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Date: 10/21/2015

Subject: Weather (Science)

Grade: 6

3.) Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information
A.) Plan strategies to guide inquiry
B.) Locate, analyze, organize, evaluate, synthesis, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media
C.) Evaluate and Select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks
D.) Process data and report results
Objective: Students will be able to understand that weather changes everyday in different regions. They will also
learn the appropriate vocabulary when talking about weather.
Timeline/structure of lesson:
Opening/Framing the Lesson/Introduction/Early Assessment
Early Assessment: Students have been observing with
weather and documenting them in a notebook in their
science journal. Students are struggling with
understanding why weather prediction and documentation
is important. By the end of this lesson students will be able
to understand that weather changes everyday in different
regions. They will also know the appropriate vocabulary
when talking about weather.
Framing the lesson: Provide and explain the materials to
the students. The materials that will be used will be: The
Weather Channel, Microsoft Excel, and the classroom
website. Model to the students how to search their city and
how to tell what the weather of the day will be. Students
will need to gather the high/low temperatures for the day,
precipitation, wind, and cloud coverage.

The Lesson Structure: Activities

1.) Students will be randomly assigned into groups of
2.) Explain that these groups are different weather
stations. Each Station belongs to a different city in
the United States. Each city will be in a different
region of the United States. There will be six groups.
Group 1 will be Seattle, WA, Group 2 will be New
York City, NY, Group 3 will be Miami, FL, Group 4 will
be Kansas City, MS, Group 5 will be Houston, TX,
and Group 6 will be San Diego, CA.
3.) Explain to the students that they have to observe
the weather in their city for a whole week. They
need to document the high/low temperature,
precipitation, wind direction and speed, and the
cloud coverage. They will be using
TheWeatherChannel for this part of the lesson
and documenting them in Microsoft Excel. *Model
how to find the weather and important elements in
TheWeatherChannel. Do a sample day with the
students in Excel.
4.) Next, students will gather this information for a
whole week during class, once they have all of their
information they will come up with an idea of how
to put this into their Weather Forecast for the


week in their city. Show students a sample video of

a previous classes weather update. Explain that on
the last day of the project, they will be recording
their weather forecast and they need to each have
a part in the video. Two or three maybe
broadcasters and one may be the weather
man/woman, etc. Students must use proper
vocabulary during their video. Videos may be funny,
serious, or anything that they want as long as it is
appropriate and within the lesson.
5.) Students will then record their Weather Forecast
and print out their excel data.

Closing: Students will submit their Weather Forecasts to the
classroom website and the teacher will then show each video
during class.
Assessment: While watching the video make sure each group
member had a part in the video and in the documentation of the

Self Evaluation of the Lesson

On the last day students will be given a Peer Review sheet to assess the work of themselves and their

Microsoft Excel
IPad for videoing