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Unit 3 Assignment1

Quantitative research
This is measuring the ratings of things such as programs on TV that is based on
qualities and by using questionnaires to get answers from the public.
An example of Quantitative researching is simple things like program ratings
from all the top shows that were on that day. So we can see what show is
doing the best out of them all by seeing how many people are watching the
different shows on the same night.

In Quantitative researching the weekend box office figures is another example

of the type of research that they use. The figures for the box office figures lasts
from Friday to Sunday where they look at 15 different newly released films is
compared with its views from last week.
Another type that involves Quantitative research is readership circulation
figures. This looks at the gender of people that buy the type of newspaper.

Here is a chart to show you.

One that is used for Quantitative research is the amount of hits on a website.
By this I mean how many times people have used the website in a certain
amount of time which is then compared with the websites most recent hit to
see if more or less people keep on using it.

This is a sort of review blog of different research such as programs on TV and it
gets you to know just know what people think but also why they are thinking it
by looking at reviews and comments that they have made.
An example of qualitative research is the website IMDb. This website is not just
used for reviews on films but is mostly used for it`s ratings of films. IMDb gives
a rating out of 10 for each film such as, lock stock and two smoking barrels got
an 8.2 which is very high and means that it must be a good film.

There is a wide range of products and films that are reviewed but one most in
particular is games. A lot of games are based on the graphics and how realistic
it looks and this is a key factor into making a good game and is reviewed. The
film and game reviews do work in the same way as reviewing everything does
because you have to try it before you review it.

To conclude Quantitative research is more reliable and factual because it is

based on not opinions like Qualitative it is on facts and sees results by how
many people buy them and also like them.

Fanzine websites
What fanzine websites are is a website that is made so that fans can see all of
the latest news and also help each other with fan base things. This is an
example of one called reddit which is known globally and very popular. This
suggests things from games to movies and a lot more.

Secondary research
Secondary research is where the information is given to you by others and take
other research from people who have already found the information.
Secondary research is collected primary research. You are using information
that already exists to find out what you need.
The advantages with secondary research are;
the fact that it is already done for you
it is very reliable as there is backup for answers
it is easy to process

The disadvantages to secondary research are;

some information that is out there on the internet is sometimes false
there is a lot of different answers out there for the same reason
There is a lot of secondary research out there on the World Wide Web and is
the main source of where most people get information to help them with their
research from.
An example of secondary research is statistics as this already shows the facts
without you actually going out and researching them yourself such as statistics.

Photo libraries and BAPLA

What BAPLA actually is a British association that specifies with photo libraries
that has been going on since 1975. The members that are with BAPLA are
agencies such as stock and production, sole traders and high class news. There
are a lot of different pictures that are seen every day by members from digital
media to print.

Audience panels
This is where there are a lot of people that discuss ideas on what they think
and give feedback to producers of shows. Examples of audience panels are
scientists when they meet together and talk about subjects like global

Primary research
Primary research is where you yourself find the information and do your own
research to write by doing interviews making questionnaires and many more
The advantages to primary research are;
you are doing it yourself so you know it is the truth
you can get information a lot quicker
people like the fact that you find your own research

The disadvantages to primary research are;

it is not always reliable as you can only go so far to get correct
you have to get proof yourself
you have to set up interviews and may not be able to get enough or
have them at a convenient time
An example of primary research is questionnaires and they are questions that
you ask to the public or to people that are interested in the subject.
Questionnaires are useful because you ask a wide range of questions to a lot of
different people and you also know that the answers are accurate and you ask
the questions that are directly about your product. Although it will take a lot of

time to get enough answers and it might be hard to get people to answer them
as they wont want to be stopped and be asked questions and if they do then
there could be false answers.

