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GENERIC It is Treatment of Hypersensitivit CNS: headache, 280 mg - Obtain history of

NAME: similar to moderate to y to penicillins, insomnia, fever IVTT hypersensitivity to
Piperacillin / that of other severe cephalosphorins, every penicillins,
Tazobactam penicillins. appendicitis, or other drugs. GI: diarrhea, 12hr cephalosphorins, or other
Interfere uncomplicated Safety in children nausea, drugs prior to
BRAND with and complicated < 12 years old, constipation, administration,
NAME: bacterial cell skin and skin pregnancy, vomiting, - Obtain specimen for
Zosyn wall structure lactation. pseudomembran culture and sensitivity prior
synthesis infections, ous colitis to first dose of the drug;
promotes nosocomial or start drug pending results.
CLASSIFICATI loss of community- SKIN: Periodic CBC with
ON: membrane acquired hypersensitivity differential, platelet count,
Antiinfective; integrity and pneumonia reactions ,rash, Hgb & Hgt, and serum
Beta-lactam leads to caused pruritus electrolytes.
antibiotic; death of the piperacillin- - Monitor for
Anti- organism. resistant, hypersensitivity response;
pseudomonal piperacillin/tazob discontinue drug and
penicillin actam notify physician if allergic
susceptible, response noted.
beta-lactamase- - Monitor for hemorrhagic
producing manifestations because
bacteria. high dose may induce
coagulation abnormalities.
- Instruct family/significant
others to report significant,
unexplained diarrhea.
- Monitor vital signs
because of cardiac
arrhythmias, hypertension
and fever as adverse
- Instruct the mother not to
breast feed the baby while
taking the drug without
consulting physician.
NAME: KHARMELA CZAREN L. HIBAYA, RN Program: batch 5 mcn-nurse trainee


GENERIC It is It is used for Blood BODY AS A 10 gm - Discontinue therapy immediately

NAME: synthetic preoperative dyscrasias; WHOLE: IVTT if CNS toxicity develops. Monitor
Metronidazol compound prophylaxis Active CNS Hypersensitivit every especially for seizures and
e with direct In colorectal disease; First y, fever, 12hr peripheral neuropathy.
trichomonaci surgery. IV trimester of fleeting joints - Obtain specimen for total and
BRAND dal and metronidazole is pregnancy and pains, differential WBC counts before,
NAME: amebicidal used for the lactation overgrowth of during, and after therapy,
Flagyl, activity as treatment of candida especially if a second source is
Metizol, well as serious infections necessary.
Protostat, antibacterial caused by CNS: Vertigo, - Monitor signs and symptoms of
Metric 21 activity susceptible headache, sodium retention, especially in
against anaerobic confusion, patients on corticosteroid therapy
CLASSIFICATI anaerobic bacteria in intra- irritability, or with history of CHF.
ON: bacteria and abdominal fatigue - Monitor patients on lithium for
Antiinfective; some gram- infections, skin elevated lithium levels.
Antitrichomo negative infections and for GI: Nausea, - Report appearance of
nal; bacteria. both pre- and vomiting, candidiasis or its becoming more
Amebicide; post operative anorexia, prominent with therapy to
Antibiotic prophylaxis. diarrhea, physician promptly.
constipation, - Obtain specimen for repeat feces
dry mouth examinations; usually up to 3
months, to secure that amoebae
SPECIAL have been eliminated.
SENSES: Nasal -Instruct patient to adhere closely
congestion to regimen without schedule
CV: ECG -Instruct not to drink alcohol
changes during therapy; may induce a
(flattening of T disulfiram-type reaction. Avoid
wave) alcohol and alcohol-containing
medication for at least 48 hour
after treatment is completed.
- Inform the patient that urine
may appear darker reddish
brown. This appears to have no
clinical significance.
- Instruct to refrain from
intercourse during therapy for
trichomoniasis unless male
partner wears a condom to
prevent reinfection.
-Instruct patient not to breast feed
while taking the drugs without
consulting physician.
NAME: KHARMELA CZAREN L. HIBAYA, RN Program: batch 5 mcn-nurse train


GENERIC Potent Short-term Safe use BODY AS A 2 mg - Monitor for potential

NAME: anti-ulcer treatment of during pregnancy WHOLE: IVTT toxicity results from
Ranitidine HCl drug that active duodenal or lactation is not Hypersensitivity every decreased clearance
competitivel ulcer; indicated. reactions 12hr (elimination) and therefore
BRAND NAME: y and maintenance prolong action; greatest in
Zantac reversibly therapy of CNS: headache, the older adult patients or
inhibits duodenal ulcer malaise. those with hepatic and
CLASSIFICATIO histamine patients after insomnia, renal dysfunction.
N: action at healing of acute dizziness, - Monitor for creatinine
Gastrointestin H2-receptor ulcer; treatment somnolence, clearance if renal
al agent, sites on of GERD; short- mental dysfunction is present or
Antisecretory parietal term treatment confusion, those with pancreatic liver
(H2 Receptor cells, thus of active benign vertigo, agitation function. When clearance
Antagonist) blocking gastric ulcer; is <50 mL/min,
gastric acid treatment of CV: Bradycardia ( manufacturer recommends
secretion. pathologic GI with rapid IV reduction of the dose to
Indirectly hypersecretory push) 150 mg once every 24
reduces conditions. hours with cautious and
pepsin GI: nausea, gradual reduction of
secretion diarrhea, interval to Q12º or less, if
but appears constipation, necessary.
to have abdominal pain - Be alert of early signs of
minimal hepatotoxicity (though low
effect on SKIN: rash and thought to be a
fasting and hypersensitivity reaction);
postprandial HEMATOLOGIC: jaundice (dark urine,
serum Reversible pruritus, yellow sclera and
gastrin decrease in RBC skin), elevated
concentratio count, transaminases (especially
ns or thrombocytopeni ALT) and LDH.
secretions a - Be alert that long-term
of gastric therapy may lead to
intrinsic Vitamin B12 deficiency.
factor or - Inform that long duration
mucus. of action provides ulcer
pain relief that is
maintained through the
night as well as the day.
- Instruct patient not to
smoke; research shows
smoking decreases
ranitidine efficacy and
adversely affects ulcer
NAME: KHARMELA CZAREN L. HIBAYA, RN Program: batch 5 mcn-nurse train