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Which section in the supermarket do the food items below belong in? Complete the table. aes bread potatoes chicken yoghurt lettuce sausages cheese salmon muffin Bes me fatale simon Circle the healthy foods blue and the unhealthy foods red. Complete the tables. Unhealthy foods: cola CUA aA © complete the sentences using the words in the box. nervous system calcium vegetables vitamins fat protein dairy carbohydrates cereals . B Fruit and Pasta, rice and cereals ee contain fibre and Ae a eee and minerals. and iron help us muscle and make us ng. Meat, fish and contain protein. Write sentences about the food in the photos. @' Fish contains protein, Protein helps us. eggs c Milk and > products contain © Foods rich in help our brain and at the photos. Write the health problems. There are ‘sore words than you need. tiredness’ cold stomach upset tooth decay