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Enrage=make violently angry.
Example: She was Enraged at his stupidity.
Fume=feel or express great anger.
Example: She sat in the car, silently Fuming at the traffic jam.

Glower=have an angry and sullen look on face.

Example: The entire ninth grade turned to Glower at us.
Incense=make or get angry.
Example: Incensed, Mr. John demanded on national television that Ms. Rihana be given a
30year prison sentence.
Infuriate=make someone angry.
Example: Her silence Infuriated him even more.
Irate=very angry.
Example: The employee wrote an Irate letter to the editor.
Example: If you routinely steal your neighbors newspaper, dont be surprised to be on the
receiving end of his Ire.
Example: Dad will be Livid when he finds this out.
Rabid=very angry.
Example: The fans became Rabid when their team lost the match.
Seethe=very angry.
Example: He marched off, seething with frustration.
Smolder=feel angry.
Example: He was Smoldering with rage when he learned that his orders were not followed.
Wrath=great anger.
Example: Some reporters hardly draw the Wrath of critical bloggers.
2. Avoid /doge
Avert=turn away or prevent.
Example: He did his best to Avert suspicion.
Example: They found a way of Circumventing the law.
Deflect=divert the course of something.
Example: All attempts to Deflect attention from his private life have failed.
Elude=to escape or avoid in a cunning manner.
Example: The two men managed to Elude the police for six weeks.
Evade=when you evade something, you escape it.
Example: For two weeks, they Evaded the press.
Parry=avoid a question or blow.
Example: He parried the question asked by the journalist.
Shirk=avoid duty or responsibility.

Example: Discipline in the company was strict and no one Shirked his/her duties.
Shunt=move to a less important place or position.
Example: John was Shunted sideways to a job in sales.
Skirt=avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues).
Example: She Skirted the problem.
Swerve=changing directions suddenly, possibly to avoid a collision.
Example: The bus suddenly Swerved into his path.
X Headlong=done rashly, or really quickly.
Example: The government is taking care not to rush headlong into another controversy.
3. Awkward / unskilled
Feckless=ineffective or incapable.
Example: She had become Feckless because of illness.
Fumble=do awkwardly or carelessly.
Example: He Fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.
Gauche=awkward and unsophisticated.
Example: Their exquisite manners always make me feel Gauche.
Example: She was left feeling Inept and inadequate.
Maladroit=awkward and unskillful.
Example: Both parties are unhappy about the Maladroit handling of the whole affair.
Example: He was a tall, Ungainly boy of 18.
4. Waste time
Dally=move slowly or waste time.
Example: During our free time in college, we used to Dally around the corridor.
Dawdle=be slow or waste time.
Example: Stop dawdling! We're going to be late!
Dilatory=causing delay.
Example: The government has been Dilatory in dealing with the problem of
Dilly Dally=postpone doing something.
Example: Don't dilly-dally on the way home from school.
Laggard=someone who is always lagging behind.
Example: Laggards are the ones still using fax machines instead of email.
Linger=stay in a place for a longer time than required.

Example: We Lingered around the hotel for a while after the party.
Malinger=fake illness in order to avoid duty or work.
Example: The boss knew that he was Malingering because he wanted to see the world cup
5. Beginning
Onset=the beginning of something.
Example: Diagnostic errors are even more common in early Onset of Alzheimer's disease.
Outset=the beginning of something.
Example: I made it clear right from the Outset that I disapproved the plan.
X Egress=the act of leaving a place.
Example: Use the doorways intended for egress only.
6. Burn/Hot /x cold
Tepid=slightly warm.
Example: The mushrooms develop more flavor if you use the slower method of soaking
them in tepid water for six hours or overnight.
Conflagration=a large and destructive fire.
Example: The conflgaration destroyed property worth millions.
Scald=injure with hot liquid.
Example: Be careful not to Scald yourself with the steam.
Scathe=injure or harm, especially by fire.
Example: Her sensitive skin got Scathed because of excessive heat.
Scorch=burn the surface of something.
Example: I Scorched my dress when I was ironing it.
Sear=burn the surface by heat.
Example: The heat of the sun Seared their faces.
Singe=burn superficially or lightly.
Example: He Singed his hair as he tried to light his cigarette.
Swelter=be very hot.
Example: Passengers Sweltered in temperatures of over 45 degrees.
Torrid=very hot.
Example: We watched him shoot for the movie on a Torrid afternoon.
X Frigid=very cold.
Example: Frigid climate spoiled their entire journey.
X Glacial=very cold.
Example: The glacial wind whipped her skin blue.

7. Displaying Knowledge
Example: The content of philosophical works is Cerebral in nature and requires much
Didactic=try to teach, esp morals. This word is often used negatively for when someone is
acting too much like a teacher.
Example: The poets works became increasingly idactic after his religious conversion.
Erudite=showing great knowledge.
Example: She could turn any conversation into an Erudite discussion.
Pedantic=very concerned with minor details of academic learning.
Example: A Pedantic insistence on the correct way of doing things.
Pundit=a learned person or expert.
Example: Political Pundits in the United States predicted a historic win for Barack Obama in
the 2008 US Elections.
8. Flexible / Skilful
Example: He became Adept at getting even the shyest students to talk.
Adroit=skillful, esp with using hands.
Example: I want to become an Adroit guitarist.
Agile=moving quickly and easily.
Example: He had the agility of a man half his age.
Consummate=very skillful.
Example: She was a Consummate performer.
Deft=done neatly and skilfully.
Example: He finished off the painting with a few Deft strokes of the brush.
Dexterous=skilled at using hands.
Example: Paul Fraier was quietly Dexterous on bass guitar.
Example: His muscles are Limber that is why he is into gymnastics.
Example: The dancer has a Lithe body.
Nimble=able to move quickly and easily.
Example: You need Nimble fingers for that job.
Example: With practice, you should become Proficient within six months.
Prowess=exceptional skill or ability.
Example: He was complimented on his Prowess as an oarsman.

Supple=bending, moving easily.

Example: These exercises will help to keep you Supple.
9. Having twist and turns
Byzantine=highly complex or intricate.
Example: This is an organiation of Byzantine complexity.
Circuitous=longer or roundabout (path).
Example: He took us on a Circuitous route to the hotel.
Convoluted=complex and difficult to understand.
Example: She could not follow his Convoluted discourse.
Intertwine=twisted together.
Example: Their political careers had become closely Intertwined.
Meander=follow a winding course
Example: The stream Meanders slowly down to the river.
Sinuous=having curves and turns.
Example: His works are generally flat and decorative, with strong Sinuous lines.
Tortuous=having twists and turns.
Example: A Tortuous road up the mountain.
10.Horrifying/ shocking/ x Attraction
Example: The brutality of the crime appalled the public.
Egregious=extremely unpleasant or bad.
Example: There are several prime ministers in the past who have committed far more
Egregious offenses.
Ghastly=causing horror.
Example: She woke up in the middle of a Ghastly nightmare.
Grisly=causing horror.
Example: The jurors saw Grisly photos of the crime scene.
Gross=vulgar or disgusting.
Example: These Gross remarks will not be tolerated.
Grotesque=ugly or repulsive.
Example: All countries should mandate large, Grotesque pictorial warnings on cigarette
Gruesome=causing horror.
Example: We spent a week in a Gruesome apartment in Miami.
Heinous=wicked or evil.

Example: There were Heinous accusations made against them for involving in child labour
and assault.
Hideous=very ugly or repulsive.
Example: Their new color scheme is Hideous!
Example: The police officer said the attack was the most Horrendous he had ever seen.
Macabre=horrifying because of involvement with death,injury,etc.
Example: The scene of crime was a Macabre sight.
Monstrous=very ugly or horrifying.
Example: He is considering launching new courses in New York and sees Latin America as
a potentially Monstrous market.
Morbid=showing interest in unpleasant and disturbing subjects (death, disease, etc).
Example: He had a Morbid fascination with blood.
Example: The accident site was unslightly.
Vile=extremely unpleasant.
Example: The weather was really Vile most of the time.
X Aesthetic=pleasing appearance or artistic beauty.
Example: The beautiful sculpture was a mirror image of the carver's aesthetic values.
X Comely=attractive or beautiful.
Example: The General's lady is a comely, affable woman.
Affinity=natural liking.
Example: Sam was born in the country INDIA and had a deep Affinity with nature.
Bent=an inclination.
Example: She has a religious Bent of mind.
Disposed=naturally inclined towards.
Example: I'm not Disposed to arguing.
Inclined=having a tendency or liking towards.
Example: He did not show the slightest inclination to leave.
Penchant=a strong preference or tendency.
Example: He quit his job as the CEO of a leading company to satisfy his Penchant for
Predilection=a preference for or bias toward something.
Example: An artist with a Predilection for bright colors.
Predisposition=a tendency to do something.
Example: Some people may have a genetic Predisposition to some type of cancers.

Proclivity=a natural tendency to like something.

Example: The governments Proclivity for spending tax payers money carelessly is well
Propensity=a natural tendency to behave in a certain way.
Example: He showed a Propensity for violence.
Augur=be a sign of something (good or bad).
Example: Conflicts among the various groups do not Augur well for the future of the peace
Example: The Forecast said that there would be showers in the afternoon.
Foresight=good planning or thought for the future.
Example: She had the Foresight to prepare herself financially in case of an accident.
Example: The witch foretold that she would marry a prince.
Presage=be a sign of something.
Example: The clouds below the moon Presaged rain.
Prescient=having knowledge of events beforehand.
Example: She was Prescient - she sold her shares just before the market crashed.
Prognosis=prediction of the outcome of a situation.
Example: The Prognosis is for more people to work part-time in the future.
13.Separated/ x Connected
Example: The novel suffers from a Disjointed plot and insignificant characters.
Polarize=divide in 2 opposite groups.
Example: Public opinion has Polarized on this issue.
Example: Whites and blacks were Segregated into different parts of town.
Winnow=separate valuable things from the unwanted.
Example: She stood there Winnowing chaff all day in the field.
X Nexus=connection
Example: The nexus between industry and political power is undeniable.
14.Sign (Warning)
Forebode=be a sign of something bad.

Example: The atmosphere seemed to Forebode some unusual occurrence.

Foreshadow=predict something that is to come.
Example: His sudden death had been oresadoed by earlier health scares.
Example: There was a silence which was more Minatory than the accusation.
Example: There were Ominous dark clouds gathering overhead.
Portend=be a sign of something bad.
Example: There are many kinds of calms that do not ortend coming storms.
Portent=a sign of something bad.
Example: The event proved to be a ortent of the disaster that was to come.
Premonition=a strong feeling that something unpleasant might happen.
Example: He had a remonition that he would never see her again.
Example: There was something cold and inisterabout him.
15.Take Apart
Disassemble=to take apart.
Example: We had to completely Disassemble the engine to find the problem.
Dismantle=break things to parts.
Example: I had to Dismantle the engine in order to repair it.

16.Talk Foolishly
Babble=talk continuously and foolishly.
Example: I cant listen to his constant Babble.
Drawl=speak slowly and lazily.
Example: He had a smooth Drawling voice.
Drivel=senseless talk.
Example: How can you watch that Drivel on TV.
Gibberish=meaningless speech or writing.
Example: You were talking Gibberish in your sleep.
abber=talk foolishly.
Example: What is he abbering about now.
Example: If you ask a Nonsensical uestion and you will get a Nonsensical answer.

Prate=talk at length in a foolish way.

Example: They Prated on until I was ready to scream.
Prattle=talk continuously and foolishly.
Example: She Prattled on about her vacation all evening.
17.Teacher/ Guide/ x Student
Mentor=a teacher or guide.
Example: She was a friend and Mentor to many young actors.
Pedagogue=a strict teacher.
Example: He was a Pedagogue who really believed that he could make a difference in
young lives.
X Prote'ge=a student
Example: She is a protg of the great violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

18.Unexpected Changes
Vagaries=an unexpected and unpredictable change.
Example: The Vagaries of the real estate market will determine whether the property is a
gold mine or a disaster.
Vicissitudes=changes or ups and downs in a persons life.
Example: The Vicissitudes of family life.

19.Very talented (Child)

Precocious=having developed abilities ahead of one's age.
Example: From an early age, she displayed a Precocious talent for music.
Prodigy=a verytalented child
Example: She is a chess Prodigy.

20.Bitter Feeling / Ill-will

Malevolence=wishing bad or evil for others.
Example: Bad leadership is not always the result of bad character or intentional
Malice=a desire to harm others.
Example: The ghosts are described as if they bear actual Malice towards humans.
Rancor=bitterness or anger.

Example: In the end, the debate created Rancor among the committee members.
Vicious=having a bad, evil or immoral nature
Mnemonic: In hindi vish means poison, here Vicious means evil.
Example: She is a Vicious oman.
Virulent=very bitter or malacious
Example: The newspaper carried out a Virulent attack on the politician.
21.Bring Back
Retrieve=bring back from loss, etc.
Example: The system has crashed, but fortunately he can Retrieve the information.
Salvage=save from ruin.
Example: If you ant to Salvage your credibility, you might start ith practicing hat you

22.Cautions /Careful
Chary=very careful about doing or saying anything.
Example: The advice that the Chary minister gave the king, helped the king win over the
Circumspect=very cautious and careful
Example: He was very Circumspect in his financial affairs.
Gingerly=cautious and careful.
Example: He opened the box Gingerly and looked inside.
Heedful=aware of or attentive towards.
Example: Heedful of snakes, we watched out footing while walking through the grass.
Leery=cautious or suspicious.
Example: The government is Leery of changing the current law.
Prudent=careful and keeping in mind the future.
Example: It might be more Prudent to get a second opinion before going ahead.
Example: The police will need to keep a Wary eye on this area of the town.
X Daredevil=a person who enjoys doing dangerous or risky things.
Example: He liked taking risks and had a legendary reputation as a daredevil.
X Folly=foolishness or mistake.
Mnemonic: Fools commit folly.
Example: Giving up a secure job seems to be the height of folly.
X Foolhardy=foolishly rash.
Example: It would be foolhardy to sail in weather like this.

X Rash=done quickly and without good judgement.

Example: Rash drivers will be penalized.
X Reckless=done carelessly and without good
Example: He showed a reckless disregard for his own safetythought for future

23.Complain (lo degree)

Captious=always trying to find faults.
Example: Her mother as very Captious.
Carping=complain and find fault continually.
Example: Critics from both sides are already Carping about this issue.
Example: She's been grousing to her boss about the boring conditions.
uerulous=having a tendency to complain.
Example: The manager sent constant uerulous reminders of things to be done.

24.Express Strong Disapprobation

Assail=criticise severely.
Example: The actor was Assailed for his performance in the movie.
Belittle=dismiss someone or something as unimportant.
Example: She felt her husband constantly Belittled her achievements.
Berate=strongly scold or criticize.
Example: She Berated her daughter for being careless.
Castigate=criticize severely.
Example: The teacher Castigated the students for not doing home work.
Example: Violence on TV is generally decried as harmful to children.
Denounce=criticize openly or publicly.
Example: She publicly Denounced the governments handling of the crisis.
Diatribe=a bitter attack or criticism.
Example: He launched a bitter Diatribe against the younger generation.
Epithet=abusive or criticizing word.
Example: While quarreling, he uttered quite a few Epithets.
Excoriate=criticize severely.
Example: The candidates have publicly Excoriated each other throughout the campaign.
Flay=criticize severely.
Example: He Flayed his friend for his lack of tact.

Fulminate=protest strongly.
Example: He was always fulminating against interference from the government.
Invective=strong criticism.
Example: Debate should be dignified and lacking in personal Invective.
Lambaste=criticize harshly.
Example: The coach Lambasted the team for its poor play.
Rail=complain or protest strongly.
Example: Rebels Railed against the ill effects of Christianity.
Rant=speak or shout in an angry manner.
Example: He may Rant, rave and lecture, but he will have to adjust.
Rate=scold angrily.
Example: I was Rated for having misbehaved in the class.
Revile=criticize angrily.
Example: He was Reviled in the press for his angry outbursts.
Rile=to irritate.
Example: Nothing ever seemed to Rile him.
Tirade=a long angry speech of criticism.
Example: She launched a Tirade against politicians.
Upbraid=scold someone.
Example: His wife Upbraided him for his irresponsible handling of the family finances.
Vituperative=bitter and abusive.
Example: He delivers Vituperative attacks on those who try to expose him.
Example: The future of the school is in Jeopardy.
Pitfall=a hidden source of trouble or danger.
Example: Getting professional advice will help you avoid the most obvious Pitfalls.
Precarious=dangerous or uncertain.
Example: The museum is in a financially Precarious position.
Abscond (criminal)=leave quickly and secretly.
Example: Several prisoners absconded from the jail.
Defection (Political)=conscious abandonment of allegiance or duty.
Example: Defection of both security forces and members of the media is a worrying sign.

Desertion (Military)=the abandonment of duties and obligations without justification.

Example: The soldiers were imprisoned for desertion of their posts.
Elope (for Marriage)=run away secretly in order to get married.
Example: The couple eloped in the middle of the nig
27.Explain too much
Belabor=explain continuously and in detail.
Example: I don't want to Belabor the point, but it's vital that you understand how
important this is.
X Understatement=the act of representing in a less important way.
Example: The journalist wrote that the earthquake had caused some damage. This turned
out to be a massive understatement of the destruction.

Abhor =hate.
Example: She Abhors cats.
Animosity=strong hate.
Example: He felt no Animosity towards his critics.
Antipathy=hatred or dislike.
Example: His professional judgement was coloured by his personal Antipathy.
Aversion=strong dislike.
Example: He has a strong Aversion for liars and cheaters.
Despicable=deserving hate.
Example: People who take advantage of others in this way are Despicable.
Detest= hate strongly.
Example: They Detested each other on sight.
Loathe=hate strongly.
Example: The irony is that development restrictions, which many locals still Loathe, help to
pull in tourists.
Odious=unpleasant and hateful.
Example: It was one of the most Odious crimes of recent history.
Repel=causing hate or disgust.
Example: The sight of the crime Repelled the public.
Repugnant=hateful or disgusting.
Example: We found his suggestion absolutely Repugnant.
Repulsion=a disgusting feeling.
Example: His simultaneous fascination with and Repulsion towards her family had been

29.Mock/ Disrespect
Abase=to lower in rank and prestige.
Example: I certainly don't Abase myself when I do manual labor.
Condescend=to behave toward someone as though you are more important and more
intelligent than they are.
Example: While giving a talk, be careful not to Condescend to your audience.
Contempt=the feeling that someone or something is worthless.
Example: He feels that wealthy people view him with Contempt because he is poor.
Denigrate=criticize someone unfairly.
Example: We are not trying to Denigrate vocational education.
Deride=express contempt and ridicule.
Example: My brothers Derided our efforts, but were forced to apologize when we came
Disdain=the feeling that someone or something is worthless.
Example: I have a Disdain for companies that mistreat their workers.
Disparage=to speak about someone in disrespectful manner.
Example: Voters don't like political advertisements in which opponents Disparage one
Jeer=make rude mocking or insulting remarks.
Example: The prisoner was Jeered by an angry mob.
Lampoon=publicly criticize by using sarcasm or ridicule
Example: The politician was Lampooned by the press.
Mock=tease or laugh at someone in a disrespectful manner.
Example: He Mocks art only because he doesn't understand it.
Patronize=to treat with an apparent kindness which shows a feeling of supiriority.
Example: He hated being Patronized by those who didn't believe his story.
Sarcastic=using humor to insult or make fun.
Example: I hate her Sarcastic comments that my singing reminded her of the time her dog
was sick.
Example: The movie is a Sardonic look at modern life.
Satire=the use of humor, irony to criticize people's stupidity.
Example: His movies are known for their use of Satire.
Scoff=to speak about someone or something in a mocking tone.
Example: Art historians and religious scholars, however, Scoff at the idea.
Scorn=to treat someone with disrespect.
Example: Her political rivals have Scorned her ideas for improving the tax system.

Sneer=smile or speak in a mocking manner.

Example: The crowd Sneered at the corrupt cricketer.
Snicker=give a half- suppressed laugh to mock someone.
Example: He Snickered at the puzzled look on her face.
Snide=mocking or insulting.
example: It was meant as Snide remark rather than constructive criticism.
Spurn=reject with contempt.
Example: Fiercely independent, the elderly couple Spurned all offers of financial help.
Taunt=provoke or challenge with insulting remarks.
Example: They Taunted the newly arrived immigrants about their broken English.
30.Old Fashioned
Antediluvian=very old fashioned.
Example: He has Antediluvian notions about the role of women at the workplace.
Antiquated=old fashioned.
Example: I saw an Antiquated rope-machine at the textiles museums.
Archaic=very old fashioned.
Example: The system is Archaic and unfair.
Dated=old fashioned.
Example: Those TV comedies were OK in their day but seem incredibly Dated now.
Obsolete=old fashioned.
Example: With technological changes, many traditional skills have become Obsolete.
Outmoded=old fashioned.
Example: This organizational structure is now Outmoded.
Quaint=slightly strange and old fashioned.
Example: This is a Quaint seaside village.
Acclaim=praise publicly.
Example: The work was Acclaimed as a masterpiece.
Accolade=an award or praise.
Example: Meryl Streep has received many Accolades for her performances.
Applaud=praise highly.
Example: He started to Applaud and the others joined in.
Approbation=praise or approval.
Example: There was widespread Approbation of the new president.
Commendable=deserving Praise.

Example: She showed Commendable loyalty to the family firm.

