په پتارۍ کول‬a to wash the body of the decease b
figurative to teach a lesson, punish severely

‫ پتاړ‬pətāṛ m. large basket with a narrow opening
‫ پتاسه‬patāsá f. Eastern 1 piece (of sugar) 2 kind of candy or
sweetmeat ‫ مدام د پتاسو باران نه کېږي‬proverb literal Sweets do not
fall from the sky forever figurative Good things do not last

‫ پتاقي‬patāḳí f. cap, percussion cap
‫ پتانه‬patānə́ oblique singular of ‫پتون‬
‫ پتاو‬pitāv 1 sunny 2 m. sunny side
‫ پتاوی‬pitāvaj m. 1 sunny side (of a mountain) 2 warm and sunny
winter day ‫ پتاوي کول‬،‫ پتاوي ته کښېنستل‬pitāvi to sit in the sun, bask
in the sun


patkhavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پتخاوه‬to cause to perspire


‫ پتخه‬patə́kha f. revolver
‫ پترک‬patrák small-eared (used for a particular breed of sheep)
‫ پترکی‬patrakáj m. 1 scab 2  ‫ پتری‬1 3 shaving, chip
‫ پترول‬petról m. plural  ‫پټرول‬
‫ پترول کشي‬petrolkashí f. extraction of oil, output of oil
‫ پتره‬patrá f.  ‫ پتری‬1
‫ پتری‬1 patrāj m. 1 crampon (iron, brass) ‫ پتری کول‬to fasten together
with crampons; rivet, clinch 2 adornment, decoration

‫ پترۍ‬patrə́j f. double hepatic duct (of sheep)
‫ پتري والا‬patrivālā́ m. 1 trader in hardware, iron-monger

2 kind of

German-made rifle

‫ پتړ‬patár m.  ‫ پتڼ‬2
‫ پتک‬1 paták m. flask, water bottle  ‫بتک‬
‫ پتک‬2 paták m. paper (card on which thread is wound)
‫ پتک‬3 paták bald
‫ پتکی‬1 patkáj m. wool, hairy coat, hairy covering
‫ پتکی‬2 patakáj m. diminutive form of ‫ پتک‬1
‫ پتکی‬3 pitkáj m. 1 bird 2 squab, shorty (of a person)
‫ پتلون‬patlún m. [plural: ‫ پتلونونه‬patlunúna plural: ‫ پتلنونه‬patlanúna]
trousers, breeches ‫ پتلون اغوستل‬a to wear trousers b to be clothed
in trousers

‫ پتلون پوش‬patlunpósh dressed in European style
‫ پتلېز‬patléz m. ‫ پتلېس‬patlés m. 1 agriculture graft ‫پتلېز کول‬
graft 2 organization, arrangement


patlesavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
agriculture to graft, make a graft

‫]پتلېس يې‬

‫ پتليک‬patlík m. diploma
‫ پتنسی‬pitnásaj m.  ‫پتنوس‬
‫ پتنگ‬patáng m. 1 nocturnal moth; moth, butterfly; clothes moth 2
a kite 3 moth (used as a synonym for one who is in love) ‫پتنگ په‬
‫ شمعي عاشق دئ ځکه ځان پري سېزي‬folk saying The moth falls in love
with the candle and is burned up in its flame. 4 proper name



patnús m. [plural: ‫ پتنوسان‬patnusā́ n plural: ‫پتنوسونه‬

patnusúna] salver, tray

‫ پتنوم‬patnúm m.  ‫لقب‬
‫ پتنونه‬patanúna masculine plural of ‫پتون‬
‫ پتنه‬pitná f. 1 riot, mutiny; disturbance 2 enmity; struggle;
vengeance ‫ زړه پتنه‬family feud
‫ پتڼ‬1 patáṇ m. 1 wheel (of a spinning wheel) 2  ‫پتنگ‬
‫ پتڼ‬2 patáṇ m. 1 ferrying, crossing by ferry (river) 2 landing, dock,
wharf ‫ د پتڼ ډېوه‬lighthouse beacon
‫ پتوا‬patvā f.  ‫فتوا‬
‫ پتور‬patúr m. brassiere, bodice
‫ پتون‬patún m. [plural: ‫ پتنونه‬patanúna] thigh, haunch
‫ پتونی‬patunáj m. botany petunia
‫ پتوڼی‬patúṇaj lagging behind all, last
‫ پته‬1 patá f. branch, offshoot (of a tribe)
‫ پته‬2 patá f. 1 sign; trace ‫ پته لگول‬،‫ پته ايستل‬to get on the track of;
track; shadow 2 páta address

‫ پته‬3 pə́ta f. silt, mud, ooze
‫ پته‬4 páta f. playing card ‫ پتي کول‬to play cards
‫ پته پټه‬patá paṭá f. computer science address bar
‫ پتي‬1 páti 1 estimable, honorable; respectable 2 honest; decent
‫ پتې‬2 paté f. feminine plural of ‫ پته‬1, 2
‫ پتي‬3 páti plural of ‫ پته‬4 and ‫ پته‬2 2
‫ پتی‬4 patáj m.  ‫ پاتی‬2
‫ پتۍ‬5 patə́j f. division of property
‫ پتۍ‬6 patə́j f. alphabet
‫ پتی‬7 pitáj m. regional  ‫ پتکی‬3
‫ پتير‬patír  ‫فطير‬
‫ پتيره‬1 patíra 1 feminine singular of ‫ پتير‬2 f. unleavened bread ‫پتيره‬
‫ ډوډۍ‬unleavened bread
‫ پتېره‬2 pətéra especially
‫ پتيل‬patəjə́l transitive  ‫پتېيل‬
‫ پتيله‬patilá f.  ‫ پليته‬1
‫ پتېيل‬patejə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پتېيه‬1 to divide; divide up 2 to
decide, make a decision



paṭ m. 1 step, rung 2 panel, element (of a door) 3 layer (of

cloth) 4 pan (of a scale)



paṭ m. 1 bark of a tree; bark stripped from a tree

‫پټ اړول‬


remove bark from a tree, debark 2 tanning extract from bark

paṭ m. delirium; fever

‫پټ نيولئ دئ‬

state of delirium. He has a fever.

He is delirious. He is in a

Pashto-English Dictionary


‫ پټ ځای‬refuge; secluded place 2
secret, clandestine, covert ‫ پټ قرارداد‬a secret agreement ‫پټ په پټه‬
secretly, clandestinely; surreptitiously ‫ دا څه پټه خبره نه ده‬This is
not a secret. … ‫ پټه دي نه وي چه‬The fact ought not to be concealed
that … ‫ له ځان سره پټ ساتل‬to conceal, keep secret ‫ پټ اچول‬to
disregard, pay no heed to ‫ نو خبره يې پټه واچوله‬He pretended that

pəṭ puṭ 1 hidden, concealed

nothing had happened. 3 latent, hidden, inner, secret 4 closed,

‫پټ مجلس‬

closed session 5 clothed, covered (of parts of

the body) 6 regional stricken by misfortune idiom

‫پټ ساتل‬

Not to allow to learn, to keep in ignorance.

‫څوک د تعليم نه‬

‫ پټ‬5 paṭ doublet ‫غټ‬
‫ پټ‬6 paṭ doublet ‫لټ‬
‫ پټاپټ‬pətāpəṭ m. blindman's bluff (the game)
‫ پټاټې‬paṭāṭé f. plural potato
‫ پټاخه‬paṭākhá f. 1 military percussion cap 2 regional fly-swatter
‫ پټاخېدار‬paṭakhedā́ r ‫ پټاخېدار ټوپک‬muzzleloading rifle
‫ پټار‬paṭār piebald, skewbald; spotted, stripped; having white socks
(of a horse)


paṭāra f. 1 ribbon, strap 2 stripe (leather, bark) 3 stripe (on

uniform trousers)

‫ پټاس‬pəṭā́ s m. chemistry potash
‫ پټاسه‬pəṭāsá f. waste material from sugar cane
‫ پټاښه‬pataḳha f. Eastern  ‫پټاخه‬
‫ پټانستان‬paṭānistā́ n m. obsolete  ‫پښتونستان‬
‫ پټ پټ‬pəṭ pəṭ secretly, clandestinely; furtively, surreptitiously
‫ پټ پټانړی‬pəṭpəṭānaj m. regional ‫ پټ پټانی‬pəṭpəṭānaj m. blindman's
bluff (the game) ‫ پټ پټانړی کول‬to play blindman's bluff
‫ پټ پنهم‬pəṭpinhám 1 completely hidden, concealed 2 top secret
‫ پټ پوهاند‬pəṭpohānd m. magician, wizard
‫ پټ تيا‬pəṭtjā́ f.  ‫پټ والی‬
‫ پټخ‬pəṭúkh pəṭókh rude, cruel, harsh
‫ پټخ والی‬pəṭukhvā́ laj m. rudeness, cruelty, harshness
‫ پټخول‬pətukhavə́ [past: ‫ ]پټخ يې کړ‬to cause to become rude or cruel;


leader or head

someone's feet; to beseech someone for assistance

‫ پټکی‬2 puṭakáj tiny, small; insignificant
‫ پټکي‬3 pətəki  ‫ ټکی‬1
‫ پټگنۍ‬puṭganə́j f. ambush ‫ پټگنۍ کول‬to set up an ambush
‫ پټ لمېسه‬pəṭlamésa f. computer science blind carbon copy