Another example of primary research is interviews. This is a one on one

question and answer session which are better than simple questionnaires,
these are useful as it helps give a more detailed description and understand of
what people want and like. However it takes longer to get answers from one
person and you can`t ask as many people with interviews as you can with

with surveys you can find out a lot of information at one time by asking a lot of
people by handing them out and ticking boxes then you can see what is the
most popular by tallying them up. The problem with surveys is the fact that
you can`t be out there all day and may you may not get accurate answers if
people cannot be bothered to answer them correctly.

Focus groups

focus groups are people that meet up, maybe once a week, and what they do if
discuss and put their input and view on things that they think will be best for a
product ect.

Data gathering agencies

Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB)

This is a place that measures television viewings for the whole of the
UK since 1981. They offer a people like broadcasters or advertisers a
viewing of the country and how many people are actually watching
the programs. They don`t just say who and how many watched the
program but also who recorded it.

Radio Joint Audience Research Ltd (RAJAR)

Rajar is owned by the BBC and it helps with the statistics for the
radio to see how many people in the UK have tuned in.

Purposes of research
Audience profiling- choosing a target audience is crusul to any part
of marketing as if you didn`t have one then your product then it will
have some aspects for it and a lot that don`t match it so no one will
be drwan to it and no one would buy it. There are products that can
be for any age but mostly there mostly specific ages like kids, teens,
adults, older people, boys, girls lots of different ones. Like products
will have a target audience it is movies that are more suted to it as

every movie will have a target audience along side the genre of the

Audience measurement and data- BARB Pprovide this for most

homes seeing how many people are watching the show each day and
week. From this TV chanels will be able to see if there ratings are
getting higher or if they are getting worse.

Demographics- this is wheer it looks at different types of people

from there total ernings, lifestyle, occupation and more. It
catogorises people into different types and classes which they give a
letter or more like a grade such as this for example

From results after the last few years we can now see how many
adults have moved into the a, b and c1 grade and a part of the
changes of this was found from more people going tgo school and
having better educational chances, more people getting paid in
better jobs and as whole lot more.

Geodemographics- these look at classyfing people and there

sourroundings of where they live and who else does near them
which then turns to most likely having the same demographic.
Geodemographics are used for a number of reasons mostly for
different tyopes of marketing.

Market research
What market research is finding out information to help your
product or film whathever it is, better, unique and the best it can
possibly be. Finding out about other products or rivals that you may
have is great as if you do find out about it and what their weeknesses
are then you can use there weekness to your advantage and make
sure theirs doesn`t become yours. With market research the public
are a big help and are the main place to get information back about
your product or film ect. The public are the best place for feedback
because then you can see what they think of it and if it comes out
that the morjority like it then it will give you a bigt help and then you
will know that you have made it great. If it is the other way round
and it is a negative view from most people then you can get
constructive critisism and then go and make changes.

Production research
This is all about what you need to make a production. If you were
going to make one then you will have to think of lots of different
aspects that go into it such as; The location, where are you going to
have it and will it be set in more than just one location or more and
you will have to see if the locations available.
Resources, you will have to have all of the right equipment and
enough of it or you wouldn`t be able to make anything and you will
have to have enough costumes, food, scripts for the actors. The
equipment that will have to be used will not be that cheap and it will
cost a lot but it is your decision on how you pay for it. As you could
spend a lot at once and buy it all permanently or you can hire it per
day like on this website below.

There will also have to be enough people for extras and have to have
camera men and the whole production team. You will also have to
have all the correct technology that is used for production such as;
lights, cameras, laptops, TV screens and more.
There will also be a lot of crew members in order to make a quality
production and the crew will have to be paid which may cost a lot as

there a lot o9f them and insurance will have to be included. Here is
an example of the crew members.

Of course the thing that you probably most need is a studio which
again you can hire but I would imagine that again it won`t be cheap
but it is essential. And from websites you can choose location and
get different prices depending on what you are in need of.

The finance of the production. After you have sorted what you need,
you will have to see what your budget is and if you can afford
everything and see how much it will cost. Here is an example of the
cost for production.