Eulogy=a speech or writing that praises someone.
Example: Several eulogies were given at the special assembly marking the retirement of
the company's longtime president.
Exalt=raise someone or something to a higher rank or position.
Example: His son was Exalted to a high position in the government through family
Extol=praise highly.
Example: Doctors often Extol the virtues of eating less fat.
Glorify=honor or praise highly.
Example: He denies that the movie glorifies violence.
Hail=praise enthusiastically.
Example: The conference was Hailed as a great success.
Laud=praise highly
Example: He was Lauded for his courage.
Lionize=give a lot of public appreciation and attention.
Example: The visiting poet was Lionized in Vienna.
Example: His work won him Plaudits from the critics.
32.Rebellious/ unconventional
Dissident=going against an official policy or authority.
Example: There were Dissident elements within the Catholic Church.
Heresy=opinions that are contrary to what is accepted or expected.
Example: Laws of Heresy killed people for contradicting the church and its texts.
Heretical=holding opinions that are contrary to what is accepted or expected.
Example: The religious people didn't cast vote in favor of the politician because of his
Heretical behaviour.
Example: Her Heterodox approach to teaching science initially met with some resistance
from her peers.
Iconoclast=a person who attacks cherished beliefs and institutions.
Example: Notorious as an Iconoclast, that critic isn't afraid to go against the societal rules.
Insurgent=a rebellious person.
Example: There was an attack by armed Insurgents.
Insurrection=an act of rebellion.
Example: An armed Insurrection against the regime.

Maverick=a person who does not accept orthodox beliefs.

Example: The Maverick detective managed to crack the case.
Non comformist=one who refuses to be restricted by set beliefs and customs.
Example: He was a nonconformist when he was in college.
Radical=moving away or departing from the usual customs.
Example: There is a need for Radical changes in education.
Reactionary=opposing social or political change.
Example: Reactionary guardians of proper English usage invariably regard every new
coinage that comes along as a nonword.
Renegade=a person who leaves and betrays an organization, country or principle.
Example: He is a Renegade priest.
Revolutionary=bringing a complete change.
Example: The effects of technological development are Revolutionary.
Subversive=harming or weakening an established institution.
Example: It was a politically Subversive decision.
Unconventional=not following conventions.
Example: The magazine describes him as an Unconventional artist.
X Conservative=following traditions and customs.
Example: Her style of dressing was never conservative.
X Convention=following traditions and customs.
Example: She is a young woman who enjoys going against conventions.
X Orthodox=following traditions and customs.
Example: He is very orthodox in his views.

DEPLETE=reduce or use up something.
Example: Food supplies were severely DEPLETEd.
DEPRECIATE=become less valuable over a period of time.
Example: New cars start to DEPRECIATE as soon as they are on the road.
X AMASS=to collect something, especially in large quantities.
Example: They amassed a truckload of donations.
X STOCKPILE=a large amount of things stored.
Example: Coal reserves represent the largest stockpile of nonrenewable resources in the
34.Time Related
Anachronism=a thing that belongs to a period other than which it actually exists in.

Example: The monarchy is seen by many people as an Anachronism in the modern world.
Chronicle=record events according to order of occurance.
Example: She started to Chronicle her experiences on her blog.
Chronological=according to date and time.
Example: The facts should be presented in Chronological order.
35.To defeat / x Cannot Defeat
Capitulate=agree to or give in to something.
Example: They were finally forced to capitulate to the terrorists demands.
Drub=defeat thoroughly.
Example: The host team was Drubbed in the rugby match.
Rout=defeat thoroughly.
Example: Only the skill of the goalkeeper preented the team from getting Routed.
Subugate=to bring under complete control;conquer.
Example: Terror was used purposefully to Subugate the entire population.
Vanuish=defeat thoroughly.
Example: They enemy was Vanuished in the battle.
X Imperious=can not be attacked influenced or defeated.
Example: The place contained eerything that was needed to support life underground and
was irtually imperious to enemy infiltration.
X indomitable=can not be defeated.
Example: An indomitable warrior.
X Inincible=can not be defeated
Example: The team seemed invincible
Beleaguered=put in a difficulty.
Example: The lack of funds beleaguers a lot of schools in the area.
Beset=trouble continuously.
Example: Pollution is the greatest problem Besetting the city today.
Plagued=troubled persistently.
Example: The team was Plagued by a lot of mismanagement issues.
37.Warning/ Scolding
Admonish=to warm someone.
Example: The trial judge tried to Admonish the jury and cure the error.

Example: The country faces international Censure for its alleged involvement in the
Chastise=criticize severely.
Example: Do not use the record to insult or Chastise the patient.
Chide=to scold someone.
Example: She Chided herself for being so impatient with the children.
Rebuke=to criticize severely.
Example: The company was publicly Rebuked for neglecting the procedures.
Reprimand=to disapprove severely.
Example: The officers were severely Reprimanded for their unprofessional behavior.
Reproach=to express disapproval or criticize.
Example: Critics Reproach the eighteenth century because of its artificiality.
Reprove=to disapprove of something or someone.
Example: He Reproved her for taking a rash decision.
38.Add /support
Complement=to add to someting or improvement.
Example The excellent menu is Complemented by a good wine list.
Supplement=a thing that is added to someting else to improve or complete it.
Example students can supplement their reports with maps.
39.Aggressive/ argument
Bellicose=ready to fight and argue.
Example: Bellicose hockey players who always seem to spend more time fighting than
Belligerent=unfriendly and aggressive.
Example: The coach became quite Belligerent and spit at an umpire after being thrown out
of the game.
Example: After a Contentious debate, members of the committee finally voted to approve
the funding.
Disputatious=argumentative or causing a dispute.
Example: We have a community of smart, thoughtful, and often Disputatious people.
Fractious=bad tempered.
Example: The Fractious crowd grew violent.
Hostility=unfriendly and aggressive.
Example: They went through the divorce proceedings without any Hostility.
Litigous=too ready to take disagreements to court.

Example: Do not put anything in an email that may come back to haunt you in today's
litigious society.
Polemical=argumentative or controversial.
Example: An unnecessarily Polemical look at the supposed incompatibility between
science and religion.
Pugnacious=having a desire to fight and argue.
Example: There's one Pugnacious member on the committee who won't agree to anything.
Truculent=ready to argue or fight.
Example: Die-hard fans became Truculent and violent after their team's loss.
40.Agreement /harmony
CHASM=a deep divide or difference.
Example:The chasm between the initial vision and the final product is shocking.
GULF=a large difference.
Example:Gulf between wealthy countries and poor countries.
RIFT=a difference in opinion,belief or friendly relation.
Example:Efforts to heal the rift between the two countries have failed.
SCHISM=a division or difference.
Example:There is a schism between leading members of the party.
Example :The two sides signed a peace accord last july.
Example:Living in Concord with people of different races and religions.
Example:The corporate culture demands a certain Conformity of appearance.
Congruous=in agreement or consistent with.
Example:When performing his soicial duties the president must be dressed in clothes that
are Congruous with his high position.
Example:At present the living room lacks Consonance because all the furniture is on one
Harmonious=in agreement or consistent with.
Example=The living room was decorated in harmonious colors.
X Discord=disagreement
Example:The city has long been known as a city of racial intolerance and discord
41.Argue /fight
Altercation=a noisy argument or fight.
Example: There was some sort of Altercation going on around the accident site.

Bicker=to argue about unimportant things.

Example: After prolonged Bickering, they finally managed to find a movie that both of
them were interested in seeing.
Brawl=a noisy argument or fight.
Example: There was a Brawl in parliament when the pact was debated.
Combat=a fight.
Example: Some of these soldiers have never seen a Combat.
Contend=struggle in opposition or fight.
Example: The troops had to Contend with the enemy for control of the port.
Fracas=a noisy argument or fight.
Example: Police are prepared for any Fracas that might follow the soccer game.
Melee=a confused fight.
Example: A verbal disagreement at the football game soon turned into a Melee involving a
lot of spectators.
Quibble=complain and argue about small matters.
Example: He spent the entire evening quibbling about the historical inaccuracies in the
television series on World War II
Row=a quarell.
Example: He was engaged in a Row with his classmates.
Squabble=argue noisily about unimportant things.
Example: Frightened by noise of the Squabble, the kid hid under the couch.
Tiff=a quarrel about unimportant things.
Example: Like any couple, they occasionally engage in a Tiff.
Tussle=a short fight.
Example: The suspect was arrested after a Tussle with a security guard.
X Truce=an agreement between enemies to stop fighting for a period of time.
Example: A truce was reached between the 2 warring countries.
42.Biased / Calm
Aplomb=done confidently and calmly.
Example: He showed great Aplomb in dealing with the reporters.
Composure=calm and in control of your feelings
Example: After the initial shock, she regained her Composure.
Equanimity=a calm state of mind.
Example: He is an Olympic diver who always displays remarkable Equanimity on the
Impassive=calm and unemotional.

Example: She remained Impassive as the officers informed her of her son's death.
Imperturbable=calm and undisturbed.
Example: Although he seems outwardly Imperturbable, he can get very angry at times.
Nonchalant=unconcerned and unemotional.
Example: She faced the crowd with the Nonchalant ease of an experienced speaker.
Phlegmatic=not easily made angry or upset.
Example: He was almost Phlegmatic in conversation.
Placid=calm and peaceful.
Example: He is a person with a Placid manner.
Serene=calm and peaceful.
Example: She is a Serene woman, who is everyone's source of support.
Staid=calm, dignified and unadventurous.
Example: Everyone was surprised by the joke from the usually Staid professor.
Example: She remained Stolid during the trial.
Tranquil=calm and peaceful.
Example: The house was once again Tranquil after the kids movedoutside to play.
43.Distributed / agitated
X Agitate=make anxious or disturbed.
Example: If I talk about the problem with him, it just agitates him even more.
X Consternation=anxiety and distress.
Example: Much to her parents' consternation, she decided to not go to college.
X Disconcert=disturb.
Example: News of his criminal past has disconcerted even his admirers.
X Dismay=sad and disappointed.
Example: The difficult climb up the mountain dismayed us even before we got started.
X Distraught=very worried or nervous.
Example: Distraught relatives are waiting for news of the missing children.
X Faze=unsettle, disturb or upset.
Example: You'll never succeed as a writer if you let a little bit of criticism faze you.
X Fluster=disturb or confuse someone.
Example: Some speakers fluster the audience more easily than others.
X Foment=stir up a violent or undesirable act.
Example: He was accused of fomenting violence.
X Frenetic=wildly excited.
Example: The celebration was noisy and frenetic.

X Hysterical=wildly excited.
Example: Quite a few people got hysterical by the sensational news story.
X Implacable=cannot be calmed down.
Example: He has an implacable hatred for his political opponents.
X Overwrought=very worried and upset.
Example: The witness became overwrought as she described the crime.
X Perturb=disturb or make someone upset.
Example: It perturbed him that his son was thinking about leaving school.

Absolute=having unlimited power or control.
Example: The country is ruled by an Absolute dictator.
Authoritative=exercising authority.
Example: She said this with an Authoritative air.
Autocrat=a dictatorial person.
Example: European Autocrats once commonly believed that they had received the right to
rule directly from God.
Despot=a cruel person, especially a ruler.
Example: The cruel dictator killed thousands of people on the spot.
Dogmatic=forcefully or arrogantly laying one's opinions on others.
Example: She's become so Dogmatic lately that arguing with her is pointless.
Hegemony=dominance of one group over another.
Example: They discussed the national government's Hegemony over their tribal
Imperious=domineering or dominating.
Example: She is an Imperious movie star who thinks she's some sort of goddess.
Martinet=a very strict person who demands that other people obey orders completely.
Example: The prison's warden was a cruel Martinet.
Totalitarian=a dictatorial person or government.
Example: We were asked to oppose Totalitarian ruler and embrace Democracy.
Tyrant=a dictatorial person, especially a ruler.
Example: The country was ruled by a succession of Tyrants.


Absolute=having unlimited power or control.

Example: The country is ruled by an Absolute dictator.
Authoritative=exercising authority.
Example: She said this with an Authoritative air.
Autocrat=a dictatorial person.
Example: European Autocrats once commonly believed that they had received the right to
rule directly from God.
Despot=a cruel person, especially a ruler.
Example: The cruel dictator killed thousands of people on the spot.
Dogmatic=forcefully or arrogantly laying one's opinions on others.
Example: She's become so Dogmatic lately that arguing with her is pointless.
Hegemony=dominance of one group over another.
Example: They discussed the national government's Hegemony over their tribal
Imperious=domineering or dominating.
Example: She is an Imperious movie star who thinks she's some sort of goddess.
Martinet=a very strict person who demands that other people obey orders completely.
Example: The prison's warden was a cruel Martinet.
Totalitarian=a dictatorial person or government.
Example: We were asked to oppose Totalitarian ruler and embrace Democracy.
Tyrant=a dictatorial person, especially a ruler.
Example: The country was ruled by a succession of Tyrants.
46.Excessive Flattery
Adulation=praise, esp when greater than is necessary.
Example: The band enjoys the Adulation of their fans wherever it goes.
Blandishment=something that tends to flatter or entice.
Example: He refused to be moved by either threats or Blandishments.
Fawn=excessively willing to obey.
Example: The sports star was surrounded by Fawning fans.
Fulsome=too generous in praising or thanking somebody.
Example: He was Fulsome in his praise of the Prime Minister.
Obsequious=exessively willing to obey.
Example: She's constantly followed by Obsequious assistants who will do anything she
tells them to.
Sycophant=a flaterrer.
Example: When her career was riding high, the actress often mistook Sycophants for true

Toady =a flatterer.
Example: She's a real Toady to the boss.
Unctuous=exessively willing to obey.
Example: An Unctuous appraisal of the talent shown by the boss's daughter.

47.Including Everything
COMPREHENSIVE=covering everything.
Example: A COMPREHENSIVE overview of European history since the French Revolution.
Encompass=including or covering a wide range.
Example: The district Encompasses most of the downtown area.
Pervasive=present everywhere or widespread.
Example: Television has a Pervasive influence on our culture.

Apathy=uninterested or indifferent in something.
Example: People have shown surprising Apathy toward these important social problems.
Stoic=enduring pain and difficulty without complaining.
Example: We are surprised at his Stoic acceptance of death.
49.Insulting Word
Deprecatory=to feel and express disapproval of something or someone.
Example: He made a Deprecatory comment.
Derogatory=insulting or disapproving.
Example: Fans made a lot of Derogatory remarks about the players of the visiting team.
Pejorative=expressing disrespect or disapproval.
Example: The word PEDANT is a Pejorative term.
50.Make Isolation
ALIENATE=to make unfriendly.
Example: He ALIENATEd most of his colleagues with his bad temper.
ANTAGONIZE=to make unfriendly or hostile.
Example: Her comments ANTAGONIZEd many people.
Estrange=isolate or make unfriendly.
Example: She Estranged several of her coworkers when she let her promotion go to her

51.Narrow minded / regional

Insular=narrow minded.
Example: The British are often accused of being Insular.
Myopic=narrow minded.
Example: Myopic politics always falls short in explanation.
Parochial=narrow minded.
Example: They need to be better informed and less Parochial in their thinking.
Provincial=narrow minded.
Example: In spite of his education and travels, he has remained very Provincial.
52.Not serious
Flippant=not serious.
Example: He gave a Flippant response to a serious question.
Frivolous=not serious.
Example: She thinks window shopping is a Frivolous activity.
Insouciant=free from concern, worry, or anxiety.
Example: Although she was late, she walked into the office in an Insouciant manner.
Levity=treat something serious in a humorous or non serious way.
Example: The teachers disapprove of any display of Levity during school assemblies.
X Grave=serious.
Example: Crime in the city is a matter of grave concern
53.Overly Obedient
Grovel=act in an excessively obedient way.
Example: He had to Grovel to get her to accept his apology.
Servile=eagerly wanting to please or obey.
Example: He had always maintained a Servile attitude around people with money.
Slavish=act like a slave.
Example: He has been criticized for his Slavish devotion to the rules.
Subservient=eagerly wanting to obey or please.
Example: Some people feel that Subservient conduct will help them get promotions.
Supplicant=a person who asks for something in a humble manner.
Example: The new governor soon had to deal with Supplicants asking for jobs and other
political favors.
Coddle=treat very nicely, carefully and overprotectively.

Example: The judges were accused of coddling criminals.

Humor=please someone by agreeing to their wishes.
Example: She Humored her grandfather by listening to his war stories for the hundredth
Indulge=agree to the wishes or desires of someone.
Example: Parents sometimes have to Indulge their children.
Mollycoddle=treat very nicely, carefully and overprotectively.
Example: The coach has been mollycoddling the team's star players.
Pamper=treat with excessive indulgence.
Example: They really Pamper their guests at that hotel.
55.Suppress / End
Quash=suppress or end something.
Example: The rumours were quickly Quashed.
Quell=suppress or end something.
Example: Extra police were called in to Quell the disturbances.
Repress=to suppress.
Example: They tried to Repress their anger but could not do so.
Scotch=end something.
Example: Rumours that he had fled the country were promptly Scotched by his wife.
Subdue=to suppress ( feelings, etc ).
Example: Julia had to Subdue an urge to touch her hair constantly.
Suppress=restrict or end something.
Example: The governor tried to Suppress the news.
56.Surprise/ confuse
Astound=surprise or shock.
Example: The magician will Astound you with his latest tricks.
Baffle=to confuse.
Example: I was Baffled by many of the scientific terms used in the article.
Bamboozle=to confuse someone especially by tricking them
Example: They were Bamboozled by the property dealers into buying worthless land.
Befuddle=to confuse.
example: Most of the applicants were Befuddled by the wording of one of the questions on
the driving test.
Bemuse=to confuse.
Example: The stage mishap momentarily Bemused the actress.

Bewilder=to confuse.
Example: The change in policy seems to have Bewildered many of our customers.
Boggle=surprise greatly.
Example: It should Boggle the mind of every member of this committee that individuals
are treated this way.
Confound=to confuse and surprise greatly.
Example: The complicated directions Confounded him.
Flabbergasted=extremely surprised and shocked.
Example: It flabbergasts me to see how many people still support them.
Fox=to confuse.
Example: I must admit I'm completely Foxed.
Non plussed=to confuse completely.
Example: I was nonplussed by his openly expressed admiration of me.
Obfuscate=to confuse.
Example: Their explanations only serve to Obfuscate the whole method.
Perplex=to confuse.
Example: Questions about the meaning of life have always Perplexed humankind.
Stupefy=to surprise or shock someone greatly.
Example: He was stupefied by the amount they had spent.
57.Calm down
Allay=remove fear,suspicion or worry.
Example: The new advertising campaign is an attempt to Allay the public's concerns about
their safety.
Alleviate=reduce pain,problem or worry.
Example:Finding ways to Allviate stress is of primary importance these days.
Ameliorate=to make something better.
Example:This medicine should help Amelioirate the pain.
Appease=make someone happy by agreeing to their demands.
Example: they Appeased the dictator by accepting demands in an effort to avoid war.
Assuage=make an unpleasant feeling less intense.
Example: An attempt to Assuage child's fear of the dark.
Conciliate=to make somebody less angry or hostile.
Example: The company's attempts to Conciliate the workers have failed.
Extenuating=making a crime appear less serious.
Example: There were Extenuating circumstances and the defendant did not receive a
prison sentence.
Mitigate=make something less serious or painful.
Example: Emergency funds are being provided to help Mitigate the effects of the disaster.

Mollify=reduce someone's anger or worry.

Example: He tried to Mollify his critics with an apology.
Pacify=reduce someone's anger or worry.
Example: She resigned from her position to Pacify her accusers.
Placate=make someone less angry.
Example: The angry customer was not Placated by the clerk's apology.
Propitiate=calm someone down or make someone happy.
Example: He made an offering to Propitiate the angry gods.
Solace=help and comfort in times of distress.
Example: Any Solace from a price reduction might only be short-term.
Temper=to moderate or mitigate.
Example:The judge Tempered his justice with mercy.
X Exacerbate=to make something worse.
Example: The proposed factory shutdown would only exacerbate our unemployment
58.Crucial / Significant / Important
Example: My CARDINAL rule is to always be honest.
CORE=central or important part.
Example: Concern for the environment is at the CORE of our policies.
FOREMOST=first in place or rank.
Example: The governor was FOREMOST among those who condemned the violence.
Example: It is absolutely IMPERATIE that we finish by next week.
INDISPENSIBLE=absolutely important.
Example:An indispensable member of the staff.
MANDATORY=absolutely necessary
Example:This offense carries a MANDATORY life sentence.
MOMENTOUS=very important.
Example:My college graduation was a MOMENTOUS day in my life.
PARAMOUNT=very important
Example:maintaining the secrecy of the agreement is PARAMOUNT.
PIVOTAL=very important.
Example:She is at a PIVOTAL point in her career.
SALIENT=most important.
Example: She pointed out the SALIENT features of the new design.

59.Difficult to understand
Abstract=difficult to understand.
Example:Most students find this text Abstract.
Abstruse=difficult to understand.
Example:You're not the only one who finds Einsteins theory Abstruse.
arcane=difficult to understand.
Example:Grammatical rules seem arcane to students who were never taught grammar.
Esoteric=meant for or understood only by few people.
Example:Metaphysics is such an Esoteric subect.
Mystical=difficult to understand.
Example:Most scholars are puzzled by these Mystical theories.
Obscure=unclear or difficult to understand.
Example: We went to see one of Shakespeares more Obscure plays.
Occult =mysterious.
Example: It is an Occult phenomenon.
Profound=requiring or showing deep thought or understanding.
Example It is difficult to understand these Profound questions about life and death.
Recondite =little known.
Example : This is a a Recondite subject.
X Perspicuous=easy to understand.
Example: The language they have used for this purpose is simple and perspicuous .

End / stop
Cease=to end or stop.
Example:You never Cease to amaze me !
Culminate=reach the climax or hihest state of development.
Example:Their summer tour will Culminate with a spectacular concert in London.
Terminate=to end something.
Example:our contract of employment Terminates in December.
Enthusiasm / passion /excite
Ardor/Ardent=great enthusiasm and passion.
Example: She spoke persuasively and with ardor.
Avid=very enthusiastic.
Example: He is an Avid admirer of horror movies.
Dynamic=positive in attitude and full of energy.
Example: She has got a Dynamic personality.

Ebullient=cheerful and full of energy.

