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Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

English Major
Teaching Practice IV

Lesson Plan # 1

Level: Begginer
Teacher: Isaias Valdebenito
Grade: 1st grader
90 min
2 period
Student Teacher: Matias Galvez
Age: 13-14
Type of School: Subzidied school
Aim: at the end of the lesson SWBA to Identify the requirements to get Exponents:
their objectives (written).
- I need to
- I must
Assumed Knowledge:
- You need
- Personal pronouns
- You must
- Specific vocabulary ( Jobs)
Target Language:
- Verbs (write, study, work, get, pass, be)
- Personal pronoun + modal verb (must / need to)+ (action to get their
- Nouns (objects)
Anticipated Problems
…..and Solutions
- Ss don’t know the specific vocabulary
T explains by gestures and pictures
- Power point
- Ss don’t understand instruction
T explains step by step by modeling
- Work sheet
- Ss have problems doing the activity
T provide vocabulary in the whiteboard
(lack of vocabulary)


Target language Interaction
What am I going to?

Warm Up / T says hello to students asking how
Lead in
they are today.
T introduces the key concept
(objective) to Ss by a personal story.
T introduces the following concept
(requirements) and the relation with
the priveousone
using the same
personal story (by drawiing a concept

T-Ss, Ss-T


What I’m going to say


Page # 1


Good morning children, How are you today ? fine? Not good?
First, let me talk about me
My objective for the future is going out the country, to Europe.
That is my objective, so I need to know some streets name but I
must know english and probably
So , these two are the requirements to get my objectives.
You Sx, do you have any objective, plans, dreams for the future ?

he is not so fast but he has resistance. Ss-T 25 Min You SsX what do you think is the necessity and what is an obligation. . T-Ss. you are going to concentrate in the answer of the following question. if it is an obligation or just a necessity. It is an obligation or a not. Like Gary Medel. providing possibe answers (pictures) to guide Ss sentences. T present the first activity T guides Ss asking what is the corresponding requirement to get the objectives. what are or my objectives in the future?.Presentation T asks their Ss what their objectives are. Asking Ss the difference. Now the second activity. T checks and provides feedback. Because is it a requirement bur not so strong. you can use some of the example in the witheboard: -Being a policeman? -Being a Ingenier? -Enter to the university?. The answer is… You need to be fast. so is not an obligation. You can ask me if you want. this more like an obligation.Being a football player. (completing the activity using 3 differents requirement in each objective) Practice T monitors each answer giving the explanation. -Getting the Hischool certificate?. Yes. Please make group of two. How strong are these requirements to get those objectives? SY what do you think is the requirement? Now let’s complete the rest. Now with dicsipline (showing the picture).. T-Ss. T gives a worksheet to Ss write their objectives. -Making money? Now. write three answers in your notebooks. Ss-T 20 Min Now let’s see this This is an objective…. So you must have dicsipline. Let see the first activity. T presents the first objective (Being a football player) and talks with Ss about what any person need to do and must do to get that objective. and the requirements are Fast is it and obligation or not. I will check your objectives. T presents the following activity T asks Ss to make group of two and answer a question. translating the sentences in the board.

and getting the highscool certificate. tell your classmate what are your objectives. a fireman. T-Ss. In this paper you have your objectives. I am going to collect the papers. and at the end of the lesson you give me the worksheet back. Production T presents activity 3 T explains the following activity and the instructions using an example in a slide. right? Now you have to right what you need to do and what you must do to get your objectives. I must be good at playing footbal and I need good clothes ok?. Now.. my objectives are beign a policeman. when is it an obligation? In what othe situation you can use it? .. Whatch here please. Ss-T 30 Min Now let’s go with the last activity. T explains what Ss have to do with the answers (by modeling) and monitors student talk. you have 20 minutes to do it.. showing an slide. T ask Ss understanding by CCQ’s Now let’s check. when is it an obligation? Do you use need to.Now you have your answer please. At least two obligation and two needs T models an example.. T delivers the worksheet. For exmaple. Here you have the work sheet T collects the activity. you take this objective (being a football player) and write for example. Please answer yes or no Do you use need to.

one mistake. the sentences are still clear. 2 or 3 mistakes. (don’t communication interferences) 4 or more mistakes. Assessment plan: -Rating scale -Check list Good (4) Acceptable (3) Need to improve (2) Non observed (0) Use of the target language In each activity. just modal verbs. Ss presents unpolite attitude not following few of the instruction. (message are not observed. . 2 or 4 mistakes (making the sentences incoherent) Following the Instruction Ss presents polite attitude following all the instruction Ss presents polite attitude following all the instruction. Ss presents coherence in some of Ss does not present the use of sentences related to the use of modal verbs. S shows a Ss presents coherence in most of coherent use of the modal verbs sentences related to the use of (grammatical and contextual).Assesment. the sentences Not language perfomance are still clear. modal verbs. clear) Yes Activity complete Polite attitude during the use of the language Use of written language (Modal verbs) No Ss presents a complete unpolite attitude nott following any of the instruction. 1 or 2 mistakes. Interrupting his/her own work Use of the language 1 or 2 mistakes. Having some problems. the sentences are still clear.