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I, Mrs. Nanda Bharat Thakare Tanker owner of M/s Manjushri Petroleum, Ner
declare as under:
1. As per LOI No._____________________________________________ dated
____________________ allotted _____________Nos. of TLs, which are
playing ex-Manmad Installation Panewadi (copy of LOI attached). The
validity of Calibration of TL No MH18M9597 has been expired on Dt.
2. I hereby confirm that TL No MH18M9597 has not undergone any
additions/alternation after calibration on 521865 within the measuring
of section 2(P) of legal Metrology Act 2009 and change in future also
will notified immediately to the location.

3. Condition of dip rod is good, there are no changed in dip rod DL/PL &
4. I humbly request you to kindly give extension of existing calibration in
5. We further confirm that the details as furnished by us have been
verified and found correct, if any information found to be incorrect,
BPCL Manmad Installation, Panewadi have right to take action against
us as deemed fit.

Place: Dhule
Date: 20/08/2015

Signature & Stamp