Example: The boss was in an Ebullient mood.
Example: He has got a warm, Effervescent personality.
Effusive=gushing, unrestrained praise, pleasure or approval.
Example: They offered Effusive thanks for our help.
Exuberant=full of energy, excitement and happiness.
Example: She gave an Exuberant performance.
Fervent/Fervor=great enthusiasm and passion.
Example: Indians are engaged in a fervent debate over corruption.
Frisky=lively or playful.
Example: The kids became Frisky after we gave them balloons and candies.
Gushing=showing unrestrained enthusiasm.
Example: Everyone has been Gushing over the baby.
Impassioned=showing great enthusiasm and passion.
Example: His lawyer made an Impassioned argument in his defense.
Example: He had three pretty, Vivacious daughters.
X Dampen=lessen in force or effect.
Example: None of the setbacks could dampen his enthusiasm for the enthusiasm for the
Zealous/Zest=showing great enthusiasm and passion.
Example: The detective was zealous in her pursuit of the kidnappers.
60.Express sympathy
Commiserate=show sympathy.
Example: The players Commiserated over their loss in the championship game.
Condolence=sympathy towards someone who has suffered a loss.
Example: The governor issued a statement of Condolence to the victims' families.
Empathy=ability to understand another persons feelings.
Example: He felt great Empathy with the poor.
61.Happy /joy
Beam=to smile radiantly.
Example: She was Beaming with pleasure.
Beatific=very happy.
Example: He has got a Beatific expression on his face.

Example: Everyone loved her for her Blithe spirit.
Ecstasy=extreme happiness.
Example: His performance sent the audience into Ecstasy.
Elated=very happy.
Example: The discovery has Elated researchers.
Euphoria=extreme happiness.
Example: The initial Euphoria following their victory in the election has now subsided.
Exhilaration=extreme happiness or excitement.
Example: The atmosphere in the camp was one of excitement and Exhilaration.
Exultant=very happy .
Example: Researchers are Exultant about the new discovery.
Facetious=amusing or humorous .
Example: A Facetious remark.
Felicity=great happiness.
Example: He told his friends that marriage had brought him a Felicity that he had never
known before.
Gaiety=cheerfulness .
Example: The colorful flags added to the Gaiety of the occasion.
Example: You should know that our teasing was done entirely in Jest.
Example: He is a Jocular man, who could make the most serious people smile.
Jocund=happy and cheerful.
Example: Old friends engaged in Jocund teasing.
Example: I love all the warmhearted Jollity of the holiday season. Jovial = cheerful and
Example: He was in a Jovial mood.
Jubilant=very happy.
Example: The fans were in a Jubilant mood after the victory.
Rapturous=showing great happiness.
Example: As the orchestra started playing, the audience became Rapturous.
Regale=entertain someone with a story.
Example: During winters, he used to come home and Regale us with his adventures.
Sanguine=cheerfully optismistic.
Example: They are less Sanguine about the company's long- term prospects.
Uproarious=very funny.
Example: An Uproarious movie.

Waggish= humorous.
Example: He has a Waggish nature.
Example: They were Assiduous in their search for all the latest facts and figures.
Example: A Diligent student. Industrious hardworking.
Example: An Industrious worker.
Painstaking=done with great care and effort.
Example: The event had been planned with Painstaking attention to detail.
Example: He was Sedulous in completing the tasks given to him.
Toil=to work very hard.
Example: Hundreds of men Toiled for years at building the pyramid.
63.Irregular /At Intervals
Fitfully=happening irregularly.
Example: Several fitful attempts at negotiation have failed.
Intermittent=happening irregularly.
Example: The patient was having Intermittent pains in his chest.
Occassional=happening or done sometimes but not often.
Example: He spent five years in Paris, with occasional visits to Italy.
Spasmodic=happening irregularly.
Example: He made only Spasmodic attempts to lose weight.
Sporadic=happening irregularly.
Example: Fighting continued Sporadically for two months.

64.Lacking energy / lazy

Example: The Indolent boy was forced to help out with the chores.
Lackadaisical=lacking energy or enthusiasm
Example: His teachers did not approve of his Lackadaisical approach to homework.
Lackluster=lacking energy or enthusiasm.
Example: This was a a Lackluster performance.
Languid=slow or lazy.
Example: They proceeded at a Languid pace.

Lassitude=lacking energy or enthusiasm.

Example: Symptoms of the disease include paleness and Lassitude.
Lethargic=lazy or lacking energy.
Example: A big meal always makes me Lethargic and sleepy.
Listless=lacking energy or enthusiasm.
Example: The heat made everyone tired and Listless.
Example: The youth is inclined more toward Sloth than athletics.
Sluggish=moving slowly.
Example: The game picked up after a Sluggish start.
Torpor/Torpid=slow, inactive or lacking energy.
Example: Animals were found to be quite torpid, but capable of swimming.
65.Never ending / non stop
Chronic=long lasting and recurring.
Example: Inflation has become a Chronic condition in the economy.
Incessant=never ending.
Example: The Incessant noise from outside was a real distraction during the test.
Ineorable=can not be stopped.
Example: There has been an Ineorable rise of crime in Delhi.
Interminable=never ending
Example: An Interminable desert.
Perennial=never ending.
Example: Flooding is a Perennial problem for people living by the river.
Relentless=never ending, constant.
Example: Her Relentless optimism held the team together.
Banal=boring or unexciting.
Example: The acting was Banal, but the story was good.
Bromide=an unoriginal idea.
Example: His speech had nothing more to offer than the usual Bromides about how
everyone needs to work together.
Clich=an overused and therefore uninteresting word or phrase.
Example: This is an old Clich that a trouble shared is a trouble halved.
Derivative=derived from something unoriginal.
Example: The concept ambitious, but Derivative so it disappeared without a trace.
Hackneyed=overused and therefore uninteresting.

Example: The concept of an evil corporation is pretty Hackneyed at this point.

Humdrum=boring or unexciting.
Example: She liked the movie, but I thought it was Humdrum.
Mundane=boring or unexciting.
Example: The executive was sick and tired of hearing Mundane answers.
Pedestrian=boring or unexciting.
Example: He lived a Pedestrian life.
Platitude=an overused and therefore uninteresting word or phrase.
Example: His speech was filled with familiar Platitudes about the value of hard work and
Plebeian=very common, ordinary or unrefined.
Example: He wondered what the people at the club would think of his Plebeian origins.
uotidian=occurring everyday and therefore ordinary.
Example: They used to have uotidian quarrels that every couple usually has.
Trite=overused and therefore uninteresting.
Example: Trite phrases in his letter did not amuse his girlfriend.

Anguish=mental and physical pain or suffering
Example: They watched in Anguish as fire spread through the house.
Bereaved=sad because of having lost a relative or close one because of death.
Example: The grief of his Bereaved parents seemed infinite.
Bereft=deprived of something or someone.
Example: He was completely Bereft when his wife died.
Bleak=depressing or without hope.
Example: His condition had stabilized somewhat, and his future no longer looked
completely Bleak.
Crestfallen=sad and disappointed.
Example: She was Crestfallen when she found out she hadn't got the job.
Dejected=sad and depressed.
Example: She looked so Dejected when she lost the game.
Desolate=sad and lonely
Example: This is a Desolate house, abandoned many years ago.
Despondent=sad and depressed.
Example: I had never seen them looking so Despondent.
Forlorn=sad and lonely sad and lonely.

Example: She looked so Forlorn, standing there in the rain.

Lachrymose=sad and tearful.
Example: The Lachrymose mourners at the funeral required a steady supply of tissues.
Lament=express sadness for something.
Example: She Lamented over the loss of her best friend.
Lugubrious=sad and disappointed
Example: The dim lighting in the disappointed lighting in the restaurant makes eating
there a particularly Lugubrious experience.
Melancholy=sadness or depression.
Example: There is a deep Melancholy in his black and white photography.
Plaintive=sad and mournful.
Example: We could hear the Plaintive cries of wounded people.
Woe=great sorrow.
Example: The earthquake and tsunami brought Woe and suffering.
68.Short lived
Ephemeral=lasting for a short time.
Example: Capturing those Ephemeral images has been a challenge to generations of
Evanescent=lasting for a short time.
Example: An Evanescent bubble.
Fleeting=lasting for a short time.
Example: I had a Fleeting desire to jump into the cool lake, but I kept on hiking.
Example: These are short term Transient benefits at the expense of long term growth.
Example: A Transitory panic struck me when I realized that we had left the baby in the car.
69.Sulking / bad tempered
Dour=bad tempered or gloomy
Example: The city, drab and Dour by day, is transformed at night.
Morose=bad tempered
Example: She was increasingly reclusive and Morose.
Example: I would rather figure things out on my own than ask that Peevish librarian for
Petulant=childishly silly or bad tempered.
Example: He is a Petulant man, who is always blaming everyone else for his problems.

Pout=be irritable or bad tempered.

Example: He has been accused of selfishness, but he does not Pout now.
Saturnine=serious, threatening or gloomy.
Example: The men awaiting interrogation by the police shared a Saturnine silence.
Sullen=bad tempered.
Example: Bob looked pale and Sullen.
70.To make unnecessary
Gratuitous=done without any good reason ; uncalled for.
Example: The film was criticized for its Gratuitous violence.
OBVIATE=make (an action) unnecessary.
Example: The new medical treatment OBVIATEs the need for surgery.
X NECESSITATE=to make necessary.
Example: New safety regulations necessitated adding a railing to the stairs.
X Warrant=to make necessary or justify.
Example: The deepening gloom about the economy may well warrant such an aggressive
EXPENDABLE=not necessary ; can be done without.
Example: Travel is sometimes considered an EXPENDABLE luxury when finances get tight.
FRINGE=not main part of something.
Example: FRINGE players do not get as much attention as main players do.
INCIDENTAL=of minor importance or consequence.
Example: You may incur some INCIDENTAL expenses on the trip.
INCONSEQUENTIAL=not important.
Example: That is an INCONSEQUENTIAL problem compared to the other issues.
NUGATORY=having no value.
Example: Rise in consumer spending this year is likely to be NUGATORY .
PERIPHERAL=not main or important.
Example: If we focus too much on PERIPHERAL issues, we will lose sight of the goal.
PICAYUNE=of little importance.
Example: A PICAYUNE amount.
72.Excess excessive patriotis
Chauvinism=extreme patriotism.
Example: Soldiers made chauvinistic comments about the war.

Fanatic=someone who shows extreme enthusiasm for something especially religion or

Example: Fanatics are calling out for a war with Paistan.
Jingoism=extreme patriotism.
Example: Unnecessary bellicosity and Jingoism is detrimental to peace and prosperity
between the 2 countries.
Zealot=a fanatic.
Example: The military general behaved lile a zealot when it came to discussing dispute
between the 2 countries.
73.Dry extremely wet
Arid=completely dry.
Example: Nothing grows in these Arid regions.
Desiccated=completely dried.
Example: These lands are Desiccated by the dry winds and direct sunlight.
Parch=mae or become dry.
Example: A drought is Parching much of the land in this country.
Sear=make or become dry.
Example: Inadeuate precipitation has Seared the whole region.
X Deluge=a flood of water.
Example: Spring rains can trigger a deluge of water.
X Drench=become wet.
Example: We were caught in the rain and got drenched.
X Inundate=to flood with water.
Example: By the middle of this month seasonal monsoons are expected to further
inundate the region.
X Seep=to leak slowly.
Example: Water was beginning to seep through the cracks.
X Sodden=soaked in water or any liquid.
Example: Because it was raining heavily we arrived home completely sodden.
X Steeped=to soap in water or any liuqid
Example: Steep the fruit in brandy overnight.
Accretion=a gradual increase
Example:Learning the Accretion of new data in memory depends on short-term memory.
Aggrandize=increase in rank,value,status, etc.,
Example:Her sole aim is to Aggrandize herself.

Example:The recent speech of the president Augmented tensions in the Middle East ilate
become eyes ilated it ear
Example:This is an opportunity to Enhance the reputation of the company
Proliferate=grow or increase rapidly.
Example:Books and articles on this subect have Proliferated over the last year.
Wax=grow or increase.
Example:The suns energy output varies sligtly as sunspots Wax on the star's surface.

75.Lessen in intensity
Abate=become less intense.
Example:They waited for the crowd's anger to Abate.
Ebb=become less intense.
Example:We will talk to him when his anger Ebbs.
Recede=move back or become faint or distant.
Example:The sound of te truck Receded into the distance.
Subside=become less intense.
Example:She waited nervously for his anger to Subside.
76.Lucky / Unlucky
Fortuitous=favorable or happening at a good time.
Example: His success depended on a Fortuitous combination of circumstances.
Opportune=favorable or happening at a good time.
Example: The offer could not have come at a more Opportune moment.
Propitious=favorable or happening at a good time.
Example: It was not a Propitious time to start a new business.
Serendipity=fortunate occurence of events by chance.
Example: Meeting her like that, and there of all places, was truly a Serendipity!
X Despair=complete lack of hope.
Example: A deep sense of despair overwhelmed him.
X Hapless=unlucky.
Example: Neither of the hapless officers obtained any evidence of the crime.
X Wretched=unlucky or pitiable.
Example: The wretched man did not have a single friend.

77.Pain /suffering
Adversity=difficulty or misfortune.
Example:He overcame many personal adversities.
Afflictions=pain or suffering.
Example:They sympathized with us in our affliction.
Mishap=an unfortunate accident.
Example: managed to get home without any Mishap.
Ordeals=difficult or painful experience.
Example:His final ordeal might have inspired great self-pity though he displayed no hint of
Trials=a difficult experience trouble or grief.
Example:This film is as much about celebration as it is about Trials.
Tribulation=trouble pain or suffering.
Example:Life is full of Tribulations.
Example: Film- makers of that time were Constricted by the censors.
Contract=become shrunk.
Example: The universe is expanding rather than Contracting.
Example: The cricket match was Curtailed to 20 overs a side.
Example: Support for the party has Dwindled.
Flag=lose energy, interest, etc.,
Example: It had been a long day and the children were beginning to Flag.
Example: Her enthusiasm for the whole idea was waning rapidly.
Amalgamate=to combine.
Example: The company has now Amalgamated with another local firm.
Coalition=a combination of 2 or more things.
Example: The two party leaders have to cooperate in a Coalition government.
Conflate=to join.
Example: The issues of race and class are separate and should not be Conflated.

Meld=mix together or join.

Example: We've choosen our favorite houses that Meld style with globally conscious living.
Synthesis=a combination or mixture of 2 or more things
Example: Our culture has a Synthesis of traditional and modern values.
Example:Her remarks are extremely Apposite to the present discussion.
Example:Lets discuss this on an Apropos moment.
Example:These remarks are Germane to the discussion.
Example:Please keep your comments Pertinent to the topic under discussion.
81.Remembering the past
Hindsight=look back at a situation after it has happened.
Example: What looks obvious in Hindsight was not at all obvious at the time.
Nostalgia=sentimental desire or thought for the happy past time.
Example: She is filled with Nostalgia for her own college days.
Reminiscence=remembering past time.
Example: The book is a collection of his Reminiscence about the actress.
Retrospect=look back at a situation after it has happened.
Example: In Retrospect, the decision seems etremely odd.
Wistfully=showing a vague or regretful desire for past time.
Example: If only I had known you then, he said Wistfully.
82.Shortage / lack of
Dearth=lack of.
Example: There was a Dearth of reliable information on the subject.
Example: We don't know whether a serotonin Deficit causes depression or is itself a
byproduct of other influences.
Deprived=prevented from having something.
Example: Deprived of regular income, many homeowners are falling behind with their
mortgage payments.
Devoid=lacking in.
Example: The letter was Devoid of warmth and feeling.

Paucity=lack of.
Example: There was a a Paucity of information.
Vacuous=empty or lacking in intelligence.
Example: Although the suggestions are overly simple, they are not Vacuous.
83.Spend lavishly
Dissipate=spend excessively or wastefully.
Example: If you win the lottery, you might suddenly find yourself with a group of friends
encouraging you to Dissipate your money.
Prodigal=spending or wasting ( money, resources ) excessively.
Example: Marriage of his son involved Prodigal expenditure.
Profligate=spending or wasting ( money, resources )excessively.
Example: A Profligate nation may have good reason to run up debts.
Spendthrift=a person who spends excessively.
Example: Most wealthy boys are naturally inclined to be Spendthrifts.
Squander=spend excessively or wastefully.
Example: He Squandered all his money on gambling.
84.Sure /certain

Absolute=complete, with no limitations.

Example: You're wrong, she said with Absolute certainty.
Categorical=clear, direct or unconditional.
Example: He is known for making Categorical statements.
Certitude=sure or certain.
Example: 'You will like Rome,' he said with Certitude.
Conviction=a firm .
belief Example: He said he agreed, but his voice lacked Conviction.
Emphatic=clear, forceful or strongly expressive.
Example: He was Emphatic that he could not work with her.
Incontrovertible=can not be denied or contradicted.
Example: There is enormous, Incontrovertible evidence.
Unqualified=not limited or restricted.
Example: The newspaper lavished Unqualified praise on the actor.
X Contingent=dependent on
Example: A good score is contingent on the amount of hard work you put in.
X Provisional=temporary or conditional.

Example: Some skeptics contend that science can never end because all knowledge is
provisional and subject to change.
X Qualify=add conditions or limitations to.
Example: I want to qualify what I said earlierI didn't mean he couldn't do the job, only
that he would need supervision.
X Tentative=not sure or certain.
Example: A tentative smile on his face.
Example: Starving children develop huge Distended stomachs.
Tumid =swollen.
Example: A Tumid belly.
Example: After the accident, his head became Turgid.
Example: Bees do not occupy and use up Arable land.
example: If water can be located in other areas, arid land can readily be made Fecund.
Verdant=covered with plants or green grass.
Example: Rain has made the whole village Verdant.
X Barren=infertile.
Example: The land was barren, and food and water were not plentiful.
87.Uncertain in meaning
Ambiguous=unclear ; open to more than one meaning.
Example: Her story was deliberately Ambiguous.
Ambivalent=having mixed feelings or opinions.
Example: She seems to feel Ambivalent about her new job.
Equivocal=unclear ; open to more than one meaning.
Example: She gave an Equivocal answer.
88.Unwilling to spend
Closefisted=unwilling to spend money.
Example: Whenever it comes to paying his rent he becomes Closefisted.
Frugal=using money or resources carefully.

Example: He has always been hard- working and Frugal.

Miserly=unwilling to spend money.
Example: He is a Miserly man.
Niggardly=unwilling to spend money.
Example: As he is a Niggardly man, he always makes his friends spend.
Parsimonious=unwilling to spend money or resources.
Example: He was Parsimonious so hated to give more than was absolutely necessary.
Skinflint=someone who is unwilling to spend money.
Example: The old Skinflint never paid me for my work.
Stingy=reluctant to give or spend.
Example: Don't be so Stingy with your marketing budget.
Stint=provide very less or be very frugal.
Example: She never Stints on the food at her parties.
Thrift=spending carefully and wisely.
Example: The artificial reduction of interest rates discourages normal Thrift and saving.
Tightfisted=unwilling to spend money.
Example: My father becomes Tightfisted whenever I demand too much pocket money.
89.Very high price
Exorbitant=very high price.
Example: It is a good hotel, but the prices are Exorbitant.
Gouging=very high price.
Example: Housing shortages permit landlords to charge Gouging rents.
Prohibitive=very high price.
Example: The price of property in the city is Prohibitive.
90.Very less
Marginal=very less.
Example: The story will only be of Marginal interest to our readers.
Meager=very less or inadequate.
Example: She supplements her meagre income by cleaning at night.
Negligible=small or insignificant.
Example: The cost was Negligible.
Paltry=very less.
Example: His account offers a Paltry 1% return on your investment.
Scanty=very less.
Example: Details of his life are Scanty.
Skimpy=very less.

Example: They provided only Skimpy details.

Spare=Frugally restricted or meager.
Example: Since he was obese, the doctor recommended him a Spare diet.
Sparse=very less or restricted
Mnemonic: Sparse sounds like Parsi(one group of people),who are not many in INDIA but
Example: Your students must be writing only short, Sparse, simple equations.
Affluent=very wealthy.
Example: I live in a very Affluent neighborhood.
Opulent=very wealthy.
Example: The former ruler left behind signs of an Opulent life.
92.Breaking a rule
Breach=break a rule, law, etc.,
Example: There is a Breach of contract and copyright infringement.
Flout=break a rule, law, etc.,
Example: Motorists regularly Flout the law.
X Abide=agree with a rule, law, etc.,
Example: The act does not spell out any consequences for failing to abide the rule.
X Adhere=agree with a rule, law, etc.,
Example: Some corporations don't have any particular moral standard to which they

93.Cancel / take back

Example: Their marriage was Annulled after just two months.
Disavow=disown or repudiate.
Example: The coach Disavowed responsibility for the player's behavior.
Gainsay=deny or contardict.
Example: Nobody can Gainsay his claims.
Null=invalidate or nullify.
Example: The contract was Nulled after a lot of thought.
Recant=withdraw ( a statement, opinion, etc ).
Example: He had to publicly Recant his critical remarks about her.
Renege=go back on your promise.

Example: They had promised to pay her tuition, but they later Reneged.
Repeal=cancel a rule, law, etc.,
Example: The committee does not have the power to Repeal the ban.
Repudiate=reject, refuse or deny.
Example: Our leaders should Repudiate this sort of fatalism.
Rescind=cancel a rule, law, etc.,
Example: The company later Rescinded his membership.
Retract=withdraw ( a statement, opinion, etc ).
Example: He made a false confession, which he later Retracted.
Revoke=cancel a rule, law, etc.,
Example: The judge Revoked the driving license of the criminal.
Void=invalidate or nullify.
Example: Because they were not happy in their marriage, they had it Voided.
Decay / rot
Brackish=unpleasant or distasteful
Example: Finally, a Brackish tide of pessimism has descended upon the country.
Carrion=decaying flesh
Example: The victims attract crows feasting on human Carrion.
Putrefaction=decay or rot
Example: The smell was awful and Putrefaction had already set in.
Rancid=having an unpleasant smell or taste
Example: There was a Rancid smell coming from the kitchen.
X Wholesome=good for health
Example: Inspectors ensure that food is pure and wholesome.

Example: The appeal of this environment is strong and invigorating.
Example: For relaxation, guests can enjoy Revitaliing services at the onsite spa.
Rousing=eciting or energetic.
Example: The team was given a Rousing reception y the fans.
X Sedative=making calm.
Example: Before the test starts, you will be given a mild sedative to help you relax.
X Soporific=causing sleep.

Example: The movie had a soporific effect on the audience.

