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Diana Lorena Figueroa

Mr. Kelly
Class: 3A
October 9, 2015
Final Draft

Different Types of Classes at College

Learning methods have changed over time, especially with the introduction of new
technologies in education. For this reason, we have different options when we build our schedule
and select our classes.
The first option is face-to-face learning. Those classes are always in a classroom with a
professor. An important advantage is those types of classes help you to keep more focus on your
career, and make you a disciplined person. Another advantage is the interaction with the
professor and even with partners gives you a better understanding and learning, but it depends a
lot the person who gives you the class. For example, with the lecture Gender and the Future of
Genocides Studies by Elisa Von Joeden-Forgey, although the lecture was face-to-face, the
speaker didnt catch the attention of some of us. The delivery of the speaker is very important in
face-to-face learning. One way to mediate this disadvantage is asking questions to the professor
or researching on your own.
The second option is online learning. With those classes you dont need to go to college
building to take a class. This method allows a flexible schedule but requires more responsibility
because you have to organize your schedule to complete your assignments before the deadline.
The flexible schedule allows you to divide your work in the way you think is better for you. For

instance, with the assignment Human Guinea pigs: Involuntary Medical Experimentation- a
Global Perspective by Beth Lilach, we had the option of dividing the assignment in sections to
do it in different days, and we could also pause and review the video when we missed something
or just if we wanted to confirm information. But the problem with online learning is you dont
have people around you to discuss and understand better, because interacting with people gives
you different perspectives. In this case you can also mediate with the disadvantage, searching
online forums when people discuss the topic of your interest.
Finally you have the option of hybrid learning. This means that parts of those classes are
face-to-face and another part is online. This method is an excellent option if you feel comfortable
with both types of learning because you can mix both and take the best of each learning method.
Like one partner says: you can take online assignments but if you dont understand something
you can ask the teacher. I think this method has more advantages that disadvantages because if
you take the advantages of each one, you can use it to take disadvantages away. If you like to try
different things that give you different perspectives this is an excellent option to make your
classes entertaining and enjoy a whole learning.
In conclusion, we have a variety of possibilities when we talk about types of learning to
build a class schedule and select the appropriated method for each of us.