‫ پټلۍ‬paṭlə́j f. singular & plural rail, rails; railroad tracks
‫ پټم‬paṭám m. sluice gate of a yaryk (i.e., irrigation channel)
‫ پټن‬paṭán m. dock, landing
‫ پټنگ‬paṭáng m.  ‫پتنگ‬
‫ پټنوس‬paṭnús m.  ‫پتنوس‬
‫ پټ نوم‬paṭnūm m. ‫ تېرنویی‬password
‫ پټنه‬puṭə́na f. 1  ‫ پټونه‬2 secret
‫ پټو‬1 paṭú m. [plural: ‫ پټوان‬paṭuā́ n plural: ‫ پټوگان‬paṭugā́ n] patu
(woolen shawl or rug) ‫ پټو اودل‬to weave a patu
‫ پټو‬2 paṭó oblique plural of ‫ پټی‬1
‫ پټو‬3 pə́ṭo oblique plural of ‫ پټ‬4
‫ پټوار‬paṭvā́ r m. ‫ پټواري‬patvārí m. regional 1 rural accountant,
village accountant; rural clerk, village clerk 2 land surveyor

‫ پټ والی‬،‫ پټوالی‬pətvā́ laj m. 1  ‫ پټونه‬2 secret
‫ پټوخ‬paṭúkh  ‫پټخ‬
‫ پټوسکی‬pəṭúkaj m. leather trunk (for transporting load on pack

‫ پټوکی‬pəṭúkaj m.  ‫ پوټکی‬1
‫ پټول‬pəṭavə́l puṭavə́l denominative, transitive
conceal (from), keep secret

2 oil

Eastern to steal


pəṭáka f. cottage cheese


paṭká f. 1 belt, sash 2 kind of noose, snare, lariat

1 to

to conceal the truth, hide

a to hide, conceal oneself b to cover

‫خپل ځان ټول پټ کړه‬


cover or wrap oneself up properly c to conceal or not tell one's

‫ځان له سترگو څخه پټول‬

to lie in hiding, lie

‫ سترگي پټول‬a to shut one's eyes (to) b to disregard, ignore;
‫ زه غواړم چه لاړشم اوله تا نه هم سترگي پټي کړم‬I want to

fail to notice

gasoline pump

threaten b to reprimand, scold


‫ځان پټول‬

real name, be incognito

‫ پټرولي‬peṭrolí piṭrolí adjective 1 gasoline 2 oil
‫ پټرۍ‬paṭrə́j f. track (of a railroad)
‫ پټکاري‬paṭkārí m. plural aluminum
‫ پټکه‬1 paṭáka f. young hen, pullet
‫ پټکه‬2 paṭəká f. 1 threat 2 reprimand, scolding ‫پټکه کول‬

‫حقيقت پټول‬

oneself up, muffle oneself up (in something)

denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پټخ شو‬to grow

‫د پټرولو ټانک‬

‫]پټ يې‬

the real state of affairs 4 to classify (documents, etc. as secret) 5

taciturn, not talkative; reticent

peṭról piṭról 1 m. plural gasoline

[past: ‫کړ‬

hide, conceal, take away, remove 2 to cover, cover up 3 to

coarse, grow rude, grow cruel; grow harsh



e.g., of email)

cause to become harsh

‫ پټ خولی‬pəṭkhúlaj
‫ پټخېدل‬pəṭukhedə́l

‫ د مشرتوب پټکی‬the position of
‫ پټکی د چا په پښو غورزول‬to throw oneself at

paṭkáj m. small turban idiom

go away and never see you again.


pəṭún m. cover, concealment; sanctuary, refuge (for wild game,

wild fowl, etc.)


‫د پټون خورا ښه ځای دئ‬

This is a very secluded


pəṭavə́na f. 1 hiding, clearing, taking away 2 covering,
screening 3 concealment

a to

‫ پټونې‬1 puṭúne f. ambush
‫ پټونی‬2 paṭónaj m. woolen shawl, woolen rug
‫ پټوه‬paṭvá f. 1 galloon, braid, lace 2 cord 3 purse
‫ پټوه گر‬paṭvagə́r m. paṭvagár m. maker of gold lace, braid, etc.
‫ پټه‬1 pə́ṭa 1 f. secret ‫ د چا په پټه‬behind someone's back 2 feminine
plural of ‫ پټ‬4

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ پټه‬2 paṭá f. 1 board 2 panel
‫ پټه‬3 puṭá f. 1 strip (of bark, cloth) 2 metal fastening or clamp
‫ پټه‬4 paṭá f. 1 complaint 2 deed, document
‫ پټه خوله‬pəṭakhulá taciturn, uncommunicative; reclusive ‫پټه خوله‬
‫ ناست دئ‬He sits there in silence. ‫ پټه خوله کول‬a to compell to be

‫ پچ خولی‬puchkhúlaj foulmouthed
‫ پچړک‬pachṛák m. eyehole in a belt
‫ پچکولمه‬puchkulmá f. large intestine (of animals)
‫ پچکي‬puchəkí m. having set its fruit (cucumbers)
‫ پچموزې‬pəchmozé f. mockery, ridicule
‫ پچن‬pəchə́n 1 weak, puny 2 ugly, not good-looking
‫ پچنه‬pachána f. 1 lancet 2 cut, scratch
‫ پچواړۍ‬pichvāṛə́j f.  ‫پېچواړۍ‬
‫ پچوری‬pəchúraj m. regional  ‫دوپټه‬
‫ پچونی‬pachúnaj regional tiny, minute
‫ پچوی‬pachə́vaj m. tail-tuft (of a cow)
‫ پچه‬1 pə́cha f. púcha f. 1 dung, droppings (of sheep, goats, etc.)
‫ پچه اچول‬to defecate (of sheep, goats, etc.) 2 pertaining to lot ‫په‬
‫ پچه‬by lot ‫ پچه پرختل‬Western a to draw lots, win b to become
the owner of something, pick up or acquire something ‫ پچه کول‬to
cast lots ‫ پچه وړل‬to draw lots ‫ پچه سره اچول‬to effect the casting of
lots ‫ پچي اچول‬to have a drawing, a lottery idiom ‫ پر پچه ختل‬a to

silent b to neutralize (the enemy's fire)

‫ پټهان‬paṭhā́ n m. regional Pathan, Pushtun
‫ پټهانستان‬paṭhānistā́ n m. obsolete  ‫پښتونستان‬
‫ پټه دار‬paṭadā́ r striped
‫ پټه دانه‬pə́ṭa dāná f. regional shashlik made from ram's kidneys and

‫ پټه کوډ‬paṭákóḍ m. barcode
‫ پټی‬1 paṭáj m. area which has been sown, field under crops ‫کوچنی‬
‫ پټی‬a small field; a bed prepared for a crop
‫ پټۍ‬2 paṭə́j f. 1 bandage ‫ پټۍ لگول‬a to apply a bandage, dress ‫په‬
‫ پښه باندي پټۍ لگول‬to bandage the leg b to calm, soothe 2
suspenders ‫ د پتلانه پټۍ‬suspenders 3 garters ‫ د جرابو پټۍ‬garters 4

perform a stupid action, get involved in a dumb operation b to act

strip (of cloth); ribbon, tape 5 board 6 strap, belt


in a conceited manner, put on airs


patə́j f. 1 model, example (for correspondence or practice) 2
ABC book, primer



pə́cha f. ripples (on water)
trouble (water)

‫پچه کول‬

to cover with ripples,

‫ پټې‬paṭé plural of ‫پټه‬
‫ پټي‬5 pə́ṭi 1 f. plural secret 2 feminine plural of ‫ پټ‬4
‫ پټي‬6 paṭí masculine plural of ‫ پټی‬1
‫ پټیاد‬paṭjā́ d m. cache
‫ پټي پالا‬pəṭí-pālā́ 1 secret, concealed 2 disordered, distressed
‫ پټيخ‬paṭíkh  ‫پټخ‬
‫ پټې دار‬paṭedā́ r having a stripe of contrasting color on the neck (of

‫ پچه‬3 pácha f. kiss
‫ پچه‬4 pachá f. branches (used in covering a roof)
‫ پچۍ‬1 pachə́j f. woven basket (of reed)
‫ پچۍ‬2 puchə́j f.  ‫پچکي‬
‫ پچي‬3 pə́chi feminine plural of ‫ پچه‬1, 2
‫ پچيز‬pachíz m. ‫ پچيس‬pachís m. pachisi, parcheesi (ancient


‫ پځای‬pədzāj 1 on the spot, at the location 2 executed, carried out
‫ پځای کول‬ ‫پځایول‬
‫ پځایول‬pədzājavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پځای يې کړ‬to



boardgame resembling backgammon, played on a cruciform board)


pəṭedə́l puṭedə́l denominative [past: ‫ ]پټ شو‬1 to be hidden, be
concealed 2 to be covered; cover, wrap oneself ‫ په واورو پټېدل‬to be
covered with snow 3 to hide, lie hidden, set (of heavenly bodies)

‫ پټېدنه‬pəṭedə́na f. 1 m. [plural: ‫ پټېده‬pəṭedə́] hiding; concealment ‫د‬
‫ پټېدو ځای نشته‬to have nowhere to hide, have no place of


paṭéra f. 1 main beam of a building 2 boards (collectively) 3

log, beam

‫ پټې لڼ‬،‫ پټې لڼ‬paṭelə́ṇ m. textiles weaver's beam
‫ پټېمو‬pəṭemú m. damnation
‫ پج‬padzh m.  ‫پچنه‬
‫ پجنه‬padzhə́na f. 1 scratch 2 cut
‫ پجواب‬pədzhaváb vice ‫ په جواب‬ ‫جواب‬
‫ پجه‬padzhá f. 1 oven (for firing bricks or pottery, for the

manufacture of glass) 2 furnace, forge 3 blast furnace

‫ پجه وال‬padzhavā́ l m. bricklayer
‫ پچ‬1 puch unfit, unsuitable, bad
‫ پچ‬2 pach m. flower pattern on glass, iron, etc.
‫ پچاړۍ‬pəchāṛə́j f. 1 hobbles, chains 2 outer cord of a woven cot or

fulfill (e.g., an obligation)