Extra/ unnecessary
Extraneous=extra and therefore not required.
Example: We do not want any Extraneous information on the page.
Redundant=extra and therefore not required.
Example: The picture has too much Redundant detail.
Superfluous=extra or unnecessary.
Example: He may have felt any extra knowledge was Superfluous.
95.Famous important person
Eminent=famous or important.
Example: Vijay Mallya is an Eminent peronality in the business world.
Luminary=a famous person who inspires future generations.
Example: He has played with all the great jazz luminaries.
Pre- Eminent=superior or better than all others.
Example: Dickens was preeminent among English writers of his day.
Stature=fame or reputation.
Example: She is an actress of considerable Stature.

Example: The man was now blinded by his own Avarice.
Example: It's also vulnerable to theft, Covetous family members and demands for loans
from relatives.
Example: His Cupidity was tempted, his every weakness exploited.
Example: Insurance companies are Rapacious and are not in the business of optimizing
Example: Still Ravenous for more and yet more work, her activities had branched out into
new directions.
Voracious=eagerly consuming something.
Example: a Voracious appetite ; a Voracious reader.

97.Main job / profession

Vocation=main job.
Example: Although he could not have known it at the time, he had found his Vocation.
X Avocation=a hobby.
Example: Our doctor's avocation is painting.
98.Overly noisy
Boisterous=noisy and energetic.
Example: It was a challenge to keep the Boisterous crowd in control.
Cacophony=a discordant mixture of sounds.
Example: She could not hear him because of the Cacophony in the stadium.
Clamor=loud and continued noise.
Example: The Clamor of traffic was deafening.
Clangor=a loud, resonant sound.
Example: The Clangor of music was heard again.
Din=a continued loud or tumultuous sound.
Example: The Din was sometimes worse on the platforms, topping out at 102 decibels.
Discordant=harsh, unpleasant sound.
Example: He was not selected because people found his music Discordant.
Inaudible=can not be heard.
Example: She spoke in an almost Inaudible voice.
Obstreperous=noisy and difficult to control.
Example: It was no use trying to teach the Obstreperous boys.
Rambunctious=noisy and difficult to control.
Example: We were fed up of the Rambunctious tennagers who have recently shifted in our
Raucous=harsh, unpleasant sound.
Example: The music grew more and more Raucous as the evening went on.
Strident=making or having a harsh sound.
Example: The Strident ringing of the phone annoys me.
Uproar=a state of violent and noisy disturbance.
Example: Her comments provoked a huge Uproar from the audience.
Vociferous=crying out noisily; clamorous.
Example: The beauty of the birds is in their spectacular flights and Vociferous calls heard
throughout the spring.
X Euphony=pleasant sound.
Example: The child slept while hearing his mother's euphonious voice.

X Mellifluous=pleasant sound.
Example: She has a a soft, mellifluous voice.
X Melodious=pleasant sound.
Example: A melodious song could be heard from across the lake.
99.Planned / x spontaneously
Calculated=done it planning.
Example:He took a Calculated risk to solve the problem.
Deliberate=done with planning.
Example:The two are not identical , and is continued equating the two is Deliberate on his
Forethought=careul planning or thought for future.
Example:Some Forethought and preparation are necessary before you embark on the
Intentional=done with planning.
Example: I am sorry I forgot to put your name on the list-it wasn't Intentional.
Premeditated=done with planning.
Example:The killing was not Premeditated.
Studied=done with planning.
Example:She introduced herself with Studied casualness.
X Extemporaneous=done without preparation.
Example:The speech was extemporaneous and is not included in his published papers.
X Impetuous=done without preparation.
Example:His choices are flashy impetuous and never uninteresting
X Impromptu=done without preparation.
Example:They often held impromptu meetings at their house.
X Improvise=do without planning or preparation
Example:It's the kind of game that asks players to improvise and act silly.
Offhand=done without planning or preparation.
Example:His offhand comments about the day's situations will be greatly missed.

Resolution / determined

Example: Dogged tourists have been shooting the same picture from the same spot on the
Endure=to tolerate without giving up.
Example: They had to Endure a long wait before the case came to trial.
Immutable=cannot be changed.

Example: This decision should not be seen as Immutable.

Indefatigable=never tiring.
Example: She was Indefatigable in her search for the truth.
Persevere=continue doing something despite difficulty.
Example: Despite a number of setbacks, they Persevered in their attempts to fly around
the world in a balloon.
Persistence=continue doing something despite difficulty.
Example: His Persistence was finally rewarded when the insurance company agreed to pay
for the damage.
Resolute=firm and determined.
Example: He became even more Resolute in his opposition to the plan.
Steadfast=firm and determined.
Example: He remained Steadfast in his determination to bring the killers to justice.
Tenacious=firm and determined.
Example: She is a Tenacious woman - she never gives up.

Supporter/ x Enemy

Advocate=support a cause, idea or belief.

Example: Many experts Advocate rewarding your child for good behavior.
Ally=someone who supports.
Example: His sister was his Ally against their grandparents.
Champion=supporter of a group, cause, idea or belief.
Example: She was a Champion of the poor all her life.
ENDORSE=to support something.
Example: I wonder how many celebrities actually use the products they ENDORSE.
Espouse=support a cause, idea or belief.
Example: They Espoused the notion of equal opportunity for all in education.
Lobbyist=someone who persuades legislators to support an idea, cause, etc.
Example: She is a paid Lobbyist for a drug company.
Proponent=someone who supports a cause, idea or belief.
Example: He was also a leading Proponent of overhauling the nations health care system.
Protagonist=someone who supports a cause, idea or belief.
Example: He is a leading Protagonist of the conservation movement.
Tout=publicize or promote.
Example: She is being Touted as the next governor.
X Adversary=someone who fights against or opposes another.
Example: His old adversary beat him in the chess tournament.
X Detractor=someone who disparages or belittles the worth of something.

Example: Detractors claim that the building will be ugly and impractical.
X Foe=an opponent or enemy.
Example: He has already done well to topple a seemingly unbeatable foe.
X Impugn=to call into question or challenge something as wrong.
Example: There were no real grounds for impugning the decision.
X Inimical=unfriendly or hostile.
Example: A cold, inimical gaze.
X Opponent=a competitor, rival or someone who opposes.
Example: The team's opponents are unbeaten so far this season.


Example: I love this Delectable baked bread.
Piquant=pleasantly sharp taste.
Example: The chicken served with a Piquant wild mushroom sauce.
Savory=pleasant in taste or smell.
Example: They have also started baking Savory tarts for breakfast.
Scrumptious=tasty Example: I baked a Scrumptious chocolate cake.
Succulent=juicy and tasty.
Example: A buffet table was set with an array of Succulent roasts.
Sumptuous=splendid or lavish.
Example: A Sumptuous feast.
X Unpalatable=not tasty.
Example: Most of us have lied about a friend's unpalatable dish or a partner's new, but
hideous dress.


Adamant=refusing to change one's mind despite persuasion ; stubborn.

Example: Eva was Adamant that she would not come.
Defiant=disobedient or showing resistance or opposition.
Example: The terrorists sent a Defiant message to the government.
Incorrigible=can not be corrected.
Example: The purpose of this legislation is not to let dangerous or Incorrigible people go
Example: He remained as Intractable in his old age as he was in his youth.
Example: He is an Intransigent conservative opposed to every liberal tendency.

Example: Because he is Mulish, he is not able to jell well with others.
Example: The child's misery would move even the most Obdurate person.
Example: He can be very Obstinate when you ask him a personal question.
Example: Jones was the most vocal and Pertinacious of all her critics.
Perverse=stubbornly doing what is wrong.
Example: She finds a Perverse pleasure in upsetting her parents.
Recalcitrant=stubbornly uncooperative towards authority.
Example: The University suspended/ the Recalcitrant demonstrators.
Refractory=hard or impossible to manage.
Example: He is a Refractory child.
Willful=unreasonably stubborn.
Example: People with wondering minds completed significantly more anagrams than did
those with Willful minds.

To accept/ give in/ agree

Accede=agree to someone's wishes.

Example: He Acceded to demands for his resignation.
Acquiesce=agree reluctantly but without protest.
Example: Senior government figures must have Acquiesced in the cover-up.
Amenable=agreeable or easily managable.
Example: They had three very Amenable children.
Example: There were murmurs of both Assent and dissent from the crowd.
Compliant=agree with someone's wishes.
Example: Patients have to be Compliant with the doctor's advice.
Comply=agree with a rule, request, etc.,
Example: They refused to Comply with the U.N. resolution.
Concede=admit something.
Example: He finally Conceded that she was right.
Example: Historians have Concurred with each other in this view.
Docile=easily controlled or managed.
Example: All my tution students are quite Docile and hence I enjoy teaching them.
Malleable=flexible ; easily managed.

Example: Whether Malleable teens are likely to copy the acts they see is debatable.
Pliant=flexible ; easily managed.
Example: He was deposed and replaced by a more Pliant successor.
Succumb=give in to pressure, demands, etc.,
Example: The collector was offered a bribe and he Succumbed to it.
Yield=give up or surrender.
Example: After a long siege, the town was forced to Yield.
105. To make up / create
Concoct=make up a story, idea, etc, especially falsely.
Example: He Concocted an excuse to avoid punishment.
Devise=make up or create.
Example: A new system has been Devised to control traffic in the city.
Formulate=make up or create.
Example: The committee will outline a situation and ask you to Formulate a plan that deals
with the problem.

To object

Defy=challenge or resist boldly

Example: I wouldn't dare to Defy my teachers.
Demur=to object.
Example: At first she Demurred, but then finally agreed.
Dissent=disagreement with official or widely held opinions.
Example: Voices of Dissent began to rise against the established authority in the 1950s
and 1960s.
Object=disagree with something.
Example: Many local people Object to the building of the new airport.
Quibble=argue about small matters.
Example: It is not worth quibbling over such a small amount.

Prove false/ to disprove

Belie=to show to be untrue; contradict.

Example: Her own words Belie her argument.
Debunk=claim or show to be wrong or false.
Example: His theories have been Debunked by recent research.
Discredit=to reject as untrue or of questionable accuracy.
Example: The photos were deliberately taken to Discredit the findings.
Expostulate=to argue in protest or objection.

Example: While she would Expostulate with me, he would remain still.
Rebut=to refute or oppose.
Example: Reviewers aren't always reasonable and authors have a chance to Rebut their
Remonstrate=to argue in protest or objection.
Example: They Remonstrated with the official about the decision.

Unpleasant smell

Fetid=having unpleasant smell.

Example: I cannot stand the Fetid odour of rotting vegetables.
Malodorous=having unpleasant smell.
Example: She could not understand how his son could eat such a Malodorous dish.
Noisome=having unpleasant smell.
Example: Noisome odor and is common on infected areas.
Odoriferous=having an odor.
Example: Spices, Odoriferous woods, and aromatic herbs, tea, coffee, oranges, nutmeg,
and ginger, are exceedingly plentiful.
Putrid=having unpleasant smell.
Example: Everyone will detest the Putrid smell of rotten meat.
Rank=having unpleasant smell.
Example: The house was full of the Rank smell of urine.
X Fragrant=having a pleasant smell.
Example: The air was fragrant with scents from the ocean and the hills.
X Redolent=having a pleasant smell.
Example: The kitchen is redolent with the smell of baking.

Correct / repair

AMEND=correct or improve something.

Example: The law has been AMENDed for the betterment of all common people.
ATONE=make up for a guilt or wrongdoing.
Example: I have a desire to ATONE for my sins.
DISABUSE=remove a false idea or belief.
Example: Let me DISABUSE you of your foolish notions about married life.
EXPIATE=make up for a guilt or wrongdoing.
Example: He had a chance to confess and EXPIATE his guilt.
INDEMNIFY=compensate for harm loss or damage.

Example: The tenant is legally reuired to INDEMNIFY the landlord for any damage caused
to the property.
REDEMPTION=make up for the faults.
Example: The REDEMPTION of the world from sin.
REDRESS=correct or repair something.
Example: It is time to REDRESS the inustices of the past.
REPARATION=repair something.
Example: Offenders should be forced to make REPARATION to the community.
RESTITUTION=make up for harm loss etc.,
Example: The government tried to make RESTITUTION for the damage.


ARDUOUS=difficult reuiring a lot of effort.

Example: This is an ARDUOUS task.
Example: The organiation changed its CUMBERSOME title to something easier to
ENCUMBER=to burden.
Example: The police operation was ENCUMBERed by crowds of reporters.
EXACTING=rigid or severe in demands or reuirements.
Example: He was an EXACTING man to work for.
ONEROUS=difficult reruiring a lot of effort.
Example: An ONEROUS duty or responsibility.
PONDEROUS=heavy awkward or difficult.
Example: The policy formation process is PONDEROUS and beset with political and
bureaucratic pitfalls.
TEDIOUS=too long dull or boring.
Example: The journey soon became TEDIOUS.
X FACILE=done easily.
Example: A facile victory.

Difficulties / confusion

DILEMMA=a difficult or confusing situation.

Example: I was in a DILEMMA whether to go to the party or not.
IMBROGLIO=a difficult or complicated situation.
Example: There was a celebrated IMBROGLIO involving some big names in the New York
literary scene.
MORASS=a difficult or confusing situation.

Example: It will be very difficult to get out of this MORASS of lies and deceit.
PLIGHT=a difficult situation.
Example: The African elephant is in a desperate PLIGHT.
PREDICAMENT=a difficult or confusing situation.
Example: I am in a terrible PREDICAMENT.
QUAGMIRE=a difficult or complicated situation.
Example: I can't handle this QUAGMIRE anymore.
QUANDARY=a difficult or confusing situation.
Example: George was in a QUANDARY - should he go or shouldn't he?



BETRAY=be disloyal to.

Example: He was offered money to BETRAY his colleagues.
Example: The culprit may be more INSIDIOUS and harder to pin down.
Example: In Act 2, he learns of Giovanni's PERFIDY and swears revenge.
TRAITOR=a disloyal person.
Example: He was seen as a TRAITOR to the socialist cause.
Example: He was punished for his TREACHERY.
TREASON=the act of betraying.
Example: Ocalan, who has been found guilty of TREASON, is being held in solitary
confinement on a remote island prison.
TURNCOAT=a disloyal person.
Example: He was accused of being a TURNCOAT.
Example: His allegiance to the political party is well known.
X FEALTY=loyalty.
Example: Now let us shake hands all around and swear fealty.
X FIDELITY=loyalty.
Example: Fidelity to cherished beliefs has been replaced by loyalty to anything that brings
material benefit.


Example: Sudha is a SEASONED dance performer.

VETERAN=an experienced person.

Example: He is a VETERAN of the Korean war.


Example: The brilliant CLARITY of his argument could not be disputed.
ELUCIDATE=explain or make clear.
Example: He ELUCIDATEd his point to the class.
EXPOSITION=a detailed explaination.
Example: We need a clear EXPOSITION of their legal position.
Example: He EXPOUNDed his views on the subect to me at great length.
Example: She has a LIMPID style of writing poetry.
LUCID=easy to understand clear.
Example: The answers in this book are explained in a LUCID style.
PELLUCID=easy to understand clear.
Example: The message sent was uite PELLUCID.


Example: His arms were outstretched in BENEDICTION.


Example: The ehibition will be a delight for the collectors and CONNOISSEURs of silver
VIRTUOSO=very talented, esp in music or arts.
Example: He is a Piano VIRTUOSO.


Feeling guilty

CONTRITE=feeling guilty.
Example: He looked so CONTRITE that for a while she believed that he was actually feeling
sorry for his deeds.
PENITENT=feeling guilty.
Example: He was feeling PENITENT for having punished his son without verifying the truth.

POIGNANT=feeling sad or regretful.

Example: Her face was a POIGNANT reminder of the past time.
Example: She felt no REMORSE at leaving them without notice.
RUEFUL=feeling sad, guilty or pitiable.
Example: The consent was RUEFUL rather than cheerful.


ABEYANCE=a temporary suspension of activity.

Example: Legal proceedings are in ABEYANCE while further enuiries are made.
HIATUS=a gap.
Example: After a five month HIATUS, the talks resumed.
LULL=a temporary calm or quiet.
Example: A LULL in the conversation.
MORATORIUM=The suspension of an activity.
Example: The convention called for a two year MORATORIUM.
RESPITE=a break from something difficult or unpleasant.
Example: The medicine brought a brief RESPITE from the pain.

Having before main event

ANTECEDENT=a thing that comes before another.

Example: It's fairly common to write a sequel, but not so common to write an
FORERUNNER=a thing that comes before another.
Example: An early injury proved the FORERUNNER of a disastrous performance by
HARBINGER=a sign of something to come.
Example: Her father's successful job interview was seen as a HARBINGER of better times
to come.
PRECURSOR=a thing that comes before another.
Example: These events were PRECURSORs to revolution.

Harmful / curse

ANATHEMA=a curse
Example: Blind faith is ANATHEMA to science.
Example: We are aware of the BALEFUL effects of water pollution.
BANE=something that harms.

Example: Sales taxes have become the BANE of businesses across the country.
BLIGHT=something that harms, or destroys.
Example: His career has been BLIGHTed by injuries.
Example: The DELETERIOUS effect of stress on health.
Example: The sun's DETRIMENTAL effect on skin.
Example: The MALEDICTION by the sorcerer scared him.
Example: This will counter the MALIGNANT dust of biological and chemical weapons.
Example: The PERNICIOUS influence of TV violence on children.



UIXOTIC=unrealistic and impractical.

Example: He is UIXOTIC he wants to achieve things that are practically impossible.
Example: There is nothing like a UTOPIAN society



DEBAUCHERY=excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.

Example: He later regretted the DEBAUCHERY of his youth.
DECADENT=deterioration, esp of morality or culture.
Example: The book condemns some of society's wealthiest members as DECADENT fools.
DEGENERATE=to deteriorate in quality or culture or morals.
Example: We are living in a DEGENERATEd society.
DEPRAVITY=deterioration of culture or morals.
Example: He was sinking into a life of utter DEPRAVITY.
DISSOLUTE=excessive indulgence in gambling, drugs, and drinking.
Example: Literature dealing with the DISSOLUTE and degrading aspects of human
IMPROBITY=immorality or dishonesty.
Example: His IMPROBITY resulted in him facing a termination from his workplace.
LIBERTINE=a person who is morally or sexually unrestrained.

Example: The legend of Don Juan depicts him as a LIBERTINE.

Example: She regarded this as the LICENTIOUS and corrupt culture of the entertainment
REPROBATE=a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person.
Example: Without hesitation, she criticized the REPROBATE who proposed such an
indecent idea.
Example: If there was TURPITUDE in that twisted soul, it was well-concealed.
Just beginning
EMBRYONIC=just beginning to develop.
Example: The plan, as yet, only exists in EMBRYONIC form.
FLEDGLING=young, new, or inexperienced.
Example: The intern was still FLEDGLING.
INCHOATE=just beginning to develop.
Example: INCHOATE feelings of affection for a man whom she had, up till now, thought of
as only a friend.
INCIPIENT=just beginning to develop.
Example: The project is still in its INCIPIENT stages.
NASCENT=just beginning to develop.
Example: The actress is now focusing on her NASCENT singing career.
RUDIMENTARY=not fully developed.
Example: This is perhaps the result of some RUDIMENTARY research.

Loss of strength

ATROPHY=degeneration, decline, or decrease.

Example: TV viewing may lead to ATROPHY of children's imaginations.
ATTENUATE=make or become weaker.
Example: The drug ATTENUATEs the effects of the virus.
ATTRITION=a gradual process of wearing down, weakening, or destroying something.
Example: The enemy surrounded the town and conducted a war of ATTRITION.
DEBILITATE=make weak.
Example: The troops were severely DEBILITATEd by hunger and disease.
DEGENERATE=deteriorate in strength, quality, etc.,
Example: Her health DEGENERATEd quickly.
DEGRADATION=the act of degrading.
Example: A lot of environmental DEGRADATION is caused because of plastic usage.

EFFETE=exhausted of vigor or energy; worn out.

Example: The soft, EFFETE society that marked the final years of the Roman empire.
ENERVATE=make weak and tired.
Example: A lifetime of working in dreary jobs had ENERVATEd his very soul.
ENFEEBLE=make weak.
Example: That bout of pneumonia ENFEEBLEd him.
FLAGGING=weak or tired.
Example: We should rejuvenate our FLAGGING attitude toward everything.
MORIBUND=lacking energy or vitality.
Example: Italy's economy is stagnant, its businesses depressed, and its reforms
WILT=lose strength.
Example: He was WILTing from all the pressure at work.
WITHER=to cause to wilt, fade, or lose vitality.
Example: Constant injuries have WITHERed the man.
X BURGEON=grow or increase rapidly.
Example: This country has a burgeoning population.
X REGENERATE=to re-create, reconstitute, or make over, especially in a better form or
Example: The money will be used to regenerate the commercial heart of the town.
X REJUVENATE=give energy or life to someone.
Example: His new job seemed to rejuvenate him.
X RESUSCITATION=to revive a person who has lost consciousness.
Example: He had an heart attack and all attempts to resuscitate him failed.
X REVIVE=give new energy or life to.
Example: We revived him with artificial respiration.


Right to vote

Example: He felt FETTERed by small and petty rules and regulations.
SECURE=fix frimly.
Example: She SECUREd the rope firmly to the back of the car.
SHACKLE=a restraint
Example: A country struggling to free itself from the SHACKLEs of colonialism.
TETHER=tie with a rope or chain
Example: He TETHERed his horse to a tree.

X EMANCIPATE=free from restrictions

Example: Slaves were not emancipated until 1863 in the United States.
X EXTRICATE=free from restrictions
Example: He had managed to extricate himself from most of his official duties.



ECCENTRIC=unusual or unconventional.
Example: Most people considered him a harmless ECCENTRIC.
FOIBLE=a slight peculiarity or minor weakness.
Example: We have to tolerate each others little FOIBLEs.
IDIOSYNCRASY=peculiarity or a distinctive feactue.
Example: Wearing a raincoat even before it starts raining is one of her idiosyncrasies.
ODDITY=anything strange or unusual.
Example: The book deals with some of the oddities of grammar and spelling.
UIRKINESS=a strange attitude or habit.
Example: Everyone has his/her own little uirks and mannerisms.



