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Maygen Harder

Curriculum Ideology: Individual Reflection

1/ What lesson did you find most engaging? Explain why. How might this be informed by the
ideology that guided the lesson?
The lesson I found to be most engaging was the topic of water guided by the ideology of
social reconstruction. This group really highlighted the inequities between countries and their
ability to obtain safe drinking water. They submerged the class in the actual problem by devising
an activity that provided a visual representation of how under privileged some countries are. The
activity also allowed for problem solving. Ok if Canada has an extra bottle of water then why not
give it to India because you can actually see their lack of the resource. The conclusion of the
lesson was strong as well because they provided links to site that provide relief to those countries
that are actually suffering from this particular inequity.
2/ What was the impact of the ideologies on the objectives identified?
I think the objective of each lesson reflected the ideology that was represented. The
impact of the ideology and be seen the through the word choices each group made. Social
Reconstruction saw words such as understand, awareness, and participate which would be
included in the steps of solving and inequity. Social Efficiency used words like duplicate,
experience and appreciate. These words reflect the need to fill jobs in society. Some actions that
the groups took also reflected their ideology. The Water Academic Scholar group mentioned that
they had to keep revising their lesson because it was too fun and they wanted their focus to be on
the knowledge being handed down. Opposite to that was the Water Learner-centered group who
actually left room for student involvement in choosing the categories that water might be apply
3/ What ideology did you find to be the most impactful or meaningful on the teaching/ learning
that took place? Explain why. How does it compare with the results obtained from your
curriculum inventory?
I believe that the activities associated with Learner-Centered and Social Reconstruction
lessons were well received because of how they engaged the class. They allowed for us, the
students, to develop our own means, uses and solutions to the questions and problems posed. In
comparison to my curriculum inventory it was right on mark. However, I also want to mention
the Academic Scholars because although it seems the becoming obsolete it is the one ideology
that students of my generation are more accustomed to and possibly more comfortable with just
because of our past experiences.
4/ Overall how do you think curriculum ideology will impact your role and practice as a teacher?
I think every teacher enters their role of educator with a specific goal in mind whether
that goal is to provide lessons that are primarily lead by students or to become that teacher that
delivers every lesson through direct instruction. I think I will fall somewhere in the middle of
these two examples but I also believe that the content of each lesson will help influence which
ideology I choose to embrace. As well, each school is going to have its own set of beliefs that
may ultimately influence which ideology I will use.