‫ پځول‬padzavə́l transitive  ‫ پزول‬1
‫ پڅ‬pəts 1 dull, blunt ‫ پڅه چاړه‬dull knife ‫پڅ کول‬


2 dull,

stupid, slow-witted 3 crude, rough 4 steep, preciptous


pətsānaj 1.1 insignificant, small; tiny, scanty 1.2 rare,

fortuitous 2 m. small piece, fragment of something; crumb, pinch

‫ پڅتوب‬pətstób m. ‫ پڅتيا‬pətsjā f. blunting, dulling (of a knife, etc.)
‫ پڅنگ‬pətsáng vice ‫ په څنگ‬ ‫څنگ‬
‫ پڅڼی‬patsə́naj  ‫پڅاڼی‬
‫ پخوالی‬pətsvā́ laj m.  ‫پختوب‬
‫ پڅول‬pətsavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پڅ يې کړ‬1 to dull,
blunt, obtund 2 figurative to confuse idiom ‫د دښمن سره يې پڅي‬
‫ کړي دي‬They dealt with the enemy.
‫ پڅونه‬pətsavə́na f. dulling, blunting (of a knife, etc.)
‫ پڅه‬1 pə́tsa f. stitch
‫ پڅه‬2 pə́tsa feminine singular of ‫پڅ‬
‫ پڅه‬3 pətsə́ vice ‫ په څه‬ ‫څه‬
‫ پڅۍ‬patsə́j f.  ‫پيڅکۍ‬

Pashto-English Dictionary


pətsedə́l [past: ‫ ]پڅ شو‬1 to be dulled, be blunted, be obtunded
2 figurative to grow dull, sink into torpor

‫پخلا توب‬

pukhlātób m. [plural: ‫ پخلاکېده‬pukhlākedə́] m.
pukhlāvā́ laj m. reconciliation

‫ پڅېر‬pətsér vice ‫ په څېر‬1 like, resembling 2 similar
‫ پخ‬1 pəkh m. tetter, mange; scab
‫ پخ‬2 pəkh m. 1 sniffing (of a cat) 2 exclamation or cry by which a

‫ پخلاوی‬pakhlāvaj m. cook
‫ پخلن‬pakhlán m. cookery, culinary work
‫ پخلنځ‬pakhlándz m. kitchen
‫ پخلنگ‬pakhláng m. cooking, preparation of food
‫ پخلوځی‬pakhlózáj m. kitchen
‫ پخلی‬1 pakhláj m. 1 cooking, preparation of food ‫ د‬،‫د پخلي اسباب‬
‫ پخلي لوښي‬pakhlí cooking equipment ‫ د پخلي ځای‬pakhlí kitchen

child is frightened

‫ پخ‬3 pakh m. 1 trap, snare 2 fetters, manacles
‫ پخ‬4 pəkh m. loud guffaw; burst of laughter
‫ پخاټي‬pikhāṭi f. plural ‫ پخاړی‬pikhāṛaj m. wool clotted with dung
(at or near the tail of a sheep)

2 cookery 3 baking (bricks) 4 maturity; wisdom

‫ پخپله‬pəkhpə́la pəkhpúla 1 (my, thy, his, her, etc.) -self; personally
‫ زه به پخپله ورسم‬I will go to him myself. 2 willingly; voluntarily,

‫ پخلي‬2 pə́khli f. plural  ‫چخړه‬
‫ پخلې‬3 pukhə́le f.  ‫پوخلې‬
‫ پخلېځی‬pakhlédzáj m.  ‫پخلوځی‬
‫ پخن‬1 pəkhə́n 1 downy, having a nap

of one's own free will 3 by oneself, spontaneously

‫ پخت‬pukht m. Eastern  ‫ پښت‬2
‫ پختگي‬pukhtagí f. 1 ripening 2 figurative

‫ پختورگی‬pukhtavə́rgaj m. Eastern  ‫پښتورگی‬
‫ پخته‬1 pukhtá 1  ‫ پوخ‬2 basic, fundamental (of a structure,
construction) 3 training (of a falcon, a hawk)


to anger, enrage 3 to invoke envy, cause envy

‫ پخسوی‬1 pakhsə́vaj Western boiled, cooked
‫ پخسوي‬2 pākhsaví present tense of ‫پخسول‬
‫ پخسه‬pakhsá f. layer of a pisé (beaten clay) wall ‫ د پخسې دېوال‬pisé
wall ‫ پخسه وهل‬to lay, put in place, make a pisé wall
‫ پخسېدل‬pakhsedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]و پخسېده‬1 to grieve (for); be
sad; be melancholy; be distressed 2 to strive for something; try to
get something 3 to envy, covet

‫هغه راته پخسېږي‬

He envies me.

‫ دولت ته پخسېده‬He covets his (i.e., another's) wealth.
‫ پخسېدنه‬pakhsedə́na f. 1 grief, sadness, melancholy 2
something 3 envy



pukhlā́ reconciled

‫پخلا کول‬

a to reconcile b to come to an

agreement, settle (a question, etc.)

‫هغوی په ډېره خوارۍ سره پخلا شوي دي‬

great difficulty.

‫پخلا کېدل‬

‫د ده‬

striving after

‫ پخسيه‬pakhsijá adjective liquid, fluid
‫ پخشاک‬pakhshāk m.  ‫پخساک‬
‫ پخشو‬pakhshó quiet
‫ پخشوی‬pakhshə́vaj  ‫ پخسوی‬1
‫ پخکړئ‬pakhkə́ṛaj compound past participle of ‫ښه ډوډۍ يې پخول‬
‫ پخکړې وه‬He cooked a good meal.
‫ پخل‬pəkhə́l m. preparation of irrigated land which is under a rice
to be reconciled

They reconciled them with

2 rug or shawl with nap or


maturity; wisdom;

‫ پخته‬2 pakhtá f. cotton
‫ پخته کار‬pakhtakār m. cotton grower
‫ پخته کاري‬1 pakhtakārí f. cotton growing, cultivation of cotton
‫ پخته کاري‬2 pukhtakārí f. paving, tarring
‫ پخساک‬pakhsā́ k m. 1 grief; sorry; melancholy; chagrin 2 envy
‫ پخسول‬pakhsavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پخساوه‬1 to grieve; upset


‫ پخن‬2 pakhán m. mineral
‫ پخندی‬pəkhəndáj m.  ‫پخوندی‬
‫ پخوا‬pəkhvā́ 1 before ‫ پخوا له دې څخه‬before this, before this time
‫ پخوا تر دې‬before this ‫ له هر شي څخه پخوا‬،‫ پخوا تر هر څه‬first of all,
first and foremost ‫ د دوی تر راتلو پخوا‬before their arrival 2 earlier,
before; in former times, in the past ‫ پخوا پخوا‬a long time ago 3.1
previous, former ‫ په پخوا زمانو کښي‬in former, previous times ‫د‬
‫ له پخوا راهيسي‬،‫ پخوا ځني‬since former times, dating from former
times ‫ نسبت و پخوا ته‬in comparison with what used to be, in
comparison with the previous circumstance ‫ تر پخوا زيات‬more than
before ‫ لکه د پخوا په شان‬،‫ د پخوا په څېر‬،‫ د پخوا په ډول‬as before, as
previously 3.2 ancient ‫ د پخوا پخوا نه‬Eastern ‫له ډېره پخوا راهيسي‬
from ancient times 4  ‫ خوا‬ ‫په خوا‬
‫ پخواترپخوا‬pəkhvātərpəkhvā beforehand, in good time
‫ پخوالی‬pəkhvā́ laj m.  ‫ پخلی‬1
‫ پخوانی‬pəkhvā́ náj 1.1 old, ancient; very old ‫ پخواني شيان‬pakhvā́ ní
antiquities ‫ له پخوانيو زمانو څخه‬of old, from ancient times 1.2
previous, preceding, foregoing, early 1.3 former, ex- 2.1 person

living in ancient times 2.2 ‫ پخواني‬pakhvā́ ní plural ancestors
‫ پخوانی توب‬pəkhvā́ najtób m. antiquity
‫ پخوړ‬pəkhóṛ m. juice, extract
‫ پخوړول‬pəkhoṛavə́l m. [past: ‫ ]پخوړ يې کړ‬denominative, transitive


squeeze out, press out


pakhavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پوخ يې کړ‬1 to cook,
prepare (food) 2 to cause to become ripe; facilitate ripening 3 to
bake, fire (brick) 4 to pave, tar 5 figurative to cause to be, make
experienced, make mature; make wiser through experience idiom

‫ سترگه پخول‬to acquire a good eye
‫ پخولا‬pəkholā regional  ‫پخلا‬
‫ پخوله‬1 pəkhə́la f. whooping cough
‫ پخوله‬2 pəkhulá vice ‫ په خوله‬ ‫ خوله‬1
‫ پخولی‬pəkhvaláj m. ‫ پخون‬pakhún m.  ‫ پخلی‬1
‫ پخوندی‬pəkhvandáj m. 1 joint (of an animal's leg)


2 knot 3

Pashto-English Dictionary


pakhavúnkaj 1 present participle of

‫ډوډۍ پخوونکی‬


baker 2

m. cook; baker

‫ پخوونی‬pakhavúnaj m. cook; baker
‫ پخه‬1 pə́kha f. 1 wool undercoat (wool-bearing animals)


pər pur Western 1 preposition usually in compound with the

suffix ‫ ;باندي‬feminine nouns in ə (a, a) may not be subject to

inflexion; 1.1 on (to designate location on the surface of an


object, the direction of an action, and also places and expanses)