CRUX=the essential point.

Example:Now we should come to the CRUX of the matter.
GIST=a summary.
Example:I missed the beginning of the lecture can you give me the GIST of what he said ?
PRECIS=a summary.
Example He was asked to make a precis of the report and submit it before the next
PURPORT=meaning essence or gist.
Example:What is the main PURPORT of your letter.
SYNOPSIS=a summary.
Example The program gives a brief SYNOPSIS of the plot.


AMORPHOUS=unclear or vague.
Example: An AMORPHOUS mass of cells with no identity at all.
BECLOUD=make unclear.
Example: The introduction of such a resolution would only BECLOUD the matter.

CLOUD=make unclear.
Example: Doubts were beginning to CLOUD my mind.
Example: His memory of the incident was someone INDISTINCT.
MURKY=dim or hard to see through clearly.
Form: adj Tone: neg.
Example: This is a MURKY night.
NEBULOUS=unclear or vague.
Example: This is a NEBULOUS concept.


FLAWLESS=without mistakes.
Example: Her English is almost FLAWLESS.
IMMACULATE=perfect clean or without mistakes.
Example: She always looks IMMACULATE.
IMPECCABLE=without mistakes.
Example: Her written English is IMPECCABLE.
INFALLIBLE=incapable of making mistake.
Example: Doctors are not INFALLIBLE.
Example: A man of great INTEGRITY.
IRREPROACHABLE=can not be criticised.
Example: His conduct as a police officer was IRREPROACHABLE.
Example: The defense attorney uestioned the PROBITY of the witness.
Example: She is a model of RECTITUDE.
UNIMPEACHABLE=can not be doubted or questioned.
Example: We got evidence from an UNIMPEACHABLE source.


Acting properly

Decorous=dignified, proper, and in good taste.

Example: It was a spectacularly Decorous event.
Demure=shy and reserved.
Example: She is a Demure young lady.
Prim=formally precise or proper.

Example: She is much too Prim and proper to be a host.

Propriety=following what is socially acceptable in speech and behavior.
Example: Nobody questioned the Propriety of her being there alone.
Seemly=dignified, proper, and in good taste.
Example: It was not considered Seemly to talk in such a way in front of the children.
X Execrable=very bad or unpleasant.
Example: An execrable stage performance.
X Flagrant=openly outrageous.
Example: A flagrant violation of human rights.
X Malfeasance=a wrong act.
Example: The officer was arrested for malfeasance.

Bold / rude

Arrogant=too proud and looking down on others.

Example: His Arrogant behavior is observed by his seniors with disgust.
Audacious=very bold.
Example:An Audacious decision.
Bombastic=(of speech, writing, etc.) high- sounding; high-flown; inflated; pretentious.
Example: There were Bombastic speeches by party members.
Braggart=one who brags.
Example: I am not trying to be a Braggart, but the editors mentioned me frequently in
their journals.
Bravado=a bold or brave manner.
Example: 'Don't threaten me,' she whispered with false Bravado.
Brazen=shamelessly bold.
Example: She had become Brazen about the whole affair.
Cheeky=slightly rude or disrespectful.
Example: A Cheeky smile.
Conceited=very proud.
Example:He is a very Conceited person.
Effrontery=bold and rude manner.
Example: He had the Effrontery to accuse me of lying.
Egotistical=very proud or self- centered.
Example:His Egotistical behaviour prevented him from really loving anyone but himself.
Gall=bold and rude manner.
Example: Then they had the Gall to complain about the head of the school.
Grandiloquent=pompous or bombastic.
Example: His Grandiloquent speech impressed no one.

Haughty=very arrogant or proud.

Example: He replied with Haughty disdain.
Hauteur=a haughty manner.
Example: Bills haughtiness infuriated Martha so much that she stormed out of the room.
Hubris=excessive pride.
Example: His failure was brought only by Hubris.
Example: Would it be Impertinent to ask why you are leaving?
Example: During the examination, his conduct was Impudent.
Example: Her Insolent attitude cost her the job.
Example: It took a lot of Nerve to take the company to the court.
Pompous=arrogant or conceited.
Example:His speech sounded very Pompous and self congratulatory.
Presumptuous=impertinently bold.
Example: Would it be Presumptuous of me to ask to borrow your car?
Pretentious=assume great importance for oneself.
Example: Bureaucrats are generally lazy,Pretentious, and vindictive individuals.
Example A Saucy remark.
Supercilious=displaying arrogant pride, scorn, or indifference.
Example: The jewelry store clerk was very Supercilious.
Swagger=walk or behave in a very arrogant or proud way.
Example: He Swaggered into the room, looking very pleased with himself.
Temerity=excessive boldness.
Example: He had the Temerity to call me a liar.
Vainglorious=very proud and boastful.
Example: He has always come across as deeply untrustworthy and extremely Vainglorious.
X Unassuming=modest.
Example:Sachin Tendulkar is a very unassuming.

Chaos / confusion

Bedlam=chaos or conusion.
Example: It was Bedlam at our house on the morning of the wedding
Tumultous=marked by disturbance, disorder and uproar.

Example: Both had to brace themselves or a tumultuous period of financial and legal
Turbulence=Violent disorder.
Example: That was a period of Turbulence in the country's history.
Upheaval=strong or violent change or disturbance.
Example: The upheaval scared off tourists and shattered the city's economy.


Cheat /deceive

Artful=do something skillfully, especially in a cunning way.

Example: He was Artful and cunning so she didn't really trust him.
Example: Pretending to faint was merely an Artifice.
Bilkcheat someone of money, possessions, etc.,
Example: A con man who Bilked investors out of millions of dollars.
Chicanery=deception or trickery.
Example: It can take several hours in large counties for the ballots to reach the counting
station, giving ample opportunity for Chicanery.
Crafty=sly and deceptive.
Example: He's a Crafty old devil.
Dupe=a person who can be easily fooled.
Example: He has never made a progress because he is a Dupe.
Finagle=take money, possessions, etc by trickery.
Example: He Finagled some tickets for tonight's big game.
Fleece=cheat someone of money, possessions, etc.,
Example: Some local stores have been fleecing tourists.
Guile=deception or trickery.
Example: George was a man completely lacking in Guile.
Example: The immigrant was Gulled because he trusted everyone very easily.
Hoodwink=cheat or deceive.
Example: She was Hoodwinked into buying a worthless necklace.
Swindle=cheat someone of money, possessions, etc.,
Example: They Swindled him out of hundreds of dollars.
Wily =cunning.
Example: The boss is a Wily old fox.


Criminals/ law breakers

Felon=one who has committed a serious crime.

Example: A convicted Felon loses the right to vote.
Menace=a threatening person or a thing.
Example: A new initiative aimed at beating the Menace of illegal drugs.
Miscreant=one who creates trouble.
Example: Some Miscreants uprooted all the plants in our colony last night.
vRogue=a violent person, especially a criminal.
Example: Many of the residents of this apartment were Rogues.
Scoundrel=an unprincipled, dishonorable person; villain.
Example: The Scoundrel who killed her escaped before the police had any knowledge of
the crime.


Cataclysm=a violent upheaval.

Example: The immediate cause for this Cataclysm was the recession.
Catastrophe=a disaster.
Example: Early warnings of rising water levels prevented another major Catastrophe.
Coup (X)=a clever action or accomplishment.
Example: At this point in time, no one can be sure as to whether the coup was justified.
Debacle=a disaster.
Example: The revolution ended in a Debacle.


Apprehensive=worried, nervous or fearful.

Example: You have no reason to be Apprehensive about the future.
Cynical=always questioning or doubting people or their motives.
Example: Do you have to be Cynical about everything.
Example: I was pretty Dubious about the whole idea.
Questionable=doubtful or subject to question.
Example: Their conclusion is highly Questionable.
Example: I am Septical about his chances of winning.

Generous support

Altruist=someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human wellbeing.

Example: Businessmen are not necessarily motivated by respect given to Altruists.

Benefactor=one who gives money or other support for a good cause.
Example: He is a generous Benefactor.
Beneficent=kind or generous.
Example: Her father is a Beneficent businessman.
Benevolent=kind or generous.
Example: Believe in the existence of a Benevolent God!
Humane=kind or compassionate.
Example: Campaigners claim that the animals are not being kept in Humane condition.
Example: Without their Magnanimous support, this project would not have been possible.
Example: We are extremely grateful for your Munificent gift to our cause.
Patron=one who gives money or other support.
Example: She also selects buyers carefully, preferring a Patron who is willing to donate
works to a museum.
Philanthropist=someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human
well- being.
Example: He was a wealthy businessman and Philanthropist.
Impersonator / cheat
Charlatan=a person who pretends.
Example: He knows nothing about medicine- he is a complete Charlatan.
Imposter=a person who pretends to be someone else.
Example: These measures may not entirely stop fraudulent accounts from being opened
by the Imposter.
Swindler=a cheater.
Example: The Swindler swindled all the property from his friends.
Practical / possible
Example: It is a Conceiable that Ill see her tomorrow.
Example: It is just not Credible that she would cheat.
Example: Its just not Feasible to manage the business on a part time basis.
Example: Her story sounded perfectly Plausible.

Example: We should hae a Pragmatic approach to management problems.
Utilitarian=intended for use practical.
Example: This is a plain Utilitarian kitchenware.
Verisimilar=truthful or probable.
Example: A Verisimilar tale.
Example: These custom-built deices are not cheap enough to be commercially Viable.


Example: The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is Abbreviated to NASA.
Abridge=shorten ( a piece of writing, film etc ).
Example: She has been asked to Abridge the movie for television.
Brevity=shortness or conciseness.
Example: Charles Dickens was not known for his Brevity in writing.
Example: Condense your answer into a few words.
Laconic=using few words.
Example: A Laconic comment.
Monosyllabic=very brief.
Example: A Monosyllabic reply.
Reticent=quiet ; not speaking a lot.
Example: Friends gave mixed, but frequently more positive ratings to more Reticent
Succinct=short ; to the point.
Example: Keep your answers as Succinct as possible.
Taciturn=quiet ; not speaking a lot.
Example: He is a Taciturn and serious young man.


Example: To Recapitulate briefly, the three main points are these.
Regurgitate=repeat, especially something not fully understood.
Example: For the exam, you must be able to Regurgitate the information.
Rehash=repeat or use again, with no or few changes.
Example: He just Rehashes songs from the 60's.

Example: Let me Reiterate that we are fully committed to this policy.


Abstemious=showing restrain.
Example: He was a hardworking man with Abstemious habits.
Example: Abstinence from chocolates is impossible for her.
Celibacy=refrain from marriage or sex.
Example: He has been celibate all his life.
Forbear=refrain from something.
Example: He wanted to answer back, but he forbore from doing so.
Moderate=within reasonable limits.
Example: He has Moderate salary demands.
Refrain=stop from doing something.
Example: Please, Refrain from smoking in this area.
Temperate=mild or moderate.
Example: He is Temperate in his eating and drinking habits.
X Indulge=give in to an inclination or desire.
Example: They went into town to indulge in some serious shopping.

Self control

Example: Although these bulbs are Incandescent, they consume much less energy.
Example: A bird with Iridescent bright colors.
Example: He was looking at us with large Luminous eyes.
Example: She has thick Lustrous hair.
Example: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a Refulgent setting
for the ball.
Scintillating=shining with bright flashes of light.
Example: Scintillating screens are a direct method to observe an ion beam.
Shinning show off

Example: Although these bulbs are Incandescent, they consume much less energy.
Example: A bird with Iridescent bright colors.
Example: He was looking at us with large Luminous eyes.
Example: She has thick Lustrous hair.
Example: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a Refulgent setting
for the ball.
Scintillating=shining with bright flashes of light.
Example: Scintillating screens are a direct method to observe an ion beam.
Very bright
Example: Although these bulbs are Incandescent, they consume much less energy.
Example: A bird with Iridescent bright colors.
Example: He was looking at us with large Luminous eyes.
Example: She has thick Lustrous hair.
Example: Crystal chandeliers and gilded walls made the opera house a Refulgent setting
for the ball.
Scintillating=shining with bright flashes of light.
Example: Scintillating screens are a direct method to observe an ion beam.


Very talkative

Garrulous=very talkative.
Example: He became Garrulous whenever he was extremely happy.
Loquacious=very talkative.
Example: She is a Loquacious lady who never runs out of stories to tell.
Prolix=using more words than are required.
Example: This Prolix article is telling you more than you want to know.
Verbiage=speech or writing using more words than are required.
Example: The Verbiage devoted to the denigration of spell-check could fill a dictionary.

Verbose=using more words than are required.

Example: She is a Verbose speaker.
Voluble=very talkative.
Example: Evelyn was very Voluble on the subject of woman rights.

Without deception

Artless=without deception.
Example: The Artless sincerity of a young child.

Credence/ Credible=truthfulness, or believability.

Example: They could give no credence to the findings of the survey.

Credulous=believing things very easily.

Example: The law will afford relief to the Credulous people who have been duped.

Dupe=an innocent or gullible person.

Example: He has never made a progress because he is a Dupe.

Guileless=without deception.
Example: Jacobs, a sweet and Guileless,performer, is quite delightful.

Gullible=easily fooled.
Example: The advertisement is aimed at Gullible young women worried about their weight.

Example: Everyone was flexible and Ingenuous and looked for ways to keep things going.

Example: She's so naive that she believes everything she reads.


Alone /lonely

Isolation=separated from the rest of people or things.

Example: Many unemployed people experience feelings of Isolation and depression.

Recluse=a person who likes staying alone or in isolation.

Example: Her life, lived as a Recluse, gave rise to all sorts of stories concerning her.

Seclude=separate from others.

Example: After Mr. Parks death, his daughter, who never married, has lived a Secluded life.

Example: She enjoys long Solitary walks.

Example: The entire class performed incredibly well on the test, largely due to the sleepy
professor's Lax supervision.

Example: His parents say that the naval medical staff was Negligent.

Example: We were Remiss in not sending thank-you notes for our wedding gifts.

Slipshod=done carelessly.
Example: The crops are gathered in a Slipshod way. How do we get profits from them?

X Stringent=harsh or strict.
Example: Stringent safety procedures prevent accidents in a dangerous work environment.

Confirm / give up (x)

Example: I can Affirm that no one will lose his or her job.

Example: A great detective must always Ascertain his beliefs.

Aver=say openly and confidently.

Example: She Averred that she had never seen the man before.

Avow=declare openly.
Example: They Avowed their undying love for each other.

Proclaim=declare openly or publicly.

Example: The day was Proclaimed a public holiday.

X Abdicate=give up ( power, claim,right, etc).

Example: Sonia Gandhi willingly abdicated the position of the Prime Minister.

X Abjure=give up.
Example: Academic freedom to pursue the truth entails the obligation to abjure untruth.

X Abnegate=give up.
Example: The king abnegated his power to the ministers.

X Cede=give up or surrender ( land, position, or authority ).

Example: Cuba was ceded by Spain to the US in 1898.

X Forsake=give up.
Example: She promised his wife that he will never forsake her.

X Forswear=give up an idea, belief, or habit.

Example: He foreswore cigarettes as his New Year's resolution.

X Relinquish=give up.
Example: He was forced to relinquish control of the company.


Easily affected

Prone=easily affected or influenced by.

Example: People with fair skin, who sunburn easily, are very Prone to develop skin cancer.

Subject to=open or exposed to.

Example: The whole meeting was subjected to ridicule.

Susceptible=easily affected or influenced by.

Example: Salt intake may lead to high blood pressure in Susceptible adults.

Vulnerable=open to or easily affected by.

Example: In cases of food poisoning, young children are especially Vulnerable.

X Impervious=incapable of being influenced, persuaded, or affected.

Example: She is impervious to criticism.


Examine carefully

# Browse=to look through or glance at casually.

Example: He's browsing the shelves for something to read.

Peruse=read or examine something carefully.

Example: A copy of the report is available for you to Peruse at your leisure.

Pore Over=examine carefully.

Example: His lawyers are poring over the fine print in the contract.

Scrutinize=read or examine something carefully.

Example: She leaned forward to Scrutinize their faces.


Express using gesture

Charade=a game in which mambers take turns at acting out in pantomime a word, phrase.
Example: Let's play Charades.

Gesticulate=express using gestures.

Example: She was shouting and gesticulating from the other side of the road.

Mime=the art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures and
bodily movements.
Example: The actor Mimed the President very accurately.

Pantomime=the art or technique of portraying a character, mood, idea, or narration by gestures

and bodily movements.
Example: This is a magical tale told through Pantomime and song.



Affable=friendly, pleasant.
Example: Mr Brook is an extremely Affable and approachable person.

Amiable=friendly, pleasant.
Example: Two Amiable people who no longer want to be married to one another might have an
amicable divorce.

Example: Round the family table, the political talk is tough, but Amicable.

Camaraderie=a feeling of friendship and trust.

Example: The games are designed to differentiate the line between competition and

Complaisance=ready to accept and doing what others want you to do.

Example: She was a complaisant wife and dutiful daughter.

Congenial=friendly, cheerful.
Example: It always feels great to work in a Congenial environment.

Convivial=friendly, cheerful.
Example: She is a woman of Convivial nature.

Example: We both share a Cordial relationship.

Fraternize=associate in a friendly manner.

Example: The recession has created an atmosphere where disparate groups fraternise in an
atmosphere of mutual support.

Genial=friendly, pleasant.
Example: Bob was always Genial and welcoming host.


Hide /cover/ disguise

Camouflage=concealment by some means that alters or obscures the appearance.

Example: Drab plumage provides the bird with Camouflage against predators.

Cloak=cover or hide.
Example: Cloaking an issue never helps you get rid of it, you should face it.

Dissemble=disguise feelings or intention.

Example: She was a very honest person who was incapable of dissembling.

Example: A present for me? she asked with Feigned surprise.

Guise=assumed appearance.
Example: He approached them under the Guise of friendship.

Incognito=having one's identity concealed.

Example: Movie stars often prefer to travel Incognito.

Masquerade=a pretended act.

Example: He was tired of the Masquerade and wanted the truth to come out.

Shroud=cover or hide.
Example: The clouds Shroud the mountain 9 out of 10 days.

Travesty=a false or illogical representation or imitation.

Example: The trial was a Travesty of justice.


Imitate / comic imitation

Emulate=imitate with effort to equal or surpass.

Example: She hopes to Emulate her sister's athletic achievements.

Mimic=copy words or actions.

Example: He Mimicked Rajnikant in the class.

Simulate=to copy.
Example: Role- playing is a useful way of simulating real-life situations.


Intervenor / lead

Arbiter=someone selected to judge and settle a dispute.

Example: The law is the final Arbiter of what is considered wrong.

Arbitrator=someone selected to judge and settle a dispute.

Example: He was chosen as the Arbitrator for the cricket match.

Mediate=to act between parties to settle an agreement, compromise,etc.,

Example: The Mayor was asked to Mediate in the dispute.

Officiate=act in an official capacity.

Example: A new referee will Officiate at the game.

Preside=act as the leader or president of a meeting,etc.,

Example: They asked if I would Preside at the committee meeting.


Irritable / bad tempered

Cantankerous=bad tempered.
Example: He is a Cantankerous old man.

Chagrin=feel irritated or embarrassed.

Example: To her Chagrin, neither of her sons became doctors.

Example: He was a Choleric, self- important man.

Churlish=rude, irritable or bad tempered.

Example: It might seem Churlish to critique this engaging film on political grounds.

Curmudgeon=a bad tempered person.

Example: You are such a Curmudgeon - why do you keep shouting at my kids for no reason?

Grouchy=irritable or bad tempered.

Example: On average, people are lively when they wake up and become Grouchy as the day
wears on.

Gruff=rude, harsh or bad tempered.

Example: Beneath his Gruff exterior, he's really a nice guy.

Example: Clearly, he has been made Irascible by taunts about his doomsday no-shows.

Example: 'Why do you laugh at me?' she inquired, with a frank Testiness.


Offensive / lusty

Lascivious=indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust.

Example: He was fired for making Lascivious remarks to a co-worker.

Lecherous=lustful .
Example: He had a Lecherous gleam in his eye.

Leer=stare in a lustful way.

Example: Leering at others is utterly frustrating and intolerable.

Lewd=sexually inappropriate.
Example: Any clothing that would be considered to be Lewd will be cause for any visitor to be
denied a visit.

Lurid=glaringly vivid or sensational, esp sexually.

Example: She was wearing a Lurid orange and green blouse.

Obscene=sexually inappropriate.
Example: He was arrested for making Obscene calls.

Ogle=stare in a lustful way.

Example: He is not in the habit of ogling at women.

Seamy=immoral, unpleasant or sordid.

Example: He was always attracted towards a Seamy way of life.

Sordid=morally ignoble.
Example: It was a shock to discover the truth about his Sordid past.

Vulgar=sexually inappropriate.
Example: The Vulgar decoration spoilt the mood and ambience of the party.


Office or job related

Incumbent=an official who holds a position in office.

Example: Voters are usually vote for Incumbents who bring improvement, however limited.

Sedentary=sitting a lot and not very physically active.

Example: The researchers say that Sedentary behaviour such as watching TV, sitting in a car or
using a computer is becoming pervasive.

Sinecure=a job that pays, but involves minimal work.

Example: Because he was the brother of the CEO, he was offered a Sinecure in the company.


Cemmemorate=remember something by honoring it.

Example: A series of movies will be shown to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death.

Example: He responded with courtly Deference, giving them his full attention.

Exalt=raise to a higher rank, honour or dignity.

Example: He was Exalted to the position of president.

Hallow=to respect or honor as being holy.

Example: Their wedding was Hallowed by a friendly priest.

Homage=great respect and honor.

Example: He describes his book as 'a Homage to my father.'

Revere=respect deeply.
Example: From earliest childhood, she had been taught to Revere and love bishops of her church.

Venerate=respect deeply.
Example: Obey and Venerate the old people, particularly your parents.



Example: The CIA might run a Clandestine operation to infiltrate terrorist organizations.

Example: The teachers weren't impressed by the students' Covert attempt to derail the

Example: She cast a Furtive glance over her shoulder.

Oblique=refering to something indirectly.

Example: He referred only Obliquely to their recent problems.

Skulk=to move in a stealthy manner.

Example: There was someone Skulking behind the bushes.

Example: What separated him from a run-of-the- mansion celebrity aitist is his offhand intimacy
and Sly nature.

Example: If you plan a Stealth birthday party, then the guest of honor will be pleasantly

Example: The members of the society held Surreptitious meetings because they're a secret

X Overt=done openly.
Example: There was little overt support for the project.


Take away forcibly

Appropriate=to take something, someone's ideas, etc. for your own use, especially without
Example: He was accused of appropriating club funds.

Divest=to strip or deprive (someone or something), especially of property or rights.

Example: The company is Divesting itself of some of its assets.

Expropriate=to take (something) from another's possession for one's own use.
Example: He Expropriated my ideas for his own article.

Preempt=to acquire or appropriate before someone else.

Example: A political issue Preempted by the opposition party.

Usurp=take by force.
Example: The emergency manager does not replace them or Usurp their jobs.


Erotic=sexually exciting.
Example: An Erotic art seems to be appealing if depicted sensually.

Seductive=tending to seduce; tempting.

Example: Female radio jockeys often have Seductive voices.

Sensual=exciting the senses.

Example: Food is a great Sensual experience.


Wise , short saying

Adage=a wise saying.

Example: According to the old Adage, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Aphorism=a wise saying.

Example: 'People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones' is an Aphorism which is apt
and witty.

Apothegm=a short saying.

Example: 'Necessity,' says the old Apothegm, 'is the mother of invention.'

Epigram=a short, witty remark.

Example: One might say that the idea of exceptionalism is thoroughly unexceptional, if you'll
pardon the Epigram.

Maxim=a general truth.

Example: An overused Maxim of real estate is 'Location, location, location.'

Precept=a general rule.

Example: The law of nature has but one Precept, 'Be strong'.



Aspersion=cast doubts on or question something.

Example: I wouldn't want to cast Aspersions on your honesty.

Calumny=false statements to damage someones reputation.

Example: He accused the press of publishing vicious calumnies.

Defame=spoil someone's reputation.

Example: The newspaper denies any intention to Defame the senator's reputation.

Libel=a written document to damage someones's reputation.

Example: He sued the newspaper for Libel.

Malign=to speak harmful untruths about.

Example: She feels she has been much Maligned by the press.

Obloquy=public criticism.
Example: Her family tried to shield her from Obloquy.

Opprobrium=public criticism.
Example: The bombing in the city has attracted international Opprobrium.

Slander=makie damaging accusations against someone.

Example: He is suing them for Slandering him.

Slur=makie damaging accusations against someone.

Example: She accused the programme of Slurring the company's name.

Vilify=makie damaging accusations against someone.

Example: The Nazi propaganda vilified the Jews.


Attract / fascinate

ARRESTING=attracting attention.
Example: An ARRESTING song is one you always want to hear.

CAPTIVATE=attract completely.

Example: The children were CAPTIVATEd by her stories.

ENAMORED=attract completely.
Example: The tourists have always been enamoured by the beauty of Niagara Falls.

ENTHRALL=attract completely.
Example: He is a star performer whose grace, skill, and virtuosity ENTHRALL the audiences.

INFATUATE=love something greatly.

Example: He was INFATUATEd with his new car.

MESMERIZE=attract completely.
Example: They were MESMERIZEd by her performance.

RAPTURE=intense happiness.
Example: Charles listened with RAPTURE to her singing.

RIVET=fascinate completely.
Example: The last chapter was so RIVETing that I was reading past midnight.

SPELLBINDING=attracting completely.
Example: It was a SPELLBINDING description of life in ancient Rome.

X ENNUI=boredom.
Example: The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.


Beginner / inexperienced

ACOLYTE=an assistant or follower.

Example: He is the emperor's faithful ACOLYTE.

APPRENTICE=a person learning a trade under the guidance of an experienced person.

Example: An APPRENTICE chef.

CADET=a young person training to become an officer in armed forces.

Example: Thomas received the best CADET award of the Air Force last year.

CALLOW=immature or inexperienced.
Example: Nicklaus was enthralled the first time he played in the Masters in 1959 as a CALLOW
19-year-old amateur.

DILETTANTE=a person who takes up an activity, especially in a superficial way.

Example: Online DILETTANTEs dropped out fast, but 23,000 committed learners finished the

INGENUOUS=innocent or inexperienced.
Example: It is INGENUOUS to suppose that money did not play a part in his decision.

NEOPHYTE=an inexperienced person.

Example: A political NEOPHYTE is someone who has just been elected and comes to Washington
D.C. not understanding how the game of politics is played.

Example: Protesters found a NOVEL way of demonstrating against rising oil prices.

NOVICE=an inexperienced person.

Example: I'm a complete NOVICE at skiing.

ROOKIE=an young, inexperienced person.

Example: I don't want to have another ROOKIE to train.

TYRO=a beginner.
Example: Whether you're a vacationing TYRO or a big-name pro, you will enjoy the activities.



AUDACIOUS=bold or brave.
Example: The AUDACIOUS soldier went into battle without a shield.

CHIVALRY=qualities, including courtesy, generosity and valor exhibited by a man.

Example: Women always admire men who are chivalrous.

DAUNTLESS=fearless .
Example: The DAUNTLESS reporters saved the lives of hundreds of tourists in the hotel.

Example: She made a GALLANT attempt to hide her tears.

Example: The INTREPID reporters braved the threat of gunfire for the sake of their news reports.

Example: I finally mustered PLUCK to ask her for a date.

Example: Again, he was disappointed, yet UNDAUNTED.

Example: It was a VALIANT attempt to prevent the hijack.

VALOUR=courage or bravery.
Example: He received the Medal of Honor for his valor in battle.


Delay / postpone

Example: The trial has been ADJOURNed until next week.

DEFER=delay or postpone.
Example: The department DEFERred the decision for six months.

Example: The ruling brings an end to a heated, PROTRACTed court case.

SHELVE=postpone .
Example: Authorities have drawn up bills in the past which were later SHELVEd.

Example: They voted to TABLE the proposal until the following meeting.


Disrepute/ bad reputation

Ignominy=public shame.
Example: They suffered the Ignominy of defeat.

Infamy=infamous for some bad quality or deed.

Example: They are seeking a sort of personal vindication through fame or, more precisely,

Nefarious=wicked or criminal.
Example: It's getting as profitable as selling dangerous illegal drugs, and many Nefarious people
are getting involved.

Notorious=infamous for some bad quality or deed.

Example: That was a most Notorious gambling hall eighty years ago.


False / fake /doubtful

Example: Most of the stories about him are APOCRYPHAL.

Example: I am DUBIOUS about the wisdom of this action.

ERRONEOUS=having error.
Example: The reporter's ERRONEOUS story was corrected by a new article that stated the truth.

FABRICATE=to fake or forge.

Example: The evidence was totally FABRICATEd.

FALLACIOUS=erroneous or misleading.
Example: The idea that gratification is a completion of the wish is FALLACIOUS.

Example: The man got caught with dangerous weapons and ILLICIT drugs.

PHONEY=false or fake.
Example: The sad truth is neither of these PHONEY claims have materialized.

SHAM=a false or fake act.

Example: She felt trapped in a SHAM of a marriage.

SPECIOUS=apparently correct or true, but actually wrong or false.

Example: His arguments and SPECIOUS comparisons are bogus and not worth seriously

SPURIOUS=false or fake.
Example: The quote is SPURIOUS, and it does not contain a grain of truth.

Example: Often politicians are accused of hypocrisy and MENDACITY.

PERJURY=lie under oath.

Example: The witness is now facing charges of PERJURY.

PREVARICATION=avoid telling truth.

Example: Some people believe that PREVARICATION in a good cause is justifiable.

X VERACITY=truthfulness.
Example: He was not noted for his veracity.


Fear / lacking courage

COWER=to shrink in fear.

Example: A bomb went off and people COWERed behind walls and under tables.

CRAVEN=lacking courage.
Example: The government is too CRAVEN to prosecute the guilty millionaires and corporations.

CRINGE=move back or bend because of fear.

Example: Whenever she thought about that incident, she CRINGEd with embarrassment.

DAUNT=make someone fearful.

Example: I felt somewhat DAUNTed by the prospect of the long drive home.

FLINCH=to shrink back in fear.

Example: He FLINCHed at the sight of the death.

INTIMIDATE=make someone fearful.

Example: Attempts to INTIMIDATE people into voting for them failed.

PETRIFY=scare someone greatly.

Example: Just the thought of making a speech petrifies me.

PUSILLANIMOUS=lacking courage.
Example: You should be ashamed of your PUSILLANIMOUS conduct during this dispute.

SHRINK=to move back or contract because of fear.

Example: This horrific accident can make anyone SHRINK in fear.

Example: The sailors viewed the gathering storm clouds with TREPIDATION.


Fluent / clear

ARTICULATE=express clearly and fluently.

Example: She struggled to ARTICULATE her thoughts.

COHERENT=clear, logical and consistent.

Example: She became COHERENT again only two hours after the attack.

ELOQUENT=express clearly and fluently.

Example: He was ELOQUENT when it came to addressing his office colleagues.

ENUNCIATE=to articulate or pronounce (words), esp clearly and distinctly.

Example: She ENUNCIATEd each word slowly and carefully.

GLIB=talking fluently, but insincerely.

Example: He is a GLIB salesman.

X LABORED=not fluent.
Example: The movie looks labored and slow by today's standards.



Example: The kitchen of this restaurant turns out stylish versions of AUTHENTIC bistro- grill

Example: It seemed like a perfectly LEGITIMATE question.

Example: The show presents a picture of VERITABLE emotional turmoil.

X COUNTERFEIT=not genuine.
Example: Are you aware that these notes are counterfeit?

X FACTITIOUS=artificially created.
Example: Bollywood actresses often shed factitious tears by using glycerin.


Gloomy /dark/ hopeless

ABYSMAL=extremely or hopelessly bad.

Example: His manners are ABYSMAL.

BLEAK= hopeless
Example: His future is BLEAK.

Example: A GLOOMY view of the future.

SOMBER=gloomy, depressing, or dismal.

Example: Funerals and burials tend to be very SOMBER occasions.

STYGIAN=dark or gloomy.
Example: This is the kind of book that romance fans will read and reread on styygian days.


Highest point

ACME=the highest point.

Example: His work is considered the ACME of cinematic art.

APEX=the highest point.

Example: An actor who wins an Oscar can say she's reached the APEX of her career.

CREST=the highest point.

Example: The continental divide stretches across the CREST of the rocky mountains.

PINNACLE=the highest point.

Example: He had reached the PINNACLE of his career.

SUMMIT=the highest point.

Example: The SUMMIT of one's ambition.

X ABYSS=a deep, immeasurable space, gulf, or cavity.

Example: They took a long look into the abyss before deciding whether to jump.

X NADIR=the lowest point.

Example: The nadir of David's life came in a brief two month period when his wife left him and he
got fired.

ZENITH=the highest point.

Example: His career is now at its ZENITH.


Illogical / strange

ABSURD=really silly, absolutely ridiculous, or total nonsense.

Example: The student have this ABSURD excuse that the dog ate his homework.

ATYPICAL=not typical.
Example: In time, the patient may express ATYPICAL personality disorders.


Example: Unpredictable behavior is often considered BIZARRE.

LUDICROUS=ridiculous or nonsensical.
Example: It was LUDICROUS to think that plan will succeed.

Example: This idea is not as OUTLANDISH as it seems.

PREPOSTEROUS=ridiculous or nonsensical.
Example: His ability to contrive a really PREPOSTEROUS situation is impressive.

Example: You have the UNCANNY knack of reading my innermost thoughts.


Native / local

DOMESTIC=related to one's own country, as apart from other countries.

Example: The newspaper offered him a column-writing about foreign, but not DOMESTIC, affairs.

Example: These policies encapsulate human capital, both INDIGENOUS and from immigration.

X EXOTIC=foreign.
Example: He travelled around the globe to collect rare and exotic plant species.


Unsteady walk/ hesitate

FALTER=to move unsteadily.

Example: As he neared the house, he started FALTERing.

FLOUNDER=to move unsteadily.

Example: He saw the child FLOUNDERing about in the water.

FOUNDER=to stumble or go lame.

Example: After crossing the river, the horse FOUNDERed.

FUMBLE=to say or do hesitantly or awkwardly.

Example: During his speeeh, he FUMBLEd the introduction.

TOTTERING=walking unsteadily.
Example: During his long hike, John started TOTTERING because of tiredness.

Example: The car did not give a good mileage because of WOBBLY tires.


Without real power

FIGUREHEAD=a person who is head of a group, company, etc., in title but actually has no real
Example: The president of the club is not just a FIGUREHEAD.

NOMINAL=having the title, but no powers.

Example: He remained in NOMINAL head of the business for another ten years.

TITULAR=having the title, but no powers.

Example: He is a TITULAR head of the company.



VIGILANT=keenly alert.
Example: A pilot must remain VIGILANT at all times.

X Disarm=make less hostile or less suspicious.

Example: Most of the rebels were captured and disarmed.

X Slouch=to sit or stand with an awkward, lazy posture.

Example: Use body language to show interest, use eye contact and don't slouch.


Away from the correct

ASTRAY=go away from the usual path.

Example: We loced up our valuables so they would not go ASTRAY.

AWRY=go away from the correct or usual path.

Example: All my plans for the party had gone AWRY.

CIRCUITOUS=indirect or roundabout.
Example: Because of the traffic congestion on the mainhighways she too a CIRCUITOUS route.

DESULTORY=digressing from or unconnected with the main subject.

Example: As he concluded his report debate was DESULTORY and interest seemed to flag.

DIGRESS=to deviate from the main topic.

Example: Im going to have to DIGRESS a little to answer you.

Example: Ultimately the film is as flat as the DISCURSIVE fiction on which it is based.

DIVERGENT=differing or deviating.
Example: The two have remained friends even as they have taen DIVERGENT paths.

RAMBLE=to go in a random unsystematic fashion.

Example: They RAMBLEd through the shops until closing time.

TANGENTIAL=divergent or digressive.
Example: Although interesting Christinas point was TANGENTIAL to the discussion.



ENCORE=a repeated performance after the regular performance.

Example: She played a Chopin waltz as an ENCORE.

Example: He was pleasantly surprised by the OVATION he received.

X PAN=criticize.
Example: The television series was panned by critics and viewers alike.


Artificial / pretense

Example: I had been quite scared by the dog but AFFECTED carelessness.

CONTRIVED=artificially created.
Example: The book's happy ending seemed CONTRIVED.

FARCICAL=absurd or illogical.
Example: It was a FARCICAL trial.

Example: His prose style is too MANNERED and self- conscious.
POSTURE=to act in a pretended manner.
Example: He kept posturing, as if he did not know about the matter at all.

PRETENTIOUS=full of pretence.
Example: At 18, Eleanor is overly instructive, with a PRETENTIOUS manner of speaking.


Best example

APOTHEOSIS=the best example.

Example: Mona Lisa is the APOTHEOSIS of all paintings.

ARCHETYPE=the best example.

Example: She is the ARCHETYPE of an American movie star.

EMBODY=be an example of something.

Example: His gentleness embodies a Christian ideal.

EPITOME=the best example.

Example: He is the EPITOME of goodness.

EXEMPLIFY=be an example of something.

Example: His food exemplifies Italian cooking at its best.

PARADIGM=the best example.

Example: The war was a PARADIGM of the destructive side of human nature.

PARAGON=the best example.

Example: He wasn't the PARAGON of virtue she had expected.

PERSONIFY=be an example of something.

Example: Writing skills are also described, along with those skills that typify the college student's

PRECEDENT=an example used to justify later similar occurrences.

Example: The ruling set a PRECEDENT for future libel cases.

PROTOTYPE=an original or initial model.

Example: Scientists have developed a working PROTOTYPE for a voice translation machine.


Come together

CONCURRENT=happening at the same time.

Example: He was imprisoned for two CONCURRENT terms of 30 months and 18 months.

CONFLUENCE=a coming together of people or things,esp rivers.

Example: The CONFLUENCE of the Blue Nile and the White Nile.

CONVERGE=come together to meet at a point.

Example: Thousands of supporters CONVERGEd on Washington D.C. for the rally.


Dig out / search/ solve

DISINTER=dig out a body from the ground.

Example: The body of the criminal was DISINTERred for examination.

EXCAVATE=to dig out.

Example: There are no plans now to EXCAVATE any more remains.

EXHUME=to dig out.

Example: He knows where the bodies are buried and how to EXHUME them.

FERRET=search thoroughly.
Example: She opened the drawer and FERRETed around for her keys.

UNEARTH=to dig up.

Example: When they UNEARTHed the city, the archeologists found many relics of an ancient

UNRAVEL=make plain or clear; solve.

Example: It also helped UNRAVEL mysteries such as exactly how ozone degrades.

X INTER=put a dead body in the ground.

Example: The princess was interred on an island in the middle of a lake.



RESOUND=(of sound or voice) to echo.

Example: The hall RESOUNDed with laughter.

REVERBERATE=(of sound or voice) to echo.

Example: The thunder REVERBERATEd across the valley.


SECULAR=not belonging to any one religion.

Example: Ours is a SECULAR society.

TEMPORAL=not belonging to any one particular religion.

Example: In TEMPORAL countries, the diversity of culture is more prominent.


Example: Mrs. George Donner was in good health was somewhat CORPULENT.

GIRTH=a person's waist.

Example: The man with enormous GIRTH.

OBESE=very fat.
Example: OBESE patients are given dietary advice.

Example: The salesclerk tactfully referred to the overweight customer as PORTLY rather than fat.

SQUAT=short and thick.

Example: As he was SQUAT, he was easily noticeable in a team having lean players.

Example: She is getting too STOUT for her dresses.


Flatter /beg (lower degree)

BEHEST=a command or request.

Example: He went at the king's BEHEST.

BESEECH=beg humbly.
Example: Let him go, I BESEECH you!

CADGE=to beg or obtain by begging.

Example: I managed to CADGE some money off my dad.

CAJOLE=persuade using flattery.

Example: The salesman will CAJOLE the couple into buying the house.

ENTREATY=a serious request.

Example: She held up her arms in ENTREATY.

IMPLORE=beg humbly.
Example: They IMPLOREd him for forgiveness.

IMPORTUNE=to beg persistently.

Example: After I IMPORTUNEd for several days, my dad let me have the car.

SUPPLICATE=beg humbly.
Example: He SUPPLICATEd her girlfriend to get back to him after cheating on her.

WHEEDLE=persuade using flattery.

Example: I WHEEDLEd a new car out of my father.


Force (higher degree)

Example: The police might use COERCION to get a confession.

COMPEL=to force.

Example: The law can COMPEL fathers to make regular payments for their children.

Example: Coercion doesn't always come in the form of domineering parents.

EXTORT=obtain using force or threat.

Example: The kidnappers EXTORTed a 2 lakh ransom for his release.

GOAD=urge or drive someone to do something.

Example: When GOADed beyond endurance, she turned on him and hit out.

PRESS=to force.
Example:The police PRESSed the suspect to confess to his crime.

X DISSUADE=discourage someone from doing something.

Example: I tried to dissuade him from giving up his job.

Get rid of / cleanse

CATHARSIS=releasing emotional tension and feeling refreshed.

Example: Aristotle maintained that tragedy created a CATHARSIS by purging the soul of immoral

EXORCISE=get rid of an evil spirit.

Example: The ghost was EXORCISEd from the house.

EXPURGATE=get rid of unwanted things, esp text.

Example: On TV, if you hear some words beeped out, those words have been EXPURGATEd.

PURGE=get rid of unwanted things.

Example: His first act as leader was to PURGE the party of extremists.


Important mark

HALLMARK=a special or significant mark.

Example: Police said the explosion bore all the HALLMARKs of a terrorist attack.

MILESTONE=a significant event.

Example: He said the launch of the party represented a MILESTONE in Zambian history.

WATERSHED=a turning point, or historic and significant moment.

Example: The middle decades of the 19th century marked a WATERSHED in Russia's history.


Impure / poisonous

ADULTERATE=make impure.
Example: Food adulteration is a big problem in developing countries.

CONTAMINATE=make impure.
Example: The drinking water has become CONTAMINATEd with lead.

MIASMA=unhealthy or unpleasant vapor or smell.

Example: A MIASMA of cigarette smoke.

NOXIOUS=harmful or poisonous.
Example: The invaders meet any foe aggressively, releasing NOXIOUS chemicals during battle.

TOXIC=harmful or poisonous.
Example: Many pesticides are highly TOXIC.

VITIATE=harm or spoil.
Example: The yes vote was VITIATEd by the low turnout in the election.


Inborn / firmly fixed

Example: Half of all fetuses with the syndrome have a CONGENITAL heart defect.

ENTRENCHED=firmly fixed.

Example: Having turkey on Thanksgiving is a tradition that's ENTRENCHED in American culture.

INHERENT=existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable quality.

Example: An INHERENT distrust of strangers.

Example: He possess an INNATE knowledge of right and wrong.

INTRINSIC=relating to the essential nature of something.

Example: Generosity was an INTRINSIC part of her nature.



ACUITY=sharpness of mind, vision,etc.,

Example: In fact his mental ACUITY has grown stronger over the past year.

Example: His business ACUMEN helped him to succeed where others had failed.

ASTUTE=clever, showing good judgment.

Example: That was a very ASTUTE observation.

DISCERNING=showing good judgment.

Example: The DISCERNING customer will recognize this as a high quality product.

DISCRIMINATING=having excellent taste or judgment.

Example: A DISCRIMINATING interior designer.

INSIGHTFUL=having good judgement.

Example: She offered some really interesting, INSIGHTFUL observation.

JUDICIOUS=showing good judgement.

Example: JUDICIOUS use of one's money.

PERCEPTIVE=showing good judgement.

Example: It was very PERCEPTIVE of you to notice that.

PERSPICACIOUS=showing good judgement.

Example: The brilliant lawyer was known for his PERSPICACIOUS deductions.
Example: If such drugs pose health risks, it's PRUDENT to restrict their use. SAGACIOUS wise
Example: He is a SAGACIOUS leader.