2 down,


‫ پخه‬2 pakhá feminine singular of ‫پوخ‬
‫ پخی‬1 pəkháj 1 mangy; suffering from mange (or similar skin

‫ پر مېز باندي‬،‫مېز‬

on the table

‫ پر چوکۍ باندي‬،‫پر چوکۍ‬

‫پر دکان کښېنستل‬

literal to sit in a shop figurative to trade 1.3 to

on the chair

1.2 in (to indicate the location where some action is taking place)

‫د برما لار پر چين‬

disease); scabby 2 person suffering from the itch or other skin

(to indicate direction toward)

disease characterized by scabs 3 lousy fellow

‫ پر نيمه شپه‬at
midnight ‫ د طوفان پر وخت‬during or in the midst of the storm ‫د خپل‬
‫ عمر پر دېرشم کال‬in his/her 30th year of life 1.5 in, into (to convey
the general sense of distribution) ‫ پر درو تقسيمول‬divide 3 into …
1.6 by (to indicate the route or means of travel) ‫ د بحر پر لاري‬by
sea ‫ پر لاري تئ‬He went by road (i.e., land travel) 1.7 on (to
indicate the direction of an action upon a specific object) ‫پر سر وهل‬



pə́khi f. plural dandruff, scruff
pakhedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پوخ شو‬1 to be
cooked, be prepared (of food) 2 to be fired, be baked (of brick) 3

to be prepared, be mixed (of cement) 4 to be paved, be tarred 5
to ripen, mature 6 figurative to become experienced, become
wise 7 to come into one's own (of seasons of the year); come on,
begin, fall (e.g., of night)

the road from Burma

to China 1.4 at, during, in etc. (in designating time)

‫ کلي ته ورسېدل‬،‫چه شپه پخه شوه‬

to beat on the head 1.8 over, above (to indicate the location of


arrived in the settlement when night had far advanced. 8

someone, something higher than something else, above it)

figurative to be tormented, suffer

‫سر باندي‬

‫ پخېده‬pakhedə́ m. plural  ‫ پخلی‬1
‫ پخير‬pəkhájr vice !‫ پخير اوسې‬،‫ په خير‬All the best!
‫ پخېل‬pəkhél m. 1 employment or use of a sudorific 2 sweating,
profuse sweating ‫ پخېل کول‬to induce sweating, evoke perspiration
‫ پخېل والی‬pəkhevā́ laj m. sweating, profuse perspiration
‫ پداسي‬pədāsi vice ‫ په داسي‬ ‫داسي‬
‫ پدري‬pidarí padarí paternal ‫ پدري زمکه‬hereditary land ‫پدري حصه‬

‫پوښتنه پر پوښتنه‬

... ‫ يوه داسي روځ به پر راشي چه‬the day will come for him (her, them)

when … 2.4 according to him, according to her, according to it
2.5 for him, for her, for them


padulí f. 1 fraud, deception 2 (unauthorized) disclosure of a

2 species of

popular (lit. the variegated-leafed poplar)

pər sound imitative of the flight (take-off) of birds (whirrr)


Parachi (language)

f. meeting; reception ‫ پذيرائي کول‬to meet

sail of a windmill 2 blade or flat board of a water
a to knock one's

ankle together while walking b to stretch, stretch out c to procede

‫پر ځني وهل‬


‫ وهل‬to take wing, fly up, take off
‫ پر‬pur combining form full, filled ‫ پرا ٓشوب‬filled with alarm, uneasy
‫ پرا‬prā separable initial prefix of the verb ‫ پرانيتل‬،‫ پرانستل‬in laconic
phrases ‫ پرا مي نه نسته‬Eastern I didn't open it
‫ پراته‬prātə́ masculine plural of ‫پروت‬
‫ پراتيک‬prātík m. practice
‫ پراټه‬parāṭá f. layered pastry
‫ پراچه‬parāchá m. [plural: ‫ پراچه گان‬plural: ‫ پراچگان‬parāchagā́ n] 1
cotton textiles trader; peddler 2  ‫ پراچي‬1
‫ پراچي‬parāchí 1 m. singular & plural Parachi (a nationality) 2 f.



For what reason? 1.11 at, with (to indicate a person

write something about him 2.3 for him, for her, for it, for them


‫پر وهل‬

‫ پر ناموس‬for the sake of honor ‫پر ښار جنگونه‬
‫ پر يوه مځکه دعوه‬competition for land ‫پر څه‬

associated with an action) ‫ پر ملا سبق ويل‬to study with a mullah ‫پر‬
‫ خياط کالي گنډل‬to work at a tailor's (shop) 1.12 used to designate
dates ۱۵‫ د جون پر‬June 15th 2.1 on him, on her, on it, on them
‫ هغه چوکۍ واخله او پر کښېنه‬Take this chair and sit on it. 2.2
concerning him, about her, concerning it, about them ‫څه پر وليکئ‬

too shy, wean from being too shy b to make more adroit

wheel 3 wing 4 fin (of a fish) idiom

question after question 1.10 for (to indicate the

the battle for the city

‫ پدننه‬pədənə́na ‫ پدننه کښي‬pədənə́nakḳhi inside, within  ‫دننه‬
‫ پدود‬pədód like, as, how
‫ پدول‬padúl m. 1 gossip, scandalmonger 2 deceiver, cheat
‫ پدوله‬padúla f. 1 gossip, scandalmonger (women) 2 deceiver, cheat

‫ پذيرائي‬pazirāí
‫ پر‬1 par m. 1

the aircraft circled over

reason, cause, or goal)

patrimony (inheritance)

‫ پدوی‬pədúj vice ‫ په دوی‬ ‫ دوی‬2
‫ پدې‬pədé vice ‫ په دې‬ ‫ دې‬2
‫ پديد‬padíd clear, evident, manifest
‫ پډنگ‬páḍíng m. pudding
‫ پډول‬pəḍául vice ‫ په ډول‬ ‫ ډول‬1
‫ پډه‬paḍá f. 1 species of willow (lit. the old willow)

‫الوتکه پر ښارگرزېده‬

the city 1.9 after (to indicate the sequence of events or objects)

‫ پدغه‬pədágha vice ‫ په دغه‬ ‫ دغه‬1
‫ پدل‬padl m. padə́l m. 1 influence ‫ پدل کول‬to influence something
2 fear, terror ‫ پدل ماتول‬idiom ‫ پدل ور ماتول‬a to break from being


over, above us

‫زمونږ پر‬

‫ پراخ‬prā́ kh pirā́ kh 1 wide, extensive, spacious 2 open (i.e., a brow)
‫ پراخ پزی‬prākhpázaj having a flattened nose
‫ پراختيا‬prākhtjā́ f. 1  ‫ پراخوالی‬2 military deployment, dispersal

to be afraid of someone, fear someone

Pashto-English Dictionary


prākhvā́ laj m. 1 extensiveness, spaciousness 2 territory,

area 3 broadening, increase 4 development
widen; increase; develop (i.e., trade)

‫پراخوالی ميندل‬



prākhavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پراخ يې کړ‬1 to
widen, increase 2 to develop (i.e., trade) idiom ‫ سينه پراخول‬a to
expand the chest b to accomplish a feat; perform a feat of valor

‫ پراخه‬prā́ kha pirākha feminine singular of ‫پراخ‬
‫ پراخه بانډ‬prākhábā́ nḍ m. broadband
‫ پراخي‬prākhí f. pirākhí  ‫ پراخوالی‬idiom ‫د سينې پراخي‬




prākhedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پراخ شو‬1 to be
widened; be increased 2 to be developed (i.e., trade)

‫ پرار‬1 pirār m.  ‫فرار‬
‫ پرار‬2 pərār m.  ‫ پرهار‬1
‫ پرارول‬pirāravə́l denominative, transitive  ‫فرارول‬
‫ پراره‬pirāra f.  ‫فرار‬
‫ پرارېدل‬pirāredə́l denominative, intransitive  ‫فرارېدل‬
‫ پراز‬pərāz vice ‫ په راز‬ ‫ راز‬1
‫ پرازيتولوژي‬parāzitolozhí f. parasitology
‫ پرازيتي‬parāzití parasitic
‫ پراژېکتور‬prāzhektór searchlight
‫ پراسراره‬purasrāra mysterious, full of mystery, enigmatic
‫ پرآشوب‬purāshúb uneasy, anxious; tense ‫ پرآشوب وخت‬uneasy time,
time of anxiety


parāshút m. parachute

‫د پراشوت فن‬

parachute jumping (as



parāshutí 1 adjective parachute

‫پراشوتي عسکر‬


units 2.1 m. parachutist 2.2 f. parachute jumping

‫ پراگ‬prāg m. Prague (city)
‫ پراگندگي‬parāgandagí f. diffusion, sparseness
‫ پراگنده‬parāgandá diffused, dispersed ‫ پراگنده کول‬to diffuse, disperse
‫ پراگوی‬parāgváj m.  ‫پاراگوی‬
‫ پرامن‬purámi ‫ پرامنه‬purámna calm, equable
‫ پرانتل‬prānətə́l transitive  ‫پرانيتل‬
‫ پرانتنه‬prānətə́na f. ‫ پرانست‬prānə́st m. opening (the act) ‫پرانتنه کول‬
to open

‫ پرانچه‬parāchá  ‫پراچه‬
‫ پرانستل‬pranəstə́l transitive  ‫پرانيتل‬
‫ پرانستئ‬prānístaj 1 open ‫په پرانستو سترگو‬

with open eyes 2 wide,


‫ پرانستې سرچينه‬prāniste sarchiná f. computer science open source
‫ پرانسې‬prānsé f. colloquial the French language
‫ پراني‬parāní second element in compounds ‫ سرنگ پراني‬exploding,

‫ پرانيت‬prānít past of ‫ پرانيت کېدل پرانيتل‬to be opened
‫ پرانيتل‬prānitə́l transitive [present: ‫ پرانيځي‬past: ‫]پرائې نيت‬

5 untwist, unreel 6 figurative to explain

2 to open (i.e., to found or establish, e.g., a school or other

establishment) 3 to untie, loosen (i.e., a knot) 4 to unfold, unroll

passive a to

be opened b to be opened (i.e., to found or establish, e.g., a school
or enterprise) c to be untied (e.g., a knot)

‫ډوډۍ پرنيتل‬

to make a

‫ پرانيځ‬prānidz present stem of ‫پرانيتل‬
‫ پرانيستل‬pranistə́l transitive  ‫پرانيتل‬
‫ پراوېز‬parāvéz m. regional eaves (of a roof)
‫ پراها‬prāhā f. Prague (city)
‫ پرائمري‬prājmari regional primary (of a school)
‫ پراينه‬purājə́na f.  ‫پوراينه‬
‫ پرباندي‬púrbāndi a compound of the preposition ‫ پر‬and the suffix or
postposition ‫ باندي‬ ‫ پر‬2
‫ پرپاڼو‬parpaṇú m. botany colocynth
‫ پرپر‬pə́rpə́r quickly, animatedly ‫ پرپر راتويېدل‬to flow, stream, roll (i.e.,
of tears); to flow in a stream or current

‫ پرپرکی‬pərpərakáj m. screw, propellor (i.e., of an aircraft)
‫ پرپی‬purpáj caught, captured
‫ پرت‬1 prat pərt 1 shallow, empty, useless 2 inappropriate, out of

place 3 distant, remote 4 maimed, disfigured 5 flabby, flaccid,


‫ پرت‬2 pərt connected, linked, attached
‫ پرتاب‬partā́ b m. range (of an arrow, bullet, etc.)
‫ پرتاگه‬partāgə́ oblique singular of ‫پرتوگ‬
‫ پرتاو‬partā́ v m. throwing, flinging, hurling ‫ پرتاو کول‬compound verb
to throw, fling, hurl ‫ پرتاو کېدل‬compound verb to fall, fall down,

‫ پرتگال‬partugā́ l m. Portugal
‫ پرتگالي‬partugālí partūgaláj 1 Portuguese 2 m. Portuguese (person)
‫ پرتل‬partál m. 1 equipment, outfit 2 gear of a horseman or nomad
(which is carried on a horse, camel, etc.)


partalá f. 1 equilibrium, equipoise, balance 2 weighing 3

figurative evaluation

‫پرتله کول‬

a to balance b to weigh c

figurative to consider, think over; evaluate

‫پرتله کېدل‬

a to be

balanced, be evened up b to be weighed c figurative to be
considered, be evaluated

‫ پرتم‬partám m. horror; terror; fear ‫ له پرتمه‬from terror, from fear ‫پر‬
‫ پرتم کښي‬in horror
‫ پرتوگ‬partúg m. wide, Middle-Eastern trousers idiom ،‫پرتوگ ايستل‬
‫ پرتوگ کښل‬to take off one's belt; to grow insolent
‫ پرتوگاښ‬pártugā́ ḳh pártugāsh belt, girdle (used to hold up wide
Middle-Eastern trousers) idiom ‫ پرتوگاښ په شلېدل‬to overtax one's
strength, overtax oneself

‫پرتوگ پوښ‬

partugóḳh partugóḳh wearing wide Middle-Eastern

pants, dressed in oriental fashion

1 to open

‫پرنيتل کېدل‬

‫ پرت‬1 1. 2 foolish, stupid,
nonsensical, confused ‫ پرته ويل‬،‫ پرته گډېدل‬to talk nonsense 2 f.
quarrel, discord ‫ ورسره يې پرته ده‬He is at odds with him/them.
‫ پرته‬2 práta preposition Eastern without; except, apart from, over
and above ‫ پرته لدې‬aside from this, apart from this


práta 1.1 feminine singular of

Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ پرته‬3 pratá feminine singular of ‫پروت‬
‫ پرته ورته‬práta-varta confused, chaotic
‫ پرتي‬práti f. plural 1 of ‫ پرت‬1 2 nonsense, gibberish ‫پرتي ويل‬


nature in craft, etc.)

talk nonsense, speak rubbish

wall (protection from weather) 2 hut with a straw or wooden roof

3 coating of clay mixed with straw


botany stamen


prəchavə́l causative [past: ‫ ]و يې پرچاوه‬to cause sneezing,
evoke sneezing

‫ پرچون‬parchún m. groceries
‫ پرچه‬parchá f. 1 issue (of a magazine, newspaper)


life; seclude life (of women) 9 secluded life 10 part, action,
activity, act (of a play) 11 picture 12 frame (of film) 13

2 excerpt,

‫ پرچی‬prəcháj m. sneezing
‫ پرچېدل‬prəchedə́l [past: ‫ ]و پرچېده‬to sneeze
‫ پرځای‬pərdzā́ j purdzāj 1 fitting, proper 2 appropriate 3 executed,
carried out 4 living somewhere ‫ پرځای کول‬a to execute, carry out
b to settle ‫ پرځای کېدل‬a to be executed, be carried out b to be


pərdzandānə́ (of a pregnant woman) near her time, in the last
month of pregnancy

to stand aside, make way

‫انشا پردازي‬

‫ پردل‬purdíl 1 bold, brave 2 m. proper name Purdil
‫ پردو‬1 pradó oblique plural of ‫پردی‬
‫ پردو‬2 pardó oblique plural of ‫ پرده‬1
‫ پرده‬1 pardá f. 1 curtain; bed curtain; jalousie, blinds 2 screen ‫د‬
‫ لوگي پرده‬smoke screen 3 covering, casing, membrane ‫نرۍ پرده‬
membrane ‫ د څنگ پرده‬anatomy pleura ‫ د زړه پرده‬anatomy
pericardium 4 layer ‫ يوه پرده خاوره‬stratum of earth 5 screen ‫د‬
‫ سينما پرده‬cinema screen 6 figurative cover (of night, etc.) 7
secret ‫ پرده څيرل‬،‫ پرده اخيستل‬to reveal a secret ‫ پرده پورته کول‬to
raise a curtain, expose ‫ تا نه څه پرده ده‬I have nothing to hide from
you. ‫ په پرده يې راته وويل‬He told me in secret. 8 seclusion, solitary
figurative camouflage


clipping (from a magazine, newspaper)

‫ پرځول‬pərdzavə́l transitive  ‫پرزول‬
‫ پرځېدل‬pərdzedə́l intransitive  ‫پرزېدل‬
‫ پرڅنگېدل‬pərtsxangedə́l denominative, intransitive

pardāzí f. second element of compounds

composing; writing letters

‫ پرچ‬1 prəch m. regional plate; dish; saucer
‫ پرچ‬2 prəch m. 1 sneezing 2 snorting (of an animals)
‫ پرچاو‬parchā́ v  ‫ پارچاو‬2
‫ پرچتی‬parchatáj m. 1 straw awning or eave on a beaten-clay (pise)
‫ پرچل‬1 parchál unsuitable, bad; below quality standard
‫ پرچل‬2 prəchə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پرچل‬to sneeze
‫ پرچم‬parchám m. 1 lock, curl, ringlet; forelock 2 banner, flag

pardā́ z m. execution; fulfillment; finishing (work of final

to hide, cover up

‫ پرده کول‬compound verb ‫ پرده پر‬،‫پرده پراچول‬
‫ پرده کېدل‬compound verb to be hidden, be

covered up

‫ پرده‬2 pərdə́  ‫ ده‬2
‫ پرده بندي‬parabandí f. seclusion, secluded life (of a female)
‫ پرده پوښ‬pardapóḳh 1 keeping a secret; concealing 2 m. custodian
of a secret, keeper of a secret

‫پرده پوښي‬

pardapoḳhí f. paradapoḳhi f. keeping a secret;


‫ پرده دار‬pardadā́ r secret, confidential
‫ پرده داره‬pardadā́ ra f. female leading a secluded way of life (for
cultural and traditional reasons)

[past: ‫]پرڅنگ شو‬

‫ پرحرارت‬purharātát passionate, ardent (of feelings)
‫ پرخ‬1 parkh m. injustice ‫ پرخ کول‬to act unjustly
‫ پرخ‬2 pərkh m. severe cold, hard frost
‫ پرخلاف‬pərkhilaf against, contrary to  ‫خلاف‬
‫ پرخم‬1 pərkhám m. brush or tuft of the tail (animal)
‫ پرخم‬2 parkhám m. 1  ‫ پرچم‬2 fan 3 fly swatter
‫ پرخوا‬purkhvā supporting someone, something; siding with someone
 ‫خوا‬
‫ پرخواوالی‬purkhvāvā́ laj m. help, assistance, support
‫ پرخول‬parkhavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پرخول‬to squirt water, spurt
water (with the mouth); to sprinkle; to moisten, wet

‫ پرخه‬pərkha f. 1 dew ‫ پرخه پرېوته‬dew has fallen 2 light shower
‫ پرخيز‬parkhíz unjust
‫ پرخيل‬pərkhíl m.  ‫پخېل‬
‫ پرداخت‬parkdākht m. 1 expense 2 payment 3 use of something ‫د‬
‫ قوت پرداخت‬application, employment (of force)
‫ پراختي‬pardākhtí adjective payment
‫ پردار‬pardā́ r 1 winged 2 having blades, fans, paddles, etc.