Example: He was famous for his SAGE advice to younger workers.

SAVANT=a learned scholar.

Example: Life gave him what he wanted, and he emerged as a business SAVANT.



COAX=persuade using flattery.

Example: He COAXed her to sing, but she refused.

COGENT=logical and convincing.

Example: She put forward some COGENT reasons for abandoning the plan.

ENJOIN=urge strongly.
Example: The doctor ENJOINed a strict diet to the patient.

EXHORT=to urge or persuade.

Example: The media have been EXHORTing people to come to the demonstration.

INDUCE=to persuade.
Example: She INDUCEd a person to buy a raffle ticket.

URGE=to persuade.
Example: Police are urging anyone who saw the accident to contact them immediately.


Cannot be defended

INDEFENSIBLE=can not be defended.

Example: The assemblyman was accused of defending the INDEFENSIBLE.

UNTENABLE=can not be defended.

Example: I find your theory UNTENABLE and therefore i am rejecting it.


Careful / precise

CONSCIENTIOUS=showing great care and effort.

Example: He is CONSCIENTIOUS with regard to his duties as eaminer.

FASTIDIOUS=reuiring or characteried by ecessie care.

Example: Een at the less etreme cams security rocedures remain FASTIDIOUS.

METICULOUS=showing great care about minute details.

Example: The lab technicians must be METICULOUS in their measurements to obtain eact results.

PUNCTILIOUS=showing great attention to actions or details.

Example: He was PUNCTILIOUS about being ready eactly on time.

PURISTS=someone who insists on great recision and correctness.

Example: PURISTS may not aroe of the changes made to the tet of the lay.

SCRUPULOUS=showing great care towards accuracy and detail.

Example: He was SCRUPULOUS about the choices he made.


Concerned only with pleasure

HEDONISM=the ursuit of leasure.

Example: The hedonistic hilosohy of eat drin and be merry because tomorrow we die

SYBARITE=someone who follows leasure and luury.

Example: ared who used to be the eitome of Chicagos wealthy SYBARITEs went banrut in
December 1997.


Deceptive reasoning

PETTIFOGGING=engaging in deception.
Example: Nobody liked her because she was always PETTIFOGGING.

SOPHISTRY=the use of clever, but deceptive reasoning.

Example: The judge rejected the local authority's argument as mere SOPHISTRY.


Exaggerated behavior

HISTRIONIC=overly dramatic behaviour.

Example: She was used to her mother's HISTRIONICs.

MELODRAMATIC=overly dramatic behaviour.

Example: It is a MELODRAMATIC plot full of deceit and murder.


Exclude / forbid

OSTRACIZE=exclude from a group or society.

Example: His friends OSTRACIZEd him after his father's arrest.

OUTLAW=ban or forbid.
Example: There are plans to OUTLAW the carrying of knives.

PARIAH=a person who has been rejected from society.

Example: Because of his religious beliefs, he became a PARIAH in the village.

PROSCRIBE=ban or forbid.
Example: The new law PROSCRIBEd drinking alcohol on the street.

SHUN=ignore or reject.
Example: She has been SHUNned by her neighbors.

TABOO=proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable.

Example: TABOO against first cousin marriage has always been in place customarily.
Fine / delicate


Fine / delicate

NUANCES=a very fine difference.

Example: He watched her face intently to catch every nuance of expression.

SUBTLE=very delicate or fine.

Example: The fragrance is a SUBTLE blend of jasmine and sandalwood.



CANDID/CANDOR=frank or direct.
Example: To be candid, I can't stand her.

FORTHRIGHT=frank or direct.
Example: He was known for his FORTHRIGHT manner.


Frequent traveler

ITINERANT=constantly moving from place to place.

Example: The same day, an ITINERANT preacher came to the village.

PERIPATETIC=constantly moving from place to place.

Example: Her father was in the army and the family led a PERIPATETIC existence.


Fully satiated

GRATIFY=satisfy an appetite or desire fully.

Example: He only gave his consent in order to GRATIFY her wishes.

QUENCH=satisfy an appetite, thirst or desire fully.

Example: You can QUENCH your thirst for craft beers at specialty pubs.

REPLETE=full of or filled with.

Example: Literature is REPLETE with drama and excitement.

SATE=satisfy an appetite or desire fully.

Example: I have SATEd my curiosity and will happily skip the next.
SATIATE=satisfy an appetite or desire fully.
Example: Protein and fat keep you SATIATEd, so you don't want another snack 30 minutes later.

SATURATE=to soak or fill completely.

Example: The company had SATURATEd the market for personal computers.

SLAKE=satisfy an appetite or desire fully.

Example: His thirst was SLAKEd, so he turned away from the lake.

SUFFICE=be enough.
Example: A brief note or a phone call will SUFFICE.



FINICKY=very fussy.
Example: Even the most FINICKY eater will find something to eat.

NITPICKING=find faults with minor details.

Example: Some readers will surely perceive our critique as NITPICKING Khans errors.

PERSNICKETY=very fussy.
Example: The search function proves to be either useless or extremely PERSNICKETY.

SQUEAMISH=easily disgusted.
Example: This movie is not for the SQUEAMISH.

STICKLER=someone who insists that things are done in a certain way.

Example: It might seem that you're being a STICKLER for rules.]


Hint / indirect reference

ALLUDE/ALLUSION=refer to something indirectly.

Example: Try not to allude to this matter in his presence because the topic annoys him.

CUE=a hint.
Example: Temperature is often a CUE to enter or emerge from hibernation.

HINT=indirect reference.
Example: He resented any HINT that he might be to blame.

IMPLICIT=understood without being stated clearly.

Example: IMPLICIT in his speech was the assumption that they were guilty.

INNUENDO=refer to something indirectly.

Example: Because the movie is full of sexual INNUENDOs we did not bring the children.

INSINUATE=refer to something indirectly.

Example: The article INSINUATEd that he was having an affair with his friend's wife.
TACIT=understood without being stated clearly.
Example: She gave a TACIT approval by smiling and wining.

X BLATANT=obvious and offensive.

Example: Websites clamoring for traffic are resorting to blatant bribery.

X EXPLICIT=clear and direct.

Example: The plot of 9/11 attac was an explicit act of violence.



BEHEMOTH=a huge person or thing.

Example: Its tough for BING to compete with the BEHEMOTH search engines like Google.

Example: The singer earns a COLOSSAL amount of money.

Example: A GARGANTUAN corruption scandal.

Example: The problem was beginning to take on GIGANTIC proportions.

Example: You may look a little silly making phone calls, holding the HUMONGOUS Galaxy Note up
to your ear.

LEVIATHAN=anything of immense size and power.

Example: The LEVIATHAN of government bureaucracy.

Example: This is a MAMMOTH organization.

Example: The suburbs are also becoming ever less MONOLITHIC.

Example: Gibbon's MONUMENTAL work The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Example: He impressed everyone with his PRODIGIOUS memory.

Example: This is a TITANIC struggle between good and evil.


Loss energy

DISCOURSE=a long debate, discussion or lecture.

Example: A DISCOURSE on issues of gender and sexuality.

DISSERTATION=a long essay on a subject.

Example: He is currently writing a DISSERTATION.

RHETORIC=exaggerated or pompous speech intended to impress.

Example: His offers of compromise were mere RHETORIC.

THESIS=a long essay on a subject.

Example: Students must submit a THESIS on an agreed subject within four years.


Mistake / act done carelessly

BOTCH=do something badly or carelessly.

Example: The work they did on the house was a BOTCHed job.

BUNGLE=do something awkwardly or carelessly.

Example: He was caught during his BUNGLEd attempt to burgle the bank.

FAUX PAS=a mistake in a social situation.

Example: His outbursts and FAUX PAS often triggered national debates.

GAFFE=a mistake in a social situation.

Example: He made some real GAFFEs early in his career.

MALAPROPISM=the act of using words wrongly.

Example: One of the things George W. Bush is known for is his MALAPROPISMs.

MISNOMER=a wrong name.

Example: Villa was a MISNOMER - the place was no more than an old farmhouse.

TACTLESS=lacking tact.
Example: It was TACTLESS of you to comment on his hair!

X FINESSE=skill in handling a difficult or highly sensitive situation.

Example: She lacks the quickness of her opponents, but has more finesse.


Pertaining to religion

AGNOSTIC=one who doesn't know whether God exists.

Example: She grew up in an AGNOSTIC household.

ATHEIST=one who does not believe in God.

Example: Nearly two in ten Americans say they are ATHEIST, agnostic or nothing in particular.

PROSELYTIZE=try to convert someone's beliefs or religion.

Example: Christian groups were arrested for trying to PROSELYTIZE people.

THEIST=one who believes in God.

Example: No THEIST will do any action that disrespects God.

THEOLOGY=study of Gods or relilgions.

Example: He has got a degree in THEOLOGY.


Place side by side

ABUT=to be adjacent to.

Example: His land ABUTs a village.

ADJACENT=lying close or near.

Example: The planes landed on ADJACENT runways.
Example: Most units have private outdoor space CONTIGUOUS to the apartment.

JUXTAPOSITION=an instance of placing things side by side.

Example: The JUXTAPOSITION of black-and-white sketches with color prints.


Blame worthy / guilty

CULPABLE=deserving blame.
Example: The accident was the result of a CULPABLE failure to consider the risks involved.

REPREHENSIBLE=deserving blame or criticism.

Example: His conduct was thoroughly REPREHENSIBLE.


Careless / dirty

DISHEVELED=untidy or disorganized.
Example: He looked very tired, DISHEVELED and very pale.

GAUCHERIE=awkwardness or tactlessness.
Example: She never took her brother to parties because of his GAUCHERIE.

RUMPLED=disorderly or wrinkled.
Example: She sat on the armchair and ran her fingers through her RUMPLED hair.

SHABBY=having a slovenly or unkempt appearance.

Example: The outside of the house was beginning to look SHABBY.

SHODDY=of poor quality.

Example: It's clear now that SHODDY construction played as big a role in this disaster.

Example: There is a difference between a high-functioning workaholic and a SLOPPY workaholic.

SLOVENLY=untidy or careless.
Example: When this is performed in a SLOVENLY manner the impression is bad.

UNKEMPT=untidy or disorganized.
Example: His hair is long and UNKEMPT, his face and body emaciated.


Confirm / support

Example: Both sides AFFIRMed their commitment to the cease-fire.

Example: They CLINCHed the deal.

CONFIRM=make sure
Example: Rumors of job losses were later CONFIRMed.

Example: We need to CORROBORATE the findings.

ENDORSE=support something.
Example: The world leaders ENDORSEd a ban on land mines.

RATIFY=give a formal agreement.

Example: They have yet to RATIFY the treaty.

SUBSTANTIATE=confirm something by providing evidence.

Example: The results of the tests SUBSTANTIATEd his claims.

TESTIFY=confirm something as a fact.

Example: Frequent name changes TESTIFY the political turbulence that the country has suffered.

VALIDATE=make something valid.

Example: There are many variables to be considered before one can VALIDATE this hypothesis.



IMPASSE=a situation where no progress is possible.

Example: The peace talks reached an IMPASSE.

STALEMATE=a situation where no progress is possible.

Example: Talks between union and management resulted in a STALEMATE.


Disrespected sacred things

BLASPHEMY=disrespectful attitude towards sacred things.

Example: Protests over BLASPHEMY in the arts are not new.

DESECRATE=treat sacred things with disrespect.

Example: Please do not DESECRATE the monument or surrounding area.

IMPIOUS=disrecpectful towards God or religion.

Example: The IMPIOUS man began to pray in an inappropriate fashion.

PROFANE=showing a disrespectful attitude towards sacred things.

Example: Tourists are urged not to be PROFANE in holy places by wearing improper clothes.

SACRILEGE=treat sacred things with disrespect.

Example: Some were rumored to have hired a taxi for the climb, SACRILEGE for a true pilgrim.

X CONSECRATE=make something sacred.

Example: Let the presence of your own heroic dead consecrate this monument.

X SACROSANCT=extremely sacred.
Example: A sacrosanct chamber in the temple.


Firm / unchanging

Example: This decision should not be seen as IMMUTABLE.

Example: Her routine was INVARIABLE.

STEADFAST=firm and determined.

Example: He was STEADFAST in his beliefs and tactful in his negotiations.


Free from blame

ABSOLVE=free someone from blame.

Example: The court ABSOLVEd her of guilt in his death.

ACQUIT=free someone from blame.

Example: The jury ACQUITted him of murder.

EXCULPATE=free someone from blame.

Example: The defendant was able to EXCULPATE himself from the harm caused.

EXONERATE=free someone from blame.

Example: The police report EXONERATEd Lewis from all charges of corruption.

VINDICATE=free someone from blame.

Example: There was not enough evidence against him, so the court VINDICATEd him.


Harmless / kind

Example: A BENIGN king.

Example: An INNOCUOUS home remedy.



Example: The CURATIVE properties of herbs are well known.

THERAPEUTIC=curing or healing.
Example: This plant serves as a theraputic substance during illness.


Healthy looking

Example: The CURATIVE properties of herbs are well known.

THERAPEUTIC=curing or healing.
Example: This plant serves as a theraputic substance during illness.



OFFICIOUS (-)=intrusively offering help.

Example: The officious man didn't realize that his help was not needed.

SOLICITOUS=showing interest or concern.

Example: The son was SOLICITOUS about his father's health.


Left over

MODICUM=a small amount.

Example: He does not have a MODICUM of sense.

REMNANT=a small remaining part.

Example: The shop is selling REMNANTs of cloth at half price.

TRACE=a small amount.

Example: The element has a TRACE of copper in its composition.

VESTIGE=a small amount.

Example: Not a VESTIGE remains of the former elegance of the house.


Mutual agreement

CONSENSUS=a general agreement.

Example: Each report represents a CONSENSUS among hundreds of leading scientists.

UNANIMOUS=in complete agreement.

Example: The jury returned a UNANIMOUS verdict of not guilty.

X VETO=the right to reject.

Example: The governor used his veto to block the proposal.


Not thoroughly

CURSORY=not done thoroughly.

Example: CURSORY reading of the new testament

PERFUNCTORY=not done thoroughly.

Example:Many institutions provide only PERFUNCTORY advising and/or counseling

SUMMARILY=done quickly , in a summarily manner.

Example:The suspected spy as SUMMARILY executed.


Physically strong

ROBUST=strong and healthy.

Example: The candidate for the football team had a ROBUST physique.

RUGGED=rough, harsh.
Example: The traditional view of society as a collection of RUGGED individualists is wrong.

STURDY=strong, well- built.

Example: The vehicle is STURDY enough to withstand rough terrain.



CONDEMN=sentence to punishment.
Example: To CONDEMN a murderer to life imprisonment.

CONVICT=show to be guilty.
Example: He was CONVICTed of fraud.

Example: At the age of 86, he was IMMUREd for treason.

Example: Thousands were INCARCERATEd in labor camps.

SENTENCE=condemn to punishment.
Example: The person was SENTENCEd to 10 years of rigorous punishment

X AMNESTY=freedom from punishment.

Example: The president granted a general amnesty for all political prisoners.

X CONDONE=to forgive (an offense).

Example: The college cannot condone any behavior that involves illicit drugs.

X REPRIEVE=to delay the sentence of (a condemned person).

Example: He is a a reprieved murderer.


Active / speed up

CATALYST=a person or thing that precipitates a change.

Example: His imprisonment served as the CATALYST that helped transform social unrest into

ENGENDER=cause, or give rise to.

Example: Hatred ENGENDERs violence.

EXPEDIENT=tending to promote a proposed object.

Example: A pragmatic politician, he was guided by what was EXPEDIENT rather than by what was

FACILITATE=make something easier.

Example: The new trade agreement should FACILITATE more rapid economic growth.

KINDLE=to excite or stir up.

Example: The soft music and dim lights in our favorite restaurant always KINDLE romance.

PRECIPITATE=cause something to happen suddenly.

Example: Failure would probably PRECIPITATE an early presidential election.

PROD=to rouse or incite.

Example: I PRODded him to avenge his humiliation.

PROMPT=urge (someone to do something).

Example: A noise PROMPTed the guard to go back and investigate.

PROPEL=to impel or urge.

Example: Urgent need of money PROPELled him to take a job.

SPUR=encourage or urge.
Example: Economists are talking of lowering interest rates to SPUR spending.


Counter attack

REPRISAL=an act of retaliation.

Example: They did not want to give evidence because of the fear of REPRISAL.

RETALIATE=make a counterattack.
Example: The boy hit his sister, who RETALIATEd by kicking him.



ABASH=embarrass someone.
Example: I was ABASHed by the magnitude of the others generosity so I donated twenty
thousand more.

DISCOMFIT=to make uneasy, confused, or embarrassed.

Example: He was not DISCOMFITed by the unusual request.

MORTIFY=embarrass or humiliate someone.

Example: She was mortified to realize he had heard every word she said.



BANISH=remove someone from a place or society.

Example: He was BANISHed to Australia, where he died five years later.

DEPORT=expel someone from a country.

Example: He was DEPORTed as soon as he landed abroad because his documents were fake.

EXCOMMUNICATE=expel from membership or participation in any group, association, etc.,

Example: They were EXCOMMUNICATEd from the governing body because of their illegal

EXPEL=remove someone from a place.

Example: She was EXPELled from school at 15.

EXTRADITE=hand someone over to the authorities of another country.

Example: The government attempted to EXTRADITE the suspect from Canada to the U.S.



FADDISH=in fashion.
Example: Technology is not simply a collection of FADDISH products that are fun to use.

Example: Sixties music has come back into VOGUE.



HYPERBOLE=obvious and intentional exaggeration.

Example: The film is being promoted with all the usual HYPERBOLE.

X UNDERPLAY=to de- emphasize; downplay.

Example: The coach is underplaying the team's poor performance.

X UNDERSTATE=to de- emphasize; downplay.

Example: It would be a mistake to understate the seriousness of the problem.


Give out

EMANATE=to flow or come out of.

Example: Greenhouse gases EMANATE from sources all over the world.

EMIT=to give or let out.

Example: The metal container began to EMIT a clicking sound.

RADIATE=to emit heat, light, radiation, etc.,

Example: It must RADIATE energy back into space as quickly as it receives it.



Example: The active ingredient DIFFUSEs slowly through the coating.

DISSEMINATE=spread information, opinion,etc.,

Example: Their findings have been widely DISSEMINATEd.

PROMULGATE=to make widespread

Example: Their answer was to PROMULGATE an alternative vision around which peace loving
nations could rally.

PROPAGATE=to spread a belief, practice, etc.,

Example: Television advertising PROPAGATEs a false image of the ideal family.


To burn

COMBUST=to burn.
Example: It doesn't COMBUST even when you try to light it on fire.

INCINERATE=to burn or reduce to ashes.

Example: Holland, unlike some other countries, INCINERATEs much of its waste.

KINDLE=to begin to burn.

Example: We watched as the fire slowly KINDLEd.


Harsh / biting / sharp

ACERBIC=harshly bitter.
Example: The letter was written in her usual ACERBIC style.

ACRIMONIOUS=caustic, stinging, or bitter in nature.

Example: His parents went through an ACRIMONIOUS divorce.

CAUSTIC=severely critical or sarcastic.

Example: The critic's CAUSTIC remarks angered the hapless actors who were the subjects of his

INCISIVE=biting or sarcastic.
Example: Both sides had their chances, but the visitors looked more INCISIVE in the verbal

TRENCHANT=biting or caustic.
Example: He was shattered by the TRENCHANT criticism.


Hesitate on moral ground

COMPUNCTION=any uneasiness or hesitation about the rightness of an action.

Example: She felt no COMPUNCTION about quitting her job.

MISGIVINGS=worry, fear or doubt.

Example: I had serious MISGIVINGS about going on the trip.

QUALMS=apprehensiveness or uneasiness; misgiving.

Example: He had been working very hard, so he had no QUALMS about taking a few days off.

SCRUPLES=a doubt or hesitation as to what is morally right.

Example: He had no SCRUPLES about spying on her.



ACCOST=to approach someone aggressively or confront them.

Example: She was ACCOSTed in the street by a complete stranger.

ANECDOTE=a short, amusing story.

Example: The book is a rich store of ANECDOTEs.

BASK=to enjoy a pleasant situation.

Example: He deserved to BASK in the glory of discovery.

BROACH=bring up a sensitive issue for discussion.

Example: She was dreading to BROACH the subject of money with her father.
CONJURE=bring something up out of nowhere, as if by magic.
Example: He could CONJURE coins from behind people's ears.

CORPOREAL=related to the body.

Example: CORPOREAL lashes in public disturbed the peace in the region.

EUPHEMISM=a less direct or less harsh word.

Example: User fees is just a politician's EUPHEMISM for taxes.

INEFFABLE=incapable of being described in words.

Example: The gift of being able to witness that transformation is INEFFABLE.

Example: It seems INEVITABLE that interest rates will rise.

JADED=bored or tired of something.Example: It was a meal to tempt even those with the most
JADED appetites.

LINCHPIN=a person or thing regarded as an essential element.

Example: Nurses are the LINCHPIN of our health center.


Place of safety

ASYLUM=a safe place of refuge.

Example: The number of people who sought ASYLUM in industrialized countries fell last year.

HARBOR=a place of shelter or refuge.

Example: The old inn was a HARBOR for tired travelers.

HAVEN=any place of shelter and safety.

Example: They are welcome to the harbor they seek.

X PERSECUTE=harass someone.
Example: Throughout history, people have been persecuted for their religious beliefs.



RETRIBUTION=punishment or revenge.
Example: People are seeking RETRIBUTION for the latest terrorist outrages.

Example: He swore VENGEANCE on his child's killer.

VINDICTIVE=wanting revenge.
Example: He accused her of being VINDICTIVE.


Rule / law / principle

AXIOMS=a general truth.

Example: The old axiom that you can only succeed through hard work.

CANONS=a fundamental principle or general rule.

Example: The CANONS of good behavior.

DICTUM=a saying.
Example: Remember the 'last hired first fired' DICTUM.

DOCTRINE=a belief or principle.