‫پرده داري‬

pardadā́ rí f. 1 trust, confidence 2 concealment,



‫پردۍ ژبه‬
‫ پردۍ دهقاني کول‬to plow and sow for another; work
as a farm laborer ‫ پردی کټ تر نيمو شپو دئ‬proverb One can use
another's bed … till midnight 1.2 foreign ‫ پردۍ ژبه‬foreign
tongue ‫ پردي شيان‬pradí foreign goods ‫ په پردي ملک کښي‬pradí
abroad ‫ پردی کول‬to alienate ‫ پردی کېدل‬to become alienated 2 m.
.1 foreigner; alien; stranger ‫ له پردو له لاسه خلاصول‬to deliver from
the foreign yoke ‫ د پردو تسلط‬foreign domination 2.2 great-greatpradáj prədaj 1.1 foreign, strange, alien, another's

foreign body


‫ پردی توب‬prədajtób m. alienation; estrangement
‫ پردېس‬pardés m. 1 wanderer 2 traveller 3 visitor
‫ پردېسنه‬pardesə́na f. ‫ پردېسي‬pardesí f. 1 wandering; journeying;
journey 2 vagrancy

‫ پردېسي توب‬pardesitób m. the wandering life
‫ پردېسېدل‬pardesedə́l denominative, intransitive

[past: ‫ ]پردېس شو‬1 to

wander; roam; travel 2 to be a tramp; be on the road

‫ پرړ‬priṛ  ‫پريړ‬
‫ پرړوالی‬priṛvā́ laj

m. 


Pashto-English Dictionary


purzahmát hard, difficult; troublesome

‫پرزحمته ازموينه‬

‫ پرشکال‬parshakā́ l m. rainy season, monsoon season
‫ پرشور‬1 purshór 1 animated, lively (e.g., a city) 2 energetic (of an


difficult experience

‫ پرزو‬1 pirzó  ‫پېرزو‬
‫ پرزو‬2 purzó oblique plural of ‫پرزه‬
‫ پرزول‬pərzavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پرزاوه‬1 to throw down on the
ground; to overcome (in wrestling) ‫ زه يې وپرزولم‬He threw me. He
wrestled me down. 2 m. plural wrestling ‫ پرزول کول‬sports to




‫پرزه فروشي‬


‫ پرښه‬pə́rḳha f. pə́rḳha f. mushroom, Russula foetens idiom ‫پرښه‬
‫ کېدل‬to harden, become hard idiom ‫ وچه پرښه کېدل‬to stint, grudge,
skimp idiom ‫ کومه پرښه په تا ولگېده؟‬What has gotten into you?

‫ پرزو‬1
[plural: ‫ پرزې‬purzé plural: ‫ پرزه جات‬purzadzhā́ t]
part; component ‫ د موټر پرزې‬parts for a car
f. feminine singular of

What has happened to you?


purzafurushí f. sale of components, parts, etc. (e.g., of

consciousness, lose one's senses, fall in a swoon 3 rage, fury


pursā́ n 1 asking, inquiring about 2 m. inquiry, request,


parást 1 worshiping something; bowing, making obeisance to

onself about someone 3 the second elemental of compounds

‫ پرست‬fire-worshiper
‫ پرستار‬parastā́ r m. 1 person who is taking care of or showing

‫ا ٓتش‬


‫ پرکال‬1 parkā́ l m. compasses, dividers
‫ پرکال‬2 parkā́ l regional weak, sickly, puny
‫ پرکالتيا‬parkāltjā́ f. ‫ پرکالوالی‬parkālvā́ laj m. weakening, debilitation
‫ پرکالول‬parkālavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پرکال يې کړ‬to

training courses for hospital attendants

parastísh m. worship, veneration; cult

‫د چا پرستش کول‬

to bow

‫د يوشي‬
‫ پرستش کول‬to worship something
‫ پرستي‬parastí combining form worship of something ‫بت پرستي‬
down before someone, venerate someone; honor someone

weaken, debilitate


parkaledə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پرکال شو‬to
grow weak, become sickly


‫ خپل پرستيژ تسليمول‬to lose
‫ خپل پرستيژ ته صدمه رسول‬to

prestízh m. prestige, authority

prestige, lose face, lose authority

undermine one's authority, cause the loss of or damage to one's
authority or prestige

‫ پرسد‬pursə́d 1 state of being conscious, aware 2 intelligent
‫ پرسوزه‬pursóza full of emotion, heartfelt
‫ پرسونال‬personā́ l m. ‫ پرسونل‬personál m. personél m. staff,
personnel ‫ فني پرسونال‬experts, technical and engineering workers
‫ پرش‬parísh m. 1 beating, throb, palpitation ‫ د زړه پرش‬heartbeat ‫پرش‬
‫ کول‬to beat, throb, palpitate 2 flight, flying
‫ پرشا‬pərshā́ adverb back, backwards ‫ پرشا بېول‬a to drive off b to
lead back, take back ‫ پرشا تلل‬to step back, retreat ‫ پرشا ځغلول‬to
beat back (the enemy)

‫په رشتيا‬


purkārí f. 1 stuffing (of a stuffed animal) 2 technology filling

in with rubble

‫ پرستاره‬parastā́ ra f. nurse; female hospital attendant; child's nurse
‫ پرستاري‬parastāri 1 care of the sick 2 hospital work ‫د پرستارۍ مکتب‬

pərishtjā́ vice

a to lose consciousness, be deprived of one's senses, fall in a

well put-together

concern about another 2 hospital attendant, hospital orderly



‫ پرغزتيا‬parghaztjā́ f. irritability, edginess
‫ پرغزي‬pargazí 1 nervous, irritable, edgy 2 convulsive, spasmodic
‫ پرقيمت‬purḳimát valuable ‫ پرقيمت ارشادات‬valuable instructions
‫ پرکار‬1 parkā́ r  ‫ پرکال‬1
‫ پرکار‬2 purkā́ r 1 full, filled, crowded; stuffed (with) 2 well-made,

perspektíf m. perspective (in architecture, drawing,

something 2 paying court to someone taking care of, troubling



swoon b to get into a rage, fly into a fury




‫ پرغرور‬purghurúr ambitious; arrogant
‫ پرغز‬pargház m. 1 arrow with an iron tip (for children's games)
fainting fit, swoon ‫ پرغز کېدل‬compound verb to lose



pərzíd pərzídd Western against, opposed to someone or

something 

‫ پرزېدل‬pərzedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وپرزېده‬to fall, topple
‫ پرس‬pres m. pressing, compressing ‫ د پرس دستگاه‬a press (machine)
‫ پرس کول‬compound verb to press ‫ پرس کېدل‬compound verb to be


piriḳhtá f. piriḳhtá f. 1 angel 2 proper name Pirishta,


machines, cars)


parshór m. Parshor (the ancient name of the city of



‫ پرزوه‬pirzavá
‫ پرزه‬purzá f.


‫ پرکټی‬1 pərkaṭáj m. stepson
‫ پرکټۍ‬2 pərkaṭə́j f. stepdaughter
‫ پرکښ‬purkaḳh purkaḳh pulling the bowstring to its limit
‫ پرکن‬parkán ‫ پرکنډ‬parkánḍ m. landmark
‫ پرکي‬1 parəkí f. bread baked on a stone
‫ پرکی‬2 purkáj m. taking wing (birds)
‫ پرگار‬pargā́ r m.  ‫ پرکال‬1
‫ پرگټی‬pərgaṭáj m.  ‫ پرکټی‬1
‫ پرگټۍ‬pərgaṭə́j f.  ‫ پرکټۍ‬2
‫ پرگنه‬parganá f. Pargana (general term for district or state in India)
‫ پرگويي‬purguí f. gossip, idle talk ‫ زياته پرگويي مي وکړه‬I began to
chatter idly.

‫ پرگه‬pargá f. tribe, nationality
‫ پرگی‬pərgáj pirgáj m. acorn
‫ پرل‬pərə́l transitive  ‫ پېرل‬2


Pashto-English Dictionary


pə́rla Western 1 placed alongside, located alongside; adjoining
2.1 around, round ‫ سر مي پرله گرزي‬my head is going around ‫بيبو‬

‫پرله وڅرخېده‬

Bibo has begun to whirl about from joy. 2.2

continuously, all the time 2.3 entirely, completely ‫طبيعت يې پرله‬
‫ واوښت‬His character has completely changed.
‫ پرله باندي‬pə́rlabāndi 1 folded 2 placed one upon the other
‫ پرله پسې‬pərlapacé Western 1.1 successive, consecutive 1.2
continuous, uninterrupted, unbroken 2.1 successively,
consecutively 2.2 continuously, uninterruptedly, unbrokenly
idiom ‫ پرله پسې لمبر‬latest issue, current issue (of a newspaper)
‫ پرله پسېوالی‬pərlapasevā́ laj m. Western 1 sequence, succession 2

‫پرله پوري‬

pə́rlapuri 1 connected; attached (to) 2 sequential 3 fit
(for), suitable 4 well-built; beautiful ‫ زينبه پرله پوري وه‬Zejnab was


‫پرله پوري والی‬

pərlapurivā́ laj m. Western 1 joining; contiguity 2

‫ پرناوه‬parnāvá f.  ‫پرناله‬
‫ پرنج‬prandzh m. sneezing
‫ پرنجل‬prəndzhə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پرنجل‬to sneeze
‫ پرنجول‬prəndzhavə́l causative [past: ‫ ]و يې پرنجاوه‬to cause sneezing
‫ پرنجونکی‬prəndzhavúnkaj sternutatory ‫ پرنجونکی غاز‬sternutatory
(sneezing) gas

‫ پرنجی‬prəndzháj m. sneezing
‫ پرنجېدل‬prəndzhedə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وپرنجېده‬to sneeze
‫ پرنجېدنه‬prəhdzhedə́na f. sneezing
‫ پرنځل‬prəndzə́l transitive  ‫پرنجل‬
‫ پرنځی‬prəndzáj m.  ‫پرنجی‬
‫ پرنځېدل‬prəndzedə́l intransitive  ‫پرنجېدل‬
‫ پرنده‬parandá m. [plural: ‫ پرندگان‬plural: ‫ پرنده گان‬parandagā́ n] bird
‫ پرنړ‬prəṇ regional  ‫پرڼ‬
‫ پرنس‬prins m. prince
‫ پرنسپل‬príncipál m. regional principal (chief officer, dean of a

sequence 3 fitness, suitability 4 beauty, comeliness


‫ پرله وهلئ‬pə́rla vahə́ləj Western portly, fat
‫ پرلیکه‬pərlika ‫ په کرښه‬pəkarḳha computer science online
‫ پرم‬prəm  ‫پرڼ‬
‫ پرمان‬parmā́ n m.  ‫فرمان‬
‫ پرمايل‬parmā́ jə́l transitive  ‫فرمايل‬
‫ پرمخ‬pərmə́kh purmə́kh Western 1 before someone, in front of
someone, ahead of someone 2.1 forward, ahead ‫ پرمخ بېول‬to
successfully develop, execute something ‫ پرمخ درومېدل‬dialect a


go ahead, move forward, advance b to develop, make progress

‫ پرمخ منع کول‬to forbid absolutely,
 ‫ پرشا گوره! پرمخ درومېدل‬،‫پرمخ ځه‬

2.2 completely, entirely, fully

ban categorically

‫پرمخ تلل‬


saying Go and have a look around! b to disappear, be missing,
get lost ‫ زما کتاب پرمخ ولاړ‬My book is missing.
‫ پرمختگ‬،‫ پرمخ تگ‬pərməkhtág m. purməkhág 1 movement forward,
attack !‫ پرمختگ وکئ‬military Forward! (as a command) 2
development, progress

‫ پرمخ تللئ‬،‫ پرمختللئ‬pərmə́kh tlə́laj

developed, advanced (e.g., of a


‫پرمخ تله‬

pərməkhtlə́ m. plural ‫ پرمختوب‬pərməkhtób m.
pərməkhtjā́ f. ‫ پرمخ يون‬pərməkhjún m.  ‫پرمخ تگ‬


‫ پرمنگان‬permangā́ n m. potassium permanganate
‫ پرمهره‬parmuhrá f. hunting divination (used by those hunting
wildfowl) ‫ پرمهره غورځول‬،‫ پرمهره اچول‬to cast spells, predict through
paranormal means or charms

‫ پرنا‬1

parmeṛá f. mushroom
parnā́ f. drowsiness; lassitude

‫پرنا وړل‬

to nod (in sleepiness);

cause sleepiness

‫ پرنا‬2 paranā́ f. ‫ د پرنا درياب‬the Parana River
‫ پرناله‬parnālá f. gutter, drainpipe
‫ پرناوړی‬parnāvə́ṛaj 1 sleepy, drowsy ‫پرناوړي سترگي‬
eyes 2 sluggish, flaccid 3 pensive

parnāvə́ṛi sleepy

‫ پرنسيپ‬prinsíp m. principle ‫ د پرنسيپ له مخي‬out of principle
‫ پرنفوس‬purnufús populous
‫ پرنگی‬pərangáj m. 1 Englishman 2 European
‫ پرڼ‬prəṇ 1 turning sour; curdling 2 coagulating, clotting (of blood)
‫ پرڼي‬prəṇi f. sweet thin gruel, kissel (a kind of blanc mange)
‫ پرو‬1 parú paró m. hot wind, simoom
‫ پرو‬2 paró oblique plural of ‫ پر‬1
‫ پرو‬3 paró oblique plural of ‫ پره‬2
‫ پرو‬4 purú useless, empty, void
‫ پروا‬parvā́ f. 1 attention; concern ‫ د چا په څه پروا کول‬،‫ د چا پروا کول‬to
pay attention to someone or something ‫ پروا يې په دې ونه کړه‬He
paid no attention to this. 2 agitation, anxiety ‫پروا نه کوي! دا پروا نه‬
!‫ لري‬It doesn't matter! !‫ پروا مه کوه‬Don't worry!
‫ پرواز‬parvā́ z m. 1 flight, flying ‫ د پرواز ا ٓله‬flying machine, aircraft 2
figurative (upward) flight, ascent


parvā́ n m. Parvan, Parwan (a city, former name of Jebel-us-


‫د پروان ولايت‬

Parvan Province, Parwan Province

‫ پروانه‬1

parvā́ ná f. 1 nocturnal butterfly, nocturnal moth (usually in


parvā́ ná f. history 1 instruction, directions; writ; patent 2

parvā́ nagí f. commission, errand; instruction, directions

poetry) 2 propellor, screw (e.g., aircraft)

pass, safe-conduct document; passport

‫ پرواه‬parvā́ f. obsolete  ‫پروا‬
‫ پروپاگاند‬propāgā́ nd m. ‫ پروپاگند‬propāgánd m. propaganda ‫پروپاگاند‬
‫ پروپاگاند کول‬،‫ چلول‬to conduct propaganda; propagandize
‫ پروپاگندچي‬propāgandchí m. propagandist, propaganda specialist
‫ پروپاگندي‬propāgandí propagandistic
‫ پروپاگنډ‬propāgánḍ m.  ‫پروپاگند‬
‫ پروپاگنډچي‬propāganḍchí m.  ‫پروپاگندچي‬
‫ پروپاگنډي‬propāganḍí  ‫پروپاگندي‬
‫ پروپاگېنډه‬propāgénḍa f. regional propaganda
‫ پروپېلر‬propéller m. propellor, screw (e.g., of an aircraft)

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pratá f. 1 m. [plural: ‫ پراته‬pratə́ f. plural: ‫پرتې‬
praté] .1 lying ‫ کتاب پر مېز باندي پروت دئ‬The book is lying on the
prot m.


table. ‫ زه درې ورځي ناجوړه پروت وم‬I was sick in bed for three days.

1.2 living, being somewhere

‫اتمان خېل د تيراه په خواوشا کښي پراته وه‬

The Utmankhejli live in the Tirakh district. 1.3 standing (of
furniture) 1.4 consisting of something; inherent in, characteristic
of something or someone 2 m. military prone position

‫د پروت‬

‫ وضعيت‬the prone position !‫ پروت‬Prone position! (command)
‫ پروتست‬protést m. protest ‫ وچاته پروتست وړاندي کول‬to make a protest
to someone; protest to someone

‫ پروتستان‬protestā́ n m. Protestant
‫ پروتسټ‬protést m.  ‫پروتست‬
‫ پروتوپلاسم‬protoplāsm m. protoplasm
‫ پروتوکول‬protokól m. 1 minutes, record of proceedings, report


adverb lying down, in lying or prone position

Afghan round dance

‫ پروتون‬protón m. proton
‫ پروتې‬1 peróte f.  ‫پېروتی‬
‫ پروتئ‬2 prótaj  ‫پروت‬
‫ پروټ‬parváṭ m. 1 strong man; husky fellow 2 hero
‫ پروټ توب‬parvaṭtób m. ‫ پروټ والی‬parvaṭvā́ laj m. strength, might
‫ پروجکتور‬prodshektór m. ‫ پروجکټور‬prodzhikṭór m. searchlight
‫ پرور‬parvár m. second element of compounds ‫ روح پرور‬for the soul,

‫ پروردگار‬parvardigā́ r m. God, the All-High
‫ پرورش‬parvarísh m. ‫ پرورښ‬parvaríḳh m. parvaríḳhh


nourishment, feeding, fattening up 2 breeding, cultivation, raising

‫ د پنبې پرورش‬cotton farming ‫ د حيواناتو پرورش‬animal breeding ‫د‬
‫ ورېښمو د چنجيانو پرورش‬silkworm breeding, sericulture 3 tending,
care, charge, fostering ‫ پرورش اخيستل‬a to breed, multiply; be
cultivated b to be cherished, be fostered 4 training (e.g., of


‫ پروسيک‬prusík ‫ پروسيک حامض‬prussic acid, hydrocyanic acid
‫ پروشيا‬prushijā́ f. Prussia
‫ پروښول‬proḳhavə́l proḳhavə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پروښاوه‬to twist,
twirl, revolve, rotate

‫ پروغرام‬proghrā́ m m.  ‫پروگرام‬
‫ پروف‬pruf m. printing galley proof
‫ پروفېسر‬profésór m. professor
‫ پروفېسري‬profesorí f. 1 teaching in an institution of higher learning


paravə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پراوه‬1 
run, drive, urge on 3 to steal

‫پرول دودی‬


‫پارول پخول‬

2 to make

proldódaj m. 1 mediation, the action of performing as a

commercial broker or middleman; commission (commercial) 2
adjective commission


prolə́l transitive [present: ‫ پرولي‬past: ‫ ]و يې پروله‬to sell,


‫ پرولنه‬prolə́na f. sale, marketing
‫ پرولوگ‬prológ m. prologue
‫ پرولېتار‬proletā́ r m. proletarian
‫ پرولېتاري‬proletāri proletarian
‫ پرولېټر‬proleṭár m.  ‫پرولېتار‬
‫ پرولېټريټ‬proleṭariját m. proletariat
‫ پرون‬parún yesterday ‫ پرون شپه‬a last night b yesterday night ‫پرون‬
‫ د پرون ورځ‬،‫ ورځ‬a the day just past b yesterday ‫پرون سهار‬
yesterday morning ‫ نن پرون‬lately; in our time ‫ بل پرون‬the day
before yesterday ‫ تر پرونه پوري‬until yesterday
‫ پرونی‬parunáj 1 adjective yesterday, yesterday's ‫ پرونۍ شپه‬the night
before last 2 preceding, past; former



parvarə́l transitive [past: ‫ ]و يې پرواره‬1 to feed, nourish 2 to
breed; cultivate 3 to rear, educate, foster