Example: He was deeply committed to political DOCTRINEs of social equality.

DOGMAS=a belief or principle.

Example: He can accept nothing as fact that tells against his dogma.

MANDATE=a command or order.

Example: The president had a clear MANDATE to end the war.

TENETS=a belief or principle.

Example: Non-violence is the central tenet of their faith.

Self contradiction

IRONY=an outcome of events contrary to what was expected.

Example: The IRONY is that when he finally got the job, he discovered that he didn't like it.

PARADOX=a self- contradictory proposition.

Example: It is a curious PARADOX that professional comedians often have unhappy personal


After effect

RAMIFICATION=a result, esp one that complicates things.

Example: These issues have powerful personal and political RAMIFICATIONs.

REPERCUSSION=an effect or result of an action.

Example: The REPERCUSSIONs of the quarrel were widespread.


To stir up /revolt

INCITE=to stir up or provoke to action.

Example: They were accused of inciting the crowd to riots.

INSTIGATE=to stir up or provoke to action.

Example: They were accused of instigating racial violence.

PROVOKE=to stir up or provoke to action.

Example: The announcement PROVOKEd a storm of protest from the general public.

SEDITION=incitement or rebellion.
Example: Two journalists were charged with SEDITION.



Example: Unlike his father's, Tom's beliefs are CATHOLIC in nature.

GENERIC=applicable or referring to a whole class or group; general.

Example: Broadband is a GENERIC term for any high-speed connection to the Internet.

UNIVERSAL=applicable to everything or everyone.

Example: Such problems are a UNIVERSAL feature of old age.



Example: There is a need for greater DIVERSITY and choice in education.

ECLECTIC=selecting or choosing from various sources.

Example: The ECLECTIC collection of furniture did not appeal to them.

MOTLEY=a varied mixture of things.

Example: The room was filled with a MOTLEY collection of furniture and paintings.

MULTIFACETED=having many aspects or features.

Example: This is a a complex and MULTIFACETED problem.

MULTIFARIOUS=numerous and varied.

Example: The more open and MULTIFARIOUS the city becomes, the more it attracts people who
want it to stay that way.

SUNDRY=various or diverse.
Example: On what basis will these SUNDRY expenses be met?

VARIEGATE=make something more diverse or varied.

Example: This is a a plant with VARIEGATEd leaves.

VERSATILE=having or capable of many uses.

Example: He's a VERSATILE actor who has played a wide variety of roles.


Village like

BUCOLIC=related to rural life

Example: Apple orchards nearby add to the BUCOLIC charm.

PASTORAL=related to rural life.

Example: In these stories of PASTORAL life, we find an understanding of the daily tasks of village

RUSTIC=related to rural life.

Example: This is a typical old cottage full of RUSTIC charm.



CONUNDRUM=a confusing question or a problem.

Example: Astronomers have proposed two solutions to this CONUNDRUM.

CRYPTIC=difficult to understand.
Example: I shall be careful in future not to make my remarks so CRYPTIC.

ENIGMA=a mysterious thing.

Example: To me, he has always been an ENIGMA - one minute completely insensitive, the next
moved to tears.

GARBLE=make something confusing or difficult to understand.

Example: The sentence is so GARBLEd that you have to sort each word, trying to figure out what
everything means.

INSCRUTABLE=impossible to understand.
Example: The killer left no clues, and the murder remains an INSCRUTABLE mystery.

INTRIGUE=a fascinating or mysterious quality.

Example: The actor's latest movie is full of INTRIGUE.

LABYRINTH=a complex or intricate situation.

Example: After the death of her daughter, she wandered in a LABYRINTH of sorrow.

MAZE=a complex or confusing situation.

Example: Her petition was lost in a MAZE of bureaucratic red tape.

Example: RUNIC inscriptions have an air of mystery about them, because they're so hard to read.



BOOR=a rude, insensitive person.

Example: If you answer the question rudely, you would come across as a BOOR.

BRUSQUE=rude or harsh.
Example: The doctor spoke in a BRUSQUE tone.

CURT=rude or harsh.
Example: A CURT note of rejection arrived from the company director.

TERSE=rude or harsh.
Example: After failing miserably in the olympics, a TERSE welcome greeted his return.

Self- obsessed

EGOCENTRIC=self- centered.
Example: Young children are usually EGOCENTRIC.

EGOTIST=a self- centered person.

Example: You need not be an EGOTIST to succeed in politics.

NARCISSIST=someone intensely concerned with only his or her own self or interests.
Example: A NARCISSIST is his own best friend.

X SELF- DEPRECATORY=belittling or undervaluing oneself.

Example: He gave a self-deprecating reaction.

X SELF- EFFACING=humble or modest.

Example: He was a shy, self-effacing man.



Example: A COY expression on her face.


Example: With habitual DIFFIDENCE, she handed a new manuscript to me.

INTROVERT=a shy or reserved person.

Example: He was described as an INTROVERT, a reserved man who spoke little.

RESERVED=quiet or shy.
Example: He was unemotional and RESERVED.

Example: Given Susan's RETIRING personality, no one expected her to take up public speaking.

TIMID=indicating shyness or fear.

Example: Deers are naturally TIMID creatures.

TIMOROUS=indicating shyness or fear.

Example: She started delivering her speech with a TIMOROUS tone.


Example: Some carnivores may INADVERTENTLY become trapped while pursuing their prey
across the sticky ground.

Example: She had broken the law UNWITTINGLY, but she had still broken it.



NONDESCRIPT=lacking interesting features.

Example: The private detective was a short, NONDESCRIPT fellow.

X CONSPICUOUS=attracting attention.
Example: Mary's red hair always made her conspicuous at school.



CONTAGIOUS=tending to spread.
Example: Pertussis, known commonly as whooping cough, is a highly CONTAGIOUS disease.

ENDEMIC=confined to a particular place or people.

Example: Food shortages and starvation are ENDEMIC in certain parts of the world.

Example: Stagnating water will shortly add the peril of EPIDEMIC disease.

PANDEMIC=occurring throughout the country.

Example: A flu PANDEMIC occurred three times in the last century.

RAMPANT=growing or developing unchecked.

Example: Corruption is RAMPANT in the central government.

Working under another

SUBORDINATE=a person who is working under the authority of a superior.

Example: The General Manager provides advice to SUBORDINATE managers on work and policy

UNDERLING=a subordinate.
Example: He dishes out orders to his UNDERLING.

UNDERSTUDY=an actor who learns the part of another actor in a play so that they can play that
part if required.
Example: She worked as an UNDERSTUDY to Meryl Streep.


Polish / renovate

BURNISH=to polish.
Example: When the floor is dry apply a lubricant and BURNISH when dry.

REFURBISH=to renovate.
Example: Marines celebrate the reopening of a school they helped REFURBISH.

Example: I'll give the shelves a coat of VARNISH.


Serious / confound

Example: I am BEMUSED - why did he do this ?

PENSIVE=appearing serious or thoughtful.

Example: She was in a PENSIVE mood, just wanting to be alone to think.


Spoil / disfigure

DEFACE=spoil or disfigure.
Example: They were charged with defacing public property.

DISFIGURE=spoil the appearance of something.

Example: Their faces are DISFIGUREd by severe burn scars.

DISTORT=twist something out of shape.

Example: The loudspeaker seemed to DISTORT his voice.

Example: The elections were MARred by violence.

WARP=make or become twisted or bent out of its natural shape.

Example: The window frames had begun to WARP.


Spotted / stained

BLEMISH=a spot or stain.

Example: His reputation is without a BLEMISH.

BLOTCH=a spot or stain.

Example: His face was covered with dark red BLOTCHes.

DEBASE=to lower in quality, character, or value.

Example: He wouldn't DEBASE himself by doing manual labor.

MACULATE=mark with spots.

Example: The whole surface was MACULATEd with black circles.

SULLY=spoil, stain or make something impure.

Example: I would not SULLY her reputation with that piece of gossip.

TAINTED=spoil, stain or make something impure.

Example: Opposition leaders said that the elections had been TAINTED by corruption.

TARNISH=spoil, stain or make something impure.

Example: The mirrors had TARNISHed with age.


Stupid / foolish

Example: It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such ASININE statements.

DOLT=a foolish person.

Example: I gave him the keys, but that DOLT locked them in the car.

Example: She is far too intelligent to utter such FATUOUS remarks.

Example: They behaved like IMBECILE students.

Example: I have never heard anything as INANE as what ust came out of your mouth.

OAF=a clumsy, stupid person.

Example: He stood there, grinning like an OAF.

Example: The OBTUSE udge presided over the hearing.


Tempt / plot / trick

ALLURE=to attract or tempt.

Example: The romantic young man ALLUREd the beautiful woman by preparing a wonderful

BEGUILE=to trick someone.

Example: She has used her daughter's identity to BEGUILE the two men.

COLLUDE=plan together secretly to harm.

Example: Several people had COLLUDEd in the murder.

CONNIVE=plan together secretly to harm.

Example: The government was accused of having CONNIVEd with the security forces to permit

CONSPIRE=plan together secretly to harm.

Example: They were accused of conspiring against the government.

ENTICE=to tempt.
Example: Some stores slashed prices by up to 80 % to ENTICE shoppers.

INVEIGLE=to tempt.
Example: The babysitter tried to INVEIGLE the kids into going to bed.

LURE=to tempt.
Example: The romantic young man LUREd the beautiful woman by preparing a wonderful dinner.

MACHINATION=a cunning plan.

Example: I don't want to get involved in all his MACHINATIONs.

PLOY= a clever plan.

Example: This is a a clever marketing PLOY.

RUSE=a cunning plan or trick.

Example: She tried to think of a RUSE to get him out of the house.

SCHEME=a cunning plan.

Example: This is an elaborate SCHEME to avoid taxes.

TACTIC=a clever plan.

Example: Football teams have to use strong defensive TACTICs to keep the other guys from


To know

Example: He was COGNIZANT of the difficulty involved in the project.

X OBLIVIOUS=unaware.
Example: She was oblivious of his admiration for her.

To see
BEHOLD=to see.
Example: BEHOLD breathtaking mountain views, while relaxing in a luxurious guestroom.

DISCERN=to see or recognize.

Example: It is possible to DISCERN a number of different techniques in her work.

ESPY=to see.
Example: To ESPY a ship from the shore.

PERCEIVE=to recognize.
Example: I PERCEIVEd a change in his behavior.


Unmatched / unique

INIMITABLE=can't be copied ; unmatched.

Example: John related in his own INIMITABLE way the story of his trip to Tibet.

PEERLESS=matchless ; having no equals.

Example: People such as Picasso, Gandhi and Shakespeare are considered PEERLESS.


Weak /thin/ tall

EMACIATE=grow weak and thin.

Example: His long period of starvation had left him EMACIATEd.

GAUNT=thin and weak.

Example: The girl was very GAUNT, but very intelligent.

LANKY=ungracefully thin and tall.

Example: The LANKY actor with unruly hair had a boyish grin and an engaging manner.


Remove / destroy

ANNIHILATE=destroy completely.
Example: The human race has enough weapons to ANNIHILATE itself.

CARNAGE=mass killing.
Example: Property may be destroyed, but human CARNAGE is averted.

DECIMATE=destroy greatly.
Example: The rabbit population was DECIMATEd by the disease.

EFFACE=remove completely.
Example: She tried her best to EFFACE the memory of the accident.

ERADICATE=remove or destroy.
Example: Diphtheria has been virtually ERADICATEd in the United States.

EXPUNGE=remove or destroy.
Example: Details of his criminal activities were EXPUNGEd from the file.

EXTERMINATE=destroy greatly.
Example: Fur seals were nearly EXTERMINATEd a few years ago.

FUMIGATE=to treat (something infected) with fumes.

Example: The whole house was FUMIGATEd to get rid of the cockroaches.

OBLITERATE=destroy completely.
Example: Everything that happened that night was OBLITERATEd from his memory.

PERISH=to die or be destroyed.

Example: Thousands PERISHed at the hands of the invading forces.

X INDELIBLE=can not be removed.

Example: Her unhappy childhood left an indelible mark on her personality.



Example: Never use a big word when a DIMINUTIVE one would suffice.

Example: His statement has INFINITESIMAL amount of truth.

MICROCOSM=a miniature representation of something.

Example: The family is a MICROCOSM of society.

MINUSCULE=very small.
Example: What may seem like a miniscule gain can affect medal standings.

SLIGHT=very small or less.

Example: I woke up with a SLIGHT headache.

Support/ strengthen

BASTION=a thing or person upholding or defending an attitude, principle, etc.,

Example: Hollywood has long been considered a BASTION of liberal activism.

Example: New numbers BOLSTER the claim that records became a lot more popular last year.

BUTTRESS=strengthen or support.
Example: To BUTTRESS his defense, he produced several testimonials.

Example: They fortified the area against attack.

PROP=support or strengthen.
Example: These are measures to PROP up an unpopular government.



COMPASSION=kindness, care, sympathy.

Example: She was known as a hard woman with no COMPASSION, no emotion.

EMPATHY=the ability to understand another's feelings.

Example: His utter lack of EMPATHY prevents him from forming healthy relationships.

HUMANE=kind and compassionate.

Example: This is a caring and HUMANE society.

X CALLOUS=insensitive, cruel or harsh.

Example: He had worked in the hospital for so long that he was callous to the suffering in the


Tack care

FOSTER=encourage or promote the development of something.

Example: The clubs aim is to FOSTER better relations within the community.

NURTURE=encourage or promote the development of something.

Example: These delicate plants need careful nurturing.

SURROGATE=a person or thing acting as a substitute.

Example: She adopted our a child, becoming a SURROGATE mom to him.


Without evidence

HYPOTHETICAL=based on a hypothesis.
Example: Thank you for answering my HYPOTHETICAL question.

SPECULATE=to guess without knowing the complete facts.

Example: We all SPECULATEd about the reasons for her resignation.

X EMPERICAL=based on observation or experience.

Example: There is enormous empirical evidence for the law of diminishing returns.


Thin /transparent

FLIMSY=light and thin.

Example: The removable plastic backing that protects the phone's innards is thin and FLIMSY.

FRAIL=physically weak and delicate.

Example: His mother was becoming too FRAIL to live alone.

INTANGIBLE=can not be touched.

Example: The old building had an INTANGIBLE air of sadness about it.

TENUOUS=thin, light and weak.

Example: Even the presence of a TENUOUS atmosphere had only been discovered two years

X PALPABLE=can be touched or felt.

Example: Your heartbeat is palpable.

X SUBSTANTIAL=large in size, number or amount.

Example: He ate a substantial breakfast.

X TACTILE=can be touched or felt.

Example: Different textures of food are tactile they feel different in your mouth.


To be reluctant

BALK=to resist doing something.

Example: Many parents may BALK at the idea of paying $100 for a pair of shoes.

GRUDGING=do something reluctantly.

Example: The GRUDGING acceptance of his opponent's victory.

X ALACRITY=showing cheerful willingness to do something.

Example: He demonstrated his eagerness to serve by his alacrity in executing the orders of his

X OBLIGING=showing a cheerful willingness to do favors.

Example: The obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave.

To guess/ infer

CONJECTURE=to guess.
Example: The truth of his CONJECTURE was confirmed by the newspaper report.

CONSTRUE=to infer.
Example: He CONSTRUEd her intentions from her gestures.

DEDUCE=to derive as a conclusion.

Example: We can DEDUCE a lot from what people choose to buy.

Example: The figures were obtained by extrapolating from past trends.

SURMISE=to guess.
Example: I SURMISE this is needed to complete your homework.



APPREHEND=to understand.
Example: He was slow to APPREHEND the details.

ASSIMILATE=to understand.
Example: The committee will need time to ASSIMILATE this report.

COMPREHEND=to understand.
Example: I can't COMPREHEND why these meetings are held in secret.

FATHOM=to understand.
Example: It is hard to FATHOM the pain felt at the death of a child.

INTELLIGIBLE=can be understood.
Example: His lecture was readily INTELLIGIBLE to all the students.

X ILLEGIBLE=can not be understood.

Example: This is an illegible signature.


Used to

HABITUATE=become used to something.

Example: We have all become HABITUATEd to thinking and reacting in certain ways.

IMMUNE=resistant to something.
Example: You'll eventually become IMMUNE to criticism.

INURE=become used to something.

Example: Doctors become INUREd to seeing death.

INVETERATE=having a firmly established habit.

Example: She is an INVETERATE smoker and cannot break the habit.


SUBVERT=harm or weaken an established system or authority.

Example: This was an alleged plot to SUBVERT the state.

UNDERMINE=to weaken something.

Example: Our confidence in the team has been seriously UNDERMINEd by their recent defeats.

X UNDER GIRD=to strengthen or support something.Example: Such pursuits enhance the

feelings of meaning and social connection that undergird happiness.


Restrict / stop / prevent

CHECK=stop or restrain.
Example: The government is determined to CHECK the growth of public spending.

DETER=restrain, discourage or prevent.

Example: The large dog DETERred trespassers.

FOIL=prevent the success of something.

Example: Loyal troops FOILed his attempt to overthrow the government.

Example: To FORESTALL a riot by deploying police.

FRUSTRATE=hinder or prevent.
Example: The student's indifference FRUSTRATEd the teacher's efforts to help him.

HINDER=block or prevent.
Example: A political situation that HINDERs economic growth.

IMPEDE=block, obstruct or prevent.

Example: Do they assist or IMPEDE the flow of learning in the course?

INHIBIT=block, obstruct or prevent.

Example: I need to INHIBIT myself from eating too many cookies.

Example: Civilized nations must INTERDICT the use of nuclear weapons if we expect our society
to live.

Example: He was arrested for OBSTRUCTing a police officer.

OBTRUDE=to intrude.

Example: To OBTRUDE one's opinions upon others.

OCCLUDE=block or obstruct.
Example: A blood clot OCCLUDEd an artery to the heart.

RETARD=hinder or impede.
Example: The progression of the disease can be RETARDed by early surgery.

STYMIE=obstruct or hinder.
Example: Government bureaucrats can try to STYMIE your request.

THWART=prevent, block or obstruct.

Example: They were doing all they could to THWART the terrorists.

TRAMMEL=restrict .
Example: He felt TRAMMELed by the conventions of society.


Shining / decorative

ADORN=decorate something.
Example: He asked to add ornaments to ADORN the room for her birthday party.

BAROQUE=very complex or ornate.

Example: She didn't think she should move around too much in the BAROQUE dress.

EMBELLISH=decorate something.
Example: The artist EMBELLISHed his painting to make it look more attractive.

FLORID=very complex or highly decorated.

Example: The bride had a FLORID dress.

GARNISH=decorate something.

Example: Immediately before serving, add fresh berries to GARNISH the dish.

ORNATE=highly decorated.
Example: It was an ORNATE space, with a decorated ceiling and red tiled floor.

RESPLENDENT=having a brilliant or splendid appearance.

Example: Mary looked RESPLENDENT in her royal blue velvet prom dress.

SPECTACULAR=impressive or grand.
Example: The campus is SPECTACULAR and visitors marvel at its beauty.


Simple / plain/ boring

ASCETIC=without comforts or luxuries.

Example: His policies had failed, but people admired his sincerity and his ASCETIC life.

AUSTERE=without comforts or luxuries.

Example: An AUSTERE lifestyle.

BLAND=lacking in interest or liveliness.

Example: A BLAND situation comedy.

DRAB=dull, boring
Example: A DRAB evening.

INSIPID=lacking in interest or liveliness.

Example: INSIPID as the play now seems, its combination of emotion and action was considered
a revelation.

PROSAIC=dull, boring.
Example: Let me say to you in advance that these provisions may sound PROSAIC.

STARK=extremely simple or plain.

Example: The STARK interior of the place did not attract people looking for flamboyance.

VAPID=dull, boring.
Example: The VAPID conversation bored her.


To blame / accuse

ALLEGE=to assert or accuse without proof.

Example: The prosecution ALLEGEs that she was driving rashly.

IMPLICATE=show to be involved in a wrong act.

Example: He tried to avoid saying anything that would IMPLICATE him further.

IMPUTE=to attribute (something dishonourable, esp a criminal offence) to a person.

Example: The murder was IMPUTEd to the owner of the bar.

INCRIMINATE=show to be guilty.
Example: His testimony INCRIMINATEd his friend.

INDICT=accuse of wrongdoing.
Example: She was INDICTed for murder.

RECRIMINATE=to accuse in return.

Example: They must not come to recriminating each other.


Unable to decide/ fickle

ARBITRARY=subject to personal whims, prejudices, etc.,

Example: An ARBITRARY demand for payment.

CAPRICIOUS=changing desire, behavior, etc unpredictably.

Example: He's such a CAPRICIOUS boss that I never know how he'll react.

ERRATIC=inconsistent and unpredictable.

Example: Investors become anxious when the stock market appears ERRATIC.

INCONSISTENT=not consistent.
Example: The report is INCONSISTENT with the financial statements.

IRRESOLUTE=changing desire, behavior, etc frequently.Example: She had no respect for him
because he seemed to be IRRESOLUTE.

MERCURIAL=changing desire, behavior, etc unpredictably.

Example: The film dissects the importance of luck and its capricious nature.

OSCILLATING=to vary between differing beliefs, opinions, conditions, etc.,

Example: Her moods oscillated between depression and elation.

TEMPERAMENTAL=given to erratic behavior; unpredictable.

Example: You never know what to expect with her. She's so TEMPERAMENTAL.

VACILLATING=to vary between differing beliefs, opinions, conditions, etc.,

Example: His tendency to vacillate makes him a poor leader.

VOLATILE=changing desire, behavior, etc unpredictably.

Example: His grandfather has a very VOLATILE nature.

WAVERING=to vary between differing beliefs, opinions, conditions, etc.,

Example: He wavered in his determination.

WHIMSICAL=changing desire, behavior, etc unpredictably.

Example: He was forced to pander to her every WHIMSICAL idea.


Unhealthy appearance

PALLID=having a pale complexion.

Example: His thin, PALLID face broke into a smile.

PALLOR=unusual or extreme paleness, as from ill health.

Example: Her cheeks had an unhealthy PALLOR.

WAN=having a pale complexion.

Example: He WAN face gave an impression that he was tired.

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