‫ پروول‬provúl transitive Eastern  ‫پرولل‬
‫ پروونه‬provúna f. Eastern  ‫پرولنه‬
‫ پروېځی‬parvédzaj m. sieve ‫پروېځی خپل سل سوري نه ويني او د کوزې دوه‬
‫ سوري ويني‬saying literal The sieve does not see its hundred holes,

proṛ m. [plural: ‫ پروړونه‬proṛuna plural: ‫ پرړونه‬praṛúna]

‫اوبه تر پروړ لاندي بېول‬

saying literal to conduct

water under straw figurative to be very shrewd


a last year b (sometime during) last

intention, purpose

‫په پروته‬
‫ د پروتي اتڼ‬kind of

próta f. act of lying down, being in a prone position

Western straw

‫پروسه کال‬

‫ پروفېسور‬profesór m.  ‫پروفېسر‬
‫ پروفيل‬profíl m. profile, side view
‫ پروکسايډ‬peroksājd m. peroxide, hydrogen peroxide
‫ پروگرام‬progrā́ m m. 1 program; plan; rough draft 2 order, routine



parósa Eastern

2 professorship; the rank of professor

agreement, understanding 3 protocol unit; ceremonial usage,



but sees the two openings of a water pitcher. figurative To see a
mote in the eye of another, and not to see a beam in one's eye

proṛvālā́ m. singular & plural person trading in straw;

‫ پرويز‬parvíz m. proper name Parviz
‫ پروېزی‬parvézaj m.  ‫پروېځی‬
‫ پروين‬parvín 1 m. plural astronomy

fodder merchant

‫ پروړه‬próṛa f. coarse rice straw
‫ پروژه‬prozhá f. project, scheme, design
‫ پروژېکتور‬prozhektór m. searchlight
‫ پروسږ‬parosə́g ̣ 1 m. last year 2 in the year past, during last year
‫ پروسږن‬parosəgə̣ ́ n ‫ پروسږنی‬parosəganáj
‫ پروسکلنی‬paroskalanáj
‫ پروسگنی‬parosəganáj Eastern last year's ‫ پروسږن کال‬a last year

the Pleiades (star cluster) 2

proper name Parvin



pará f. 1 blade, paddle (of a water wheel, etc.) 2 edge, rim 3

‫ په پره تلل‬to walk in columns, march, walk
or move in extended rank order ‫ په پره درېدل‬to be placed standing
in a row 4 grouping, group; company ‫ پره جنبه‬clique-formation,

row, line; column; rank

in the year just past


Pashto-English Dictionary

‫ پره تړل‬،‫ پره کول‬a to place in a row b to group c to
create a grouping ‫ په … پسي ځان پره کول‬to join, adjoin someone or
something ‫ پره پره‬a in groups b in rows c on end, upended ‫پره پره‬
‫ کول‬to place in a row; spread out in a chain 5 peak (of a




pará f. search; raid, roundup

‫ پره کول‬،‫په… پسي پره کول‬

to seek

for, make a search; organize a raid





purhā́ r parhā́ r m. 1 wound


‫ډېر پرهارونه خوړل‬

‫گزک شوئ پرهار‬

ulcer 2 blow,

a to be wounded b to be beaten severely

purəhā́ r m. noise made by the flapping of a bird's wings at


‫ پرهاربد‬purhārbád m. monetary recompense for a wound
‫ پرهارپاڼه‬purhārpāṇa f. plantain; plantain leaf
‫ پرهارجن‬purhārdzhə́n ‫ پرهارزه‬purhārzə́ ‫ پرهارژلی‬purhārzhə́laj ‫پرهارژن‬
purharzhə́n wounded; injured ‫ پرهارجن کول‬to wound; injure
‫ پرهارجن کېدل‬to be wounded; be injured
‫ پرهاری‬1 purhāráj m. surgeon
‫ پرهاري‬2 purhārí  ‫پرهارجن‬
‫ پره بندي‬parabandí f. 1 grouping 2 squabbles; spats
‫ پره دار‬1 paradā́ r furnished with blades, equipped with paddles
‫ پره دار‬2 paradā́ r m. supporter, participant, member of a group
‫ پرهر‬parhár m.  ‫ پرهار‬1
‫ پرهرپاڼه‬purharpāṇa f.  ‫پرهارپاڼه‬
‫ پرهوسږ‬pərhosə́g ̣ m.  ‫پروسږ‬
‫ پرهوسږنی‬pərhosəganáj
 ‫پروسږنی‬
‫ پره ول‬paravúl transitive Eastern  ‫پارول‬
‫ پره هی‬parəháj m. auger (for drilling stone)
‫ پرهېز‬parhéz m. 1 abstinence, moderation; restraint 2 diet 3 fast
(from foods forbidden to be consumed during a fast) ‫ پرهېز کول‬a to
abstain from something b to observe a diet c to observe a fast

‫ پرهېز ماتول‬a to violate a diet b to break a fast
‫ پرهېزدانه‬parhezhāná f. diet
‫ پرهېزکار‬parhezkā́ r 1 abstinent, moderate 2 devout, pious
‫ پرهېزکاري‬parhezkārí f. 1 abstinence 2 observation of a diet

‫ پريادي‬parjādí m.  ‫فريادي‬
‫ پريال‬parjā́ l m. 1 enclosed place where nomads live 2 curtain; blind
‫ پريان‬parijā́ n m.  ‫پېريان‬
‫ پرې ايستل‬preistə́l transitive  ‫پرېيستل‬
‫ پرې ايښکه‬preiḳhə́ka preiḳhə́ka divorced woman, divorcee
‫ پرېباس‬prébās present stem of ‫پرېيستل‬
‫ پرېبدل‬prebdə́l transitive  ‫پرېبل‬
‫ پرېبل‬prebə́l transitive [present: ‫ پرېبي‬past: ‫ ]و يې پرېبه‬beat, strike
‫ پرېتوريا‬pretorijā́ f. Pretoria (city)
‫ پرېټ‬1 pareṭ m. Eastern 1 parade ‫ د پرېټ ځای‬assembly area (for a
military operation) ‫ پرېټ کول‬to organize a parade 2 roll-call
‫ پرېټ‬2 paréṭ m. 1 kind of haircut 2 pleat (in clothing)
‫ پرېچ‬prech m. saucer
‫ پرېدل‬1 predə́l transitive Eastern  ‫پرېښودل‬
‫ پرېدل‬2 paradə́l intransitive [past: ‫ ]وپرېد‬to run, retreat, chicken out
‫ پرېده‬préda Eastern vice ‫پرېږده‬
‫ پرېډ‬paréḍ m. 1 ‫پرېټ‬
‫ پريړ‬priṛ preṛ thick, fat ‫ پريړ کول‬to consolidate, thicken ‫ پريړ کېدل‬to
condense, thicken, become thicker





crop failure

‫ پريسه‬prisá f. idle woman; woman who loafs
‫ پرېش‬parésh ‫ پرېشان‬pareshā́ n preshā́ n 1 upset, distressed

pre Eastern a combination of the preposition ‫ پر‬and the

‫ پرېشانول‬،‫پرېش کېدل‬

with his, her, their help; thanks to him, her, them, this; because of


He pitied him (her, them).

parə́j f. shovel (for digging irrigation canals)
parí f. fairy, peri (mythical being in Persian folklore having

female form, but formed of fire and descended from the fallen



pre a separable verbal prefix, accented in the perfective



to leave


to fall

‫پرېش کول‬

a to be upset over, grieve b to be worried,

be agitated c to become absent-minded, become incoherent

‫له خوا پرېش کېدل‬

‫د کور‬

to worry about home 4 sorrowful (of thoughts,

meditation) 5 tossed about, disordered (of hair)


on him, on her, on them 2 concerning, about him, her,


agitated, alarmed; worried 3 absent-minded, incorherent


them; in relation to him, her, them 3 for him, for her, for them 4


‫ ]پريړ يې‬to

‫ پرېز‬pəréz paréz m.  ‫پرهېز‬
‫ پرېزانه‬parezāná f. diet
‫ پرېږد‬pregḍ present stem of ‫پرېښودل‬
‫ پرېږدل‬pregdə
̣ ́ l transitive  ‫پرېښودل‬
‫ پرېږه‬pregạ́ starving, suffering from hunger, having or suffering from

pre 1 cut off; cut; chopped off 2 clipped, trimmed 3 broken

‫زړه يې پرې وسو‬

priṛvā́ laj m. fatness,

priṛedə́l denominative, intransitive [past: ‫ ]پريړ شو‬to
condense, thicken, become thicker

‫پرېشان حال‬




pronoun ‫ يې‬،‫ ئې‬1 on him, onto her, on them; on top of something


priṛtjā́ f.

priṛavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫کړ‬
consolidate, thicken

off, torn off

‫پرې دپاسه‬



observation or keeping of a fast


priṛtób m.

thickness, compactness

pareshānhā́ l 1 disturbed, grieved; alarmed 2

embarrassed, confused
preshānavə́l denominative, transitive [past: ‫ ]پرېشان يې کړ‬1
to upset, grieve 2 to disturb, agitate 3 to scatter, spread